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>You crawl into bed lie down your head and hear a sound..
>Slick, slick.. slick..
>Its coming from under your bed.

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I rape it before it tries rape me.

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There's an oil slick under my bed?

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Well, looks like the guy living downstairs is having some fun. I hope it won't be as noisy as they were on New Years Even.

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dont forget the shlick shlick pant panting glowering eye peeping at you through the ajar wardrobe doors.

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I start windmilling and screaming, then probably get raped

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> captcha : necessary takeaas
Yes captcha, we might be forced to take some ass.

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>There's an oil slick under my bed?

Oh no, you feel asleep while driving again.


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>Suddenly claws burst trough your bed on both sides of you.
>They gently embrace you.

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>You crawl into bed lie down your head and hear a sound..
>clang, clang.. clang..
>Its coming from under your bed.
>you look underneath you bed
>glowing eyes staring at you

"Ohayo! Do you want to join my court? We're going to have super fun space adventures!"

wat do?

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Kids, don't use this in a court of law.

>"Your Honor, I was raping her before she raped me.
>"She was TWO!"
>"She looked suspicious."
>"She was asleep!"
>"I could see it in her eyes. She wanted to rape me."
>Her eyes were closed!"
>"Not while I was raping her.

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>clang, clang.. clang..
i never could make up my mind whether i found that pasta funny or not

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I leap the fuck out of bed!

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>wat do?
Join her court. Super fun space adventures! (exclamation mark included) sound awesome.

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dunno, nowadays, clang refers to the immovable rod, and clang clang refers to robosexuality.

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>Warp spits you out somewhere while you're shlicking.
>Hear a creaking sound above you.

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So you found the old daemonette pictures from around 2007-08. Where were they posted? grognard booru?

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>Get into bed.
>Suddenly hear* WAAAAAGH!*
>It is coming form under your bed.

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>bed grows wheels
>and choppy shooty bits
>turns red

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>implying it's not /x/-tan

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>implying it's not /x/eno

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>You crawl into bed, lie down your head and hear a sound.
>It's coming from under your bed.


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There are things that go "Hump" in the night, make no mistake about that.
We are the ones who "Hump" back...

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Setting: d20 Modern or Shadowrun

I wake up in my apartment. It's on the 4th floor. Some asshole on the 3rd makes enough noise to keep me awake. Well, what the fuck ever, gives me more chance to go over my latest contract. Break into x and kidnap y, yadda yadda.

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a pair of powerfists rip through the bed on either side of you and give you a hug

you piss and shit your pants in terror

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> Get up
> reach under bed
> spank slave girl for masturbating without permission

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>a pair of powerfists
>only one person in the universe is crazy/badass enough to dual wield powerfists.

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>dual wielding powerfists
>not dual wielding lightning claw chainfists

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a daemonette slavegirl?

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It's for research I swear!

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>hfw that's exactly what she was hoping for

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Moooom there's a daemon under my bed again

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>Slick, slick.. slick..
tell my gf to shut it and ask her how she got under the bed.

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>Not dual wielding thunder hammers

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"For your disobedience, you shall be tied to the bed and whipped!"

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yeah i know it sucks... but sometimes she sucks and that's nice for a few minutes.
i haven't done anything i liked to do like rpg or larp or other neckbeardis activity for a long while.
my advice avoid women like fire especially nice women.

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>You crawl into bed, lie down your head and hear a sound.
>Blowout soon, fellow Stalker!
>It's coming from under your bed.

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>You crawl into bed, lie down your head and hear a sound.
>Snrk, snrk, snrk!
>It's coming from under your bed.

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>You crawl into bed, lie down your head and hear a sound.
>Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...
>It's coming from under your bed.

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>You crawl into bed, lie down your head and hear a sound.
>I said come in, don't just sleep there!
>It's coming from under your bed.

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Really? When?

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It doesn't matter. I'm in a building.

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>Get to bed
>It's coming from under your bed...

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mentally deficient daemonette

wat do?

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Blowout? More like bandit party

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Convince it/her that, as heresy grows from idleness, hanging out and being a bro is sufficient heresy. Then throw her/it a beer and watch the confusion.

Thanks to you, I've started playing shadow of chernobyl again. I hope your pleased with yourself. I have a programming project to do.

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Help her out

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I'm now picturing a daemonette on a sofa, drooling at the tv screen in sweaty underwear.

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>dakka =3
Every time.

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>Get into bed.
>Suddenly hear* WAAAAAGH!*
>It is coming form under your bed.

choose your destiny!

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Then my work here is done.

What's next? Frat boy 'nette?

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rolled 5, 3 = 8


Respond in kind and join in the fun!

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>You crawl into bed lie down your head and hear a sound...
>It's coming from where you keep your gun

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>Get into bed.
>Suddenly hear
>This is it, Horus, our final battle. As I have forseen it, Father and Son, united together in their final hours of fated combat.
>It's coming from under your bed...

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I get my shot gun and go downstairs.
I see a men clad on golden armor looking epic.
And i shot the crap out of him, nobody disturbs my sleep.

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"I drank up all the beer last night, we're totally dry. Think you could run out and pick up more? C'mon, be a dude, not a dick."

"Also, I told some other daemonettes that there'd be a party here. That's like, cool with you right? You probably wanna get a few kegs and junk while you're out."

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Tell my brother to quit fapping to the Horus Heresy under my bed,

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"But when I left this morning there were still two kegs!"

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I have no idea what is going on, but I like it.

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That sounds almost like a harem anime with daemonettes. And this one would be something like Misato Katsuragi.

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Have to agree.

I would be ok with this.

He's a young imperial citizen and an aspiring cultist!
They're daemonic freeloaders inexperienced in the arts of tempting mortals to sin!
Can he keep them from the attention of the authorities? Can they corrupt and claim his soul? Tune in next week!

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It's just my pet nurglings breeding. No biggy, just have to remember to bring some Oxiclean and a heavy flamer in the morning.

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>Get into bed.
>Suddenly hear *boom Boom BOOM BOOM KHHHRRAAAASHH*
>It came from outside, and then right above your house.

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I'd watch it. Sounds better than a lot of things on tv.

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Sometimes I wonder is slaneesh demons are just escapism for fa/t g/uys who have trouble attracting women.

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Nein scheize, Sherlocke

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Wonder no more!

It doesn't matter either way. They rule.

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>escapism for fa/t g/uys who have trouble attracting women
Which makes me wonder why they decide to throw penises on them.

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Call me back when Slaanesh makes robot daemonettes to appeal to my fetishes.

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They don't know what vaginas feel like.

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there are about a good dozen reasons why people are attracted to dickgirls, and NOT all of them imply homosexual tendencies.

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>post this on /tg/
>get banned
>mod describes it as 'very disgusting'

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/tg/ likes girls
/d/ likes dicks
figure it out, perv

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>so you post it again

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Fuck the police. Never shall the Hitlermod ride again.

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If you're one of those faggots who posted all those camwhore tranvestite porn threads, kindly kill yourself

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It's a well known fact that /tg/ stands for Totally Gay.

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I post monstergirls though.

Does that upset you?

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>No biggy, just have to remember to bring some Oxiclean and a heavy flamer in the morning.

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I'm cool with monstergirl threads.

I wasn't cool with them when they were straight porn dumps maintained 24/7, because that's what /d/ is for.

Funny conversations about physiology and fluff is /tg/, but when the threads ran out of material and were just fapfuel without discussion, that should go to /d/.

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It does upset some people, but they can always hide the threads. Unless you post them into threads that were not specifically for monstergirl related things, which is rather bad form in this relatively safe for work board.

>You crawl into bed lie down your head and hear a sound..
>Its coming from under your bed.

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I kinda miss the silly dick/monstergirls in my game - wat do? threads...
Those were more fun than NOTHING IT /TG/ RELATED EVER >:(

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>Delicious jackal girls

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>> No.18454567

Those threads, no matter how trollish, still had discussion and original ideas mixed in with the raeg

But the porn threads whose silence was only broken by the sounds of fapping... that's just depriving /d/ of content.

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Asuka was my first waifu, so I'm always deeply perturbed by Askua futas.

>> No.18454571


do you have any more of this one fellow anon ? I kind of see this pic everytime monstergirls are dumped, but couldn't find others

>> No.18454574

The last two monstergirl threads I found in the archives were filled with great fluff-building and story-telling. I tried to make another one, but that fell through. Hope we see more threads like those two.

>>You crawl into bed lie down your head and hear a sound..
>>Its coming from under your bed.

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But she was such a bitch!

>> No.18454599

Unfortunately no.
Though I suppose there could be amongst the images I ripped from image dump threads, fuck yes one-click mass downloading, but that folder is huge and it would take ages.

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Baphomet > Anubis

Deal with it

>> No.18454637


Speaking of egyptian-like stuff, could anyo,ne dump some pics related to this setting ? I sense a crual lack of it while it has a glorious potential

I can take anything, character portraits, landscapes, anything

Will dump the few I have

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I know, but I have a huge soft spot in my heart for her, regardless. It's about the same size as the soft spot I have for Saber

>> No.18454658


you wish

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Though lamia beat both of them.

That's because saber is awesome.
Caster's better though.

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>You crawl into bed lie down your head and hear no sound..
>Not a damn peep
>They could be anywhere

>> No.18454689

Kenkou Cross agreed, don't bother him about it.

>> No.18454692

Not that guy, but here's the best Anubis picture on the planet.

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>> No.18454701

>Scorpion courtiers
>Taking of their masks
Something is wrong here.

>> No.18454703


>dem paws

>> No.18454713

That's from Ragnarok Online.

>> No.18454715

>You crawl into bed lie down your head and hear something drip onto your pillow
>You turn on the light
>Its the disemboweled corpses of your parents hanging from the ceiling
>You cannot flip out before picrelated drives a talon through your gut

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I find this drawfag's work pretty mediocre, artistically speaking, and not especially relevant to my fetishes, but there are a few things about the way he draws daemonettes that I find extremely arousing:
-the smooth shiny colorful skin, that looks almost like latex
-the eyes and jawline, that look very slutty and slightly stupid (yeah, I guess I have something for bimboification)
-the short, swept-back "hair"

And I really wish better drawfags could adapt that design.

>> No.18454725

those are not their real faces.

>> No.18454734

Or wait no. But it looks like those from RO.

>> No.18454738

i agree, egyptian stiled things are terribly underused, and are awesome looking always.
fuck yeah mitos y legendas

>> No.18454744

>You crawl into your bed
>Vroom, vroom, vroom
>It's coming from under your bed


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Please archive this someone, this is to god not to.

>> No.18454750

>first 'waifu': Asuka
>soft spot for Saber
..you didn't mention Hanako, so I can't be 100% sure you're my doppleganger yet

>> No.18454755

>that pic

>> No.18454764

Not that guy, but you're dangerously close to being me.

Suddenly Riza out of fukken nowhere.

>> No.18454772

Everybody knows the best girl will always be Kagura and the best friend will always be Tomo.

I wish I had a larger size of this.

>> No.18454775

What the fuck is this doing in my egypt folder

God dammit, it's such a fucking mess

>> No.18454783

>derailed thread turns into a monstergirl imagedump
These are exactly the kind of threads that should NOT be archived

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>> No.18454786

>dragon girls
you. me. brofist. now.

>> No.18454793

No, you obviously dont know what makes a thread archive worthy

>> No.18454806

my bed is suddenly huge too by the looks of it.

>> No.18454807

>> No.18454815

Newfags. Can't live with them, can't kill them and throw the corpse in a river.

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>> No.18454825

>> No.18454831

>> No.18454839

Is that slime getting head from the knight, or is she drowning him?

>> No.18454841

Probably a combination of the two

>> No.18454842

an egyptian lich, oh god that is awesome

>> No.18454849


I'd say both

>> No.18454851

...why not?

>> No.18454856

Auto erotic asphyxiation

>> No.18454857

Hanako from Katawa Shoujo? I like her, too

>> No.18454858

Looks like shes drowning him, and using it to get off, he doesn't really get a choice in the matter.

Tomb King from WHFB, the entire khemri faction is full of brilliant art for the purposes you're looking for.

>> No.18454866

Really, you gotta understand Asuka in context. Here's a character who's seen some shit. First her mom goes nuts, rejecting her for a doll. Ultimately, she kills herself and the doll that represents her. Asuka is the one to find her dead mom and doll-surrogate. The whole time her dad's fucked off and is getting something on the side, he doesn't fucking care.

Kid grows up with a put-on aggressive personality, always seeking outside approval and praise. She's got "friends," but these "friends" are enamored with a put-on personality. When she reaches out to someone in genuine affection, he doesn't understand and fails to respond. This hurts her like hell, so she pushes him away, further alienating and confusing him. She's losing her technical edge as an Eva pilot to this guy, too, which is just great; it's one of the primary ways she values herself.

Then he sexually assaults her while comatose and leaves her to die screaming being disemboweled by giant lobotomized alien clones.

So she's a bit bitchy, but she's got a reason. She's really a lot like Shinji, which is probably why she was interested in him to begin with.

>> No.18454868


I also find the concept art for this game are fucking awesome disregarding the grimderp setting

>> No.18454890

>> No.18454895

Yeah, TK are pretty awesome and-
>sees the U-shaped belt buckle.

>> No.18454896

And that's largely why she was my waifu. She makes me activate my WHITEKNIGHT MODE

>> No.18454900

You know that wouldn't have appealed to me so much a year or two ago. Fucking internet, man...

>> No.18454902


>cannot unsee

>> No.18454915

So many girls with real waifu potential and you're busy sucking the dick of shit tier waifus like Hanako and dragon girls.

>> No.18454921

Understanding her character still doesn't make me like her.

It's not that I liked any of the other characters either, it's just I can't fathom why some people can like such bitchiness in the first place.

I mean, just because the the Nazis grew up in a hostile, traumatizing environment doesn't make me accept their actions.

>> No.18454933

to me, the slime girl part is arousing, the suffocating part is my greatest fear though, big enough to beat the arousal so ill say no.

>> No.18454935

You don't gotta understand, guy. No one cares if you do or not, anyway.

>> No.18454936

>waifu potential

>> No.18454947

Are you implying that Juri has high waifu potential, while hanako does not? Because if you are, I think I have to disagree.

>> No.18454949

>/tg/, the Realm of Good Taste
This is making me want to go full weeaboo, but I'm too busy "studying" to watch or read anything.

>> No.18454952


Better stick to the jackal girls, Juri's an unsufferable bitch

>> No.18454953

Well, it's certainly a better alternative than getting dissolved by an acidic slime.

>> No.18454955

>dragon girls
>Shit tier

According to 9/10 leading scientists, a winged, fire-breathing, monster with tits is objectively awesome, and your half-breed children having the traits of a tyrannical magic lizard is optimal for continuation of your genes!

>> No.18454959

>you crawl into bed, lay down your head
>it's pitch black
>you're about to be eaten by a Grue

>> No.18454961


>> No.18454964

>Has clearly never experienced erotic-asphyxiation

>> No.18454976

/a/ here, are we having a waifu thread?

>> No.18454977


>> No.18454981

Damn straigt

>> No.18454983

In the context of this thread, that just means you're going to be orally molested by a Grue

>> No.18454984

not being able to breath, no matter the context, is my greatest fear. it might feel good yeah, but i would be way too scared to enjoy it

>> No.18454987

I reject your archaic belief in Grues. Grues are dead, and science is the sword that slayed them.

>> No.18454990

9/10 leading scientists know that dragons have a cloaca

>reptile sex
No bueno

>> No.18454998

Fair point.
I will admit it's a bit panic inducing at first, but you get used to it.

I personally can't stand needles or anything related to them.

>> No.18455006


It's not about niceness. Not even the same guy, but I know what he wants out of her.
She can lift Zangief up with one leg, then bend it around so she can tease him before slamming him into the ground with said leg. That motherfucker must weigh over 300 lbs.
You're damn RIGHT I want her to be a bitch to me then make it up to me in the bedroom.
[/tg/spoilers] She'd always force her way to being on top.

>> No.18455008


>not wanting a soft, delicious cloaca

Son, you gay ?

>> No.18455009

CLASSY winged fire-breathing monster with tits.

>> No.18455011

>You crawl into bed lie down your head and hear a sound..
>M-mugs... Mugs!... MUGS!
>Its coming from under your bed

>> No.18455012

Juri is the best girl ever and you should be ashamed of yourself for being so misogynistic as to call her a bitch for being a strong woman who needs no man.
Only some of the biggest waifu potential ever in a fighting game female.
No, dragons suck. Everything about them screams gold digging whoreslut.

>> No.18455017


A cloaca is multi-functional! Anal sex and Vaginal sex... SIMULTANEOUSLY

>> No.18455023

Just like erotic asphyxiation helps you get over a fear of suffocating, a little heroin use will cure you of your fear of needles.

Be mindful of addiction, though.

>> No.18455024


You know, I think we might

>> No.18455030

I sure hope you aren't serious.

>> No.18455036

Did someone say waifu?

>> No.18455044


Welp, fuck your sub-par waifus

Not even a royal breed

>> No.18455053

>gold digging
>not mantaining The Hoard together

>> No.18455058

>skeletal undead
>implying you're royal
Bitch please. If your family couldn't afford a proper mummification, you sure as hell aren't an aristocrat.

>> No.18455059

>not wanting a soft, delicious cloaca
>soft, delicious
Does not compute.
Robot on superior, everything else inferior

>> No.18455062

>That entire post

>> No.18455065

Your petty adherence to the concepts of 'goodness', 'honour' and 'virtue' weaken you. Can you not see them for the chains that they are?

Come brother, let me show you the way.

>> No.18455070

Actually rule 63 Gilgamesh has been my waifu since around 2008 or maybe 9.

>> No.18455073



>> No.18455074

>gold digging whoreslut.

1. Dragons have high CR, meaning if they really wanted your gold, they could just take it and leave you asa smoldering cinder
1a. >Implying you have enough gold to interest a dragon

2. Since it's clear your wealth isn't the issue here, the dragon clearly has the hots for you, making her motivations clearly one of LOVE (Or rapey dragon lust, but w/e)

>> No.18455077

i think you forgot.
fluffy tails.

>> No.18455080

What the hell did you just make me watch?

>> No.18455089


How does it feel being a walking rotting-meat-bag ?

>> No.18455091

Aww shit. I remember the Marines Immaculate.

>> No.18455100

>choosing fluffy tails over posiedons bell
>never worth it

>> No.18455103

i have absolutely no idea what this thread is about but i fully support fluffy tails

>> No.18455109

>1. Dragons have high CR, meaning if they really wanted your gold, they could just take it and leave you asa smoldering cinder
>implying they'll be interested in you if you can't beat them verbally, mentally or physically.
>1a. >Implying you have enough gold to interest a dragon
>implying any gold doesn't interest a dragon because HURRRR DURRR SHINEYS
>implying the reason they all have polymorph isn't because they run around fucking everything in sight all the time like some cheap no-good sluts.

>> No.18455113

you are just jealous we're the ones with jetpacks.

>> No.18455126


You do have jetpacks, but we have all the bitches you previously saved


>> No.18455140

Did someone say... Jetpacks?

>> No.18455145

Feels good, man.

>> No.18455146

I'd think a female psyker would be the best waifu ever, you know when a girl inadvertently does something that feels good, like squeezing dem muscles, and when you explain that was awesome she has no idea what you mean? Psyker waifu would totally know AND she'd know BEFORE you! Which brings me to another point, why aren't there more lady psyker pictures?

>> No.18455148


>> No.18455155

wolf tengu are fine too, i suppose?

>> No.18455156

>implying they'll be interested in you if you can't beat them verbally, mentally or physically.

Of course! Another sign of a healthy relationship is that the partners consider each other equals. Obviously, if a Dragon is interested in you at all, you must have some worth.

>implying the reason they all have polymorph isn't because they run around fucking everything in sight all the time like some cheap no-good sluts.

Projecting much?

>> No.18455160

>You crawl into your entry plug, lie down your head and hear a sound.
>It's coming from fucking everywhere.

>> No.18455163


Because most of the psykers are.. Well, psychos

>> No.18455167

>your waifu blows up into meaty chunks at your wedding ceremony and a daemon claws out of the mass of blood and flesh

>> No.18455172


>You crawl into bed lie down your head and hear a sound..
>It's coming from under your bed.

>> No.18455173

But with Crow Tengu you get WINGHUGS

So many decisions, so little time...

>> No.18455174

>pop there goes your head

>> No.18455176



>> No.18455181

I am the greatest!

>> No.18455182

Would the daemon be bound by your former waifu's wedding vows?

>> No.18455194

Berk, given /tg/'s documented fetish for pointy teeth, I think you should have picked another image if you're trying to dissuade folks from taking psyker brides

>> No.18455199

I am the greatest!

>> No.18455208


>> No.18455213


>> No.18455220


>> No.18455221

Aw, thats too bad

>> No.18455226

>Not traveling north with a minor nature deity

>> No.18455228

I like where this is going...

>> No.18455233

Is she interested in economics?

>> No.18455235

That is actually what I had been thinking

I downloaded the Mp3. Also, I have that doujin.

>> No.18455241

MULTI-PURPOSE fluffy tails.

>> No.18455242


Purification soon, fellow traveller

>> No.18455251

>implying gods are not all scum and should never be trusted


>> No.18455261

>prehensile fluffy tails

Something tells me it will end in tentacle rape with fluffy tails instead of tentacles

>> No.18455263

Last page that is SFW in that 28 page doujin.

>> No.18455270

Don't be lazy, just make a thread in /d/

>> No.18455273


>> No.18455274

well i guess the credits pages kinda counts too, but Im not gonna post 2 more almost empty images

>> No.18455275

The self-awareness is refreshing.

>> No.18455290


Oh really ? When

>> No.18455291 [DELETED] 


>Titty monster face
>Flat chest

>> No.18455294

...got download link?

>> No.18455306

Don't suppose you'd be willing to tell me the author's name, huh?

>> No.18455312

Can't post loli in /d/ either brosephian

>> No.18455317


>> No.18455322



>> No.18455323

If you guys can't find the doujin from the pages I have posted then you don't deserve to read it.


...Please nobody spoil it?

>> No.18455340

It's loli? I couldn't tell...

But hey, let's just pretend they're 18. I won't tell /d/ if you won't!

>> No.18455346

it IS Reiji.

>> No.18455350

i watch spice and wolf for the economics
i mean just look at those economics

>> No.18455356

I can give you some music to treasure hunt by. Yes let us have that.


>> No.18455361

The name:
Mugen no frontier - mugen otome [Mayoineko]

Now go forth and conquer

>> No.18455362


I really, really wish it weren't from L5R. Trust me.

>> No.18455370

don't mind me.
...actually, are catgirls too "vanilla" now?

>> No.18455387

so is it horo or holo?

>> No.18455392


I'm not even sure they're still considered "monster girls"

>> No.18455393

Okay there is no link so I am happy. Its made a lot easier though, which I guess is fine.

>> No.18455404

Don't worry there are still catgirl monstergirls so you're safe.

>> No.18455418

>Not having delicious future housewife waifu
I shiggy diggy hole

>> No.18455419

All the official English shit-fuckers say it "Holo," unfortunately. The writer said "Horo," but that says fuck-all considering that they japs have no l/r distinction.

>> No.18455422


>> No.18455424

>reasonably dressed catgirls
>only 2 ears
why don't more artists/designers do this.

>> No.18455440

>Not Korbo

>> No.18455450

That's a guy

>> No.18455457

Because artists tend to be off the deep end of reasonable

>> No.18455468

No boner has shriveled as fast as mine just did.

Possibly aside from that one guy who called an escort girl who turned out to be his daughter.

>> No.18455471

>implying Aruruw was a dude
That's not the trap twins.

CARRIER HAS ARRI-sorry, still happens sometimes.

>> No.18455474

That's not Dori and Gura. You can't fool me I played the game.

>> No.18455475

Mai husbando :3

>> No.18455488

Also, how would one stat the Marx brothers?

>> No.18455494

>doesn't know of Utawarerumono
You are smalltime

>> No.18455497

Hey loli I like the things you do.

Hey loli, if I could I would be you.

>> No.18455503

No love for Chubby Gorgons, /tg/?

>> No.18455505

Did someone just say Carrier?

>> No.18455506

Stop making up random words that don't mean anything.

>> No.18455518

>carrier has arrived
delicious barbarian waifu ;_;

>> No.18455529


That's not even fucking chubby what are you smoking.

>> No.18455549

Waifu thread you say?

>> No.18455554

Okay then, well hipped

>> No.18455560

>my drones are moving on their own?

>> No.18455561


I think you mean delicious thick gorgons.

>> No.18455574


>Those collarbones.

>> No.18455576

>not being blackguard
>not having elf bitches
>not using your elf bitch as armor/small mecha
get on my level.

>> No.18455579

I prefer my women to be phoenixes

>> No.18455596

i have just read through this entire thread and i still have no idea what the fuck is going on.

And the Image Cap was reached
>why the hell is it only 150!?

I'll say successful /tg/ thread is successful.

>> No.18455597

>> No.18455607

Speaking of doujin, going to guess the 2-3 Evafags/Asukafags in this thread have alread read Retake.

>> No.18455617

This is a veryy odd thread

>> No.18455625

Why is Harley saying she doesn't exist?

>> No.18455628

Waitaminute, you're just exposed a trend in /tg/ that' i've never noticed before

All our Blackguards and villains have human/elf/other demihuman waifus...

But all our paladins have monster waifus

>What the actual fuck

>> No.18455658

It's funny how even the Artwork of her looks like it has fake boobs.

>> No.18455662


Because Harley creating paradoxes is par for the course. Bitch uses hammerspace in what pretends to be a somewhat "hard" setting, and nobody ever calls her on it.

And that's why we love her.

>> No.18455663


I don't know if I'm okay with the fact that every Asuka doujin since 2.0 came out has had her being a meat toilet, considering Shikinami =/ Sohryu.

>> No.18455675


Because demi-human are all sluts

None purer than a poor, former-oppressed monster waifu who get saved from a mob of furious and stupid peasants by his one and only white knight

>> No.18455684

Well, if you're one of those paranoid viewers inclined to believe 2.0 is the set up for another big "take that" at the waifufags, it should be amusing.

>> No.18455692

Paladins are bringing otherwise evil or monstrous races into the fold of God's good graces. The means of which holy implement they use however, well, that's up to them. Blackguards do the same, but with otherwise good or neutral races.

I'd post that picture of 'Lawful Hot Dickings, just handing them out' but we've already hit the image limit.

>> No.18455699

I pity the Eva fan that HASN'T read Retake.

>> No.18455714

>'Lawful Hot Dickings
also known as "Smite evil".
Oh, and. Just remembered.
Dragon half.
Yes, we DO have a trend here.

>> No.18455727

...I want this picture. Badly.

>> No.18455741

New thread

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