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Hey /tg/ I just got done with my taxes and am getting a bit of money back (not much but enough to buy a thing or two) and have been thinking about my traitor guard army. Now My traitor guard army I wanted to set up as a private imperial house, that took up slaanesh worshiping due to their privileged lifestyle, this is my kinda fun army though so I have a few non-GW models as Unit leaders or commissars. The non-GW being Ladies in ball room gowns or large frilly dresses. recently I saw that Isabella (vampire counts) got a new model though, and even though it's finecast I'm considering purchasing her to add her to the army... my questions are as follows though /tg/:

1. has anyone worked with the new Isabella model? is the vampiric collar easy to remove?
2. if I do go with Isabella, How would you downplay the vampirism and play up more of a slaaneshi cultist look?
3. Do any of you know of any other 28mm models that have large frilly dresses or any males that look the part of a Lord of the manor?

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/tg/ movin fast today huh?

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How good are you with a file/knife and greenstuff?

File off the fangs, and greenstuff her face a bit so it isn't so gaunt. Perhaps replace that swirly thing in her hand with a fancy laspistol or some other 40k ranged weapon.

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Check out some of the Mordheim models from GW's specialist games range.

This lovely lady would need barely any conversion at all to look the part of a Slaaneshi noblewoman.

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the swirly thing is a cup, I was planning to use that.

as far as the rest goes I'm decent but I'm by no means fantastic the fangs can be filed though, seems simple enough.

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lovely find, I'll keep her in mind.

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Oh, I see that now. Couldn't tell what it was from the angle of the pic.

Perhaps you could also file off the bat on the front of her corset and replace it with a symbol of Slaanesh or some more generic ornamentation.

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Slaaneshi Traitor IG?
Have you thought of using codex Eldar or Dark Eldar to run them?

The armour is right with both codices and the heightened initiative represents the Slaaneshi side of the equation very well. Shuriken weapons are rare bolter variants, splinter weapons are expensive needle weapons. Venoms make good civilian aircars. Wracks are combat servitors on steroids.

Actually, the Eldar Corsairs list from IA11 would probably work best. Regular dudes have lasblasters (custom lasguns bought at great expense), Venoms are aircars, Wave Serpent based vehicles are Valkyrie variants with illegal weaponry. The regular guys have high Initiative, but not too high. Harlequins can represent the chosen cultists or even Daemonettes. You can also take 1 squad of Dark Eldar Warriors (elites troops with needle rifles) and 1 Elites or Fast Attack choice from codex eldar (or Rangers) as an Elites choice.

I've been planning on using the DE codex to run Gland War Veterans, myself.

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yeah bat is gonna have to go...I'll agree with you on that.

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>no vaginas anywhere
>marine isn't being jacked off by a tentacle
>treads are vaguely khornate
This isn't nearly slaaneshii enough.

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using the IG book and just modeling them like traitors, simpler and they are just an imperial house's guards fallen to chaos with their lords and ladies of the house.

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it's also not mine, Mine has 6 computer speakers I'm modeling into it.

Scream to be heard brothers.

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Well, I still think it's a good idea, but to each his own.
Did I mention that Dire Avengers would make GREAT Slaaneshi Sisters of Battle? Just sayin'

bump for the bump god!

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Avatars of War have some cine lady models.
Also Kingdom Death - but the best pieces are usually sold out.

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>Kingdom Death - but the best pieces are usually sold out.

That's because the dude running it wouldn't know a good marketing strategy if it knocked him upside the head.

But I digress. I'm looking for more of the Lords and ladies type models, much like Victorian clothing or something akin to it much like isabella in the first photo.

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A hover-limo. You need one.

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Nothing in Malifaux? (it's supossed to be victorian)

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indeed I do, got any links on where I might be able to pick on up?

Counts as chimera yo.

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Well, to be honest that is the ONLY picture I have EVER seen of one. Just checked ebay, too. Nothin'

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models are too tall and thin as well as not having long enough dresses, granted I used one Anima tactics figure (Cordillia) already, but I don't want to make them all look like they are anorexic giants compared to the people they are stuck in a unit with.

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vor victorian, you might want to look for CMoN, and maybe Microart's Wolsung line...

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Just grab some plascard and green stuff and go for a 1970s Cadillac look.

Here's a link to a guy doing conversions of model cars:


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that is one thing I am really fuckin' bad at though.

plasticard...I just can't seem to work well with the stuff.

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Well, the Mortis Engine comes with three plastic vampire ladies with very long (and I think somewhat frilly) dresses.

Though I guess it would be a bit of a shame buying the entire model for those three ones.

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I have some bids in on ebay for them but I'm not counting on winning any of them and I'm sure not going to pay the BIN price of 26 bucks for the 3 of them. Hence I'm looking for alternatives.

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Just go to a hobby shop and find models you can convert.

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How is it you always give me ideas? My guard unit is now going to be getting counts as chimeras... But what scale are you looking for I may have a place for you to look...

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Aren't those ladies reclining, though?

Seems like there would be pretty limited use for them aside from possibly chilling on top of a tank or something.

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Granny has nice boobs

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No hobbyshops until I return to the states. The one around here usually has no customers and the owner is one of the biggest one upper "that guy" I've ever met so internet is prefered.

if you feel like undertaking a project like that anyway, perhaps I could pay you for some work?

riding side saddle from a horse, or have them being carried by a palanquin of guardsmen.

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>tentacles jacking you off
>not penetrating every orifice you have


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Where are you exiled?

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>not making new orifices to penetrate


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>jacked off by a tentacle

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Right now I am looking at getting my counts as rhinos built but I ordered a few of them off of this site...

As well as some coming from family back in Russia
Fairly certain he is in Germany

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from the states or the hobbyshop?

If the hobbyshop no I just prefer not to go there, I don't like talking with the owner, there are almost never any players around, and they don't order shit like....ever.

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If it's not penetrating all 13 holes on a woman it's doing it wrong

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From the states, ie, where are you? I can sympathize with not wanting to go to hobby stores run by that guys.

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Embrace the most purest form of tentacle porn anon

Too bad there's only pics

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>Fairly certain he is in Germany

your memory serves you well once again.

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Would you mind if I popped open a steam chat with would love to talk some shop...

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I will be moving back to Florida In June, currently I am near Kaiserslaughtern, Germany

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shame whenever there's a thread about it on /d/ it's always Futa

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nothing to be ashamed of bro

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>The one around here usually has no customers and the owner is one of the biggest one upper "that guy" I've ever met so internet is prefered.

I think this is a germany-wide phenomenon.
I stopped going to the LGS, because the owner constantly looks like he wants to murder me and half the customers just constantly stare at TEH GURL in the store.

So far I haven't found a good game store in germany.

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hey esh, sorry to hear you are getting that shit happen to you as well.

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>I think this is a germany-wide phenomenon.
>the owner constantly looks like he wants to murder me

That is indeed a Germany-wide phenomenon, as all Germans look like that at all times.

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I dunno I've met a few that are alright. but the staring is the worst part, I'll look over and just see one staring at me...and they won't break eye contact until the light changes or they walk around the corner.
Just....forever stareing.

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What the fuck kind of volume discount is that?

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Howwever, I do have to snicker everytime I walk by that store, since it's called Imp's Shop and the owner looks, well, like an Imp.
I don't know if that's subtle, self-criticizing humor, or just an unfortunate coincidence

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You can not into whoring, can you?

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You can get two half-hours for less than an hour.

That doesn't make sense no matter how you look at it.


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... or maybe there is a reason people look at you weird.
Like, maybe you are wearing a mlp shirt with bare midriff even though you are visibly obese.

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well this IS a slaanesh thread

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yes it does.

Half an hour costs you 20.
You can't just take "two half hours", so one hour will cost you 50.

It's called taking advantage of the customer's urges.
Cuddling for one hour is so much nicer than just one half that customers are actually willing to pay for it.

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Personally, when people stare at me I usually choose to make Eye contact with them and stare back, freaks the fuck out of most people when I do it but that may have something with my height...

>> No.18329969

>... or maybe there is a reason people look at you weird.
It's a country that started 2 world wars. What did you expect?

>> No.18329977

yeah... no.

That only works if those people don't take eye contact as an invitation. And I don't want to frown like an idiot at random strangers.

>> No.18329978

I do that too, but with the advantage that I don't have to blink for hours while wearing contacts.
Now that's how you freak people out.

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>You can't just take "two half hours"
What? When the first half hour is up, she's going to go stand on the street and lose $20 waiting half an hour for another customer who might be some serial cuddler or someone who forces her to cuddle anally, rather than take as many half-hour fees as she can get out of me?

That's not good business, and I just can't see any real pony running things that way.

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You don't happen to resemble a certain hilariously racist early 20th century author, do you?

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First; Austria did. Germany just went along to cash in on the war.
Second; that's in the past. Even fucking Thailand has a bigger nazi scene than we nowadays.


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Not really. And I doubt he wore contacts.

>> No.18330107

Austria was part of Germany then. Hitler was Austrian born, but he was the leader of Germany at the time.

But you're right. Now a-days Germany is not very 'Nazish' at ALL.

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>That's not good business, and I just can't see any real pony running things that way
I love you, /tg/

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>He thinks he's talking about the WWII and not the Great War

>> No.18330184

Oh gee that's so horrible. I sure am glad that I live in my vastly superior United States of Murrica cause we'd never start a war, especially not for capitalistic reasons like the annexation of natural resources or something.

>> No.18330309

He probably doesn't even know about the hungry australian umpire that started it all.

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hey guys could we bring it back please?

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You mean Archie Duke who shot an Ostrich because he was Hungry?

>> No.18330340

austrian, mate
it's austrian

>> No.18330350

Nah, there was definitely an ostrich involved.

>> No.18330369

sorry for derailing your thread ;_;

>> No.18330405

no problem a little derailing is good somtimes. But East v. west threads I really don't want to get blamed for bringing to /tg/

SO archivist is looking for some right now, but does anyone else know of any 28mm Limo models?

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we've been through this before Baldrick

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Like I told you in the chat if you want to help out we are looking for 1:35 scale models if you want to help out

YAY Esh Esh long time no see

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So I found this article on using model cars with wargaming minis.

Seems it is recommending more or less 1:43 vehicles, although with a bit of sizedisrepancy.

Incidentally, pic related was the first result when I looked for 1:43 die-cast models on Modelzone.co.uk

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Ok I am now looking at these on ebay thanks for the link....

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You need to take into account that 40k vehicles tend to be somewhat more compact relative to the size of the people.

1/48 scale vehicles may appear more proportional to the GW tanks.

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BAM! 28mm cars by Blue moon miniatures. Probably gonna wind up using the roadster or the al capone special.


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