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My GF asked me a funny question about WH:F. Which race is best in bed and what race makes the best beds?

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Orcs are the best in bed, elves are the best at making beds.

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Elves for both. They're too weak to fight back, and they're a bunch of namblies anyways.

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For men? Probably elves.

For the ladies? Lizardmen. Dem two-feet-long prehensile tongues, mang.

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Norscans and Elves respectively.

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A member of any race who worships Slaanesh to achieve perfection in lovemaking/bedmaking/bedbeing

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>perfection in bedbeing

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kinda have to go for the lizardman, that tongue thing is curious.

I would say that a elves make the best bed. Easy to knock out, soft enough without being too bumpy...

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You'd be lucky to sleep in a dwarven bed.

On both accounts.

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Menaces with spikes of elf leather!

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The Slann are better. Telepahtic sex>Physical sex

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To be deemed a poor lover is a matter of great dishonor for dwarfs. Many have taken the Slayer oath after receiving a poor review.

Consequently, they also make the best beds. Only dwarf made beds can withstand the full performance of dwarf love-making.

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Dwarven beds are made of BEDROCK.

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Look at the Subject

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mind-bed > physical bed

warm bloods are you even trying?

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rolled 2, 6 = 8

A finely made bed? Dwarven work.

yes i know it's from the DnD comic and not WHF

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Dwarves are uselss, they take big game but get their arse handed in their little dug outs in the mountains when the orcs and goblins comea knockin.

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