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Dear /tg/,

In August of 2010, I entered a drawthread looking for techpriest prompts. I got a lot more than I bargained for.

Today is the one year anniversary of my girlfriend and I. It has been the best, most fulfilling year of my entire life.

I would like to celebrate with an Adeptus Mechanicus general / drawthread; the place where we first met. All Mechanicus discussion, images, and other drawfriends are more than welcome.

Don't forget to recite your holy litanies of CAPTCHA and to anoint the sacred "enter" key with the proper unguents. Omnissiah praise your circuits!

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Praise the Machine God indeed, OP!

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I'll writefag techpriest stuff. Give me a prompt.

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Toll the Great Bell Once!
Pull the Lever forward to engage the
Piston and Pump...
Toll the Great Bell Twice!
With push of Button fire the Engine
And spark Turbine into life...
Toll the Great Bell Thrice!
Sing Praise to the
God of All Machines

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You got e-poon from a /tg/ drawfriend?

You sold your spells for tang. For shame.

Here's some mechanicus.

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Badass mechanic worshiping his chopper.

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you met your girlfriend in a drawfag thread? God that is pitiful.

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Have some mechanicus. Not every day we find a partner capable of properly worshipping the Machine God.

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>Gets girlfriend

Sounds like awful jelly, there.

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Hey, mate, I just wanted to say congratulations. I won't be participating in this thread after this post because I can't stand 40k. However, that's a beautiful story and you should feel wonderful.

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I'm the drawfriend, actually. I REGRET NOTHING.
Dat technoheresy.

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We both admit it's pretty sad. But also extremely hilarious.

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Draw your girlfriend, Mechanicus-Style.

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And it better be heretical. It BETTER be.

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If it isn't EXTRA heretical, I'm calling the commisariat.

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Oh, but I've done that before!
... I'll do it again, though.

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I can never see that without it dawning on me that every time his friends put stuff in the trunk, they were shoving it up his ass.

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We await your submission adept. The last techno-scrivener's works were...less then adequate. His new calling as a servo-skull is far more satisfactory.

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tbf it's p nice and also I never had spells I'm a techpriest not a techno-wizard.

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A friend of mine had a crazy idea for a Tech Priest a while back, and I need some help fleshing him out:

Jimbo, the Redneck Tech Priest.
-Drives around in a Pickup-chimera.
-His most prized possession is a Cyber-Still integrated into his Mechanicus implants that contains the STC for the ancient holy elixir Buden-Veiser.

Can anyone think of anything else to add?

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Oh, and Congrats, OP. Always glad to see someone find happiness.

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The heresy has been completed; those of a weak spiritual constitution may wish to turn away now.

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Srlsy though, OP thanks for the art and congrats on your organic, illogical thing called love.

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>Give me a prompt.

Non-consensual replacement of squishy bits with blessed augmentics.

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A servo-skull laden with a Mysterious Jar of Spirits who careens about madly and parrots everything it hears in an enthusiastic Appalachian drawl.

Alternatively, a pack of servo-skulls who bray like bloodhounds and descend upon hapless adepts in an attempt to wrench the most useless item on their person from them.

Also plenty of references to the terrifying, unholy mechanical monstrosities of his homeworld known only as "boomers".

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I'm so happy you decided to share OP, anyone else wants to tell the awesome story of their lives?

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>itt i misread chopper as choppa

Sauder eyed the blade on the altar before it. He could practically feel the seething anger radiating from the machine- for the blade was more than some crude sharpened bit of metal like so many of the Orkish works he'd seen- it was chain-teethed, for one thing. But there was just something about the thing.

He felt obligated to the thing. It had saved his life, after all. Purifying it was the least he could do. Sauder was the attached Enginseer for the squad, and the Ork raid had caught them all by surprise. The Ork he'd put down first had had the choppa, and his quick grab-and-parry was the only reason he was here to glare at it.

Enginseer and blade stared for a moment longer, and then there was a flurry of movement and sound on the priest's part, oils splashed on it, incantations hissed at it- the blade smoked and growled, the motor within it spitting angry sounds as it struggled to start- as the malign influence of the xeno was purged.

Sauder then grasped the blade's handle, holding it out over the altar as the blade screamed to life, chain whirling, trying to jerk him around, to split the engineer open on it's hungry teeth. But Sauder held it fast, letting the blade scream out all it's hate, all that malformed fury- it snapped at him, even caught his finger at one point, sending the digit flying and the priest's blood anointed the choppa. He held, and the blade slowed, its hatred spent. And so was he- he was pale from the blood and the pain, but it was his duty!

He whacked it against the altar once, twice, thrice, reciting the holy words of completion, and passed out, satisfied that it would obey when they both awakened- one in the infirmary and the other in the forge's heat.

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Here are some implied techpriest augmentic dickings to tide you over, though.

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Screaming, pulling against the bindings, begging to be let go! No! He was good, he was obedient!

The faceless men looked at him with their pale lights, and ignored his begging. He had broken the law too many times, the high faceless one had said. Asked too many questions, touched too many things. He would be remade, and that was that.

Needles in his arms, his chest- they went numb and still. His legs had long since been made insensible from some dark science they wielded. Dendrite limbs and blades touched and cut at him then- he kept screaming until one of the faceless men looked at him- the six circles narrowing as he roughly pulled his mouth open and pressed his not-face against his, and pain blossomed in his mouth, his tongue grabbed and pulled out by some infernal pincers, his throat ravaged and mutilated by lathing, sharp-edged micro-dendrites.

He blacked out, then, as he barely felt their caress against his face and the blades hacking at his jaw joints, screaming without sound, the faceless man leaning back with his blood dripping down his chin.

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He awoke in what had to be an infirmary. He couldn't feel anything- his own body, the bed beneath him. A faceless man glided in, his movement too smooth for legs, his silence terrifying but familiar. He seemed pleased as he held up a mirror. The man looked at the reflection, and recoiled from it- his face was gone! Only pale lights shone out from the dark robe they had dressed him in.

"You have been blessed, brother," he barely heard the faceless man intone as he screamed in horror, realizing what had happened to all the men and women he had known. He was one of them! Trapped in an unfeeling, hard shell- he touched his face and could not feel it. He touched his fingers together and could not feel them. He pulled in on himself and could not feel it.

The faceless man reached close and placed his dendrite on his hands- "One day, you will understand. You will be glad, then, brother. But for now, you will /learn/ to appreciate your blessing." The way he said it made him whimper and shudder.

He was trapped in a nightmare without end.

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>I would like to celebrate with an Adeptus Mechanicus general / drawthread; the place where we first met.
Dat story...
Dem pictures...

OP, I don't even know where to begin. It's just all so unspeakably adorable. You two have my congratulations and most likely the congratulations of the whole damn board. Be sure to give your girl a big hug from all of us and tell her how much you love her and how lucky you are to have found her.

I just hope that in this past year you two have managed to make the necessary port connections, readied your male and female adapters, hot-docked with cable modems, accessed each other's front-end processors, enabled your I/O, server/client, master/slave....all that good stuff.

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He just hugged me and did all that shit.

I am now having to scrub the oils off my plate.

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You should draw the techpriests of the Follower of the Beacon.

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That was my best sacred machine oil. Only the finest for your cogs, my engine.

... let's not look too deeply into the euphemisms here, least our peripheral databanks be flooded with unnecessary. Uh. Biological sentiment.

FoB techpriest gaggle upcoming!

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You just gave me an inspiration for my next 40K RPG character...a tsundere techpriestess!

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oh right techpriest spam duh.

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Commencing exload of visual mediums!

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where is my drawfaggotry don't make me go in there.

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If requests are cool, it'd be neat to see a cleaned up rendition of this one. Preferably with some more TechPriest-y parts.

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She cute, man.

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Full-body bionics. Sexy AND one with the Omnissiah.

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Chittering 40k tech-Jawas dispensed! I need to locate my tablet pen.


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This pleases the captain.

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>Please report to Areicon IV, Imperial City, Administratum Building CXXI, Room 1456, where you are to sit in the BLUE chair.
>where you are to sit in the BLUE chair.
>the BLUE chair

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I feel bad I can't contribute proper but education why?!

Enjoy mspaint. :<

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Didn't colour it properly as tablet pen appears to be AWOL. Cogs! Cogs for everyone!

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S'Cool, color wasn't important. I really like how that turned out, thank you.

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Mechanicus pics everywhere? Have this

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heh, kind of looks like her ponytail is growing out of her neck

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She's a squ-

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Nothing to see here folks, move along...

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its just a Squat Techpriest
Whats the problem?

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If you know whats god for you...

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Hey who's this old man people keep posting?

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>If you know whats god for you...
...you'd stop playing 40k.

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Comisar Fuklaw. /tg/ fan-made character, formerly attached to the Angry Marines (/tg/ fan chapter). Go ahead and google them. They were a staple around here for a long time and still pop up on occasion.

>> No.18324375

Tubes, robes, and gas mask fetishes ERRYWHERE
>Mah niggas.jpg

I'll request a portrait of a tired, battered Elysian Drop Trooper, his uniform ripped and torn, handing over a broken and goo-covered plasma gun to an enraged Techpriest. The Techpriest seems on the verge of apoplexy while the Drop Trooper's just shrugging.
The reason for the damage to the gun is obvious thanks to the dead Tyranid Warrior behind them, its skull caved in as if from a blunt object.

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Bonus points to the drawfag that manages to convey the Techpriest's rage with a face that's nothing but bionics.

>> No.18324469

'Siah's blood, it's ... it's the HAIRESY.

And you shall have my attempt!

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What I never understood is why drawfriends usually draw Techpriestesses with breasts, or Techpriests with intact 'equipment'. They could be UTILIZING that space for more augments!

>> No.18324704

augments are expensive and hard to come by, so space is not really an issue until they reach really high levels in the hierarchy, and by then they are so old and indoctrinated that sex doesn't really interest them.

So, younger techpriests keep their reproductive equipment in peak condition for as long as they intend to use it.

captcha: ineffectual, byedona

>> No.18324711

I guess that makes sense. That and rampant perversion, but anybody can let that slide.

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wouldn't the admech have a total hardon for the necrons?

>> No.18324843

they usually do, for a while. Then they realize that necron tech is made for the express purpose of stealing your soul and turning you into a slave of some crazy star god and the AdMech goes straight into "KILL IT WITH PLASMA" mode.

That's oldcrons, though, I have no idea how it would work with newcron tech.

>> No.18324912

Wait... A08 and Moggy?

>> No.18324956

Unless they start going THEMETALLIVESTHEMETALLIVESTHEMETALLIVES and die of craziness. Or, for probably a few techpriests, willingly become Pariahs.

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I'd like to see some sort of heretical tech-preists if anyone has that. Or possibly a drawing of one, if there isn't.

>> No.18325045

I actually never got that. Why would they find it so strange that the metal "lives" if they already know that their machines have spirits and sometimes act on their own like living things do. I mean, they should all know about how autonomous Land raiders and titans can be and most of them probably heard of self-repairing nanotech from the dark age.

>> No.18325099

If there is no STC template to support it's existance, it's techno-heresy of the worst kind.

>> No.18325175

So what? It's not like that's the first time they came into contact with techno-heresy, they fight xenos and hereteks all the time. Still nothing to go insane over.

Not to mention improvized firearms, pipe bombs and all of that low-tech techno heresy that is commited by underhive gangs on a daily basis and the admech turns a blind eye to them.

There are even sects in AdMech that study xeno technology and biology without getting persecuted (Biologis and the xenarites).

>> No.18325381

How would a tech-preist commit tech-heresy?

>> No.18325432


>> No.18325604

not all innovation is declared heresy.

It mostly depends on how much influence you have. An archmagos of a big forgeworld can cook up a brand new ship class from scratch, pull some strings and have it declared sacred,

In other parts of the imperium, a guardsman can't adjust the power output on his lasgun without getting flayed.

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There is an enormous level of caution when it comes to the sentient nature of larger, more archaic technology simply because it was AI that nearly wiped out human civilization in the past. Ironically, it's rumoured that exact same AI is what makes up some of the more potent Machine Spirits of the current age (those of titans, battleships, or baneblades, etc.) The Men of Iron are a good example of this superstition: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Men_of_Iron#.T2D04_UU6So

"Wetware" (servitors, brains-in-jars powering machines, so on) is sanctioned because of its inherent human element. The Machine Spirits of smaller items (lasguns, cogitators, etc.) are still a bit of a mystery. Are there really little souls inside your weapon you need to appease before firing it, or are the damnably old blueprints not mentioning how fickle it can be about overheating?

You shall have them!

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Aside from what Anon explained, tampering with corrupted / Chaotic / Xenos technology unless you've been expressly permitted to do so is extraordinarily heretical. Figuring out what actions are potentially heretical boils down to "common sense" and "obeying the rules". The ex-Fabricator General of Mars, Kelbor-Hal, committed the greatest of tech-heresy by unlocking the Vaults of Moravec; freeing the Warp-infused machines / code within it. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Vaults_of_Moravec#.T2D3bvUU6So This lead to an all-out Martian civil war and the birth of the Dark Mechanicum. Depending on your station and the beliefs of your techpriest superiors, heresy may involve something a miniscule as incorrectly flipping a lightswitch. Meanwhile, there are Magi out there who regularly experiment on the very substance of heresy (namely the Warp). Their rank allows them this privilege. That doesn't mean they won't be falling to Chaos in the end anyway, though.

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Reasons A Techpriest May Fall To Chaos; a summary.

Slaanesh: There is never enough information. The experiments keep going all wrong; they demand perfection, and perfection is always just outside of reach. Their hunger for data is endless and insatiable; they must know ALL things, for is not all knowledge sacred?

Nurgle: A techpriest apart from his fellows, kept in the company of clueless guardsmen and constant war. The neglect of the machines and the perpetual teasing of the Imperials grinds him down into a disparaging wreck. He doesn't want to hurt anymore. He doesn't want to feel the pain of ridicule and trench-sickness. He would rather die.

>> No.18326204
File: 1.17 MB, 1003x783, AdMech (158).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tzeentch: One Magos would do anything to outwit her peers. She deserved the grants, she deserved the resources, deserved the honourary titles and promotions! Or, perhaps, her goal was so ambitious and humanitarian, she forgot her ethical code along the way. (What is a thousand tortured laboratory victims worth in the face of such an innovative solution?)

Khorne: All members of the Divisio Militaris are at risk. Princeps, guided by the bloodlust of their God Machines, may forgo reason and delight in the carnage of all the petty, worthless creatures beneath their feet - be they friend or foe. Skitarii, gene-jacked and flooded with aggressive hormones, are helpless to resist the urge to tear out a throat for the honour of their leaders. A captain may be moved to battle-rage at the sight of the Dark Mechanicus and the profaning of honoured technology; and as a result, his judgment falls against his own men as well.

>> No.18326433

Music of the Machine Spirit!

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>> No.18327322


It's the Blue Brotherhood of Saint Helenius of the Blessed Screw!

>> No.18327347

How a techpriest falls to Chaos:

Slaanesh: Pursuit of perfect in everything. Just like an artist can go mad in seeking that perfect style, tune, stroke of brush, etc., can a techpriest go mad in pursuit of mechanical perfect, working on Theory of Everything, or something similar.

Nurgle: They they were undivided, Dark Adeptus fits the bill. They created a world where everything is recycled. Machines are fusions of flesh and metal, everlasting and enduring. Not outside materials are needed. Stagnation.

Tzeentch: Knowledge and change should call out to techpriests far and wide.

Khorne: Seeing just how many warmachines Khorne has, bloodlust wouldn't be at all uncommon among heretical techpriests.

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Praise the Omnissiah! More images to bless in his glorious name!

>> No.18327879

His works are many, and many work hard in his name.

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>Forgot image

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Those who stand in his way shall face his wrath.

>> No.18327947

My heretek was obsessed with pleasure, and the increasing pleasures he could get through self-surgery and additions to his body.

When he began sharing that pleasure with others he was sought out by the Inquisition. But the AdMech found him first, tried to silence him. He followed beckons into the Eye of Terror and now he raids small ships and research stations with his servo skull navigator.

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Remember the holy prayer:
Omnissiah grant me the strength to change what I can,
the patience to accept what I cannot,

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>> No.18328008

The heretek in the game I'm running was just a merchant, albeit a powerful one from a long line of weapons manufacturers who made some of the best craftsmanship weapons to be used by the Imperial Guard.

But a long time ago one of their family had decided to start designing new weaponry, based off of some xeno tech. They got stomped, hard. And although the family still makes money and great weapons doing so, they're constantly looked down upon as a necessary evil for the local Imperium to deal with, and their reputation has never really managed to get out from beneath that.

He has thought about it, of course, every member of the family has at some point or another, just going through with it. But it wasn't until a woman, a beautiful, cunning noblewoman working for a powerful and widespread chaos cult met with him that he was pushed over the edge. He wanted to help her cause (a revolution) and each new finding just led to more and more until he's making golems and working on creating machines smarter than cogitators.

>> No.18328030

Hmm an adeptus mechanicus couple eh? they helped us guardsman a lot during these past years they are a freaky but a good bunch.

We congratulate the techpriest and pray for safety of the couples hardwares.

May all of us lonely fa/tg/uys find their ca/tg/irls in the depths of warpnet someday.

Until that time let none find us wanting
Emperor protects.

>> No.18328043
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>> No.18329768

Orky Techpriest.


Also that story is heartwarming. Made even better that I actually know who you are mofo.

>> No.18330765
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>Orky techpriest
...I'm pretty sure you mean Big Mek.

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