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So fa/tg/uys, if you had the choice between succumbing to one of the corruptions of Chaos, which one would it be?

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We have the endless Blood lust of Khorne that's thrill becomes smaller and smaller until the all you can do is rage endlessly in a futile attempt to sedate your burning, infinite blood-lust. You are forever a captive of those you hate.

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We have Nurgles Corruption, which might actually be one of the least terrible from the standpoint of pure pain. You are slowly infected with an endless amount of diseases until you finally succumb to the endless despair and decay of mortal existence and submit to Pappa Nurgle's warped patronage. You no longer feel physical pain, and feel a sense of acceptance so rare in the Galaxy of the 40k. But deep down your soul rots with shame as your loved ones view you as disgusting and wretched and your only company is as rotted and vile as you are. Your only solace is in spreading Nurgle's "blessing" to others to bring them down to your level.

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Next up we have the corruption Tzeentch. Where your drive for power and knowledge is sedated by glimpsing small fractions of his grand plot for the universe. However, overtime the knowledge you accumulate begins to drive you insane as it defies mortal logic and reason, oftentimes completely eclipsing your original ambitions and rendering you an eternally terrified and broken being much in the sense of Lovecraftian horror.

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To be free of pain, free of disease, even almost free of death... To be truly happy in a universe of pain and horrors. What better thing could there possibly be?

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And finally we have the corruption of Slaanesh. While it may seem to be the best of the four at a quick glance, it's outcome is probably the worst of the 4. You gain a greater and greater sensitivity to pleasure and enjoyment in all it's types at first, but quickly find that things you used to enjoy become duller and duller causing you to find ever more extreme ways of finding pleasure until you are driven to committing acts of unspeakable violence and destruction, in an just feel alive. In the end, unless you you ascend to the title of daemon prince, you are eventually sucked down into the Palace of Pleasure and consumed, forever tortured for She Who Hungers.

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The one that doesn't make me end up looking like a pile of shit wrapped in bacon.

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>image failed to upload somehow...

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Always wondered what a second penis and some tits would be like.

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I hate to break it to you, Gue'la, but warlord Slaanesh is dead.

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A challenger appears

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this one.

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I choose my Papa!
I gladly left my old life behind and embraced Papa's gift and one day I hope to show everyone what a wonderful thing it can be!

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Undivided is the only way.

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Heresy is a sign of lack of dicipline.

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What is malal even the god of?
And what are his gifts like?

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He's the god of atheism. Seriously.

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Well, let's look at the practical side of things:

KHORNE: You become better at murdering things, and are intrinsically obligated to murder things. Your fellows will murder you if there's nothing better to murder. Not being psychopathic, I'll pass.

TZEENTCH: You gain the potential for power, and the hope to use that power for your own benefit. More likely, you will be used as a pawn to further someone else's benefit. He, in turn, is a pawn for someone else, all the way up to Tzeentch himself. Your fellows will betray you as a religious experience. No one ever wins but big T himself, and since none of his plots ever actually end, (other than feeding into some other plot)the schemes and backstabbing continue forever. Pass.

SLANNESH: Ultimate, unlimited pleasure, total dedication to the point of self-destruction. Obsession and addiction that invariably leads to ruining your life. You're damn happy the whole way through though, and your fellows either ignore you to focus on their own obsessions or share your ecstasy with you. Maybe.

NURGLE: You are infected with a miriad of diseases, which you feel no pain from. You are totally freed from fear of any kind; nothing can hurt you and death itself only brings you to Grandpapa's side (Plague Bearers are a direct soul-to-daemon conversion, rather than being fed by our created out of. They're an afterlife). Your fellows love you unconditionally and you live with them as family, coexisting with life of all shapes and sizes. Fucking hell yes.

Why does anyone follow any god other than Nurgle again?

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the "stop cutting yourself" hipster god?

anyways, I'll take being red and going fast for 100. My weakness is men in uniform.. and skulls

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>Worship Nurgle for centuries
>No rewards

>Worship Khorne for a decade
>Granted Daemonhood + Warmaster

I am a career man. all this lovey pukey stuff doesn't suit me.

I want to climb the leader of ascendancy not stick to the bottom and wallow in my own filth.

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Good food, good music, good art, good dancing, good sex, good poetry, good movies...

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No he isn't, that's that old WHFB God who looks like Costanza.

Malal's the god of "I hate every god but me I hope they all die"

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"Malal was the embodiment of Chaos' indiscriminate and anarchic tendency toward destruction, even of itself and its own agents. The nature of Malal's/Malice's powers is parasitic, as the Renegade God grows in power only when the other Ruinous Powers do."


He's not exactly the Chaos God of Atheism. More properly he would be the Chaos God of Chaos.

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Tzeentch gives me magic?

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What could possibly be more liberating then the feeling of endless battle for the rest of eternity in this mindless world?

At first you rage and hate and run and smash, but it goes away quickly enough, leaving just the skill and thrill of victory and defeat.

Die a thousand times and kill a million enemies for no other reason then to feel the rush of battle again and again and again and again... it is a feeling that never dulls, for it comes from the inside. It is not the feeling of blood flowing down your armor that you seek, no. It is the feeling of perpetual forward motion in the heat of battle, trading one blow after another and losing yourself to the rythm and heat of combat.

Thrue khornates have no intention of letting the world burn down because true khornates NEED enemies as they need the air they breathe and the water they drink.

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The one where I'd be surrounded by delicious purple daemon girls with the personality of Charlie Sheen.

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Only if you say please.

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But what kind of magic? If it's generic shit like Lightning bolt and fireball I'd rather let Slaanesh fuck me

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No, Tzeentch makes you go crazy. You may happen to discover some magical spells in the course of your raving madness.

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It depends on how hard you say please.

Tzeentch fucking loves politeness.

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Malal is the god of self-destruction and pointless in-violence. His gifts are great power at extreme cost. One of his few 40k appearances had a cult sacrifice their greatest champion to summon his avatar.

He is not a sensible god.

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This'll have to do.
I'm not big on being controlled by anything or anyone, but since Fuck You Chaos isn't an option, I'll take being a Rape Marine.
Why not Nurgle? Cult-style affection isn't my style, and "too tough to die" isn't much of a strategy. Plus I can't stomach killing my enemies with a puke cannon.

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Basically Nurgle is the only one who leaves you with the capability of leaving your mind intact, more or less.

I'd tend more toward Tzeentch personally if I could slow down or stop, Arihman-style after a while. Nurgle represents a bad time; I worked hard and diligently to smell nice, not quite ready to give that up. All that said, Chaos holds no promise for me, I'd prefer to build something myself with my own efforts. Maybe I'll go AdMech and try to make friends with a Techmarine or Cryptek.

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Very very politely?

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>Tzeentch loves politeness
>mfw his chosen puppet is Ahriman the rude

The whole ritual thing that damned the 1Ksons was a big ''fuck you'' to Tzeentch and his mutations.

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"Lord Tzeentch, please accept these infants as sacrifices and grant me power so that I may use it in YOUR service."

That should be polite enough.

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> in truth, everyone here would go to nurgle anyway.

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Good? GOOD?!? By the Dark Prince, "good" stopped being enough five centuries ago! I require only the most decadent of foods, the most exquisite of narcotics, indeed I've spent the last ten years crafting the most PERFECT chili recipe and I intend to taste it tonight! Going by the gin experience, the first taste will be enrapturing ecstasy, the second sip dull and pointless. My cooks who aided me will be disemboweled and I will move on to my latest conquest of pleasure! The ache of not EXPERIENCING gnaws at me every moment but I know, KNOW there is fulfillment out there. I must only carve my way to find it!

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Silly fools, you only take into account the positives, not the negatives.

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I don't know what crazy shit you're smoking bro, but Ahriman is polite as hell.

He always holds the door open for Chaos Spawns and always tips his stupid fucking helmet at all the damsels.

Frankly I'm insulted by your comment.

Good day to you.

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Do I really need to sacrifice infants?

I really don't like the idea of sacrificing anyone but me, that's hardly heroic

Maybe I'm in the wrong place

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Grandfather Nurgle, now and forever.

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>My cooks who aided me will be disemboweled
That is tooooo Khornate.
Relax and just enjoy.

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Khorne: Wrath
Slaanesh: Indulgence
Tzeench: Paranoia
Nurgle: Acedia
Malal: Hatred

hmmm... choices choises

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Oh very well, you can turn people inside out at will. But you can only do so if they believe you to be the reincarnation of Olaniaus Pious, and "your" power will be instrimental in the taking of three planets in the Ultima Segmentium and a McMacarrius in downhive Necromunda. Those three planets are quite irrelevant, but oh my... that McMacarrius...

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Fuck Nurgle, being one amongst the diseased would be a nightmare. Even if you can't feel it, you're still a decaying and infested wreck.

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>Ahriman's hat
fuck you, his hat is god damn awesome

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Nurgle, otherwise.

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>not following the Horned Rat as your glorious skaven overlords do

I sure hope you man-things not do this this.

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For Nurgle!!!

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You're new to this "Slannesh" thing aren't you?

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If you would seriously fall to Chaos for a good screw I think killing you would be doing you a favor. It would certainly be doing the rest of the galaxy one.

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Well, you don't need to, but they tend to be useless for anything else if you're in a hurry and they are readily avalible after a raid since most cultures protect their young and send the adults out to fight, and capturing sacrifices in mid fight is kinda impractical.

If you have a lot of time, you don't even need to sacrifice shit, just make sure to cause a lot of change(preferably by giving people hope for a better future and sparking a revolution) and support your local psykers.

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You can't be that dedicated to the Prince of Pleasure if you do something as gauche and boring as merely disemboweling your servants.

Maybe if you actually tried to apply yourself for once in your life you could think up much more fun things to do to them.

>> No.18339617


You must be new here.

>> No.18339619

>capturing sacrifices in mid fight is kinda impractical.
Fucking noobs

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It's not just a good screw, it's the *best* screw. And the best of everything else, too.

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I choose Igjene, the Great Clean One who promises me freedom from filth and disease.

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Yes, why kill those delicious mutant hermaphrodite servants capable of use their breasts and genitalia for spice up my food? Those breasts capable of lactate chocolate sauce while I ride a vagina which fluids are a delicate tomatoe sauce, all that would be wasted if I killed them.

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I've tired of elaborate killings over the decades. There's only so many times you can gut a man, peel back his ribs, bathe him in grox sex pheromones, and suspend him upside down amid a herd of warp-touched beasts before it all just gets BORING. I need *more*, I need PERFECTION. The cooks needed to die so the perfect chili can never be made again, but their murders need not delay me from further pleasure any longer than they must.

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Yeah, because that's totally what was both literally stated and deliberately implied.

>> No.18339667

Champion of Malal...think about it.

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As far as I'm concerned, slaanesh is by far the worst. At first it looks like you're getting everything you ever wanted, but then it's not enough and the pleasures of yesterday grow dull, so you need more and more untill nothing can possibly be enough and every single moment is agony because you are not currently experiencing something you haven't tried yet and you can't try new sensations because your sensory organs are ruined and dull. And, then you get raped and tortured to death. When you die, slaanesh rapes and tortures your soul for an infinite number of eternities per second.

Have fun.

Also, Nurgle, Tzeench and Khorne were made mostly by humans, and slaanesh was made mostly by dark eldar who are deeply flawed on an emotional level.
My pet theory is that the old ones modified humans so they would create the chaos gods who would then fight the c'tan

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Because this galaxy is already ripping itself apart, I'm only helping to hasten its oblivion.

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Isn't there a Chaos God of laziness I can worship in my leisure?

>> No.18339688

...And the worst withdrawl symptoms. That's the thing about Slannesh, you are never, EVER satisfied. You always need more. You always need to push into more decadence, more depravity. Before long, nothing can sate your cravings and you lose what little remains of your sanity.

Slannesh is not the god of sex. Slannesh is the god of seducing a forever-alone dipshit, bringing him back to your studio, fucking him, killing him as he orgasms, and mixing his blood, semen, and shit into your paints so you can finally paint the perfect sunset.

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Good points, but I point out that:
>>rapes and tortures your soul for an infinite number of eternities per second.
is basically what happens to _anyone_ who's soul enters the warp. There is no "seat at the Emperor's right hand" for anyone, just the faithful clenching their eyes shut and covering their ears against the screams of the galaxy's dead.
Only the Eldar have managed to deny the Dark Powers, and that's at best temporary on the scale of aeons.

It's Chaos. All the choices suck, and they all suck forever once you're dead.

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>Not dedicating yourself to one aspect of existence turned up to 11
Chaos really isn't for you.

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Chaos is inherently corrupting and obsessive. It represents aspects of humanity that have been twisted and exaggerated to the point where it destroys everything else in its expression.

Chaos is not just a part-time deal. When you fall to it, it consumes you entirely.

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Peasant. I'll bet you never did all that WHILE the guy and the grox and the daemons you were fucking with your 3 prehensile phallus' were all wired directly into your own nervous system. Get on my level whelp.

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Oh hey what's going on in this thread?

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Almost definitely Slaanesh. My life revolves around music, drinking, smoking, and whatever other chemicals I end up with at the time. My idea of a perfect night out is 14 hours of watching bands followed by finding someone to take home.
With my personality being what it is, I would end up Slaaneshi-corrupted quite quickly, I think.

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I've heard you're into that kind of thing, Sister.

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Yes yes, we hope you you man-things do not do this

>> No.18339761


That's generic as fuck Tzi, I'd rather turn myself inside out than have such a bad power

>> No.18339766

This is mostly true, but not completely.
Kharn has been killed and resurrected at least once and I remember reading somwhere that this happens to him regularly because he gets killed a lot.
And, the sorcerers of the Thousand Sons perform resurrection rituals on a fairly regular basis because recruiting is so much more difficult for them then any other group of space marines.

>> No.18339767 [DELETED] 

Heresy, obviously. Filthy, dirty heresy, unclean and foul activities. Don't forget to protect yourself, little sister.

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The first Three existed long before humanity. Nurgle opposed Tzeentch, (stagnation vs change), Tzeentch opposed Khorne (subtlety vs straighforwardness) and Khorne opposed Nurgle (conflict vs acceptance). Do note that Slannesh was still capable of making himself known during this time; linear time and the warp really don't play well together.

The birth of a Chaos God is a momentous occasion. The entire galaxy was wracked with Eye-of-Terror level warp storms for thousands of years, and was spawned by a galaxy-spanning civilization of highly warp-tuned individuals focusing on a single Thing 24/7. Some pissy little conqueror (Genghis Khan; Khorne), precious little bacteria (Black Plague; Nurgle), or adorable little intrigue (Italian city-state feuding; Tzeentch) can't possibly spawn a Chaos God. I'll remind you that the fluff that it can is from the same era as Inquisitor Obi-Wan Sherlock Clouseau, pic very related.

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iirc he got the shit slapped out of him by sigismund and that was what killed him at the siege of terra.

>> No.18339785

Perfection is a Slaaneshi ideal, no? If I had to pick one, that's where I'd go.

>> No.18339789

The Emperor does rescue some of his people, just not very many. He's a minor warp god, about the same power level as Malal.

>> No.18339792

Aye, conceded.
But Kharn, Ahriman, and their peers are the top-tier of the Chosen, almost Daemon Princes in their own rights. That's a long road you can spend forever walking and never get to it's apotheosis.

>> No.18339796

Tzeentch, hands down.

>> No.18339797


That's just hedonism taken to its' logical end, though. Hell, it works like that anyway. People get bored easily, especially people with a naturally hedonistic streak. Even on a kind of physical level - if you drink a lot, for example, your natural tolerance will increase, and you need more / stronger stuff to get drunk. Same with just about anything else.

>> No.18339818


The problem with that is that you can never reach perfection. You'll eventually destroy yourself seeking that ideal that just can't be attained. Hence the excess and sensational aspects of Slaanesh as well, you end up becoming a slave to seeking a new thrill, reaching a new high, only to find that it keeps getting harder and harder to do so as you become more desensitized to everything else.

>> No.18339824

>the year 2522
>not following the great Serpent God Sotek, like our Lizardmen bros

>> No.18339834

>I seriously hope you warmbloods don't do this.

>> No.18339840

Bah; pretentious charlatan. Any fool can use sorcery to octuple his nerve endings and bathe in sensory stimulation emulsion, REAL connoisseurs indulge in the infinite pleasures of the diet.

Come back when you've tasted the majesty of nonuple-strength heroin infused Catachani rum aged over a century.

>> No.18339868

Fuck sunsets.

What you're supposed to do is seduce some poor bastard, lure them back to your lair, bind their souls into a daemonic book, then use ink infused with their bodily fluids to write out lurid, debauched acts in the book. Forcing their souls to experience everything you write down for eternity.

I have a fucking library of the things, each more exquisite than the last. I always love opening a book to the wailing, ethereal screams of some woman I tickled to death with a lash of black thorns back in M38. Or the pleading sobs of some strange mutant I put through several dozen re-pressurization cycles in an airlock in M34.

>> No.18339870

Nurgle, as all I really do these days is sit in front of my laptop mucking around on the Internet. I guess Nurgle worship means I'll have to give up showering and brushing my teeth though.

>> No.18339879


I don't see why everyone thinks this is so bad. You could spend millenia ramping up bit by bit. Slaaneshi corruption doesn't mean you'll do something once and then drop it, you could find something that keeps you going for a century before getting bored. Sounds like a fucking great life.

>> No.18339884


/tg/, sometimes you guys seriously worry me.

>> No.18339889

B-b-but i follow the old ones!

>> No.18339914

If goofy racial deities are on the table, you're reading the text of the first Chaos Marine of Isha. No Daemons, no mutations, no obsessions, no problem. And my bolter fires fist-sized seeds that kill targets by growing explosively inside them.
In my wake I leave forests, fields of wildflowers, and angry/confused Eldar.
Fuck yeah, CHAOS!

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>> No.18339932


The problem here is that YOU don't direct the pace. As soon as you start worshiping ANY of the Chaos gods, you start dancing to their tune whether you like it or not. You cannot moderate it, you cannot control it.

It controls YOU.

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>> No.18339970

thanks, didn't know all of this before

That would be the road to power - the vast majority who walk it get lost along the way, but those who get far enough... go batfuck insane, so you better pick and plan the kind of insanity you want carefully.

Note that Ahriman doesn't give a fuck about any of this. I'm pretty sure that he could have become a demon prince if he wanted to - he has a large network of allied cults and so much arcane knowledge he can summon a leviathan, but he's the sanest and one of the most powerful sorcerers in the galaxy and simple demonhood is not enough.
He's going for goodhood and getting closer every century.

>> No.18340010

>It controls YOU.


>> No.18340012

That example actually came out of the HH novel Fulgrim. The painter eventually killed herself because her sanity serviced long enough for her to realize "oh fuck, I've a depraved junkie who's killing people because that's the only way I can get any satisfaction out of my art"

>> No.18340016

A CSM warband that worships Isha. This needs to be done, it's fuckeawesome and hilarious.

captcha:angritur Society
Khorne is monitoring this thread

>> No.18340031

>not followin' Gork
I seriously 'ope you humies don't do dis.

>> No.18340034

I'm the pretender?

Oh precious child. How naive you are. You claim to be a connoisseur of delectable dishes; yet I'll bet you've never subsisted on a diet of distilled water and tasteless gruel for a century just so that you could throw a massive feast where every dish served would cause your mind to melt in ecstasy.

Now, I must excuse myself. I have to go arrange a garden of now almost extinct flesh craving flowers. I have to have the maze ready in a decade or so for the party. The guests are going to have so much fun trying to get through it alive.

>> No.18340035


Well then I suppose Slaanesh is a perfect fit for you then.

Have fun.

>> No.18340044

It's exponential bro. At first, sure, it's "oh I'm tired of fucking helpless bitches, let's try helpless bitches WITH COLLARS!" but after a few decades of debauchery you can't get off to anything other than half-eldar midgets raping each other with tyranid proboscises while wrestling in magma while you shoot heroin through a dark eldar needle gun.

>> No.18340054

>Two Slaaneshi devotees trying to outdo each other.

Oh this is going to be entertaining.

>> No.18340062

Seems plausible. Yeah, Ahriman's ahead of the game in plenty of important ways. Of course he's wise to remember he's a servant of Tzeentch, and that his ambitions remain a mote in his insane lord's eye at best.
As has been said that's the big problem with Tzeentch: not knowing when the fuck-over is coming only that it _must_ because that's how the Big T always rolls eventually.

>> No.18340065

Oi, yer s'posed ta follow Mork, ya git!

>> No.18340070

That's not so bad, compared to the other gods.

With Khorne, the path to worship usually involves slaughtering everyone nearby, friends and foes alike. Fairly quickly, you end up as a mindless killer, until you are slain in battle.

With Nurgle, you're already dying of disease when you start worshiping him, and you only go downhill from there. You become a hideous zombie-like abomination that infects everyone near you with deadly plagues. Maybe you never die, but you're not really alive either.

With Tzeentch, you know from the start that you're just a pawn in someone's scheme. In that way, you damn yourself without gaining any more freedom than you would have had if you stayed loyal to the Emperor. Also, you go insane and usually end up as a Shoggoth-like horror.

With Slaanesh, you enjoy a lifetime indulging in every pleasure of the senses you can conceive of, and come as close to perfection as any mortal being can. After decades, or even centuries, of this you finally end up losing your sanity or killing yourself in the pursuit of ever more intense sensation. Of course, by then you probably don't care either way, and take pleasure even in the pain of dying.

Yeah... Slaanesh is totally the worst of the Chaos gods...

>> No.18340087

All of my internets go to you, good anon.

>> No.18340089

I ain't no weedy grot ya gitface! I gonna follow da one 'o is brutal, yet cunnin.

>> No.18340128

you forgot the part where nurgle is actually kind to you and his followers are the closest thing that can be called happy in the 40k universe.

>> No.18340140



MORK'S da brutal but cunnin' one! You'z got it backwards, ya grot!

>> No.18340147

Oh my, their fear-crazed blood must be such a delightful marinade for the flowers. You simply MUST send me the seeds they bear afterwards; I will concoct a seasoning blend so intoxicating it would kill Abaddon himself.

Now to think of the most perfect use for such a blend. Perhaps an interweave of Dark Eldar slave cranium (the fear center especially) and the meat of daemon/animals that can feel nothing but pleasure.

No, that won't do at all. This will take a while...

>> No.18340150


In each of the other cases you describe the person who falls to Chaos becoming something repugnant and shameful as a result.

Slaanesh is no different. When we say "sensation", we don't just mean "pleasant sensations" or when we say "perfection" or "beauty", we don't mean traditional aesthetics of those ideals. Slaanesh twists the pursuit ANY kind of sensation into horrific acts that should disgust any other normal person, and warps standards of beauty and perfection into a horrendous aberration that you seek out only for the sheer NOVELTY of it.

You have this image of following Slaanesh as trying to reach some sort of glittering, pure ideal and destroying yourself in the process. While trying to reach that ideal destroys you, the end you try to grasp in and of itself is something just as disgusting as what the other Chaos gods offer. It puts on an illusion of desirability at first, just like the other Chaos gods, again, but delving deeper into its trap reveals it for the sham it is.

>> No.18340167

That's a somewhat controversial assertion.

For every follower who finds happiness and love in Nurgle's embrace, there is another follower filled with despair and regret, who only fell to Nurgle to save himself from death and lives every day in horror at what he has become.

>> No.18340171

either tzeentch or nurgle. on one hand with tzeentch there is the promise of power and knowledge on the other hand... tentacles and madness.
as for nurgle you get a sense of fulfillment and never have to fear pain or death again. But you also can say hi to desise, deformity and knowing that once it's all over you'll still be there you and your brethren will be unchanging, apathetic and stagnant.

nurgle is the safe bet but well even if he wins there isn't gonna be a whole lot to look forward to, tzeench is more likely to fuck you over but at least it'll be an interesting ride from beginning to end.

guess i'd go with tzeentch but i wouldn't be overly opposed to nurgle either.

>> No.18340182


If only because they've given up trying to better their lives and simply continue to wallow in complacency and despair. It's only "happiness" because you've stopped caring about the fact that you're a fat sack of maggot-ridden pus.

>> No.18340191

Only because the rest of the fucking galaxy is horrified by you. You're a fucking mega-leper. The only people who like you are other mega-lepers because seeing the horrible shit you're going through makes them feel better about themselves. The daemons just think it's funny as fuck.

Nurgle himself doesn't give a fuck about anything but spreading his filth and diseases.

>> No.18340193


I would love to live in a house with Slaaneshi cultists. Myself, I write music. I'm constantly experimenting, finding the perfect chord progressions, or the more intense beat, or a fusion of the two.
The next guy is obsessed with food, constantly trying to get the best flavours. The next one keeps the place tidy. The next person is always bringing people back for sex, which we all partake in. Everyone indulges in every way they can. Would be a blast. Might even stay stable, since if one person threatened the indulgences of another, the whole house would turn against them to prevent it happening to themselves... there'd be a balance, perhaps.

>> No.18340204

>chaos followers hating on each other
You guys sure you aren't with Malal?

>> No.18340233

This. Near the end, a Slanneshi will desperately cling to whatever will make him feel ANYTHING, no matter what that feeling may be. Just the concept of FEELING, of actually EXPERIENCING after years and years of abusing the senses to the point of numbness is as all-consuming as the recent convert indulging in his deepest fetishes.

Slanneshis burn out fast, and as they near the end of the ride, they will strive for decades just to feel the slightest twinge of irritation, simply because it's *SOMETHING*.

>> No.18340240

>Playing Black Crusade as a slaaneshi Apostate.
>Pretty much reach the point I look like a bimbo daemonette.
-You had killed the Sororita in charge of the orphans and now the access to their chambers is completely free. As you open the double door you find a group of girls who are younger than 8 years old, all of them are scared and sobbing in their beds, some scream when they see your crowned with large horns head, what you do?
>I pick my psychoflute, an instrument which can alter the emotions, and perform a lullaby calming the girls.
>After a first contact I start asking them which things the Sororitas had forbidden them to do.
-Sister Calpurnia confiscated my doll for make me stronger.
-Mother Lauranna forbbide us to eat any sweets for a whole year because we did a mistake in the chorus.
>I smile to them and then decide to fulfill the little pleasures of those girls in the name of the Dark Prince. Toys, sweets and music for everyone!

>> No.18340245


It's hilarious just how many people in this thread think that they can game the system, that they can moderate Chaos and somehow gain only the "postive" aspects of it without turning into an addicted, horrific wreck of their former self.

>> No.18340255

Achieving an aesthetic ideal and committing horrible acts in the pursuit of hedonism are not mutually exclusive.

>> No.18340263


Hey, wait a second. I said 'maybe'.

>> No.18340265

pretty much, and I was kind of exaggerating on my fanboi-ishness for nurgle too. But he has the most odds for followers to be at ease with themselves. Sure, you might devolve into a mindless blob of braindead killer slime/pus, but the alternatives are psychotic morons that kill everything close to them, sense-obsessed people that are actually so numb that it destroys them or some unwitting pawn waiting to be betrayed to further Tzeench's plans.

Actually, chaos undivided would seem to be the best choice. Keeping sanity? check (more or less anyway). Keeping form? check. chance to become daemon prince? check. It's the common denominator. Not as much "advantages", but hardly any disadvantage compared to the rest.

>> No.18340268

most of the people in this thread are far too neutral and bland to fall for any kind of "corruption"

or, in fact, be very good worshippers of the emperor.

we're not nutritious either.

>> No.18340275

Well ive thought about it deeply and when it comes down to it i always fall back to my life's moto which is:

When life gives you lemons................


>> No.18340291

MORK is da brutal but cunnin' one ya git. If me wrong, den may Gork AN' Mork krump me roight now.

I iz un-krumped. Da are im-perium-ical ev-e-dense dat YOU iz wrong ya git. Now go get yer face bit off by a squig or sumfing 'fore I krumps ya meself, ya git.

>> No.18340296

I wouldn't go Khorne because i'm not some bumbling imbecile who aches for the taste of blood.

I wouldn't go Slaanesh because thats just pleasures of flesh, and only grants momentary happiness.

I wouldn't go nurgle because I dont want to look disgusting or feel his love, because fuck love. How do you know he loves you? He could just be playing you to fight for him.

Since all I could ever lust for is knowledge, Tzeentch. Hopefully be useful enough to not get fucked over. And if hes the maser of justasplanned, then obviously he will eventually win. Also, the only way to experience true happiness would come from having all the knowledge in the world. Ignorance is bliss, but once you learn what one made you happy, that happiness dies as you realized it was false. Knowing EVERYTHING allows you to determine was is actual true happiness. This can only be accomplished with tzeentch.

>> No.18340309


I think you owe my axe some teeth, ork.

>> No.18340332

This thread is full of Heretics and daemons!! Loyal followers of the Emperor! We have pruging to be done!

>> No.18340361


Oh I totally am.

Every aspect of Chaos has two faces, luring followers in with the inherent weaknesses and desires of human nature, and then twisting and corrupting them into something monstrous. They claim to follow one ideal and yet their pursuit of that ideal is constantly unattainable.

Khornates seek battle and vindication through attaining martial perfection, but Khorne cares not whether they win or are cut down. Nurgle claims to love his followers but leaves them wallowing in their own filth for eternity, and they find happiness in the fact that they cannot even remember what having a healthy, whole body was like. Followers of Tzeentch seek to manipulate the progress of the galaxy to their own end, and yet Tzeentch's own aspects of change and mutation mean that such progress in inherently unknowable and to seek to control it is futile. And Slaanesh promises her followers heights of perfection and sensation, but the closer they get to it the farther it eludes their grasp and the more desparate and ugly their means to attain it become.

And yet... Chaos is in our very nature for it is through our own desires and thoughts that such beings came into existence. It is a fundamental part of all beings that think and feel and live and die and dream.

Which is why it must all be destroyed.

>> No.18340362

this person
is correct
Chaos fucks you up in the end, choosing between gods is choosing between how you get fucked up in the end.

I just like the most common khornate end result more enjoyable then any other. You let go of the world and fight until you die. Then you keep fighting other dead souls. forever.

>> No.18340380


>I wouldn't go Slaanesh because thats just pleasures of flesh, and only grants momentary happiness.

Thats kinda what makes her a chaos god... its momentary and fleeting and you will always be seeking more

>I wouldn't go Khorne because i'm not some bumbling imbecile who aches for the taste of blood.

You've never hated someone or something so intensely that you just wanted to pick up the nearest sturdy object and smash said things face in? You've never been in some kind of competition where you just could feel the adrenaline pumping through you surging you on-words to crush the opposition?

For those are the provinces of Khorne... not brutish killing only. The Lust to crush the puny and weak for the glory of yourself.

>> No.18340383



>> No.18340386

The only path is the Folded Path. All beings of Chaos are expressions of an end mean, approached from hundreds of angles. Those who cling to these ideas of "Gods" are weaklings! How do they not see that we are the Gods?! Did not I create The Magus with my planning this speech to affect your souls? Or Khorne with the men whose bodies I left wrecked and broken? To take only one path to Apotheosis is not the way. See how each god fails itself? Think of Tzneetch, who ate Dead-God Malal one day. He consumed his foe completely, and became him, and now he fights himself in his own Great Games just as Dead-God Malal had.


>> No.18340401

>daemonettes in commisar uniforms



>> No.18340415

>For those are the provinces of Khorne... not brutish killing only. The Lust to crush the puny and weak for the glory of yourself.

And this is why I'd go with Khorne.

It's when you realize that all of civilization is just a bunch of glorified monkeys building sandcastles, and that all our standards of decency, of morality, and ethics are little imaginary rules to keep those who are bigger and stronger from kicking their castle over.

We are the tide of blood that reveals their constructions for the sand that it is.

>> No.18340428

Thank you for the assistance fellow Comissar! We have much filth to cleanse! We must Slay the Daemons!!

>> No.18340449

One humie knows what's it's all about! WAAAGGHH!!!

>> No.18340457

Here, have another.

"Not giving yourself to the Prince(ss) of Pleasure is heresy, anon. Do I have to discipline you?"

>> No.18340460


No fellow commissar, YOU are the daemons!
And then you became a daemon.

>> No.18340465


Let us draw swords together, brother, crush the weak


>> No.18340475

Unquestionably, but welcome to the service of Chaos.
There is NO winning. And a trillion feet walk the sure path to damnation convinced by the whispers of daemons and saints that They Will Be The One Big Winner against all odds, logic, and evidence to the contrary.
And that's just the Imperial Guard.
j/k. Mostly.

>> No.18340487


We are born with a medium in which we believe in. If we believe in nurgles medium then nothing has changed. Except you get to live forever under the jealous guise of a great deity guardian over your soul. Take it as you will, he is a god of life, death and rebirth. You will always have your memories and get to pick peace or war.

>> No.18340493


>> No.18340503


Even the foul greenskin's blood will serve! MAIM PURGE KILL!

>> No.18340511

Also Nurgle would be my choice, to spread his plagues to others and let them know that Papa Nurgle will be there for them.

>> No.18340519

Bothersome Xeno *BLAM*
Now back to deamon slaying
HaHa, A fine jest, right men?
*snickering daemons*
I like you funny Comissar

>> No.18340526

This thread is beyond saving.

The order has been given.

The Emperor Protects.

>> No.18340538

Not to mention that an average Homo sapiens like the fa/tg/uys here has basically zero chance of getting anywhere. If you're not a space marine or someone of that level of power, you're either going to wind up stopping a chainsword or a bolter shell or end up as a Spawn. Chaos cares NOTHING for almost all of its mortal followers. In order to wind up a Daemon Prince or something like that, you need millions, if not billions of deaths under your belt to even be considered. See: Deacon Mamon, IA5-7. The Lost and the Damned doesn't just refer to the Imperium casting the traitors and cultists and mutants, it also refers to Chaos itself not giving two shits about them. As far as Chaos is concerned, if you're a mortal follower, you're either good for making bullets for CSMs and important followers to shoot, or you're there to die for those important followers. Not much leeway.

>> No.18340544

Dis 'ere lotz need a thumbin'

>> No.18340548

You seem to forget that another big part of Khorne is the protection of the feeble. A warrior of Khorne throws himself against all threats, not just for personal glory but also because there are many who cannot do so. A Khornate fights; for himself, for the Blood God, and for all those who cannot fight for themselves. He is a Champion; he spills blood because it must be spilled, but only that which MUST be spilled. Those who cannot fight may not be fought, and any who would bring violence against one who cannot meet in glorious combat is a coward who deserves naught but to be cut down. The weak and infirm look up to the Champion, they glorify him as is his place and he defends them as is his duty.

Khorne is not baseless rage, he is heroism! He is honor! He is the overwhelming FORCE that cannot be surpassed, only bowed to or joined with!

>> No.18340549


Omg i love you, i've never been quick enough on my print screen button to save that image.

Now if you could just get me the "Deploying Ultramarines" from Space Marine...

>> No.18340552

This Anon puts it best. I play Thousand Sons but my god is Khorne.

From boxing experience, there is nothing like the thrill of the match. You get into that mindset and nothing really matter outside of the ring. It's just you and your opponent in a universe no bigger than a large-sized square. Skill and Conditioning versus Skill and Conditioning.

It's exhilarating. It doesn't become a competition or a fight full of anger or hate or anything like that. It's just .... sublime.

Khorne is my choice, purely because with him, that kind of feeling becomes never-ending. One big blur of endless combat.

Ascension is but a perk. The true reward is a simple place with a simple task in a convoluted clusterfuck of an existence.

>> No.18340566


"Wait for me!"

>> No.18340615


>> No.18340616

We Sons of Malice will bleed you putrid, frenzied, Machiavellian and lecherous aberrations dry. And you won't even hear us coming, wretched scum.

>> No.18340617


There is no honor. No glory. Just as there is no mercy or justice. These things are all but human constructs. Human delusions. Human weaknesses.

We spill blood ONLY to prove our strength to mighty Khorne, who revels in our bloodshed. So that the Brass Lord might notice us and, being pleased with our gifts, grant us yet greater power in return. So that we may spill yet more blood in his name.

To deny these things is to admit your own failings. That you do not follow the Taker of Skulls. That you deserve to be cut down and torn limb from limb by my hands.

Come and try to best me coward. Let me show you your inadequacies.

>> No.18340630

We hear you, we just don't care.

Any chapter who writes "murder your superior to take his position" into their charter really doesn't deserve to be taken seriously.

>> No.18340654


So you would attack the weak, the helpless, to somehow prove your strength? Pathetic. Look upon your honoured champions. Who do they fight? Not the crying child or the unarmed weakling, no, they concern themselves with battle, not massacre, since there is no proving oneself, no honour, in battling a weaker adversary. Khorne wants to see your STRENGTH! Strength of body, mind and spirit. In his name, you fight not only for yourself, but for everyone around you, because you alone can take on what whole planets try to defend against. The Champions proved their strength in true combat, as you should too.

>> No.18340671


This universe, this... EXISTENCE is fundamentally broken. Our galaxy flings itself apart in the grips of its death throes, and like a snake eating its own tail it will consume itself until all that is left is dust and ashes. It all will face oblivion, it matters little if we taste of it faster, as long the path of destruction continues.

>> No.18340683


Y'know, the same argument can be put forward for Slaaneshi existence.
The universe will destroy itself, and I will revel in it's death throes, experiencing every pleasure imaginable.

>> No.18340689


Ignoring a more suitable challenge to slaughter those who cannot defend themselves? No, that is not what we seek.

But when all those who can pick up a sword are felled, the blood must still flow.

>> No.18340715

Juffo-Wup is All.
Omni-existent, spreading and changing the Non into Juffo-Wup.

Juffo-Wup is the hot light in the darkness.
All else is unfulfilled Void.

Juffo-Wup flows through Time and Space. It cannot be stopped by mere energy blasts.
However, you are Non -- not part of Juffo-Wup.
You CAN be destroyed by energy blasts
Let us demonstrate.

>> No.18340719

Is this really the case? Is there any cannon to back it up? Is there any evidence presented in the cannon for what happens to someone's soul when they die if they don't get seduced into serving the Chaos gods in real space?

Because, if that's the case, shit is indeed pretty dark.

>> No.18340746


Hey, Juffo-Wup, there's this lovely lush planet just a few parsecs that way! You should go get it.

("Quick, get ready to exterminatus when they're not looking")

>> No.18340757

That's the easy, but inefficient way to do it. The thing with the chaos gods is that they all have virtues of some kind, Slaanesh gives you pleasure, Khorne gives you valor and strength, Nurgle gives you endurance and joy, Tzeentch gives you hope and change, but they have all gone crazy. The war in heaven and the weaponization of the warp had something to do with it, but there were probably other factors.

Thing is, those virtues are still a part of them, if a minor one, so killing a worthy enemy in battle will please Khorne a lot more then killing a random orphan, but killing a hundred defenseless peasants is easier then killing a trained, armed and armored fighter, so in the end, it's a matter of "do I want to gain Khorne's favour by being a butcher" or "do I want to gain Khorne's favor by being a warrior".

The second option is far more difficult and far more rewarding

>> No.18340763


All the other aspects of Chaos are so concerned with their hypocritical goals and delude themselves into thinking that they can reach some kind of higher existence through their atrocities. But Malal sees that Chaos and all of those paths associated with it inevitably lead to destruction, and so represents the purest expression of Chaos itself, that of the all-consuming, suicidal ruin.

You all choose to ignore the inevitable. We embrace it and herald its coming.

>> No.18340782


Isnt one of the battle crys of the traitor legions "Purge the weak" ?

>> No.18340813


We understand the coming of the end too, brother. We're more alike than you think... we know there is only now, only the time we have, so we devote ourselves to, seeing everything, knowing EVERYTHING, experiencing EVERYTHING.
And when it all comes crashing down, we can revel in the glory of it all, together! Join us! Take a drink, a drug, a lover, and fuck in the fires as the whole universe comes apart at the very seams!

>> No.18340823

Considering the shher number of the crazies, there's bound to be a group out there who think that, but the champions of chaos still need to eat(well, most of them do), and none of them intend to make their own food, equipment and transportation.

>> No.18340835

Hmm. Similar themes about the warp are mentioned in almost any book that describes travel through the warp.
In The First Heretic Ingrethel the Daemon talks about what the warp really is -the Sea of Souls.
In Battle for the Abyss a ship gets it's insides blasted open and exposed to the warp, and there's some fluff about the captain recognizing his dead brother's soul amidst the tsunami of the ravenous dead.
In Blood Reaver a CSM captain is caught outside a ship as it makes a warp transition and manages by virtue of sheer stubborn RAEGE to "survive" being eaten long enough to attract the attention of something that possesses him and turn him into a Nurgle Marine.

I can't remember offhand an explicit statement about What Happens When You Die, but there's no shortage of implications that at least you end up in the Warp at the mercy of various horrors that tear at your soul-stuff until it breaks down and dissolves.
The more psychically powerful the soul, the longer they'll last and the more sustenance they provide their consumer. Hence: Eldar and Waystones.

>> No.18340850


Whoever lets the most blood and takes the most skulls is the strongest. It matters not where they come from. Loyalist. Alien. Daemon. Our own comrades in arms. None of it matters.

In Khornes name we fight and kill so that we might live to fight and kill again another day. We kill the servants of the corpse god on the battlefield, in their homes, and wherever else we may find them. And when we are done slaughtering them to the last child we fall upon each other until such time as our lord sees fit to grant us a new target.

>> No.18340852

The typical CSM motivation is large a mix of unconcious hypocrisy and unfocused rage. Just as the Dark Gods like it.

>> No.18340930


Sanity is for the weak?

>> No.18341193

To be fair, Ahriman doesn't see himself as a servant of chaos, much less tzeentch specifically

>> No.18341297

Seems like the truth.
I kinda like Argel Tal's rant in The First Heretic about how being an Astartes requires losing so much humanity that Chaos isn't really such a major jump from there.
By the time you're a full Battle Brother you may have lost everything you were, you may be less then a shadow of the man you were and all you got was Power in the most real, personal sense.
Who deserves to tell YOU what sanity is?!

>> No.18341327


Sanity is just the accepted societal norms of behavior. If you are beyond those societal norms then their definition of "sanity" is meaningless.

>> No.18341357


Yeah, like the 3 or 4 Horus Heresy books i read the "normal" humans would look at the Astrates as not human demi-god like creatures. Moving with such grace an agility yet being 300-400lbs of pure muscle.

Horus was even mussing to himself that he was thinking about 100 years from now when hes on his death bed, and then he though do we actually die from old age?

>> No.18341378

And hence Sanity is the concern of them weaker then Thou.

>> No.18341412

>Ascension is but a perk. The true reward is a simple place with a simple task in a convoluted clusterfuck of an existence.

nice to see someoneelse who knows what I'm talking about.

a lot of servants of chaos don't see themselves as souch, like the Night Lords(not 100% sure about them, but you get my point)

>> No.18341426


That was an argument the sons of horus were claiming when there was a big crowd of people in their way and they just punched a hole through them... killing a whole bunch

They went "You cant put normal justice on Astrates we are above normal humans"

>> No.18341724

Bump for the glory of Chaos

>> No.18341739

oh look, it's the chaos star from the elric books.

>> No.18341759

You're only two decades late to notice that, bro. Nicely done.

>> No.18341787

only khorne knows honor...
if i have to i choose him.

>> No.18341816

I choose you, pikachu !

>> No.18341965

I choose Chaos Undivided. Sure, it's tougher than just choosing one god, but the benefits outweigh the initial risks. It's all the fun of the Ruinous Powers without ending up as a one-trick pony.

>> No.18342031

I serve the glorious and fiery Phraz-Etar. In his name shall I cover the entire galaxy in spiky bits!

>> No.18344371

Lorgar is a douchebag. Dude needs to get a motherfucking job.

>> No.18344573

This is dumb. You don't start by declaring eternal loyalty to one of them. It starts with something simpler.

Which of the following are you most likely to be thinking about before you fall asleep:

(1) how awesome and clever you are for being totally prepared for any eventuality on the coming day?

(2) how you wish you could slap the shit out of your asshole boss?

(3) can't sleep because you've got cold sweats agonizing over your inevitable death?

(4) all the delicious nasty things you would do to that hot girl/guy/whatever if you could?

>> No.18344648

None of them. I'm actually well adjusted without stagnating.

>> No.18344912

Thrilling litany, battle brother.

>> No.18344917

quite true looks t internet porn, i csn never go back to playboy. EVER! shits like reading the news or something.

>> No.18345211

Might as well go with Papa Nurgle and let in the love.

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