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Have one of your characters ever gotten severely scarred or disfigured during game? What happened? How did you take it?

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My character in Dark Heresy (Guardsman, fanatically loyal to the Imperial cult) lost his right arm during a raid on a Chaos cult. Didn't take it well, hyper-PTSD and immense phantom pains (his arm got blasted off by a plasma-pistol).

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My warrior got his face flattened by a minotaurs sledgehammer, beautiful crit that nearly floored me in one shot.

He started wearing a helmet with a built in death mask most the time and became pretty damn creepy to most enemies

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>his arm got blasted off by a plasma-pistol
Let me guess - he was the one shooting with it.

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I havn't, but someone in my RT group lost his arm is a game.

It doesn't bother him since we replaced it with a quote: "fabulous" robotic arm

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My Werewolf-Rahu lost both of his eyes in an acid-attack by some crazed Murder-spirit. Took him too long to regenerate both of his retinas, so he had a left eye and a dried up potatoe for his right.
He didn't give a fuck, wounds simply meant he's a badass. Not like Uratha would give a fuck, since anything is healable as long as you have the time to do so.

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My techpriest in DH has died 3 times and is now 95-100% (he himself does not know) machine

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walked into a dragons breath, mithril armor melted, quick healing magic and other minor mechanical elements saved my ass but scared and healed wounds speckled with mithril that glimmer in the light.

i've also played my fair share of cripples; mutilated malkavian monk vampire in dark ages, quasimodoesque professor in a 'Fatherland' campaign, and of course the countless limbs and eyes that have been broken and lost during all our years playing WHFRP.

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I thought that was clear?

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>his arm got blasted off by a plasma-pistol
>Let me guess - he was the one shooting with it.

I beters tart setting aside my thrones for a pair ow arms when i finaly get to dual wield them plasmapistols I found for my DH character..

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Does being entombed in a Dreadnought count? Because my Iron Warriors Chosen got a meltagun to the torso and barely managed to pull through. Thankfuly, the other players got their hands on a Contemptor, so my character didn't go batshit. But now I have Alzheimer's.

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Rogue trader
Missionary is so mutated now he has to wear many layers of robes not to give away his form.

arch militant has lost his nose and is also heavily mutated.

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Techpriestess got her arm shattered by a ganger's pistol (lucky shot). She had it in a sling for the rest of the session, and lopped it off and replaced it with a bionic rather than wait for it to heal.

Shit, she needs to invest in some facial reconstruction surgery. How does she eat? Or talk?

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> biotic arms

enjoy your molten stumps of metal.

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Sauce on pic OP?

I... I'm kind of mesmerized by it.

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I don't know, but I would like to watch her eat. I more wonder how she avoids drooling on herself with half her lips and cheek missing.

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I'm using a random crit table for my next game. it is VERY dangerous and includes the crippling of limbs.

I expect to see some eyes put out during the game...

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Samefag here. I usually have my characters come pre-scarred; an Ascension character I had was a Krieg Stormtrooper, an otherwise-cute young woman whose face was covered in shrapnel scars, and she was missing her right eye, having replaced it with a bulky, ugly bionic. Her vocal cords were also permanently damaged when her throat was slashed, so she couldn't speak louder than a hoarse whisper. She usually just kept her gas mask on and used sign language to communicate.

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Is it weird that I find the disfigurement in OP mildly attractive?

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My DH psyker (I smell a theme) in a feral world campaign had his arm taken off at the shoulder by a arrow.
Barely managed to stave off lethal infection, pushed to the brink of sanity by the death of a dear friend in the very same battle and no fancy bionics to replace his arm, he abandoned pretenses of kindness and being "merely a simple fortuneteller" for full on killing power.
It was a definitive character shift.

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>assigned to feed manufacture rolling press as a kid
>hand pulled in, cuple broken bones, skin burned off
>decent (for a commie country) medical care afterwards
>bones put back in place and regrow properly
>skin ruinde, the hand is now basically made of scar tissue

Except it's not a PC but one of my RL friends.

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I want to kiss the girl in OP just to see what it feels like.

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/tg/: A bunch of normal people.

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Bikko hijack?

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I can't imagine her teeth would hold up so well considering how dry her gums must be.

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Yeah I can see where this is headed

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I think the artist is named "and". Eh's a pretty cool guy, he draws hot and dosent afraid of anything.

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> It was a definitive character shift.

Those are the best.


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I always had a special place in my heart for this picture. I love this picture. For the longest time I didn't know what I liked about it but once I thought about it the reasons became clearer. I like this picture because it portrays a person who is physically crippled but has not let that slow her down. The picture is simple and mundane, but small details tell me some things about her.

Her laundry hanging in her room says that she is self sufficient. She can do her own chores and she takes care of herself. She takes pride her in appearance, even if it is only by wearing clean clothes.

Her cats. She has a lot of them, but it shows that she is capable of not only taking care of herself but taking care of others. Even if its just some pets.

Her guitar tells me that she has a hobby. Although she originated on gurochan (surely as fapfuel), she has a hobby. She has things she likes and things she likes to do. Even that bit of character, even if it were all that existed, is a lot of character for mere fetish fuel.

And last of all, her smile. She is smiling in that image. Whatever caused her to lose her leg did not take away her ability to smile. A real smile, even one in just a picture is pleasant to see.

It is probably weird to say all this and I don't mean to obsess, but that picture really speaks to me.

I also wonder where I can get Anal brand boxers.

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Even funnier that their internet-famous trademark character, the green-eyed beauty, is supposedly called "Mustard Seeds".

Search danbooru if you want more of the stuff.

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I always figured her for a stoner myself. And I strangely enough don't mind it, even if I find stoners disgusting. Might have to do with the whole "not being a fat hairy douchebag" part, as well as the probable medical application she has for pot.

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Dark heresy. Soon-to-ascend guardsman. Has half of his face burn scarred by a hellgun, didn't bother him much, only made him a little bit more grumpy.
Last session, while he was alone he killed 7 out of 10 ascended inquisition stormtroopers, whom attacked him simultaneously. As a result of the combat, some half of his body was turned to ash/melted and most organs were fucked up. Party found him and stuffed him into a stasiscoffinthing, which we had found earlier. I've been thinking how to handle this funkyness, since there seems to be a possibility of keeping my character alive, though it will probably result in a lot of heretech augs and prostethics. dem insanity points.
Turns out the coffin (full of wires and shit) was also a terminal that could access the security systems (murder servitors allover) of the complex we were in. Suffice to say, he took revenge on the remaining enemy stormtroopers, when he regained consciousness.

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You guys should look up some more of her actual background.

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yeah, I won't lie. I want to make out with her. Moisten those gums. Tell her I think she's sexy- and mean it. It's like she's always smiling, even when she's sad. And that's kind of beautiful, in the same way a snowflake is fragile and cold.

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my current character is an assassin for the Dark Lanterns of Breland. while fighting the dreaming dark at one of their places of worship we found an alter. since I was the only person who trained in arcana i had to determine what kind of energy is radiating from the alter. turns out it was primordial energy that the dreaming dark is harnessing. so my character tried to defuse it. i rolled ok but i fell just short of complete success. Instead of defusing it i just freed the elemental spirit and part of it's spirit went into my character. So now he has a minor lightning resistance and a few other minor lightning related powers but his entire right arm, that he was touching the alter with, has turned pitch black.

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Riggers in my Dark Heresy? More likely than you would think.

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Is it vastly different from what has been guessed?

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Dude, please.

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Well, I was playing a one-armed warrior who got her arm back after the magician she loved had died and was then allowed to return to life, but completely changed. The last of his original soul went into restoring her arm to functionality.

She was less than happy with that trade-off.

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Had an amputee in 3.5.

It was low levels so we couldn't just heal it back. He eventually got his left leg back though.

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A little...

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Had a character that was a Get of Fenris ahroun. Fucking hilarious. One of the first things playing Get is a ritual that involves two higher ranked garou with silver knives kicking your ass for a humbling and a ritual set of scars. Through luck and a bit of quick thinking he beat them with a single wound, across his neck/shoulder. He earned quite a bit of glory for that (seeing as how you're generally supposed to lose that fight, considering your enemies are armed and higher ranked).

Get of Fenris (and Garou in general) tend to pick up a lot of scars on their way up in ranks. He spent most of his time in the front, taking hits and beating the hell out of things, but nothing actually managed to hurt him all that badly. He eventually made Elder with a single scar. It was some time later that he got a second one, on his chest right at the end of the first (a gunshot wound in Wolfhome, the umbral realm).

His scars form an exclamation point across his upper chest. At this point he's considered scary not because of how scarred he is, but because of how little he's been hurt compared to some of the things he's done and killed.

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I've been castrated during torture. I also had an arm ripped off. Both times I felt as if I couldn't adequately roleplay how fucking horrible this would be for my character, and I failed a bit as a player.

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My first serious RPG-character broke her leg when falling from a tree. I stopped playing with that character for this reason.

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and i'm done here.

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Oh, well played, anon. Well played.

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That's not so bad.

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Got a tiefling that lost almost one of his horns. Just a stump remained. Got himself a metal one to replace it.

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>Have one of your characters ever gotten severely scarred or disfigured during game? What happened? How did you take it?

Maybe i was a bit hard as a GM, but none of my player ever went out intact from our parties.
>main player got his arm ripped off by an energy rifle
>this same player lost his whole leg in an acid bath
>his brother had his face (from nose to forehead) cut by a falling blade after opening a trapped door and kept a huge scar
>years later, he got stabbed in the head by a pocketknife and the scar looked like a cross
>one other lost his earing the first day he played because huge guns don't go to well near ears
>one guy ended up in a wheelchair after a car crash
>etc etc.
But the best one was the time a character totally overestimated a crab-like monster stuck to his neck: she panicked and shot it with BOTH GUNS, killing the crab but exploding her own head in the process. She lost her jaw Malak-style and one of the bullet is still in her head, about to kill her if she makes any moves. Fortunately, she lives in a vegetable-state and won't move anymore.

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The Navigator in my group was interrogating a rogue psyker they had captured and was making progress when the guy's jaw started to dislocate and he started to cough something up. Before the Navigator could shoot him, she realized what it was.

It was a melta bomb.

One burned fate point and several in-game weeks later and she had her entire face replaced by a metal mask, a mechanical port fitted over her third eye.

Gave her an extra point of armor for her head at least.

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Pic related?

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None of my character's have been disfigured IN game. But my current gurps character is a female bardlike necromancer (magery bought with Song limitation, also has Voice advantage and decent social skills, some musical talent, and Musical Influence skill). She was attractive but was disfigured by a bit of Necromantic blight, which destroyed her left eye, and most of her face. (giving her the Hideous disadvantage, and One Eye.) But that was part of her backstory so she started already disfigured.

I did have one of my players in the game I run lose an eye though. He took it well.

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In Deathwatch, our group got caught in a plasma reactor explosion, and only survived by burning fate. The GM ruled we had most of our skin burned off and all our limbs were completely broken. It took us nearly a year ingame time untill we were back in combat shape. The other characters opted to have their broken limbs reconstructed, but my Techmarine replaced most of the damaged parts with bionics. All of his limbs have been replaced with bionic ones, and his torso is also heavily cyberneticed.

Also, my friend's guardsman in DH suffers from limp after getting shot in the knee, and has hidious burns all over his rigth arm from the time he got electrocuted while smashing apart some heretical technology with his chainsword.

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I really like "And" eyes.
Its always those eyes man

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Face got severely scarred, became sickly, and aged 50 years (though I was a half-elf) all from a few actions of a mummy lord in combat. And we didn't even kill the asshole. My character was pretty unhappy about it, but it was close to the end of the campaign. I was a little unhappy about it as a player, but I realized I deserved it (I played him very stupidly)

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My dromite ranger got an arm torn off by a night hag. I didn't take it well but it was my own damn fault for not being careful, but the fact my main weapon is a bow it has really, REALLY gimped my powerlevel. Any idiot with muscle can one-hand a greatsword but using a bow one-handed is damn near impossible without doing something really crazy.

Maybe I'll take up spear throwing, I have decent strength for a dromite.

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Worst that happened is my PC lost an eye, mostly voluntary.
Due to his CN alignment and personality he became a pirate.

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A friend of mine got his char burned in the face with branding irons.

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Hooo boy, have I ever.

This one cleric I played started the campaign by getting critically hit in the face with a auto pistol and got her nose blown off. A suicide bombing and being tack teamed by a nob and a genestealer later she was really pretty. She pretty much soaked up all the critical and mental damage the party recieved.

Still my favorit character since ever.

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I had a hunter in NWoD get disfigured by way of resurrection, long story short he got chewed to pieces by a giant lizard creature from the fae.

He was later pieced back together into a promethean with some pieces added and missing. Turned from an average height good looking guy into this massive ugly bastard with mismatched parts.

Took a hit on my dexterity as well.

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During a sort of inquisition-styled 3.5 game, I played an angry, middle-aged cleric who, some time in, got an eye ripped out by an enraged succubus he passed a save against her bullshit and hit her attempted to smash her face open with the business end of a his warhammer. She ended off worse from this exchange when the cavalry (literally, mounted paladin) arrived shortly afterwards later and took her head off within two rounds.

He used the empty eye-socket to scare the shit out kids and impress the dangers of the fiendish, devilish and demonic forces lurking in every corner just waiting for you to make a mistake and give into weakness on them.

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I DMd a campaign where one of my PCs was a monk. He got hit in the face with an acid blast and it melted away half his face. It healed but half of his face was scar tissue.

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The funny thing with my hunter character was that it forced character development. His only previous experience with anything paranormal was figuring out what he had to load into a 12 gauge shell or what trap to build in order to kill it.

Being saved by a promethean, by being turned into a promethean, eventually led to him hating them less. He had nothing but intense fear and hatred of the paranormal, shell shocked by some bad experiences leading to the death of some friends. I hated that character up until his change of heart. Then he got interesting.

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I have flayed a player in DH, via warpfire from a daemonhost.
he lived through it, became a well respected techpriest, and settled on mars studying a 'purified' Dark Age data-slate.
Other character was a female feral world guardsman, she almost lost all of her skin. only lost about 40%. She got grafts due to good inquisitorial service in the attempt to end said daemonhost.
The daemonhost was the psyker.
My group is a fused DH and RT group, with DW elements abound.
thanks to the Emprah's rolls, they live still apparently.

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I had a bad 15 on 1 fight, and I lost all of my rolls.
My PC has his left arm cut off, stabbed through
the stomach and then bleeds out. my assailants take me to the town
square and hang me over a bonfire as an example.

Logical "Good try roll a new character point" but NOPE! DM wants
to torture my PC more, and I love it, the guy knows how to hold
a good story together.

Next time my group sees me I have this fucked up blessed-magic
iron arm DM threw together (claims it's part of the story), my legs have severe tissue damage, my stab/sword
wounds all leave huge disfiguring scars and I have a
perminent black circle around my PC's neck.

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all flesh must be eaten, playing as ourselves.

Got my arm melted off by one of the special barfing zombies the DM made (basically a spitter from left 4 dead 2).

I understandably picked up "drawback: phobia (vomiting)" after that. Tried to roleplay an enhanced sense of "I have to do more work now, I'm less effective in combat and don't want to let people down"

I eventually died when the gun I was using jammed and I didn't have the manual dexterity to fix it.

(it was a very grim campaign all 'round to be honest)

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My level 1 Gnome Paladin took 37 points of damage from a crit on a greataxe, but got rezzed by an NPC. I always imagined he got a hugeass scar from the greataxe.

In b4 somebody tells me that's not how Resurrect Person works.

>> No.18327690

rolled 28 = 28

got my exalted character lose both hands while fighting, in the same fight

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My DH redemptionist cleric lost a leg to a demon in our first adventure. Or well it was just a dude possessed by a demon, which was bad enough. But itt's cool, I got a mechanical replacement. The character in question is insanely faithful enough that it didn't really bother him that much, all part of the emperors plan and all that.

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Wasnt me but
>>Wizard rinks bottle of strange liquid
>>mfw his lips melt off
>>Fighter thinks he can sew on new lips from dead bandit
>>has horrid heal, and only a sword to use
>>Crit fails
>>Cuts wizards arm off
>>he tries again...
>> mfw crit fail and cuts several toes off
>>Wizard sticks morning star in stump
>>Hits as hard as fighter...

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Is your character Guts?

>> No.18327802

Yeah, my human rogue was scarred pretty badly last year. The halfling bard in our party had been captured by ogre bandits when they ransacked our camp (fail bounty hunting mission). tracked and caught up with the ogres just before they got back to their camp, the chieftain carrying a sack containing our bard..

So, the plan is that I'm to sneak in and find out where she is/free her with my stealthing and what have you, signal a distraction by the rest of the party, and we get out of dodge. Session ends, Bard gets a solo session over the weekend.

Now, we're pretty now level, and ogres are pretty bloody scary. So next week comes along, I sneak around the chief's place, his guards outside don't see me, but as I get round the back I can hear there's some sort of struggle going on inside.

Clearly shit went down in her solo session on the weekend so I bite the bullet, say my goodbyes to my 20 or so hps, and pray for 20's when I rush in to save her in combat against the biggest ogre we've ever seen. Forever my rogue will carry the scars of walking in on her successful attempt to seduce her way out of being eaten.

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I had a PC who lost both legs below the knee at low levels. As a manifester, he could get by with crappy replacements until higher levels, where he could get improved alchemical/mechanical replacements.

Never replaced or regrew them, though. Felt as though it was something of a mark of humility. Eventually he settled down and started an inexpensive clinic to heal adventurers who were in the same situation he was.

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oh wow, now I have sauce for that reaction image.

Thanks, Anon!

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Played a woodsman rogue who covered in mostly in poxscars and fleshy tumors (charisma 3, human norm is 8-10).

Got his legs chopped of by a mercenary guarding a riverboat, he did survive it though.

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Not this character, but another character in the same game.

>I am the one set the blow up the church, have the demo pack
>Half the party is in the church, keeping the targets inside
>I don't have fucking explosives, others don't know that yet
>Other character comes down. "Yo, set the demo charge."
>I start pushing random buttons, the demo charge starts beeping loudly
>me and my partner haul ass down the hallway that is being engulfed in flames
>I succeed all of my checks to escape the church
>The others are crushed in rubble and burn, each have to spend their only fate points to stay alive
>I stand outside the doorway of this now burned church, without a scratch

This is the character

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The party Cleric lost his legs in Dark Heresy. He did manage to take out an airship's driver with a crossbow before he passed out from bloodloss, though.

>> No.18328306

Gurps - My zealot priest tackled a enemy female Vampire to stop her from running away.

She does a bite attack.

Roll for random hit location.

Suddenly, I'm playing a Eunuch.

>> No.18328362

DM of the party with the princess and bodyguard bit, here.
I have a house rule, where a critical hit results in some kind of disfigurement. Examples include when an assassin NPC tried to kill the princess and she grabbed a dagger from his belt and slashed at him, miraculously rolling a crit. This resulted in her slicing his left cheek open, so that he's got a Tijuana grin on the left side of his face (I speak of him in present tense, because he's still yet to be killed and recurs that campaign and a second one I'm running in the same setting). Another would be from said second campaign, when one PC head-butted an elf in the face for a crit and knocked out a bunch of its teeth. And of course, back to the previous campaign, when the princess's bodyguard had to fight off like 7 guys and ended up taking multiple crits, which resulted in a variety of scars on her body, which she appears to be very sensitive about.
I'm sure many people would call me dickish for essentially modifying other people's characters with unofficial house rules, but with the assassin and bodyguard's cases, it's actually helped develop them as characters.

>> No.18328859

My first wizard Ever.

You know what happens when your DM likes to use critical fialure rolls, and your wizard just rolled a nat-1 on his attack roll with scorching ray? Your arm gets aqshed, that's what.

Replaced it with enchanted mithiral one, and son on, and so forth.

>> No.18329149

Dark Heresy

One of my players (Guardsman) has lost his leg below the knee, had it replaced with unremarkable bionics. He hasn't taken it well, addicted to obscura now, and polishes his weapons so hard he's taken the paint off his lasgun. It's basically chrome now.

Another player (Arbitrator) lost his left arm at the elbow and the skin on the left half of his face to a lascannon blast. Replaced the arm with a black metal bionic, left his face the way it is, milky white eye and all. I gave him +5 to Intimidate with it. His character doesn't even give a fuck.

>> No.18329187

My Rogue lost an eye to a poisoned arrow.

He got a magic one later, so it was all cool, especially since he got to keep the badass scar that went with it.

>> No.18329399

Playing a young adult female in CoC, the party messed with some runes in a church and it started to erase reality and burn people up so I tried to redirect the magic safely away with my ritual item. Three straight fails later and my face is blown off and I'm rushed to the hospital. Luckily I survived and we have a friend who's a plastic surgeon, but I'll be wearing a badass mask from now on and have +2 intimidate / -2 diplomacy. I also got a spell-scarred weapon out of it which amplifies magic damage at a cost to my hp.

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