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Something that has been bothering me while reading through the Heresy series, the Mechanium seems to be obsessed with replacing their flesh with machine and using logic rather than emotions, completely understandable from their point of view. What I don't get is how they reproduce?

It would seem that anyone high enough in the Mechanium to have children have long since replaced their junk with something probably cool, but ultimately useless.

So how do they get new people? Is anyone still born on Mars? Do high ranking Magos even have children? How are people recruited into the Mechanium? Do people on other worlds decide to send their children to the Mechanium as a tariff? That still makes no sense as the have a consistent culture they would need to have their own children.

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They raise young children or something, like Monks.

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Remember that augmentation is correlated to status in the Mechanicus. Low-level initiates are mostly organic and can provide plenty of young'ins for the AdMech in the time that it takes for advancement.

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Not everyone on a forge world is a Tech-Priest, and pre-heresy Mars is no exception.
There are millions of labourers, soldiers, artisans, and other low ranking, mostly unaugmented humans, who have plenty of children.
Even some low ranking tech-priests still have children.

But yeah, the priesthood as a whole don't have children, and merely "recruit" from the most skilled children from each generation of menial offspring.

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They don't do it the old fashioned way.

They recruit new priests from forge worlds and shit. If you show aptitude you're recruited.

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Remember there are 20 billion people on Mars (though most of them Servitors). There are untold trillions out in the galaxy. You don't need to reproduce anymore, you adopt like some monastic order.

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there's probably more along the lines of billions

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Their children are the Titan Legions. Who needs kids when you can build a fucking Imperator?

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Would you replace your balls and cock?

Exactly, neither would they

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They steal children or secretly vatbirth them when the Inquisition isn't looking.

Some of the lower-ranked ones do get it on, of course.

Think about how hardcore they are. Now think of how hardcore the OB/GYN-specialty Div Biologis techpriest is.

(I can't believe I just wrote this sentence).

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Hell, the Mechanicum could do it whenever, given the Inquisition didn't exist then, and the Emperor didn't seem too down on invitro-birth.

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I was speaking more AdMech than Mechanicum, but you're essentially right.

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That's actually pretty adorable.

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I don't understand the difference.

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