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Today, I ran a game for two of my brothers. Now, about a week ago, I came to you asking for help setting up a game for a ten year old and a thirteen year old, and you came through for me.

It was a short game, to test the waters, to see what they liked about the game.

The thirteen year old played a Neutral Good cleric named Maximillion. He had a standard tragic backstory, having been abandoned his family at a young age and bouncing around homes until he wound up in the service of Odin (which he succesfully argued me into allowing) and grew up, becoming a cleric and leaving to try and find his family. He was paranoid, but a good guy all around.

Ten ten year old played a paladin named Caesar, similar backstory to Max before being recruited into an order of knights. His character was married (although he put very little effort into this part of his story) and wore a wedding ring, with a small portrait of his family in his bag.

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I played fast and loose with the rules, as suggested, gave them some interesting fights. We started in the Fade Inn, sitting at the bar after a patrol along the border. It had been quiet here for years and years, which is why such a low ranking paladin and what more or less amounted to his drinking buddy were stationed here.

A flamboyant crier came in, yelling about how the duke needed help with a problem, and, having a couple days to kill, the two leaped into action! After, of course, another round of mead.

They stayed the night at the inn and left early the next morning, quickly being jumped by kobolds in the middle of the woods and, after a series of terrible rolls all around, managed to hack their way through the last of them and made it to the duke's manor.

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This is relevant to my interests.

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They were escorted in by a twitchy butler and led to the office, where they were immediately ignored by the wild haired man behind the desk. Five minutes of heavy coughing and one accidental stabbing tabbing later, they had come to an agreement.

They would drive off the invisible bugbears plaguing his kitchen, and he would pay them quite handsomely. They agreed and signed a waiver stating that no one would come after the duke if they died.

Camping out in the kitchen (after generously being healed up by the staff), my brothers decided that they would set traps at the doors. And once the invisible bugbears stepped in, Max tripped and fell into one.

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Several more botched rolls later, 3 bugbears are down, Max is in the negative, and Caeser is swinging for his life. Lay on hands to stabalize Max and a few flailing swings the bugbears are down. Upon closer examination, these are not bugbears. They are hobgoblins with terrible haircuts.

Some healing and they go back to the inn, nothing jumping them this time, as I felt somewhat merciful. The bartender, greeting them by their names (which they never told him) and gives them food, drink, and rooms for the night, paid for by the duke.

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We ended the game there, and I've got some bigger things planned for them next week. They went hoe, begging our mother to take them dice shopping this week, for their own sets.

I'm putting this here to thank thoe of you who volunteered help when I requested it, and to fulfill the promise I made to tell you how it went. They had a blast, and I'm going to introduce the to other games over time, and teach the older one how to run a game properly.

And, maybe someday, introduce them to you guys, who really helped me get things going to make their first experience with tabletop gaming an enjoyable one.

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Good job OP. I like your style.

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that's awesome, i saw the first thread too, good to know it went well.

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>They are hobgoblins with terrible haircuts.
Rolling that random adventure generator hard, eh?

Keep up the good work!

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Well thank you.

Anyways, I know where this is going, but I need some ideas for fights and encounters that an HP Lovecraft reading teenager and FPS playing 10 years old would find fun. The enjoyed the ones I ran, but I want to make sure I don't run out of things to throw at them.

I haven't seen these two too much for a while so I want to make sure they have a lot of fun with this.

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I love this one and feel the need to post it whenever I can.

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did people ever post these on /tg/?

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here's one of the boys'

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That's what I used, in point of fact. I didn't exactly have a lot of time to prepare, wince our mother was supposed to run it and then couldn't, dumping it on me.

I've seen those before! I'd draw these two up for you, but I have the artistic talent of an epileptic earthworm, I'm afraid.

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Good old #34

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Actually, now that think about it, maybe I could get my wife to draw up the character portraits? Hm...

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That would be neat, sure the kids would like it too.

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On another note, now that I'm thinking about it, what's a good somewhat low level encounter that could be considered Lovecraft-ish?

"sound estabby"

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If we're talking about D&D, I suggest Dolgrims. Horrifying abberations that are also exceptionally weak and ultimately footsloggers.

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