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40k General !

>Army list making
>Painting / Converting

All welcome here :

Pic is from last nights 12k apocalypse game , Imperium (Black templars , Grey Knights and Guard) vs Dark Eldar and a small force of Demons

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Cunt, discuss. Oh, sorry, 40kids are all gay. Fine. Let us discuss the glories of penis!

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Just when I was about to post INB4 w40k insults, someone just had to do this

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While that set up is pretty damn awesome, nothing good tends to come from 40k general threads.

Pick a topic and stick to it.

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First necron I've assembled, I know he's not a Lord or anything but I want a small detail to set him apart from the other Warriors, I was thinking maybe paper-crafting a comissar hat or something when I'm finished painting him.

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I have read a few books and some other fluff and like the universe so I want to try out the tabletop game. I do not want to play IG or SM. Have mostly looked at Orks Tau or Nids. Can someone break down the good and bad of each of those?

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Welp, someone has been buying their terrain from Sarissa Precision.

Good on them too, those guys do excellent laser cut wood kits

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File down those sprue attachments boy!
>Lots of shooting
>Railguns are very very good
>Battlesuits are awesome
>One of the next in line to get a codex update / new models

>Fire warriors suck, take the bear minimum and keep them in devilfish
>A victim of codex creep (they aren't very competitive and a lot of their stuff is over-priced in terms of points

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Capable of having huge swarms of troops, ripe for chopping heads. Can be transported into choppy range even faster with paper-thin, but cheap metal bawkses. Also have decent Heavy Support options in Killa Kans/Deff Dreads as well as good Elites with Nobz, Lootas, etc. Overall you'll probably have to bring Lootas for the Dakka out still a solid army all around.

Fielding even huger swarms of infantry but overall weaker. Can have swarms of ranged or melee, but overall I've found them better in melee.

Excels at range combat, can't into melee for shit.

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The Good: Cheap infiltrators, Railguns, Crisis Suits with Missile Pods, and general ability to annoy your opponent.
The Bad: Avoid Ethereals, Krootox, Stealth Suits, Vespids, Drone Teams (get them with the Piranhas), maxed out Firewarriors, Sniper Drones, Skyrays...really, outside of those select core units to play a "block-and-shoot" game...Tau are very inflexible.

The Good: If they catch you outside of your metal boxes, you will be nommed in melee. Gargoyles/Termagants are surprisingly punchy-for-cost with toxin sacs/adrenal glands, and there are a fair few "buffs" interspersed throughout the army. Can spawn new troops in-battle, a fair few "trick" units.
The Bad: Fucked up FOC. For 99% of Nid lists, you will take Hive Guard. This mostly comes from the whole lacking integrated AT in their units the way other armies can bring it. Guess what's an important target. Beyond that, you will need other At choices, be it trying for mass-glancelocking with Brainleech Devourers, or plinking away with the Tyrannofex. A *lot* of the weight of your army is carried by your monstrous creatures. Oh...and Nids are *slow* as a rule.

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Yep they weren't mine but they look brilliant .

In case anyone couldn't guess by the picture , Imperium won the battle , hard.

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Oh...and before I head out...

Orks: I play them. Their main things are they have cheap infantry, throw out *lots* of dice on attack, and usually can get a fair bit of offensive output at the cost of any form of durability whatsoever. Take the Boy. 6 points gives you an assault 2 (bs 2 but hey) bolter, and 3 attacks on the charge. 40 points gives you a Terminator that traded leadership, invulnerable, and not being Slow and Purposeful, in exchange for an extra wound, extra attack, and Furious Charge. Oh...and you can buy them in unit sizes of 3 instead.

They lack melta weapons. You must learn to compensate for this. Be it corralling enemy vehicles into designated krumpin-zones, by means of moveblocking with your (more expendable) vehicles, loota'ing away, or just learning to sacrifice. They have a *lot* of good units (some *bad* units too. Tankbustas/Flash Gits are naff), but again, a lot of them are crammed in the Elites choice. Hence Lootas being a de-facto choice most of the time.

Orks are simple. Sometimes that simplicity can carry them far. Keep enough cheap vehicles (and wagons) on-hand, do what you can to deny mobility to your opponent and force him into an attritionary game.

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considering starting a new tau army converted and painted to look similar to most of the cerberus forces from mass effect. Looking for minatures though

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Working on 4 baneblades at the moment. Trying to figure out how to give them cemetery elements to go with my GK army theme. Long story short, basic idea only the dead are free from chaos...Kill everybody to save them. Not going for grass and earth on the tanks, but any other ideas on making the tanks look sort of like mausoleums would be nice. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a garden of morr in the local stores.

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Im converting my grey knights army to most of them being fallen to khorne. Based of that story where they kill sisters of battle and smear there blood on them it didnt seem like much of a stretch.

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I had thought of chaos knights, but I decided Purity in Death was a theme I would have more fun with.

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>Playing 40k with a friend last night
>I'm playing Catachan Guard, he's playing Green Tide Orks. 750 points each
Fastforward to later in the game
>Cluster of 16 Boyz + Nob
>Marbo on the field already
>Throws Demolition charge
>Hits perfectly. Kills 11 Boyz and the Nob
>Assaults and kills the remaining 5 Boyz with his poisoned blade
Shit was awesome.


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>One of the next in line to get a codex update / new models


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I went to a 40k market near my house today but arrived late.

I got a chaplain on a bike for £4
and current Black Templar codex for £4

I do fear a new BT codex coming out soon, but was this worth it to help my BT army?

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Its more than a bit of a stretch to go from talismans made by mixing blood and sacred oils to smearing blood all over themselves and wearing sister bits.

Its almost like people don't read the book or something.

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Marbo not chucking his demo charge the turn he hits the table?

What is this wizardry?

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OP, how were those metal catwalks in the picture done?

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One of them I said , BT / Eldar / CSM all need it as well

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If he can convincingly make Chaos Grey Knights, not just using chaos minis and GK rules but really convert all the crap off the GK minis and add good looking chaos ones, he gets a free pass from me. The game is grim derp, but good conversion is art.

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if you read the codex there's a demon that releases a blood tide and from that anyone touched becomes a crazed devotee to the blood god. The grey knights answer to this was to mix special oils and the blood of the innocent sisters of battle which they cover there armor in. Now dont get me wrong but do you think that when fighting the minions of the blood god on what is essentially becoming there home turf it is smart to cover yourself in blood. Hell that makes them sound like there already fallen to chaos since they killed innocents and then smeared there blood all over themselves. Its kind of the first step in a fall to the blood god.

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Dem chocolate digestives... :3

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Sarissa Precision

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Yep fortunately they didn't count for LoS :D

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Great, now I want a cup of tea.

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They can't "fall" because they have no emotions for Chaos to prey on. Its the physical corruption they have to worry about(i.e. being turned into a spawn)

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Thank you kindly sir

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The only good 40k was the original. All the rest was shameless cash in's and fanrape.

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I'm putting together an Ironclad dread and i'm stuck on the option for the under slung weapon on the seismic hammer. The other arm will not be glued so I can change between the hurricane bolter and the DCCW depending on who I'm facing. Should I go for the melta or the H flamer when in conjunction with the hurricane bolter? It's a toss up between keeping ranged anti tank and becoming an infantry slaying monster.

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You may know already, but trim the mold lines. Also with necrons: don't glue in the glow rods!

They'll be a bitch to paint/prime otherwise. Unless you want to paint over the transparent plastic.

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I had a similar game with Marbo once. Opponent was running a cheese nob list (no bikes, but wound allocation exploit, etc).

Just as nobz were moving in to start sacking my tank line, Marbo pops out, throws charge, and kills EVERY SINGLE NOB.

THEN he proceeded to best the Warboss in h2h combat. 65pts>600pts

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How long til 6th edition?

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Rumours says GW will announce it during summer.

I actually don't care about 6th editions besides the content of the starter box.

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I only ask because I'm thinking of starting the hobby and I'm looking at the Assault on Black Reach box but I don't want to get it if the rules change and I got to spend a shitton on whole new rules.

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Well, you can always buy AoBR and sell the rule book. Or just buy AoBR's models on ebay.

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I play tau, and AS a tau player I must mass suits.

I tend to ignore marklights in order to just have more volume and I ignore hammerheads for broadsides.

I used to have two devilfish too but lately I think I'll only use one (in case we roll objective) and simply get more firewarriors

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By starter box do you mean a new version of AoBR?

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Not really a new version of AoBR. But for each new editions, GW always do a new starter set with a little rule books, models (two factions) and stuff.
For exemple, 4th edition was Battle for Maccrage with Space Marines (10 tactical marines + one imperial pilot) against Tyranids (no idea what they got). When 5th edition got out, they stopped selling Maccrage and replaced it with Black Reach.

Same goes for Warhammer Fantasy with Battle for Skull Past who got replaced with Island of Blood.

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supposedly the next starter set is Chas and Dark Angels


Assault on Black Reach isn't a bad buy though. The Captain model is brilliant

>> No.18289018

I personnaly hope it's not going to be Chaos versus Dark Angel.
Too much power armour for my taste.

I'd prefer to see Vanilla Marines versus Eldar. But I don't think everyone would agree with me.

>> No.18289105

First finished marine of my True-scaled Raptors.
I think I still need to touch it up a bit in some areas.

>> No.18289224

I hope it's not Dark Angels because AoBR was a really good starter for SM since you could use them for pretty much any chapter whereas DAs would have all those hoods and robes.

>> No.18289242

it's supposedly coming with a plastic chaos dreadnought

I've been waiting more than a decade for a plastic chaos dreadnought.

>> No.18289251

Nice. I'm thinking of starting some Raptors myself. Love the Raven Guard successor chapters.

>> No.18289286

That'd be cool I'd just it rather be Vanilla SM vs Chaos than DAs.

>> No.18289302

Exactly. I don't hold anything against Dark Angel, it's just that it's be pretty difficult to pretend there are something else when you want to paint them.

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>that feel when you can't beat your friends space wolf army as tyranids.

im serious, almost want to just microwave my warriors and buy an imperial army.

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So I have a small force of Orks that I'm losing love for, and I want to start playing proper tabletop games, and I just don't know what army to pick. Preferably an 'evil' faction, since those are what my friends collect and team games are cool. I've been thinking Renegade IG. What do y'all think?

>> No.18289358

Chaos Daemons

>> No.18289369

Sounds good. Imperial Guards have a strong codex and it can easily be played as renegades.
Maybe a bit difficult at first for the conversion aspect, but ForgeWorld do really neat stuff for renegades, so you might want to look at that.

>> No.18289385

You can start a club, GW hates non-Imperials with a passion. Eventually the game will just be space marines slapping their dicks together.

>> No.18289398

Been sitting on a Tomb stalker model for about a year now, finally was able to get a hold of some spare bits but I have a plan.

I have the Tomb Stalker, Green Stuff, an Assault on Black Reach Dreadnaught, and sprue for a pilot. I still need to get some Guitar Strings and a few other things for model's overall stability.

What I plan to do is have the tomb stalker peel open the Sarcophagus and pulling out the juicy pilot. The piano wire will be the still connected bio-interfaces and life support they supply for them, while I can use the green stuff to make some fine touch-ups on the torn open hull and also gore for the pilot getting ripped apart.

Will gladly post pictures when I start the project (hopefully on wednesday)

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I am kinda disheartened by my painting now. Entered a competition with my dreadnought in store, didnt get placed and got beaten by ANOTHER dreadnought.
Now trying to work out what to do for the next one.

>> No.18289400

Just won 2k Squat army on eBay and I'm gonna be running the little fuckers as counts as guard. Got 2 command squads, like 6 vet squads, 2 marbos(which I probably won't use), and 6 hydras. What should I pick up next? I'm new to guard really and was looking for a cheap army to start as guard.

>> No.18289409

Thats cool but hen you get the bitter aftertaste that your still just playing IG but your models have more spikes on them.

Pick a xeno codex so we can actually bring variety to the game; as for "evil" guys go for either Dark Eldar, Necrons or Tyranids.

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I don't understand how so many people can roll space marines. To me, they're just dull to paint, and to play.

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>One of the best melee armies in the game
>Lots of weird deployment methods
>Huge swarms
>Big, mean monsters

>Severe lack of anti-tank
>A few BRUTAL matchups (GKs, DE)
>Quite a few useless units (pyrovore, Harpy)

>> No.18289516


I agree. I mean, I don't actively dislike them, but they're just mediocre. Boring models, boring to paint, boring to play, boring to play against.

>> No.18289539

WHAT?! PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT TASTES THAN YOU?! Stop the presses everyone! My mind's been blown!

>> No.18289546


Calm down, bro. He was just saying he doesn't understand it, not


>> No.18289570

More liek...

-look cool

-big monstrous creatures
-shit anti tank
-shit footslog
-shit deepstrike
-half the codex sucks dick
-shittier than any SM unit

>> No.18289582

That's like saying "I can't understand people that eat Apples". It's ridiculous.

>> No.18289586

I like the fluff and I like the look. Sue me for not liking Nids.

>> No.18289593


First of all, your space marine fanboyism is showing.

Second, let's itemize:

So having lots of bodies is a disadvantage? Being able to soak up wounds and torrent attacks is a bad thing?
>big monstrous creatures
Yes, they might struggle to get cover, but they're also generally T6 and a decent save. Plus, that's what the venomthrope is for.
>shit footslog
Yeah, because 'Nids totally have an alternative. Anyway, they're better than any other footslog list.
>shit deepstrike
Reserve manipulation, outflank on any troops unit, drop pods that can fight back.
>shittier than any SM unit
And that's where your SM fanboy shows through.

>> No.18289611

I've included Chenkov in my IG army, bad decision?

>> No.18289619


Funny for trolling purposes.

>> No.18289655


drop pods that fight back? ROFL

oh god my sides
that 6" lash whip SO FEROCIOUS

meanwhile the SM droppods get fucking missiles

>> No.18289668


S6 Assault 6 6". Probably hitting side or back armour.


Get out. You're clearly GW's target audience for space marines.

>> No.18289681


sorry buddy but nids just aren't competitive nowadays

>> No.18289682

Horrible for killpoints, ultimate troll for seize ground and other objective-based games

>> No.18289684


Never said they were.

>> No.18289709

speaking of drop pods,

can anyone clarify why space wolves can drop terminators on turn 1? with no mishaps?

>> No.18289713

Looking for a decent quality white primer. What does /tg/ use? Looking for something to undercut skull white spray on price, ideally. Also, Ausfag.

>> No.18289725

>First of all, your space marine fanboyism is showing.
he was just being honest (though admittedly harsh)

>Second, let's itemize:
yes, let's;

>So having lots of bodies is a disadvantage? Being able to soak up wounds and torrent attacks is a bad thing?
Cost. Cost and time. Not so much in-game concerns, but a very legitimate complaint. One of the (only) viable builds involves loadsa gaunts and tervigons, requiring the purchase of mass amounts of plastic, identically posed termagaunts.

>Yes, they might struggle to get cover, but they're also generally T6 and a decent save.
while also being horrifically expensive.

>decent save
nigga what

>Plus, that's what the venomthrope is for.
..not really, considering you need to use an elite slot for them.

>Yeah, because 'Nids totally have an alternative.
that's a really poor counter

>Anyway, they're better than any other footslog list.
Disagree. Guard have the best, without a doubt.

>Reserve manipulation
(awful) reserve manipulation

>drop pods that can fight back.
drop pods without models

>And that's where your SM fanboy shows through.
one point where he shows "marine fanboyism", yet the rest of his claims are pretty legitimate

>> No.18289726


Army Painter stuff is pretty good. A good deal thicker than GW's though, so put it on thinner than you normally would.

Advantage is it comes in loads of different colours, so it can save time on basecoating. If you're painting marines, you can just spray, wash, highlight.

>> No.18289732


Kind of what I'm aiming for, how large should the conscripts unit be?

>> No.18289743


Because... Wait... That's a good point!

>> No.18289748

It also has a sort of rough/gritty texture to it which you might not want for spessmareenz and other sleek armour-type stuff.

I prefer it to GWs stuff for my orks though, suits the orks roughness well.

>> No.18289886


>Reanimation Protocols (Get knocked down, but get up again)
>Pretty good stat line on most models
>Decent Model lineup (though some of the older ones such as 2nd edition Immortals and 3rd Flayed are much better then the current prints)
> Armor is mostly 3+ ( Warriors have 4+, some lords have options to get a 2+)
>Interesting Armory (From doors that remove characters from the game as well as rapid fire sniper rifles.)

>Across the board Int 2 (Prepare to be Jaws of the War Wolf bait, and any melee army's bitch)
> lack of templates for most of the codex (for most part only vehicles have them, some of those haven't been released yet)
> CC Units are mediocre at best, only one exception being Wraiths
>Wraiths are getting new models so they are currently out of print for redesign

Still I'll take this codex over what I was dealing with the previous one.

>> No.18289926

Not OP, but relevant.

I want to start Necrons, but I don't want to be a bandwagon-jumper. Wat do.

>> No.18289942

Don't give a shit what other people think?

>> No.18289943

Play them genuinely.

There, you avoided jumping into the bandwagon

>> No.18289952

Also, when does the Night Scythe come out?

>> No.18289970


seriously, why are you even asking?

>> No.18289993

how the hell do necrons do anti-tank? I don't see any lances or melta or anything?

>> No.18290014


anyone care to talk about this?

>> No.18290032


>> No.18290036


Its actually a non-GW product I'm working on for a friend's birthday. 28mm non-heroic, lots of fine detail. I'm looking for a primer that won't obscure the excellent sculpting, and will lift the colours when I start painting. So gritty or thick probably isn't ideal. I've read a bit about automotive primers, any thoughts?

>> No.18290059

Auto glancing, lots of high powered shooting, scarabs, Crypteks. It's not as big of a problem as you'd think.

>> No.18290060


scarabs are the only way? But don't they die really easily? And don't you need lots of them to do anything.

>> No.18290105

scarabs aren't the only way, but the main one.

Of course it's apretty big investment, but they are really effective, and they can also serve other purposes. And by using canoptek spyders you can replenish them.

Plus, they look funny.

There's also the option of using big guns.
Harbingers of Destruction/Storm are also pretty useful against tanks

>> No.18290233

space wolves can take derp pods because it doesnt say you cant, read their codex its pretty lame. HOWEVER, they can NEVER EVER derp strike without a derp pod

>> No.18290235

This entire thread makes me sad to play 'nids.

All anti-tank in the elite slots, carnifex fucking useless, termagants even more useless than they were in the past, no biomorph madness like last ed...

I've been playing Tyranids since 2nd, and I've never considered a new army more than now.

>> No.18290274


Destroyer Lord with a Warscythe has given my friend's IG Army many bout's of panic as I blow up his chimera's and Lemun russ' like they are toilet paper.

>> No.18290292

you can
a. spore carnifexes into their tank squadrons
b. if they have land raiders? spore zenthropes
c. if you dont like sporing get a hive commander with wings to derp strike turn 2, you avoid a ENTIRE turn of shootan and your half way or more across the goddam board
d. genestealers have infiltrate, henceforth they can outflank
e. hive commanders give one troop choice the ability to outflank, plus all reserves come in on a +1 to your reserve rolls so 3+ on turn 2, turn 3 you need a 2+ not bad.
lots of funky ways to play the game and get across the battle field. outflanking doesnt count as derp striking just moving so a brood of 20 or so genestealers is pretty fucking horrifying. i got tabled in a 1500 point game against chaos until my genestealers got on and nommed a defiler, and 2 vindicators (lots of pie plates i still lost but i took out most of his units we were playing objectives) bottom line genestealers are godlike when used correctly AVOID YARGMALS THEY ARE WAY TO EXPENSIVE TO NOT TAKE A BROODLORD

>> No.18290356


>spore fexes
A single barebones fex with a barebones pod is 200 points.
>spore zoanthropes
Right into the psydefence of the other army
>deep strike hive tyrant
So he doesn't have tyrant guard and can spend the entire game tarpitted or being the target of every heavy weapon in the other army.
>outflanking genestealers
Take genestealers in your list, but don't deploy them at the start of the game. Watch as every army deploys as close to the center of the board as possible.
>outflanking anything else
same thing.

We 'Nids got dicked. All we can do now is pray for 6th.

>> No.18290561

CCC 50
Straken 95
Flamer 5 x 3 15
Heavy Flamer 20
Bodyguard 15 x 2 30
Astropath 30
Carapace Armour 20

Commissar Lord 70
Power Fist 15
Carapace Armor 10

Priest 45
Shotgun 0
Evis 15
60 x 2 120

Stormtroopers 85
Power Weapon 10
Plasma Gun 15 x 2 30
125 x 2 250

Marbo 65

Vets 70
Shotguns 0
Meltagun 10 x 3 30
Harker 55
Demolitions 30

Vets 70
Sniper Rifle 5 x 3 15
Autocannon 10
Foward Sentries 30
Vox caster 5

Penal Legionaires 80 x 3 240

PCS 30
Sniper Rifle 5 x 2 10
Autcannon 10

Infantry Squad 50 x 3 150

Armored Sentinel 55 x 3 165
Heavy Flamer 5 x 3 15

Bane Wolf 130 x 2 260

Tauros Venerator 60 x 2 120
Twin Linked Lascannons 15 x 2 30

Leman Russ Demolisher 165
Camo Netting 20

Sentry Gun 15 x 3 45
Lascannon 10
Camo Netting 10 x 3 30
85 x 2 170


Chaos IG, full stop. I'm short 30 points though, and sort of out of ideas on what to bring.

>> No.18290710

Drop the storm troopers and get another squad of vets. Spend the extra points on the HK missiles for the Venators. On a side note, the venators are awesome, I have 3.

>> No.18290720

I'd do that, but I wanted more anti mech hunters, and they fit. Plus, they're better in CC than vets, getting that extra attack and all.

>> No.18290753

I used to have two squads in a vendetta squadron for my Elysians. Sadly, the that CC capability really isn't worth it. Although I do miss the AP3.

>> No.18290763

Can I start my ENTIRE army off the table?

>> No.18290769


Yup, some army builds rely on it (drop pod space marines, DukeStrike Dark Eldar...)

>> No.18290775

I feel you bro.

>> No.18290776

Depends on who you are playing as. My elysians do it almost every game.

>> No.18290778

Better than nothing, really. Besides, getting a heavy weapons team or some sort of support team in CC can often be worth it.

>> No.18290798

The main thing Ive found is that if a unit works for you, then everyone else can fuck off when they say its worthless. So although I suggest dropping the Storm Troopers, if you have success with them, then keep em in your list.

>> No.18290806

Ive not found it to be especially thick, Ive used it for 20 and 15mm infantry before without it obscuring detail.
Just buy a can and test it out on something cheap to see.

>> No.18290825

Yes, just don't be like the White Scars....

>> No.18290858

I'm considering getting into 40k and i'm split between two armies. Either a SM Salamanders army because i love the idea of tones of flamers hammer and meltas or a WW1 style IG army, shit tones of men backed up by the biggest artillery I can field.

>> No.18290865

How much money do you have? Seriously, how much money do you have to spend.

>> No.18290868

I have a question. Is there any justification for Tau vs Tau fights? Like I know that Imperial forces fight because they suspect each other of heresy, have conflicting orders and other stuff, but I haven't seen any reason why Tau would fight each other.

>> No.18290885

Farsight vs shadowsun. Pretty much tau that are still fresh from the central spheres with their train of thought. Against those that have seen the reality of the galaxy

>> No.18290892


I've got about 250. I assume that the IG army is gonna be the more expensive for the sheer number of boots i'm gonna field.

>> No.18290915

gonna make a emrakul the aeons torn ctan shard.
writhing worldscape and gaze of death probably.
carve the body out of a square of pink foam, then make the tentacles with green stuff and dryad bits, then toss him on a large base with a flight stand.

>> No.18290929

From the list im looking at, yes. You need a command squad, lord commissar, 2 platoons with 2-4 line squads and 3 Hvy weapon teams each. Maybe a squad a rattlings. And then 6 Bassilisks in two ordnance batteries, and 1 Manticor.

>> No.18290965

2000 Pts - Imperial Guard Roster

Total Roster Cost: 2000

HQ: Company Command Squad (5#, 50 pts)
4 Company Command Squad, 24 pts = 4 * 6
1 Company Commander, 26 pts

HQ: Lord Commissar (1#, 70 pts)
1 Lord Commissar, 70 pts

Troops: Infantry Platoon (46#, 660 pts)
1 Infantry Platoon, 0 pts
4 Platoon Command Squad, 24 pts = 4 * 6
1 Platoon Commander, 6 pts
9 Infantry Squad, 45 pts = 9 * 5
1 Sergeant, 5 pts
9 Infantry Squad, 45 pts = 9 * 5
1 Sergeant, 5 pts
3 Heavy Weapons Squad, 75 pts = 3 * 20 (base cost 20) + Heavy Bolter x3 15
3 Heavy Weapons Squad, 75 pts = 3 * 20 (base cost 20) + Autocannon x3 15
3 Heavy Weapons Squad, 75 pts = 3 * 20 (base cost 20) + Autocannon x3 15
3 Heavy Weapons Squad, 105 pts = 3 * 20 (base cost 20) + Lascannon x3 45
3 Sabre Gun Defence Platform Squad (IA), 150 pts = 3 * 40 (base cost 40) + Tl Autocannon x3 30
6 Special Weapons Squad, 45 pts = 6 * 5 (base cost 5) + Sniper Rifle x3 15

Troops: Veteran Squad (10#, 160 pts)
9 Veteran Squad, 153 pts = 9 * 7 (base cost 7) + Flamer x2 10 + Heavy Flamer 20 + Demolitions 30 + Grenadiers 30
1 Veteran Sergeant, 7 pts

Elite: Heavy Mortar Battery (12#, 150 pts)
3 Heavy Mortar Battery, 96 pts = 3 * 32
9 Guardsmen, 54 pts = 9 * 6

Heavy Support: Ordnance Battery (3#, 375 pts)
1 Ordnance Battery, 0 pts
1 Basilisk, 125 pts
1 Basilisk, 125 pts
1 Basilisk, 125 pts

Heavy Support: Ordnance Battery (3#, 375 pts)
1 Ordnance Battery, 0 pts
1 Basilisk, 125 pts
1 Basilisk, 125 pts
1 Basilisk, 125 pts

Heavy Support: Manticore Rocket Launcher (1#, 160 pts)
1 Manticore Rocket Launcher, 160 pts

Composition Report:
HQ: 2 (1 - 2)
Elite: 1 (0 - 3)
Troops: 2 (2 - 6)
Fast: 0 (0 - 3)
Heavy: 3 (0 - 3)

>> No.18290999

Use that as a base, could pull the Heavy mortar battery out if you dont want to try and proxy IA, use the extra points on wargear for the infantry squads, and command squad. Until you have 6 basilisks, try and keep what you have in two separate batteries, and keep the numbers even. Manticor would be first arty to get though

>> No.18291060

Cron destroyer themed list

1 destroyer lord with res orb
1 destroyer lord with sempiternal weave
2 immortal squads of 10
1 immortal squad of 5
3 destroyer squads of 2 destroyers and 3 heavy destroyers
1500 exact

>> No.18291068


How would I run that list at 1k points because the 2k list has my budget in tanks. If some one could make a quick to buy guide it would be awesome.

>> No.18291088

Gimmie a minute.

>> No.18291094


Cheers buddy.

>> No.18291154

Almost there

>> No.18291168

1000 Pts - Imperial Guard Roster

Total Roster Cost: 995

HQ: Company Command Squad (5#, 70 pts)
4 Company Command Squad, 44 pts = 4 * 6 (base cost 6) + Regimental Standard 15 + Vox Caster 5
1 Company Commander, 26 pts

Troops: Infantry Platoon (26#, 225 pts)
1 Infantry Platoon, 0 pts
4 Platoon Command Squad, 54 pts = 4 * 6 (base cost 6) + Platoon Standard 15 + Vox Caster 5 + Sniper Rifle x2 10
1 Commissar, 35 pts
1 Platoon Commander, 6 pts
7 Infantry Squad, 45 pts = 7 * 5 (base cost 5) + Vox Caster 5 + Sniper Rifle 5
1 Heavy Weapons Team, 15 pts = (base cost 10) + Mortar x1 5
1 Sergeant, 5 pts
7 Infantry Squad, 45 pts = 7 * 5 (base cost 5) + Vox Caster 5 + Sniper Rifle 5
1 Heavy Weapons Team, 15 pts = (base cost 10) + Mortar x1 5
1 Sergeant, 5 pts

Troops: Veteran Squad (10#, 165 pts)
9 Veteran Squad, 158 pts = 9 * 7 (base cost 7) + Vox Caster 5 + Grenade Launcher x2 10 + Heavy Flamer 20 + Demolitions 30 + Grenadiers 30
1 Veteran Sergeant, 7 pts

Heavy Support: Manticore Rocket Launcher (1#, 160 pts)
1 Manticore Rocket Launcher, 160 pts

Heavy Support: Ordnance Battery (3#, 375 pts)
1 Ordnance Battery, 0 pts
1 Basilisk, 125 pts
1 Basilisk, 125 pts
1 Basilisk, 125 pts

Thinking about it this might be a little expensive $ wise. But hopefully you get the idea of the build.

>> No.18291211

So with this you need 2 command squads, 3 infantry squads, 1 hvy wpns team, 1 manticor, 3 basilisks

>> No.18291262

Tallied it up: $367
IG battle force
command squad
infantry squad
3x basilisks.

>> No.18291292


Yeah, i'm gonna use this site. Is this correct?

>> No.18291333

Forgot my pic.

>> No.18291352

Im the same one thats done all the guard stuff. The only thing I forgot to add was the commissar thats $15. Pretty much, blob the infantry squads, add the commissar, keep them behind some cover, protecting the arty, the sniper rifles might(if they hit) pin approaching enemy. Use the vets to flush enemy away from your lines and out of cover.

Try looking at the price of the battle force, you wont need the walker, but it has the command, 2 infantry and a hvy weapons team. It might be cheaper.

>> No.18291382

Unless the battleforce cuts some costs, that would be the list to go with. And good luck!

>> No.18291393

I bought a few termagants off ebay and I don't know what the fuck these things were painted in but it will NOT come off. I've tried Easy-Off, 2 other kinds of degreaser, and soaking it in everything I could find. This shit is permanent.

Can I still prime them white or are these going to be the laughing stock of my army? On the right is the one I've tried stripping, the left is one of the others I got from that set.

>> No.18291446

You tried a multi day soak in simple green? Not power green or some other cheep offshoot. If not, a very light coat of primer should cover it without issue. I wouldnt be worried, Ive had worse.

>> No.18291458

what site is that from? Wayland?

>> No.18291486


Yes indeed.

If you know any better i would love a link.

>> No.18291494

Looks like spray can Chaos Black , is it going all mushy and horrible? If so you're out of luck , white spirit will get it off but it melts plastic so only good for metal models

>> No.18291500

I haven't tried that actually, but if I can just prime it I wont bother. I'll save the stuff for if I end up with something worse, thanks

>> No.18291527

I hate that some primers come off easier than others. Krylon usually just rolls off after 2 days in simple green. GW primers not so much.

>> No.18291541

So far for us UK bro's it seems the best option from what I've found. Although sometimes they do take their time with shipping , been waiting 11 days for some lizardmen and they still haven't dispatched them >.<

>> No.18291554


Yeah my friend that got some stuff from their told me it took them 3 weeks to get his stuff dispatched..

>> No.18291580

Damn, I thought shipping to military bases was bad. For me it has to go to New York, then to Ramstein Germany, then to my little shit hole. Makes for a real interesting shipping manifest when I order forgeworld. Speaking of which, where the hell is my wraithseer, warp hunter, tauros's and my buddies surprise present.

>> No.18291596


Lost in the warp.

>> No.18291623

Not again. Out of my 9 orders from them, I think 4 of them had to be resent.

>> No.18292106

you sound like you had some bad games with nids maybe you're playing them wrong

>> No.18292162

So then 20 outflanking stealers, 20 stealers on the board with 3 'fexes with Regenerate (expencive as fuck, yes) to spearhead, a Mawloc to tarpit flankers.

>> No.18292489

on starcraft I religiously play zerg. when starcraft 2 came out i was happy with the new zerg. anyways when i discovered w40k has tyranids, i knew i had to play em. i havent started playing but from this thread it looks like the general opinion is that nids aren't good. so. what? shouldnt they be competetive?

>> No.18292827

If you are not going to play competitively then play what you want to play and let the nay-sayers be damned.

>> No.18292850

why dont you fat shits play a good game like Infinity

>> No.18294025

Why don't you eat a bag of dicks?

some people like warhammer alright?

>> No.18294040

Nobody likes Warhammer.

>> No.18294075

I think the existence of this thread disproves your theory.

>> No.18294086

Nope, it's all some elaborate meta trolling. Gotta get with the times bro.

>> No.18294112

couldn't find my yeahnahyoureacunt.jpeg so have a small amount of disagreement with me countering your sage.

>> No.18294136

Warhammer is the single worst hobby on the face of the planet. Every single person who plays it should be shot in the face and dumped in a giant ditch outside of some rural Mexican village so mothers may spin terrifying stories for their children at night.

That's why I'm glade I don't play it.

Or I do play it.

I forget which.

>> No.18294186

>That's why I'm glade I don't play it.
>glade I don't play it.


>> No.18294198

I love Glade Plug-ins so much I have to plug them in all my posts.

>> No.18294217


forgot pic Do'h

>> No.18294371

Does anyone on /tg/ play second edition?

>> No.18294533

soak it in pinesol, that shit get everything off
just don't leave it in for more than ~overnight as the plastic can get weak

>> No.18295197

Chaos Space Marines
>highly customizeable HQs and units
>cool models
>really good troop choices
>Decent Elites like Chosen and Terminators
>good heavy support
>Daemon Princes
>lots of overcosted units
>you better skip Fast Attack
>psychic powers cost alot
>some units aren't really effective in current metagame
>Crappy vehicles in general
>Rhinos with combimeltas

>> No.18295505

I see this lass every once in awhile but have no idea her origin or name. Can anyone provide some more details?

In return, the Emperor's finest

>> No.18295518


>> No.18295541

That's Cultist-chan

it started with some waffles and a chaos beast

>> No.18295628


>> No.18295712

I'm planning on getting into warhammer mostly to have a chance to paint dark eldar any units of theirs that are fun to paint.. AND also what do you guys think about their hqs or haemonculus based Armies?

>> No.18295827


Tamiya Fine Surface Primer

its beautiful

GW sprays aren't primers they are bog standard spray paints

>> No.18296122

Grey knights.

>> No.18296757

Well I'll be damned , Us brits go to bed and the thread suddenly turned to crap ; Americunts confirmed for making threads turn to shit .

Another reason why the rest of the world hates you

>> No.18296783


Shut up, faggot, you're making the rest of the British look bad by being a prick.

>> No.18296825

A Necron Lord in a Command Barge can make close combat attacks if he passes over a unit.

What are the specific rules for this? My friend likes to take two of these and move them flat out over my whole army every game killing everything and it's fucking retrarded.

>> No.18296826


Why do we have people like this in /tg/ ? /b/ and /v/ sure but not here , admins need to step it up

>> No.18296839

The mods are probably asleep right now. But if you want to, you're free to test this by posting porn.

>> No.18296842

Says the guy trying to stir up another cross-Pond rumble.

>> No.18296853

I'm pretty sure it's limited to one set of attacks but people probably shouldn't be bunching up units so they can hit the entire army as it is .

>> No.18296865

when you play ig, not bunching up can be difficult.

point is 3 strength 7 power weapon attacks on the back armor of vehicles and infantry while getting a 4+ cover save for your 13/13/11 vehicle is the gayest thing i've seen in a while

>> No.18296866


My friend has been trying to get me into 40k for a while, and for my birthday he graciously bought me a Space Marines battleforce.

I'm really goddamned confused. Do I have to be confined to Ultramarines because I don't have enough bits to justify playing to another chapter's tendencies, or can I just paint the figures in the chapters that I want and just use the vanilla equipment they have?

If so, I'm trying to decide between the Raven Guard and Black Templar. If there's anything I hate, it's that "vanilla" flavor that the Ultras seem to demonstrate.

Also, I plan on using this battleforce as a vehicle to help me better understand the rules. I do intend to play Tau, because I like that whole "glass cannon" style of play they have with all offense, but I'm totally in the dark as to what units I should focus on getting for a competent Tau army.

>> No.18296880

I plan on having a DE infantry list because I hate the new sailor ship raiders. (sailor moon reference) Fucking masts on a FFV.

470 (6) Haemonculi: 6 Hexrifles, 6 Liquifier Guns, 1 Crucible of Malediction
255 (20) K.Warriors: 2 Dark Lances, 1 Blaster, Sybrite
255 (20) K.Warriors: 2 Dark Lances, 1 Blaster, Sybrite
255 (20) K.Warriors: 2 Dark Lances, 1 Blaster, Sybrite
255 (20) K.Warriors: 2 Dark Lances, 1 Blaster, Sybrite
255 (20) K.Warriors: 2 Dark Lances, 1 Blaster, Sybrite
255 (20) K.Warriors: 2 Dark Lances, 1 Blaster, Sybrite

Haemunculi all one join a warrior group to give FNP right off the starting line. Sniper+3 lance weapons in each group make monsters cry, and transports die. The 50 point FNP givers have 25 points in weapons for the flamer template and sniper weapon that's a instant death giver. So the three lance weapons can pick the rest and the many poison rapid fire guns can do everything else.

Basically Imperial Guard veterans with 4+ saves where their 5+ fails (they get both if it's a crappy gun or I get 4+ cover saves). So they're tougher to kill beyond AP2 AP1 and str6+ that normally has AP5 or better anyway. But they're all using carbine versions of sniper rifles, better WS and have lance weapons.

So basically elite IG swarm style.


>> No.18296885

You can give your marines any color scheme you want. Really the only thing that's out of question is using another army's models and using another one's codex ie: using Ork models but using a Tau codex.

a big reason why a lot of people start off with SM is because there are so many codexes available that you can rather easily switch around without people usually bitching such as the BA, DT, DA, SW and of course vanilla marines

>> No.18296932


never fought vs a list like that, but you know you can construct the raiders without the sails. Hell they're even supposed to be an upgrade.

>> No.18296961

What? I thought it was a must-attach-or-not-allowed was in effect? Like having a predator without a turret.

>> No.18296981

pretty sure it's an upgrade, seen people run without them

>> No.18297041

It's not an option, it's an upgrade to the original.

None of the official images shows it without a sail. It must be there as much as the tracks if you want to enter an official tournament.

>> No.18297075


Not true, you can include them without the sails - they are purely decorative unless you buy the upgrade. One of the chaps I play with regularly doesn't have the sails on his ravagers.

What's an "Official" tournament, anyway?

>> No.18297110

And as far as targeting a vehicle goes you need to see the hull, not the dangly bits such as weapons or sails so i don't see any reason why a judge wouldn't allow it. Considering of course if you'd be playing in any GW official tournaments

>> No.18297183

Just like you can include a rhino without its hatches and leave the sockets open.

If it's not the full height model(being shot at) it's counted as modelling the model for your benefit and therefore not included in any GW sponsored(official, the medium many take after and thus will also not allow your model) tourny.

>> No.18297201


As said before, you cannot target any model from a flag or any other decorative piece alone so why would any tournament organiser not allow it?

Also what is a GW official tournament? GW do not do any tournaments themselves they just give third parties permission to run a few.(as far as I am aware)

>> No.18297214

Tournament rules settings approved by GW = sponsored (in the light sense).

>> No.18297228


>> No.18297238

Guys! Hey guys!

Lego remote control landraider!


>> No.18297243


From what I have seen GW leave these kind of things to the tournament organisers and officially you don't have to add decorative pieces to your models, the rulebook even states that flags and banners are decorative pieces.

>> No.18297272

GW have poor tournament support in general, and it's a pretty shifty case to defend disallowing a model for not including an optional part of the model which doesn't count as part of the hull. "Official" GW tournaments are complete bollocks - they do not exist in AUS and you'd be hard pressed to find them in anywhere but the U.S, but they'd be rare as fairies, not to mention surrounded by a host of brilliant 3rd party events.

In regards to modelling for advantage, keep in mind that the sail is not part of the hull. You're also making quite a case that leaving the hatches off of a rhino is modelling for advantage.

It is very easy to see whereupon something is modelled for advantage, but a Rhino is not one of them. Base size and model size do contribute, but in general, the profile of a tiny hatch on the side, rear or top of a vehicle is likely to affect the profile of the vehicle. An example might include of a razorback with it's weapons replaced with Marines, square battlewagons with huge fronts and really low monstrous creatures and the like. Never a rhino and considering how tall a raider is, it's pretty hard to not see the hull in most cases anyway.

>> No.18297289

>Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

>> No.18297298

no tali is a poorly photoshopped (even the fingers are wrong) stock image you can find by going into google image search

>> No.18297331


Is it ball-joint-dreadnoughts and sliding-rails-on-landraiders time again?

>> No.18297361



>> No.18297409


Was posted like a year or 2 back and it led to a massive thread of rage. Basically the two concepts were as follows:

1. Ball Join Dreadnought
>install a balljoint in the base of the dreadnought where the hips meet the body
>swivels around
>can be used to shoot etc.

And iirc it was technically legal to do this.

2. Sliding Rails on Landraider
>attach sliding rails to the side of your landraider
>attach slider to sponson
>slide the sponson up and down depending on what you need
>makes the overall arch larger

This one I believe was ruled as illegal or untouched in the rulebook but considered illegal.

>> No.18297427


if i remember correctly dreads do have a 180 firing arc anyway. but not a full 360

>> No.18297429

>1. Ball Join Dreadnought
>And iirc it was technically legal to do this.
technically legal, but you can only swivel it during your shooting phase, and the front-rear armor is dependant on the position of the chassis rather than the legs

and if he's immobilized you can't swivel him.

So yes, you "can" do it, but there's basically no point in doing so.

>2. Sliding Rails on Landraider
modeling for advantage, any TO (and any player) would tell you to cut that shit out

>> No.18297457


basically this is a whole different ballpark than not wanting to put retarded sails on your raiders

>> No.18297484

>and if he's immobilized you can't swivel him.

Actually you can. To quote the rulebook:

"When firing a walker’s weapons, pivot the walker on the spot so that its guns are aimed at the target (assume that all weapons mounted on a walker can swivel 45º, like hull-mounted weapons) and then measure the range from the weapon itself and line of sight from the mounting point of the weapon and along its barrel, as normal for vehicles. This pivoting in the Shooting phase does not count as moving and represents the vastly superior agility of walkers in comparison with other vehicles."

>> No.18297505

Can immobilized vehicles pivot on the spot?

>> No.18297513


Nope. Only walkers.

>> No.18297713


That thing is actually pretty cool, thanks for sharing.

>> No.18297792


Wanna bet the Wraiths are going to be finecast?

>> No.18301095

So what's the best way to get started in 40k? I'm interested in starting a smallish Imperial Guard force.

>> No.18301726

Go to your local store in all honesty, staff are always insanely helpful

>> No.18304318

and, like an idiot, I'll still buy them.
Lychguard w/shields work better than assault termies.

>> No.18304357

Hey /tg/, what is the best options for a squad of three recon sentinel? For imperial guards, obviously.
I already assembled the first one with a lascannon. But what about the rest?

I don't plan to include them in any particular list. I just want them in case I would need them.

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