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How would you feel if a player wrote a name on the base of each miniature? Like, Pvt. Ted or something,

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It happens. I know I do to tell which models belong in what squad, and in campaigns to commemorate acts of awesome

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Honestly, I would think it was pretty cool.

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Some players keep a career record for every single model including kills, deaths and notable achievements. I knew one guy who used to hunt down a copy of the head of any enemy HQ's or other significant models his Chaos Lord killed and add it to a spike on the lords land raider. Thing was covered in skulls and helmets, had a Hive Tyrant head on the front of the assault ramp.

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One of my horrors is called Ramirez.

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I have a couple sergeants whose squads had notable achievements. At first I just painted fresh blood on their chainswords but the next time they do something badass I'm going to name them

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Oh god. I'm feeling next time I play against Tyranids, I'll put some bits on my guardsmen as shoulder pads, combat knifes, maybe even a Hive Tyrant head on the base of a Balisk cannon.

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>not making 200 conscript teenager guardsmen all with names and families and dreams.
>not laughing when it's all ruined because you sent them to kill a tank and they have no anti tank weapons.

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>having dreams other than dying for the Emperor

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I name my tanks.

Also I had a model that had a high kill count by himself.
One guardsman with a missile launcher (I put him on his own base) in a command squad, if I remember correctly, his kill count was 7 dreads, 3 Defilers, 5 Rhinos and 3 Chaos lords.

His name was lucky.

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>thinking it's 2011
>Also not naming your chapter the Wolverines
Anon, I am disappoint.

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>not understanding the joke

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the guard have no chapters!

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I name ny Tanks.
Stuff like Imperial Hammer, Regards from Cadia, Catachan Surprise. Kriegworks #451.

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>Have a custom made Marbo
>He's single handedly taken down squads of 15+ Boys+1Nob numerous times
>Kills over double his point value with his Satchel Charge every game
I feel compelled to name him. Any suggestions? Other than Marbo or Rambo, of course.

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Price or Soap is fine too.

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Have a look

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Lt. Dr. Stabshoot "Danger" Explodatious III, MD.

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I tend to name my orks as I paint them. None of them are orky names. I tend to call them Kevin or Steve

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I sorta do that but with bits. The more awesome a model is, the more bits it gets

for example, i got a stealth suit and crisis suit who teamed up to punch a daemon prince to death, so i gave them chaos shit. My commander punched an ork to death so he got an ork bit

Ect ect

you earn your flash in my army

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>Any names for my custom Marbo guys?
>Call of Duty
>Call of Duty
>Call of Duty
>Call of Duty

/tg/, I thought you were better than that

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Sir Rodereck Ponce von Fontlebottom the Magnificent Bastard.

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I like it, but that won't fit on a base.

I'm not a huge fan of CoD
but Manbro is actually pretty awesome. I'll probably use that. Thanks!

Definitely looking into this.

I do this too. Especially on HQs, but on regular guys who defied all odds and did something amazing too. Maybe I'll paint a stripe or a tally on him, maybe I'll put a severed ork's head at his feet, etc.
I never give things to my heavy weapons teams for killing large targets at range, because that is their thing, but if they hold off against a unit in melee or blow up a vehicle and kill tons of guys around them, they get something special.

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We all agree the game sucked dick, but I think we all love the characters.
I mean, who wouldn't want to go out for a pint with this man.

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Baron Buttsox

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Would a Tau Stealth Suit look good with a tiny sign on the front that said "Not a Stealth Suit"

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Depends what you're drinking


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Modern Warfare 1 was the last good game in the series. Back when it was still trying to be something more than a glorified Tom Clancy story.

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Slab Plankchest?

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I'd respect him for his moustache alone.

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Blast Hardcheese

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Best stealthsuits ever.

>essndre come

Even captcha loves them

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Thrust Ironloin

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As awesome as that is, I mean like an ale or stout, maybe even a larger for a piss up.


Enjoy, I've also called him Manbo for quickness.

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I'd even go as far as to say the single-player of MW1 was actually quite bloody good. That post-nuke bit really stuck out, as well as that ending. I don't think anything quite like it had been done before.

Of course then they went full retard and just copy-pasted everything original that made the first Modern Warfare good onto the next ones, completely missing that it was the originality in the first place that made those set-pieces good.

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I doubt anyone would seriously consider a pint of Whisky, mate. Captain Price strikes me as a whiskey man, though. That said, I think he'd probably enjoy a draught ale when at the pub.

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William and/or Wallace

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Francis E. Dec, esq.


This is him. He is xenophobic. He is nuttier than shit. He's a loose cannon. But godamnit, he gets the job done.

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>I doubt anyone would seriously consider a pint of Whisky

I call that Friday night with the lads, If you are going to make a drink like that, you know are going to do some stupid shit later.

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Iroquois Pliskin.

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John Matrix

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>Need name for a badass dude.
>Come up with just shitty fantasy gun wank characters.
>No real world badasses.
>mfw I have no face for this.


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Any good names for my Chimera?
Thing took more lascannons and missiles than the rest of my army combined and it usually lives to.

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The Unyielding Box

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I don't even like Tau and I have to admit that's pretty cool.

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Might as well: METAL BAWKSES

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Hey, you seem to be a man of knowledge in bad-ass-dude-itude. What are some celtic badasses? Only one I have off the top of my head is Wallace/McKullok

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My old IG army had something similar, I had a system (like one squad was ISA1-10, another was ISB1-10 and so on) and each one corresponded with an entry in a notebook I kept with me.

When one died, I wrote KIA over their entry and added a new one on the same page, I only went to new pages when a page was full of KIA. My entries weren't that big, like 2-3 lines each, just brief descriptions and histories and a small kill tally and space for important kills.

What was particularly awesome was one private, Pvt. Jacobson.

He was born on a hive world, ran with a slaver gang until he was old enough to enlist, he was a born survivor. His first battle, the rest of his squad was taken out by a stray spore mine but wounded and bloodied he endured.

Leading a new squad he fought and survived, again and again, his kill tally slowly increasing, his courage never wavering, he'd lose members and sometimes battles but still he survived.

In what would be his 32nd battle. Sergeant Jacobson was entrusted to hold a hill against invading Tau forces. His position was essential to our victory, supported by several squads and a small armored column to defend the region until Imperial reinforcements arrived (turn 5+).

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The battle was bloody, the fighting horrific, casualties ran high on both sides until the critical move. The Tau commander, an ethereal, supported by a squad of firewarriors, made to occupy the hill, a final desperate move to force a draw. It was in that moment that Jacobson knew what must be done, with a shout to the Emperor and the Imperium he fought so hard to protect he charged, intercepting the enemy and forcing the foul xenos to retreat.

But it was in that moment, as victory seemed certain, that fate struck. As it's squadmates fell around it, a single tau firewarrior struck, the sergeant stared at the alien, a stunned look on his face, there was no fanfare, no heroic reprieve, the man who had survived against all the odds simply fell to the ground and died.

I named the next Leman Russ I bought "Jacobson" in his honor and it's gone on to carve a bloody path through the enemies of man.

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I don't name my individual troops, no. But I do name sergeant equivalents and higher-ups, as well as each and every vehicle I finish painting.

My Tau fire warrior shas'ui gained the name Ka'zad after landing the killing blow on Gotrek the White Dwarf in a WHFB/40k crossover match we held in our local store (just for understanding, WHFB shooting rules were used, I was shooting with S2 after half of the range). The dwarf player gave me a dwarven axe and shield as trophies, which now adorn the guy's back and side. That shas'ui was also notorious for refusing to die, being the sole survivor of basilisk shells, taking a powerfist to the face and it failing to wound and so on. Currently I use him as a Grotesque/Sslyth Mercenary in my Dark Eldar force, because shit yeah he deserves T5 and Feel No Pain. The shit he's been through...

I just find naming the dudes makes for a far more enjoyable experience, as you really feel for both their successes and defeats. I could tell so many stories, because there are so many memorable events only remembered because it was That Mini that was the only one who made it out alive/made that heroic sacrifice.

Writing the name on the base, though... naw, that's what the army list is for. Base needs to be nicely based and clean of hamfisted writings on its edge.

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Could also find out the fluff thickness of the armor and name it x+1. Like, it's three inches thick armor. Name yours "4 Inches" or something. I dunno

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Cu Chulainn?

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That's some fine soldier you got there, Anon. Would you get pissed if I used Jacobson's life as one of the greatest legends of my setting? Not 40k setting, by the way, I'll try to adapt it as a fantasy character.

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Is that the guarddog-guy? Can use that.

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Lufgt Huron

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Go for your life.

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Cu Chulainn was like the goddamn nibelungenleid in it's entirety multiplied be the distance that his wife pissed to win his hand in marriage at the pissing contest that was held to make the marital decision.

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I'm currently assembling a force of Executioners Space Marines, and given their fluff, I'm gonna be writing kill tallies and heroic deeds down in the chronicles of the chapter, for the Deathspeakers (chaplains) to recite during feasts and gatherings.

As for names... if I can come up with enough, they will be written under the base. Side writings look silly.

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I'll make sure his legacy will live on.

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I don't name or keep a record of every single kill every model does BUT I do give specific models trophies when they achieve moments of unmitigated badass.

Example: Berzerker skull champion was in CC with an Ork Warboss. Warboss had 3 wounds, champ had 1. Warboss had instant-death on him but same I values so he could attack (klaw versus fist).

Warboss hits and wounds, champ was dying. Champ lands and wounds all 3 fist hits. Basically the Warboss locked his klaw on his torso and lifted him up, severing his body in two. Champ yelled one last "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" and he repeatedly smashed his fist into the warboss' face, caving it in. He earned himself a smashed ork skull on his base.

Also, one of my TS Aspiring Sorcerers held his own in CC for 3 turns against a squad of GK paladins and Grandmaster. Killed 3 with force weapon insta-deaths. I changed his weapon for a tainted GK blade.

and lets not forget one of my obliterators who had his 2 buddies killed by a Chaplain. In revenge, he insta-death'd him with a powerfist uppercut. He now has a Chaplain helmet with a few smashed teeth and a bit of spinal cord attached to it on his base.

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My Grey Knights all have names, every model.
I have a record book with all of their kills and feats.
I only do this with my Grey Knights as they're almost a skirmish army yet with such strength.
I have a token piece that I place on the board everytime, it has 1 head/helmet from every army I've defeated for everytime I've defeated them.

So many necrons. So many.

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>Leave anything for us?
>Just bodies.
>We want to start up your unit again, John. All we take is you coming back.
>This was the last time.
>Until the next time.
>No chance.

One of my favourite Schwarzenegger movie endings.

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I also fielded Imotekh once against my friend's GK. He fielded a Vindicare.

Start of the game. I roll for Lord of the Storm. Vindicare gets hit by 5 lightning bolts, get disintegrated before game even starts.

I should give the magnificent bastard something but I don't know what..

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I have a Necron Overlord with a warscythe and phase shifter who killed three Blood Angels dreadnoughts and two land speeders in one game without even needing to use resurrection protocols.
He is painted a brilliant blue with a red crest on his head. He has silver joints, gold and green details, and green markings on his chest.
I haven't really named him (because the character I based him on does not have a very Necron name).
I sadly don't have a picture of him.
Picture related, the markings on his chest.

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If you ever come across a SM chapter named Guardians.... such an epic conflict worthy of the web...

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I used to have an Obliterator who always rolled 6s on Slow and Purposeful and whenever it was necessary, running.

I renamed him "Gump the Wonder Obliterator"

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Definitely. I'll just send the Overlord in on his command barge, piloted by one red and silver necron and one blue and silver necron.

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Oh god I fell apart at that.

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My TS Land Raider is effectively invulnerable.

Once during a battle with my CSM versus my friend's IG, it took several leman russ punisher blasts, battlecannon shots, lascannons and meltagun shots, some of these point blank.

All it got was one single lascannon sponson destroyed. We had whittled each other down to scraps and I kept chasing this fucking pussy commissar around the board.

Imagine a chaos land raider chasing Ciaphas Cain around the battlefield to Benny Hill music. That.

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Such an awesome movie for quotes.

>Let off some steam, Bennet.

>I eat green berets for breakfast...and I'm hungry!

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I've been meaning to name my chaos IG, but I just can't think of any good names.

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>leman russ punisher
>Heavy 20 S5 gun

Do you mean Vanquisher?

Topic related, the closest I've come to something like this is my big mek's pet, Deffy the Deff Dread.

Fucker always dies first turn

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I have an armoured sentinel named "Chicken the Inpenetrable"
It tied up a full squad of boys for an entire game. The unit had a Nob with a power klaw, but it never scored a penetrating blow. They managed to get away by imobilizing it and breaking the missile launcher.

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Yeah I think it was the Vanquisher sorry. The one with the big fuckoff plasma cannon.

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i dont name my guardsmen, or heap praise/rewards for doing amazing things. their duty is to fight, and die if neccesary. what i do instead is punish them for poor performance. one game my guardsmen failed to land a single shot the entire game. not a damn one. the only people that did anything was my Master of Ordnance and my battle russ.

i ended up turning every squad's NCO into a servitor for their failure to lead/train their men. I've yet to have such a horrendous display of shooting since.

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Fuck again, it's the Executioner. Forgive me, i'm really shit with names, especially for an army I rarely fight against.

>> No.18442523


Ah, you mean the executioner. All the names are hard to keep track of, I only know them because one of my main opponents plays guard. We've renamed a few, such as the Executioner "Fuck Terminator Russ"

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I know a guy who does just that, it's pretty cool.

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It's a great classic.
>You're a funny guy Sully, I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last.

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Leman Russ Punisher: Rotary Cannon with 20 shots.

Leman Russ Vanquisher: Long Barreled AT Gun.

Leman Russ Executioner: Plasma weapon.

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