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Does /tg/ Necromunda?

New here. Used to play 40K many MANY moons ago, enjoyed the painting and collecting but not the large scale battles. I remember I had played a bit of Necromunda with a school friend. Had some House Delaque miniatures.

Recently was with some friends who reminded me of Necromunda. I've not gamed for years but I really fancy the idea of playing Necromunda again, as it's a bit smaller scale and involved than standard 40K. I was wondering if there were any fans.

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Bumping with House Delaque.

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>Bumping with House BALD.

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Plenty of people like Necromunda, but no one plays Necromunda any more. Shame really because Necromunda makes the best use of the slightly simplified 2nd edition 40k rules.

2nd Edition worked best as a skirmish game, it was never really meant to be used in large scale battles so anyone trying to play a huge battle in it could end up spending half a day trying to conclude it. Necromunda however is focused on your dozen odd gang members and their individual growth so the pace is just right and campaigns are awesome.

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>but no one plays Necromunda any more.

I know of two different ongoing campaigns of Necromunda around here. Sure they aint centred around any store but groups of friends and gaming clubs.

We're running a Necromunda campaign inspired and placed in the dark voids of our rogue trader ships. Lots of diffrenet weird and twisted gangs with alot of influence on whats been happening in the RT campaign.

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That sounds pretty neat.

I guess I should look into local GW/gaming shops, clubs and things, see if there's anything going on. I've got no network for this sort of thing where I live at the moment, though.

(Really, I'd like an excuse to go back into collecting and painting, but I don't want to amass a giant army of miniatures. The small-scale, tactical nature of Necro appeals)

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>but no one plays Necromunda any more

I was playing it just last year. It's a great one to break out every now and again, but not something that you can really play week in week out like, if only due to having to do all the accounting work for a gang (even when using Yakromunda).

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What's Yakromunda? Modified rules for the game?

And are there any other tabletop games with a similar scale to Necromunda? I'd be interested in possibly taking up 40K again, but for the scale.

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>And are there any other tabletop games with a similar scale to Necromunda?

Infinity. if scale is what youre after, the gameplay is a bit different.

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Bumping with house BALD

I fell in love with Necromunda when i first came to /tg/ talked with a few friends about it, and hit Ebay up for some minis.
After 50 Necrmounda models later, Not a single person i know plays it or doesnt want to play it.

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Apparently all of /tg/, inculding myself, played Delaque.

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Wow, this game looks pretty cool. I've seen it come up a few times on /tg/ over the years, but I haven't really dug into it. So is the rulebook like Blood Bowl where you have a musty old one or fan made that is more recent and up to date?

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Well i picked up a box of Cawdor because i like the Redeemer

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It's not difficult to see why. I might consider playing Goliath if only the miniatures didn't look so silly; there's opportunity to convert your own, make some Mad Max-type goons.

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Who've been unpainted for over a year.
And then the handful of Goliath guys i have, some missing arms, a head, but had them replaced with Pit Slave limbs.

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Campaign management website, basically everyone uploads their gang sheet there, modify it for upgrades, territories and such, put up accounts of fights they have and the results, are able to just print it out as needed and generally useful stuff like that.


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I know what you mean.
But these guys came in a Bitz bag

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>Guy in the middle
Holy christ, he looks like something out of The Thing or maybe They Live.

So interested guy here, how would one get into the game? How hard would it be to do conversions? I play Blood Bowl and basically converted all of my players from WHFB and wanted to see if it wasn't too out there to use 40k

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Bump for Necromunda, so anyone want to show an interested guy the ropes?

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OP here, I'm looking through the Yakromunda website, it appears to be a good starting point.

This thread seems to be a good place to look for players near you:


There seem to be a fair few UK players recently so that's a plus. I'll look into getting a few minis and paints and reading up on the rules.

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Might as well bump this thread rather than making a new one.

Any newcomers got any questions?

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Are there Necromunda rules for other races? I like the idea of a 40k skirmish game, but I'd rather be able to use kroot mercs for example.

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Hell yeah I do, guy interested in the game here. I'm fairly new to everything about it so anything would be new info to me. How are the rules? Are they still the old ones or do they have a LRB? Are any of the gangs low tier? What would be the best 40k models to use to convert? (IG?) How much on average would it cost to get started? (paid about $30 for Blood Bowl)

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What's the best way to start your gang? Write up first, get the models first? What do you need to do to set up the gang?

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>How are the rules? Are they still the old ones or do they have a LRB?

They are based on the 2nd Edition 40k rules, so are similar to what you may already know, but allow for a degree of extra detail. The latest rulebook is "Necromunda: Underhive". The Rules Council (some of whom have worked for GW on the game, so it's fairly official) do FAQs ever year or so.

>Are any of the gangs low tier?

Whilst I play Goliath myself, they are fairly underpowered as their skills aren't brilliant. All gangs actually start on the same statline, but have different choices of Skill category when they gain Experience, and have different starting armouries. Van Saar are seen as quite good since their skills can allow they to become brilliant at shooting.

>What would be the best 40k models to use to convert? (IG?) How much on average would it cost to get started? (paid about $30 for Blood Bowl)

Probably slightly more, depending on the gang. Goliaths and Orlocks and things, especially their plastics, are cheap on eBay but Escher and Delaque normally go for more per miniature. You can convert Catachans into a couple of things but to me it doesn't look "right".


I'd write a rough list, and make your models easily changeable, either with magnets or pinned hands so you can swap weapons easily. Focus more on body count

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Check out the "Eastern Fringe" forum too. It's replaced the official GW forum, and is were the aformentioned ex-GW guys hang.

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>no results
plebs forever

but in all seriousness I'm glad there's a necromunda thread here, keep it up

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I was tempted to buy some Redemptionist miniatures to use as Commissars/Priests/Arcoflaggents/etc. in regular 40k
But, if I ever got into Necromunda, how well do they play? Are they good or bad?
How does re-equiping your models work from a miniature perspective? Do you just kit people out how you want and say "Oh, he doesn't have a sniper rifle yet, he just has a lasgun for now"?

Also, has anyone here played Gangs of Nu Ork? I heard about it a while back and it seems similar but can use regular 40k models.

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Cool beans, thanks bud! I've been checking out Orlocks, and the first thought that comes to mind is Predator (Billy) and I'm grooving on that. How many models are required/maximum for a gang? How many on average would you want to start? Is there a weapon sprue for the game or is it still converting 40k weapons?

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>playing Necromunda to win
I shiggy diggy de doop bop be dum bum


Redemptionists are a variant gang like Scavvies, Enforcers or Spyrers, who don't use the main rulebooks gang list. I'd recommend you start by using them as Cawdor, who have the same faith-and-fire theme going on.

Necromunda is technically a WYSIWYG game, and I re-equip between games (pins in the hands and sockets on the model). I dont think they do seperate weapons sprues anymore so you might have to either use the gang box, scan eBay or use IG ones.


You need one Leader, and at least two Gangers. You can as many Juves as you want as long as they make up less than 50% of the gang, and 0-2 Heavies.

A starting gang is normally around 10 guys. I'd recommend a well equipped Leader, fairly well equipped Gangers, Cheap-as-chips Juves (a pistol basically) and two Heavies with Heavy Stubbers.

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Please don't die Necromunda thread!

Is there a difference to the Necromunda: Underhive book and the free online pdf?

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what are some good models to use I'm not partial to the Necromunda line

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Convert 40k models most likely, depends on what gang you want to make though. Bumping for the older fans to get back in here

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Necro-ing a Necromunda thread.

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Just because I'd like to breathe some life into this thread, what gang are you playing/interested in? New to the game but I'm liking the Orlocks, anyone know how they play? All I've found so far is they have strength in variety (whatever that is supposed to mean)

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I'm interested in playing a Delaque gang, which seems to be a Shooty/Stealth gang.
I also have a Cawdor gang, which i think might be a good Melee gang

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The thing about necromunda that turns me off compared to mordeheim is that... mord is thoroughly set in the ham universe. necromunda has... humans. And more humans.

It looks really cool, but it would be so much better if you had gangs of orks and eldar running around, maybe some necron and tau too. Hell, tyranid evolving genestealer-base fluff gangs would be incredible. The fun of 40k in my area is that you see so many different armies, and when people do end up having the same race at least the armies vary considerably (in most cases). for this game it looks like gangs will always "look" the same every time, even if they level up.

> mordenheim, even set in lame base ham is just so much better

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you could probably jury rig a combo of Killteam and necromunda if you wanted that.

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or just play low-points 2nd edition 40k with a hint of necromunda

they're basically the same ruleset

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I used to play Necromunda a lot... Scavvies were over-powered and should be avoided in the first version of the rules.

The current version of the rules is sadly inferior to the older one though. A shame really, they only changed a few things and still managed to fuck it up. Typical GW.

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>gangs of necron

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There's a few homebrewed items that aim to fix that up.

Death Squads; Basically Kill Team, but with some Necromunda rules slapped on. Clear Imperial bias in terms of rules and development.

Inquisimunda: Mashup of rules of Necromunda and Inquisitor. Pretty good stuff, though it's not the most active game system out there. Think Inquisitor without the hideous scale issues.

Gangs of Nu Ork: Basically "Everything thrown in" version of Necromunda. Pretty much any race is available, and things tend to be kind of crazy. Rules aren't really that balanced, but it's a fun experience, especially if you end up with mixed gangs. The creator posts here occasionally.

There's more niche systems that 'expand' Necromunda, but those are the big three. Inquisimunda and GoNO are pretty much tied for quality; Death Squads suffers from trying to be full 40k in skirmish form, rather than a good skirmish game in its own right (plus all that fucking Imperium bias)

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>Gangs of Nu Ork

Holy shit that sounds awesome. How different is it from GorkaMorka?

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Bet your ass we Necromunda. Delaque was here. Rockin your shit since the DAWN OF TIME-AH!

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currently no running campaign but i still build some terrain every now and then, pic related.

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This game was pretty nice idea, but the execution was lacking.

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That's pretty neat. Have any more such photos?

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If I wanted to use an undercover Inquisitorial squad as my Necromunda gang, how would I do it? Just model them as =][= members and use a gang list? Or is there an Inquisitor list out there?

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I suppose you might want to use the Redemptionist list? They seem closest to Inquisitors, basically being the 40k equivalent of an inquisitor militia.

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They feel a little bit too "ecclesiarchy" for me. Not enough subtlety. I'm thinking Dark Heresy style, inquisitor and his acolytes sneaking around the underhive, looking for heresy.

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um, yea.

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any of them would fit as a dark heresy cadre

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wip on some gas tanks or whatever and an arbitrator twin bolter turret.
made up some houserules for the turret when its not run by arbitrators.
5+ on a d6 to get it running and a further role of 4+ each round to keep it functioning, a failed role of 4+ means it broke or ran out of ammo.

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another shot of the table from the first pic.
we also had random encounters, like a band of genestelares or some traitor marines, frightening shit your usual ganger couldnt even hit those traitors.

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necromundian dice tower i build as a side project.

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I think this guy doesn't play Necromunda, he just has a really dirty garage.

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huge ass necromunda piece.
i was inspired to build this by a vertical space hulk board/necromunda table that was featured in one white dwarf.

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You're right, I'm sure. I was just wondering if there were any fan supplements that specifically dealt with Inquisitorial shenanigans (hopefully supplements NOT horrifically broken).

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well, collecting trash and making terrain from it is just the way i roll
also i roll dice, ha ha funney.

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this guy runs a shop on the huge ass necromunda piece.
/tg/ helped me come up with a name for him and his shop.
also we created rules for shopkeepres behavior during battle together.

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I was interested in Necromunda but then I found infinity, which is a sci-fi skirmish game like necromunda but with better rules and better-looking models.

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I can play Necro with the IG models I already have.

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DEATH SQUADS. It's fan made and basically a mash up of Necromunda AND Mordheim. MUCH better than anything GW has put out rules wise.

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The point of the game is GANGS, almost every other force doesn't even have civilians. Sure maybe (Dark) Eldar or Tau, but because they couldn't blend in, they'd be ousted and probably burned right off the bat. Having military units against the gangers is such an overwhelming advantage that it wouldn't be fair. Remember the first Robocop movie, how most of the punks couldn't do shit to him? But when that one gang got some serious military hardware they barely did anything to him. The game already has cops and even basically has rules for Inquisition so what's the problem?

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Not to disagree, but Death Squads isn't that great. Notice how they felt the need to have several variants of Imperial Guard before they even bothered to do any balance on half of the shit they put out.

There are better 40k skirmish games out there. I'm biased towards GoNO, as I'm currently in a campaign of it.

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I was looking at Infinity, but then I found out it was just Necromunda with worse rules and shitty models

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