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How much longer do you think it will be until we can afford cybernetic enhancements?

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Fuck I loved this game so much. Loved the artwork too.

To answer your question: 15 years.

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Twenty years.
But non-surgery enhancements will still be way, way more common.

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>you will never be a renegade burned-by-the-system badass fighting for justice in a dystopian cyberpunk future

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>How much longer do you think it will be until
>1) cybernetics has progressed to a point where prosthetic limbs and sensors are comparable to what humans were born with
>2) they are an affordable investment
>3) people with no ailments will be willing to give up some abilities for others (sensation in their hands, for a stronger robot arm, for example)
> 4) a major company is willing to challenge every medical ethic to get them onto the market
> 5) Doctors can hack off a healthy limb and replace it with an unnecessary prosthetic with fear of being sued, losing their license, or even having to pay more money to insulate themselves legally from the prospect.

A long, long-ass time.

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Who is we? And what's affordable?

Cybernetic enhancements exist and people get them implanted every day. Sure they're crude and basic and mostly repair a handicapped person's flaws instead of turning a regular Joe into Superman but technically we are already one step into this futuristic cyberpunk world..

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well, the moral breakdown of society will take care of some of those issues at least

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It's 2012 and printers still don't fucking work. Quite a while I'd say.

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Maybe you just haven't been appeasing the tech spirit properly.

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Anybody ever read much of cyberpunk 2020?

Some of it was just totally off the wall insane, eg: bins in the wall that you can dump spare organs in and rival gangs getting into fights so once it's over they can all sell eachothers corpses for spare change.

"they're dead! what do they care!"(tm)

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Printers work fine, 99% of problems are human error. Everything else is an intentional design flaw by the manufacturer to net more profit.

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No, you won't. Because the MegaCorps already have us lock and stock. They've domesticated us with such wonderful gadgets as the iPhone and the 3d printer. We're human cattle, and Steve-Motherfucking-Jobs is holding the prod.

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>Everything else is an intentional design flaw by the manufacturer to net more profit.
This is another reason I would never replace ANY of my body parts. Also fuck you "printers work fine". Not a single printer I have ever owned hasn't either stopped working, failed to install drivers, or gotten jammed. Not to mention the price of ink... actually, fuck it. Here. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/printers

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>Steve-Motherfucking-Jobs is holding the prod.
...From hell?

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"What appears to be the problem, sir?"

"My prosthetic arm just ripped off my penis!"

"Are you sure you installed the correct drivers, sir?"

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Have you tried incense?

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>implying you will not be the one to wake up to the lie and be a hard-boiled incorruptible badass fighting against the megacorps of the future

They wont get to you anon, you're strong.
Just because you use a phone they made, does not mean you have to be their slave.

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This is why I outsourced all my printing jobs to a monastery. The illumination is just a bonus.

>> No.18353675

>implying he's really dead

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You must have done something to offend the machine god, then.

I've been using the same printer for ten years without a flaw. Hell, I don't even bother installing its drivers on new computers anymore; I just plug it in and pray to the Omnissiah.

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Never wanted cybernetic implants to begin with, can't fight for freedom from the Mega Corps. if you have to buy their latest upgrade every few fucking weeks.

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Ok, so what would you prefer to see come out first that is better than our standard organic versions?

Arms, legs, eyes, hearts? What?

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I just want shit that lasts forever, but better eyes would be on the top of my improvements list. At least that way I wouldn't fear losing an eye NEARLY as much.

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I'd prefer accessories rather than replacements. That way I don't have to give anything up and if it malfunctions then the consequences aren't as severe.

Things like implanted ID chips so I don't need a key or credit card to open doors, start cars and pay for shit. Mental control ala Braingate could be pretty damn useful as well.

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I want a better mind-machine interface than hands.

>> No.18353834

Fuck you, Jensen. I've asked for this my whole life.

>> No.18353847


There were losses. In some places atomics were detonated in their silos as the last spiteful acts of newly impotent CEOs. 'Bots were given liquidation orders, Mercs set loose. 5 years of strife followed, and with it went 5% of the earth's livable surface. 1, 201, 372, 459 people died. We know because everyone was tracked. It was one of the first things we did away with. We've actually got kids being born now without transponder chips, and they'll never have them. The Unincorporated States still exist, and many ran to them after The Corps Fell. Some people simply couldn't handle a life without someone else determining its structure. A surprising number of us, however, stayed in the wastes.

We are creating something new amongst the wreckage of the past century. There are of course dangers, simple scarcity being the biggest threat. For this we have The Delvers, individuals of unique capability and motivation who dive into forgotten supply depots and ammo dumps, plumbing the treasures of the last age. Some protect our communities from still roving 'Bots and Mercs, and from those of us who find it easier to prey on isolated communities than contribute.

It is a new age; we are for the first time in the history of the species a globally connected collective of true individuals. We are clawing our way out the ashes of the worst atrocity this planet has ever seen like a new born phoenix, and we are creating something wonderful.

We are, for perhaps the first time, Human.

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>open your eyes sheeple!
>RON PAUL 2012

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>every single child wishes for awesome robot body parts
>jensen gets them
>is a total whiny bitch about it
I suppose I'd miss my dick too.
That's probably what's getting to him.
He can't j/o.

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The ethical issues of 'hacking off a limb' could be easily overlooked - and indeed much of the financial cost of the augment compensated - if you used the healthy limb as a transplant.

I kind of like the idea that the rich guys give up their real arms for designer bionics, flooding the transplant market with arms.

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Ironically, you're more likely to get cybernetic enhancement if you never ask for it than if you actually want it.

>> No.18353910


His bitchiness is largely player chosen, really. I usually played him quite pragmatic about the whole thing - "they did what they had to do to save me and, in a lot of ways, I can do more now than I ever could befoer" etc.

And even if he does get bitchy at times, dude lost his lady friend (and presumably a lot of co-worked chums) and spent six months in intensive care. Understandable he'd be in a slump, leaving aside what it must feel like to have sunglasses surgically implanted into his skull.


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Holy mother of god I want more good sir

>> No.18353917

Feast, my friend. Feast.

>> No.18353920

All you have to do is cause so much damage to the part in question that it has to be replaced, make it look like an accident, and weakly protest that you don't want to be augmented.

No one will suspect a thing!

>> No.18353924

>shove metal in body
>unexpected loss of employment
>cannot afford critical maintenance, or even to get it removed

>> No.18353929

He can pull a Caruso with NO HANDS.

"Looks like you're... asking for it."

>> No.18353950


Pretty much this. Even if he comes to like and enjoy the increased abilities his augmentation gives him, Jensen's augmentation is still tied up with the worst goddamn day of his entire life.

You can't really blame him for not being all energetic and happy whenever attention is drawn to it, because it surely drags up every memory associated with that day.

>> No.18353954

>installing robotic replacements for body parts
>not buying the lifetime warranty

>> No.18353956

inb4 full-body transplant into the body of a bear
so serious this was a girl's character in an ongoing game i made a character for but never got to play

>> No.18353959

Back before the Fall, you were the shit. The finest, most psychologically stable, tried and tested not to go insane even as the lab techs crammed more and more implants into your skull, overloading your brain with information. Unwaveringly loyal, unceasingly lethal. You fought in the Hidden Wars, the conflicts that didn't exist in the official records. You dueled with rival companies' Mercs in arctic wastelands, in desert heat, in space and underwater. When the shit really hit the fan, they brought you out to suppress riots back home and you watched the little men scream and run from the mere sight of you. You felt divine. And why not, do you believe in God? Now imagine that God spoke to you, personally. She upgraded you, made you stronger, had you enact her will. But it was more than that. She was always there, with words of love and encouragement and comfort. Then the fall comes and God falls silent, murdered by usurpers, the enemies of civilization.

Then they approached you. The new victors. The communities. The God killers. They invited you to their new free utopia, their uplinked, organic, low-tech, democratic little enclave of peace and prosperity and hope...

And you took one look at that and said fuck it

>part of the other side of the coin.
inmy mind it would be released as a two-sided book, like Viral did with Joints&Jivers/Modempunk. Merc sourcebook connected to the delver sourcebook, but flipped and reversed from each other.

>> No.18353975

I know. I love DE:HR myself.
My Jensen's more guarded and analytical, but I had to use the "never asked for this" line so I could squeal about being in the know with internet memes.

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nano-machines will be a common medical treatment in 5-10 years. Say hello to your new frenetically enhanced immune system

>> No.18353994

My Jensen was gay and never really liked his ex girlfriend so his bitchyness made no sense. Worst writing ever

>> No.18353998

>lifetime warranty on a part that will be obsolete in 18 months

>> No.18354012

Go Go Gadget Mental Trauma.

>> No.18354026

>say hello to being part of the population that develops nanite immunity reaction.
>Be disregarded as a non-significant rounding error.
>Live in constant fear of exposure to other people.

>> No.18354027

These things arnt disposable you know
Its supposed to be a serious investment like a car.
Sure there will be a new one in a few months but that's why you should buy one that you can be happy with for at least 6 years

>> No.18354038

>lifetime warranty on a car

>> No.18354041

>Silly prediction of catastrophic failure of technology that hasn't been invented yet
y u troll me?

>> No.18354062

Fortunately, such a problem would be relatively trivial compared to the development of the technology itself.

>> No.18354070

yeah insuring these types of things would likely be via insurance rather than warranties. Its not a flat screen TV. Health insurance is likely going to get much more expensive but what it will buy will basically be miraculous

>> No.18354106

Just a somewhat reasonable expectation.
You can find someone allergic to darn near anything it seems.
An immune response seems all the more likely when the nanites are expected to Do things.

Sure, there will be clever protein coats or synthetic crystal structures that are meant to be invisible to the body.. but Someone will find a way to develop a horrible reaction and die.

Pessimism. Prepare for the worst, end up pleasantly surprised or grimly satisfied. It works out both ways.

>> No.18354152

There's really no way to prepare for the event you're talking about, short of doing a complete census of all humans and shoving ludicrously detailed scans into a supercomputer, which predicts who's going to have an adverse reaction and fucking die.

>> No.18354160

did you know by the end of this decade the price of solar will drop to 9 cents a kilowatt hour in the united states

>new solar technology gives cancer to 1% of the population, die of cancer

>> No.18354173

>new solar technology gives cancer

But... all that radiation already exists, solar technology only harnesses it. Unless you're talking about beaming power down from space using ionizing radiation (why would you do that) or solar plants somehow producing harmful radiation (how the hell), I have no idea why this would happen.

>> No.18354189

>Completely missing the point
The point is coming up with adhoc side effects to future technology is nonsensical

>> No.18354196

It works for Star Trek.

>> No.18354284

When did i expect to prepare to save people?

No, no.. see, i expect them to die.
I expect the numbers to be pretty small (incredibly smaller then the people who have a deadly peanut reaction or the like) with a somewhat larger pool of people who have a mild response.

Perhaps the second-case ends up on a low-dose long-term antihistamine implant (like a birth control implant in the arm) to treat the light rash that they can present with on heavy exposure to active-nanite compounds.

The unlucky first-case extreme reactors, well, maybe they carry an evolved form of Epi-pen, perhaps also an implant.

They will likely be unhappy people.

>> No.18354333

Perhaps both cases will be treated to remove the condition that causes the harmful reaction, and thus require no long-term implants or emergency intervention.

>> No.18354445

it would depend on the frequency.
Should anything approaching this problem come up, there will be questions on the rarity.

What if it only has deadly effects on one in a million? Where is the point between "clinically acceptable" and "We must re-engineer everything for these poor souls! stop the factories, we are returning to the lab!"

>> No.18354467

Re-engineer everything? Stop the factories? That just doesn't sound profitable at all.

Jury-rig a solution and keep the real numbers out of the news.

>> No.18354831

It's funny how in cyberpunk 2020 cybernetic augmentations are just fucking AMAZINGLY high tec.

Yet a mobile phone or video camera is considered state of the art if it can hold 10 minutes of video and 20 contacts.

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