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Hey look, it's Contemptor Dreadnought's little brother


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Better image

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Not bad.
Fitting for an army like the Minotaurs who would have access to ultra-rare patterns of armour. I could even see the Salamanders looking pretty good in it. But overall I prefer the classic terminator armour for basic squads.

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inb4 some guy says it doesn't fit the 40k universe

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Is it wrong that I thought about those two?

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Personally, I prefer this variant of Terminator Armor. It looks more Space Marine-ish and it doesn't have the weird elongated helmet

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They look nice but I think I'll wait for an assault squad version

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Those two? You're crazy; they look like normal students. Psssh; you're silly for thinking they look like dreadnoughts.

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I like the elongated helmets, but these still look fucking ace. I like the backpack that's a hybrid of GIANT VENTS and regular Space Marine backpack. Also tubes. Tubes are grimdark as fuck. New models don't have enough TUBES!!!

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At roughly sixty bucks, not even that much more expensive than a standard set of termies... but way sexier.

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speaking of this, the elongated termie helmets would look a thousand times better with tubes coming out of them, like on a gasmask.

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Fuck yeah they would. I know what my next conversion job will be.

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I am sorry, but I was referring "little brother" part. Why would I ever think they are similar to drednoughts?

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Ok, i'm gonna get some of these. I'm expecting there to be some more of these coming soon (looks like there's only a heavy flamer option at the moment)

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Those stormbolters are damn sexy. A bit unsure of the heavy flamer though

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Could always chop the barrels off and glue them on vertical, or chop em off and put em back closer together.

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So it's agreed, tubes = 2x Grimdark

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What? Almost 20 posts and no negative reactions yet? Who are you and what have you done with /tg/?

They're not too bad - the price point is just about right, I personally love the MkIV armour style, and the comparison to the Contemptor is spot-on.

If I was a marine player I'd probably buy some.

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to be fair, there was another thread were the guy was reacting poorly to the helms. Someone also commented that they all had pretty static poses

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Wait, there was another thread about the new Term. Armor?

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check the catalogue, there's several

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Its basically a compromise between Terminator armor and standard Astartes Armor with the contemptor as a basis for the design. This might be the future of Astartes armor. If GW ever moved the storyline foward.

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Wait, it that a Terminator model with fairly realistic proportions?


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>filename: tart
Tee hee.

That said, the models look great, save for the Ghetto Flamer pose. Although I prefer the Enforcer model and the Minotaur's Chapter Master.

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the design is ancient in the fluff. it's from the height of the great crusade, cocurrent with mk 4 maximus. Pre-heresy

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Is it me, or if FW getting a hard-on for M30-something instead of the "contemporary" 40k?

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M30 stuff was more advanced to some degree but i dont see why this couldnt have been introduced as something that naturally occured as acompromise and then eventually became its own design.

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>He's actually not forced into a strange hunchback position anymore.
Cool! I like thi--
>Pauldrons are smaller
>The best part of Terminator armor, the bulldog helmet, is gone

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Here in NZ, it's nearly $30 cheaper to get these than to get Plastic Termies. that's why i'm getting some.

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FW doesn't uphold extra taxes for prison colony?

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I fucking love that power sword design!

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It's a preview of 6th ed, which will actually be Warhammer Heresy. No xenos, and nothing but red hot Marine-on-Marine action... forever.

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I laughed.

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If that's suppose to be pre-Heresy, why doesn't it look like this?

They're... ok. But don't really look like terminators at all. More like generic scifi power troopers.

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But this doesn't make sense, the AdMech is supposed to by slowly forgeting how to make Terminator suits yet here out of nowhere they pull a shinny brand spanking new Tac-Dread suit out of their ass and they apparently have full scematics for it....

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i have no idea what you said that other than that australians pay absurd tariffs
but you made me lol
and for that i thank you

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Welcome to retcons. 40k is thick with them; this pattern of Terminator Armour isn't some stunning new development by the Adeptus Mechanicus, but a rare throwback to the Imperium's technological heyday that's even harder to produce than reguar Terminator Armour.

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More old fluff. Termi armor and anti-grav is no longer forgotten tech just really fucking expensive. Though for some reason the Admech is too retarded to just stick the anti-grav unit of a speeder on a motor cycle so we can have jet bikes again.

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Does that mean that the mechanicus will "find" the plans for all the old crusader helm patterns so we don't have to use the stormtrooper ones anymore?

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>"Here in NZ"
>"extra taxes for prison colony"

It's not "new" it's "always been there".

Like the Malcador. It's suppose to be older than the Russ, even though the actual Russ models has been out way longer.

And how is Admech gonna forget how to make terminator armours, when there's at least 1000 Marine world forges pumping them out, on top of any number of Forge World.

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the pattern isn't new, it's ancient.

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Yeah that kind of crap is getting old. More like certain Forgeworlds that specialized in making them got ganked in the Heresy and the Admech has taken its sweet jolly time to redistribute the knowledge. Which has been complicated sue to Lolnopeaceamongthestars.

Its about time that the knowledge gets redistributed among the Mechanicum. Its becoming obviouc that spare parts are running out and that Arificers cant keep up with demand. Besides, they havent lost the tech entirely, its just that producing them in decent numbers takes a while. We know that, beyond all logical reason, it takes an wntire forgeworld to equip a new chapter. Besides, hybrid designs or chapter specific variants and modifications arent exactly rare. Something like this could have come about with Salamanders, Tech-Marines and the Admech itslef becoming concerned about both the lack of sufficient armor suits and the losing of knowledge. And thwy also have to keep ot out of the hands of Chaos at the same time and so might be spending an inordinant amount of time praying that the Emperor conceal and protect new suits being built.

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Those gravbikes didnt seem that robust. It might just be a matter of preference.

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> We know that, beyond all logical reason, it takes an wntire forgeworld to equip a new chapter.

It's not that it takes a Forge-World. It's that it takes a Forge-World to get it done in a timely fashion.

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At least the Tauros buggies are said to be new.

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Rediscovered pattern/inovation.

They are making some improvements but on the whole they are sliding backwards on what was available.

Seems both flexible and realistic to me.

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Before i actualy had seen a pic of termi armor, i thought it was just a slightly more robust mk8 and thicker but made out of solid adamantium.

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Marines have their own forges where they do their own shit under the supervision of the Techmarines.

Oh, there are new new things too, yes. Admech does invent shit, but STC designs are just so good, anything they come up with, even if perfectly good, doesn't scale up to STC designs.

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Yeah, Marines have new forges. And they spend weeks, months, or years on each piece of equipment. That's not counting repairs and maintenance. When you've got a whole world dedicated to making crap for Marines, you give them the jump-start they need to equip a hundred men right off the bat.

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Welcome to 40k
Where everything is both true and untrue and its up to you to decide what falls where.

There's a bit of fluff floating about on my HDD somewhere that implies, and stops just short of outright saying that the Admech is still advancing technology (albeit at a stupid slow pace)

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When you need to equip just 1000 soldiers, making a bolter in a month is still 12 bolters a year. Per worker. On an entire planet.

And hand crafting shit, instead of just stamping them out from steel in some factory, you'll end up with better quality.

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Something like this? Combined with this: >>18482101 ?

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> per worker
Uhhhh... it takes a village to craft a bolter, buddy. And what kind of shitty forge world is stamping stuff out from a mold? This isn't Necromunda or Armageddon where they crank out lasguns by the million. Forge-Worlds are supervised by Magoi of the AdMech, and the shit they churn out is painstakingly crafted and blessed. Most Space Marine worlds don't have a huge supply of skilled labor - they occupy feral or death worlds where the inhabitants are lucky if they know which rocks to bang together to make fire. Often, the only industry on a Marine homeworld is what the Chapter itself brings.

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but the ADMECH never has any problem equipping thier lowliest of skitaarii with as good as or better than space marine gear right? those fuckers have been planning to make a play for a very, very long time.

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yeah, thanks

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> Better than SM
Not from what I've read. They get carapace and lasguns or hellguns. Space Marine armour is a work of fucking art. That 3+ on the tabletop doesn't do justice to the awesomeness of the suit in the fluff. Artificer armour and Termy armour even more so.

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The Custodians still have jetbikes.
But then, they have all the best shit.

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adding on to this, that 5+ invulnerable on termie armor.

It's because its THAT FUCKING ARMORED, no amount of AP goes through it completely.

But yeah, I'm sure most things the space marines use, and the more powerful weapons of the navy (namely the DoW2 exterminatus bomb) are hand crafted (seriously that bomb looked like a round cathedral tower, and they put that kind of work in a fucking explosive shell).
I wouldn't be surprised if bolter rounds were hand crafted too.

Even without forgeworlds though, the IoM probably has the manpower to handcraft this shit and still turn them out at a decent rate.

Though come to think of it, I think we're putting WAY too much thought into the workings of a society that wasn't made to be practical or possible, but made to be cool.

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its probably retoconed to hell and back by now, but there was a book with something about how the more augmented skitarii were a match for a regular space marine, but not a termie. it might have been titanicus, or another book, and again in a supplement or white dwarf or something. i wish i could fucking remember and give a citation for it.

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Maybe when we're talking about the nice marvels of technology, but Forge Worlds also have quotas to fill and how much blessing does a lasgun, a knife or a flak armour need? They're made by million of workers and servitors that probably never even see a techpriest, other than through a pict-screen like Big Brother.

Fluff says that bolters made for non-Astartes personnel tend to be more rugged and less reliable. Of course some, like Sisters, get the best quality shit naturally, but for the rest of us it's shit bolters between two slizes of fuck if I care.

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It's okay, Anon, I trust you. I think that role (the role of "can beat Space Marines" has now fallen to Praetorians.

DAE think the Necron codex makes a goddamn FANTASTIC counts-as for the AdMech?

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>It's because its THAT FUCKING ARMORED, no amount of AP goes through it completely.

Or to put it more accurately, you'll die before your armour gives way. In Storm of Iron a Chaos terminator is shot point blank range with a plasma gun, and while he feels the heat inside, the armour itself suffers surface damage.

>I wouldn't be surprised if bolter rounds were hand crafted too.

I believe at least the special ones are. One of the FFG game books mentions bolter rounds that are hand crafted and checked, before being handed to the Admech. Some get stolen and are used with some special gun.

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Marines and Marshalls- two things that should never be without tubes.

>> No.18482310

> Marshalls

what is them?

>> No.18482319

Anyone remember the Mentor Chapter before youknowwho shit on them?

>> No.18482328

Guitar amplifiers. <_<

>> No.18482340

Oh, gotcha. I use a Line 6, myself, but... I'm a bassist. It's not like my opinion matters. They just mix me out in the post-pro.

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All Ward said was that they were "secretive", you whiny fucking babby.

>> No.18482364


Are you taking about the crackhead cyborgs with a lascannon in one hand and an autogun in the other?

Because yeah, they still are.

>> No.18482372

If you wanna talk about chapters Ward shat on, Iron Hands were here, making you all look smalltime. First Founding legion? Nah, they don't need a sidebar... or a special character.... and their story should have them killing more Imperial citizens than actual enemies! Why? Because FUCK YOU IRON HANDS! FUCK YOU AND POOP ON YOUR HATS!

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Oh yeah, the shit like lasguns and such are so common that chaos isnt that interested and the designs for them are so widespread that its basically the AK of the IOM.

My guess is that massproduced common as men shit gets a quick prayer or so then out the door in comparison to Baneblades and especially the bigger Titans.

That and some Forgeworlds are likely producing equipment for other forgeworlds so there definately some tier of this needs a prayer and a slap and that needs to be sanctified out the ass

>> No.18482381

How exactly did things change for them?

>> No.18482385

>complaining about the Iron Hands being brutal to civilians
I know what you're trying to say, but c'mon, now. They're Black Templar-level dicks.

>> No.18482411

Get an Acoustic. The brand. They're pretty cheap and sound good for what you're paying.

If you've got the money get an Orange Bass Terror and don't look back.

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Which makes little sense given their previous fluff. Any expansion on the fluff should have been them training new chapters and being one of the core groups adding on to the Codex.

I apologize for mentioning dickface. Like they didnt have enough issues to begin with.

Next I here the Raven Guard will have always have been thought as cowards who cant fight a REAL marines battle. Srsly.

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I always understood it that Mentors prefer to work with other factions in small groups, and this way learn new tactics and so forth.

I've wanted to make a squad of them to field with my Guard in Apocalypse.

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I'll be back with a reply when /tg/ stops being a faggot.

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My problem isn't that they're brutal. I knew what I signed up for when I picked my favorite chapter. My problem is that that's the ONLY thing they played up.

They didn't talk about the semi-incestuous relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus (FFG did a great job of that in their First Founding book). They didn't waste a breath on Bannoth or the super-prominent role Dreadnoughts take in leading the Chapter (even being awake outside of battle). They hardly spent a pixel delving into FLESH IS WEAK.

All they said was "Iron Hands REALLY hate Chaos," like that's some kind of defining trait in the IMPERIUM OF FUCKING MANKIND, and then "they accidentally on purpose 93 million of imperial citizens is this bad"

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Technically they didn't retcon anything. Their fluff blurb was so bland it might as well have not been there.

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Well, they had to cut something out to make more room for everybody's favorite chapter. It is Codex: Ultramarines, after all. When you buy an X-Men comic, you don't do it to read up on Hulk or Spider-Man, now do you?

There's plenty of stuff that can't be all pasted into every ringle codex. Doesn't mean the old stuff isn't just as valid. I think people are just mad their favorites didn't get as much shout-out as they would have wanted.

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I maintain that the Iron Hands got the biggest snub. There's no fucking reason to neglect a first founding chapter like that.

>> No.18482605

When I buy an X-Men comic, I don't just buy it for Wolverine.

>> No.18482616

The way they're marketing him you might as well buy just for him

>> No.18482623

Sad but true. Ultramarines are the Wolverine of Space Marines.

>> No.18482716

Only somehow blander. But no Hugh Jackman is a plus, I guess.

>> No.18482742

Of course not, and for the same reason Calgarine isn't the only hero of the Ultra-men. There's Captain Cyclorius, Chief Librarian Phoenixius, etc.

Other heroes are just doing cameo on the pages of Codex: Ultra-men. Like Chapter Master Pedro Parker and Captain Hulkander

>> No.18482743

>>No Hugh Jackman is a plus

>> No.18482754

If you asked me, i would say the Space Wolves are more like the Wolverine of the Space Marines, and the Ultras are more like Cyclops.
But of course, you guys are talking about Codex: Space Marines

>> No.18482800

I think Ultramarines are the Cyclops of Space Marines.

Though the Wolverine argument sort of reminds me of what someone once said about 40K. That Marines have always been the best and ever since RT people always picked Marines, so GW just decided to give the people what they wanted.

Personally I think it's a silly argument to say the least. For one, in RT Marines were far more badass and scruffy than what they are today. Back then they were Riddick from Pitch Back. Now they're Riddick from Chronicles of Riddick. Back in the day people did find them at least interesting, because they were an unknown factor, and pretty badass. Then they became the star of the show and... Well, we get what we have now.

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I don't care what the cover says. When 90% of it is dedicated to either wanking off to the Codex Astartes or promoting the Ultramarines somehow, it's pretty obvious what the real name should be.

>> No.18482878

That's what the name was in second ed. They just reverted to the original name. The problem is they're still touting it as the standard codex for all Marines. Back when they had Doctrines that made sense, but now the implementation is ugly and flawed, and they haven't changed the name back to indicate to people that they can switch to a different book if they want.

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I just can't take them seriously.
I read the 'Sons of Fenris' novel. There is just way too much wolf-bullshit to really get into spess wolfs.

>> No.18482935


honestly in Apocalypse you should have the Imperium as a faction with guard and marines being deployable in the first turn with more specialized units being deployable later on.

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Wards a furfag

>> No.18482969

In other breaking news, ice is cold.

>> No.18483079

come back after 4 hours and this thread is still around.

I've kind of noticed it, also been making Deimos stuff and phobos bolters

>> No.18483140

Yep, still here.

>> No.18483141

Rogue Trader could easily be considered a different verse altogether.

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And yet, the Cronicles of Riddick was a fucking awesome movie

>> No.18483966

Hear, hear!

>> No.18484040

This a legitimately good thread.


>> No.18484203

It'll be on Foolz. You can submit to suptg if you feel like it.

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>the little sisters of purification
>little sisters
Pic related?

>> No.18484343

Wait, did this thread de-railed about X-men?

>> No.18484371

It was derailed long before that. blame the convict.

>> No.18484389

But... why?

>> No.18484407

Pic related?

>> No.18484421

Because good threads are getting rarer with the overflow from tardland

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What would Alpha Legion Terminators from the age of the Heresy and Scouring look like?

>> No.18484506

Like Ultramarines.

>> No.18484529

everyone looks like ultramarines though

are they the Blood Ultra-Angel marines? Or the Dark UltraTemplar marines? or the Ultra Wolf Space-Marines?

gotta be -specific-

>> No.18484622

When they're not trolling the Ultras.

Power armoured legionaires would be mostly in Heresy-mark, with plenty of maximus pieces and corvus suits scattered in there. A few Mk II and III pieces left over from salvage or their early campaigns, and Mk VII stolen from Imperial depots and for infiltration...

But what about Terminators?

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