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I don't know whether to post this here or not but... meh.

Wonder if anyone is interested in a /d/&/d/ style game (3.5 rules since that's the only one I'm familiar with) with tentacles and elf slaves what do abound.

Hopefully we are all grown up enough to not:
fill the thread with porn
rage over the idea

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Only if I get to say this line at some point.

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Of course :D

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I'm interested, but a little more info would be nice.

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What do you want? I'm happy to provide ^^

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>grown up
>/d/&/d/ style game.


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When where how?

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>game involveing sex and stuff
pick two

MSN unless someone has a better suggestion
I'm GMT time zone, whenever is good for people

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For fear of sounding like an idiot, I don't know MSN

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IRC is probably better for a start... Also christ, not used MSN for about 5 years...

>Biches polesea
Captcha is now thulsa doom.

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Windows live mesenger
(google it)

if on linux/another non-M$ os then I believe pidgin supports it (but you need a hotmail/msn account regardless).

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IRC could work if someone has a channel/server

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Is simply viewing alright?
Just want to see how this type of thing works

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I... guess if others are okay with it, but why not join in? :)

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Because I have not the slightest idea as to how RPing works in an IM chat like MSN or IRC.

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Only if I get to be the elf slave at some point.

But yeah, we need more info. What time do you plan on doing this? Are you DMing or want someone else to? Should the interested people just add you?

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Not enraged. Rather curious though on the thought of combining:
and then asking people to not post porn or be annoyed? Just curious.

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does this mean big breasted self righteous paladin ladies are about?

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Just because she's a genetic abomination created by elder beings doesn't mean I can't love her!
Wait, she just grew a cock now I am confused.
And strangely aroused.

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That sounds like the opposite end of most CoC games:

> No! Wait! I'm your wife!, what the hell is a shoggoth and why are you coming at me with that gun? No!... H-help me!... Some... someone help m-me!...

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I could join in, but I do need a bit more info about the general consensus of the game. Just saying it involves stuff like elf slave wat do won't really cut it, though I can't say I don't feel tempted by the chance.

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>post porn
>shit up thread with rage
>a wild mod appears
>mod uses delete thread
>It's super effective
so yeah

afternoons/evenings/late (GMT time) probabally depending on when people are free (for reference timezone confused people, it is 2:30pm atm).

And yeah talk, ask questions here, or add me on msn/drop an email to same address.

I'll be happy to DM unless someone else really wants to.

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>>tentacles and elves
snakes count?

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I have a few ideas for plotlines.

As for content, plenty of monster girl/guy waifus/husbandos for people, kinky tentacle/polymorph traps and good old succubi and fetish cults. Kinks wise stick to nothing harder than a good old tentacle rape (uness everyone agrees/do it in private)

Of course if people have different ideas im happy to run with them.

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You have managed to grab my interest.

What are your opinions on traps?

Ok, this captcha was just too good for this thread, you are blessed OP

> and erroge

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indeed, let us hear this.

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>grown up
>tentacles and elf slaves

I'm sorry. Somehow you need to explain how we can have both those things.

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<3 Delicious traps (although annoying if overused/too common, I'm not likely to make half the females in the game 'well actually she has a cock derp' same goes for futa)


Well okay

Some ideas I had for parties were:
Master/mistress adventurers and two slaves collected in their travels, possibly the master/mistress pair are demons/monsters or what have you

A band of slavers/bounty hunters recapturing run away slaves

And of course generic-fantasy-party vs the cult of a slaneesh-style god (probably as a long term plot, with various strikes/dungeon raids against the cult).

Of course as I already aid, I'm open to ideas.

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Grow-up = Don't be a douche and have fun (or walk away quietly if it's not your thing)

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sooo just how focused would this stuff be on the dirty stuff compared to killing monsters?

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Because adults are into some kinky shit too.

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I'm more a trick/traps and social kind of dm to fights (although being d&d there will be some fighting of course).

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Fuck it, adding you right now. I can think about the details later.

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IRC works ok, but combat gets problematic without a grid, and you need to get a diceroller to do so.

OpenRPG works ok, I find.

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>elf slaves

Admit you want to play this, OP. Tell /tg/ the truth.

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Haven't used before but I've head good thing, will look into it.

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oh god that pile of shit, no way!
More like book of erotic fantasy (and that's still not that good)

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added you, waiting for accept.

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Slight interest in joining, but we'll see depending on how this develops.

Also, just a suggestion, please don't chuck in a bunch of dick girls

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I remember someone wanted to make a Corruption of Champions game a bit ago.

Is that pretty much where this is going?

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Already said. Traps/dickgirls will be the exception not the rule, and I'd point them out (I don't really like 'btw she has a cock!')

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Less CoC style transformation, more bondage and rape

And possibly some consensual sex in the missionary position between a man and a woman of the same species (though not for the sole purpose of procreation, even I'm not that sick.)

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OpenRPG is great, comes with a chatbox, macros for sets of actions and dice rolls (ie: tohit + dmg in one button), an easy to use grid-map with nuts-tons of features.
Also: posting for interest.
Poke me an email if you need another player, OP.

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MSN is being a dick and not showing your add...

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Weird. Mail I'm using for this is [email protected], add me if you want.

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Hmm, ok.

If anyone would ever want to gm the former though, I'd totally jump on it

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Another interested player here. Added you on MSN but if that doesn't work just email me here: [email protected]

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Added people who posted so far, have 4 people atm (So more interest is good, but I'll run with these 4 if they all agree :P HINT: they probably won't all do so.)

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Could I just stop by and watch?

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Sent you an Email.

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added you :P

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Not really interested but make sure to tell /tg/ how the game ended.

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Go on then, I'm up for it, adding you now.

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Hm. colour me interested. I've sent you an invite on msn.

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Interesting thread. I'd be tempted if I weren't /d/m'ing a game myself. Also, I recommend the Book of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Started with BoEF, but found that and it's much better in my opinion.

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Msn despises me utterly and doesnt work on this comp. Mind talking in an IrC channel for a bit first?

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Sent you an email.

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Too many players and only one DM, anyone else willing to Dm?

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ba da bump

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Blue Magic and Nymphology are a couple of other relevant third-party books.

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I haven't played for years, but this looks interesting.

contact info: [email protected]
already sent invite

Hopefully, my being GMT+8 doesn't get in the way.

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