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Monstergirl lovers, guess what got serialized?


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Its the guy that did living with Arachne and living with Lamia if you guys don't know what I'm talking about.

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My body isn't ready

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Not the fetish series that I follow, IDGAF

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Here you go, the only SFW one I could find if people still don't know what I'm talking about.

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to make this a little more /tg/ related...are there d&d 3.5 half-monster templates? particularly half-slime?

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Hi /tg/,

It's going to be about this one I believe.

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What will be the name of the series? I must know. For science.

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I always liked the centaur comic.
In our party, we had a centaur that was bros with our knight. Rode into battle shouting, I shit thee not, "Do not take this the wrong way!! Prepare to die!!"

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monsuta musume no iru nichijou
`monsutā musume no iru nichijō'

crappy translation: Daily life with my daughter(?)


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Living with monstergirl is probably a good translation.
I think he'll keep the name.

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it's probably my favorite

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My Daily Life with Monstergirl
Living with Minstergirl

dunno where you get "daughter" from

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the musume part.
damn I need sleep.

I'll take my leave.
Have a nice day /tg/.

love /a/

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musume = daughter
But it just means girl here.

Like in mecha musume.

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This panel looks both poorly plotted AND poorly drawn. A rare feat

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I like to think it's a preview page...

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Especially with the Japanese.

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direct is daughter. functional is younger girl.

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Before I sleep let me post these two (he have yet to draw blue harpy)

It's going to be a one man harem vs 3 girls.

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Hah, I saw the /a/ thread before coming here.

Bit sad it looks to be just another harem and not a continuation of the 8 brothers deal. Ah well, I'll still buyfag it.

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Monster girl love is best love!

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If enough of us buys this, we might get an anime out of it. Just saying.

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Yeah, the 8 brothers seem to be rather nice and level headed dudes.

Would have liked to see a family reunion or something with these guys.

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you are now realizing all 8 brothers are cyclopes

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>they start comparing wives
>a fight breaks out
>and then they fucked.jpg

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Pretty sure one of the comics show both of the protagonist's eyes in a frame.

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agreed, I rather liked the idea

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It does? Which one?

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Pretty sure second mermaid comic had them meeting up with lamia and her husband.

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Damned if I know. Only remember someone taking note of that in Danbooru's comments. Perhaps it was the centaur fisting?

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Damn... you're right..

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Monster girl anime is almost inevitable now

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I hate this shit because I love monster girls and no one on the face of the planet seems to think women appreciate them, so no human girls to be dominated or i guess dominate the monsters, fucking japan and their obsession with male supremacy.

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So what, you want something where a monster girl dominates a girl or vice versa? Because I found something similar earlier today.

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Excuse me but the best monstergirl does that. Here's her picture.

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As always, /a/'s influence on /tg/ comes in the form of a fetishistic shitstorm.

It's funny that they complain about /v/ on their board. They're just as bad.

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>MFW I first read Diet: preferring the flesh of breasts

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Two things:
/tg/'s past was marked with a fondness for monstergirls, prior to a certain special event; and

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As long as there is a lamia as one of the main girls, I am okay with anything

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I'm used to MR. RAGE and his shouty wisdom, but a manic MR. RAGE seems unnerving. It's like seeing batman smile.

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Mr.Rage getting...emotional? Quick, everyone keep a loot out for 4 dudes riding pimped-out horses!

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I read that in movie-trailer-guy's voice.

My body is not ready.

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Monster Girl Quest part 2 translation soon fellow deviant

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Saw the /a/ thread, and my excitement has not yet abated. I love monstergirls, especially monstergirls in monogamous romantic relationships. I'm a bit put out at the seeming harem, but I'm willing to deal with it.

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Ahh, but as we find out, it's not a harem but actually a group of identical brothers who each have a different monster girlfriend.

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Is thread 404'd? I couldn't find it


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I never liked lamias, centaurs, mermaids, driders, anything that's 100% animal from the waist down. For all intents and purposes, isn't that one step away from fucking a pony?

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>For all intents and purposes, isn't that one step away from fucking a pony?

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nonsense, the ethical objection to bestiality isn't that they're biologically different, it's that they're helpless and unintelligent and can't represent their own interests fairly. If they've got a person stuck on top, it's fair game!

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I love Coldmirror.

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The man has a point.

Not that any of us will care.

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>for all intents and purposes
lol, fucking retard, it's 'intensive purposes'. look it up idiot.

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Allow me to play the doubles advocate, while we live in a time where such phrases are a diamond dozen I don't think we should take them for granite.

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Google says you suck

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Holy schist, that is mica me sick

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In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite. So I ask of you to mustard up all the strength you can because it is a doggy dog world out there. Although there is some merit to what you are saying it seems like you have a huge ship on your shoulder. In your argument you seem to throw everything in but the kids Nsync, and even though you are having a feel day with this I am here to bring you back into reality. I have a sick sense when it comes to these types of things. It is almost spooky, because I cannot turn a blonde eye to these glaring flaws in your rhetoric. I have zero taller ants when it comes to people spouting out hate in the name of moral righteousness. You just need to remember what comes around is all around, and when supply and command fails you will be the first to go.

Make my words, when you get down to brass stacks it doesn't take rocket appliances to get two birds stoned at once. It's clear who makes the pants in this relationship, and sometimes you just have to swallow your prize and accept the facts. You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake.

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Excellent, this is relevant to my interests

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Pretty much...Monstergirlfags are just furfags in denial.

>>diarrhea turnd

Yep captcha, this is a shit thread.

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Gold star post, 10/10, you win nigga

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definitions like that are a diamond dozen.

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Do you know what killed the monstergirls?

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>monster girls
>crappy puns
>"diamond dozen" crap
requesting reinforcements, ASAP

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Cool off

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Have you ever noticed how all these monstergirls are after our precious bodily fluids?

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I agree with you on the part about centaurs, you are fucking a horses vagina by that point
but in pretty much every bit of lamia porn I have seen everything is pretty much close to where a humans would be with some variation on where skin meets scales.
Oh god I just read everything I just typed out loud
/tg/ brings you to some weird places sometimes

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I love that scene.

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rolled 43 = 43

/d/ is /tg/ playground

btw, no /d/eviant here? wow, i though they would be crawling over the wall

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>implying /d/ is anything but dickgirls these days

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>not liking monster girls
>not laughing at amazing puns
>not enjoying "diamond dozen" awesome

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here's a puzzle for ya. With any monster girl, what is the real attractoin? Would you still be atracted if you took away the antho element?

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crap, its anthro-

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rolled 20 = 20

dunno about these days, but usually i see a lot of giantess, fendom, /d/ humor from time to time, etc

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The real attraction lies in the exotic nature of monstergirls.

If you take away the human element, then they are just monsters and you can't empathize with them

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Yes but I would be especially sad about her losing the horns.

Horns are awesome.

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rolled 26 = 26

I-Is not that i miss my tail or anything

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>fucking a horse's vagina
You're kidding, right? Have you seen a horse penis? The things are enormous. There's no way to reasonably fuck a horse vag, and fisting doesn't count.

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Question: do centaurs have two sets of lungs and such?

I can't quite figure out where the internals are supposed to go in beast hybrids

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the whole exotic/strangeness about it attracts me
but more specifically I like Lamias because bondage is a kink of mine and the concept of a girl that would effortlessly be capable of immobilizing me in bed gets me off.
>Would you still be atracted if you took away the antho element?
if she was still into light bondage, then yes
and again reading over what I just typed out, Jesus Christ man we are going to a very weird place very fast.

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>Jesus Christ man we are going to a very weird place very fast.

>Weird Place


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rolled 61 = 61


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Depends really

Personally I just think of them as having one very large chest cavity, rather than 2x.

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living with centaur would be the worst...

essentially fucking a horse with the woman part several feet away...


>> No.18360899


I know that feel

But I <3 centaurs so much ._.

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Greeks knew how to deal with centaurs.
Even the ancients saw how dangerous those half-men half-bests were.
If you trust any of those creatures you are signing your own death warrant.

>> No.18360928

>I know that feel
>He knows how it feels to be fucking a horse while the women parts are a few feet away


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That's why I picked the one I knew was the most evil out of the entire encyclopedia.

Because then we fit together like chocolate and milk, like gin and tonic, like bacon and eggs, like peanut butter and jelly, like...

well you should get the point

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Ok, can I get someone to post the rest of these? Or sauce or something?

>Why boner why.

>> No.18360944

I think I have a pic for that somewhere...
Was it Kemono for Essential 6 or 7?

>> No.18360947

Someone hasn't seen horse porn, I see.

>> No.18360953

>This picture
Every. Fucking. Time.

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She must starch the fuck out of her skirt...

>> No.18360958

It's magic. ain't gotta explain shit

>> No.18360963

Still, the other way around is better.
A toast to those brave ladies!

>> No.18360965

How is her skirt staying up?

Captcha: oplityn because.... Something to do with Oplityns?

>> No.18360985

about 3 cans of this

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Now you know my pain. Post more of >>18358189

No kidding.

Only lamia I have.

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get the fuck out

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rolled 17 = 17

Hello fellow summoner

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It's mostly extra muscle up front to accomidate the extra weight of a human torso.

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Because I love visual puns.

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rolled 10 = 10

thread related i guess

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The main character needs to be woody, Then I'd buy 10 of everything!

>> No.18361069

I guess you don't go to the internet at all

>> No.18361097

rolled 42 = 42

Thanks man, and I thought I got woody out of my system

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Depends on what the skirt is made of. Some can actually be fairy stiff.

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>> No.18361187

yeah right
>saferici PLaygoer

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Damn it.

I began reading that and thought someone had typed out the beginning to Hercules (with Kevin Sorbo) as the introduction to a Monstergirl series.

I was disappointed

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Oh shit, there's a new one!

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So when do people start posting actually monstrous stuff?

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Because we are in this for heartwarming DAWWWW

"Living With Eldrich Abomination" doesn't really have that feel, you have to become a psychotic cannibal to do it

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>> No.18361971

That's no excuse for saying "monster girls" and then posting a bunch of weakass stuff instead.

>> No.18361985


we need more cute

>> No.18362017

where da posthuman horrors at?

>> No.18362020

You can't post something like this and not tell us the source

>> No.18362050

Crime Zone.

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God I love that one.

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This is a actual cover for a Japanese TRPG, I gather it's like 3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars but you play zombie girls instead of space marines.

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where's that from?

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>Greeks knew how to deal with centaurs.

By asking them for bail-out money?

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So why does /tg/ like Lamias over Gorgons?

>> No.18363179

Headlocks and billyclubs, if the sculptures are to be believed.

>> No.18363308

Hate to say I'm not a regular Fa/tg/uy, but I rather dislike very long nails, and very long toenails don't help. Otherwise I guess it's the whole petrification that gives me the willies.

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Because being coiled around by her tail > getting a hairjob.

>> No.18363361

no snake tail

>> No.18363435

The Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Intro made me fear them.

>> No.18363518

Please only view this zombie girl with a obnoxious Black Ops noscope frag video set to dubstep/rap playing in the background.

>> No.18363537

>Because being coiled around by her tail > getting a hairjob.

You sure?
Snakes can dislocated their jaws

And all those tongues...

>> No.18363544

Bugs are cuter than anything.

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Step up nigger

>> No.18363763

Come on you fucking perverts keep this shit going

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>> No.18363824

Is there a link to these somewhere?

>> No.18363880

This went form monster girls, to terrible puns, to MONSTROUS/eldritch abomination girls.

>Am I suprised?
No; not it the slightest.

>> No.18363902

So you wouldn't date a thri-kreen?


>> No.18363913

>This went from crypto-furries, to terrible puns, to monster/eldritch abomination girls.

>> No.18363928

For the curious, this is from a VN about a guy that suffers head trauma, and he basically wakes up in hell. He sees regular people and things as hideous monsters. Flowers smell like rotting flesh, beautiful people are hideous monstrosities, and his whole world is one awful, gross, oozing hellscape.

One night this ACTUAL monster stumbles into his hospital room and is surprised that he isn't terrified of her like everyone else is. She's basically the only thing that makes him not want to kill himself.

Then things get weird.

>> No.18363952

Fuck yeah Saya no Uta

>> No.18363956

I never said it was a bad thing. But no, I wouldn't. I don't like my females to be hard and keratinous. Or exothermic, for that matter.

Ah, Saya no Uta

>> No.18363971

>Fuck yeah Saya no Uta
No, more like:
>Oh Fuck, Saya no Uta

>> No.18363979

nostalgia fap time

>> No.18364008

>a decent monstergirl thread
I've missed you teeg

>> No.18364010

Who day and night must slumber in R'lyeh, wave her tentacles, having nasty dreams?
And who has the might as master of R'lyeh, to drive humanity insane?
Cthulhu, Cthulhu! Tentacles!

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>> No.18364031

>implying thri-kreen are exothermic
>implying keratin = chitin
>implying every sclerite will be hard on a creature that large


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The site didn't force change on you, it awakened you.

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>> No.18364202

Blue Cobra's are the best

>> No.18364205

Silly anon, you were never normal.

You just learned some interesting things about yourself you didn't know before.

>> No.18364281


Anyone know what this character is from?

>> No.18364301

No. No. That's not true! THAT"S IMPOSSIBLE!

>> No.18364333

You mean like this Farming Simulator one?

>> No.18364378


Made me shudder.
I hate spiders.

>> No.18364440

>> No.18364444

its Inuinu's art


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>> No.18364470

>> No.18364482


>> No.18364491

>Atlach-Nacha is a 1997 visual novel by Alice Soft under the genres "romance and horror". It is named after Clark Ashton Smith's creation Atlach-Nacha, the spider-god from the Cthulhu Mythos.

>A long time ago, there lived a Jorōgumo named Hatsune who gathered enough celestial energy that she was able to take a human form.

>One day, a mysterious monk came to Hatsune's nest and nearly annihilated her for taking a villager's life. Severely wounded, Hatsune went into hiding. To heal her wounds, she decided to make Yaesaka High School her new nest and absorb energy from the students attending there. Hatsune absorbs energy by eating the flesh of (mostly male) students or through having sexual intercourse with them (preferably with females).

>> No.18364588

>> No.18364645

>> No.18364787

Still hoping for a link to these:


>> No.18364808


Fuckin' saved.

>> No.18364809

First one you can go to http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/index?page=1&tags=my_life_with_monstergirl

Second one you can go fuck yourself you only get one freebie google search that shit, but that's a preview of the guy's syndication so don't expect to find much for that one.

>> No.18364827

I left for a while. Not sure why I'm responding, but...
>implying every sclerite will be hard on a creature that large

>Implying organisms not found in phylum Chordata aren't almost exclusive ectomorphs
>I used the wrong word, and I'll admit that. Keratin was was came to mind first, but I had a niggling feeling the word I wanted began with a "c"
>I still reckon that most of their bodies are hard.

>> No.18365309

Yes, they are mostly hard. Also, so am I.

Still, they would be soft where it counts.

>> No.18365319

Thri-kreen have closed circulatory and respiratory systems and they are awake and active 24/7. They're not insects, they're thri-kreen.

That's why they don't kill and eat their husbandos too

>> No.18365941

If by "where is counts," you mean "the genitals," then maybe. Still, you don't know how they they "mate" or if one would even be into the idea of getting an odd, human reproductive organ put into of them, which I guess would have a lot to deal with Thri-kreen husbandry and "intercourse." All of that aside though, they've got nothing that I want, and a LOT I really, REALLY do not.
Whether or not they're insects doesn't change the facts that they're pretty much arthropods, so in all likelihood, they'd be cold and hard (or room-temperature and hard)

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