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Hey there, fa/tg/uys.
Do you mind if I call you fa/tg/uys?
Two things.
1. Whenever I want to see some cool Imperial Guard pictures, I always seem to come across the same few. Anybody got any really good ones?
2. I am a relatively new player to 40k, and I only have a very small army of IG. I just recently got a heavy weapons team, to add on to m group of two squads of normal Guards, a Sentinel, and a command squad. Is there anything that /tg/ would recommend me getting for my army? And how should I assemble the Weapons Team?

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Bumping with IG

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At the end of the day, though he's been ferried through Space Hell on a ship that's four thousand years old to his destination, though he deployed from high orbit with a grav chute, though he is one of ten million men raised from his homeworld to fight a war he barely understands, though he has been given a weapon that fires miniature suns and might annihilate him when he fires it because no-one knows how it works anymore, though his company is supported by tractor-tanks that run on anything you can burn, though he wages war against a devouring hivemind, space demons or a group of space communists...

...a Guardsman is a man, just like you, though he grew up in another culture. He has no millennia-old genetic engineering, no prophetic leader, no miracles of faith. He has his lasgun, his orders, his fellow soldiers, and a set of admantanium balls.

And he will hold the line.

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All hail the glorious Canadia regiment.

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I would avoid Heavy Bolters, take those on Chimera.

Autocannons are the best.

Missile Launchers are versatile, but very hit and miss. Lascannons are also hit-and-miss.

My rule is I only pay for cool guns if they are using BS4 or Twinlink. There are a variety of ways to do this.


Pick something that interests you in the codex, and then spend at least 3/4 of your points buying only the things that Synergize with it. Find things that compliment each other.

Infantry are to Chimera as Veterans are to Valkyries
Tanks are to The Enemy as Boots are to Cockroaches

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What are they doing in those tanks? They should be using power hockey sticks to slap shot power pucks at the enemy.

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Anyone have that one image of a guardsman, and in the background it says "In the grim darkness of the future, there are sunny days." Or something along those lines?

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>implying all guardsmen have adamantium balls
Is that why units require an officer whose sole purpose in life is to shoot cowards?

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my desktop

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>mfw Guardsmen thread

Ya'll traitors and weaklings

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you could say they're REINFORCED adamantium balls?

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you could say they're REINFORCED adamantium balls.

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That's only for losers who don't understand the importance of having a Flag.

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Here's eleven reasons why the enemies of the Imperium should quake in their boots.

Twelve, if you count the bolt/las pistol atop.

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Thank you gents.

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The first heavy weapons team I ever bought.

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that's mostly for when they face the most horrific shit you can possibly imagine. Just showing your face on most of the 40k battlegrounds would be balls-of-steel standard for todays hardasses.

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"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."

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Personal favorite.

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Very nice.

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Can we have IG lists too?

I was thinking of camo netting some deathstrike tanks hidden behind some chimeras.
Then spam conscripts with send in the next wave guy.

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Drakengard 6th Armored Division Reporting.

Currently establishing a beachhead for the Elysian 303

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Pre heresy guardsmen.

The Imperial Army

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Two Deathstrikes, and one Manticore.

Or, Two Deathstrikes, and a Russ Squadron.

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This raises a question.

If you kill your own unit off with a deathstrike does that give the enemy a point?

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Elysian 71st division Task force 1
Bravo company Reporting in...

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fuck yeah traitor guard!

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My favourite strategy:

1 Deathstrike, 2 Infantry Platoons both with 40 man infantry blobs each. Rest of the list balanced out nicely with Russes and Valks/Vets and the whole shebang.

1. Place Deathstrike on furthest table corner from mass of opponents table
2. Surround it with the infantry blobs
3. Watch as all the opponent's troops drift towards the deathstrike in a mad dash to destroy it
4. Meanwhile cap unattended objectives with Valk/Vets
5. ???
6. If still alive, launch deathstrike on final turn, nuking whatever is left of your infantry blobs.

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Damned ta-50 layout...

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Forgot pic, lol.

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Bravo Company, be advised, the DZ is hot.

Please relieve D.K.G. 7th at the fowarded NAV

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black primer vs white primer. How cute.

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Roger that, Stand by for close air support.

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>7. Request a 20 kiloton victory cadence.


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Because I have hundreds of doods.

Here, meet some of the boys from the 303

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For some reason my brain read that in Gla-DOS voice

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Excellent work Bravo Company. Pict data confirms DZ clear. The 303 are right behind you.

Reandevouz with the convoy for escort duty. Are you a bad enough dude to take on a Tyrranid hive?

>Losing all my games versus hive fleet Kraken

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bring more flammen, and try to deny him outflanking stealers

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Deny what?

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OP here. You guys are pretty cool.

Pic is current army size.

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yeah, those, although last time i saw genestealers try the epic outflank furious charge rend idea, they scratched the paintwork on a redeemer and paid for it

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Convoy escort is en route, those roaches won't know what hit them.

>Last time my Elysians went up against a Nid army those 3 buggies had heavy flamers and their counterparts a pair of TL multi lasers. Flame throwers everywhere in the troop squads and rocket pods galore.

>They never knew what hit them.

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Don't get discouraged. everyone starts small.

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Follow me, boys!

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Where in the world did you get those buggies?
As much as I hate to say this, I really want some, because I was thinking of making my army mechanized infantry.

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Forgeworld sells them.

Problem is the price-to-points ratio is shit.

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any more of those cover images?

I have the omnibus versions so I haven't seen those.

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Hope you're bringin heat Bravo. This is gonna be a real Fuck-fest

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Allways bet on Marbo.


1-2 CG
0-2 Elites
1 Marbo
2-6 Troops
0-3 Fast Attack
0-3 Heavy Support

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The D.K.G. 6th Armored will support the forward guard with its Roughriders.


I've got flamers on requisition for the 303. We've learned not to send the 7th against Nids.


So what appeals to you? Armor, Aircraft, Legions, Special Ops?

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I love Forgeworld, but I have a personal thing about ordering from the UK, because I live in Cali, so the shipping gets stupid expensive, and also pounds > dollars

Infantry, light vehicles, small artillery, and aircraft, although I'll probably never get a valkyrie, if only for the cost of one.

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Thats not forgeworld, thats a hot wheels car, card stock, and bitz. You can tell by the wheels. That or you miss-linked.

Guard and Chimeras sound like your style then. I was dirt poor when I started collecting guard. I bought one box a month, or one vehicle every two months.

Then when I became less poor, I finished off my army with set pieces and squadrons.

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We've got hot running whoop ass on tap all day every day.

Long long ago back in the early 90's I told myself if i ever built a Imperial army it was going to be the guard.. but not just any guard it was going to be the steel legion. Fast forward to the Army and i have a lot of disposable income/time off and i bought a few platoons of guardsmen. then chimeras, lots of them. New codex drops and i have nearly finished my Mechanixed Engineer company. "Easy Company" is all but finished and I still have that itch.

GW keeps raiseing the cost of the collectors steel legion guys so i figure "Screw it i am already paying near FW prices. lets try these Elysians out for painting.. yeah i got hooked on em.

By the time you start buying FW armies you give no fucks about price vs point cost.

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Yeah, I flipped the links.
That's basically what I'm doing, I made a purchase of two squads, then a command squad, then a sentinel, and now the heavy weapons team, all over the course of a year.

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>Also get hooked on Elysia
>Over $100 spent on grav chutes alone
>0 fucks given

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I never liked the look of the grav chute. however it bugs me when i see troops on the field with not so much as a butt pack. So i bought a few of the equipment packs.

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For 100 bucks I would round out my army and make it legally playable.
Stupid infantry platoons, screwing up my purchase plans...

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Butt-packs, and the Emperor, protect.

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I have no love for the new infantry platoon kits. the 2 10 man squads pluss a command squad box just for one basic troop choice?! FFS GW is making it pointless to buy the basic infantry troops. Just use them as vets and save lots of money...

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I like 'em, it really helps them stand out as drop troops, as opposed to the ground pounding dkg 6&7

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That is what these are for.

Air assault FTW.
I swear there is nothing more fun than watching the looks on peoples faces when you are running out of room on the table for "dedicated transports"

the first time i used them "How do you have 8 of those?!" "Because i don't have a single russ.."

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Just watch out for those trees man.

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I'm sure there's also nothing more fun than not ever playing a game when people realize you're a tryhard faggot

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could an army with just infantry and artillery work? like 6 basilisks and 3 medusas plus huge pools of infantry?

or is at least some proper armor pretty much obligatory?

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Elysians are pretty awesome, but I don't think I'll start Forge-worlding untill I can get some cash.
I figure I'll build up two platoons until I can get a legal army, then start working on whatever else I feel like, which at this point will probably be Elysians.

Either way, I'm off to bed. If the thread is still here tomorrow, good, if not, I'll start up another one.

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I've seen lots of lists consisting of artillery spam with a giant wall of meat. In fact, I'd say it's one of the main stratagems you can take as Guard. I still prefer proper tanks myself, because, well... they're tanks really. And that FAV 14 is just the bane of my Tyranid and Ork playing friends.

For smaller point games (which I'm guessing you'll be playing for a while) I'd recommend autocannons. Lascannons aren't really worth it until you get around 1000 points when your opponent can bust out the big Metal Bawkses.

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Since the thread still lacks good IG pics, gonna dump a few

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"Startin to wonda why we even came here in da first place, deez bugs is 'ardly worth fightin. Watz da mata boss?"

"I smell humans..."

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I just got an idea for a stupid fun army.
One supertank, with the Vulcan minigun main weapon, and as many anti infantry weapons as possible, and a whole lotta guardsmen.
Fight tyranids/orks.
Fun times, maybe.

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orategr Victoria.

Indeed captcha, Victory!

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I know some of these are just screenshots, but by the Emperor, look at this badass.

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Veteran Sergeant: There's too many of them! We have to fall ba-BLAM!

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By the Emperor, fill my hands with phallic objects!

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Well, that's it, hope someone enojyed the stuff I posted.
Ave Imperator!

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Ave Imperator, my good man.

Ave Imperator.

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My memory escapes me. What is a Deathstrike tank?

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Artillery unit, has a turn countdown to shoot, fires a single shot str10 AP1 D3+3" blast weapon with no str reduction if not under 'center of blast'.

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It's basically an orbital missile that they put on a tank to fire while in the battlefield because fuck xenos.

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