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Don't go to this dating site, bros. It's full of normal human girls posing on horses, tweaked with Photoshop. Total disappointment.

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I want girls with human bottom half and horse top half.

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I want girls with Human left side and snake right side.

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I want girls with human outside and parrot inside

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Lucky guy.

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I just want a nice cliff racer chick.

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There are two things wrong with your statement. First, you say you want one, as if you are totally unaware that all you have to do is walk outside in order to have one. Second, you say you want "a" cliff racer chick, when you know full well that you will be getting as many as can physically fit on your body.

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So I like gang bangs... its my fetish.

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not centaur but i did find two Dwarf, or are they hobbits (?), humans call them Midgets any way, dating sites out there..

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Ah, /tg/ and your obsession with monstergirls.
Such a pity reality refuses to cooperate with that sort of thing.
Anyone care if I use this as an excuse to unload some images?

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Go for it. If you have any Naga please post those too.

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Alrighty then.

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Reality is never as interesting or full of variety as fantasy.

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Reality will be made to cooperate, either through holodeck-esque technologies or advances in biology. Perhaps both.

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I don't like centaurs. They're the weakest unit the Rampart has.

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I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

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Blasted missed links.

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My nigga.

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Cool coat/hair pattern-matching on this one.

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Oh, that reminds me of something that was asked the last time we had one of these threads and was never really answered.

On a centaur, should/would the hair on it's head be the same color as the fur on its equine body? Does it even matter?

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Anyone here?

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Hey, for all you know there's aliens out there and they look like this.

And they won't date me either ;_;

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It should match. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same color, but the two should go together.

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It depends. As a general rule, it seems that the hair/mane/tail always match, even if the coat doesn't. Just like real horses.

Of course, as >>18345338 shows, sometimes having a full match can look awesome.

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I'm here, but disappointed at the lack of deercentaur, or faun or fawns or whatever they're called.

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Just for you.

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Somebody wanted lamias.

I have a few I guess idk

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Don't worry. There's someone special out there for you.

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Okay, so I'm just thinking out loud here....
Lots of animals have patterns and/or varying colors of fur. What causes the change in pigments in those cases? Could something similar account for the different hair colors on a centaur?

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In truth I despair of that ever being true.

Maybe it's why I'm a disgusting pervert now. If it's all imaginary anyway, might as well go nuts with it.

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It can get pretty complex. The simple answer is that genes change which pigment, and how much, is manufactured in certain cells.

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Mane and tail can be different colors in horses.

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Fauns are human/goat and are bipedal. Fawns are just baby deer. I don't think I've ever seen deer-centaurs as a thing.

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Maybe you just spend too much time on the Internet. Real people do exist.

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Well I'm sure it would aid in Anon's endeavor if the object of his infatuation wasn't a fictional creature.
Although, I've always wanted a lamia girl to curl up with, so I guess I'm in the same boat.
It's just kind of frustrating to be so enamored by something that literally cannot exist, knowing that it's something you'll never experience in real life, and that your only recourse should fantasy not suffice is to >dealwithit.jpg
Fuck, is this how waifufags feel? Because I'm sickening myself.

Anyway, I'm damn near out of centaurs. I'll start trawling through my unsorted crap for lamias next.

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Someone wants my close-to 600 pictures of monster girls? Of course you do! Enjoy

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The closest you could get now is through hallucinogens or lucid dreaming. I have faith that in the future, realistic simulations will become available. I'm not expecting the real thing, but high technology could make that possible.

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They exist, but aren't as popular as regular centaurs.

I prefer them because Enchantress is so UNF. Horses are also too big. Like, turn off large.

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>you will never have a tank girlfreind
Pic related. It's the Dakimakura I have to satisfy myself with.

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>My treads, they're moving on their own!

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I have... plenty of problems. I find I don't like people much, though that's probably because people have hurt me so much in the past. I can't really interact with another person without feeling like they're judging me in the back of their head, as if there's some impossible standard I can't ever measure up to. It's aggravating and I can't make it go away, no matter how much therapy I go through and how many new people I meet.

Actually, wait, I'm terrified of meeting new people for this exact reason. Everyone else is normal or at least fits somewhere. I've never really felt accepted by anyone.

I can try writing more fapfics I guess. That could be an outlet for it. But I find myself afraid to write too.


Now that the thread is producing laughs I'm sure a janitor will come along soon to delete it. Probably for the best.

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You're probably closer to a tank girlfriend than anyone else is to a centaur girlfriend. Drone technology is steadily advancing and so are chatbots. It actually seems like a rather simple thing.

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If you fuck a horse that's like a half-centaur

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I think that one picture is all I have, unfortunately.

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>purchase military surplus armored vehicle
>install fleshlight
>install voice recognition / imulation software
>get someone to program a chatbot that "learns" and changes itself over time

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So satyresses?

...Because that's my fetish.

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Your problems remind me of /r9k/ because of how comparatively less-horrible they are. It could be so much worse.

I think we'd get along.

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i have some

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We probably would, if you're that guy who said in some thread on /v/ that he'd message me on FA.

I still wonder at times what happened to that guy.

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Shit. Can you at least tell me what the fantasy name name for deerbutt is? It would help any future searching I do.

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Good point, but if anybody here was only interested in the animal part they'd just fuck animals.

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A cowboy got thirsty and stopped by a saloon. He tied his horse to a post and went inside. He then ordered a glass of whiskey, soon followed by another.

The cowboy stayed for a few hours. When he was about to order another glass, a centaur suddenly busted into the saloon and shouts at the cowboy “You’ve had enough. Time to go home.” The cowboy simply ignored the centaur and ordered another shot.

The centaur came closer and said “I’m serious. Finish this one and go home already!” The cowboy turned to him and said “Leave me alone.”

The centaur got angry and shouted “Dad! Come on, it’s time to go!”

The cowboy turned to him and said “Okay! Okay! Go untie your mother, I’ll be there as soon as I finish this one.”

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No. I want the deerbutt. You can keep your goatwomen, no disrespect.

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Ah, understood. Good luck on your search.

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Nope, I don't visit /v/. It is a strange and frightening place.

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If you're talking about /tg/ deerbutt a la pic related - they're called hinds. And iirc, they're a home-brew race.

Not a lot of info about them.

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God knows I'll need it. At least your fetish has a proper name.


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But it was pretty much the only board for really weird porn at 3 AM. Even /b/ is too full of normalfags. They wouldn't appreciate xenomorph porn.

If you'd like to contact me on FA though that'd still be cool. That is, assuming you have an account to access the porn. That's all I have it for.

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Do you suppose there would be a market for such conversions?

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>that picture

Oh god, I remember those threads. Full of faggotry but quite fun.

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I'm just using deerbutt as a blanket term for a deercentaur. Thanks for the info, anyway.

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What the shit is wrong with her legs?

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Heh, I almost forgot Mrs. Goat or whoever she was until you mentioned those threads. At least I think those are the threads you mean.

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I used to frequent gurochan's /freakshow/ for that kind of thing.

I don't have an account, and I wouldn't get your hopes up by promising to contact you. I'm a terrible procrastinator and I'd probably never get around to it, no matter how much I meant to.

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I'm not an economist, so your guess is as good as mine. My money would be on "probably not", if only because I don't think there's much of an interception between "people rich enough to afford a goddamn tank" and "the kind of people who want an anthropomorphic tank for a girlfriend".

Damn, I remember those too. How long ago was that? A year? Two?
/tg/ has been a goldmine for nostalgia recently. I wonder why.

Artist with no knowledge of equine anatomy.

Oh, and I found this while sorting. So we have that.

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All we need is for you to have a drinking problem and also have a shameful kink for feral dragonesses and you'll be me!

Well, except the centaur thing, I'm not really into them.

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Dryads in Warcraft are configured like that. But of course they also have that horrible Warcraft chunky aesthetic to them.

Still, I'm sure some Chinese fan artist has drawn saucy pictures of them where they look passable if you can get past the eyebrows and the two foot long elf ears.

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Good question.

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Did the illithinet cross dimensions once again or is this one of those subtle alternate legend posts again?

Anyway, felt I should chime in as I have a centaur girlfriend and yes we are serious. We live in one of the seven states where marriage would be legal, but there are family issues.

For starters the ad the OP posted is always bullshit. Centaurs don't like their full picture taken for religious reasons. Can't tell you why, it is literally Greek to me, something about a dude called Ixion and an ancient transgression. It's all bullshit, but traditions die hard.

Can't loosen them up with liquor either. Straight alcohol makes them aggressive and fighty. Like "Let's rape and kill cops for fun." angry drunk. Barely fermented grain is all they can take and that still makes them aggressive.

So mostly straight-edge (pot is fine) and ashamed of pictures. Which should explain why they hate Disney. They think Fantasia is blasphemy. Never suggest a Disney flick if you are dating a centaur.

But humans can date them, and the women are into it. Women, not mares. Family, not herd. They don't think quite like humanoids, but they are prickly about any term that suggests they they aren't part of mainstream culture.

Don't get hung up on dick size. You can't compete and open-minded female centaurs don't care. Just treat them like you would any other humanoid you'd flirt with and if she's interested she'll let you know. Unambiguously.

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Neither am I, really. However, I prefer machines and the type of biologicals which end up in most other peoples' paranormal folders.

We all have serious problems, don't we.

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Wear a shirt like that around a she-taur, and you damn well better be able to back it up.

>> No.18345635

I just asked the Dota 2 thread on /vg/ and that was the first response I got. My search led me to treepeople.

My penis was indifferent on the subject.

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Yep. I also have a paranoid fear that if I ever do manage to trick someone into liking me she'll root around in my hard drive and see what a sick fuck I am and leave me for someone who doesn't get boners from arthropods.

>> No.18345648

Huh. I would've thought getting a centaur drunk would be harder than that. You know, body mass and everything.

>We all have serious problems, don't we.
Well, we _are_ on 4chan.
Still though, you guys are awesome.

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You want these guys.

I haven't played WoW since vanilla, but I think they're also called Daughters of Cenarius or whatever.

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With any luck you'll end up with someone who either shares your fetishes or isn't weirded out by them.

Just in case, encrypt everything.

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>> No.18345675

>Still though, you guys are awesome.

I really wish I could believe that. I need to call my CBT guy again and get back with my regular therapist as well. And call Bristol-Myers Squibb to see why the fuck my antidepressants haven't arrived yet.

Oh, if fucking only. I've considered looking around the furry community for friends but then instantly set that idea on fire and thrown it out a window whenever I actually see furries interacting with one another. Why can't I find any disgusting perverts who don't act like fucking retard attention whores and just masturbate quietly like the rest of us?

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Otto-sama, my glacis plate can't handle this velocity! I can feel myself spalllinnnnngg!!

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>> No.18345698

That is what I want, but not what I can ever find.

>> No.18345702

I... Wha...
Okay, whatever.

>> No.18345703

People that keep to themselves are hard to find because they keep to themselves. That's why luck plays such a big part. Finding that one person is kind of like digging through that box of legos for the one piece you need.


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I see her drive wheels are obscured and my mouse immediately goes for the gap between the turret and the hull...

I need to stop playing WOT.

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Just as a conversation topic, what have you guys seen/what do you prefer artists to do with the line where something changes from human to snake/horse/deer/747/whatever.

I'm a fan of the tasteful shawl/skirt thing, myself. Just a bit see-through enough to capture the eye, but still leave the imagination wandering.

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Normalfags errywhere mang. Then again maybe I should try to focus on being less uncomfortable in "normal" situations. Felt like a jackass for no reason going bowling with co-workers, even though nothing happened and no insults were overtly hurled.

Growing up I got so used to people being subversive and tricking me into thinking they were my friends just so they could make fun of me that I eventually stopped trusting people altogether. And now I'm in a world where I still think like that even though thinking about it practically people just don't have time to do that shit anymore. I'm out of high school and I want my brain to catch up.

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They really need to give us a pink version of /tg/. they could call it like... adult/creative or something. Can't post nudity on /tg/, can't post thoughts and words on /d/, what's a guy to do?

>> No.18345744

I'm not picky about how that part of a centaur looks or what, if anything, covers it. Frankly, the part that's always bugged me isn't how it looks, but what to call that general area. While a rough knowledge of human and equine anatomy can help you name the rest of the creature, nothing really explains the bit where one becomes the other.

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The reason people post these sorts of threads on here and on /v/ late at night is because the only board that actually allows it is /b/ and /b/ is full of faggots.

People say "take it to tgchan" but... well, also full of faggots, just of a different variety.

>> No.18345752

There's not always a single line. Incidentally, I prefer it when the transitions themselves take the place of clothing.

>> No.18345774

>can't post thoughts and words on /d/
I've never understood what was up with that.

But yeah, I guess we have to wait until the next time moot opens his inbox for suggestions. Though, we were supposed to get a /quest/ board this last time around, and we've needed a /rule34/ for western smut for AGES, and neither of those happened either, so whaddyagonnado?

>> No.18345777

Pretty much I'm on the same page as you. I think we're only here because it's fantasy-themed and people here are relatively intelligent. We need a new board.

>> No.18345781

I used to have the same sort of problem, but I grew out of the paranoia during my school years. I'm still not great with meeting new people.

Sometimes you just have to force yourself to get out and do what needs to be done. You've probably heard all this before, but it really is the only answer I've got.

>> No.18345789


I wonder if Moot takes bribes. I bet he does. We should start a paypal collection, maybe we can get like 50 cents from everyone.

haha... right.

>> No.18345796

Several years of psychotherapy and I just started cognitive-behavioral therapy with a new guy, who I need to contact to make a new appointment with.

He also told me to write a little tiny bit every day to get over the fear of getting started. He liked my plot summary excerpt for the movie idea my friend and I had (brilliant budding director who's straight but effeminate and has no gaydar, forced to direct gay porn to pay the bills) and people usually respond positively to my writing... I'm not sure what's holding me back from that.

>> No.18345797

/q/ is going to be for questions to the administration, discussion of 4chan policies, etc. Basically a board for meta. Nothing to do with quests, though I suppose you could run one there.

"You are now in charge of 4chan, what do?"

>> No.18345805


change /a/ to "American politics"

>> No.18345806

Do you generally write /tg/-related things?

>> No.18345813

I generally write nothing at all. That's my problem.

But I have /tg/-related ideas. Just... odd ones.

>> No.18345814


Sounds just like my writing habits, lol. You're not the only one with chronic writer's block.

>> No.18345831

I do.

>> No.18345840


Got any of it posted?

>> No.18345860

https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=13_NC8qnQNS5pVdNnPENC1k63hWYSi03k_Jn2dFyHYz8 indeed I do. unfortunately, all this is from a /d/ thread, and not all of it is mine

>> No.18345867

man we should do a writing thread

>> No.18345873

>implying anything would get written by us

>> No.18345882

I find it easiest to write when prompted. I catch the flow better when I'm in a thread, the idea's fresh, and it doesn't require more than a page or two, if that. When I try to write anything long, especially if I'm doing it on my own, I drop it and it remains unfinished.

It's a hell of a lot easier to write a paragraph of blender erotica in a technophile thread. More amusing, too.

>> No.18345883

I would write.

>> No.18345889

>> No.18345897

I once wrote a brief snippet of erotic fiction about a door, a goblin, a giant termite, and a toaster on here.

People laffed.

>> No.18345908

>First segment
Are you me?
Seriously, that's basically my predicament too.

That, and I just think people look boring. Couldn't keep my girlfriends because of that reason and because I can't ask normal people to "dress up nice" for me I pretty much said fuck it.

>> No.18345914

There you go, I guess.

>> No.18345922

>mfw you're posting mantis pics

We're doing this backwards, I was the one who did that.

>> No.18345934

I remember that.

>> No.18345936

I thought it was fitting.
Either that, or I've hit that stage of tiredness where everything's cool.

>> No.18345946

They're beautiful creatures and Siwanowicz captures them well. Good pictures to post.

But still, my thing. Was, anyway.

>> No.18345949

A deerbutt.

>> No.18345952

I should write some more non erotic... never mind I have one in the works.

>> No.18345955

Can we get back to posting softcore monstergirl smut? I don't want this turning into /r9k/.

And does anyone know the sauce for this?

>> No.18345961


Go write!

>> No.18345966

>> No.18345970

Sure why not.

Just took three sleeping pills to try and knock my ass out anyway. I'm going ot have to leave soon.

>> No.18345978

>> No.18345984

write what? just a regular story, smut, romance?

>> No.18345988

>and then I look at the filename
Well, I feel stupid now.

>> No.18346017

Whatever suits your fancy. I provided a chart for rolling a love interest, since most people seem to enjoy that, but you can interpret as suits your taste.

>> No.18346039

Kissing's easy. The rest, not so much.

>> No.18346075

Naw, it's still easy. I've seen videos.

>> No.18346123

todays question:

Where would a centaur ladys tits be located? If they are on the human chest, how does the baby reach up to them? I imagine a centaur baby is about as big as a newborn foal and in that case there's no way moma is going to craddle it to her chest in any concievable way. But if they are at her crotch, like a horse, it would look plain ridiculous.

>> No.18346132

Both places.

The lower set for newborns, the other for when they grow a bit but aren't quite solids-ready yet (and for the adults to play with)

>> No.18346179

Centaurs can lay down, you know.

>> No.18346183

what with the deerbutts and all, would anyone happen to have any sheep/ram butt-centaurs? Horns and animal ears are a bonus. I allways like my centaurs with some extra animal features on the upper bdy.

Have a minotaur babe for your troubles.

>> No.18346212

yes, of course, should have thougt about that... In that case they probably have the tits on the upper part since that would mean more intimacy with the child.

>> No.18346266

what happened to the write thread?
also lamia

>> No.18346374

It's still there... I think.

>> No.18346482

Damn it's getting late. (Or perhaps early, depending on your time zone.)
Anyone still here?

>> No.18346508


>> No.18346533

Don't forget those scary as fuck eyes.

>> No.18346735

Seems like I missed out on a good thread here.

>> No.18346752

seems like you did. A few of us are writefaggan over in another thread if you wanna join.

>> No.18346771

Might just as well do that. Care to link?

>> No.18347108

>centaurs cannot wash their own butts

Ill just let that sink in

>> No.18347158

rolled 61, 50, 38 = 149

>I don't think I've ever seen deer-centaurs as a thing.

I have at least one cute picture of a deer-centaur/ hind/ whatever, but I can't find it. Have another halfie instead.

>> No.18347247

>they're called hinds. And iirc, they're a home-brew race.

Pretty sure Hinds were in the original Fiend Folio.

>> No.18347252

Is this where bards go when they die?

>> No.18347268



That thing is going to be sooooo hard to tune.

>> No.18347296

I... see what you did there?...

>> No.18347340

rag on a stick.

>> No.18347362


Sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

>> No.18347879

I'm guessing they are a rather intimate and communal bunch, like horses and other herd animals. They probably help each other out with aft hygiene.

>> No.18347948


So, let me get this straight. If you're a Planetary Governor and there's a war on your planet, you get to order around fucking Titan Legions on your turf even if you've proven to be an incompetent douchebag? That makes absolutely no fucking sense even by Imperial standards.

I mean every once in a while someone will get fed up and go all Commissar Holt on an incompetent governor (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOi3CzZjV0M), but that begs the question of why experienced military forces with their own command structure would be placed under the control of some random-ass inbred noble who probably has little to no military training or experience in the first place. It also begs the question of why the commander of a goddamn Titan Legion wouldn't just threaten to lay siege to whatever Hive City Strab was living in at the time until they got some fucking infantry support.

>> No.18348282

That works. Plus, horse droppings are rather dry and compact, not wet and soft like human ones, so there really wouldn't be very much mess back there to begin with.

>> No.18348330

What about just the head?

>> No.18348363

I'll never find a nice skeleton-girl to bone.

>> No.18348371

I'm sure you can go bi for skeletons. Unless dem hipbones is a deal breaker.

>> No.18348843

I see what you did there.

>> No.18349980

Just keeping the thread alive.

>> No.18350289


>> No.18350784

To troll you.


>> No.18350863

That feel when they discover the monster girls under the earth's surface that you'll be more afraid of them then normal girls.

>> No.18350898


Bitch please get on my level.

Octopus maids is where its at.

>> No.18350912

one cavernous vagina...

>> No.18352093

Wanted, until I remembered octopi have a beak under all those tentacles...

>> No.18352144

Octopi also have a muscular tube a few inches away from the beak that is specifically designed for sucking. It serves as part of their propulsion system, and in females doubles as their genital orifice.

You are free to continue wanting.

>> No.18352333

>muscular sucking-tube right next to sharp crushing beak

... man, "don't stick it in the wrong hole" doesn't even -begin- to cover it...

>> No.18352523


When you think about it, human women have a sucking hole built with teeth for crushing food.

At least the octopus maid has them separated.

>> No.18352524

Think of it as a risk/reward ratio.

Yeah, you have to watch out for the beak, but if you do it right an octopus would be an amazing fuck.

>> No.18352570

Snake girls are better then Centaur Girls. But the best is when you combine the two:
Snake Girls that eat Centaur Girls.

>> No.18352586

/tg/: Octopus fucking.

>> No.18352619

>snake girls are better than centaur girls
I dunno, man.

A centaur won't be attracted to your warmth, coil around you, and accidentally squeeze the life out of you while you sleep.

>> No.18352661

You have no idea. A few months ago there was an entire thread on the topic, complete with anatomical diagrams of octopi and in-depth discussions of the possible uses of tentacles.

>> No.18352730

How the fuck did I miss that??!?!

>> No.18352753

This thread needs a little Cestree.

>> No.18352768

I dunno. I'm pretty sure the OP didn't start the thread on the topic of octopus sex, it just derailed to that topic almost immediately.

Perhaps you looked right at it and didn't know it.

>> No.18352864

Yeah, thats probably what happened. You got an archive link? Because seriously, there's some screen cap potential here.

>> No.18352872

Nope. I don't know if anyone even archived it.

>> No.18352889

Pity. It's /tg/ in a nutshell. Anything can become fucked up, weird, or anything else here. And that's why I love it.

>> No.18352932

This thread is being observed.

>> No.18353119

No Lolitaur!?
For shame /tg/.

>> No.18353900

>everything is MG(number)



>> No.18354024

>cute shit next to nigh-porn
>not a damn useful filename in sight
>single-subject and multi-subject in one place

Bro I know you were trying to be helpful but it's like you hit every one of my pet peeves at once.

So far I've got folders for Aliens, Robots (CLANG CLANG CLANG, seriously that's the folder name), Demons, Draenei, Dragons and Reptiles, Elementals, Elves, Goblinoids, Lamias, Tieflings, Elementals, AND a folder just for Rule 34, and I'm not even into the 200s yet.

When I finish organizing this I am going to put it back up, organized, as an example.

>> No.18354144

Also, 104 and 105 are corrupt. Did you split a single larger file, or...?

>> No.18354238

Make a folder for everything that was repeat and give the count, I seriously think a 5th of what I saw was just repeated stuff.

>> No.18354418

Doing that. I'm listing doubles as original number B, C, D, etc.

This is what my porn folder looks like. Sort your fucking shit.

>> No.18354447

Not shown: Subfolders per fetish, content, artist, etc.

Rule 34 is practically a whole nother directory, split by medium, publisher of original work (I.E. Disney, Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, etc), content, etc.

>> No.18354525

Odd and then oh dear god what

Color me intrigued.

>> No.18354556

Wait, wait, you just listed elementals twice. Not that I don't appreciate the sentiment.

>> No.18354576


This is me giving a fuck.

>> No.18354611

"Odd" is 'shouldn't want but want anyway. Glaistigs, dangerous warrior girls, dirty gnoll bitches, etc.

"Oh dear god what" is shit I saved for its sheer incomprehensibility. HitlerxStalin Rule 34, Rule 63 of CWC, BTAS Joker in a teddy, a 'boob creature' walking on its nipples, cross-dressing dominatrix Bugs Bunny, etc.

>> No.18354644

That's 'oh dear god what'? I am less amazed, though the boob creature sounds like a new one to me.

>> No.18354652

I have a couple of gigs of mixed porn, hentai, monstergirls, and movies scattered all over my computer in multiple folders. I'll fix it next time I format it.

>> No.18354653

This whole thread would be purged for heresy if the mod was on, so here it is.

You probably won't be fazed.

>> No.18354676

how did I miss a monstergirls thread???

>> No.18354699

Good man. You're more dedicated than I am.

Then again I cull my porn every few months or so. It's amazing what you can rack up that you never look at again.

>> No.18354709

Looks like one of those weird-ass sea cucumber things.

>> No.18354720

hard to find these on my phone, too many saved images so it takes forever to load

>> No.18354728

I like to save mine for trade, among other things.

Could I get your Feral folder? I'll give you one of mine (or a subfolder) in return.

Fair warning, I tend to be picky, so there isn't much in most of them.

>> No.18354733

Pitcher Plant monstergirl? Hm, interesting
what in the world am I looking at exactly?

>> No.18354742

Frisky Ferals is literally just that Sefeiren/Syrinoth/Maim collection, I was too lazy to re-categorize it. You can get it here:


>> No.18354745

>> No.18354747

Can't you tell?

>> No.18354749

Pitcher plant GOOGIRL, no less.

As for the Boob Creature, don't know, don't wanna know.

>> No.18354767

>26699 saved images on phone

sup Rubbish

>> No.18354791

>you will never have a lamia wife and daughter

>> No.18354796

Hola papa, apologies for not finishing up the last NQ before it 404'd, was writing a large chunk of the quest while I was getting nagged on by family, I will however still count it and everything that happened up until the last choice (investigate the cafeteria or go to third floor of the town hall)

>> No.18354811

>You will never watch your wife and daughter unhinge their jaws to accommodate whole deer while you cut your steak into bite-size chunks

>> No.18354821


gotcha, hope I can make the next one. work has kept me pretty busy this last week so I haven't had much time to be on /tg/

>> No.18354826

First layer of sorting is done.

After this it's breaking shit down, finding the few doubles I missed, splitting demons into demons and tieflings, etc etc.

Want it like this, or do you want me to finish sorting?

I've got the beginning of a headache, but I'm not actually tired. Irritating how these things work.

>> No.18354827

>you will never have that awkward moment where your thri-kreen girlfriend snatches a pigeon out of the air, snaps its neck, and begins disemboweling it with her mandibles

>> No.18354832

If you're already halfway done then you might as well sort it properly.

Also, it's thri-kreen. With an r.

>> No.18354834

Understandable and I do hope you'll be there, I've got some juicy stuff going for the next thread. Let's just say that it'll be 3 "boss" encounters

>> No.18354840

>You will never get up in the morning to take a piss only to walk headfirst into the web your wife spun in her sleep

>> No.18354844



I remember when I got confronted about this stuff and chocked it up to that. Totally worked.

>Frisky Ferals

Holy shit did you pay for that? If so an upload would be greatly appreciated. Those demo pictures were such teases...

>> No.18354848

>>and such the thought of never having a lamia waifu will be there forever ;_;

>> No.18354857

Fuck no I didn't pay for it. Also see


Still waiting on someone to leak the second set.

>> No.18354860


Why were we born before the discovery of the half snake waifus planet?

fate is a cruel mistress

>> No.18354875

>182 items selected


>> No.18354880


>That feel when reality hits like a fist of bricks but you'll still push on and write your erotic fictions and create your erotic art pieces anyway

The universe be damned, I'm better than it.

>> No.18354882

get a gf that'll rp really kinky stuff.

>> No.18354893


Better before than after, because shortly after they invade they're beaten back and all sympathizers are purged from the earth followed quickly by their genocide.

>> No.18354899

I don't know that feel, only discouragement at being such a weirdo.

I think I just worry too much.

>> No.18354902


We're on /tg/ mate, its a miracle some of us have girlfreinds at all...

Not that i would complain about having one into really really kinky stuff...


>> No.18354907

If you were born after, would you have the same thrill of anticipation?

>> No.18354909

>any alternate planets will likely have shit that would make Giger shit himself in screaming terror, if it has life at all
>worried about snake waifus you can have in probably 20-30 years when we have holodecks

Nigga u smalltime.

>> No.18354912

try harder.

>> No.18354921


Haha fools! I practice what I preach so I'm a pansexual.

Currently have a sort of internet bf and sort of internet gf. We three way erp. Dragon 3somes, especially when you're getting double domed, are wonderful.

>> No.18354924


....Jawohl herr kaleun!

>> No.18354925


have one and while she can pull off a nice brown elf it just isn't the same. at least she's into the same shit I am, played through monmusu, puts up with my vore fetish...

>> No.18354933

... that was random

>> No.18354936


Get on my level. I've gotten off to Giger xenomorphs long ago, and haven't stopped breaching the wall of the weird since then.

>> No.18354937

Has this already been posted? And if no, anyone want me to post it?

>> No.18354942

It's probably in that mediafire already

>> No.18354945

>have two male internet fuckbuddies
>one's fugly but RPs great and does kinky shit like ferals
>other one's real pretty but cannot into formatting

>mfw threesome with me topping first one as wolf as he fucks second one as elf

>> No.18354948

lucky. I'm still trying.

>> No.18354950


>puts up with my vore fetish...

dude, she's a keeper

>> No.18354967

Oh ho! Not sure how I managed to skip over that; always nice to have access to another person's collection. Now to wait for half an hour.

>> No.18354969


get cleaned up, workout and follow /fit/s advice

getting a girl isn't hard, then its simply a matter of finding a kinky one, though often its easier to just make them kinky

>> No.18354971


>Not getting banged by two wolves every sentence ends in an interobang
>my mfw

>> No.18354979

>>she can pull off a nice brown elf
>>played through monmusu
>>puts up with my vore fetish
Dude... Nice.

>> No.18354981

>though often its easier to just make them kinky

I find it interesting that you technically said it's easier to change a woman to be what you want than to find one that already is.

>> No.18354982

this was on fakku. see if I can find it again

>> No.18354994

welcome to women, get them in love with you and you can do all sorts of crazy shit

>> No.18354997


>ignore American girls
>all dat profit

seriously pick up a nice Korean or south American (BR HUEHUEHUE) girl. so much less hassle and drama.

and yeah she puts up with my vore fetish, probably because Alice is her scissor waifu or something. she took to monmusu pretty quick, which was good considering she just found it on my laptop one day

>> No.18354998

That sounds like a fetish in and of itself.

>> No.18354999

>and yeah she puts up with my vore fetish, probably because Alice is her scissor waifu or something. she took to monmusu pretty quick, which was good considering she just found it on my laptop one day

Oh dear god how wrong that could have gone

>> No.18355003


Science has shown that female sexuality is malleable, unlike male sexuality which is much more rigid after puberty.

>> No.18355006

>Walk outside, see this, what do?

>> No.18355009

Link me the article I know you have bookmarked.

>> No.18355011


>> No.18355012

We're getting into dangerously mod-taunting territory here man, cut back on that shit

>> No.18355013


Haha yes! By making nearly all things sexual to me before puberty his I am now the ultimate malleable male!

>> No.18355014

"Did you get the paper, or what?"

>> No.18355018

You get me my cheese whiz, boy?

>> No.18355019

That reminds me, does anyone remember a bit of writefaggotry with a gryphon or hippogriff named Talron? Remembered seeing it a few years ago, but it seems to have been purged from suptg and easymodo/foolz.

>> No.18355021


I really don't wanna get on another FBI watch list so I'm gonna say no comment.

>> No.18355026

Fucker's sorted. Mostly. There's probably more to be done but fuck if I'm doing it.



Also, where do I find good feral shit?

>> No.18355028

"It's in the mailbox."

>> No.18355032

All I can point you to are FA and e621 mang.

Protip: Having an account on e621 is worth it so you can just blacklist the shit you don't want to see and not have to worry about lazy uploaders not tagging their shit properly.

>> No.18355037



It's only mentioned in passing, although the talk is very interesting, and especially relevant to the people in this thread who have fetishes for things that aren't real.

>> No.18355040

How YOU doin'?

>> No.18355041



>> No.18355049

>approaching 50 whole minutes of content

If only I had the bandwidth and the ability to remain awake enough to watch this.

>> No.18355051

what's going on in this thre...


>> No.18355055

And for people looking to justify their fondness for traps, if I'm not mistaken. I've seen that posted several times in /a/.
Many thanks, boss. Any idea when the original thread was posted?

>> No.18355057

Many strange and wonderful things.

>> No.18355060


>> No.18355061

>especially relevant to the people in this thread who have fetishes for things that aren't real


>> No.18355065


yeah I shat a brick when I walked in and heard the bgm.

good thing she is into all dem Chinese cartoons, watched more this season then I did.

pic related, who she wants to go as this Halloween.

as far as changing girls, its fairly easy once they are infatuated with you. then it simply becomes a mind game about pushing their boundaries.

>> No.18355066


>Lizard tits

Boner killer. Everything else is fine though, except maybe the clothes...

>> No.18355075

I can go either way, personally, but I prefer flat lizards with feminine body shapes.

Or we could go to the other extreme.

>> No.18355080

Thread theme: http://youtu.be/DUNrHzQ6u94

>> No.18355085


>> No.18355086


>> No.18355088


Already have that picture actually, and I'm fine with both of those options you listed. Sadly I'm not on my pc so my transformation folder is limited to not existing in a reachable location at this moment.

>> No.18355091

How's that upload coming along?

>> No.18355092


Not a clue, sadly. Although the guy that wrote it went by GreyKobold, and googling that name brought up this: http://www.sofurry.com/user/view/profile?id=1077

You could always toss him a PM if you're willing to register.

>> No.18355100


>> No.18355110


Well I've got one solid thing keeping me from reading the rest of The King in Yellow tonight.

>> No.18355122

>This thread

It's like I'm really in 2008!

Thanks for the reeeeeaaaaalllly fuckin' weird but still awesome sexy nostalgia, /tg/

>> No.18355138

You too can get boners from slutty dragons if you give in to Slaanesh today!

Sign up now!

>> No.18355142


Here it is.



>> No.18355144

You can have a dragon with multiple boners to give you boners!

>> No.18355152

You sir, have my thanks.


No, vaginas only. I may be a sick fuck but I'm a heterosexual sick fuck.

>> No.18355154




>> No.18355163

All I ask for in return is ferals. In .rar or in flash.

Love me some ferals. Especially male-on-male with the feral bottoming. It is HARD to find those.

>> No.18355165

>only "dragons"
>only boners


Anyways, sleepy times.

>> No.18355167

Damn it; the mediafire didn't have the manga I was going to dump, but the thread's at image limit. Oh well. Here's the link:
Z-ton also has a couple other neat works, Limb Legion being one that I've dumped here before.

>> No.18355171

>sad panda

>> No.18355173

The dragons need only have one boner, and they can use it on nubile things for your amusement! Goes great with elf slaves!

Also, a clearance on size difference. Small girls, huge girls! Be the giant man in her life, or spelunk in her cooch!!

Don't delay!!!

>> No.18355175

>still getting sad panda

step up nigga

>> No.18355176

Seriously? Look up Narse, Sefeiren, Tojo the Thief. Those guys (first and third especially) specialize in feral male dragons.

Also much to my dismay I've found that much of this rar is already in my collection. Oh well.

>> No.18355184

Not into dragons much. Too special snowflake for me.

Call me pedestrian, but...canines?

>> No.18355188

>one boner
>not hemipenes master race

>> No.18355190

>no dragon poon
you just lost a customer sir

>> No.18355191

Sorry man. FA, e621, pawsru.org, etc. Just keep looking. All I can say.

>> No.18355200

Sorry, champ, couldn't help myself.
Slightly tangential since it's not monstergirl-related, but you might also want to take a look at TSF Monogatari sometime.

>> No.18355201

There's definitely less feral canines available, if that's what you're requesting. I feel bad not having a good answer. Feral dragons and griffins are the only ones I know of in any number.

>> No.18355208


Ebon Lupus did a lot of that stuff. He was also a notorious drama magnet so google should help you find anything you like about his art.

>> No.18355209

Paws.ru is GONE, man. Just a string of gibberish.

>> No.18355214

We got that too!! Huge dragon poon, with teeth and massive clitorises!! Truly exquisite scaly unbirthing size differen -


>> No.18355231


>> No.18355300


is there a sequel?

>> No.18355309


Well I've got something to deal with the rest of tonight

>> No.18355447

According to many credible-sounding sources in corners of the Internet, these guys pretty much pulled the entire book out of their ass, using poor research methods, citing dubious sources, and not really following the scientific method to come to their conclusions.

But that begs the question as to why the fuck nobody else has even attempted something like this. If you fucking neuroscientists don't want to research shemale porn then the Internet will find someone who will, god damn it.

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