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So I know /tg/ has some Advice Techpriest threads. My question is, does anyone have a .rar/.zip of all the advice techpriest images?

I plan on playing a techpriest based off Advice Techpriest in an upcoming DH game, I wanted some reference stuff (I can only remember 3 or 4).

Also DH/AdMech general.

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Dumping what I have

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Sadly, servo skulls start at 750 and I only have ~300 Gelt to work with. Guess I'll be selling my body on the streets!

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Sadly I have a total of 4 advice techpriest images.
Will begin the dump of AdMech general.

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God damn it. That pic reminded me of this nice servitor fapfic but I can't find it.
And no, I am not talking about "Darzen's Servitor." I mean the one that had guardsmen in it.

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could i possibly get an explanation of '20 goto 10' as my google fu is sadly lacking.

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I have never read said material. sorrry I cant be of more help.

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I don't play DH or anything else in that universe but I still find these pictures funny as hell.

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It's a computer programing joke. It's basicaly computer speak for step 1: do this step 2: go to step 1.

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It's a infinite loop where you do 1, then go to 2 tells you "go back to 1" and so forth.

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Do tech priests sleep?
Do they ever get so mechanized they do without sleep for the sake of being more productive?

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i figured it was something like that (had a little sort-of programming experience) but wasn't entirely sure why 20 and 10 for the numbers...

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There are 10 types of people in this world:
Those who know ternary
Those who don’t
And those who thought this was binary.

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Bonus trivia: This is the origin of the term spam for mass posting things. In ye old days of computer programing it was a common practical joke to send people programs that were just "10: print "SPAM" 20: go to 10. Leading to a screen full of the word SPAM."

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Jeepers that's creepy.

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I'm out of Techpriest pics, have a techmarine.

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Here's the template if you want to make more

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Thank you whomever is posting the other advice techpriest images.

Have a holy seal.

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Dont be afraid, he only wants to replace your weak flesh with glorious machines.

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That was the last one I had. I think there might be one or two more out there I don't have saved.

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Oh, skeenlangly.
In the olden days, back when we programmed our dinosaur-powered analog computers with clay tablets (or something like that), computer programs had line numbers. Various logical commands would cause the machine to "goto" a different line number. So 20 goto 10 means that you go back to line 10 - and, in this case, kill hereteks.

However, in the year -2, Saint Dijkstra wrote the great tract "Goto statements considered harmful", so now we don't use them much, except in assembler code.

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That's the "cutePriest" template.

Here's the normal one.

I am fond of the cutePriest though seeing as I'm the one who spent 100 hours in paint editing the normal one into it.

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Thank you kind sir or madam.

Does anyone have ideas for advice techpriest text?

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i'll always love this drawanon's sketch

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Sorry, couldn't resist.

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That's awesome

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Love this image

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There's something I like about Rogue Trader.

The Ship Upgrade "Servitor Crew" comes with the penalty that you can only recruit new crew at a Forge World, something that the Koronus Expanse is sorely lacking in.

One potential way of solving this problem is by acquiring the two Ship Components "Servitor Reclamation Bay" and "Brig".

Because frankly, you're doing those primitive Feudal Worlders a favour by letting them shed their flesh to become a proper cog in the Grand Machine of the Omnissiah.

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Not to mention all those meat sheilds now have armor.

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One thing I want to find is some sort of official fluff symbol for the dark mechanicum for my traitor guard.

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Pic and >>18299100 very related.

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Rogue AI?

I always thought tech priests just worked off of the same old technology without adapting to new stuff.

I've started reading some 40k novels, are there any with tech-priest protagonists? Or at least with good tech-priest characters?

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I think the Mechanicum uses the same symbol as the Mechanicus. Since they tend to view themselves as the last remnant of the original Martian empire.

What I recomend doing is linking your traitor skitarii up with a Chaos Titan Legion. Like the Fire Masters, or Tiger eyes.

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I liked the Tech Priest in the two Dark Heresy novels.

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What supplements are Servitor Reclamation Bay and Brig in? Also, does anyone know if Battlefleet Koronus is worth getting?

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They don't have full fledge AIs. Machine Spirits are basically simple programming, like tracking software for tanks so they can hit their targets.
AIs tend to go crazy due to the warp

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is this explained in any of the 40k rpg stuff?
I think dark heresy just has some robopets and cybernetic/bionic implants

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Titan machine spirits are pretty damn AI-like.

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Well, machines with "Power of the Machine Spirit" or "Daemonic Possession" have AI.

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If I ever get round to doing a titan that could be wonderful.

I've always preferred the hereteks anyway seeing as they actively pursue 'shock horror' innovation.

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There is a comic where Techpriests accidentally unseal an ancient AI. Ends up killing almost all the techpriests before it was sealed again. Did managed to keep the squad's leader with it to torture and torment till the end of time.

Also Men of Iron.

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Crew Reclamation Bay. (Rogue Trader)
Brig (Battlefleet Koronus)

>> No.18299596

do you know the name of the comic?

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Pax Imperialis: Solitude.

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This is one of my favourite pages.

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The end.

This can be found in the collection "Eternal Damnation".

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>What supplements are Servitor Reclamation Bay and Brig in?

Brig is in Battlefleet Koronus.

The "Servitor Reclamation Bay" is actually called "Crew Reclamation Facility" (my mistake) and is in Rogue Trader Core.

Servitor Crew is in Into the Storm, but I suppose you already knew that.

>Also, does anyone know if Battlefleet Koronus is worth getting?

That probably depends on how much you intend to go to war. It has a lot of stuff about spaceship combat (torpedoes, attack craft, nova cannon), a pretty big chapter on ground warfare, ship hulls larger than Cruisers and rules for Military Endeavours, so if you're going to use any of that, go ahead and get it.

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They do, it's just sentient AIs are banned, and ones capable of adaptive thinking have biological matter in them, like servitors and land raiders.

Land Raider Rynn's Might kept on fighting after its crew got killed, and once it got disabled, lured the orks closer before detonating itself. Emperor's Lightning sank into a swamp and spent 18 years slowly driving out of there, and contacting its chapter to let them know it was still ok.

They too still need that "human" element, the princept. And even then they can only move. Titans need a full crew to operate all the weapons and systems.

I remember reading somewhere that the warmonger class titan was a sort of "shit hit the fan, let the world burn" type of thing where it only has the pilot and fuckton of weapons, and it's basically unleashed to do as much damage as possible without any regards to anything else.

I tried googling, but all I could find was that it is a long range support version of the Imperator.

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There are hints that Titans have animal brains uploaded into their electronic brains.

>> No.18299937

Aren't the Imperial ships outfitted with machine spirits that have animal instincts imprinted upon them?
I remember reading about battleships often having bear-like machine spirits.

>> No.18299997

Rogue Trader describes them as such.
There's an interesting article on a wiki somewhere that postulates that Machine Spirits are basically animal spirits/brains/imprints. Titans and whatnot have more significant machine spirits, possibly even sentient (but of course not, that'd be tech heresy).

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Must be all the gay naval sex.

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Yea. They're simple AI with level of awareness as your average animal. So while it can think, it's needs are purely insticutal. The human pilots help guide and control it.

Which makes me think, perhaps an AdEva style bio-Titan could be possible. With just one controller hooked up via techno-biological cord. Then pilot it much in same way the Tau for their mobile suits

>> No.18300142

so theoretically a heretek might be able to put different spirits/minds into machines? like, say, a tyranid?

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>titan jacked by hivemind


>> No.18300283

I have a player who wants to play a very vain tech priest, obsessed with her appearance.

He pointed out that a lot of the best craftsmanship stuff is supposed to be concealable or indistinguishable from real flesh.

So, likely or not? Does everyone end up a pipe and tube wrapped metal mummy?

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oh yeah, pic related

>> No.18300312

The only reason the AdMech end up looking like robots is because they think that is BETTER than flesh.
Vanity is a weakness of the flesh and therefore not compatible with the glorious machine.
But it is not inconceivable for a techpriest to do that. They are people too, after all.

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How DARE those meatbags use OUR holy sanctioned weaponry and armour, then have the audacity to oppose the servants of the machine god!

>> No.18300344


it is perfectly acceptable, though other followers of the Omnissiah may view them as a pariah for the strange ways they follow.

They would likely also need constant supplies of that Synth Skin stuff, making them a kind of Terminator-styled tech priest

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File: 2.10 MB, 1132x1370, 1327411290206.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The flesh is weak.

>> No.18300391

Yeah, they were going for the cold trader and one of the heretical starting packages.

I figured it'd make sense, since he'd need a lot of money for the best quality of anything he really wanted to staple to himself.


>> No.18300393

unless you're a magos biologis

then you bench 600 kilos
two hundred times in a minute

>> No.18300428

It's perfectly acceptable.
After all, the machine god created man, and the Omnissiah took that form when he created the Imperium.

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Sure, though you have to remember that the outward appearance of beauty changes, but the basic idea is always the same: power.

Few hundred years ago being fat and pasty was beauty, because all the plebs that sweat day in and day out on the fields were fit and tanned, while the rich and powerful didn't have to lift a finger. Today most work is done indoors and with much less manual stuff, and we grow fat and pale, while people with money and power get to keep thin and tanned.

So in 40K looking like this, might actually make women moist, since only the right and powerful have money for fancy bionics and decorative shit.

Then again, looking like a servitor probably isn't sexy, since servitors are mindless servants.

Cultural thing, I'd say. Different plants have different ideals.

To return to the original idea, yes, it's very possible. Especially for a magos biologis and such.

>> No.18300463

There are some techpriests who use subtle augmentation. They are the emisaries of the Mechanicus. The famuli who put humanity at ease with their normalcy.

One appears in Titanicus.

>> No.18300482

>vain tech priest, obsessed with her appearance.
it can work

>He pointed out that a lot of the best craftsmanship stuff is supposed to be concealable or indistinguishable from real flesh.
but not in the way he's imagining it

>So, likely or not? Does everyone end up a pipe and tube wrapped metal mummy?
basically. The idea is that Mechanicus ARE Mechanicus because they worship the machine over the human body. "Perfection" would be almost entirely mechanical, rather than on the form of the flesh.

Now, a member of the Biologis would be a little different since they're all about the "biological" side of things.. but even then most of them end up as hulking gene-spliced monsters.

>> No.18300538

Yeah but he sounds like he's going for more of a...shady type. Being a cold trader and whatnot it seems like he won't be the most honestly the most faithful of folks.

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