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Painting thread!

>what you're working on
>painting tips
>thin ur paints scrublord

Finished this guy (aside from his pistol) this morning. Should probably do some coursework before hammering out another

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forgot barrel opening

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>and what he looked like last night;
Painting blue is fun as balls. A nice break from Biel-Tan Eldar

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yeah, that's why the pistol isn't finished yet.

I can't find my Pin-Vise, for whatever reason.

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Working on finishing his squad as well as a squad of terminators. I don't thin my paints, though I may start considering...
Any other tips on what I can do?
(Nice looking models by the way OP)

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definitely thin your paints

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Even if you dont wanna thin your paints (though you should). You can go back with your base color and clean up those highlights. Kinda thick and not very uniform.

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The shitty paintjobs on GW minis that always appear in these threads assure me that everyone on /tg/ is a teenager

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I didnt realize that you automatically got better at painting as you aged.

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hey man, I suck at painting and get some basic shit done, doesn't mean I don't love my hobby like you do. I just have no skills and less time

also a question: why thin paint?

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Hello fellow teenager!
How is the scaring the elderly and causing a nuisance?

>I can stereotype too!

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I just finished an ork that I started at least half a year ago (one on the far right) These are the first mini's I've painted and I think they turned out pretty well.

I started them around February last year. It's actually #2 to #6 from left to right. My first is too embarrassing to show.

Going to finish painting the base then maybe start on the deff kopta?

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WIP of another squad with AT/sniper section in the back and further back the battleship for Covenant.

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I don't know if it's just the lighting you've got there, but the choppas look pretty damn awesome.

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>My first is too embarrassing to show.

No it isnt. My first mini is TERRIBLE. I have specifically kept it to remind me and to show other people how much you can improve.

Here's mine.

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Now a recent Infinity mini I did.

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Damn that's quite an improvement. Well here's mine. I should have probably blown off the dust but whatever vov


Thanks! Just the swords or the whole thing?

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before worrying about thinned paints; worry about getting the colour nice and uniform (Foundation paints are your friend, here), the shoulder pad rims are in desperate need of some love in particular.

But hey, not too shabby. Keep at it and you'll get better. I'm not exactly a new painter (been roughly 15 years since I first started) and I still have a lot to learn.

ahaha, I did the same. I don't have any of my "first" models (and unfortunate group of lizardmen from a year or two prior), but this sucker was my first 40k miniature. Right when the plastic kit had just released

I am reminded of TSoaLR's Snerk every time I see him (he does not have "eyes" or even a "mouth" anymore. That's all just filled in with paint)

>the unfinished basing and free-hand salamander were added this year, as I still use him in battle. Only in death does duty end, after all.

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Thank you

Also bumpin the thread with some more non-40k stuff.

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Gonna try some painting later tonight
Can soneone give me a noob-friendly guide to painting Nemesis Force Weapons?

Pic related - these poor bastards will be my test run.

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still working on this motherfucker, WIP image is really really outdated now. Main concern is still what to do with the base. applied badab black on the tiles, and the broken pillar, as suggested yersterday. Did wonders, but it still feels kind of lifeless. pondering trying to add green goo pouring out of one of the broken piles in a stream, but that seems kind of difficult

Awesome marine. Plan on making any glow effect from the plasma pistol?

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fucking captcha

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And pic of a finished squad from the same company, with 28mm "giant" for scale.

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A dread i recently finished for a painting competition

It didn't win.

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>implying you didn't end up with the trophy anyways

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Way I do any form of power/force weapons for spess marenss is the lightning effect.

Regal Blue main colour with enchanted blue towards the edge of the blade, then wash asurmen blue. Then get ice blue once the wash has dried and do some fancy lightning across the blade, linking to any bits poking out like the powerfield generators or whatever, and once thats dry, do skull white towards one edge of the lightning bolts, either the source or the end points.

Gloss varnish is debateable but it doesnt hurt

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with the pillar, you could say I'm aiming for something like this one, same bit and everything.

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Overall, of the people I have talked to about it in store, mine WAS the better model than the others.
Judge apparently did it as a "which do I like more" contest rather than a "which model is painted better" contest.
He dislikes blood ravens and plays eldar, so of course a fire prism beat my dread, and an imperial fists dread beat that.
>"Yellow is hard to paint well"

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to be fair, the paint on the front of the sarcophagus could be thinned.

limbs are excellent though

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So much venom in this ones words.

I hope you at least told the winner(s) they did a good job, like a gentleman

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I hadn't compared them before but damn the new janissary model is SOOO much nicer than the old ones.

Less bulky and more dangerous looking.

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Criticism i was given was that the gold looked lumpy, and that the top and bottom halves looked like they were painted by 2 different people.

I did do the legs a good....3 months before the top half, and theres alot less gold there, so that may be why.
I need a new way to do large plates of gold without it looking so lumpy

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that depends on what kind of force weapon you want.

GW-style (neon blue)? Plain-Jane silver? Lightning?

I've used strategically placed (and heavily watered down) thraka green as a way to bring in some depth to stonework in the past, but it's kinda hard to make any suggestions based on your picture because the base is out of focus. Drybrushed white/light grey might be more apt, static grass might finish it off..

>Awesome marine. Plan on making any glow effect from the plasma pistol?
cheers. I'll be keeping the plasma coils metallic. It's what it's always been for me, and I'd like to keep the focus on the marine rather than his gun.

although not badly painted, one thing to note; Your colour choice could do with some work. The Metallic areas are very similar in tone to the red, and get kinda lost in each other. What paint did you use for that?

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There is a core of truth there. Those legs have downright excellent detail. The shoulders on the other hand, have too much solid colour. You broke it up nicely with battle damage, but there's still too much gold and not enough... anything else.

Still, though, kudos, it's better than anything I ever did.

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rolled 81 = 81

Finished these a couple days ago. Part of a commission.

Currently slotting through a unit of 5 Shocktroopers. Big and bulky and boring.

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How do you guys make those base details anyway? is it just polystyrene? or that modelling clay?

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Plasticard, cork, green stuff, plastic bits, actual rocks and branches..

depends on what you're trying to make, really.

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In my case the base was made by cannibalising a cities of death floor tile set.

Anyway, i realized the pure retardation in expecting good advice on how to improve the base, when the photo was as shitty as it was, so I tried taking one of the base specifically

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How do you guys thin your paints?

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What are these? They look like Warmachine minis

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by watering down the brush, then mixing it with paint from the pot in the pots lid. (Liv. xplyou

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I'm waiting on a package containing mah Vallejo Flames of War paints, so for right now, I'm sitting and staring at my Hungarians. It's terribly exciting.

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Get some kind of palette, it could just be a plastic pot lid or something like this:


Get a brush full of paint, put it down then just wash your brush off, tap off the excess water and then mix in the water in the brush.

I know some people say adding washing up soap or an acrylic retarded but if you're new like me then just water is fine.

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For the gold bits i did dwarf bronze with shining to burnished gold highlights, then washed gryphonne sepia.
Problem with this picture is the angle really, since on the ven dread, i only did the edging around the shoulder gold, the rest is red. On this pic it looks like all gold all the time.

I've been recommended to look into nonmetallics...i'm scared

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and here it is from the back. Yes, the stuff underneath the tiles has barely been worked on from this angle.

Any suggestions on what to do with? above as well as below the tiles.

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I feel like this has to happen, I'm not planning on playing Imperial guard, but I have a funny idea, a delusional Daemonette Commissar named Joan, she thinks she is still a loyalist and that the daemons following her are her regement

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rolled 48 = 48


Khador Widowmakers.

Here's a Khador Wardog, by the way.

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does she gives a good blowjob?

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My before/after models. Planning on stripping the old ones and repainting them from scratch. I primed white with them.

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How should I know? She still thinks her crab claw is a powerfist, In a way this could be fun lampooning of the counts as rule

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What I'm working on. Kinda nervous, as I still have the Crimson Fists dude to paint as well as the banner, and I've never done them before. Templar player, here.

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Who says crab claws cant be powerfists?

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I run a slaaneshi cult (so traitor imperial house guard) and have a few extra of the Jaun deamonettes, I might do something like this.

nah they are fucking terrible man, she uses teeth all the time.

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is that the anniversary CF?

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Yup. There was two left at my store, so I picked one up. Figure it's a fluffy 'counts-as' Marshall for my BT army. Gonna put a pin in the scenic model and small base so I can use him in either.

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Does anyone else have a THAT GUY at their store who's all like "how cute, you still use citadel paints on your models" then pulls out a blob of paint on a base which he calls "Mephiston"?

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No, but I get field of grey tyranids. All 263 of them. It's counteracted by outright glorious Imperial Fist, Necron and Dark Eldar Armies, though.

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I must defeat the daemons!
No Joan! You are the Daemons!

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A Berserker I cooked up a couple of weeks ago (old-school metal).

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I'm about to start a Deathwatch kill team that I intend to do to a higher level than anything I've done before. To the left is an example of what I consider my best work to date (despite being unfinished). Bear in mind this was done probably four years ago.

You guys make me want to go and cry in a corner.

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Any tips for painting skin/faces? No matter what I do I can't seem to get these to look right. Eyes always turn out dead and creepy looking and skin is never the right color. I've got dwarf flesh and gryphon sephonia (or whatever it is called) for a wash. I generally mix the flesh with something to lighten it up but that makes the wash look terrible. Any tips?

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Repostan' from a while ago, too.

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I've found good results with dark flesh washed with ogryn flesh, then a highlight of elf flesh.

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And some more Uruks.

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cheers for that

my suggestions;
Bleached bone (or light brown/yellow) drybrush for the dirt. Right now it's kinda boring

paint the metal ("bolted on") parts of the broken pillar.. metal

paint the smooth edges (the sides) of the CoD tile plain black, like the rest of the base edging

if you really wanted to, you can also do a (light) drybrush of the base grey of the tiles, on the tiles. It'll make it stand out a bit more

also; if you really want to, paint the "spike" of the triangle as a different colour. I've seen them done up in blue, as lanterns. Make sure you but the metal edging in afterwards though

no, in my store it's "how cute, he still paints in bright colours" or "HAH! Edge highlighting, what a pleb" and then they dump out their blobs of brown and grey that have been drybrushed so much I'm surprised there's no bristles sticking out of them

oh well.

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Templar in question. There's around 60 more initiates like those, and 5 total termies with TH/SS like those.

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>nah they are fucking terrible man, she uses teeth all the time.

damn... i'm sticking with the loyalists then.

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I found this it could be useful

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Man that thing is just......odd

>> No.18337950


Are you planning on dullcoating those? They look a bit shiny compared to most black templars.

>> No.18337957

Yeah, the only thing I have at the moment is a glossy varnish. The local store gets their resupply today, so I plan on getting it tomorrow. Work, etc.

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not as odd as this

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Anyone know if the Mantic paints are any good? Looking at getting a couple of Dwarfs off them (Don't play tabletop, just think it'd be fun) and they seem pretty reasonably priced.

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gonna post the stuff I have been working on recently. menoth first.

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Never tried them, personally. I've found love in Secret Weapon's, though.

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Thankya kindly. I think I got the idea, and will try it out.
I was thinking GW-style blue. It adds a nice touch of colour to the silvery mass.

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I'd recommend painting the base edges another color--an off white would complement the models perfectly, but as they are right now it feels like there's a bit too much white in it all. It's just me being nitpicky.

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Here's mine. Critiques welcome

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another coat on the gold at least, and start using some washes man.

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moving onto the spiders

>> No.18338148

When I'm done with my necrons I'm planning sisters of battle, would menoth have good proxies?

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The gunner's face could use an Ogryn flesh wash. It looks kind of monochrome blobby right now.

Also, you went a little overboard on the metallics. Unless your marines decided not to paint their chapter colors on the land raider.

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like I suppose, they defiantly have a religious feel to them but I'm not sure how well you could convert them to sisters o' battle.

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>> No.18338195

>> No.18338206

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my first time painting a model really, not to mention doing battle damage and what not

im pretty pissed atm, i made a wash out of black ink, future floor, and water and unfortunately used waaaay too much ink, so now its much darker than i want and the shadow lines are far too obvious

gonna go back over the damage and dry brush some silver, and ill try to brush some ultramarine to bring the brightness back but its probably a lost cause

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>> No.18338238

>> No.18338245

>> No.18338251

>> No.18338260

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I like the dark blue washy scheme. Maybe add some grey metallic dents in it for contrast.

Patch up the eagle symbol on the front. Paint gold over that blue that spilled on it.

>> No.18338277


I actually don't mind it that much--still fits the color scheme and is decently painted. Failing that, hey--you've got a Crimson Fists army in the works.

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>> No.18338284

>> No.18338285


shit lighting, slightly better pic, best i can get with my phone

>> No.18338303


it has scratches and the battle damage all in silver, but the wash badly covered it so ill be re drybrushing them

as for the eagle its still in progress, going to do the skull in white then wash it all for the details

>> No.18338306

provided you have the paints, here's some tentative suggestions. Spare sprue is a great place to test it out, if you're so inclined

>(solid, simple)
-Mordian Blue or Astronomican Grey basecoat (mostly as a base for..)
-Ice Blue. Cover the full blade, don't worry about shading (you can leave some mordian blue at the hilt, or simply do a wash at the base before you clean up the highlights). Make sure it's a smooth coat
-Ice Blue mixed with Skull White, edge highlight. Get all the edges, don't worry about making it thin or especially neat. Thicker is usually better here, as you'll clean it up later
-Skull white highlight. Keep them mostly towards the "tip" of the blade. Several thin coats is always better than trying it in one go.
-clean up and sharpen (in essence, "thinning") the highlights with a bit of Ice Blue

>(shaded, more complicated)
-Necron Abyss basecoat placed in an "alternating" pattern on the blade (like the GW swords)
-follow the steps from the above recipe for the light blue sections, but blend them down with Enchanted, Regal Blue and finally Necron Abyss for the dark sections
-add in little lightning things at the base with Skull White

in either case; I really suggest grabbing some sprue before putting paint to figure. I'm... not a very good teacher with words, and I lack the parts/paints to do a visual for you

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Don't beat yourself up so much man

>> No.18338317

not really proud of the color the pictures give to these guys but I'll post 'em anyway

>> No.18338350


i know im over reacting, but it was looking so good before the wash, i shouldve waited for some black weathering powder i order and just used the wash for small indents

but once i bring the silver back out not to mention rust the exhaust pipes and add decals and guns and all the contrast will be alot better

>> No.18338353

Okay, I imagine I got the gist of it. The sprue test suggestion will probably save me a lot of rage too.
Thanks mate.

>> No.18338367

last pic from me, comment if you like, I'll take all comments into consideration.

>> No.18338499

What wash should I use? I can only afford one.

>> No.18338505

Devlan mud.

>> No.18338599

My current WIP. Anyone have an idea for some freehand I can do on that shield thing right above the powerfirst.

>> No.18338614

good ol captcha making me forget the pic

>> No.18338677

A Maltese Cross would work.

If you've got the balls for it a Crux Terminatus would also be a nice fit

>> No.18338752


New to modelling here:

How does one actually make something more dull-looking? I know about gloss varnish etc to make things MORE shiny but is there an easy way to do the opposite?

>> No.18338772


I could've sworn Terminators had a Crux on their left shoulder anyways, would be kinda redundant?

>> No.18338784


Erm... simple question, do you thin your paints?

>> No.18338798

well yes, but you'll notice he's also got a crux on his knee

space marines like redundancy

spray varnish. Some are gloss, some are semi-gloss.. and some are dull-coat

I seem to remember dull varnishes being a bit more finnicky than gloss ones, and there's a chance it'll (slightly) change what the colours look like once it dries

>> No.18338812


Buy dull cote varnish. It's like gloss except reduces shine, rather than preserve/increase it.

Try to use a more flat range of colors. You can also give armor and metal plating a more worn out look by using metallics and greys to paint bullet holes and scratches around the edges.

>> No.18338816

whoops, he's also got one on his belt, and his chest-piece

Space marines REALLY like redundancy

>> No.18338875

Matte overcoat. Not to be confused with satin overcoat.

>> No.18338881


Cheers both of you! I need to find somewhere to pickup spraycans cheap in this forsaken land of modelling (swefag). Are (good) varnishes hard to get from a 3rd party brand though?

>> No.18339647

would still appreciate suggestions, done some more washing and drybrushing on it, how do people make such massive variations on their bases

>> No.18339794

These threads always go one of two ways for me;
>Make me feel like a schmuck and crappy painter
>Make me feel like a demi-god of painting

Today's thread be the latter of the two.

>> No.18339837

well got any demigod tips for me and my base?>>18339647

>> No.18341600

OHHH! Paint thread...

I finished a Reaper D&D mini - and I like the way it came out. The lighting makes it look a bit brighter than the minis is IRL, but not badly so.

>> No.18341646

Still won't be getting most of my painting supplies in the mail for another 2 weeks, so I'll just post pics of some of my older stuff

>> No.18341752

Not mine, but I am so stealing this idea, just with ironclads

>> No.18341937


>> No.18342059

dig it

>> No.18342207

i saw that in one of the other threads last week or so, and i still love that color scheme. that is damned good, I`m not that keen on eldar, but i would love to show up to a game with those, just to show them off.

>> No.18342306


>> No.18342324

Currently working on these. Fairly happy with them so far.

>> No.18342356

Jesus I would not put that on the table without a ton of greenstuff work...

And I shall post a few of mine...

>> No.18342367


>> No.18342383

I know the flesh is terrible but that is a first layer... that I am working up...

>> No.18342390

if it just had a bra or tubetop or something I think she would look better.

>> No.18342402

Oh forgot to mention can any one name that silver bit of macguffin in the basing?

>> No.18342443

do you know what sprue it was exhumed from?

>> No.18342467

I know most definitely where it came from... I messed up to look like that before I used it on the basing. But it is not from a sprue although it is plastic...

>> No.18342479

The Gorgon Knights

>> No.18342485

>> No.18342493

>> No.18342500

that means a lot, buddy. I'm right chuffed with them, even if it is a pain in the neck to do all that white. Got a support weapon, some rangers and a handful of storm guardians (wyches) sat around waiting for me to muster up the courage..

Once I finish with the 5 assault marines I'll probably finalize my Farseer. I've got another Warlock (the one with antlers. One of the only ones I'm missing) and some bits in the mail (the banner and tabard for the other Guardian "sergeant"), and five warp spiders sitting around for my first 500 points. They'll lose. Hard. But look nice while doing so

>I prime in grey, those marines were undercoated.. in case anyone was thinking otherwise

>> No.18342507

Gorgon Knight Librarian. Used to be a counts-as Mephiston, til I decided that I enjoy using the C:SM book more.

>> No.18342514

>> No.18342521

looks like a cadian helmet but I can't really.....tell...

>> No.18342526

Chapter Master Kelzax

>> No.18342542

It's a melted lego hand... I chopped up a bunch of them and plan to use them in different places applying a flame gets the to melt down like that as well...

>> No.18342548

my current WIP that i've posted a million times before here

>> No.18342549

>> No.18342561

focus your camera yo, I like the paint job though.

>> No.18342621

whoo, redoing the steel metalic dry brushing luckily helped to bring back out the brightness quite a bit, all the other detailing will hopefully only help that much more

also lightly drybrushed a coat of protective dullcoat, createx matte, future floor, bit of extender and water

>> No.18342623

ironically, bob here took second place in sci-fi at baycon last year.

>> No.18342630


did i mention the doors and bits are fully functional/pinned

>> No.18342738


You can see the difference, looks better! No idea if the rest of the army will have the same dullness, I like it though.

>> No.18342764

Gorgon Knight-faggot. I'm digging your shit.

>> No.18342808

Tau up in this bitch!

>> No.18342912

Gorgon Knight scum!

>> No.18342942

I always have such a hard time keeping to it when I start a painting project. I like painting and I want to do it, but when i start I always find reasons to put it off to "tomorrow".

>> No.18343008

got a few tau including some stealth, firewarriors, crisis suits, and the biggie a devilfish and have never painted before, i kinda wanna do them black and gold but don't know how difficult how hard that will be or whether to do them black with gold secondary or gold with black secondary. i don't even know what to base coat them in!

>> No.18343095


I rather like the effect personally...

>> No.18343130


that actually looks really good, like if has been blasted and hit by plenty of ordnance but survived it all. i say keep it man

>> No.18343173

hey, when it comes to basing, is it better to glue the mini directly to the base itself and do the basing around it, or is it better to do the basing and then glue the mini on top of that? talking about using sand and static grass type of basing

>> No.18343209

the only thing that really bugs me about your rhino chassis is the front view ports. should paint those black or cut them out or something.

>> No.18343310


really depends on how you like to paint your minis

I tend to do the basing seperately


as you can see with the Librarian, he's not actually stuck to that base yet.

It just makes it easier to add details and paint the base without a mini on it.

That said, I mould my bases to fit the feet of my minis so that the mini sits flush even if the surface is uneven. I pin the minis to the base + superglue them

>> No.18343330


oh theres a little visor thing that goes over it, thats what the two slots to the sides of the windows are for, and ill be painting the windows in and putting the visor over it

just a wip atm

also that dullcoat was AIRbrushed not dry, typo

i do like the effect tho, it does look pretty damn soot blasted, and once i get some weathering powder ill add some dirt to the lower half

it is sorta cool tho, looks like its gone through hell, but is still intact and the emperors eagle is still relatively pristine, has an epic crusade feel to it

>> No.18343418

I know there's a visor that goes over it, you can still see inside the visor into the ports though

>> No.18343435

how do you mold the bases? assuming you use sand for the basing. and how well does superglue hold the mini to the basing?

>> No.18343530


ah I wasn't sure if you were aware, but cutting them out or going straight black seems much, i was thinking id do something like grey glue base coat, paint the whiper, and then dust or wash the edges to make the windows look grimy as hell

also pic taken with my real camera, unfortunately its like 6-7 years old now so even with the higher res the pics arent great, too bad I lost my adobe suite disk, i really missed using their desktop manager to quickly remove noise in photos

>> No.18343600


here we go, taking a pic farther back and then cropping it works pretty well, could probably also zoom in from farther back and get a sharp higher res pic

i feel retarded, havent used a real camera in so long i have to reteach myself simple things

also thanks for all the support guys, getting motivated when your just starting out is hard as hell, especially when your a perfectionist and feel like everystep ruined the last one

>> No.18343648

personally I like this one, the hue isn't too bright and it seems like a nature shift in color, as oppose to making it look like it's gleaming.

Been working on my storm boyz as of late. Also just finished a valykyrie. Got it decked out with desert camo. The Orkz I've been going for are mostly a desert (Armageddon-ish) feel to them.

Still need to finish about eight more of them. Haven't even really gotten the bases done, but eh.

>> No.18343688

Here's the first mini I ever painted.

>> No.18343690


It's more important that it gets done than that it gets done and looks spiffy at that point. I still have buckets of the ancient bret knights that I use for gaming, all painted up in glorious pastel, or really thick, chunky yellows.

You won't grow as a painter unless you allow yourselves a whole lot of fucking up.

Even then, you can always say 'yes, they're really thickly painted, but I painted them, and they're mine.' That's something to be proud of, even if the end result isn't perfect.

>> No.18343694

Can anybody give a how-to for painting faces?

>> No.18343698


A commissar I recently finished (and by 'recently', I mean last year. My guard haven't gotten much love lately)

>> No.18343715

still waiting on any advice, still cant make up my dam mind on where to start or what to do with them

>> No.18343750

Get a black primer (Krylone works well,) Get a semi-orange brown. Bestial or vermin brown work damn well.

Base coat the areas you want gold with the brown.

When it dries, go back over those spots lightly with some Dwarf Bronze.

Highlight the edges with your gold choice of gold.

>> No.18343767

I've been adding highlights and just fixing lots of little mistakes to models I painted long ago.
right is the way the were then, and left is how they're getting fixed.

>> No.18343839

Taken on the first camera ever invented

>> No.18343850

does anybody have any images of an unpainted, space wolves standard holder? I'd like to get one but not if the standard has a raised image

>> No.18343947

that's a good improvement.

My only suggestion; paint those base rims black. Right now they're.. kinda ugly

>> No.18344075


>Power Fist on a Scout Sergeant.

Also, nice painting bro.

>> No.18344205


>> No.18344233

Here's two guys from my current tactical squad project compared to a guy in the first squad I ever painted. This current project is my second ever squad.

>> No.18344258

Just the two latest guys. Not sure how I feel about the meltagun muzzle.

>> No.18344431


I use a quick drying filler + pva glue to seal it.
Its sort of a damp powder so i chuck my mini on the spot where he'll stand, his feet live a print, i take him off (usually don't even need to clean his feet) and then I add sand/resin bits etc to the base where the feet arne't going to be.

>> No.18344447

pack of 13th company blood claws i painted awhile back

>> No.18344464

any chance of a picture guide or something? just so we can see what you're talking about? doesn't need to be now, but it'd be nice to see it soon

>> No.18344472

patrol of arbites

>> No.18344482

how do you paint your faces? do you do your eyes and teeth and such?

>> No.18344497


I fucking love those Perry Merc sculpts. I'm starting in on my second box in the morning, as a matter of fact.

>> No.18344515

i usually paint their teeth and the insides of their mouths, but keep the eyes how the wash leaves em. the more i bother with them, the less they really work, pic related

>> No.18344540

Just starting out here; winter themed PDF is what I'm going for. Just finished the Rus, Chimera and bolter squad not yet. Flak armor on the guys feels kind of flat but I'm not sure how to fix it

>> No.18344552

I also tried to write something on the Rus turret
(Let's see them) (Fight All of us) on either side, but it didn't turn out too well on this one. Not sure whether to paint over or not yet, really.

>> No.18344555

I'm pretty sure you have an Arjac you could post as well Jimmy

>> No.18344561

...sorry, guess i only answered half your question. base coat with tallarn flesh, wash it with ogryn flesh, go over the raised areas with tallarn again, then a mix of tallarn/elf flesh on the highest areas. you can go full elf flesh for another highlight if you want to, but this is a good, basic, get-you-by method

>> No.18344577

Something that's not Warhammer. Custom Knight Exemplar model for Warmachine; tournament legal conversion. I've got two, though this is the only one I have pics of. Needs more work, but there ya go.

>> No.18344578

getting creative with guard on youre first army? i like you.
just using a lighter grey to trace the edges should help it pop a bit more

>> No.18344583


And the back.

>> No.18344600

Six years Experience
Six years. You don’t do something that long if you don’t love it. You have to push ahead. Solve problems. Build systems. Train people. Sometimes, you even have to log back on Dakka and defend your reputation. No one sweats like that over something and then throws it away.

Also, who waits that long to make a quick stolen buck? Conmen want fast money. If you take six years, you may as well be working for a living. If I was thief, I would have robbed everyone a long, long, time ago.


>> No.18344608

Originally I painted the first few guys of my force bog standard green like it says on the box, but I thought it looked sort of dull. I had some white paint on hand so I tried a mini like that and liked how it looked.

>> No.18344641

I'm not going to say thin your paints.. but..
>thin that white

Jesus christ that's chunky.

With white, use a grey or something light for an undercoat on that part, then use a watered down white and just layer and layer it until it looks smooth.

>> No.18344693

A couple of henchmen that double as Dark Heresy characters.

>> No.18344706


Why would anyone make minis based on Tropic Thunder?

>> No.18344714

dat Torgo

that's so cool

>> No.18344753

Actually the black guy was randomly rolled for his dark skin, curly black hair, bulky appearance. From there the player just made him very stereotypical.

Here's good ol' Coteaz.

>> No.18344771


Yeah, I know. White's just generally a paint in the ass.

It's one of those things, looks fine to the naked eye. That model looks great on the tabletop generally. Then you expose it to a high def digital camera taking a zoomed in picture and it's just like "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

That's why I tend not to keep pictures of my stuff around as much. Pic is something I finished a year or so ago, with a much better (imo) white.

>> No.18344774


what are these from?

>> No.18344798

An old Dark Angel model I turned into a Tech Priest.

>> No.18344886


thats pretty awesome, but does it make ice cream?

>> No.18345118

Hey SWL please tell me how do you achieve the green on the cloth. It's like a perfect green, I'm planning to start WHF with High Elves and I would love to paint them with that beautiful green. Do I have to fuck some bitches? Because I can fuck some bitches.

>> No.18345127

Lastly here's my Grey Knight Tech Marine. I made two magnetized backpacks, the servo harness and conversion beamer, which I have yet to paint on account of the Super Dungeon Explorer models coming into my possession.

>> No.18345151

My plague marines WIP

>> No.18345183


is he twink-linked to the ground?

>> No.18345197


>> No.18345299


basically what you want is to have the entire base covered with pva glue and then put the filler onto the base so it almost becomes a dry paste (hard to describe) I did it quick for the pictures and so you can see the cracking etc which you don't really want.

If you get some on the mini you can wash it off easily and once it is dry you can either paint over with pva glue to seal or put some pva + sand over it as I have done.

You can also whack resin details (like in the GW basing kit) onto it and create an almost seamless surface

I prefer it to just using sand/flock or resin basing since with resin basing I find there are often problems with uneven surfaces creating gaps and making it a pain to glue down minis or make them look like they are part of the base.

>> No.18345456

Just some warmachine miniatures

>> No.18345643

A tip for everyone: don't bother with the yellow metal paints.

Invest in a pot of Gryphonne Sepia instead.

Boltgun Metal washed with Gryphonne Sepia = bronze
Chainmail washed with Gryphonne Sepia = brass
Mithril Silver washed with Gryphonne Sepia = gold

It just plain looks better than the actual bronze/brass/gold paints and is quicker to get a good result due to the vastly better, smoother coverage of the silver metal paints.

>> No.18345759


>> No.18345761


>> No.18345766


>> No.18346630

except that I don't use any "yellow" metals except for pure gold from the Vallejo line.
I found that a brand of acrylic metallic that can be purchased in just about any hobby or craft store for .50- $1 work very well with badab black in giving a very rustic or ancient feel. I feel that sometimes with only using the sepia wash the metals come out too bright.

>> No.18347468

Some Warzone Triad Retainers with a leader of some sort.
Don't quite remember what she's called.
Would appreciate any tips on fixing these lot up.

>> No.18347539

Holy shit someones else has Urban War miniatures too!
Yeah, that's a Kabuki Doll in the middle there.
More a bodyguard than a leader.

>> No.18347546

Derp. Game system is Metropolis, the one with the swords is a Kabuki Doll.
Better pic, I think.

>> No.18347585

I've realized that, but I kinda like the way the squad looks with her as leader.
Wish I had some more mini's from the line, as the aesthetic is a welcome change from 40k, but no plastic and no cash means that its just these five for now.
Pic not mine, but delicious.

>> No.18347614

That is a very vice Viridian.
I collect them myself (the pics one of mine). Probably the best looking colonial marine style miniatures available.

>> No.18347632

Why is that one in Blackface?

>> No.18347734

I lied! I have 4 Viridian Marines from Void 1.1
Do they count?
And I like the look of Viridians in both systems.
Sniper is a Eureka Bundeswehr guy.

>> No.18347793

I'm not so keen on the Void minis, although the androsynths look a hell of a lot better, and the posing of those Viridians is quite good.

>> No.18347836

Ooh shiney. How tall is that thing?

>> No.18347857

Standard 28mm scale- about 5mm taller than a Space Marine

>> No.18347965

Last night i finished Mannfred. He was a fun model to paint

>> No.18348126

Working on my Ogres. Since this pic I finished the last 2 bulls for this squad and am working on leadbelchers.

I'm excited to finish so I can get my firebelly and paint him.

>> No.18348155

I really like the banner!

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