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WFRP Thread

I'm gonna be playing for the first time soon, what sort of advice can you guys give me to help me survive?

Also a more specific question, in DnD or whatever I usually play a pretty generic all purpose mage, but in Warhammer I notice that there's actually quite a few different types of mages all with their own specific 'school' of magic, does this make some spellcasters more OP than others of a different school? Like if it comes down to a fight is the fire wizard more liable to just rape everybody but the shadow / illusion wizard more likely to just get raped?

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I once played a mage in WFRP

He became bi-polar after trying to cast a light-spell, lost all his hair to a potion gone awry, became addicted to a wide variety of calming substances, and was finally burned on the stake after missing his payment to the wizard colleges.

He is, to date, my favourite character

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Also, when it comes to which school we're talking about, a Shadow magister won't wreck a Bright Mage in a straight fight. My mage was shadow, and he learned it after challenging one to a duel.

But as a Shadow mage you get to do crazy ass shady shit, becoming an infiltrator, a fear-inducer, and a saboteur. So I'd advice you to just pick the school you think sounds cool.

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oh, WFRP, you are the source of some of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.

Mind you the game does start to fall apart during the third career, but still time for a very long campaign

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Pretty much this, Bright Wizard is what you choose when all you wanna do is flip your shit and set everything ablaze, so yeah in a fight they're kinda the best.

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what happens during the third career?

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The characters start to be good at what they do. This ruins the game forever.

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Characters start being pretty skilled and well-rounded, enough to handle most things.

For example, Witch Hunters are the third career, so are Master Wizards. I personally find that Tier fine for play. In a system as lethal as WFRP, it feels good to have a character actually be competent and in somewhat a position of power.

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Fortunatelly, chance that any PC will live that long is pretty low.

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Well it's kind of like your reward for living so long.
You've become very very good at it.

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>Playing a mage

Why don't you try a REAL career?

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Unless you're a Slayer.

Or any dwarf really.

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This sums up how this game will make you feel OP.

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>In a system as lethal as WFRP, it feels good to have a character actually be competent and in somewhat a position of power.

Doesn't that run contrary to the point of the game, though--that the world is bigger than you and you have to scratch and scrabble for every inch to be casually slapped back by yards?

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Nah, that's the point at the beginning of the game, but even then you can start out in a pretty good position. And the Empire has excellent social mobility!

I always figured the point was that you cannot change things, not in the long run.

Great, you beat back a tribe of orcs, more will come. You found a witch in the village and burned him, but spread all throughout the world is corruption that you cannot see.

At least that's how I run it, mixed with a good deal of black humor, dramatic irony and dice that kill (after they've run out of fate points, of course).

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I still remember being startled initially at the challenge ratings for critters in the Old World Bestiary (still probably the best "monster manual" type book ever written for ANY roleplaying game), even though it assumes an armored man with actual proper weapons. Before that I'd always figured that even armed, a human trying to take on virtually anything else in the Old World was basically like trying to wrestle a grizzly bear while naked and slathered with teriyaki sauce.

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Start of third career is fine.
Players are good at what they do and are pretty well rounded.
End of third career, players destroy everything and are difficult to kill with most things in the book.
Unless you are willing to through demons at them, there aren't many challenges at end of 3rd career.

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One-on-one, that is.

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Heh, I remember the first time I played WFRP, which was also the first exposure I got to the universe.

I rolled a Halfling. A barber-surgeon, in fact.

The adventure (I think, not sure) was the one in the back of the book. I remember we slaughtered the first mutants pretty easily, and I thought "hell yeah, we got this". So we hear the rumour about a lot of beastmen advancing towards the village.

So like, they're just beastly humans right? What the hell, we can take on a bunch of those.

I was wrong. By Pie Week, was I wrong.

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>Unless you are willing to through demons at them

Well, why wouldn't you?

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Yeah, I mean how the fuck else is my dwarf supposed to advance to Daemon Slayer?

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You probably got it from /tg/, where we exaggerate everything to Hell and back. In truth, Warhammer is not so much a world of grim hopelessness as a world of struggle. People can win, and they often do, but not enough for the danger to be gone. Not every village is a fortress, not every walk in the woods is suicide, and you don't need to be a demigod to be a hero. It is a world of mostly ordinary people (wizards notwithstanding, of course), which is what I like about it as compared to many other fantasy RPGs.

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>implying at third career my kislevite didn't wrestle a bear to death while wearing nothing but leathers.

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>wearing leathers


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you would, it just gets a bit boring after a bit.
The GM got around it by just going, FUCK IT I'LL MAKE UP ENEMIES.
Beastmen of Nurgle that spread a plague when hit.
Evil Tzeetchian fungus that infect/possess people.
The Wyrm of the river

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How do people feel about Old World Armory? Anybody else bother distinguishing between hand weapons at Best Quality? Or even at any quality?

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it was winter, I sleep in my leathers.

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I pretty much only use OWA for the mercenaries/hirelings

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Light (lasers and heals) and Celestial (fate and lightening) kick fair amount of ass.

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love those Light Wizards

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There are no winters too cold, just not enough vodka.

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I notice WFRP has a ton of supplementary / expansion books, which do you guys think are any good?

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I think you mean Kvas.
Also I love in the Kislev book that every career has "a bottle of kvas" as a trapping. every single one

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I'd say they're all pretty good, except perhaps for much of the Old World Armory.

My group started a WFRP campaign this week, actually. Deciding to have a bit of fun, I used the option in Tome of Corruption and traded a fate point for a randomly-mutation on the giant mutations chard.

I got Roll Three Times on the giant table, and then Soul Destruction and Duplication.

Soul Destruction means your soul is destroyed and replaced with some dead person's, rolling 2d10*100 for how much XP you have and rolling for career, and Duplication gives you a twin under your control.

So I am, at the start of the campaign, a pair of twin Master Wizards. Who appear to be sixteen-year-old girls.

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If your Grey Wizard is in a one on one fight in the first place instead of carefully manipulating the bad guys from the sidelines, it most likely means he pretty much fucked up.

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Old World Bestiary is fucking great. Not much to say about it, it is a monster manual that gives three different views on the monsters: Common, Scholarly and their own. 9/10 would bang

Realms of Sorcery is pretty good, especially if you want a more magocentric campaign. Filled with delicious fluff, but loses points on usability; in a regular campaign, you won't use most of the stuff there. 7/10, would bang if fetish

The WFRP Companion is good. It is the tome that contains the infamous rules for infection. Also filled with delicious fluff, and unlike RoS most will be usable in any given campaign. 8/10, a solid lay

Sigmar's Heirs is a great supplement if you plan on travelling around the empire, exploring the local cuisine and tasting the customs. Like the companion, a solid book of good usability, 8/10

Renegade Crowns is a favourite of mine, but is probably not for everyone. It has rules and procedures for fluffing out a region in the Border Princes, for your adventurers to wreak havoc in. Solid material, but unusable in regular campaigns though, so only a 7/10 (still, I'd Prince its Borders, if you know what I mean)

Tome of Corruption is OHGOD 1d1000 FOR MUTATIONS I'M A FUCKING AMORPHOUS ANT CENTAUR HOLY SHIT I'M ON FIRE tier. Useful for all GMs who want to include Chaos (and who doesn't?) 8/OH GOD MY PENIS RAN OFF TO THE CHAOS WASTES

Children of the Horned Rat
You get rules for playing Skaven
Fucking skaven
It's like Paranoia in Fantasy
10/10 wish I had a penis

Generally, I love the supplements and think they're all pretty great. I've omitted the ones I don't have any experience with.

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I have the WHFRP main book, but the monsters in the back don't have an easy-to-use challenge rating a-la D&D. Is there a way to figure out "balanced" encounters, or is it more of a "Eh, that seems about right" kind of deal?

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Old World Armory isn't TOO bad--it gives you some cool new weapons and a bit more armor options. And the hireling section, which is absolutely awesome.

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Get Old World Bestiary. That said, its challenge ratings assume something your characters likely are not--lightly armored, have a couple advances from a military career, and proper weapons to engage the enemy with.

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>Is there a way to figure out "balanced" encounters
Not really.

>or is it more of a "Eh, that seems about right" kind of deal?

The closest thing to a Challenge Rating is what is used in later books starting with Old World Bestiary, but even so it isn't much more than a loose guide.

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I usually stay away from balanced encounters alltogether, but it really depends on the players.

Sometimes I only think I get away with throwing trolls at them because of their crazy awesome planning.

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This. Ideally you want your players to DREAD the prospect of actual combat, so do not even hesitate to throw them under the gun of something way, way out of their league.

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Which edition of WHFRP is the most commonly recommended on /tg/?

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Take 2nd. It's polished 1st.
And 3ed is to WFRP what 4ed is to D&D.

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Most seem to prefer 2nd edition. So do I, for that matter.

3rd edition gets a lot of hate, but I think it's unwarranted, and most of it stems from the way FFG totally changed a system that really only needed refinement, and the way if you buy the core set you only have enough material for 4 players.

That said, I think it looks pretty fun and would like to try it some day, but it's just out of my price range

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It's not that I hate 3e. It's that I've never seen it for sale offline. Nor is it ever really talked about, for that matter. Hell, I didn't even realise a new one was out until most of a year after it was. And I come on /tg/ every few days. When we don't talk about something, I think that says a lot.

I mean, I would give it a go. But consensus is that 2e is much better.

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/tg/ doesn't often talk about anything Warhammer fantasy related in general though.

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>It's not that I hate 3e. It's that I've never seen it for sale offline

Weird, my local gamestore bumfuck nowhere, Denmark stores a box of it.

Then again, Fantasy is more popular than 40k around here

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Thank you kind sirs (because no women on the interwebs).

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My 2e WFRP advice -
Willpower is a good stat to have high, against magic and chaos influence.
Dodge Blows is great to even just have.
Always try and save at least one reroll for defensive shenanigans.
With regards to wound-upgrades, they can also be used to recover from going into 'Heavily Wounded' territory, so consider that before buying more wounds.

My first character was a 17 year old grave robber, with the 2. highest strength in the party, next to the dwarf. He used a plank with a nail for a weapon.
And managed to survive for like 10 rounds against a bloodhowler with that. Said bloodhowler killed the party elf and dwarf in the same round. KILLED, not robbed of a fate point. I miss that character.

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We were having a discussion about Fortune Points in my group; most notably at what time in the day they regenerate. We have decided upon sunrise instead of midnight, but does it say anywhere? When does everyone else do it?

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After rest is how i've run it.

>> No.18352428

We usually refresh at the beginning of each session

>> No.18352432


It doesn't really matter, as long as its consistent. We usually just have them regenerate in their sleep.

>> No.18352435

AAAND I just looked it up and found out we've done it wrong for several years


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My current GM hasn't directly stated it, but consensus is midnight.

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>Nail board

But isn't a hand weapon included in your starting gear?

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They are. The board was my hand weapon. I know it should probably count as improv, but everyone loved it. We also had an outlaw with a sword who never, and I mean never, went down.

Our biggest fight was against daemonic templars of Ulric in his own chu- I mean sewers.

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Question: if the WFRP universe is going to shit so bad, why hasn't the world been torn to shreds already? Every adventure has demonic priests, cultists, ratmen and fuckloads that should constitute a big fucking worry. With so much corruption in the human world, why hasn't the card house collapsed, exactly?

>> No.18352519

That rule is often ignored for characters where it makes no real sense.

>> No.18352520

The Gods think it's more fun this way

>> No.18352521

Because the good guys still win.

>> No.18352543


Because people fight back. Sometimes it is who'd you expect; the priests and the soldiers and the slayers and the knights. Other times it is the farmers, the traders, the peasants, the rat catchers. Whoever they are and whatever they do, small heroes arise to beat back the darkness.

>> No.18352547

> why hasn't the world been torn to shreds already?
>why hasn't the card house collapsed, exactly?

Because of the Slann.

>> No.18352578

>where it makes no real sense.

Nonsense. This sort of problem, like all others in this game, is easily solved by rolling on a table. Like so.

>> No.18352579

Yeah I guess that makes sense. I always saw the starting careers as the stuff you used to do before you started adventuring. Yeah, you spent some time as a ratcatcher but you saved up your money, got a sword and left town with whatever you could carry.

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Imagine you're out for a stroll around the neighborhood. You have a hefty walking stick with you. Suddenly you're attacked by four very large and very angry dogs. That's what an encounter should feel like.

>> No.18352591

rolled 25 = 25



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Heh, that's pretty funny.

>> No.18352601

And High Elves menstruation blood.

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>Warhammer magic

>> No.18352603


>> No.18352605

rolled 66 = 66


I'll give it a go

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>Mating with elves

>> No.18352632

rolled 94 = 94

Rollin' dem bones.

>> No.18352638

>mfw extreme result

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The intro section to Children of the Horned Rat is made of win.

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It's a huge segment done in-universe about the Skaven, how the commoners see the Skaven, and an autopsy report on several dead Skaven and a Rat-Ogre.

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Let's say I know nothing about WH about how long would it take to catch up enough in this setting to run a WHFRP game?

>> No.18352883

So a friend of mine told me about this image of a rather well dressed Skaven talking about how they like humans, how humans don't admit they exist, and they can even pay humans to kill each other.
Then ends with the Skaven saying
"but if you see a dwarf run for your life."

has anyone else seen this, if so where can I find it?

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I remember the first time I played WHFRP. I rolled up a human sewer jack (or something of that sort, I was basically a member of the city watch of Middenheim that worked in the sewers.) My character's name was Johann Stusseldorf. He came equippd with a crossbow, some bolts, a lantern, and a leather jack, better than most characters I'd say.

The first session began when one of the other characters was pursuing skaven he saw murdering his cousin down into the sewers. My character along with his patrol ran into the other PC when the skaven ran into the sewers with the PC (I think he was a Brettonian man-at-arms) in hot pursuit. During the first round of combat with the rat-men Johann was stabbed brutally and brought to critical wounds. We have a houserule that you can't use a fate point to prevent a natural ten on the critical wounds table. The GM rolled on the table for critical wounds, he got a ten. I died in whatever spectacularly gory fashion he deemed appropriate.

The first time I played WHFRP, my character died within 5 minutes of starting the game session. Such is life in the old world.

>> No.18352903

That's either from the Skaven book itself or the Skaven section in Old World Bestiary--I *think* the latter.

>> No.18352927

Tough going bro.

>> No.18352939

The setting is pretty fucking huge really, you should do OK if you just stick to what the rulebook says but you're gonna really miss out on a lot of immersive world building stuff.

>> No.18352953

well the setting is pretty much the Earth plus the Elf continent.

Empire is Germany, Brettonia is France,
Dark Elves live in Canada

>> No.18352971

The genies in Araby are daemons, right?

>> No.18352999

Well I don't have any immediate games planned. Don't even have a group willing to play WHFRP at the moment. So time isn't a pressing issue, just wondering what kind of time commitment I should give before I can say that I "know" the setting.

>> No.18353004

the setting is kinda ridiculously detailed, like there are entire pages dedicated to understanding a whine tasting festival in a province

>> No.18353076

if anything across all the books it is overdetailed.
I mean they list every single village in the Empire. I don't really need that, I'll but a village whereever I damn well feel like

>> No.18353117

seriously every village? what book?

>> No.18353127

Sigmar's Heirs

And not every single village, but close.

>> No.18353134

Empire Sourcebook for 2nd Edition does it; it feels more like filler than anything, the populations they list basically make no sense.

>> No.18353136

Sigmar's heirs: a guide to the Empire
Maybe not every single one, but they do list a large number of villages of pop 20-50 in each province, to pretty much every one

>> No.18353392


I just checked it out, that's pretty ridiculous honestly.

>> No.18353720

They might be. We'll never know until GW gives us something substantial on the place, ie NEVER.

>> No.18354538

>and the way if you buy the core set you only have enough material for 4 players.

Player's Guide lets you roll up a character the old-fashioned way.

>> No.18355367

I was reading through Realm of Sorcery today and noticed they kept the reference of WoC using chainswords.

>> No.18356900

Yes and no. They're at least daemonic entities. Like tree spirits and spites and similar.
They may be actual daemons though, just seen through the lens of a different culture.

>> No.18357454


Depends. As with every RPG, it really comes down to the GMs preference. Lucky for WFRP GMs, almost every possible PC choice should be almost entirely ignorant to the world around them, so the players don't need to read up on any background material really. You can do whatever you want.

HOWEVER, if you want to present a realistic Old World (or, as close to as possible), I would suggest reading the Core Book and then any relevant source book to your particular setting. I.e. if you're playing in Altdorf, read the section on it in Sigmar's Heirs. If Kislev, read some of RotIQ. Etc.

>> No.18358313

I was actually thinking of running a game in The Moot, but besides Pie Week and occasional undead incursions I', not sure what it's like over there. Is it really just the Shire? Do they live in Hobbit-holes? What books if any go into the place in detail?

>> No.18358382

once again Sigmar's Heirs is your friend, also I believe they live in halfing-scaled cottages and not holes.
For the record there is some extremely shady shit going on in some towns, I'm talking human sacrifices and shit.

>> No.18358603

So the Hobbit by way of Lovecraft minus unspeakable monstrosities beyond the stars other than what Warhammer usually has with a little backwoods horror film added to the mix?

>> No.18358648

Sorta, it's still very pleasant looking country though, just stay out of some of the woods after dark.

>> No.18358656

More like the Wicker-Man. The original, not the Cage film.

>> No.18358708

>Human adventurers (probably working for a Witch Hunter) visit during pie week
>Investigating the disappearance of an Imperial emmissary, they get tricked into thinking he is dead, and shady shit is going on
>It was all a hoax, and a cunning plan in order to trick the adventurers into a secluded area with a huge pie dough
>The scenario ends as they get baked into the giant pie, while the halflings sing a merry song

>> No.18358729

Are you saying bee related assault is not part of the WFRP universe?

>> No.18358737

Did you know that the Warhammer country of Ind has giant bees whose honey is used to make candles that can burn for a full 24 hours?

>> No.18358751

Speaking of which, are Cathay still pig-men or did they retcon them into humans?

>> No.18358758

yes, there are only butterfly related assaults.
No serious, it happened in one of our games, it's from the Chaos source book. Sorrowflys, they are butterflies that make you sad so they can drink your tears.

>> No.18358769

Can't you do that with wax? Just make a larger candle if needed?

>> No.18358795

What's the hikokomori/neet class in WHFR?


>> No.18358810

Yup. Noble. It represents being the 14th son of the viscount of lower bumfuckia.

Its not until you make it to Noble Lord do you actually matter.

>> No.18358829

I ran my first warhamer fantasy role play a week or so ago the party was a Human Hunter, A dwarf Troll Slayer, and a Halfing Feild warden. I had them take jobs as sewer jacks and found the bodies of three dead Sigmartite prieist Initiates and fought some goblins and a troll. They kicked that trolls ass pretty hard being smart with lantern oil and the slayer was just brute force ass rape. They gatherd up the bones of the preists and went back to their bar of choice. The Slayer finds people gambleing in the corner and joins in. The halfing spends some time in a bath but was being bathed by a female ogre. The Hunter drank a bit. The slayer rolled a perception test and found he was being cheated. He began to swing his fists bar fight insued involveing a group of Keslivite horse soilders some off duty guardsmen a noblemen and his retinue and the halfing weiling a cast Iron ladel and destroyed a mans balls with it. The hunter dived behind the bar threw some coins at the bartender and began to throw cheap wine at the attackers and the Slayer used a pair of stools as weapons. It was one of the best sequences of fighting I have ever seen and we laughed for a straight hour doing it.

>> No.18358843


Welp, I know what I'm playing if I ever get to

>> No.18358894


Excuse my ignorance, but 'hikokomori/neet'?

Also, our last noble was hanged by Road Wardens after telling a church full of villagers she survived a manifesting daemon by 'pretending to be on its side'.

The coachman (and his blunderbuss) are doing much better.

>> No.18359061

hikokomori is a japanese loser who NEVER leaves his room. He is usually watching hentai or getting his parents to give him food.

I do not know how they shit/piss.

NEET stands for Not (in) Education/Employed/Training.

Meaning an unemployed post-student who is also not training for a job/event (Olympics, Ninja Warrior, etc).

>> No.18359115

Now that's the way ya do it!

>> No.18359134


Thanks for that, should have known the NEET one as a British fa/tg/uy.

This thread also makes me want to play WHFRP so damn bad, think I need a break from DH.

>> No.18359178

Wait when were Cathay ever pig men? They were always just Chinamen as far as I know.

>> No.18359193

that whole session was fun the bar fight was the mid point. They brought the bones to the temple with the explanation of how they found them and found out that one of the initiates frequnented the tavern but they also found out he was not one who was killed so they began to invistigate and found he had left the city and they traveled on the road to middenhiem. They were attacked by mutants on the road and came across a village were witchhunters were burning a whole family for harboring mutants. This upset the halfing but the slayer and the Hunter didnt find anything wrong with burning children who were choas tainted but apparently the halfing did.

>> No.18359261

WFRP sounds fun as hell, why does nobody seem to play it?

>> No.18359300

Because Dork Hershey and Rogue Traitor.

>> No.18359317


That, and FFG pulled support for the 2nd ed. stuff, which seems to be superior to the 3rd ed. stuff. Lack of support can be a bitch.

Still, fun game and love the background stuff.

>> No.18359332

Actually on that not, I know 2nd ed had a TON of supplemental stuff like Thousand Thrones, Renegade Crowns, Old World Bestiary and whatever else we've mentioned in this thread, but does 3rd ed have any such things? Anything NEW?

>> No.18359377


No idea I'm afraid, I think it has some campaign books but that's about it.

>> No.18359400


There are quite a few, and I have never found a single one scanned, everything I find is 2nd edition, so what does that tell you?

>> No.18359401

The problem with 3e is that it's a horrible game.
It has a lot of supplements but among those supplements together you'd find less actual content than in the 2e material.

>> No.18359412

You weren't looking in the right places.
We used to have digital versions of the cards and rulebooks back when we were still trying to play it.

>> No.18359415


>Hero’s Call is an epic supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that takes your campaign to the peaks of power! Heroes gain tremendous new ammunition to face the challenges rising against them, including new high-powered careers

everything wrong with 3e in a nutshell

>> No.18359421

FFG has the 2nd ed stuff up on DTRPG. Which is cool and all, but I really want some key stuff in print to round out my collection. If they put it up in a softcover POD, that'd be balls awesome.

>> No.18359422

"Beware of the halflings, my lord."
"Bah, what can those miserable commoners do to me, the great lord of night?"
Then picture related happens.

>> No.18359432


Even the Bright Wizard on their site looks like he doesn't know what the fuck's going on anymore.

>> No.18359442

So Wizard Lord, Champion, Guild Master, and Witch Hunter have no place in WFRP?

Shit-slogging is nice and all, but I want some payoff after a year or two of play.

>> No.18359455

Guy is a moron, 3e's problem is that the whole system is utterly broken and riddled with nonsensical rules and ad-hoc designs.

>> No.18359549

Who said they have no place?
That unlucky crossbow bolt or swordstrike can still kill you.
The difference is that your character is becoming better, or as someone before said "more competent", and not a D&D style demigod ("Hey, guys look, those goblins are using arrows! arrows! and they are not even enchanted +3 ones! Hahaha")

In Warhammer, when you make stupid decision, you pay for it. Usually by dying or losing a limb. It's that simple.

>> No.18359626

So Mr. Champion with 50 Toughness and full plate is still in danger by a single goblin? I think not. That 10 damage reduction goes a long way, and a few careers with Dodge Blow and a decent Agility score will make things a whole lot less lethal.

No, in 1st and 2nd you get very close to demigodity way up in the career charts.

>> No.18359843

Yeah, especially when you compare it with hundreds of HP players can have in D&D.

Beside, one goblin shouldn't be danger to knight or Witch Hunter. But with some big luck he can be.

>> No.18359856


Liber Chaotica: Slaanesh features this passage. Suggesting they are daemons.

>> No.18359922

Because then GW couldn't release more game editions.

>> No.18360117

Paranoia in Fantasy, eh?

Campaign idea, you play as Skaven, working for a senile old Seer with a bad temper. He sends you on missions, half of which don't make any sense ("You must kill-kill the Plague Priest Rotsnout, and bring him back here to answer for his insolence *hack*") and changes/forgets what the hell he sent you out for/who you are. And if you fail him/he thinks your an assassin sent to kill him, he blasts you to shit. But, you can't work for anyone else, because you aren't known well enough and he only hires you because he goes through minions like Yogi Bear with picnic baskets, and at least he won't backstab you because he'd probably forget what he's doing half way through.

>> No.18360891

Many people are discouraged by how easy it is to get your shit wrecked five minutes in.

>> No.18361404

You fellas got any good maps useful for WFRP?
I got nothing except the crappy stuff you can find on Google.

>> No.18362277

>two new player races

Wait, who?

>> No.18362313

Ogres and Halflings.

>> No.18362351

Oh oh oh oh oh YEEEEEES!

>> No.18362365

So which Warp God did Genie belong to?

>> No.18362382

I thought Halflings have been playable since 2e?

>> No.18362402

And no half elves...


>> No.18362411

Go away already goddamn you

>> No.18362416

Ogres are so fucking OP how could they make them playable in WFRP, a game where you're constantly struggling to survive?

>> No.18362462


Can only be Tzeentch

>> No.18362528

Blue, sorcerous powers, acting without any sense of planning, and remarkably chipper?

Tzeentch, tzeentch all the way.

>> No.18362629

by being a roleplaying game and not a boardgame fronting as one. by roleplaying, by players and GM's actually doing what tehy should be to make the entire experience fun and rewarding; roleplay.

>> No.18362649

that makes even less sense considering you SHOULD be roleplaying an Ogre like the nigh-invincible eating and smashing machines they are.

>> No.18362684

And....what about this guy?

>> No.18362692

he was like the poster boy for Tzeentch even before he became a genie

>> No.18362700

there's quite a few ogres living with in the empire and doing well as citizen, generally concentrated around communities of haflings, for mutually beneficial reasons. though the smashing is never far away and a natural choise of occupation, it's not something that needs to always clash with local laws.

the eathing though never quite escapes them, just the man-eating.

>> No.18362723

I think his point is that Ogres are pretty damn hard to kill, which is kinda the opposite of what WFRP is supposed to be about.

>> No.18362728


All genies belong to the God of Change. Think about it, they grant world altering wishes to poor schmucks, and generally twist them so no one wins but the genie. It just screams "JUST AS PLANNED!".

>> No.18362802

WHFRP are that, it's not as much something it is suppose to be, it just is, as that's how the rules represent humans (so on), and if some one is intended to play an Ogre then having that easy to kill, just on account of being a character, then that would go against what WHFRP is, as Ogres are not easy to kill.

There's no need for balance (specified to some small real of melee combat) in RPG systems, as long as the rules represent (the setting) in a way they're intended to do.

The rest is the GMs work.

>> No.18362912

How I personally see Arabyian Djinn.

The Efreeti are the Djinn of Fire. Red skin, horned, with malevolent faces and armourment of brass, they are warriors. Proud and vengeful are they. They dwell in the heavenly Citadel of Arkhar. A mighty fortress city of brass and stone.

The Desert Nymphs are pleasing of face and voice. They dwell in oases in the great sands of Araby, offering succor to travellers.
They are however, utterly merciless when enraged, and show their half-scorpion nature when driven to battle, with claws capable of shearing a man in half, and envenomed stings.
In the otherworld, they dwell in the Garden of Lanshor. A great fertile paradise, where eternal bliss awaits travellers.
The cult of the Scorpion are dedicated to this paradise, and belive that when they die, they will end up in that heavenly realm.

The Djinn of earth dwell in the great Jungle of Onogal. Full of buzzing insects, and writhing vines. There the cyclopian dervishes dwell, spinning and praying in their eternal fashion.

The Palace of Tchar is home to the Aerial djinn of the winds.
A mighty floating palace, built out of crystal, is where these cloud-like spirits call home, almost formless but with flame bursting from their mouths as if the tongue of the gods.

>> No.18363276

we really need to see Araby one goddamn day

>> No.18363355

It depends entirely on what kind of game you are playing. A band of hardscrabble wannabe heroes trying to prosper in a hostile world? Completely out of place. A group of mercenaries with a scheme of smuggling treasure back home while trying to survive a military campaign without arousing suspicions? Would totally work. Basically, Ogres are the race you play when your DM is running a high combat game.

>> No.18363392

>Ogres are the race you play when your DM is running a high combat game.

That don't have to be true though.

>> No.18363411

And Cathay, Nippon, Ind and all those other places on the map that don't really get much mention.

>> No.18363739

One day, my friend. One day...

>> No.18364076

>playing an Ogre

Is it basically like Fallout with 1 INT?

>> No.18364848

Not really. Ogres, while dimmer than humans, aren't stupid as such. They just tend to be less 'civilized', more predatory by far, and utterly unconcerned with social ties that get in the way of a meal. So Ogres often seem stupider than they are, because they talk slow and don't give a flying fuck about longer words, complex philosophical questions (What is the purpose of life? TO DEVOUR, AS THE GREAT MAW DOES), and rules made by people weaker than them.

>> No.18364994

I like to think of Ogres within the Empire sort of like the trolls from Discworld; sure they have a long history of being big and scary and violent and prone to maybe eat you, and aren't too swift, but once they get to the big cities even they can tell maybe it's better in the long run for them to try to put themselves to some sort of more productive and earn pay like everyone else.

>> No.18365317


most ogres become thugs / bodyguards for criminals, I don't think any of em do honest labor

>> No.18365532

they also become thugs for the military
or for halflings

really, they're willing to do honest labor as long as the pay is either good food, or enough money to purchase nearby available good food

if such is not available, they may eat you for the inconvenience

>> No.18365623

I like how Halberds in this game give you the option of attacking as a Spear with the tip or attacking as a Great Weapon with the axe blade.

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