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Is there a list of /tg/'s W40K recommended books?

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Everything C.S. Goto has written. Pure gold, all of it.

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Start with a book by C.S. Goto
Everything you read after will be heavenly

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i would've thought pokemon cards was more /vp/'s territory

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Why yes, here's the complete list:

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Not as a image. Only normal recommended book but the standard must read would be -
Eisenhorn, Ravenor, Gaunt's Ghosts series and Ciphas Cain series.
The rest would depend on your faction interest.

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Ignore trolls, acquire literature!

The Entire Ciaphus Cain series, though the last book is kind of dragging for me, the lead up was solid gold.

Actually, I'm going to recommend all books about the imperial guard. There's something so evocative about your typical ground-pounding schlub, that it brings out the best in the 40k writers' stables.

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>The rest would depend on your faction interest.

Imperium and Dark Eldar

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>Pokemon Cards
Pffft. Look at this girl

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Because Black Templars

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Dan Abnett
Sandy Mitchell
Aaron Dembski Bowden (sp?)
Mitchell Scanlon
Steve Parker

Read nearly everything (baring the Horus Heresy novels)

These guys stick out. They either write to the fluff or story in a way that is good. The first 3 I would recommend. I don't like Gaunts Ghosts past the 3rd novel, but Abnett I like for some of his other works.

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The Horus Heresy series is pretty good. Know No Fear increased my respect for the Ultramarines by a bit.

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a writer that can make a threat capable of threatening the guard without steamrolling it, and making the guard look badass is a damn good one.

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The Path of the Eldar series is pretty fucking awesome in my opinion. There is a Dark Elf one: Path of the Renegade. I haven't read it yet though.

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Imperium is easy. Some of the Horus Heresy series is pretty good and there's several Imperial Guards book. Titanicus is good if you also count the Mechanicus as part of the Imperium. Also I like Imperial Glory. Quite grim and dark.
I also hear good thing about Enforcer.
Dark Elfdar is going to be a bit hard to find.

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I need to get around to reading Path of the Eldar. Didn't the protag get stood up by his farseer friend?

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I hate marine books because it's all war porn. Does he do it any better? Abnett did it well with Brotherhood of the Snake by by breaking it up vignettes that helped alleviate the traditional narratives, which I said earlier I disliked.

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Basically, yes. It's extremely interesting the way the series is set up. You follow an aspiring striking scorpion, a young farseer, and a new ranger in each of the books, but the thing is their stories overlap so the books tell some of the same events through their different viewpoints. The ranger one is the next one and I can't wait.

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"People who claim to be the 1%": too stupid to realize they reside 1 or 2 standard deviations below the mean.

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The horus heresy series if you want constant tragedy, particularly everything by graham mcneill. If you want war go for guants ghosts or as others are saying Ciaphas Cain.

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If you like marines, get the Ultramarines and Grey Knights books. cool stuff
The quality of the Horus Heresy varies but Fulgrim, and Thousand sons are awesome books. The volumes dealing with the Dark Angels aren't bad either.

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