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>Reverse the stack

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So much is wrong with this card. The spell effect might be fun, but FUCK, that is badly built. Get MSE or stop making homebrew cards.

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Can we make this a homebrew/Custom Card general thread then?

>> No.18427041

If WotC ever prints a card that does that, it would be my life's mission to set up a symmetrical loop that puts more copies of that spell on the stack.

More likely, however, would be an enchantment that changes the rules of the game while it's on the field. Probably something like this:

"Spells and abilities resolve in the order they go on the Stack.
Spells and abilities that target other spells or abilities may be cast or activated as though they have no targets. Their controller may choose targets for them upon resolution."

>> No.18427060

Considering that topsy turvy only exists in silver border land I seriously doubt that anything that complicated would ever see print in a real set.

>> No.18427117


That is an INSANELY overpowered card.

This was the card that made faeries into the craziness that it is. Your doesn't even lose life AND it can pump when you have enough creatures.

>> No.18427307

But do spiders have the same kind of insane tribal shenanigans that Faeries/Rogues did?

I admit that paying it's higher price in green is hardly a problem, but I'd like to think that what got it banned was the tribal interactions and the face it has a quality evasion ability in the token(flying) rather than just putting a token out each turn...

It fair enough reason to re-evaluate the card and it's costs and triggers, though.

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