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Just graduated from college today.

Wat do?

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commence alcoholism

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Sit back, think of the passed years and... well, yeah, fuck it. Go out and party.

And after you recover, get a job. Doesn't matter what, as long as it pays the bills and leaves you enough free time to play dem gaems to your heart's content.

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OP here

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Spend some free time on a /tg/ related hobby of course.
Have you considered a card game or role playing group?

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what's your degree?

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Who the hell graduates in MARCH?

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Convince your friends to conquer the known world.

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i hope in a less gay way.

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Well, you have two options. Either you teach history to other history majors, or join the fast food industry.

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Is this a pic of you, OP?

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Going to archaeology actually (who the fuck goes into history and plans to become rich anyway?), but I plan to bum out for 2 months.

So what do in those two months then?

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for that you need to be an engineer or a lawyer

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....Fuck it. I've got nothin'

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Pick a random country that isn't 3rd world and go there. Wander around for a month and a half, then for the last half of the 2nd month, figure out how to get home.

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Get laid is always an option.

Call up your girlfriend, and if you don't have one, go to prostitutes, give yourself a grad gift.

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Your path is clear. You must post more girls in pseudo-greek clothing

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>Going to prostitutes instead of going to hot MILF neighbour like in Film.

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There are only these MILF's in the Philippines.

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>going into archeology
Sir, be prepared to be poor. Because Indiana Jones is a terrible archeologist.

I suggest travelling.

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Apply to McDonalds

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Teach history drunk.

Seriously, my High School History teacher made a colorful and expletive filled lecture of the renaissance which I still remember today.

He got sanctioned for that though, but hey, what I learned about the renaissance stuck to me

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It's not that bad. I'm an Anthropology graduate and I got a really good job right out of college.

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That's not archeology. Unless the job you got was archeology related. Than maybe our filipino friend should've studied anthropology.

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Archeo student in the process of writing grad paper. Don't bother. You get to dig in the ground, play with old bones, but you're better off apprenticing to a fucking shoemaker for a living. Shit, shit career choice. God I wish I could kick my young self in the ass.

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I'd fap.

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Actually it is. Archaeology is one of the four fields of Anthropology.

I went with Linguistics, but whatever. There's work for archaeologists. Most of it's with the government and/or museums.

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OP here.

Anthropology does lead to a career in Archaeology, since Archaeology is a study of human beings and cultures after all.

It's kinda like history being a good pre-law course since it's focus on research/investigative techniques come in handy

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If you fail in life OP, there's always the Legion, OP.

The Legion...

Or the Cartels, whatever you may fancy. You don't need McDonalds

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Well, you got a plan, man. And the material. Very much the material. Because DAYUM.

Mustard Seeds = instant erection.

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Be a Star!
Actually I don't know.
But do it with panache.

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wait, the legion is still around!?

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Apply for work in the field in which you studied, I guess.
Or, continue college, go for the next degree up in whatever you've got. Unless you're a PhD. Then, return to college with your minor as your new major, and pick a new minor.

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Slowly realize that your degree doesn't mean shit, every councilor you've ever talked to is a filthy liar, the job market is absolute shit, and it's only through sheer luck and desperation that you're going to be able to find a decent career.

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Yeah, and they aren't like the ones in the Carry On films.

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She's a joy to the eyes. And the pants.

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>Job market

In a third world country, the job market is always shit, no matter whatever your degree is.

Also lol patronage politics.

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>Job market

In a third world country, the job market is always shit, no matter whatever your degree is. Though I must admit that due to a crapload of teachers going abroad, there's always a job for me in education.

Also lol patronage politics.

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I'm in the same situation, if I knew the answer to your question OP, I'd be out doing it myself.

(That said, wouldn't this be a better question for /adv/?)

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Oh, the joy when I discovered the man's doing proper porno's now...

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/tg/ - Traditional Gamers

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Aye, that be true.

Also OP, GET EXPERIENCE! Most jobs these days want people with previous experience.

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Well I MUSTARD you where you're getting these pictures from

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I was supposed to mean "what /tg/ related thing can I do over the 2 months of bum."

But nah man, alcohol made me forget all that.

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>hello I'd like to apply for this job
>do you got any experience in it?
>no, I was hoping to build some
>well no can do then, go get experience in it first

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Life is a traditional game

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It's a vicious circle, I learnt this the hard way.

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what i absolutely love about And girls is their eyes.

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Well in that case, I think our other fellow fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls have taken care of that for you.

That or you could do what I did, make a DnD campaign on the off-chance you ever DM. Then, if your'e ever with a group, you look crazy prepared when in reality, it was something you did when bored a long time ago.

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Jesus, that ASS. I swear to god, I just want to... hrnnngh!

OP, go tap something.

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hey op, got my masters degree 4 weeks ago as well

that's pretty much it

That said I'm at least getting help from my union with figuring out how and where I should apply for jobs
>I'm a euro-fag, unions here are good

also from next wednesday I'll be collecting unemployment. Swag

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Now in pig disgusting 3D.

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Isn't she dead now?

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so much raaaaage!

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I'm doing saving up for the Man's Tour: Paris-Moscow by car, stopping at every main city for a couple o' days, then doing the Trans-Siberian, then travelling from Beijing to Bangkok, spend a few days in both cities, then I'll take a breather in Thai beaches for a while. Then I'll go by plane to Hawaii, then land off in LA, hire a car and take the road to NY, stopping off in various locations, before finally coming back to Yurop...

Travel mah boy, travel...

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No. Just past her expiration date.

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It's because employers won't take the risk.

No idea.

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Too many people on the planet and the old ones are not dying quick enough for jobs to open, thus employers can do the 'work for me for free for XP' shenanigans, also you'll have to bullshit about your SKILLS. Damn, real-life is /tg/.

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Well, we got a good thing started here, so why stop?

>> No.18441198

Because anyone can browse a *booru gallery. I'd much rather have a bitches in togas thread.

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So what you're saying is we should take all the old people and crack open their skulls and feast on the gooey insides?

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A wee bit late for this reply, but...


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He is? Could you maybe point me where I can find that? The proper stuff..

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I've been raging over this myself. Everyone around here wants prior experience but I can't get a job to acquire any. Then with the entry-level positions that don't require experience; how can I really compete against other applicants who do in fact have experience?

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Would be cool but the problem is really people around the worlds breeding like rabbits, allowing employers to be able to pay less for the same labor since it's harder to get a job. The same situation happened with the Black Death, with much less people around, feudalistic lords could no longer treat people like utter shit.

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You must kill off the competition.

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What's the deal with that greeneyed girl?
is she /tg/-related?

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Been there. At this point I just lie through my ass. Fuck them for being so damn petty I can play that game too. Here's my byzantine list of references. Only half of them exist good luck finding which ones, cunt.

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Welcome to my life. EVERYBODY goes through that.

>> No.18441313

I'd really like to know as well.

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Why? Fuck you that's why.

Have a nice day.

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Either that, or we must accept that the comfy days of working for DA MAN are over because da man doesn't even have to fake caring anymore. Start a business, even if it'll give you very moderate income after all the expenses, it won't tell you "sorry, we'd have to give you 1$ rise according to the contract so you're fired, by the way don't bother turning the computer off, here's another university student who starts employment today".

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It's on danbooru, he went the route of many talented artists before him (like the Black Lagoon guy) and dabbles in Touhou porn.

Anyway, prepare for the greatest fap of your lifetime:

>> No.18441374

Oh boy, he seems to like Yuuka too. What a classy, classy man. I would like to buy him a beer.

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Oh, I know. I just feel better after bitching about it.

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And what is the name of this fellow?

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>It's because employers won't take the risk.

Actually, we do.

Depends on the industry (and the company), though, obviously.

Being able to tap the energy (and hopefully up-to-date knowledge) of fresh graduates can work wonders for your company - as does being known among your business partners to be that one place from where they can get quality junior staff with their first experiences under the belt.

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Mr Burns.

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From what I've come to understand, he goes by "and." Just and
Maybe someone else knows more, but heres a link their blog


I assume its his blog anyways.

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And now everybody is fapping.

Thread successful!

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I concour, HR analyst here.
In my interviews I always evaluate not only the previously experience of the candidates, but also their wilness to work and overal "good will".

For us is a lot better to have a good person with little experience than a super experienced guy that is a jerk. After all said and done, is cheaper to teach someone about an activity than to teach someone to be trustworthy and ethical.

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So, what do people think of China's economic situation?

>> No.18441562

Pursue a career in your chosen field that you have now finished schooling for.

>> No.18441577

Frankly I think the flaws are starting to show. You could say we've found the "chink" in their armour.

>> No.18441581

>implying universities don't produce tens of thousands of useless diplomas these days.

There's only so many European Relations graduates the government needs.

>> No.18441603

Don't remind me. Guy I worked for at Barnes Noble, opening boxes...he had a bachelors and a masters in International Relations.

>> No.18441614

I figure people around here probably have a masters in Interspecies Relations.

>> No.18441617

modern western education is terribly skewed towards churning out all those diploma people, whiel there is no need for them. Higher education si not responsive enough to the needs of the labour market, and people do not learn the flexibility and the nned tolower thier expectations

>> No.18441624

That'll certainly 'gook' the global economy...
In other news, how are the Japanese going to fix their ridiculously high debt?

>> No.18441634

Oh absolutely, and I'm terrified I'm going to be one of those folks.

I'm now thinking of those "my alien girlfriend" threads. What have you done to me /tg/?

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Right now I'm doing a Masters in 'Elven Literature' but I'm finding it hard to find work in my dwarven city ;_;

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I think China is the biggest fucking joke in the world right now. I don't care how much money anyone owes them, they are royally fucked in ways they can't even comprehend right now.

Did you know they have 30 million citizens living in underground caves? They are semi decent homes, but their cities are so fucked up that people have taken to digging holes for shelter rather than living in the clusterfucks that are their major cities.

>> No.18441653


Their assets exceed their debts by a sum about 70% of their GDP, making them a net creditor unlike countries such as UK. Therefore their debt isn't a problem, unless other countries go and default first.

So they don't really need to clear their debt, which is too big for them to realistically do so anyway.

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>After all said and done, is cheaper to teach someone about an activity than to teach someone to be trustworthy and ethical.

Especially as you'll have to teach the "experienced" people anyway. A lot of the stuff is company procedures after all, and so a good part of their practical experience might end up being useless.

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thanks. It was enough to type "and" in danbooru search.
It turned up about 20 pages or more of this guy's stuff. sufficent to say, i am greatly pleased by this.

>> No.18441680

>Oh absolutely, and I'm terrified I'm going to be one of those folks.
You probably will. Archaeology grad student here, my most recent job was callcenter. Granted, before that it was assistant position at a insurance broker, but I'm sure that until I figure out a working business model or learn some craft (leatherwork is looking more and more appealing..) I won't be able to get a good office job-the 40's are too well entrenched to ever quit unless they get heart attack or cancer.

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Oh, you. And how!

>> No.18441743


I had the biggest troll face when typing it.

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Higher education prepares you for employment by teaching you how to do two things. It also tells employers you're capable of those two things. The things are:

>Socialising as a normal person for multiple years.

>Following orders and doing requested tasks for multiple years.

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>Socialising as a normal person for multiple years.
>mfw I did my part, went home and socialized with people I like, not the absolutely random and usually ass-retarded bunch people call students.

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