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So, /tg/ do you have any stories of drunken antics of your characters or party members? High works too. Just any sort of impaired shenanigans that have gone down in games.

I had a barbarian by the name of Drak. Guy got wasted in a bar one day when our DM tried the hook of the bar wench asking for help. My barbarian took this as an invitation for flirting. Basically tried to molest her right in the bar, at which point the paladin knocked my ass out, and I woke up draped over said paladin's mount heading out of the city.

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More interesting picture then story, I see.

Enjoy being derailed =\

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I'm drunk right now. The fact I come across as even remotely coherent is a miracle in and of itself. If I get derailed, then so be it. It's more like planting rose seeds and you get a cactus. I'll just be happy if something fucking grows regardless.

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A couple years back I was GMing in a 3.5 D&D group and I had just discovered what entheogens were, so I decided to include stuff like that in the game for laughs -- spirit quests, bat country, jesus christ what are these goddamn animals, someone's been giving them liquor -- a little less Cheech & Chong and a little more Fear & Loathing.

One of the drugs was an herb with blue flecks in it that would crop up where potent time magic was used. It provided bonuses to Initiative, a dodge bonus to AC, and a bonus to Reflex saves while under its effects, as it altered your perception of time and slowed things down.

The comedown had the opposite effect, however, and everyone seemed to be moving and speaking in fast-motion, giving huge penalties to Initiative, AC, and Reflex. It was kind of fun talking really fast to the players who had taken it, to the point where they couldn't understand what I was saying, while roleplaying a terrible headache.

There was also the time when the human psion and the half-giant psychic warrior went on an all-night bender and woke up in a ditch a mile from town, spooning and wearing one another's clothing.

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No specific tales, but my entire A Song of Ice and Fire RPG campaign that I've been running has basically been one long extended "The Hangover"

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Oh come on. There's has to be one or two memorable moments you can share from this. It sounds hilarious and especially in that super serious setting.

Someone had to have tried spiking a Lannister's drink at some point.

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They haven't met a Lannister yet. There was the one time when they went to schmooze up to Stannis Baratheon and the banker got extremely drunk, so much so that he went unconscious. Then the septon of the team encouraged the bard to try and sleep with Melisandre to discredit the worshippers of R'hllor.

And then the heir had to take them all outside and beat them up a little.

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My story is fairly recent. I was DMing a game of 3.5 with my friends when everyone stumbled into a tavern. The characters, I might add, were around level 18 at the time. Our Half-Orc Barbarian, Monty, decided to do what he does best (apart from pink-misting enemies with his axe) and challenged an entire group of seven tavern patrons to a drinking contest.

He won.

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A long running VtM game, 3 players and a GM. Everyone is playing a Malkavian. Everyone is on LSD.
Best roleplaying ever.

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>PC from isolated tribal society
>gets introduced to "the big world"
>that includes drinking with sailors
>unaware of consequences, drinks till passes out
>wake up, first hangover ever
>at a ship (anchored at shore, but still)
>panics because "world is shaking, we must have angered the gods"
>he is the first one to notice (others seem to be calm) so he must warn everyone
Crazy stinking drunkard crawling (too drunk to walk) around ship mumbling incoherently at people.

The worst part is we had to sail on the very same ship for the next 2 weeks.

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>Everyone is on LSD.
Players or PCs?

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Players and the GM.

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Dear God, my last campaign can be boiled down to 'the rogue gets shitfaced and does something insane' Seriously:

> Blew up the entire fucking rebellion
> Drown 7 minibosses at once
> Wipe an entire elven city from existence
> Successfully fake the entire troupes death to avoid elven retaliation

Seriously, I was beginning to offer the hooch to the others in hopes of getting similar results >.>

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So, its probably a terrible game. but everyone is too wired to notice.

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>"Mods are asleep! Quick, post furry!"

By all means continue though. Not like its my /tg/.

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We are best friends knowing each other for 5-7 years and often get high on psychodelics together.

And in that particular game we not played characters. We WERE them. And we literally saw the things GM described to us. We heard the call of Malkav. We felt human thoughts. We felt the taste of blood when we fed. And my character with Auspex 5 decided to leave his body and enter Penumbra. I almost had an out of body experience.

Sorry, English is not my primary language and it's difficult to describe even in my native one.

Now we got some more LSD and we gonna try it once more. Probably next night.

And when we are out of acid, we get high on some hashish. We perfectly know the needed dosage for getting deep in character and amplifying roleplaying, though acid is infinitely better.

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