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Ok /tg/. You are a Spess Mureen.
A Blood Angel to be precise.
You are part of a founding force to set up a new chapter in this founding.

Your leader is a quiet and withdrawn but decorated brother Captain who will become the new Chapter master.

In total their are 26 battle brother in this initial force. Mostly Brothers in Tactical configuration. these Include your Chapter Master to be, one Chaplin of the Blood Angels, 4 Sanguineary Priests picked by Lord Dante Himself and Brother Arbun A Librarian from our brother Chapter, the Flesh Tearers.

The Thunderhawk lands in what appears to be a makeshift spaceport. Upon exiting you see a well dressed noble with a contingent of rather ragged looking guardsmen. Their faces are tattooed and have beards that go at least half way down their chests.

The noble comes close and speaks to your Master.

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A suggestion OP; use this for character weapon:
Modify as necessary, mainly just just ignore the "manufactured by."

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>"My lord! It is fantastic that you have arrived! As per my orders I am here to turn over control of this system and its standing forces over to you."

He places a scroll or Imperial Authority of the system into your master. He scans it with his eyes for a moment then rolls it up.

>"Show us to the 'Oldfort.'"
The word the master uses is unfamiliar to you. A strange harsh sounding language.

But the noble presses on.

>"Right! This way my Lords!"

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so..... when can i fuck bitches.

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Are these tattooed savage what we can expect to draw future recruits? are they worthy of the geneseed?

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Thank you kind anon!

He leads you to a small (by imperial standards) fortress with high stone walls and several mounted defenses on top of the walls. Once past the gate you enter a courtyard with green marble tiles covering it all. In the center is a 5 story Bastion with decorated windows and statues. It is clear that it is more meant to be lived in then anything else.

The noble presses on and after leading you through a few small rooms to a central chamber with a large office desk and chair. The chair is clearly not that of the nobles. It looks specifically as if it had been crafted for the Master.

The noble bows as the Master tests his new seat.

>"My lord, I shall remain as your servant as you see fit and swear to serve you and the God Emperor faithfully."

You can smell the sweat coming from him. it is clear he is worried you may just do away with him.

>"My men do not know the language or the people of this world."
Boomed the masters voice.
>"Bring them books and vox translation protocols so they may learn."

He rushes away without a word for fear of his life.

"Now my brothers. I will tell you what I know of this system. But first, tell me about yourself. For i do not believe any of you have ever been under my command before. What is your name? What battle and campaigns have you served in? Who is your most hated foe?"

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In the mean time Ill tell you about our new system.

This world is Tagron Prime. The people call themselves Targons. They have a distinct culture and language that I expect you to learn.

The first planet in this system is known as Tamud. Is an airless rock of little importance but could be mined in the future if we can find useful resources.

Next is Malufh. A mineral rick world that once had an atmosphere and is rich in minerals. The Admech petitioned for the world but we won out on them.

Then is Targon Prime. This world has a single large continent that covers roughly half of the northern hemisphere and stretches far into the southern hemisphere. The north is dominated by mountains. The cape of the east is desert and the central, south and west is mostly plains and forests.

By all accounts it is a primitive agri world in what scholars would call the Iron Age.

She also has one small moon, Smaller then Luna.

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What fallows in a an asteroid belt with potential mineral value.

Next is a large gas giant of Targus. With about 80 moons.

The Last world is Ludra.

Ludra is a rocky world that seems to have been in the process of terraformation from before the Age of Strife. With water and a life sustaining atmosphere. It was planned to build Hive cities their but only the foundations were ever laid.

Now as for the people of Targon prime themselves. They have a refined culture. It is heavily based on a Clan system. If our chapter is to thrive here we must become a Clan like them. It is how they will understand. Through out the whole planet all live in fortified villages. Be it in the snowy north, the dessert waists of the east or the crop land of the south. They pride themselves on self reliance and martial skill. They train the boys to fight from a young age and have mustered formidable regiments in the past.
TL;DR Vikings in Space.

The noble returned with a Servitor. Both carrying large stacks of books and dataslates with language protocols.

"Study up men."

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Any comments on the setting so far?

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Keep an eye out for any Blood Ravens, will you?
They have a tendency to strut around our ranks unnoticed.

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There is much work that needs to be done, our enemies are legion, and yet still you have us burying our faces in scrolls and data slates?

let the subjects learn OUR language and law or the bark of our bolters.

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Commander Dante had agreed to hold on to any of our relics until we can take care of them properly.

Also that is why I wish to get to know you face to face. Prevent any infiltrators slipping under my nose..

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Keep your Thirst in Check, brother! Or I will bring you into line myself!

We are not even half a company! We dont even have a Ship until lord Dante chooses to resupply us properly.

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Yes, yes. But we better double-check any insignia we come across. You can never be too sure about these things.

Is there a way we could inspect the documents any faster?

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Install the vox protocols into your armor. It will allow you to understand and speak the Targon language. Assuming your helm is on and functional.

I have decided to call a meeting of all the Clans so we can inform them of the new arrangements.

But now I recommend going out and seeing some of the land, go to a village. interact with them some. As before long they will be our brothers.

I need to go and look over maps and documents to look for a suitable location for our fortress Monastery.

You are dismissed brothers.

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I guess we should still go through some of the documents there.
Perhaps we can find something useful about their cultures? Similarities and the like which we can exploit.

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The Noble stacks the books neatly for you. With your enhanced brains you could make short work of reading the books in a day or two. How well you take to the new language will vary on a personal level.

Outside the wall of the fortress you can see one of fortified villages the master mentioned earlier. Also not far from the gate is also a large square area held in with a low fence. Only about 3 feet high. But it seems to be a well traveled place with foot prints no more then 2 days old.

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Again I ask how you gents feel about this so far?
I have never run a game quite like this and am wanting some feedback.

Also namefaging would help.

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What "Punishiment" do you think could match losing 5 of my squadmates to a charge of khorns dogs?

Or that of being forced to leave the other 4 behind and striping the title of "Blood Angel" from me!

I must maintain my position untill i am convinced otherwise. Now is NOT the time to study and play with the locals.

Are these unkempt "THINGS" soposed to provide us with new recruits? this world is more fit for a Great company to take command over.

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Battle Brother Balor stood like an imposing statue at one of the great windows lining the wall. The marine was easily the largest member of the company, though lacking the age and experience of many of the other battle brothers, Balor himself only having a few decades of experience in the 9th company after his rise from the 10th, before being reposted on this current and most honorable assignment. The giant of a man was an obvious choice for heavy weapons specialist, his massive frame a harbinger of doom on the battlefield. Though one of the youngest of the assembled group, the near uncountable pockmarks and minute divots marring the surface of his polished armor readily marked him as a steadfast and dependable battle brother who stood firm in the face of fire.

The attentive giant currently stood watching the proceedings taking place down in the courtyard of the Oldfort, the base currently worked up in a flurry of activity due to the marines' arrival on this auspicious day. As he stands watching through the window, suddenly Balor's face hardens, a frown deepening the lines on his already scarred and pockmarked face as he suddenly stands more attentively, watching the courtyard down below. "Brother Captain," the large marine rumbles, "there's something going on down in the courtyard. You may want to take a look at this."

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The master quietly stands up.

"This world has provided recruits for chapters since the early days of the first founding. Mostly fleet based chapters."

He then pulled back his cowl. His eyes the bright light blue of locals and a faded but prominent tattoo over his left eye.

"And others, in times of need. Do not throw untested accusations about. It may be the way of the Sons of Ultramar, but not us."

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The Master broke his gaze from the more rambunctious brother slowly.

"What do you see brother?" Inquired the bareheaded leader of the giants.

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Balor continues to study the courtyard stoically. "Without venturing down to the courtyard myself, it appears from here that there are wounded personnel incoming, sir." Indeed, from the large marine's vantage point it is, in fact, quite difficult to see what's transpiring in the flurry of activity down in the courtyard below, but visible through the window are a number of uniformed personnel incoming through the main gate of the fort in a meandering stream, numerous soldiers and other base personnel adding to the mass of bodies down below as the press of newcoming people masses in the open area below. Other marines come to join Balor at the window in surveying what is transpiring below them, the murmur of massed voices becoming more audible as the throng gathers down below, the barked orders of one of the sergeants at watch adding to the din as base personnel seek to bring some order to the chaos of the crowd. "Surely this bodes ill, given the timing of our own arrival, brothers..."

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shit just got real.

how many neophytes and support crew do we have? and also do we have a major-domo that "knows" people? we also are going to need a propaganda corps, because if a single planet can crank out a goodly number of speesss mahreeenz, and a MOTHERFUCKING CHATER-MASTER, we can get some damn fine recruits, and prolly some really good scouts.

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The master silently watched. But without warning broke the silence.
"Looks like Bugan are on the loose." He paused for a moment before explaining what an Emperor damned Bugan was. "They are large beasts. Generally live in small groups but when the numbers rise they become aggressive. You can see the bite marks." He said pointing to a wounded woman on the way side. "They are larger then an Astarties and hard to kill. It seems we have some hunting to do. Prepare your arm brothers. I shall go and find out more.

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Large, hard to kill, and thier confidence grows with numbers. Let us see how these beasts stack up with a run of the mill ork.

little match for a bolt pistol and chain sword i bet... but at least now we are to take action rather then burry our noses in books.

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The PDF stands at about 250,000 men. However it is estimated that through out the clans theirs about 15-16 million warriors. But most of them have axes and swords. But the pool of young men will be sufficient.
The only manufacturing facility in the system is under the fortress and it is not that large. It only houses 15 tech-priests but we brought another 10 with us since we could not secure a tech marine. All and all we can supply the 26 brothers we bought with us for now before our father chapter sends us more logistical support.

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Darda, Techmarine of the third Blood Angels company - the Ironhelms - shifted at his post. His servo-harness moved with a mind of its own as he pulled up relevant data on the beasts. "A good thing we know something of the arts of the Biologis among our chapter, then. I believe I can brief the others on how best to take these down, Master."

The techmarine's artificer armor shifted smoothly as he moved, yet more proof of the Blood Angels' heritage of capable and polished technical work. Darda picked up a portion of the materials on local language and culture in a free hand and idly ran an optical mechadendrite over them, the majority of his attention focused on his sidearm and his commander.

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The master goes down without you to the courtyard.

Half an hour later he returns.

"The attack happened about 4 kilometers from here. The beasts came through the woods and charged right through the village palisade. If we move fast we may be able to catch them before the pack moves on. Ready yourselves brothers!"

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Do we have vehicles of any kind, or are we hoofing it?

In any case, the Techmarine will track the beasts as best he can, with whoever comes along, and will fill in those around him on where their vulnerabilities lie if the Master desires. In the meantime, he can use his implants and advanced information processing capacities to learn about culture and set up those helmet vox protocols for his fellow marines.

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We have our Thunderhawk and a pair of Jump packs. Were taking the Thunderhawk for the sake of speed and lack of better transport.

Be ready in 5 minuets brothers.

The Sanguineary priests and our Brother Librarian will stay here. No need to put them in harms way needlessly.

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Well, since we're not taking a goddamn apothecary, it's a good thing this Techmarine knows a tiny bit of medicae...but don't expect much. Bionic hands for everyone.

Darda arms himself with plasma, bolt, and omnissian chainaxe and moves to the Thunderhawk to run it through a quick ritual of warding and safe flight. He finishes within a few moments and boards, finding a place among his fellow marines.

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These beasts can not kill an Astarties. However it could still break our limbs and put us out of commission for a time if we are careless.

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I wager Brother Balor and i can each take one unarmed.
prehaps this should be onr of the rights of induction to our new chapter captian.

to prove ones worth as a warrior by slaying one of these great beasts.

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i like this idea. maybe even part of a vision quest sort of thing. where you have to go out nekkid and unarmed, and come back clothed, armed, and with some songs or something.

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It would not be bad as a proof of capacity for new recruits, or at least as one such proof. Excellent work, brothers.

Master, we must be nearly to the landing site by now. Let's get cracking before the locals do the job for us.

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Perhaps, it may be too much for a scout but if a battle brother wishes to move up in rank....
This can be discussed later.

Were going.

The master voxed the Thunderhawk pilot and the ship was off. Shortly from the open ramp all could see the village that had been attacked. Several houses looked badly damaged.

A short time later the Master pointed to a clearing.

They were here. I can see the tracks from up here.

He dropped roughly 20 meters to the ground and landed on one knee as his battle brothers followed.

Now brothers, our best chance to track these beasts is to use your hearing. They are large and have a thick hide like the pachyderms of ancient Terra. They also have horns and tusks to worry about as well.

roll 1 d6 to spot.

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rolled 4 = 4

The techmarine followed suit and put his archaic sensor suite to the test, weapons at the ready.

If he managed to hear the beasts, he would point the direction out to his brothers with Astartes battle-signage and attempt to corral them for easy killing by the others.

If he failed, he would look to his brothers and follow their lead.

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rolled 4 = 4


*** 1st time rolling dice on TG... hope i got it right***

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Brother Darda is the first to turn his head. It is followed by his brother who both find themselves staring at pair of Bugan.

Be wary. Their will be more then just 2.

For combat rules as follow.

Name the weapon/s you are going to use.

For ranged weapons roll 1 d6.
For CQB roll 1 d6 per weapon.

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rolled 2, 3 = 5

two fists, they are naught but beasts!

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rolled 5, 5 = 10

The techmarine readies his servo-arms and omnissian chain-axe and lunges at one of the beasts, releasing a shrieking electronic roar from his vox intended to scare the hell out of it. He attacks, hoping to either kill the beast or make it break and run with its fellows behind it.

He also signals his brethren over vox.

(2 close combat weapons: the axe and let's say one servo arm for now)

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"Hmm, so the others are out hunting?"

*approaches nearest Targon*

"Do you have an oven nearby?"

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The large beast takes one punch but instantly turns its head and hits you in the chest.

It now lines up to charge you. Digging its hoves into the soil.
Brother Darda is more successful. The Servo arm stuns the beast long enough for the chain axe to tear into the beasts side causing heavy damage. The beast is alive but just barely. Best to put it out of its misery.
This has also alerted the rest of the pack.
The local says that the fortress has a kitchen. He says it should have a wood fire oven.

>> No.18451907

rolled 2, 1 = 3

The techmarine attempts to put the first beast out of its misery, then kicks out at the one his fellow battle-brother did not manage to down with only his fist. He scans around him for the rest of the pack, bracing for a run.

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With freshly washed hands, the Sanguinary Priest begins his chore. Sugar, flour, eggs, salt, and everything else were to be gathered for the baking of cupcakes. The Sanguinary set about working amongst the servants, finding substitutes for what the agri world's local ecology could not provide.

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>That pic

That looks like a man that could explain to me what a C-beam is.
Although he probably uses them to shoot xenos.

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The beast is easily finished. But your fellow battle brother rises again, presumably, and continues to strike with his fists.
The other brothers are making headway with various other weapons in combat.

"Do not kill the females or the young! We may need them later!" Shouts the chapter master.
Most of the planets ecology is Terran based. Cattle, pork and other animals. On exception is the Mali bird. A bird native to the planet that lays quite large eggs has been domesticated to some extent.

Also you remember some Blood Drinking Rituals will need to take place soon to commemorate the chapters new founding.

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Brother Arkel, a Devastator, once of the 9th company stayed behind to ponder over the concerns of his Chapter Master. He looked upon the maps of Targon and sought a location that would be deemed fit enough for their new Fortress. The North proved cold and harsh, a fine location to train young warriors. The South was cropland, a place where the more noble aspects of community and decency that the Blood Angels pride may be found. And there, to the East, he saw the sprawling deserts of Targon.

The Blood Angels knew the tenacity and survivability of those who lived in the deserts from their own childhoods. While he assumed the deserts would not be like the wastelands of Baal, the Blood Angels would be more familiar with what sorts of trials and rituals could be conducted in such a place. He would suggest that there might be the best location for the new chapter's home, not just because of this, but because it would also feel more like 'home' to them. It had been some time since he himself had set foot on Baal, and it may be unlikely that most of them would visit their home planet again. To be back in the sands may prove good for them all, and may make it easier for them to bond with the Targonian people.

If the Chapter Master feels his view is too sentimental, he would suggest somewhere nestled in the mountains, with a small base at the foot of them to communicate with those of the croplands and farms. The North would prove strong and tough warriors, but it would be unwise to turn away those who are skilled at growth and nurturing, especially when the chapter itself is in the cradle of creation.

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Brother Zathos, a recently Initiated Assault Marine begins to slaughter local animals in preparation for the Nights Feast and rituals to follow.

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i suggest we do it M.I. style. MEPS in civilization, then shipped off to a shitty, cold, and rough ass wilderness.

toughen em up, then once they get used to the cold, troll them hard. DESERT STYLE. where they learn what it really means to be a SPESS MAHREEN.

have one of the older brothers cycle in and out of training the younger brothers int Spec Ops advisers, since its a Very good skill to have, turning the not quite, and unable to be geneseeded recruits into PDF into fremen/desert guard/SUPER TALLARANS and Sadukar/super elite IG/house guard in the desert as well. cross trained of course, so they can be our eyes and ears amongst the populace helping keep heresy and cults from forming.

i`m not saying have it done in 15 minutes, but it would be a hell of a thing to have on a to-do list.

>> No.18452222

i know it sounds like a lot to do, but it would be a fast way (100 years or so) to near full chapter strength.

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rolled 6, 5 = 11

The Techmarine followed the Chapter Master's orders, seeking the beasts and working to cut down the males and corral the females and young. He came at the herd with blow after blow, meditating on the arc of the axe and the flash of a cutting tool on his servo-harness when they hit home.

He worked efficiently, tracking with preysense and coordination, and the rites of combat he intoned over the vox were well done for all their Mechanicum strangeness.

At length, he made a suggestion to his commander.

"Perhaps after the fight we might leave a few beasts as a gift of food for the locals - their villages and so forth have been harmed enough."

>> No.18452272

The beasts fall slowly. bur surely the super humans are winning.

The without warning a large thundering of hooves crashed into the clearing. This beast is twice the size of the others and has 4 tusks in place of 3.

He turns his eyes to the chapter master and charges. With so little time our lord can only get off two rounds from his boltpistol that bounce of the bests skull.
The beast pined him down to the ground. Hitting him hard. The master struggled with him some time. But then he took hold of the exposed tusks. Turning them sharply he snapped the beasts neck.
Its death wails terrified the rest of the pack into retreat. The battle is won.

But the chapter master bent over and vomited up an alarming amount of blood. Even for an astarties.

Also how were they going to get all this meat back?

>> No.18452312

Ok guys I need to go for a couple hours but I will be back.

>> No.18452351

however feel free to discuss and toss ideas around. Keep this thread alive for a bit.

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At times, he doubted himself: was such a pastime luxury? Certainly, it uplifted the spirits of many a comrade. After a day filled with prayers and marksmanship, the sight of pastries never fails to bring a Space Marine to laughter. And yet, despite the well-meaning, small reprimands have been thrown his way.

Was it wasteful? The Sanguinary simply made sure never to overuse materials - or to overextend his gestures to others. He was dutiful and obedient enough to know when to avoid baking. Tonight, however, was different. For tonight, he planned the feast for the chapter's founding. For tonight, the blood of Sanguinius will flow more lively.

As the warmth of the oven fills the kitchen, he smiled.

A small prayer of thanksgiving could be heard: for the Emperor provides.

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rolled 2 = 2

>Also how were they going to get all this meat back?

The techmarine voxes the sanguinary priests and informs them they're to prepare to receive wounded, then rushes to the side of the chapter master and does what he can to ease the commander's pain. (rolled 1d6 for basic medicae)

"Are you fit to lead us back, Master? If not, appoint a proxy and we will see to the rest."

The Techmarine suggests that the brothers around him take up overwatch, then moves to ready the Thunderhawk for a return to the Oldfort. If there's room, he oversees loading the beast carcasses or attaching them to whatever the machine has in the way of a cargo rack. Possibly they drop off some of these at the nearby village with a statement to the tune of 'We are your new benevolent overlords, here is a gift to ease your wounds."

If there's time, take the head of the huge beast as the chapter's first trophy on this new homeworld.

>> No.18453803

Im back bitches- Er I mean Brothers. Post Incoming.

>> No.18453877

The Master rested his back against a nearby tree.

No brother. I simply need a little time. I can feel the Larraman reacting already. And yes, deliver some the meat to the stricken villages. And I am proud of you Brothers. Perhaps you earned your first Tattoos this day. Now take the horns of the beasts you have slain. From this day fourth you shall drink from them like true Targons!

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As the aromas of the patisseries fill the forts air. You get word. You will be getting meat to cook as well. A lot of it. More then you cam handle by yourself.

What do you do? Do you call the other Sanguineary Priests and take then away from preparing our sacred blood drinking rituals?
Do you call upon the tech priests? Can they even eat lest alone cook?
Do you ask some of the locals for help?
Or do you shoulder the burden yourself?

>> No.18454088

The techmarine obediently harvests horns and stows his trophies about his person, then takes up overwatch while his brethren do the same without the benefit of his many sharp cutting bits.

>> No.18454237

The master now righted himself and took charge. Cutting free the large horn of the Alpha male he slew.

I think this would look good over the main entrance of the keep. The drinking horn craft from this beast will be passed from master to master. Already our first day and we have a legend to tell! Haha!

But I also expect you men to craft these into your own drinking vessels. They will be your craft and your craft alone. You will take them with you into battle and you will be entombed with them as well.

A focus on the noble art of craftsmanship will keep the flaw in check. A place to channel our emotions.

And with that the master walked into the bay of the Thunderhawk and sit down. He was in a fair bit more pain then he let on.

>> No.18454630

Oh come on guys. Were almost at the feasting part!

>> No.18454846

Well, I mean...
>>18452618 kind of had all my intentions laid out.

Maybe a few big posts would help here, OP. Get the action going, etc.

>> No.18454861

Forge on ahead, OP.
Right now, just reading.

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