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RPGs...in my chinese comics?

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I am going to preempt all of /tg/:

Fuck you guys, she looks DAMN GOOD in that plate bikini.

a wandering /a/non

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>13 and above is a critical

Woah wait what.

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I think they're rolling 2 or 3d6.

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so yeah, is this porn? I hope it's porn

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Likely with bonuses or penalties...though that makes 4 or less hard to get.

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Pen&Paper? In my Medaka Box?
Welp, time to pick the series up again.
Its mindboggling how this series goes full-retard, then fuckawesome only to take a nosedive into full-retard territory again.

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Bonuses, bro. Bonuses.

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I've always wanted to see a manga about this honestly.

Minus the fact this one is just porn.

But the Japanese take on a ttrpg adventure.

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Why did I open that.....

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Same ol' same ol'.

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The Wizard.
he has an Afro, And Ponytail...

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sauce on op?

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Boko no Pico.

It's a alright series if you don't mind boobs.

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Good troll.

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>name posted a few times
>still ask for sauce

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>Take´╗┐ it...my Magic Missle...!!

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That reminds me.
Go Nagai...

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>Words words words
Holy shit

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They seem to be WORDSWORDSWORDSing it the fuck up, so would I be wrong to assume that there's a ridiculous amount of detail to the in-comic play?

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Couldn't water DEMONS be...

Hold on to your hats here, gentlemen...


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God, even the writing is similar.

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What this reminds me of.

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Go Nagai INVENTED ecchi anime.

Motherfucker, you show respect from your master right the fuck now.

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I love Nisio Isin. I bought both Zaregoto books available in English.

Medaka Box is a silly self-deprecating shounen fightan manga that surely must be done mostly for shits and giggles. Also Zenkichi is the coolest motherfucker on the planet.

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Well atleast he put in an effor to create it.
Mukae is best girl. Delicious yandere stalker.

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All the girls are the best girl, and the artist needs to draw porn like he used to.

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Holy fuck those walls of text.
I am a very patient man.
But MY GOD WHAT? It's like it's a sandwich consisting of Atlas Shrugged bread and tiny anime girl filling.

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Well actually the wall of text is because is pretty much crazy.

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>you will never have an NPC this devoted to you
Seriously, though, Nisio Isin loves to watch his characters talk.

The fact that he DIDN'T describe everything Ii and Zerozaki said to each other in their multiple MULTI-HOUR LONG discussions in the second Zaregoto book is ONLY because they probably made him take it out.

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If Kumagawa were there, He'd be wearing a plate bikini too.

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This is a wall of text B^U would be embarrassed of.

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>I was porned, because here is too hot

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And yet she fails at basic knife wielding.

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Who needs a knife when you can touch things and destroy them?

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>As seen on /tg/ - Traditional Games

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Hold a second, did I accidentally land on /a/ again instead of /tg/?
No wait, ...this really IS /tg/ and no one is screaming WEEABOO-SHIT, SAGE and HURR KATANAH! Is this the real life?

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As far as I can tell, most /a/nons never come here. I didn't until like a month ago.

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>I'm don't afraid of the attack of opportunity

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10/10 would watch again.

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How did the knife and heart not rot yet?

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Surely I can leave the rest to your imagination.

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Because they're metaphors. The knife is a metaphor for What's-His-Face's penis and given that, I'm sure you can figure out what the heart represents.

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Neoconservative imperialism?

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Really? I thought it was supposed to represent the meteorological phenomena of the Phillipines.

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