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What sucks more? Being born a Pariah or a Pysker?

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Born with the pariah gene. You know...being born without a soul.

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Being a blank is generally worse for you.
It's like you're a ginger in a way that almost everyone can feel.

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Pariah? You mean those old looking models that are lychguards?

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Everyone feels for pariahs, as a natural result. But it's a natural distaste, rather than 'these people are awful.'

But you're immune to demons.

Psykers are like mutants in X-men comics, except they need like 30 years of training and even after that only their friends would trust them (and only barely). Also anyone pretty much has free rein to off you if they think you might be going atomic, and demons use you like a teenage boy uses tube socks.

So, psyker.

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mild powers of each are not that bad, but no that useful either
the more powerful either becomes th worse it is for your human interactions but the more useful things you can do

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Being a blank has to suck, but being a pysker comes with the constant risk of being mind fucked by Daemons, being kidnapped and either killed/ soul bound/conscripted by the Inquisition, not to mention the constant nightmares and the damage it cause to you I say that being a psyker sucks worse.

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pariahs are made, not born. and it would be way better to be a pariah than a psyker, i would much rather be an unfeeling killing machine than a normal guy with some cool powers that is chased by daemons all the damn time

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Referring to the Pariah Genes that cause people to be Blanks.
These Blanks can then in turn be made into Pariahs.
Which is an endless existence of torment.

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Nah, the Pariah gene is natural, seeded among humankind a long time ago.

You're thinking the end result of the Necron Pariah, when they have managed to track down those blanks and turn them into Necrons.

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pariah was the name of the old necron unit but also used to described people born with the manifestation of the pariah gene at its fullest, not only being psychic nulls but also being psychic negative, they are a gaping hole in the warp and soulless
tho the necron pariah is no longer one of their units, the pariah gene and its effect when manifested by humans has not been retconned

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Tomas Macabe seemed to enjoy his existence as a Necron Pariah.

He never stopped talking about how awesome it was.

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>mfw being a 'blank' is just 40k-speak for having ass-burgers.

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It must be nothing compared to being named Macabee.

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being a Blank would be pretty sweet. mainly because daemons can't see you. and being off-putting to other people is okay because do you really want to be around the kind of people who inhabit the 40k universe?

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At least a pyskers can have loved ones and friends. Some of them can build a great career if they are skilled.

As a Blank you can't get close to anyone and your fate is either death or worse.

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>Implying fucking Jurgen was an assburger

He was a high functioning Autistic at most!

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>implying EVERYONE'S fate isn't death or worse

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Wystan Frauka and Elizabeth Bequin would like you have a word with you.

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Know those with the taint of the witch And hate them.

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I'm surprised the Imperium hasn't tried making a chapter of Blank Marines.
Why isn't this a good idea?

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Normal people exist. On all the sides.
Well, all those we can easily relate to.
You know what I mean! Humans!

Anyhow, being born a blank among normal people, which WILL happen, is going to be trouble. First of all because you're probably gonna get strangled as a baby or someshit.
Didn't get strangled? Nobody loves you.
You're an aberration. Uncanny valley.
At least you're somewhat prepared against the warp, right?
What about orks? Tyranids? Anything, I don't care anymore. Hope you get the point.

Say, what would the Dark Eldar do to a blank?

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It's a rare defect and the Inquisition is very obsessed with collecting these unique individuals.

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Leave them in a glass box near the other prisoners.

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Jurgen was a Guardsman with a long and distinguished record as a Commissars assistant and an agent of the Inquisition and lived to be well past a century.

Alizabeth Bequin lived well past her first century and built up an X-men style school for others of her kind and was an influential as anyone can get in the Inquisition without ever actually being an Inquisitor.

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Inquisition usually nabs them first.

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I get the image that even a squad of blanks would be potential waste of their numbers.

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Well, then what's a good use for them?

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Pyskers can summon lighting from their fingertips, spit fire, and shoot lasers from their eyeballs. Can a Blank do something like that?

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Stop the psyker from doing all those things.

Worth it for the look on their face.

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In the book Sons of Dorn the Imperial Fists recruit 5,000 young men from one world and get 3 who make it to the scout stage. They considered this to be an acceptable outcome bordering on the mildly good. Let us assume that this amount of drop off is pretty standard across the entire Adeptus Astartes.

Psykers with detectable powers are 1 in about 1,000,000ish of the human population across the Imperium with Blanks being as rare to them as they are to us.

1 in 1,000,000,000,000 humans is blank. And you have to recruit 5,000,000,000,000,000 to get one battle brother.

There just aren't enough humans in the Imperium and I never thought I would write those words.

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They also have this neat trick when they turn inside out and serve as a revolving door for daemons.

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Then once you get one that qualifies, you freeze him.

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Hook a Blank up to a psychic amplifier.

Deamons shit bricks.

Unfortunately all your astropaths are in a coma, the Navigator is pissed at you and the amplifier burnt out and the deamons know this.

But still, damn good way to fuck up a Deamon World if only briefly.

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I believe really powerfully ones can do it by doing it basically in reverse? or was that only the one really powerful Pariah?

I forget.

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Well said
I lol´d

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And after 2,000 years you might get a company.

Or you could just create Exorcists V2.0 quicker and cheaper.

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I remember hearing once about one Pariah who could do that, by reversing a psyker's powers on them. But I think he was the only one who could do it.

so, yes?

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A blank can destroy the WAAGH field that a mass collection of orks creates, leaving them with jamming guns, even shittier accuracy, and truckks that don't go fasta cause their red


Ciaphas Cain already showed with Jurgen that a blank can destroy the psychic hive mind of a group of Tyranids as well as make genestealers flinch back at the sight of a blank.

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That would be Spear, he was a Black Pariah that was going to be used to assassinate the Emphrah. Never made it to him to see if it was possible

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Does this still stop an ork from ripping you apart?
Are the tyranid docile then?
Would a Khornate Berzerker/Berserker/Ziggywagglygoogleymoog stop on its tracks because you're a blank?

I'm not trying to make this fair. And I agree that those things you mentioned can be useful as fuck.

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Yeah I never understood that, he's a pariah that Chaos possessed with a Daemon...

How the fuck do you get that to work?!

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in the contemporary age or 38k years in the future?

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They possessed his CLOTHES.

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>''He was thirsty....and I GAVE HIM AN OCEAN''

-Said sister Stern after the obliteration of the foolish Culexus

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derped meant it for


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Nope but then again, it does even less for a Psyker since Tyranids won't be psychically turned off from them and can feel free to strike at their Space Marine flanking speeds.

Same with Orks who still get to keep their WAAGH field around psykers.

Besides if we're talking about an experienced Psyker then an experienced Blank is something along the lines of an Evesor Assassin. Pretty sure they can handle a huge number of Orks, Zerkers, or Nids.

If we're talking inexperienced then a Blank still can be like Jurgen and take advantage of their gift/curse, while a psyker may very well blow up their own mind and spawn a Greater Daemon onto the world.

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I know it may be a rare case, but Jurgen seemed to do pretty well.

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Culexus assassins are Temple Assassins.
That alone should tell you how good they are.

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huh going off topic, the combination of psyker and blank in a thread made me realise that Street Fighters Gouken and Ryu are Psykers that can activate blank like abilities at will…talk about overpowered as fuck fluff.

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Guys, can we have a sexy Culexus dump?

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I won't argue with that!

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Shun Goku Satsu!

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wait, so Gouken would be a psyker, that can use blank abilities, but the blank abilities in this universe would have an effect similar to the raging demon, which is a psyker ability in his?
If there were ever a crossover, the sheer mindfuckery that would cause to him would probably create a new eye of terror.

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Being a psyker is way more delici-errr-awesome. Trust me, guys.

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The Space Marine codex usually describes the attrition process as 1 in 100. 3 out of 5,000 is extremely bad, even if you go by the crazy-harsh Chaos Space Marine training process, which is 1 in 1,000. It shouldn't be that hard to get new Marines, unless the Imperial Fists have ridiculously high standards even for Marines.

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oh, hello mysterious gentleman.
have a seat.

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>implying the only psykers in street figher aren't Bison and Rose

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>teleportation (for Akuma/dark Ryu/Dhalsim)
>mind bullets
>ridiculously high destructive power
>high pain tolerance
>life force sensing
I'd say quite a few people have psyker potential

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Why thank you, don't mind if I do. Say, speaking of psykers, has anyone here ever considered a career as pulsing fleshportal? I hear you get excellent medical benefits, plus free dental care!

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>implying that isn't ki
>implying Goku doesn't do the same

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The Raging demon move obliterates the victim's soul. Gen managed to survive the move by removing his soul from his body before he got hit.

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Yeah, those are Grey Knight numbers there.

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