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Stat the Fucktopus.

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I like Oglaf.

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Bonuses to grapple checks are a must have.

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what facinating sound effects.

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Racial subtype: aquatic

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Gender: all of them.

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In M&M, you get that for free with the Additional Limbs power.

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Fucktopus (3)
Tentacles vs Titties (2)
Cock vs Slap (2)

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oh god

.... she does have a fun problem.

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rule breaking content

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You do not do fun. Get out, the bounty hunter needs fun.

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>politely remind people they are posting rule breaking content so they can delete it, censor it and repost it without fear of getting banned
>receive autistic ragefits

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You're just mad because Oglaf features a comic based on your hatred of fun.

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But his hat is totally silly because it is out of place in modern society.

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Personally, I think the last page of today's comic is the funniest.

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am I the only one who smiled at the "fuctopus" and thought, wow that DOES look like fun

why does she hate fun so much

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Why can't brothels like this really exist?

I would totally go to a prostitute who genuinely enjoys her work, doesn't do any actual non-toy penetration so there's no risk of STD transmission, and likes to mess with you and have fun with it.

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Move to Nevada.

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It's called a BDSM dungeon.

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I've seen some reports on the legal brothels there. They look pretty fucking grim.

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Clearly this is the best Halloween costume

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Hey tards, by moots decree, replying to a thread with only safe in your post is now rule breaking content

So report and move on, and don't attention whore by declaring what you did.
Freakin asswipes

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Only, I don't want BDSM. I don't want whips and chains and abusive language. I just want playful non-penetrative sex with no commitments or complications, and with someone who doesn't hate what they're doing.

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>mfw the fucktopus will never fuck me because I don't have tits

Fuck everything

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There are hormones for that.

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I'm pretty sure a mistress will be willing to not whip you for the same money that it costs to whip you.

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I don't want to be a tranny, ladyboy shit

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ok, plan B:

eat a lot and don't exercise

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>I don't want whips and chains and abusive language
Good thing you can discuss with the top what you want.

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>Good thing you can discuss with the top what you want.

I'm pretty sure you can discuss the terms of service if you're the one paying.

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get a friend with benefits?

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Guys, will she ever know what it's like to have fun?

I mean, I don't even think she gets a rush out of combat or killing people, like most sensible fighters/barbarians would, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to what she could POSSIBLY find entertaining.

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.... I'm sure the Fucktopus also loves peni and other body parts male-sexed humans can take.


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The fine arts of music or maybe theater?

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