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Gentlemen, behold! The Decimator!

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Well at least it'll only destroy one tenth of my forces.

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The head looks like the helmet Shaquille O'Neal wore in that "Steel" movie. I'm not sure whether that's a good or bad thing.

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oh you

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Is it meant to look like it was made from a defiler?

Because it does.

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Does it have experimental rules already?

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I was wondering when a chaos contemptor would show up... i didn't quite expect this

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Just convert one

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Hooray, yet another thing with 'special rules' that I won't allow on the table.

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Looks like a Quarterback with those shoulders

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i bet that butcher cannon is more or less completely compatible with a contemptor

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No one plays with you anyway.

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meh, not impressed with the design even if the miniature looks quality.

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Wasn't Decimator featured as a Baneblade-equivalent in the Epic: Armageddon Chaos list? Not like there isn't any evil/destruction/chatotic words to go around.

...No wait, this is 40K. They might actually be running out of word.

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Not too bad

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Eat shit, if it's not a tournament it doesn't matter and if you give that much of a damn, call off the game. FW stuff is hardly broken compared to all the 'balanced' official lists.

Now we both miss out on a game.


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its certainly beefy. seems to have one joint too many, but that's chaos for you

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WS3, I3, AV12. Confirmed for shit tier against just about any opponent up close.

Claws only do 1d6 penetration against vehicles, as opposed to the 2d6 all other decent walkers get.

Were this an Imperial dread, those pauldrons would give it WS6, AV14 and make all nearby units count as fearless or some bullshit.

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can ignore any weapon destroyed or immobilised result on a roll of 5+

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I... I j-just wanted a chaos contemptor, forgeworld... that's all. Maybe a conversion kit, some demon faces, you know? A head with some horns? Why do we have Gearbuck Tiltmeat here, huh? Quarterback for chaos.

Contemptors are sexy, they pose really well, and they've got a decent set of rules...

I... all I want from chaos is better dreads and bikes, that's it. I just want to bring death to the dogs of the false emperor, you know?

Not win the big home game and bang cheerleaders...

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you can reroll failed AP attempts though.
And it can come back to life (and I would definitely take it with a mark of nurgle to reroll the attempt to rise again)

though this is coming from someone who chooses what to put in their army based on if it sounds/looks cool.

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Doesn;t the "come to life" only work on Weapon Destroyed and Immobilised... meaning it doesn't come back to life at all?

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no, on a wrecked result it can come back on a 6 (and auto repairs weapons destroyed and immobilized results).

Though on a 1 you're dead for the game.

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Is that a necron dreadnought?

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read the whole rule. it can regenerate completely on a roll of 6 every round if it got 'wrecked'

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Must be pretty shitty, being only able to kill every tenth model.

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Chaos Daemon Engine.
Silly anon, Necrons are not Spess Mahreens, Tau or Orkz.

Therefore Forgeworld could not give a shit.

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So it's still guardsman tier melee and damage, unable to talk Imperial walkers or most MCs in combat due ti low I and WS, but on the bright side it has a 1/6 chance of getting back up? And if it does, it is unable to go into melee that turn as it counts as deep striking.

As a weapons platform it's mediocre, but utlilitarian. It's guns can adapt to what you're fighitng, but are mostly high-AP, fired from a BS3 shooter. if It still seems more than a tad shit to me.

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they also care about nids

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if your look at the positive points about it, it's possessed so even if it's shot it will be moving and shhooting, if weapon destroyed or imobile it can ignore it. if killed it can get back up. so it's hard to kill. it's an infentry killer, not a dread killer. it reroll's to wound in combat with str 8. and has anti- inf gun on it. you just need to use it against the right targets.

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You guys realize the rules don't matter? You can proxy every Dreadnought variant in existence with that, plus it can also count as a Defiler. All it needs is converting some weapons.

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the butcher cannon would be decent for anti tank duty, 4 S8 shots 8 if you take too. Probably enough to make trying to glance AV14 to death viable.

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Glancing AV 14 to death is NEVER viable in 5th...

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clearly you are not a nid player

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Anyone else thinking to equip it with 2 rupture cannons and have a better version of a Psy-rifle Dread ?

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its easier than you think a land raider can be glanced to death in only 4 hits if your lucky

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Yep I'll be going dual butcher cannons and MoN, it's also got that 'warhammer 40k' symbol all the new FW stuff has had on it on the experimental rules marking it out as for use in normal games once 6th hits.

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i have, though the storm laser looks fun too with its potential to kill a whole marine squad in one turn

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forgive the math but, lol
for 630 points u can get 24 str 8 ap shots, per turn hitting on 4's.
that simple wont die, and get back up very often.

ship it

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calm down big boy, there is a chaos version in the works already (its actually finished and you can look at it via the new forge world book).

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Strictly speaking... per averages. You are looking at 6 hits to score one glance, and of those hits, you will need on average about 4 or possibly 5 results to be weapon-destroyed and/or immobilized. 5 of course being the case if they took a stormbolter pintle mount. This means (strictly averages, keep in mind) one can expect to glance a Land Raider to death with roughly 24 to 30 hits from a Str 8 weapon. Saying nothing of course, about actual Ballistic Skill.

Your mileage my vary, but trust me... I've slung swarms of rokkits at LRs all day. Oh sure, you can get lucky. I'd rather spend that Str 8 firepower on a much more worthwhile target. say AV 12/13, or some MCs.

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Land raiders have 4 weapons. You need at LEAST 6 glances to get a kill. On average you'll need closer to 15.

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My mistake, I forgot you needed that 6th damage result to actually kill it.

So... 30 to 36 glancing hits is what you will need, on averages. 6 being the rare minimum (1 in 729 chance of getting all three in a row). And 15 still being 'really damn lucky'. If it's taking 30 glancing hits or less to kill one, you're beating the averages already.

Again, it's better to just send those fucking Str 8 shots at more deserving targets.

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>(1 in 729 chance of getting all 6 in a row)


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Despite being huge it actually has less armour than a Dread, but with two Butcher Cannons this thing fires 8 shots a turn, and with Mark of Nurgle it ignores shake and stun, ignores immo and weapon destroyed on 4+ and comes back to life from being wrecked on 5+. That's just nasty.

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wow dat art

where's it from?

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It has equal armor to a dread... 12 is standard. The shit with AV 13, those are the exceptions.

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You tell me.

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Aren't regular Dreads 12/12/10, while this one has side armour of 11?

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12/12/10, yes. 12 Front is the static constant. Side of 12 or 11 matters not, and the Ork dread was originally (in the beginning of 3rd) a 12/11/10 dread. So long as they're 12 front, they're typicaly 'dread', with 11 front akin to the lighter walkers. and 10 front being sentinel/warwalker 'light gun-platform' walker.

13 front is basically a 5e thing, and ultimately boils down to the devs (or FW rule-writer) going 'HNNNNNNnnngggg! We must make this better against powerfistings somehow!'

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At first glance it seems fucking awesome.

Especially at only £35

... then you realise that doesnt include the arms which you got to pay another £17 for.

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Ignores immobilized and weapon destroyed on a 5+, not a 4+, gets back up on a 6, not 5+. That said, with the dedication of nurgle... well, actually it's unclear. Does "unholy vigour tests" refer to the roll to ignore immobilized/weapon destroyed or the roll to get back up or both? Anyway, a reroll makes a 5+ - normally a 12/36 chance - into a 20/36 chance, which is actually slightly better than the 18/36 of a 4+. However, a reroll makes a 6+ (6/36) into an 11/36 chance, which is worse than a 5+.

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Well, that's Forge World for you. Proxy it or scratch build it or convert it or whatever, but don't rip yourself off by buying their models.

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That, or wait for Miniatures Hobby to get a copy of it.

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Nice model, absolutely shit rules.

Use the model as a counts-as normal contemptor. This thing is a fucking over-expensive distraction unit/mild nuisance at best. Unholy Vigour helps it get back up and harass the enemy.

A bothersome wasp at best.

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Have fun with your no games, no gamer.

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Did anyone else notice its ENTIRE TORSO is pauldrons?

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This dread

is now pauldrons.

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Looks a lot like the classic legio cybernetica robots.

Could do with a Seige hammer though.

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To be fair, dreadnoughts kinda suck in CC so something had to be done.

Riflemen are the only dread that is commonly seen. Vulkan lists might use multimelta/dccw dread.

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Ooo, I have a soulgrinder kit that I haven't decided if I'm going to make into a defiler for my Malal army or not.

This might make for a decent thing to convert it into.

But then it might usurp my Lord's rank do to proportionally larger pauldrons, and we can't have that happen.

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Can't unsee.

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It would be fairly interesting to see a chaos forge army created with these in your elite choice, blight drones in your fast attack choice and some soul grinders in your heavy support. convert some cyborg bloodletter (or whatever) and then you got a full daemon cyborg army.


>Does "unholy vigour tests" refer to the roll to ignore immobilized/weapon destroyed or the roll to get back up or both

I would say both,you get to re-roll you dice for the Unholy Vigour rule and the Unholy Vigour rule covers both and this is coming from a guard player.

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loyalist spess mahreen here. I agree with this assesment. There's no hint that it only applies to one of the situations the only logical conclusions is it would be both. every time you roll a die for the rule

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Promote your lord into Daemon Prince, which you use this mini for.

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Counts-as Iron Warriors DP.

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don't much care for the claws. Shooty arms look neat though

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Herald of Khorne HQ with Iron Hide (metal body), and mounted on a Jugger (half daemon, half machine)?

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For people too lazy to go to FW to download to the rules.

I'm not feeling this as a HTH fighter. I'm feeling this as a x2 Butcher Cannon weapons platform. Add Mark of Nurgle to that and you've got something that you can never turn your back on unless you explode it.

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Looks pretty flashy, but it would still be bent over and forcefully penetrated by a megadread.
Its got some nice dakka though.

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how big is it compared to one of those grey knights baby carriers

>> No.18301303

A dreadknight is about 100mm if your don't count those arm things so they about the same size.

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roughly the same size i think? the baby carrier has more pronounced limbs though, while the decimator is pauldrons.

the BS of 3 kind of hurt its role as a weapons platform though. two butcher cannons will give it 8 shots so it will hit something, but the price is also drived up to 195

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Holy shit did people not read this? It's got s8 ordnance fists! It roasts the occupants of transport vehicles! I mean, yeah, it can't take on most monstrous creatures or anything with a dccw, but it's got a heavy 4 missile launcher for that. For a175 points, several of these in the elite slots plus havocs and/or oblits backing them up would make for a very solid shooty chaos list. Dual butcher cannons are still a very attractive loadout, but don't discount the fist.

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Already got a Prince in the works, but its bluepring less concrete.

Wow, so you wither have rifleman nurgle decimator or transport-hunter tzeench decimator.

Furious charge or fleet on the Khorne would at least make it worth considering.

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gentlemen, i give you pauldronought

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Oh, hi there Khadoran Warjack, didn't see you there.

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With two butcher cannons it does as much damage as a GK vendread with its four BS5 twin-linked S8 shots, has comparable survivability from the front and costs the same 195 points.

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Original Necrons were Chaos Androids

we've come full circle

>> No.18304310

So what you're saying is Forge World need to make Chaos Androids as a troops option for Chaos Daemons?

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but with twice as many shots it has reasonable potential to outshoot a psyfilemen

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