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So... are quests automatically autosaging? Any way to prevent this? Are there specific 'quest times' in should be aware of?

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I think it is some sort of filter on the title of the post.
Someone named a thread ~ Game instead of ~ Quest and it didn't auto sage.

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Why would you want to prevent it.

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Fucking good. Questfags are turning /tg/ into Gaia Online. I hope they start banning questfags on sight.

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High five brother.

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What's with all the quest hate?

Quests are cool. They're collective online roleplaying.

Exactly the kind of thing /tg/ should enjoy.

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Fuck yeah this guy came before I could post the same thing. Had to dump anime rant.

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rolled 9 = 9


Triple five.

I complained about it a couple of days ago that quest threads were clotting up suptg (Yes I know they can be hidden, but not the point) and I pretty much got spammed to hell with ">HURRR STOP LIEKING WHAT I DUN LIEK!!".

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Because people like them?
Look, if someone was running a quest using an actual system, like GURPS or Traveller or whatever, would you be whining about that?

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>Yes I know they can be hidden
Except that still doesn't remove the threads. They're still fucking there. So now you have 3 threads about actual /tg/ related things on the front page at any time because these faggots HAVE to have 100 quest threads active at one point AND a thread to discuss the quest thread they like that isn't active right now PLUS the additional thread complaining about quest threads that got dropped or the ones they liked.


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I recall reading planefag saying he used Dive Into the Sky to resolve combat?

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A question.

How they can be clotting something when you can hide them?

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If more than half the front page was Quest threads of any kind I will ALWAYS dislike it.

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Dude, replace 'quest' with '40k' and you just described /tg/ for me.

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Pic related

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As a GM of Nationbuilder games, myself, no I wouldn't. But Nationbuilder games aren't as much quest threads as they are strategic games.

What I think makes the difference between a quest thread and a collective game is that in a quest thread there is ONE protagonist which every poster controls, while in a collective game there is several player characters - who are not protagonists - which each is controlled by one fa/tg/uy - and new players can join in without knowing the previous history of the game as long as they understand the mechanics.

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So, people playing a traditional game on /tg/ is something bad now?
And look at the front page right now. It's not half quest threads.

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It's not even filters, people are reporting them because they don't like them and so they decide to piss in everyone else's cornflakes.

Really people on tg just need to grow the fuck up and accept there are going to be things they hate regardless of what they think.

I hate 90% of the same DND threads, 40k threads and that which we get every day because it is vitally important to speak about the same shit every day. But I ignore them because they aren't of my interests, if the rare thread in which shit other than wanking off GW, bitching about prices or painting threads with assholes acting like they all have won the golden daemon then I read them and contribute.

At least it isn't as bad as the old days of furry spam and /d/ porn everywhere

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Maybe for you, but not for everyone else on /tg/. We can't help that you have hallucinations.

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To my understanding, /tg/ is a place to discuss things like elements of game, rules, competitions, editions, helping etc. NOT the actual stuff is done here. We don't play D&D here nor anything like that, we might discuss about D&D or 40k but playing should be done elsewhere. Sage for meta.

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Did you even read what I wrote?

>(Yes I know they can be hidden, but not the point)
>I know they can be hidden

I think your file name applies to yourself.

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How the fuck can you complain and be aware of this function at the same time? Seriously, stop your bitching. You're worse than LoLfaggots who demand compensation every time the server goes down. You have a way to filter it, fucking use it, get on with your life.

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>I come here for quest threads

Besides if you're bothered by the fact that admins don't want quest threads anymore JUST MAKE AN IMAGEBOARD FOR QUEST THREADS YOURSELF.


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I hit submit too early, you're still a fucking whiner.

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So what is the point?

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It was written before you deleted your post!

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The point is he just wants something to whine about.

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what is this "we" bullshit?

The second you claim to speak for anyone else you are speaking out of your ass.

Besides, it looks like this guy is the one busy having hallucinations. Even at the highest swell of Quests, this comment would still be stupid.

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tgchan is overrun by furries and homosexuals.
Not to say that there aren't some choice quest threads over there, though. And, being much slower, there is some good art! Unfortunately, text-quests are oft looked upon with some amount of vitriol.

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Except game finders, collective games and the dreaded quests have been here forever.

This whole thing about quests is just newfags hating that they have come back in force. In a month I bet you at least half of them will be gone

Oh and the threads bitching and planning. I have been scanning the catalog, I counted 5 quests total which ran 2 which didn't get off the ground ONE thread discussing a quest and the thread had been up for 2 days and guess what? At least 20 threads about making a character for various d&d editions, threads asking questions which could of been answered in existing threads and no less than 3 warhammer threads on largely the same fucking subject constantly.

I ignore the things I don't like and you know what 90% of fa/tg/uys did as well but when we had the great purging most of them left due to aspie faggots like you all

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>Ideas of what /tg/ should be
>Implying /tg/ is supposed to be anything other than a place for all the traditional gaming shit that doesn't work on any other board

This reminds me of when people were getting super mad that they couldn't discuss Minecraft on /tg/.

Some people just have such a sense of entitlement.

You don't get to decide what goes on /tg/. 4chan does. Deal with it. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. If you want to stay here and want shit to change, then email a mod. Don't fucking bitch at us.

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Who mentioned that?

Oh that's right. You did. Nobody else did.

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>imageboard for quest threads
>not tgchan

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this is exactly what had been done already, I was just showing an example.

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> ideas of what 4chan should be
Well given I mailed mods and moot every time things were open for suggestions and made real suggtions about how things could be improved along with god knows how many people and were ignored guess how much good I feel emailing them will do?

Anyway /tg/ has always been about role playing and games and anything that is game related that doesn't fit into the existing boards. We may of spawned from warhammer Wednesday and shit like that but we grew to encompass much more and now we get dicks from other boards populating it with cries of too much this and not tg related

If there was a real alternative to here I would be there but everywhere they has popped up has always been furries and faggots general

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I know they've been here for some time and I personally don't mind them. Just saying that odd point about playing in /tg/. If admins choose to autosage questthreads, I don't mind. At least they don't just ban for it, they still can be played, it's just discouraged because THERE ARE A BIT BETTER PLACES TO DO QUESTS.

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Those places being...?

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The point is to look at the picture, I've blurred out every single non-quest or non-collective game, threads that are story times, or debates, or derailed-epic threads (such as "a picture more interesting than the post")

There are 10 threads that are non-quest threads.

There are 40 threads that are quest threads.

This means there are 80% more quest threads achived than there are threads that most people can enjoy without having to read 2 or 3 preluding threads.

So why do we have so many quest threads - shitty or not - when efforts could be made into improving our LARP gear, PnP setting or painting Warhammer 40K minis?

Any /tg/ quest GM might as well sit down and write a "choose your own story" style book - it'll earn him/her some money.

But mostly it is probably just about us needing something to whine about, and I have decided to whine about something that the loud minority likes.

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>implying i would know what the fuck it is when I am not a humongous faggot like you who participate in quest threads

Besides that, mentioning still does not make any fucking sense. I said make and you go point out one that already exists that you don't like? WELL WHOOPDY FUCKING DOO I GUESS THAT MEANS THAT I CAN JUST REPEAT WHAT I JUST SAID SINCE IT APPLIES TO THAT SITUATION AS WELL.

This is how retarded pro-quest thread faggots are.

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Actually there's not
Go to tgchan and try to run something non furry draw quest and see how much interest you get.

Go to forums and it is all the people who left here because they can't be special snowflakes.

And the mods didn't do this themselves, a bunch of grognards cried and spammed emails to them until they set it to filter

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See >>18367590

>> No.18367648

see >>18367572

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Why are quests, being basically mass roleplaying, not /tg/ related, but discussions of fluff for various settings are? Or Image dumps, or group finders, or LARP threads, or dwarf fortress discussions, etc?

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And you I am guessing are the sort of person who sucks GW's turgid corporate dick because you love space marines.

Long before any of this shit started about quests there were shitloads more. After the whole Ruby Quest faggotry you could not look on here without every faggot making one.

Now you can get maybe 7 quest threads on a weekend when everyone runs them

I can manipulate the results as well. It's very easy

Also the suptg archives main page is always shit if you want to find things you search them, really it is quite easy

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Because the moot says so and he doesn't give a fuck about what your opinion is.

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If you have trouble finding players for your games
a) IRL
b) On the internet
You are a social failure and probably should't host any game anyway. Except maybe FATAL.

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>Well given I mailed mods and moot every time things were open for suggestions and made real suggtions about how things could be improved along with god knows how many people and were ignored guess how much good I feel emailing them will do?
Regardless, bitching on /tg/ to other fa/tg/uys is not going to do more than emailing a mod.

>Anyway /tg/ has always been about role playing and games and anything that is game related that doesn't fit into the existing boards. We may of spawned from warhammer Wednesday and shit like that but we grew to encompass much more and now we get dicks from other boards populating it with cries of too much this and not tg related
Fucking exactly.

>If there was a real alternative to here I would be there but everywhere they has popped up has always been furries and faggots general
Exactly right. I could not agree with you more.

Facts about /tg/:
1. It exists for all this shit, including quest threads and 40k. Saying quest threads aren't /tg/ is like saying that D&D isn't /tg/. I don't like quest threads, but they fucking belong here.
2. Even with all these quest threads and other shit that people complain about, we're still the best fucking board on the fucking internet to discuss this shit. People need to quit fucking whining that their tropical island paradise has some blemishes when it's surrounded by an ocean of piss.

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Except Moot doesn't.
No one official is saying quest threads aren't related, just people on /tg/.

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Because playing is different from discussing. It's not like /v/ plays halo in the board.

>> No.18367683

>And you I am guessing are the sort of person who sucks GW's turgid corporate dick because you love space marines
>implying that there is a single person on /tg/ that doesn't hate GW and WotC

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And what does that have to do with my post?
Seriously tgchan is for FURRIES and attention whores unless your quest involves at least one of those things it won't go anywhere

Actually moot doesn't give two shits about tg.
He does give two shits about dickheads spamming his mailbox crying that their tg isn't only what I like and so to shut them up he did it

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who said they're not related again? pretty sure nobody said "quest threads are not /tg/ related"

besides that, autosage of quest threads is a pretty fucking unambiguous statement

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I don't hate either, I just think they're sad.

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>If there was a real alternative to here I would be there but everywhere they has popped up has always been furries and faggots general

Why do you want to run quest threads on places without furries and faggots? Those are who quest threads are for. A lot of us don't like you homos pretending to be naked anime children but furries and faggots will lap it up, so why not join your own kind, questfag?

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It's not like /v/ discusses video games anyways.

>> No.18367698

Are you implying that Moot is in charge of moderating /tg/?

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Because it ruins what you find fun and tzhis pleases me greatly.

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You claimed that there are no better place to host games than /tg/. That is a false claim.

>> No.18367711

are you implying that moderators can go into the source code and input filters that affect the entire board without the approval of admins and moot?

>> No.18367712

>you homos pretending to be naked anime children
I laughed, because I think this is what some dads actually think fa/tg/uys do with their spare time.
I don't think you've ever actually looked at a quest thread.

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Funny for how much everyone seems to hate it they talk an awful lot about GW and how much they love their products

How about this? Because fuck you. You have no more say on what is to go on here than me so if you want your soapbox to scream how much you want to suck ultramarine cock I will have mine to say how much I want to role play in a setting not about hurt durr grim derp

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When I first started browsing /tg/ about 2 years ago, there was a sticky saying, more or less, "Shut the fuck up about Quest Threads. They are /tg/ related and we aren't getting rid of them."

I don't know what's changed, but over the past few months, I have noticed a swell in the number of active quests. I can't say that I'm angry about them being here, but I'm a little bothered. Mostly because long-running quests feel very alienating and exclusionary. Iron Hearts, for example, is loaded dense, nigh impenetrable terms, nametags, jargon, and all sorts of other shit. I stop in to see the occasional cool art, but I could never participate.

I think that's the problem, mostly. When people see "_____ Quest pt 97" they instantly feel the need to keep scrolling. They think, "I couldn't possibly jump in on this quest and there's no way I'm reading the other 96 parts to catch up without missing the next 10 threads in the time it would take me."

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>loving a person
>loving what they make
these are two different things, autist.

>> No.18367738

Really? Give me one and I will admit you are right.
I bet you can't actually name one that is as open as tg, has the traffic to actually run a decent quest without same faggotry and won't be full of furries, fags and pedophiles

Want a hint? There isn't I have looked long and hard and turns out this is it

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Which is why most quests die once they get too long, and then new ones start.
It's like the circle of quests.

>> No.18367743

So,what the fuck is up with /tg/ this last month or so.

Increase in quest threads, a return to the fetish threads full of shit and in general a lower quality in posts.

Did we enter a rift in time and end up on /tg/ back two years ago?

>> No.18367744

Funny how much everyone seems to hate quest threads they keep making them and posting in them

>> No.18367746

Other poster giving you one:

>> No.18367753

All quest threads are participated in by the same small group of regulars that don't post elsewhere on the board.

>> No.18367762

See that's the big problem
Making an image board is nice but how are people supposed to know about it? Spamming it here? Because honestly it's not like there is any other way to get people's attention and one of the big points was " as open as tg and has The traffic to run a decent quest"

>> No.18367763


>someone calls you out on playing sparkly catgirl half-angel half-demon half-dragons in your supar happy kawaii quest threads

It's obvious you questfags can't operate outside of your shitty threads. I bet you know nothing of actual /tg/-related games, and you're just spewing nonsense you saw on the front page once on your way to Anime Butler Quest 15.

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Do this: Make a thread in /tg/ where you say hey I'm looking for players, then use irc or whatever to play.

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What is this i dont even... Complaining about content on tg doesnt belong on tg?

Just shut the fuck up and deal with it, I dont get buttfusterated when your shitty threads clog up tg either.

>> No.18367781

Gamefinder threads?

When you have a stable group working its the same people posting everytime anyway. See >>18367753

>> No.18367786

what the fuck is tg?

>> No.18367790

There has been sort of a death of actual RPG related content besides Exalted 2.5, since 5e trolling isn't as bad as 4e was. Right now we are in a dull period, between major RPG releases, and the internet will fill it in with content.

Also, you mad people like what you don't?

Literally, you can't handle people liking both SPACE MARINES and Quests (i don't get anime butler thread, but that's more a grammar issue, the thread .. it rapes my autocorrect system)

>> No.18367802

I play 40k I have orks and space marines. I have played them for 15 years.

I also have played and run many games of d&d, shadow run, DH, RT, spell jammer, GURPS and am currently running a deathwatch game weekly with my friends

And I participate in quest threads. Anything else you want to try accuse me of?

>> No.18367819

Doesn't always need the slashes.

>> No.18367824


>I don't like space marines you faggot

Wow, I guess you really can't read at all if there aren't any little anime girls involved. Get back to Flying Pantsless Plane Girl Quest 47.

>> No.18367831

ITT: projecting

>> No.18367832

Quest Threads
Dorf Fortress Threads
Minecraft Thread
Wakfu (TCG) Threads
Monster Girl Threads
Elf Slave Wat Do Threads
Role Playing Game Threads (of the Vidya variety)

These don't belong on /tg/

>> No.18367838

>not /tg/ related

And video games can be /tg/ related and have been for many years. Commander Keen act.

>> No.18367848

no it isnt

yes it does

what the fuck is with these new faggots?

>> No.18367849

Fucking this.

>> No.18367858

And on what authority do you say that?
I will admit Dorf fortress isn't tg related neither is wakfu or minecraft.

Elf slave used to be trolling but tg took a liking to it
Monster girl threads never were tg related

Quest threads and RPG threads of the vidya variety are actually tg related however

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Text quests are the problem. They are too easy to do, so oversaturation occurs. Any retard can hammer some illiterate drivel on his keyboard, but it takes some (even if only very minor) effort to scribble even the most basic stick figures. In text you can just say "OK, he shoots a laser from his ass and fucks all bitches and wears a billion gold-plated diamonds on his nipples" in a (failed) attempt at being "awesome" or "epic", while even the shittiest drawing would actually have to depict this, making anything actually great that much greater.

Furthermore, the quest format is shares similarities with comics. A person who can draw and likes telling stories is most likely one who has some experience in drawing comics, meaning that he would also be more likely to be sufficiently competent at authoring a quest. Everyone has a keyboard, but someone who takes the effort to draw an image and make sure it and the text are connected is more likely to both take the effort to maintain some semblance of quality and have the capacity to succeed.

This is not to say that text quests are wrong kind of fun, but image quests attract authors who are more likely to prefer quality over quantity and also have a threshold which favors quality over quantity.

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>I will admit Dorf fortress isn't tg
Go fuck yourself with your head you goddamn faggotborn inbred sunshine of assholonga, you don't know shit and you should die very violently while having your anus ripped apart by armless monkeys.

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This anon right here has it

>> No.18367913

>Quests are bad, unless they're the kind of quest I like
might as well just change that to
>Threads are bad, unless they're the kind of thread I like
because that's all meta bullshit like this ever comes down to

>> No.18367923

I like Dorf fort but the fact is it isn't tg related. We adopted it because we fucking loved it like just about everything else on >>18367832 list but things like x com which was spammed for months and Wakfu which was discussed ad nauseum or Monster girl threads which were fucking everywhere aren't tg related

There is a very big difference between tg related and tg loves

>> No.18367933

> This is not to say that text quests are wrong kind of fun, but image quests attract authors who are more likely to prefer quality over quantity and also have a threshold which favors quality over quantity.

In theory.

In reality, that's a load of bullshit.

>> No.18367954

For you questers who are craving to quest, go here:

Now that shameless plug is over with, I think there should be a /q/ board for quests. Keeps them grognards happy by migrating /tg/'s quests into /q/ and keeping their 'purity', and the questers happy by giving them a place where they can quest.
So fuck the frequency laws, because this is radio free mars...

>> No.18367975

There was a time when /tg/ would gamify and relate anything they got their hands on, no matter how small or tangentially unrelated to the board.

We were the board of that would turn everything into a game or a campaign setting or just content for an existing game.

If we stuck with this "THAT'S NOT /TG/ RELATED" mentality, we wouldn't have AdEva or the F-Zero RPG or most of the homebrews that actually got finished.

I'm all for edging out and getting rid of bullshit posts like, "Tell me what bidya I should play /tg/!" or similar shit, but we really shouldn't be turning away any topics as long as we can work with them.

>> No.18367976


This man is wise. He's the only one that seems to understand why a glut of quest threads is frustrating.

They just can't really be enjoyed by most of us; they're for a small audience of participants. A brand-new quest, or one that hasn't had many threads yet, gives a chance to jump in but quickly enough they cross the accessibility threshold. There's a point where a quest runs long enough that simply seeing the part number is discouraging. Catching up on 20 threads just to understand the plot of a quest is a tall order even if you just intend to read it and not participate. They just take up space on the front page for those of us not in the small circle of participants.

On a really really bad day there can be as many as 10 quests active at once. Then it goes into overdrive and stops being frustrating and starts being infuriating. It's like going to /co/ and seeing every other thread dedicated to some obscure European cartoons from the 70s. Probably not interested and even if you were, there's no way you could participate.

>> No.18367992

So you're saying that if I include my shitty, admittedly too anime to function drawings in my quest thread, I'll get a lot more people reading my quest? Sick fucking shit!

>> No.18367993

>There is a very big difference between tg related and tg loves
For people who mostly play miniatures games, it's easy to distinguish between what is related to the game and what isn't.

But for games that are based more on creativity, the line can be much more ethereal.

Asking for Dark Eldar tactics, or for a critique of your decklist, is to the former group what storytelling is the the latter group.

>> No.18368000

Maybe so, but that doesn't mean it 'isn't' /tg/ related.

I don't know shit about Warmahordes or Battletech, to me they are completely inaccessible, but I don't go around complaining about warmahordes threads.

>> No.18368012

Actually, no. Far from it. Stuff like that happened once in a blue moon. The usual chain of events was: someone posts shit on /tg/ -> /tg/ rages, or piles so much of its own shit over the thread that the OP runs away, or the whole thing devolves into a porn dump -> thread eventually autosages.

Nearly all of my Jahi stuff was from /tg/, not from /y/. In fact, if /tg/ was ever the best at something on 4chan, it was quality porn dumps.

>> No.18368020

Thats very true.
But the threads about wakfu, x com, dorf fortress etc never got made into games we just as a board loved the shit out of them.

Sadly most the people who got things done and gamified everything left during the big bullshit banning of just about everyone on tg.

I remember touhoufag and his autistic dedication to d&d crunch, the old crew of drawfags and writefags who gave us so much of the tg canon we built off and they are for the most part gone now. And in their place we have people like this thread

>> No.18368023


Yeah, but you could feasibly go out and learn about Warmahordes or whatnot without having to read 20+ threads just to understand what's going on.

And Warmahordes threads don't randomly start taking up significant portions of the front page.

>> No.18368028

Gonna have to agree here. As much as I feel that quests are /tg/ related, it would probably be easier for everyone if they had their own board. Pokemon got its own board when it was /v/ related, why not quests which are /tg/ related?

Oh no, 10 threads out of the 150 threads on the board at one time are quests! Whatever shall we do?!?! It's almost like you'd have to go and check more than the front page sometimes.

>> No.18368029

>They just can't really be enjoyed by most of us
That's how I feel about the majority of the threads on /tg/.

I don't play 40K, or 4E, or, or modern military wargames, or MtG, or nWoD. I'm not interested in quest threads except for Strike Witches. I don't care about art dumps or elf rape.

I don't complain about it, I just fucking hide the threads. There are people who seem to think that all 160 threads should be something that interests them, and their entitlement is driving them to attack people who don't have the exact same tastes as them.

>> No.18368030

>It's like going to /co/ and seeing every other thread dedicated to some obscure European cartoons from the 70s.
Which is completely unlike 110% of the front page being MSPA/AT/[anewthingiscomingsoonomg]-"General" shit?

>> No.18368036

I ran a quest with pictures.. In betwen waiting for requests and figuring out how to depict what I needed to draw and then writing the accompanying text would sometimes put an hour between each update.

Despite my meager success with the first thread, it pretty much died right out the door with the second thread.

>> No.18368043

Which on did you run?

>> No.18368053
File: 104 KB, 550x750, CMQ-OP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Card Mage Quest.
I think part of the poor reception had to do with the thick layer of rules and mechanics I had to establish, though.

>> No.18368058

That's just being lazy though.
There is 15 pages out there go look once in a while
Or use catalog.neet.tv/tg/ and not care about pages

Learning about a quest would generally take less time than learning about a whole system.

With the exception being ones like iron hearts, Zerg quest and commander will it just fucking end already quest

>> No.18368059

If a thread is continually dominating the front page its because its a thread that is actually, you know, active. Quest threads are popular because they are an enjoyable way to waste an evening. Its a quick session of role play without the hassle of organizing a time and place.

>> No.18368063

Hmm, never saw one of the threads.

>> No.18368069


...do you like anything on /tg/ besides Strike Witches Quest? Because you seriously just described like half the things on /tg/ right there.

>> No.18368078

No, I'm saying that because people don't even make the herculean task of adding a shitty stick scribble to their quest posts, they don't have to think twice about starting a quest, which doubly highlights Sturgeon's Law in effect, which again in turn further pisses off people who don't like seeing quests to begin with.

>> No.18368085

Battletech, Shadowrun, Homebrew, Boardgames, History of gaming, and general roleplaying and game theory

>> No.18368089

ITT: People who can't be bothered to look past the first page and participate in threads they are actually interested in, they instead have to bitch and moan about the most active threads on the board.

That pretty much sums up MOST of the "Quests aren't /tg/ related!!?!!!" faggots.

The last quest I participated in was fucking Zeon Quest, I lurk Zerg Quest from time to time, but Jesus Christ people.

>> No.18368090

I work all night, everyone I know works all day, I haven't had a game in 3 years

This guy gets it though, quests are a quick fix of role playing generally without needing 5 people 6 hours and a bucket of dice which can be very hard to come by

>> No.18368099

Personally, I find 'create a setting' threads just as bad as quest threads, but instead of bitching and moaning about it I do something constructive and either spend time in a thread that interests me or start a thread on something that would if I can't find one.

No one is stopping you from making your own threads, or talking about the things you want to talk about.

>> No.18368100


Still trying to find a decent time to start them up again.. Perhaps tonight... But seems this sudden concern with there being too many quest threads might be an issue.

>> No.18368103

Yep. Sums up the argument against quests

>> No.18368114

Don't worry about it, if you do a good job people will join in.

The whole argument stems from a few butthurt aspies who think all of tg should be only for their interests

>> No.18368122


This guy has it.

>> No.18368135

Ding ding, we have a winner!

>> No.18368143

In my opinion, sticking to some kind a schedule really helps with a quest's survival.

>> No.18368154

Wow, I leave tg/ for a week and come back to find the grognards and aspies in full riot. Stay classy /tg/, like this guy >>18367892

>> No.18368155

>thick layer of rules and mechanics I had to establish
Well there's your problem.

Aside from the author establishing things like "you can't fly" and "you can't shoot laser robots out of your ass", quests should run primarily on author discretion. If it's "serious" you should concentrate on the story and characters, if it's comedic it's dependent on your sense of humor and showmanship to begin with, so arbitrary mechanics are dead weight. Story, characters and delivery should be the concern, not the modifier your strength adds to your anal circumference if facing a Saharan tree frog on an alternate Monday during Backwards Ramadan.
Calculators&Flowcharts can be a fun game, especially if you like that sort of thing, but quests aren't a good platform for that.

>> No.18368179


>> No.18368181

Yep the tards got out of their cages.
Want to help round them up or just poke them with a stick Bit?

>> No.18368194

I don't feel strongly for or against quest threads, they don't interest me in the slightest, but when you come on and find the front page covered in them then you know there's a problem.

If we could work out some kind of unofficial limit to quests so the board doesn't get littered with them. Maybe a hard limit of five at a time, any made past that point gets auto-saged or deleted.

>> No.18368206

Dragon quest was a good example of balancing rules of writing.
The setting used basic d&d rules for what magic can do, planes etc etc and then basically set the thing loose.

WD being a decent author helped a lot though

>> No.18368210

Step 1: stop pretending ALL OF /tg/ IS THE FRONT PAGE!
Step 2: http://catalog.neet.tv/tg/
Step 3: it's fucking everything, without having to flip through the pages.
Step 4: realize there's like 6-7 quests and "evolution creature" which is either a quest or a world builder thread. That's just about 5% of all the threads available to you. Why is 5% so fucking bothersome? Why are you getting pissy about 5 fucking percent?

Holy christ, some people. It's like /v/ tier levels of rectal pain.

>> No.18368211

I don't feel strongly for or against 40K threads, they don't interest me in the slightest, but when you come on and find the front page covered in them then you know there's a problem.

If we could work out some kind of unofficial limit to 40K threads so the board doesn't get littered with them. Maybe a hard limit of five at a time, any made past that point gets auto-saged or deleted.

>> No.18368221

Or how about you do as other people have said and use the catalog or just check other pages.

If quest threads were against the rules they would actually ban the Op's and participants but they don't because they are allowed and until moot makes a quest board it will be that way

Having a front page full of 40k or d&d can be just as off putting as a front page full of quests if it isn't in your interests

>> No.18368236

A lot of newer fa/tg/uys are /v/irgins as well.
Explains a lot really

>> No.18368246

>telling people to go post in threads that died several hours before they got to them

you are scum

>> No.18368250

18368194 here, I actually agree with you.

>> No.18368253

"Unofficial limit" in plain English is "I will ruin everything for everyone by means of endless shitposting if something very specific isn't exactly to my liking".

I enough people like low-quality high-quantity content, there's not really anything you can do about it. Hope that they get tired of shit or that someone raises the bar enough to make people demand for increased quality.

>> No.18368255

Resurrect a dead thread if it is related to your topic.

I do it instead of starting a new thread every time I feel the need to say something

>> No.18368259

A lot of the newer fa/tg/uys are handsome alpha males that are the masters of the universe and post from their orbital space stations.
Explains a lot really.

See? I can do that too.

Spoiler: I've been on /tg/ since its creation. I'm just mocking your retarded post.

>> No.18368270

Or when you see ten threads already up, you stop and think whether adding more shit to the pile is really necessary. I'm not saying to remove them altogether but some restraint would go a long way.

>> No.18368285

> but when you come on and find the front page covered in them then you know there's a problem.

What a load of bullshit.

>> No.18368293

kill yourself faggot

>> No.18368297

Spoiler me too.
I might not like everything on here and i honestly dont like most the quests but I think that role playing and quests have about the same right as anything else we have found some slight way to make it tg related

>> No.18368298

If people demanded their quests come with illustrations made by the quest's author, the authors would have to look at their own shitty scribbles and then judge if they can handle that.
Text authors can just type whatever and pretend they're masters of storytelling - especially if their level of literacy is questionable.

>> No.18368299

>I've never seen it so it's obviously never happened.

Try harder dipshit.

>> No.18368306

rolled 16 = 16



For fuck's sake people, the catalog exists for this shit.

The front page doesn't mean jackshit on a board like this, where a thread with just a TOKEN bump can last for days.

>> No.18368308

>142 posts that could have been made keeping threads you like on the front page

>> No.18368314

10 threads out of 160
Really big number there, we wont have enough space for enough warhammer and d&d and elf rape threads if we have that many quests running

>> No.18368324

Its bullshit that its a problem. It isn't. Its /tg/ content, its a bit of text with a picture or two. Its at most five to ten threads on a fifteen page board. That's a drop in the bucket.

>> No.18368328

This. The quality of /v/ has improved immensely since splitting /vg/ off it, and I imagine a /q/ board would do the same sort of thing here.

>> No.18368345

/v/ is still /v/, its just that now there's a place to talk about video games, namely /vg/.

>> No.18368359


/tg/ wouldn't survive a split of that magnitude.

>> No.18368364

>Quest hating
Wait. So how do you guys feel about the Nation-Builder threads?

I'd kill for a slower static board for them, preferably one with dice. Maybe I can pester the tgchan mods for a nb board.

>> No.18368369

>implying /vg/ talks about videogames
>implying /vg/ arent circlejerks
welp guess you havent been to either!

>> No.18368374
File: 14 KB, 640x640, tory2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really cannot say whatever quests are /tg/ related or not. They have been nesting here for a long while now.
I could move Daniel's Quest to other board if people really wanted it.

Autosaging I cannot explain, as I haven't experienced such myself. IIRC I have used 'quest' in subject-field once or twice.
Oh well.
Regarding the whole 'tgchan won't read quests without furries' is still kinda false. Yes, tgchan is terribly furry, but they still can like quest with not-furry protagonist. My quest actually gathered quite bit of suggesters and readers and the character is pretty well known. Board is kinda slow but eh, kinda perfect for 1 or 2 updates per day update-schedule. Just stay away from /questdis/.
Image related.

( Ps. no new Daniel's until next week. Sorry. IRL-stuff. I also need to think stuff. )

>> No.18368379

Choose one, seriously /v/ isn't about video games it is about people complaining about Developers and acting like they know shit about how to make a decent game

While I do agree with them on some subjects for the most part they are even more autistic than the people crying in this thread

Personally I would love a quest board. I would probably not spend much time in tg anymore if we had one since the majority of things posted here are the same reposts anyway

>> No.18368392

confirmed for /v/.

Get the fuck out. The influx of /v/ regulars is responsible for shit like these threads. Constantly complaining about shit over and over again.

>> No.18368401



Splitting /tg/ would fucking murder it, why Split a slow board when you can just hide threads? Why split a slow board when you are too fucking lazy to search anything besides the front page, which is by it's very nature, populated by the most active threads?

>> No.18368402

Take the people who run and enjoy quests out of here and it would move slower than /c/

Or maybe not quite but threads would barely reach 50 posts since most threads posted here now die due to people not checking further than page 0 to see if there is a thread up for their interests

>> No.18368409

I don't get it. I thought quest threads were a proud /tg/ tradition. I mean, EVERYONE faps over Rubyquest, right?

Since when did all you faggots decide it was a posion chalice and not a main attraction?

>> No.18368413

The purge already killed /tg/. It's just a shambling corpse that doesn't know it's dead yet, infested with whiners, reposted trollspam, and people who can't be bothered to make good threats or original content because the people who enjoyed doing it were driven away.

>> No.18368417

Since we lost the old guard and got a massive influx of 12 year old /v/ fans who need things to be grim derp and MANLY for them not to feel uncomfortable

>> No.18368420

Since a bunch of /v/ people decided to squat here.

We need to build a damn fence, is what we need to do.

>> No.18368425


It is just a few very vocal asspained faggots who make these threads.

I recall very fondly the amount of asspain that was evident back when the mods told them to shut the fuck up and that quests were /tg/ related.

>> No.18368435

There is still hope. Just yesterday there was an amazing Persian/Arabic setting thread.


>> No.18368447
File: 1020 KB, 400x229, 1330738126326.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, it's not only quest threads that get the "soft-delete" of auto saging.

I was trying to be nice yesterday and made a new holiday-give-away thread, where I wanted to raffle out a dice bag.
It autosaged pretty much immediately.

Ok, I understand my give-aways aren't 100% related to the topics discussed on this board, but the prizes definately are /tg/ related and hey... free stuff!

But as it is, /tg/ lost the chance to win a dice bag.

>> No.18368451


Still hope bro, it just comes only so rarely.

Like that "On the Back's of Gods" setting that /tg/ created from a picture of a giant castle-crab fucking a giantess, turned that picture into a setting about unimaginable huge titans with civilization being based on their backs, forever wandering.

>> No.18368457


If the minority is so minor, how come they managed to get quest threads to autosage?!

Shit like Commander Quest getting auto-saged?! It's been around longer than half the posters here!!

>> No.18368462

Want to shut the up again? Mail the mods and get them to stick "QUESTS ARE TG RELATED SHUT THE FUCK UP" across page 0 again

>> No.18368464

I hang out in the Dwarf Fortress general on /vg/. I suppose my experience of the board may be atypical then, because those threads are always good.

>> No.18368468


A single person can spam a mailbox a couple thousand times.

Such is the potency of butthurt.

>> No.18368470

Report spamming.
I could do it to threads easily enough

>> No.18368474

Very, very vocal. And damn persistent. The kind of people that aren't content and won't stop until they get their way.

>> No.18368487

>people can't visit both boards if they want

>> No.18368492

Sounds like the same children that fucked up /a/

>> No.18368511

Autists ruin everything. They get it in their head that things have to be a certain way, and won't even think of stopping their bullshit until it is exactly the way they like it.

>> No.18368515
File: 12 KB, 200x219, 1312938464702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are eight quest related threads on /tg/ right now, including this one. Eight threads out of 160. One in twenty.

There is more to /tg/ than page 0.

>> No.18368519

If its the same people on both boards, why not keep it as one board?

>> No.18368522

Are you referring to the /a/ - /jp/ split? Because, seriously, fuck Touhou and VNs, and I'm glad they're in a ghetto.

>> No.18368527

Once upon a time there was a quest called Joandventure. An individual disliked something specific about it, so he shitposted in threads, so a mod banned the quest author.

Then the ban was cancelled, the author waited well beyond the original expiry date of the ban and attempting to continue to quest was immediately banned for "ban evasion".

I have no reason to believe things have improved significantly since then.

>> No.18368531

Actually I was referring to Wiki- and Acceleratorspam.

>> No.18368532


Why would they bother?

I come to /tg/ for the Storytimes.

Why the fuck would I come here anymore for something that is now rare, when I could go to the quest board and watch a story of unknown quality unfold or actively participate in it?

For the Edition Wars? Army Lists? Fluff discussion that has been done again a thousand times over?

At least Quests for the most part are a steady source of OC.

>> No.18368538

Both are long dead.

>> No.18368545

Shows you that my last visit to that shithole was long ago.

>> No.18368562

Because apparently some autist douchebag decided quests aren't /tg/ related and won't stop complaining about it until mods auto-sage quest threads.
AND EVEN THEN he still complains and get butthurt over that.
So, for the sperglord to stop thrashing his weight and knocking /tg/ over in his childish behavior, I suggested for a /q/uest board.

>> No.18368563
File: 63 KB, 400x350, 1324678437663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This thread

>> No.18368573
File: 103 KB, 484x448, 1329600572071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If your primary complaint is the spammers, I guess it isn't a shithole anymore. The vitriol might still not be to your taste, however.

>> No.18368590

Incidentally, didnt the sticky before the cat one explicitly mention that quest threads are /tg/ related?

>> No.18368598



>> No.18368602

The faggot is right about that.

Everything a mod ever posted concerning quests:


>> No.18368606

It did, I have asked the mods to put the thing back multiple times.
get some more people to mail and maybe they will do it

>> No.18368611

Too bad the spammers are still here.

Sex in game wat do, sexy transformation wat do, how make sexiness in game okay, hey /tg/ am I that guy, hey /tg/ help me with sex in game wat do, hey /tg/ that girl made anime in game wat do.....

Every day all day all week every week.

>> No.18368618

Well, I just email'd Moot asking him to look into this supposed quest autosage thing what with the threads coming in without bumpability. I have full confidence that he will solve this issue. Moot's proven to me in the past that he's far from an aloof, passive administrator of 4chan. I have faith that he will restore balance to the board.

>> No.18368621

I don't even bother too much for that anymore.

If I want to read the newer story time threads I search for them on archives or for things like deffwotch from the 1d4chan page

>> No.18368626

People pointlessly reporting quest threads are breaking /tg/ rule 1 and preventing /tg/ rule 2, as per the sticky.

>> No.18368637

We just changed from one type of shit to another.

Hard to believe I actually like porn dumps etc constantly to multiple threads about that guy/girl, about creepy DM's throwing fetishes in games, about 40k lists we just has a thread about 3 hours ago

>> No.18368643

Mods don't particularly care unless complaints are made about it though and even then there needs to be a lot of complaints

>> No.18368649

The moddies aren't unknown to breaking those rules, either.
Talking about /a/ or /tg/ here?

>> No.18368653
File: 42 KB, 500x391, humanity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: grognards gonna grognard.

>> No.18368660
File: 35 KB, 446x337, Ain't Even Mad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't read a single quest thread. When I see them, I just keep scrolling.

I have mastered a skill that 99% of /tg/ does not have.

>> No.18368661

ITT: Trolls, autists and ten tons of analpain.
As has been previously said, you see a thing you don't like? Hide it. You see a thing you like, follow it.
You see something you don't like? BUILD A FUCKING BRIDGE.
Honestly, the internet has given people who IRL wouldn't say boo to a goose a massive sense of entitlement. Some people aren't basement dwellers who can afford to spend THE ENTIRE DAY emailing admin about THE THINGS THEY DON'T LIKE.

Autists: The things I don't like shouldn't be on /tg/
Questfags/everyone else: You don't like them? Hide them, problem solved.

>> No.18368662

Meant to include >We just changed from one type of shit to another.

>> No.18368678

I know, right? I do the same thing for all the shitty wat do, 40k, warmahordes, elf slave, porn dumps, transformation, etc threads. Now THAT'S 90% of /tg/'s content that I'm ignoring right there, and I don't even have to hide pages to do it! If the people bitching about quests can't even bother to ignore 5-10 threads out of 160 then by god, please go masturbate with citrus juice.

>> No.18368695

Citrus juice, you say?

>> No.18368699


I wish I could give you a medal and transfer your rare ability to the rest of tg

>> No.18368716

On that matter,

anyone who has to hide 90% of /tg/ should really consider leaving for good.

>> No.18368717

/a/'s porn dumps are very often nice and civil, from what I've seen, so long as one does not ask for hurrsauce.

>> No.18368724

Quests on /tg/ are suffering because people can't just throw in fetishes and get an automatic share of attention, like they used to be able to.

Without the fetishes to serve as bait for the hook, new quests just can't get traction and quickly die off before they get a dedicated fanbase that sees more than just a fetish in the quest.

>> No.18368737
File: 16 KB, 640x640, loldunno.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cool that people are looking into this.

Somewhat unrelated:
Is there a general IRC-channel specifically for /tg/ quests?

>please go masturbate with citrus juice.
Incorporating this into my language brb.

>> No.18368740

Thats why we have quests like Ironhearts and Zaku that have been going on for hundreds of threads now.

>> No.18368743

haven't even finished reading the thread yet, but holy shit. you are one mad-ass fat fucker, aintcha? go outside for once. you could use the sun. hell, maybe you can sweat out some of your weight and toxins.

>hurr durr, im a navy seal, faggot! i'll kill you in your sleep!
Come at me, brother.

>> No.18368777

I know that the SWQ people made their own channel, but I dunno about a general channel for quests. If you want to make one, it shouldn't be too hard to do.

>> No.18368809

I still mourn Earth War Quest.

>> No.18368840

The SWQ IRC got a bit of a MSQ invasion but that's less people joining to talk about it and more interests overlapping

>> No.18368841

Stop suggesting the catalog. A lot of people, myself included, hate the catalog for good reasons.

Browsing the catalog is annoying as fuck because it doesn't synergize with ANY of my plug-ins. I can't hide threads, I can't preview images, I can't see where a thread went besides what the OP was (and /tg/ is FAMOUS for turning shit troll OPs into hilarious discussions), I can't see embedded youtube links....

It's a terrible way to browse when compared to all the features my plug-ins give me.

>> No.18368844

One of the arguments I've seen being used is that the quest goers are all the same people that don't go to non-quest threads. And that's bollocks.
For the anon,s you can't check it at all, and there hasn't been a namefag I've seen in a quest that hasn't been posting outside of one too. And not all questers like all the quests. There's a couple I'm following, but there's plenty of quests that don't really interest me at all.

was thinking exactly that. everyone started coming to /tg/ for /tg/ related stuff anyway, why the hell should they leave /tg/ once quests leave? All the tablepot, P&P and all the rest would still be here, so they'd go to both. I know I would.

>> No.18368853

And lots of people like the catalog.
I do, I don't bother with most plug ins for 4chan because they aren't necessary and for most people who are complaining it actually would fix their problem

>> No.18368861

A lot of people visiting tg now are less interested in the tablepot etc side of things since it is largely the same discussion ad infinitum

>> No.18368889
File: 41 KB, 349x420, atfirstthenlike.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm too tired to write decently it seems.

Anyway, I guess you're right in part, but I still doubt most of them ONLY go to quest threads. And if we would get a /q/, the haters are happy, because the questing is done away from them, and the questers that do come to /tg/ for it's "related" content won't leave, so I don't see any problem.

>> No.18368892

Speaking of quests MSQ is monday 2200 apparently

>> No.18368908

Anyone know when the next MQ Quest is going to be?

>> No.18368910

I would quite like to see it happen to be honest. Last I heard was /q/ lost out to /gay/ among others during the last new board expansion.

I would keep an eye on tg for anything interesting but really nowadays aside from waiting for non existent draw threads and Shas'O and his weekly dose of orky awesomeness I look forward to very little on here

>> No.18368916

I rather like the autosaging solution. It keeps quests off the front page, but /tg/'s slow enough moving that they'll stick around. The people who like the quests will have to look back a ways, but to the extent that they're a minority, better them do it than everyone else.

Creating a separate quest board would certainly address the problem, but it would probably have to include other things as well, like the "roll doubles to X" or "post numbers determine loadout" type things that pop up everywhere. Frankly, it'd clean up the whole site a fair bit.

I asked moot to add spoilers to /tg/ back when he was asking for suggestions, but I haven't actually tested it out since.

>> No.18368920
File: 119 KB, 640x960, And That's Where I'd Put A Fuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't mind the sexuality what do or porn dump threads. I mean, I like porn.

But I am sick and tired of seeing the fucking Warmahordes logo.

>> No.18368927

For long-running quests, it is the same people posting in every thread, thread after thread. There's too much backstory and rules for any outsider to jump in, it's very exclusionary.

I think the best solution was posted earlier in the thread, but I can't be arsed to find it now.

Gamefinder threads. One thread at a time, used both for people finding online games and people who want to run quests. If you're only going to have the same handful of people in your quest all the time, there's no reason to keep posting it on the board versus in an IRC channel, you're not attracting any new participants with Anime Butler Quest #2305. Here's how I see it going down:

>Gamefinder thread
>Post brief description of your quest
>Post schedule you will try to keep
>Post IRC channel to join
>Players join the quests they want to
>You get to advertise it on /tg/
>Yours and every other quest on /tg/ only takes up one spot on the front page

Do this every time you start up the quest, every time you run another session, or every time your IRC channel is in need of some new players.

>> No.18368929

Quests are the only source of OC this board has anymore.

>> No.18368944

the autosage absolutely kills quest threads. they only pop up once on the frontpage (which is the only think most people seem to check), so it can't actually get any contributors except for the 1 or 2 that notice it the first time, and then they can't start. I've seen some that still tried, but there were only those 1 or 2 people, and it sucked.

And the roll x things like the zombie survival one yesterday would be nice to add to it too then, would make it more varied, because only quest threads would probably be too little traffic for an entire board. it'd be it's own archive, so to speak.

>> No.18368946

Normal quests don't work with IRC for the most part.

Mostly because of the Real-Time arguing.

But i'm sure those precious 5-15 threads on a 15 page board would be taken up by more shit-threads and troll threads.

>> No.18368948

A thread like that could work pretty well, especially if it were just people posting their own quest/game and no actual discussion to sort through.

>> No.18368950

I don't. Many of the quest threads can last for upwards of four hours, when tg is being spammed with new shit as it does sometimes when people want to get rid of older threads or autos aging threads they would die very quickly.

For the most part I don't see the hatred of quest threads, they are kept to their thread. No one comes in and tries to shoehorn their quest into other threads and no one jumps from a quest thread to bitch about 40k spam or d&d spam or MTG spam.

That and the people participating in the various quests seem to make up a large chunk of tg's userbase for the longer running and more popular ones

>> No.18368953

>Mostly because of the Real-Time arguing.
What do you mean? I don't see that being a problem. Just have one channel for the OP's posts and another for discussion.

>> No.18368961

People could always check the catalog if they want.

>> No.18368965

IRC is great for running a small game over.
Trying to organize upwards of two dozen people in a quest can be havoc especially when they don't have to worry about captcha and bump limits

>> No.18368969

I'm assuming most folk that dislike or just have no interest in quests do the sensible thing. Hide them or scroll past, neither of which is difficult.

Instead we end up with a 200+ post metathread started because the OP was mad that people like things he doesn't.

We've had good discussion about a /q/ board and it was quite evident that splitting /tg/ wouldn't be a good thing, likely why Moot didn't.

Quest threads are /tg/ related as confirmed by Mods, and they make up only a meager fraction of the board at any one time.

So rather than argue and shitpost can't you just be reasonable enough to realize that it is easy to ignore 10(at the most)/160 threads?

>> No.18368979

People should get used to checking more than just the first page. It's the same argument people above used for why the quests should stay.

>> No.18368981

Doesn't help if it autosages from post 1 and so it drops like a lead balloon put of existence as soon as a new thread is posted

>> No.18368990

Set some ground rules. That's what rules are for, to settle disputes. Is moderating your own damn quest too much effort for you? They're fighting over what action to take next? Get an IRC plug-in for your channel, have them roll 1d100 for it.

>> No.18368992

OP wasn't actually complaining he just wanted to know why his thread was autosages from the get go

>> No.18368993

>OP was mad that people like things he doesn't.

OP is/was confused about the whole auto-sage thing that has happened to quite a few quests lately.

>> No.18368999

yes, the same people will frequent the same quests, but that's not really what I meant. The way haters said it was that there's only this tiny group of people that go to all the quests.

And while in theory the gamefinder analogy would work a bit, I have serious doubts about IRC as a medium for quests.
Plus, there's only a single quest I was in from the start, and that was Deity quest. All the others I've only picked up after a few threads, and sometimes even after 10 or 12ths (like heretical love and metahuman), so that way would also completely eliminate the newcomer inflow, which is especially crucial in the first few threads. people miss the second thread, or took part in the first but lost interest, etc. To balance those out it needs the people that see the second or third thread and think "hey, this could be a nice one".

>> No.18369002

The last thread on last page has lasted 12 hours your argument is invalid

>> No.18369003

Or use the already in place system on 4chan that everyone can access.

It's not that hard to accept that the threads will be there and you have to look further than page 0

>> No.18369005

The first post has one line. Three sentences.

How the hell did you manage to end up with that interpretation?

>> No.18369021

There are a lot of different quests right now. This is largely cyclical, and due to the success of a couple big ones right now. Even if they are only kept to the active thread, which they often aren't (discussion threads are fairly common), it's a lot of space taken up by a small portion of the community. That's why people are getting frustrated.

As for the autosage, /tg/ is one of the slower boards here. If an active quest thread does actually 404, just make another.

>> No.18369032

Your other points are valid, but you CAN hide threads. Shift click.

>> No.18369038

Really? I haven't seen more than two quest discussion threads this week and I have been watching the catalog

And there is no reason why popular threads should have to be on autosage, how would you like every 40k thread about army lists to be on autosage because "there's lots of them and they take up the front page"
Or the "let's make me a d&d x.x character based on this" threads they are quite popular and they get enough time

>> No.18369051

Even combined, I think the people in quest threads represent a minority of /tg/'s population.

Gamefinder threads would refresh, letting authors post updated descriptions of their quest to attract new players.

I still don't see what's wrong with using IRC. Just use multiple channels and post the logs somewhere.

>> No.18369054


I donno, that seems like say, going over the 140 character limit on twitter to get around that there is a 140 limit.

... Or saying that women don't need to look at the fetus for the scare tactics you are attempting to use to limit abortion.

.... in short,

Fuck you for suggesting that a bullshit limitation isn't bullshit because you can work around it.

>> No.18369058

Put them on /tg/ but autosage them. The questers can look past page 0 just as easily as everyone else.

>> No.18369063

ah my bad, phone takes a good minute or more to load threads longer than 100 posts and I flubbed and didn't re-read the OP, apologies.

>> No.18369067

Not everyone uses the catalogue. Hell, I didn't even know it existed until I read this thread. Plus, not everyone likes it either. After giving it a go for a short while, I found that I don't like to not be able to see what a thread is about at first glace, and it feels very cluttered.

I know. which is why I brought it up. I actually read through the entire shitstorm before posting.

>I'm assuming most folk that dislike or just have no interest in quests do the sensible thing.
you assume too much. Hence all the butthurt.

>> No.18369068

>We've had good discussion about a /q/ board and it was quite evident that splitting /tg/ wouldn't be a good thing, likely why Moot didn't.
Was this during the last round of changes? Is it archived?

>> No.18369070


well, duh.

But maybe there isn't a majority of people doing anything on /tg/, so having majority rule would just mean that /tg/ shouldn't have anything on it, because the majority doesn't do X where X is a topic or something.

>> No.18369077

Then you show you have no idea how big the quests get and how they would run in a chat room situation

Strike witches quest can go from OP post to autosage if the people in there get discussing something because there are shitloads who follow it.

And IRC is not a good platform for quests, imagine trying to run a game where you have fifty off people spamming you in IRC welcome to running a smaller quest in a chat room

>> No.18369078

Put every thread on /tg/ but autosage them. Everyone can look past page 0 just as easily as everyone else.

>> No.18369081


why not just autosage everything?

>> No.18369083


autosage everything mind.

>> No.18369084

Would probably be too easy to shitspam the front page then. Better have trash threads like quest threads get rolled down only.

>> No.18369085

You make a good point. Surely things would be easier if people used IRC for it. Hey, I have an idea! Instead of clogging up /tg/ with shit like 0k, warmahordes, and DND (ie, stuff *I* don't like), why don't they just take that to IRC! Yeah! No more worrying about captcha, and you can post faster too! By god, why even have 4chan at all? Just have everything in IRC rooms!!!11!!!!!1

>> No.18369090

There's a legitimate question of whether quests are proper /tg/ material. The mods have said yes for now, but clearly it's a hot issue (hence why this is at 250 posts). Quests also have (much) higher barriers to entry. These factors distinguish them from 40k and D&D threads.

>> No.18369091

but everything on /tg/ is trash.

>> No.18369098

> Would probably be too easy to shitspam the front page then. Better have trash threads like warmahorde threads get rolled down only.

Repeat ad naseum.

>> No.18369099

Nah man, just troll threads, meta threads and quest threads.

>> No.18369100


yeah he said he didn't want to split /tg/

on my phone so I can't really search for the archive very easily

>> No.18369105

How about no?
We get the same treatment as everyone else on here which is how it is meant to be. If you really hate it that much push for a /q/ board to get rid of us so that there are more people asking for it

Heretical love quest had so many followers that when people were called to roll you could end up with about 30+ rolls before anyone realized that we had gotten a couple of 20's and at least a single 1

>> No.18369108

> There's a legitimate question of whether quests are proper /tg/ material.

No there isn't.

>> No.18369109


.... I donno, I am more likely to be interested in a quest thread then a 40k game crunch thread.

>> No.18369111
File: 259 KB, 540x800, s640v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

#swq gets up to some 46~ people durring quest time, running a quest when IRC is going that fast would be imposable, because at least on /tg/ there is captca to slow peoples responses down

TDLR IRC is good for quest discussion, but not for running quests, as i said before, everybody on /tg/ is just going to have to deal with it

>> No.18369121


... I feel like a /q/ board on 4chan is about as useful as /r/ is.

.... which is not fucking very.

>> No.18369124

Yes there is.

>> No.18369125

SWQ is more of an /a/ quest anyway.

>> No.18369126

See this is a false assumption,

Getting into 40k or d&d requires more reading and time than getting into the average quest.

The exceptions are very visible but reading 15-20 threads =\= reading a bigass rule book to understand what is being discussed.

Even having played most the games tg likes i get lost in the jargon and bullshit in threads

>> No.18369128

I don't like quests, but I realize that other people do.

I think that at this point, with so many of them crowding the board, making it harder to have discussions about actual games, that maybe we need a separate board. /v/ got a /vg/ board, and whether they wanted it or not, /co/ got /mlp/.

Maybe it's time that /tg/ got a /qst/?

>> No.18369130

Then maybe /tg/ isn't the right board for you.

>> No.18369131

Yes there is.

>> No.18369134


Well, that's bullshit. Most of us just have the sense to drop the nametag.

>> No.18369136

That might work if this weren't /tg/. If you're coming here at all it's assumed that you have a baseline level of knowledge or interest in RPGs or tabletop games.

>> No.18369137

> I think that at this point, with so many of them crowding the board, making it harder to have discussions about actual games,

But quest threads aren't doing this. The idea that they are is not just false, its laughably false.

>> No.18369140

No there really isn't
It was summed up as this
Quests = role playing
Role playing is tg related
Go be butthurt somewhere else

>> No.18369142
File: 67 KB, 945x470, nope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, there is not.

>> No.18369143

The Mods say yes for now, but they also autosage them.

So it looks like the people who run the site think there is.

>> No.18369144


oh dem Nat 1s

I feel the hue overtaking me

>> No.18369150

And that's the fucking problem. You get people here who are only interested in the quests, shitting up the board for the people who are actually interested in /tg/ stuff.

>> No.18369156

Because he doesnt like talking about 40k crunch?
Well shit by that standard 90% of people shouldn't be on tg since we talk about a damn sight more than crunch for one war game

>> No.18369157


... are you implying that to enjoy /tg/, you have to enjoy every topic that it covers?

... because I use /tg/ to rage about Monte Cook, bitch about magic cards, and argue about the merits of dice systems.

>> No.18369158

Not really. They stay in the SWQ threads and that's it. So what's that. 1 actual quest thread + maybe a discussion thread?

2 out of 160 threads? Really?

>> No.18369162


Frankly, I don't really think most quests can properly be called roleplaying. It usually comes down to either chance, if you're using rolls, or majority vote.

>> No.18369170

And that's the fucking problem. You get people here who are only interested in the 40k/elf slave wat do/warmahordes/etc threads, shitting up the board for the people who are actually interested in /tg/ stuff.

>> No.18369173

SWQ is fine because those threads end up autosaging very quickly and stop cluttering things up. More quest threads should do that, and if they really do all autosage now then great. It's clearly not hurting SWQ any.

>> No.18369176


>It usually comes down to either chance, if you're using rolls, or majority vote.

You mean like normal P&P's?
"Roll to seduce" and all that?

>> No.18369177

That's such a load of bullshit. People who play the occasional quest also post in other threads. No one is in it 'just for the quests'.

Its not like pony-fags who drag my little pony shit into every discussion, or 40k fags for that matter. Quests and quest related stuff stay in their threads. They aren't being spammed or shoe horned in to where they aren't wanted.

>> No.18369181


>> No.18369183

Actually no.
I know plenty of people who come here for world building or stories as much as RPG's and tabletop games.

The people who moderate the site are not the people who run it

moot runs the site he says they are related
Mods take care of the site some don't like quests so they autosage them

Or butthurt aspies spam mods with reports so they autosage the quest to shut them the fuck up since they just ban evade and keep going

>> No.18369186

When you have more Quest and quest-related threads on the front page than any other, its a problem. Period.

Just fucking last night there was 3 goddamn quest threads and 2 discussions on the front page. Fuck you go to /tg/chan, that place was made for quests.

>> No.18369187

Wondering if this discussion would be better handled in IRC? Generating some thought on this and how it affects the board is not a bad thing after all.

Anyway here's another opinion on quest threads, I hope it is useful.

I think quests are an amazing new art form, and as they intersect rollplaying it falls under /tg.

Given 4chan's emphasis on image board culture I think quests should be run by artists. The art does not have to be masterpiece quality but it should be there. I suspect some quests are done by two people, one being the artist.

I don't want to be rid of text based quests, nor do I want to start an argument about their validity or right to be here. I just want to say I feel they are missing the point.

I would support a split of a new board for quests. I think the potential of a new art form make it worth it and 4chan could benefit from "backing" something like this.

I myself would dearly love to run a quest, I've only held off because my art skills are not up to par in any way that could hold someone else's interest. My solution is to get off my ass an practice and learn.

Thank you 4chan for providing some motivation to learn something new and a future goal to reach for.

>> No.18369189
File: 38 KB, 230x230, advicefry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> As for the autosage, /tg/ is one of the slower boards here
... Do you honestly believe that?

>> No.18369193


.... so basically roleplaying, but with one players-controlled character rather than a set of characters each controlled by a player.

>> No.18369194

I'm talking about how the character's actions are determined, not how the outcome of those actions is determined.

>> No.18369195

I'm just too lazy to do that...

>> No.18369202

Have you been in a SWQ thread? They pride themselves on having shitposters from /a/.

>> No.18369203

But they are.

A large amount of the threads on the board at any one time are quests. That's not good.

I don't want to get involved in a quest thread, because I have other things to do besides sit at my computer all day reloading a page. If I wanted to do that, I'd run my own quest. But that's the thing, there are already so many quests, and so many people saying "hey, maybe I should run a quest?" that the board *is* flooded with them. And don't get me wrong, I don't hate quests. I don't like them myself, but the idea is cool, and I'd like to see them continue instead of getting deleted or whatever.

But I'd like them to have a much lessened presence. Maybe have it so that you need approval for quests, and the mods give you a schedule, if that's what it takes.

>> No.18369205

Do you seriously not believe that?

>> No.18369208


I can play that game too but I have mod proof where you just have anonymous messages

>> No.18369211

You've got that backwards. The mods have said they're related, and it quests are being autosaged, it's something moot would have had to do.

>> No.18369218


..... how the fuck is it flooded with them?

.... it can't be flooded if a day or 3 goes by without a quest thread that is noticable.

>> No.18369221

This is the biggest problem.

Quest threads are exclusionary, and way way too long. Ruby Quest lasted, what? Ten days?
Also, I liked Quests better when they were drawn.

>> No.18369228

> A large amount of the threads on the board at any one time are quests.

This keeps being said, despite the fact its been proven time and again to be complete bullshit.

>> No.18369233
File: 54 KB, 266x262, 1330160003046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.

quest threads dont autosage.

But trolls keep on trolling and newfags keep on fagging regardless instead of doing some fact finding.

News at 11.

>> No.18369234

> I liked them before they were popular.

>> No.18369240

Because when they do, they can flood the board, like here >>18367520

Also, another problem I find with Quest threads is that the characters will invariably end up somewhat schizophrenic when controlled by 50 or so people.

>> No.18369248
File: 23 KB, 310x281, Agreeing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The last post of the last thread on the last page of /m/ is from yesterday. The last post of the last thread is from 2:34 Eastern time today. We're not even slower than /m/.

Go to /c/, /e/, or /u/ and learn what a truly slow board looks like. You can get threads that have lasted MONTHS on those boards.

/tg/ is one of the faster boards I know of. We're about the speed of /a/ and /co/.

>> No.18369252

They don't flood the board, they just have a higher likelihood of being archived as opposed to most other threads.

Because they are mostly, you know, still on-going.

>> No.18369254

It has nothing to do with the popularity. If a quest came along that interested me and had art, I'd sit right down and enjoy it.

But if it went on for 90 threads, I'd definitely lose interest.

>> No.18369257

I don't know anything about crunch of any /tg/ related game except for dark heresy. I come here for interesting story telling, to brainstorm on questions about how to do stuff in a game I've never played, to talk about 40k fluff and getting to know it better, and tons of other similar things.

>> No.18369260

Because artistic ability = Storytelling ability!

Kill yourself.

>> No.18369269

Then spend 2 seconds in your obviously busy fucking day to click a page OTHER than page 0

Flooded means a large portion
We get maybe 10 maximum
Want to talk about flooded? See the edition wars threads see the endless 40k bullshit like three lore threads which could be rolled into one, army discussions for the same two or three armies spread across almost 10 threads.

Quests are not spam they are just visible

Most of tg is spam just invisible since it gets two responses and ignored

Technically 40k lore discussion shouldn't be here since it is not a game

Neither should world building because it is not a game

Nor should art dumps because they are not games

Story time threads aren't games so they should be out

If you want to start getting technical then I will show just how little should be posted here by your standards

>> No.18369271


that can actually end up being quite fun...

seriously though, they aren't clogging anything up and they are actually few in number.

>> No.18369273

It's meant to be a screen, tripfag. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

>> No.18369276

So you can only enjoy something/see the merit of it, if it has pretty pictures.

>> No.18369282

>Then spend 2 seconds in your obviously busy fucking day to click a page OTHER than page 0
Or how about they autosage and the people who like them can do that?

>> No.18369283

they're only exclusionary if you LET them be exclusionary. Most gms run a recap at the very beginning. Can you read? Do you feel like you're not welcome because you're not invited personally? Here's an idea buddy, try something people do in real life, APPROACH PEOPLE, introduce yourself, say I'm new here, what do I need to know.
Y'know, manners n'shit. Just because it's the internet doesnt give you an excuse for analpain and buttfrustration.
>>18369228 What we have there is what's commonly referred to as a samefag

>> No.18369287

You're still running Z+W Quest later tonight, right Papa-N?

>> No.18369288

How many times does it have to be said that quests are /tg/ related before it penetrates your thick Neanderthal skull?

>> No.18369296
File: 18 KB, 1190x80, Lore Is Bannable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Technically 40k lore discussion shouldn't be here since it is not a game

>> No.18369297
File: 37 KB, 469x428, 1324679080219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck it, might as well ask here:

Opinion on Nation Builders? Any preffered ones? Anything you'd like to see in them?

>> No.18369300
File: 36 KB, 468x240, 1331304885644.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is just more evidence that /q/ needs to exist.

>> No.18369303

Hey man, don't be insulting Neanderthals like that.

>> No.18369304

Recaps usually cover the last thread or two. When quests end up at 20 threads or so, it's a lot of backstory to catch up on.

>> No.18369306


The archive is flooded with quests because most quests that people are interested in are MULTI-PART, and usually end up on-going.

Discussion threads where the same shit is discussed again and again, do not belong in the archive.

When you have a truly good normal thread, where some OC is presented, or an idea sparks and it reveals a hidden side that isn't normally discussed. THEN it deserves an archive.

Sup/tg/ gets purged often, and when it does it makes a point of ONLY keeping the most popular quests or most beloved quests.

>> No.18369310

It should have its own board for not being /tg/ related.

>> No.18369313

5-10 of 160 threads is not a large number, seriously, shut the fuck up! Yes, I mad, because you retards refuse to look past page 0!

>> No.18369324

It ran a few months. Like most quests do. no, not even, because most quests don't get past thread 3-4.

>> No.18369328

God damn that mod was an asshole.

>> No.18369339


yep at 4pm

just watching tintin and drinking off my hangover

>> No.18369340

No because it is just you disliking something and being too lazy to do anything about it

No, it is more proof that /tg/ needs some of it's userbase to grow the fuck up

>> No.18369351

There's a lot you can do for a screen. Fuck, you could have a mod that approves or denies quests or some bullshit like that.

Leaving it up to someone's artistic skill is retarded, and I'd rather be in a well written quest thread then in a quest thread with a horrible as fuck picture accompanying every post.

>> No.18369353

But he did have a point.
If people want to start getting into what is and isn't tg related they need to look at everything not just what they dislike

>> No.18369360

> complaining about quest threads
> not complaining about the pirates of the caribbean thread
> ghtdvvbjhj 2012

>> No.18369361

You are a retardweasel. That is the number of ARCHIVED threads, if I'm not mistaken. It makes sense that more quests get archived than shitty 40k threads, dnd edition wars threads, elf slave wat do threads, and etc, because the quests are OC, and people who do want to get into them need to have a way of knowing what happened previously. Just because you see a bunch of threads archived doesn't mean there weren't dozens, nay, HUNDREDS of other threads that weren't.

>> No.18369365

Field is too long? Well fuck you.

I had a long post to make on the topic of this stuff but since 4chan said "no" and slapped me in the face, I'll put it simply.

Yes, there is currently an over-saturation of low quality quests that people aren't putting any thought, time or effort into. Yes, this is a bad thing. It's a project and it requires you to invest in it and if you can't manage that, then don't start it at all. All but one or two of the quest threads that have been born in the past month will be dead a month from now on. Those successful quest threads will go on to become long-term and be carried by a solid fanbase.

Right now, prime-time /tg/ is full of quest threads with only a handful of participants each, except for the popular, serious ones. 75% of it is low-quality content but only two or three people are interested, constantly being bumped to the front page while it's active. It's exceptionally irritating and it's one of the main reasons why I've not made another quest thread, despite all sorts of ideas hovering about in my head.

Right now we're in the middle of a rabid quest season, these always happen once or twice a year. Soon it'll pass as people realise they're too lazy to keep this up and are unwilling to go up against the growing number of haters. Quest threads will decrease in numbers, so will the amount of haters and this is the point in time when a quest thread can be made safely. At this moment in time, it's a bad idea to even CONSIDER starting a quest, with amount of over-saturation going on.

>> No.18369366

What's wrong with autosaging them and having the players look past page 0?

And regardless of how many there are, they often end up clogging the front page. That's a problem. Yes, people should look past page 0, but it's still a problem.

>> No.18369374

Agree there.
Look at most the draw quests done, shitty writing but I maek pritty pictoors so it is gud!

Not that all are that way but it is evident enough

>> No.18369375

There have been several threads where people ragequit because we were trying to keep the character consistent. So yeah, it can be a problem, but if there's enough players in agreement, and a character that has been defined well enough in the first (few) threads, it's usually sufficient to block off moronic ideas and schizophrenia (thinking of Metahuman renaissance here).

>> No.18369380


And of course, the mods friggin' put "Balder's Gate happening again?" as a sticky.

I haven't played that series, and I have no real interest in playing it.

>> No.18369395

man, if we could just have a bawwwtism test before people start posting on 4chan. Not to stop people posting but to add a little flag to the anonymous thing so people know that arguing with autists is fucking futile

>> No.18369396


because it fucking runs the risk of an active quest thread running off the fucking board, and doesn't give people a good indictation of how active it is. (if the quest is on page 12 without autosage, people will not bump it.)

>> No.18369399

Its only a problem because you keep saying its a problem, without ever actually explaining why its a problem outside of 'its clogging up page 0'. Which isn't a problem.

>> No.18369400

Does anyone have a link to this? The only thing I could find on foolz was this:

>> No.18369412

I will say this nice and slow and in caps so you get it


You are being as childish as possible by trying to make something which is an open community conform to your wishes. Don't like it? Well tough shit that's how the world works

If you still have a problem then go cry to your mommy that the Internet won't do what you want it to and leave the rest of us alone

>> No.18369416

Then make a new one. I don't see how that's a problem; why wouldn't people bump it if they were interested in it?

>> No.18369429

Autosage stops all bumping you retard

>> No.18369430

The game finder thread idea seems like the best bet if we're not just going to add another board.
How about adding a text board?

>> No.18369433


>> No.18369436

A clear mistake, yes, but it doesn't answer the question.

>> No.18369438

> The game finder thread idea seems like the best bet if we're not just going to add another board.

Its a terrible idea, and the reasons why have been expounded on multiple times.

>> No.18369442

No, one person thinks it is a good idea everyone who has anything to do with quests realizes it is shit, same as autosage for all quests

>> No.18369452

It's definitely more than one person, cause I didn't come up with the idea. And what exactly are those problems? People were bitching about IRC, but they're just being lazy.

>> No.18369453

Are you trying to be this stupid or are you just honestly that fucking stupid?

>> No.18369461

On the subject of Quests, what is the faggot of a GM for Slaver Quest doing ? He promised more Quest and then up and dissapeared.

I hope he has no serious RL problems

else :

>> No.18369466

This idiot said that if they autosaged then people wouldn't get any indication of how active the thread was. That's just not true.

>> No.18369467

No we just know what trying to run something with 25-50 people in IRC would be like.

>> No.18369470

> they're just being lazy
You really don't know just what the fuck you are talking about, do you?

>> No.18369472


Quest threads can amass quite a large fanbase, that is not counting the amount of people who hop in.

IRC is a problem because YOU fucking try to run a game for upwards of 30 people at once, in real time, when it takes a good amount of time to write up an update that covers certain things.

>> No.18369477

But it is, people would see it dropping and assume it is a dead thread

>> No.18369479

It would move faster than the board, yes. It's IRC, that's expected. It doesn't prevent you from running a quest there.

>> No.18369489

For starters, they could just look at the time of the last post, and if people know that quest threads autosage then they'd expect it.

>> No.18369490

Actually it does.
You would get much more problems with spam from IRC than you get on here.

Just give up already it is a terrible idea to try and run anything in IRC for more than 10 people maximum

>> No.18369499

Sorry dude, I've picked up extra shifts at work and having a bit of real life drama, involving a dick head brother and his dick head girlfriend and some soap opera bullshit involving friends. Too boring to go into.

Look for something in the coming week. Its hard to plan around my work schedule since the extra shifts coming my way are usually sprung on me with only a few hours notice. But money is money.

Really sorry.

>> No.18369502

Are you retarded? Look, just have one channel where only the OP is voiced where he can post updates. Have another for people to talk about it, and if you're really concerned, have another where people vote on what to do. It's not that hard.

>> No.18369504

This. Really, just this. I've seen plenty of times where there was a newguy in Metahuman, and he just asked what was going on, and he was given a short recap of the entire quest so far and a link to archives if he wanted to do some reading. People are helpful. people don't mind helping out someone. I personally prefer to read all the archives first, so some longer quests can be a bit off-setting for me, but eh, that's personal taste.
Oh shit, I still gotta read up on the last one.

because it can't gather any following like that. Quests need a sort of minimum amount of people to get it going. it's no fun if it's just 2 or 3 guys making it their solo experience. Why the hell do people keep claiming autosage is a good idea? If I can't check front page, what page do I check then to see if there's quests going on? oh wait. autosaging quests is an as bad idea as autosaging any kind of other thread. It effectively removes them from the board. And don't come crying about checking the other pages because nobody fucking does that minus the guys using the catalogue, and I doubt that's a lot.
I've been wondering about that too. Isn't the baldur's gate timer thingy over yet? why haven't they removed it yet?

>> No.18369505
File: 107 KB, 1280x720, 1329235590954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess this thread might be the best place to ask:

What do you guys think about my give-aways?

The one yesterday was auto saged pretty much immediately and so far I've been getting mixed results with them. The Valentine's Day one was really well received, but so far I have gotten shit for it every time I held one of these threads.

So... should I just stop doing them, or are they welcome on this board?

>> No.18369510

How often do you check post times?
Because I know the majority of tg and 4chan say never

If you see a thread on page 12 do you ever go in and participate? I bet not because you see it is dead.

Look Tl;dr of this is just live with it
Quests are not going anywhere for now, they are tg related and you will have to sometimes look deeper than page 0 like it or not

>> No.18369515

Free shit is always welcome.

>> No.18369517

>And don't come crying about checking the other pages because nobody fucking does that
Exactly. Which is why quest threads are really a problem in the evening when they cover the front page.

>> No.18369524
File: 61 KB, 848x480, 1328640834941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Coordinating the behavior of a fuckhuge amount of people in several IRC channels

My little retard can't be this stupid!

>> No.18369525


You are fine bro.

Sadly the population of /tg/ has turned into massive ass pained faggots since the purge, it probably will never recover, as shit like this thread put people off.

>> No.18369528

I do that all the fucking time.
And again, if autosaging them were the policy, then people would think differently about posting in a page 12 thread.

>> No.18369530

he was talking about this thread.

>> No.18369538

Well whoop de fucking doo you have to check other pages.

I do it quite often if I am looking for a thread relevant to what I have to post instead of making a whole new thread for one or two paragraphs

Seriously is there like 3 people arguing against quests in here or something because that's all it seems to be 3 autistic babies who can't handle not having everything handed to them

>> No.18369539

>fuckhuge amount of people
>maybe 50, at most
It's really not that hard, and certainly not with only a handful.

>> No.18369540


I am just going to say that you have never DM'd a game.


At times Managing a game with just fucking 6 people can be hell, let alone a game across the internet with an average of about 30 people at any given time.

>> No.18369546

What? Adding /q/ is the best suggesting to come out of this clusterfuck.

>> No.18369548

No one is stopping you from starting a thread if you can't find what you are looking for.

The real answer to the so-called 'saturation' of quest threads is for people to just post more in other threads or start new threads about a topic that interests them.

Quests aren't invading and taking over other threads like other previous 'problem' content like mlp and its rabid fanbase, or the legions of warmahorde/warhammer fans.

Just contribute and talk about the shit that interests you, don't fucking waste time bitching and complaining to the mods.

>> No.18369554

Sadly this anon has it right

In old tg Esh people would love your threads, this is new tg with beliefs of entitlement and /v/ levels of asshurt

>> No.18369573

Wait... was that you that gave away all those steam games like bastion, super meat boy etc. once (bit after christmas I think)? If not, I'm not sure what you're talking about, but if you are, you are an awesome person. carry on.

>> No.18369575

It's an old suggestion which has been vetoed already.
Nothing new has come out of this except a greater hatred of basement dwelling grognards who think that they should control what gets posted on tg because the front page is so important

>> No.18369577


For the most part you are a pillar of the community.

Sadly this is not saying much since the community for /tg/ has a bunch of autists and cry-babies mixed into it.

>> No.18369587
File: 115 KB, 640x427, 1272566480690.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would have made another thread, linking to the first one yesterday, in hopes THAT one wouldnt get auto saged, but honestly, I didnt feel like getting banned for trying to be nice

>> No.18369594

>I didnt feel like getting banned for trying to be nice
Oh, cry more faggot.

>> No.18369601
File: 324 KB, 1024x1421, Second Cutebold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No that was Slaneeshi Whore Lord.
We do however chip in in each other's threads and give away stuff there, too, so I guess it's easy to confuse us.

I give away plushies and dicebags

>> No.18369603

Go choke on a dick, at least Esh is doing something for the people here instead of being an overcompensating fuckwit like you

>> No.18369604

uh oh, /v/ kiddo detected.
bro, protip, /tg/ are called the elegant gentlemen for a reason, we are COURTEOUS.
Now, if you don't like something, go elsewhere

>> No.18369609

lol, keep sucking his cock, maybe he'll give you something for free

>> No.18369615

He is in my steam friends but I honestly have no clue where from or when he got there

>> No.18369618

at least i know ye ain't dead.
You and the Avnari faggot are always geeving me the odd feeling that something happend to you two.

good think i dont have contact info on you, or else you'd be getting bi weekly general schedule and sitation inquiries.

>flecorr Ramnarain,
yes, I'll fleece Ramnarain hard.

>> No.18369620

Actually I buy things with money that I worked for.
Unlike you who probably sponges off whoever takes pity on you that day

>> No.18369630
File: 113 KB, 520x355, laughingasiancouple.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Check him out! You won't see a bad-ass like this again!

>> No.18369661
File: 497 KB, 229x124, 1319583799775.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha. butt-pained fags trying to cover up their shitposting

>> No.18369669
File: 573 KB, 800x937, CC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what? Just to spite this douche, the first one to send me a mail will get a companion cube pin-cushion

>> No.18369678

No not really, more feeding a troll.
We do generally act less like the children over at /v/ who try to sound tough because we aren't afraid that people will make fun of us

>> No.18369684

derp, forgot mail

>> No.18369689

Send it my way bro. My brother-in-law would like it.

>> No.18369690

But how will you know if it's the troll?

>> No.18369705

I wont.
And I dont care. I could go on why not, but I'd just sound like a pretentious idiot

>> No.18369755

Actually, not sure if you're cool shipping it all the way down to Australia.

>> No.18369797

AWESOME plushies and dice bags.

>> No.18369840
File: 22 KB, 256x193, Being Stupid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> calling someone giving away free stuff for no reason a shitposter
> doesn't think he's a shitposter.

>> No.18369869

shipping it anywhere will cost me ~1€

also someone already got it, I am just waiting for an adress

>> No.18369902

Dang. I was kinda responsible for the lose of my bro's old companion cube. Figured this would make a delightful surprise.

>> No.18369943

... You are awesome. Shame I had to go out and get food (and eat). Still, does the giving away also count for eurofags?

maybe because he gave you a game?

>> No.18369969

I should start reading before posting. Oh well. what area do you live in anyway? that way we can get an approximation.

>> No.18370038

I'm from germany

>> No.18370065
File: 29 KB, 510x546, BR tg mug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, I guess Belgium would work then. I'll be looking forward to your next thread.

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