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Why didn't the dwarves win against the elves?

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Because Feminism
Dorfs = Men and Elfs = Women

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Some dorves shave their beards.

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it makes way too much sense

I mean, it's not something that would result of a conscious effort to support feminism, but the fact is that nowadays, manly, warlike virtues are considered brutish and evil, while refinement and gentleness are valued as signs of civilization and feminity.

So, maybe feminism actually has something to do with it, but more likely, elves winning against dwarves, and feminism are simply two separate manifestations of the pussifying of the western world post-Vietnam war.

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Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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Goddamn space hippies and their pinko space commie bullshit...

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Post-Vietnam war? The idea that real men are sophisticated has been around for hundreds of years.

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Incorrect sir, my grandfather was a gentle man and a refined in both manners and bearing, and yet he once broke a man's face for saying something crude about his wife.

Metro-sexuality in the world today is the issue. In Japan there is a whole culture where you try to be as androgynous(read feminine) as possible and sexuality is supposed to matter little. There is this hole subconscious idea that masculine individuality is frowned upon.

It isn't in just the west, it is widespread throughout the world.

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Louis XXIV was refined AND warlike

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>started more wars than any other French monarch
>there's a lot of French monarchs

The man was a man's man. Sent boys to their deaths and gave no fucks.

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Which universe are you talking about?

Or are you talking about Avatar?

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>Why didn't the dwarves win against the elves?

Spoiler: there are no such things as dwarves. The craftsmen of peerless skill who live under the mountains and adorn their greatest works with runes of power are also a type of elf.

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That's the sort of Granddad I want to be. A bearded giver of wisdom, who is not afraid to punch a young punk out.

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fuck off Toddler

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Yeah, well. That's how it was. And then they turned Scottish.

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Human=Dwarf Navi=Elf

Why a few dwarves would want to shave their beards and join with those treehugger was beyond me. And how did Urist McQuaritch get killed even those he was wearing an Masterwork Adamantine breastplate by a single Elf Archer with wooden arrows was beyond me.

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Dwarves are silly. They are basically a race of disabled people.

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Humans=Skaven Navi=Lizardmen

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Nah, just to kids whose first exposure to fantasy was Dragonlance novels.

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the fact that nobody seems to realise humanity, sorry dwarfs (the correct spelling), will be back with more than a single fucking battalion pissed me the fuck off.

Basically, dwarfs lose against elves when people value idealism, short sightedness and goddamn deus ex machina before pragmatism and reality.

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Humans = East India Trading Company
Navi = Nativee Americans

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what are you even talking about

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but we already won against the elves

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Basically, everyone thinks that the Navi in Avatar won.

They fail to realize that they merely won the first battle of the war

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i'm just saying that the spelling of dwarves was actually Tokeins invention that got popularised and assumed to be true. The actual plural of dwarf is dwarfs.

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The dwarfs will rain fury upon their planet with the force of a thousand hammer blows to heated metal.

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the navi get nuked from orbit six years after the movie.

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Now i've mentally replaced all the humans/Na'vi with dwarfs/elves.
well come to think about it, wouldn't it be more like fantasy elves vs squats? Y'know since they're a more technologically adva

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you fool! you should know better than to mention the squ

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Same as native Americans vs colonists.
Avatar is really just Pocahontas in space.

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or John Smith Dances with Elves on Wounded Tree

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I thought it was Dances with Wolves in space...

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Fuckin wildlife spam...

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yeah, I just think this is the little big horn for the Na'vi.
And as we all know, little big horn resulted in Native Americans taking back their land and oh… right.

The fact that depresses me about avatar 2 (aside from the fact it's being made at all) is that it's almost certainly going to ignore the fact they're going to get brutally raped by the majority of Earths armed forces.
HOLY FUCK! They're hiring psychic assasins?!?!

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>not realizing that the Navi aren't noble savages, but the degenerate descendants of a post singularity society
>not recognizing science fiction elements in a science fiction movie

I bet you think their horses just "evolved" to have I/O ports on their backs, and that world-spanning computer network they upload themselves to is an "earth spirit" or something.

The Navi's predecessors were significantly more advanced than humanity. It's the planetary AI that's the real opponent, not Navi spear-chuckers.

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We already did.
A long time ago.

Now we feel guilty and we make movies about what if scenarios and silly threads asking why we didn't win.

The world was steam rolled over by dwarves so long ago we've begune to take it for granite.

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That didn't stop me in Alpha Centauri.

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>East India Trading Company
>Native Americans

Them niggas were too busy killing afghans to worry about silly indjuns

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Now now, hivemind species are hardly new, remember the Deathworld by Harrison among other examples. It might be that the superior being simply "meshed" all the other species to itself, including the primitive humanoids.

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rolled 6 = 6

I hope it will be a blood bath, and end with the whole planet being on fire. I fucking hated that movie

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holy fuck, the na'vi are proto tyranids…

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unless it grows AA trees real quick we'll just come back with napalm

lots and lots of napalm

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Spare us your pity, alien. You gush about your connection with nature, your primal wisdom, but what has it brought you?

Where are your marvels of engineering? Your voyages of discovery? Your great insight into the nature of the universe? Even at our basest, when we dressed as you do, dwelt as you do, hunted as you do, lived as you do, we did more than merely survive. We built wonders. We made great journeys. We forged epics. You have not.

You speak so proudly of the plugs dangling from your skulls, little realizing that they are but strings and you puppets. What little you have accomplished you attribute to the wisdom of your goddess, who is nothing but the voices of your dead echoing for all eternity. She moors you to the past, serving as a leash that keeps you as little better than apes, sad parodies of civilization that lack that special spark to become something more.

We have come to your world in search of resources. Whether your actions drive us back or we take what we want and move on, the outcome is the same. We will depart from your wretched planet, leaving you behind. And in a thousand years, you will not have changed from this contact with another world. You will remain in your trees, hunting your prey, communing with your goddess, until your sun burns out and your world dies.

And above your tomb, the stars will belong to us.

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rolled 9 = 9


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Humanity, fuck no.

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rolled 14 = 14


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I thought this was a dorf thread?

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Correct me if I'm wrong here, but wasn't learning and progress humanity's greatest merit?

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And that fucking movie pisses such qualities up a wall.

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“Of all the violence-capable sophont clades, Humans are the only ones who strap themselves into armored shells and drop out of the atmosphere onto enemy positions. And that’s only after they soften up any ground resistance with orbital bombardment. We are certain that they have secretly developed mind-upload technology (and thus a kind of technical immortality). The other possibility, that they are willing to throw themselves into the path of anti-starship weapons without hesitation and risk their consciousnesses, is unthinkable.”

“I once met a Human at a waystation on a Class 1 world. It did some kind of rough work for one of their colonies. It called itself a “search and retrieval expert” but I’m guessing the translation software couldn’t find the proper words. A few weeks later, it returns to the waystation, sans its trans-grav (rented, I might add). Apparently the people it was hunting took down its transport, but it continued on foot after escaping the wreckage and patching itself up. The scary part was that it was wearing clothes fashioned from Tharge pelts, had its targets’ ears on a necklace (DNA proof, I guess), and had fashioned a spear from a jagged piece of the trans-grav’s hull and an Iron-root. And it was honestly none the worst for wear, just sauntered over to the AENet terminal and collected on its kills.”

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"You want to know about the humans? Let me tell you something, comrade. You want to stay far away from them if they're in a fighting mood, because there are plenty of them to go around, and they're not at all shy about killing each other to get the pleasure of killing you."

"Eighteen years back, I was serving with the Coalition in the Battle of N49. Us, the [Andromedans], and the [Milky Way Defense Command], all against the Red Star Council. And about halfway through the battle one of their big cruisers- you know the type- gets into a direct gun-duel with one of the Council's big gunships. They get torn apart in short order, but we've got our hands full and no way to evac them. We expected them to sue the Council for their surrender, and I think they did too."

"Instead, the crazy [untranslatable] fire up the main engines and drive their ship STRAIGHT INTO THE COUNCIL BATTLECRUISER. And as if that wasn't enough, while everyone's staring at the debacle, they touch off their reactors!"

"There were seventeen thousand humans crewing that ship. I saw the battle report afterwards- the Council folded almost immediately after the battlecruiser went. They deemed it "a regrettable but acceptable loss."

"Stay far away from the human sectors, comrade."

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The human taste in literature is highly disturbing, to say the least. While they have some civilised pieces, regarding philosophy and emotion, too much is simple obscenity. murders are glorified, and the more they kill, the more famous they become, while wars are remembered almost fondly, referred back to time and time again in tale after tale of slaughter and debauchery. What kind of race could revel in its own sociopathy?

"Of the mighty armada that had left Imperial space to claim the blue planet there was no word. The transmissions had ceased abruptly, but long range communication was prone to mishaps, and no one was overly concerned."

"When the transit pod dropped from hyperspace it was assumed to be space junk at first, but a very weak transponder signal caused enough interest that the Governor-General ordered an investigation. The pod's sole occupant, a technician from the Armada's flagship had been driven to insanity by what he had witnessed, but he still managed to push a box into the Governor-General's grasp before collapsing."

"None of us were quite expecting what we found inside, if we knew to expect anything at this point. Staring back from the box were the lifeless eyes of the Lord Admiral, well two of his lifeless eyes at least, the third had been destroyed by a projectile which had left a gaping exit wound amongst his antennae. Accompanying the head was a small piece of paper on which was drawn a crude representation of a four-limbed biped, raising the middle digit of his forelimb in some sort of gesture."

"A translation of the short accompanying text proved to be a suggestion to do something physically impossible."

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That's not how I meant that.
I wanted to say that humans with a little more distance to the occurrence may be abled to see what happened and could develope respect for this culture and the natural biotech behind it.
And then they could go and turn it into some form od geo-computing that allows data transfer globally without satellites, wires and other shit that can be destroyed.
And maybe even a fucking planet A.I..
Progress FUCK YEAH!

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This is a species that traditionally provides nutrition for its helpless, live birthing young, for up to the first or second orbital year of their lives. By dispensing a fluid from engorged fat-surrounded glands.

When the human larvae are dispensed, they are still physically attached to the gestation chamber of the female. No wonder they are so enamored with violence... the first act the young witnesses is this connection with its mother being severed with a sharp knife.

The Human Navy has preserved the use of boarding parties as a primary means of victory. After pursuing their quarry to the point of total exhaustion on both sides, the Humans will summon up the energy for one last push: they set upon the vessel in small landing boats with the intent of overrunning the crew. These teams often pack sufficient munitions to scuttle the ship in the event they do not overtake their intended victims, for while looting is always in the forefront of the Human mind their leaders are not by any means above committing these teams to suicidal missions if it appears they may lose the upper hand. Woe betide any crewman who does not parish in the initial fighting, as the Humans are well known for their brutality and willingness to leave any survivors to drift through space until their eventual death.

"Humanity also has a habit of keeping the sub-species 'canine' as a pet. This animal varies in size and shape, but most have enough jaw strength to bite through flesh and bone...

And they keep these things as PETS, often bought for their children!

However, it must be noted that humans go through some lengths to train these beasts to the point of absolute loyalty."

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Elves = Slavs
Dwarves = Germanics

Remember, the USSR beat the Nazis.

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"Let me tell you something about Hoo-mons, nephew. They're a wonderful, friendly people – as long as their bellies are full and their holosuites are working. But take away their creature comforts... deprive them of food, sleep, sonic showers... put their lives in jeopardy over an extended period of time... and those same friendly, intelligent, wonderful people will become as nasty and violent as the most bloodthirsty Klingon. You don't believe me? Look at those faces, look at their eyes..." - Quark to his nephew Nog, about Starfleet Marines during the Dominion War

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Humans are an incredibly odd species. While most creatures couldn't dream of putting themselves in danger, they do it for the sake of health. They put all sorts of chemicals in their body to cure ailments. They don't even understand how any of it works. They simply know that it doesn't kill them, and they're happy with that. They even frequently experiment with new chemicals, trying to cure more ailments with potentially deadly ingredients!
Addendum: This anthropologist has found evidence that humans once excised parts of patient's brains, unknowing of the consequences, in order to attempt to 'cure' them. It seems that even their medicine is based around destruction and experimentation.

"They'll keep slaves of ANYTHING they can get their grippers on. From the tiniest aquatic invertebrate to massive land herbivores, and carnivores of various sizes. Even other humans, as part of their utterly bizarre monogamous mating habits, though a good number of them seem to have the common sense to defy those bonds and safely disperse their genetic material through a variety of outside mates.

Did I mention some of them keep inanimate rocks as "pets"?"

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Read up on some human history. During their early evolutionary history, there were several human sub-species. One among them called "Neanderthal". Do you know what the humans did to all of their species brothers? They utterly exterminated them down to the last one until they were the only kind of human left. They will willingly exterminate members of their own race for any reason and sometime none at all. Think of what they would do to use if they could?

It has been suggested that the harsh environment the human species originated in is responsible for much of their aggression. The environment of Sol-3 (or Earth, colloquially) is volatile in the extreme. Massive salt water oceans are pulled about the surface of the planet by lunar tides. This combines with a constant colossal movement of air about the planet to make storms of mind boggling size and ferocity. “Hurricane” is a water/air hybrid storm that flings masses of water and air about, sometimes leveling or flooding whole cities. “Tornado” is an electrically charged vortex of winds that can demolish even the strongest human structure, yet they commonly build vast both vast cites and, even more astounding, clusters of flimsy dwellings called ‘mobile homes’, in areas renowned for the violence of these storms. The planetary temperatures create both vast areas of frozen water and dehydrated desert, and humanity has filled even these inhospitable climes with everything from crude structures hand made of local materials to large ‘resorts’ where humans PAY to subject themselves to prolonged exposure to solar radiation or swim in large tubs of water filled with chlorine!

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"All human children, from the earliest stages of post-uterine development, are encouraged to partake in feats of violence and strife with one another, to establish which group is the victor. With no tangible benefit presenting itself, they compete purely for the sake of dominion and ego. Often these competitions will involve forceful physical contact and injuries, which is considered a part of the developmental process.

It should come as no surprise that the species is so malajusted."

"Impact events have been a huge influence on the development of the Humans and their "culture." Although the chemistry of the planet was extremely toxic, it did follow a fairly standard progression from invertebrate to aquatic to amphibious to lizard, and showed great promise when sauropods ruled every biome. According to their scientists, this all came to an abrupt end when a large stellar mass fell into a shallow sea, but that seems to be a little bit too convenient.

It has to be seen to be believed, but the Humans have the bones of their saurian ancestors on display in grotesque, aggressive poses. Some say that it's a form of religion, others say that it just serves the curiosity of the mammals, but I know the truth; somehow, those filthy Humans are responsible for the death of the sauropods, and they like to display the trophies.

No, I don't know how they did it. But they thrive on conspiracy and extermination."

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that would be awesome.
sadly the film is too much of a strawman fest to search intelligent ideas.
It's too busy ramming home a green aesop about as subtle as an anvil strapped to a nuclear warhead.

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>Starting to run low on copypasta, anyone want to help?

"Oh, Nine Gods, don't talk about humans around me. I had more than enough of them back on [M33-6]."

"Jungle world. Absolute nightmare, and to this day the Collective refuses to say why we were fighting there. I saw ONE of the humans during my entire stay on the planet. He jumped up from behind me with a gun- powder-based ballistic weapon, and the only thing that worked on that rock, since the damp shorted out our energy rifles. Anyhow, he was lathered in mud and leaves as a sort of camoflauge, and as long as I live I will never forget the look in his eyes. That was a look better attributed to a yx-hound gone mad. Sat vids would later show that he had been lying there for nearly 4 cycles, barely moving at all, waiting for someone to come by. And then he jumps up and doesn't even USE his weapon, but rather the sharp blade on the end of it. *long sip*"

"So he stabs me through the [lower torso], and I fall down, unable to move my lower appendages. He severed my spinal column with that one blow, and yet he continued stabbing me- FOUR MORE TIMES- until my squad opened fire. He turns around, not even bothering to dive for cover, and kills two more of them, injuring five, with that archaic rifle of his before he gets torn in half by an energy beam."

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*long pause* "That was the ONLY human I ever saw. One of them nearly killed me- crippled me for life- wounded five, killed two, and this man was almost completely unarmed, with nothing but his pants, boots, helmet, and gun. Maniac. And then there were their other tactics- burning the forests, using toxins to kill the plantlife, mowing down vast swathes of green with orbital bombardment. Nothing would stop them. Nothing."

"[M33-6] was a complete and utter defeat. To the humans, it was merely a minor skirmish- I'm told they've had wars among themselves with higher body counts. The humans won the world, and its industry, after stripping it of nearly half its plantlife and a quarter of its cityscape. They lost maybe eighty thousand troops. We lost nearly ten times that many. Don't speak to me about humans."

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>not realizing the humans in Avatar are a private company that has extremely limited resources
>not realizing that the fleeing humans at the end are about to be arrested for war crimes the moment they step off the shuttle
>not realizing that after this anybody who tries finishing them off will get their shit kicked in by NATO
These are all pretty obvious if you actually paid any attention.

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Notable in local history is the occasion of one human, designation “Foster Bent”, and his arrival on Vox 12 in a nearly disabled spacecraft.
It is recorded that when “Foster Bent” crawled from his landing pod to look upon Vox 12, the locals took him for an invader and issued a mating celebration in his honor. It is little known that the Voxi use mating as a weapon, luring in other races to mate uncontrollably until they expire from discharge sickness, dehydration, exhaustion, or pleasure, depending on species.
Foster Bent is said to have pleasured and ‘satisfied’ an entire village of Voxi females and at least half a dozen Voxi males as well. Upon his departure a stature of his likeness was erected in pure coal, a holy substance on Vox 12, and his name is now used in a powerful social utterance of ill will translated as; “May Foster Bent descend on your mate.”

One of the greatest ironies of the universe is that, despite their inherent military superiority to all other species, a vast section of human literature, particularly a genre they call "sci-fi" includes the theme of humans being vastly outmatched by older and more technologically advanced species. This is a trope that is repeated in practically all forms of human media, particularly in what humans call "video games".

...There is something terrifying about a people that have to make-up a species tougher than themselves just for the sake of challenging entertainment.

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that seems more of a post hoc to explain how mind numbingly retarded the soldiers acted.

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Adapt. Evolve. And most importantly, assimilate.

When man looked out onto the world, he did not question how to make himself belong to it - he asked how to make it belong to him.

The first of what would soon be countless of animals we tamed was the canine. In it, we saw strength, ferocity, and loyalty. But we didn't hunch to all fours and growl at them, no - we took the canine and put into them something of our own selves. We took the wolf and made them, in the smallest way, human. We gave them names and identities where they had none. And we trained them to understand full subordination. The canine learned to give up it's life for the human.

We walked our planet, discontent with what we had. We adapted to the harshest of environments, living in places the non-humans would deem "unlivable," and doing it with the crudest technologies. We evolved to this task further, to walk across any land and live. And we assimilated. We were not nurtured by our planet, but instead nurtured it. We taught our crops to grow according to our whims. We allowed the animals to learn how best to live in servitude under us, so that they might advance their own destiny aside ours, by our wishes. Even in our religions, we forged gods not of the plants, but of ourselves. The oldest religions claim we were made in God's image, but now we know the truth - we made Him in ours.

Remember this, soldiers, when you leave this academy. This is our heritage. This is what it means to be human. The other races are content on borrowing their planets. We own them. That is our destiny - to walk alien lands, and tame them.

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reading through this copypasta made me realise just how awesome we are.
Thank you.

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>During their early evolutionary history, there were several human sub-species. One among them called "Neanderthal". Do you know what the humans did to all of their species brothers? They utterly exterminated them

That's not true. The Neanderthals interbred with the human migrants to Europe, until that region was inhabited solely by human-Neaderthal halfbreeds. Their descendants (characterized by their poor impulse control, low intelligence, short lifespans, hairy bodies, and foul odor) remain an identifiable human subspecies to this day.

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Brothers, hear my song of warning! When we descended to this strange blue-green world in our clawships, we had not knowledge of what we would find! Our foes, the [humans] are the most terrible of all. When my broodmates and I climbed from our pods, we rent and tore with our teeth and claws what we thought were their folk, the soft/bloody four-limbed creatures. Yet not soon after they returned, and had a fearsome thing. They had gathered a host of some sort of thing unknown to us, these [metal boxes]. And they shot out more [metals], from these [metal boxes]! They pierced even our carapaces, evolved over millenia! [Metal boxes]! I will perish now, but heed my warning of the [human] and their [Metal Boxes]. We should take them away, but I fear that impossible.

I weep for the hive.

>When I first read this I lol'ed

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>Horrible, horrible troll detected.
Right, on that we probably interbreeded with the Neanderthals, but wrong about everything else

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>that seems more of a post hoc to explain how mind numbingly retarded the soldiers acted.
>post hoc

They explain in the introduction that they're working for a private company. What part of that was too hard for you to understand?

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>implying the resources on that planet won't force man to return in one way or another.
>if anything else we'd return to just show those tree hugging hippies who's the boss shitting down fire and lighting.

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I think it'd be interesting to have a setting where humans aren't a badass race, but more of the team stoner.

Like, we'd team up with the greys, and do shit for pure amusement value. 'Dude, where's my saucer'.

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I think he was making a joke, Tripfag, calm down.

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I have spent much time in the border worlds, and seen several of the conflicts that have arisen with the humans over the territory that they hold. The common perception of the human is that of a supremely physically powerful being. Hulking, warlike, violent and certainly loutish.

Whilst this is very true of them in many ways, it would be a mistake to think of them as being single-minded no society can grow to be as powerful as theirs if it is built purely upon the strength and agression of its individual members. What our politicians overlook as much as our civilians, is their true strength. Not that of their bodies, intimidatring though that may be, but in their ability to create order among such a culture and their prowess for adaptation to their circumstances.

Scholars who read this will like scoff, and not without good reason. Human culture is indeed hardly as unified as that of the core Union species, and indeed internal politics and strife has been a hallmark of their history (the resulting wars undoubtedly contributing to their lack of numbers). But the fact remains that they have managed to join their strengths through this strife, weeding out the cultures that were not strong enough to overcome others, or not adaptable enough to assimilate into the greater majority. And as a result, they now present a culture that is worryingly powerful, and stands poised to expand its territory further, and adapt to those worlds it sees fit to conquer.

In which case, it is perhaps time to ask ourselves whether we should take a lesson from them. Either become strongenough to overcome the predators, or adaptable enough to assimilate with them.

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what part of mineral with a retarded name that is absolutely vital for humanity to survive didn't you understand.

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"To the best of our knowledge, 'winter' is a severe periodic disease of plants, the actual onset of which is preceded by the vegetation turning various colors. The tall vegetables known as 'trees' lose their foliage entirely, except for some few which are immune and are known as 'evergreens.' As the disease progresses, the juices of the plants are squeezed out and crystallize in white feathery forms known as 'frost.' Sufficient quantities of this squeezed-out dried juice is 'snow.' The mythology refers to 'snow falling from the sky.' A possible explanation of this is that the large trees also 'snow,' producing a fall of dried juice crystals. These crystals are clearly poisonous. 'Frostbite,' 'chilblains,' and even 'freezing to death' are mentioned in the enemy's communication media. Even the atmosphere filled with the resulting vapor, is said to be 'cold.' Totally unexplainable is the common reference to children rolling up balls of this poisonous dried plant juice and hurling them at each other. This can only be presumed to be some sort of toughening exercise. More research on this problem is needed."

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>absolutely vital for humanity to survive
Nah, you're stupid.

It was just something that was really useful that we didn't know how to make. Later on the scientists realize that the material isn't naturally occurring but is used in their their datacenters, although the protagonist is too much of a moron to understand what they're talking about and still believes the computer network is a "goddess."

>mfw the stupidity of marines was the one thing the movie got exactly right
>"Get some!"

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Staring out through the viewport I could see the Terran armada in its full view. Everything about their species was alien and strange, even to their starship design, very bulky and rough unlike the sleek and elegant designs of my race. The sight of the fleet was also of course a deliberate display of military might.

This was surprisingly to Luva Kut Ata: The humans were actually capable of some element of subtlety.

His attention was caught by the arrival of the human naval commander whom he was to deal with. The weathered and aging specimen of a man bared his teeth and asked him if he wished a drink, to which Luva declined and spoke.

“I’m only here for formalities commander and to tell you that we have relinquished control of all the requested colonies and submitted the asked upon research data. As per our agreement the human armada will withdraw from the orbit of all our planets.”

The human nods his head and utters a sound of agreement

“If that is all Commander, I believe I will take my leave.”

Before I could leave the human tells me to sit and relax. He makes it sound as though I have the choice to disobey his commands.

>> No.18278822

My lords, though it seems as if "the humans" are diverse, fragmented groups and therefore a weak target, I must urge you to reconsider. Our own singular culture has gone unoppressed for millenia, thanks to the systematic removal of "undesirable traits". Thus, we have been in stagnation without much growth at all. It appears that over the last millenia, humans have gone from a group of primitive beasts to... well, primitive beasts that are able to use sophisticated tools with frightening ease, as well as being able to manufacture as such.

Rather than their diversity being a weakness, it is a strange strength- each group plays off against the other, boosting technological and cultural gains in leaps and bounds.

"My lords, attacking this race would be folly; indeed, we might think of imitating some of their characteristics to remove ourselves of this period of stagnation we are in.

I hope this finds you well, XXEIM [4,25th timescale]"

In all my years serving the Senate as a herald, nothing has inspired confusion and fear in me more than human "sports." While many of them seemed to be simple games, I was shocked to find that some were, simply put, humans savagely beating each other for the sake of savagely beating each other. I've heard rumors that there are similar competitions using live weaponry.

>> No.18278832

He stares at me and the first thing I notice is the intensity of his eyes, despite his outward appearance this is not a man who is used to not getting his way. Something a bit poetic about the nature of humanity I think in that.

He asks me if I’m a bit on edge, and actually asks how I’m doing.

In my mistake I told him:

“My apologies commander, all of this is still a bit of a shock to me if I may say.”

The human asks how so.

“We’ve been colonizing space much earlier than your species. Our population, galactic spread and technology is-well it was greater than yours. Your species still has HOMEWORLD NATION STATES and STILL you have won. Despite everything my people did to yours, all the early victories and devastation we wrought you still pulled a victory. No other species in the galaxy would have continued the fight against such odds. How did your people know you would end the victors?”

The human chuckles and sarcastically quips that his race didn’t know.

The surrealism of the moment had me speechless.

After a long pause, the human stands up and walks towards the viewport and stares out into space. He asks me if I had by any knowledge of the ancient human empires of Rome and Carthage.

“I do not, what significance do they have?”

>> No.18278835
File: 20 KB, 300x300, awesome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Two hundred and sixty-three galactic standard years have passed since we encounted the species that calls itself "humanity". We allowed them some limited access to our technology, more out of pity than anything else. In return, they declared war on us, stating that they were "totally badass" and that they would "purge the xeno scum". We detonated the nuclear-failsafes that we had placed into all the technology we gave them. A few of the surviving humans sent us a message, a few years later, with only the words "We are coming for you." So a trader vessel was diverted to Earth, and after dropping an asteroid on the planet, we did not recieve any further communications.

- Footnote in "Military History of Galactic Sector 11.34.593, 3443-3444 DYA, volume 2"

>> No.18278836

He then regaled to me a tale, an ancient one that is quite possibly a Terran parable. He explained to me how Carthage despite its dominant regional position of power was threatened by the growing city of Rome. He explains how they went to war and how Rome suffered many great and humiliating defeats.

He went on to explain how even though the people of Rome wept and languished there was never any talk of surrender or capitulation. Every step of the way they resisted, they learned from their defeats, learned from their enemies and raised new armies and new fleets and eventually overwhelmed Carthage through sheer tenacity.

The moral of this parable he lectures to me as though I were a hatchling was that a stubborn and uncompromising vision was humanity’s greatest strength and that they simply wanted to win more than my species, nothing more.

“And if one day my species decides they want it more than yours?” I shot back

This time the human bursts out with a deep and loud laugh and wishes me luck.

As I was led back to my shuttle I turned and asked him whatever happened to the City of Carthage.

The human stared with those same intense eyes

“It was burned to the ground and its lands salted”

>> No.18278842

I lol'd.

>> No.18278857

>Without unobtanium, interstellar commerce on this scale would not be possible. Unobtanium is not only the key to Earth’s energy needs in the 22nd century, but it is the enabler of interstellar travel and the establishment of a truly spacefaring civilization. This makes a feedback loop; the more unobtanium is mined, the more ships can be built and the more mining equipment can be sent to Pandora.

>Unobtanium is not only the key to Earth’s energy needs in the 22nd century, but it is the enabler of interstellar travel and the establishment of a truly spacefaring civilization.
unless you think humanity has no need for interstellar travel, then yeah, it's pretty fucking valuable.
citation - AVATAR Scriptment

>> No.18278863

People get hung up on the obvious with humans- that they could digest us, that they're filled with acidic liquids, and so on. But frankly, that has nothing to do with what makes them dangerous.

I employ no hyperbole when I say that humans are addicted to adversity. It sounds bizarre that evolution could lead to such a thing, but my years of research have inevitably led me to this conclusion. They poison their food in order to render its consumption pleasurable, use deceptive statements in routine discourse, and experience intense amusement when presented with overtly paradoxical concepts. When engaging in cooperative enterprises, it is the laborers who are pitied- the decision makers are envied, their positions seen as rewarding. Contrary to popular conception, they do not enjoy war; but their aversion is borne out of fear of collateral damage and resource consumption, not the stresses of the various intellectual and physical challenges that such conflicts pose. Indeed, rather than the apocalyptic effect such challenges have on most societies, human cultures thrive on them like a pheonix does on the flames; progress in times of war actually accelerates on all fronts, social, technological, and so on.

We all know of their tenacity, but I am far more disturbed by two virtue concepts that humans hold in high respect: "love" and "hope". The former has seen some discussion in public media as of late; a form of instinctive, unconditional blood oath ingrained into all manner of social relationships. But the latter is even more terrifying; it is the conscious, irrational choice to focus on improbably optimistic potential results. I can't make this shit up.

>> No.18278872

"Dude, do you wanna go to a non-space faring planet and abduct some homeless people?"
"FUCK YES I DO! I'll get the sparkly antennae, you get the electric drill with the dildo on the end"

>> No.18278880


That is indescribably sad. Half of the feats of "awesomeness" described in that copypasta are on the scale of "Look at them! They breath in air, take what they need from it, and then exhale it! They are undisputed masters of atmospheric manipulation, and they do this constantly. Most of the time, they don't even notice!"

There are many things that humanity is good at. Our bodies are surprisingly well put together. But that isn't something we can take credit for. And being prideful of something you had no part in is delusion.

>> No.18278884

Serious evidence that even the smartest of us are completely insane.

>> No.18278888

This is my fetish.

>> No.18278893
File: 54 KB, 300x450, 1304919053420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I realized all these HFY stories about mankinds ingenuity and industry and such.

How about a HFY story from another angle, where humans are the Gauls to another species' Rome?

>> No.18278907

You are nothing but a dwarf on the shoulders of giants. Take pride in your constructions, not of your predecessors.

>> No.18278909

Dear god, I need to start a campaign based around this.

>> No.18278913

did I say I was proud of it?
No, I just said we're awesome. Nothing more, nothing less.
if you're too stupid to realise how monumental our achievements are in the grand scheme of things, even taking our cosmic insignificance into account, then more fool you.

>> No.18278914

>absolutely vital for humanity to survive
Is what you said, and that was retarded.

>fucking valuable
Doesn't need a citation, since they beat you over the head with that in the movie.

Did you even watch it, or are you just reading summaries online?

>> No.18278915


So, a generic alien invasion.

>> No.18278923

Fight Struggle Endure Suffer Live

Humanity's Journey described by Dark Souls.

>> No.18278926


Oh. Good point. Nevermind then.

>> No.18278931


so the general or w/e basically told the alien the most cost efficient and easy way to destroy humanity was to make it fight itself to death. (probable give the rebels some better or newer tech.) until there was only 1 nation/group left standing and it was easy for indoctrination or obliteration.

both parties seem weak minded and 1 dimensional.

>> No.18278940

There are plenty of manly virtues that have nothing to do with war. Look into the industrial arts.

>> No.18278948

>MFW I know what C8H10N4O2 is
Hope. Yes, brood-brother, Hope is what makes the humans dangerous beyond everything else. No species in this universe can cope with it, none of us can destroy it. Even in war, humans are terrible foes, a handful of them able to stave off hundreds of our warriors. But even when the numbers our on our side, even when we are able to whittle them down one by one, hope makes them continuously dangerous. A lone human, backed into a corner, is more dangerous than a whole platoon of humans near one of their ships. That lone human will, against all odds, often charge into our forces! He will defeat many of our forces before dieing himself. We have never been able to capture a human in combat, and we have never seen a human surrender. Even our attempts to paralize them with various chemicals have failed. We injected what would be a lethal dose (about a human measurement "gram") of C8H10N4O2, a known poison, only to find that it made the humans more lethal in combat! It wasn't until after the war we found out that C8H10N4O2 acts as a stimulant, and is present in many of their beverages.

[[Here it is worth noting that humans backed into a corner during the war were probably members of their military caste, and that they did not believe that we would take prisoners, as they did not believe us to be sentient. Human history has shown us that many humans will accept surrender, but only against overwhelming odd guaranteeing complete defeat. even in odds where victory will result in massive losses, the humans still fight. Their belief that victory in combat at the cost of a large percentage of their numbers is... frightening.]]

>> No.18278949

The planet is the size of Earth, and is absolutely covered with the shit. if you really need it that badly (you don't), just set up a mine in some place that isn't THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING TOWN and you won't have problems like this.

>> No.18278951

most of the ones about human revenge are like that. I don't have a copypasta archive of them, but there are plenty of those.
also included are our frequent use of alcohol and caffeine, and that our bodies manufacture serotonin. We have a relationship with drugs that other species don't grasp.

>> No.18278953

>implying space travel and energy supplies aren't vital to humanity in the setting of Avatar.
I wish I could will your semantics obsession into physical form and garrotte you with it.

>> No.18278958

To this why do dwarfs lose too elves debate.

i was thinking of something similar last night.

how do elves stand up to goblins? (magic i know.)

if you removed there plot protection (magic) goblins would over run and destroy Elvin culture so quickly.

>> No.18278969

In the movie, tried to make a peaceful solution to the conflict with navis, but the natives decided to reject mankind's offers. What was the reason for this? I had the impression that they were offended by the obnoxious bitch of a head scientist the company had. Or was it space tree fuckers will be space tree fuckers and hate any semblance of civilization?

>> No.18278977


your just making things up now.

its clearly explained how rare and valuable the rocks they wanted were.

That the one tree was the biggest deposit of it they'd ever seen.

how hard it was to get A TINY PIECE OF IT.


>> No.18278993

You and your buddy are just trying to get to your favourite burger joint, the next system over.

Shenanigans ensue.

>> No.18279003

I think the Navi were perfectly fine with humans up until the point where they started chopping trees down en masse (which are either sentient beings themselves or the part of a singular super consciousness). Nothing the humans had to offer was worth that.

>> No.18279007

I meant,
In the movie the company tried to make a peaceful solution

>> No.18279013

>Totally unexplainable is the common reference to children rolling up balls of this poisonous dried plant juice and hurling them at each other. This can only be presumed to be some sort of toughening exercise. More research on this problem is needed."

Snowballing. SRS BSNS.

>> No.18279017

I don't actually remember anyone telling the Na'vi what they wanted.

Why didn't they just try saying 'Look, we need this stuff or BILLIONS DIE'?

>> No.18279018

>Space Tree Fuckers gonna be Space Tree Fuckers, I think.
Humanity is an interesting case. Certainly they could defeat us within a few cycles if they wanted to. They could probably defeat every other sentient race we know of, even if we all banded together for defense. Luckily, the Human race is not a single entity. Many humans have no or very little connection with others. Their warrior caste is not as plentiful as we once believed. Many of their number are competent at fighting, but they work for themselves, not for the whole. They are led by a group called the "government". The government makes rules that the other humans are supposed to follow, but not all of them do! The government has to enforce these rules with the warrior caste. The warriors are dedicated to their government. We estimate that roughly half of the ships, weapons, and individual humans are directly controlled by the government, while the others are called 'civilians'. After the great wars, the government is the organization that stopped the conflict and started the current policy of peace with us. The civilian people are sometimes very violent however, and all humans are very quick to anger!

When you meet a human, take note of their coverings. Some have the symbol of their government. You can be sure that most of these humans will not attack you unless provoked. if they donot have this symbol, you would be wise to be wary. The 'civilians' may be friendly, they may be neutral, or sometimes they may even be violent. some civilians will attempt to engage in trade, others will attempt to kill, even without provocation or reason!

>> No.18279019

>I wanted to say that humans with a little more distance to the occurrence may be abled to see what happened and could develope respect for this culture and the natural biotech behind it.
>And then they could go and turn it into some form od geo-computing that allows data transfer globally without satellites, wires and other shit that can be destroyed.
>And maybe even a fucking planet A.I..
>Progress FUCK YEAH!

Imagine the movie from the AI's perspective. The godlike civilization that created it is now extinct, and it's stuck playing nursemaid to the primitive descendants of its creators, who now worship it as a god and lack any tools even as complicated as a lever (priding themselves on their skill with the wilderness, not realizing that they live in a playground where every living thing was designed for their benefit and convenience).

Then another space-faring race arrives. What's the one thing we *know* the AI said to the Navi? "Take the fucking human into the fucking hive, you primitive pieces of shit." (Some paraphrasing.)

>> No.18279022

Well, aggressive negotiations with planet looters are often refused.

And to be honest, I like Avatar's story far more than I would ten thousand HFY pieces of crap. I'm of the belief that the concept is simply a self-indulgent wankfest that actually totally ignores humanity's best attribute: the ability to improve ourselves. HFY exults in the species' worst qualities and pretends that they're the best.

>> No.18279024

that was James Cameron being pants on head retarded or more accurately, forcing everyone in the script to be.
If anyone in Avatar had used their brain there wouldn't have been a film at all.
>why aren't I telling them what's going t happen instead of fucking around? oh right, the plot said so
>why am I flying jets in a tactically blind area? oh right, the plot said so
>why are we mining in the centre of their fucking race, why do the military vehicles have armour made of fucking cardboard …
you get the idea

>> No.18279030

>I don't actually remember anyone telling the Na'vi what they wanted.

Jake was supposed to tell them that, but he never actually did. He just kept stalling and blogged about how it would be pointless to negotiate since there's nothing the Navi want.

>> No.18279046

Well, yeah. Of course, if the humans had come as humble supplicants and begged for the stuff, maybe it would have worked out. For some reason, no one thought to do that.

>> No.18279060

>Jake was supposed to tell them that, but he never actually did.

Video related.

>> No.18279088

So basically the film was saying it was the humans' fault for assuming the Na'Vi would be as greedy and suspicious as they were and so did not even try to ask politely.

>> No.18279115


The film was saying the humans were so evil they didn't consider anyone else to be not evil

>> No.18279117

I never understand why this, or any other ambiguous concept, is considered what humanity is "best" at. We're always the adaptable race or some shit. There's never an alien or whatever who is more versatile and adaptive than we are, unless it's a fucking Tyranid or something.

Fuck this. For now on, in all my games humans are the big giant strong motherfuckers.

>> No.18279127


It was pretty much plot induced stupidity that prevented them from doing so.
and I think the Na'vi were a touch xenophobic which hindered things somewhat.

>> No.18279129
File: 105 KB, 1273x531, 1265165873910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quaritch's body lies a-moldering in his grave,
The Navi in the forest run free,
But soon the gods shall take what they gave,
Tomorrow belongs to me!

The sun on Pandora is summery warm,
The stone that we seek is held by the Navi,
But somewhere a whisper, Arise, Arise!
Tomorrow belongs to me!

Oh Terra, our Mother-world, show us the sign,
Your children have waited to see!
The morning shall come when the cosmos are *Mine*,
Tomorrow belongs to me!

>> No.18279137

Oh man that takes me back.

>> No.18279144
File: 49 KB, 750x600, 1265165933842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Old Quaritch's body lies modering in the grave,
While weep the sons of poverty whom he ventured all to save;
But tho he lost his life while struggling for the brave,
His soul his marching on.

Quaritch was a hero, undaunted true and brave,
And Terra knows his valor when he fought her rights to save;
Now tho the grass grows blue and glows above his grave,
His soul is marching on!

He dared into the jungle with his brave marines so few,
He went without his mask because his lungs he knew were true,
They shot him twice the bastards, that Navi and traitor duo,
But his soul is marching on!

>> No.18279170
File: 84 KB, 750x600, Col__Quaritch_by_Flyboy254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quaritch was John the Baptist of the Christ we are to see,
Christ who of the bondsmen of Terra shall the Liberator be,
And soon throughout Pandora shall teem the will of humanity,
For his dream is marhcing on!

The conflict that he heralded he looks from heaven to view,
On the army of great mankind with its righteous fury true,
And heaven shall ring with anthems o'er the deed they mean to do,
For his wrath is marching on!

Ye soldiers of Terra, then strike while strike ye may,
The death blow of the Navi is a better time and way,
For the dawn of old Quaritch has now brightened into day,
His soul is marching on!

>> No.18279173

I meant IRL, in comparison to other, nearly all nonsapient species.

Pretty much. Not that all humans were evil, but the planet looters who came mostly were.

>> No.18279190

>And then they turned Scottish.
The "Scottish" dwarf is horrible, and makes little to no sense whatsoever.
I might admit how I might have found it to be a bit funny at first, and thought that it could just sort of work.

But that was before I realized that it is practically the only way people imagine dwarfs nowadays. And no, this has nothing to do with things being popular or not, but rather, all kinds of different ways to imagine dwarfs existed. And now?
Yeah, now they are bastardized off-shoots of tolkien fanon, hotblooded brash drunks with anger management problems and Scottish accents.
Rather than various off-shoots of old stories and lore. Single-track minded misfits.

>> No.18279197

"You see our enemy over there men? I pity them.

Our foes are outnumber us three to one. They have spent more of time training than you've been alive. They're fast and they're mean, and by the end of the day today every single one of them will be dead.

You see men, our opponents are probably the strongest and most agile creatures in the known galaxy, but they are no soldiers. They live in harmony with their planet's ecosystem. There is no pollution, no wars, no disaster and no famine. This bond between them and their planet has formed them into mighty creatures. They believe mankind is impure and our philosophies are completely monstrous. They believe that, with the power of their natural prowess and their spirituality, they can wipe humanity from existence.

They are dead wrong.

While they have been sitting around eating food that virtually fell into their laps, we have been stabbing our best friends in the back for a scrap of bread.

While they have been singing tales of the harmony and magic of nature, we have watched our children wither away to husks from a bloody plague.

While they have sat sunning their wretched furry hides in open calm meadows, we have clung desperately to survival in frozen tundras and barren deserts.

Our suffering has become our strength. Despite the best attempts of nature, God and even our fellow man, humanity stands strong.
Humanity can endure anything, a fact that those sorry fools don't understand.

Let us enlighten our foes to the unyielding spirit of mankind. Within all of your veins flow the blood of generals, soldiers and murderers.
Shred their bodies with a storm of lead!
Tear their organs out with your bayonets!
Crush their skulls underneath your iron boots!


>> No.18279208

The chief scientist was supposed to be their diplomat before jake arrived right? She was never accepted into the Omaticaya society as an individual, but Jake, the cripple veteran she treated so lowly got their trust pretty damn quick. I assumed she was the problem clogging the company's diplomacy with the natives.

>> No.18279210

We have other advantages.

>> No.18279212

Yes, you and your peashooters vs. an entire sentient planet. That'll go over well. Oh wait, it already did go over, didn't it?

>> No.18279228


Oh shit, I made that like a million years ago. When HFY was fresh out of the oven.

Feels good seeing it posted still.

>> No.18279245

None of them worth anything from a moral and mental perspective, the areas in which I believe humanity needs to advance.

>> No.18279253

It makes sense. No matter what particular aspect of humanity you try to think of, it's pretty easy to imagine a hypothetical alien race that's better at it.

If we compare ourselves with the rest of our animal buddies here on Earth, the real thing that distinguishes us is our intelligence. But it's easy to imagine an alien race that's more intelligent. You could make humans into "big giant strong motherfuckers", but that's even less plausible. It's not hard to imagine a bigger, stronger motherfucker - start here on Earth, there are plenty. Even our closest relative, the chimpanzee, is significantly stronger than we are. You could make humans into dick-ass thieves but it's not hard to imagine a sneakier race that's smaller and can fit into tight spaces, you could make humans into the main mercantile guys but all the Space Jew races in fiction have us beat, ect.

So it only makes sense to make humans the jack-of-all-trades, because as the only sentient species we know of, our best use in fiction is as a yardstick to judge every other species by.

>> No.18279272

>Bitches don't know about my Rods from God

The one thing we've got that almost always gets overlooked or uncredited or mistaken in our actions isn't that we're smarter or stronger or faster. No, the strength is not in our base attributes. We are often weaker, less techologically advanced, and even slower than the aliens that we face.

It's not that we have more insanity, or more courage, or better military training. Our insanity is often manageable in comparison to the madness that gets cooked up by aliens. Our courage sometimes fails us and fear gets the better of us through the simplest of means. Our military training, while stout in its own right, could be called substandard in comparison to the warrior cultures of other alien species.

We often can't even diplomatically handle aliens, even though that seems to be the favorite trope amongst writers. Our biology, whilst odd to the alien species and somewhat a cause for concern due to the fact that we breathe starship fuel and fight off viruses by the millions every day, also isn't what causes us to stand out.

Together, these traits are fearsome. But what causes us to be unique amongst the aliens of the universe is simple: Spite.

Where others surrender, give up and die, or pull through with brilliant strategy, humanity spits a gigantic FUCK YOU into the eye of adversity. Where others realize that they are beaten and try to negotiate to preserve their lives, humanity hatefully bashes in the brains of its enemies or subjugates them with everything at its disposal. Where others might logically conclude that it would be better on resources to cease fire, humanity launches everything it has to ensure total devastation.


We don't like you, and we will do everything in our power to make sure you know it.

>> No.18279299

Yes, and this is why every race that tries to wipe out humanity is almost completely justified. The one thing that makes our shitty species worthwhile is that some people can get past that. Evidently this isn't you, because for some insane reason you're considering spite a virtue.

In any case, you're implying that your idiot company isn't going to get smacked down by the law as soon as your few survivors limp back to Earth.

>> No.18279303

Avatar 2, Reality strikes back

Main antagonist - seccesionist obsessed with making humanity look weak attempting to sabotage the campaign, uses the Avatar technology to try and organise the xenos into frustrating the human strike force.
Secondary characters - 2IC of the captain and possibly his squad, the commanding officer leading the strike force and mandatory vapid fanservice.
Secondary antagonists - the na'vi. Since the attack xenophobia to all who do not accept their culture as sacrosant has grown, the belief in Eh'was intervention has caused fanatical cults to grow.

Act 1 - The humans are disgusted at the incompetence of the operation, the wider human civilization is shown and fringe elements are taking the loss as a sign of weakness and the beginnings of secession arise
Main character - disgraced captain, the highest ranking officer who had to lead the retreat, seeking to redeem himself by becoming an adviser to the invasion force

Act 2 - the strike force has to deal with corruption and sabotage as they cleanse the planet, starting with the centre of Eh'wa. The attack causes the fanatics to go beserk, leading to guerrilla warfare where the traitor points them in the right directions to cause maximum chaos.

Act 3 - the humans are manipulated to nearly carry out mass bombings that would damage the unobtanium reserves while the protagonists catch on to the traitors antics and have to secretly take out the fanatics causing the damgae by themselves lest the corrupt officers sabotage their efforts.
With the fanatics defeated, the Na'vi realise there is no hope and surrender, only to find themselves being included in humanities vision of journeying the stars and raised from their primitive world to the never ending opportunities of progress.
The camera zooms out over the statue of Carl Sagan and The credits roll. Because Carl Sagan is fucking awesome.

>> No.18279308

Dwarfs=short people
Dwarves and\or Scotsmen=drunken bearded psychopaths
Dorfs=Retarded lemmings with a hard-on for lava and deathtraps.

>> No.18279314

Humans are vastly superior physically, but there's not very many of them (7 billion in the entire galaxy? I'm surprised they haven't died out yet!) So they often are found working alone, usually as mercenaries or private guards. Having a human guard is a symbol of wealth and power, for Humanity has realized that it fulfills a very important niche that has long been empty: Brute force. Human-guarded clubs and bars have almost no violence outside what the human itself causes, as everyone is too afraid of having their bones broken by a swift blow.

Sometimes humans will sign on to our armies to enjoy the failings of diplomacy they call war. These humans are often juggled between combat and command roles, as the human mind is singularly focused on war and the conduct thereof. Human-led armies have an average 23% increased success rate over non human-led armies.

Humans can also be found working outside the law. Truly, this is where they can most often be found, as their mindset is often one of individuality over unity, and they take pleasure in corrupting those who will listen with ideas of personal freedom and wealth over the well being of the whole. Parents who are aware of a human presence should take care to keep their children away, as Humans are naturally charismatic and are capable to tricking others into believing that they have held Human ideals all along.

>> No.18279318

/tg/ is always filled with these egotistical assholes who take it personally when fictional humans lose to fictional aliens. Why? I cannot comprehend your mindset.

>> No.18279323

What you forget, Grunling, is that humans are farther up on the Hon Scale than us. Oh, what's that? Slept through that lesson in class, huh? Let me fill you in. See, a long time ago, the Yurts discovered the Blorts, and found out that they had very different philosophies on war. The Yurts thought war was impossible against anything but animals, and the Blorts had some kind of honorable dueling to settle stuff. They made a chart so that they could understand the sliding scale of war likeness. On one end, nuclear destruction because of aggressiveness. On the other, inability to survive evolving due to passivity.
The Arachnoids were the previous record holder for getting closest to the nuclear threshold and surviving. There was a point in their history where a rouge state got ahold of a crude fission bomb, and threatened to blow up a city. They negotiated with the state, and all was well. One wrong move, one stupid action, and the Arachnoids would have had a nuclear crater for a planet.

>> No.18279324
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What does HFY mean in a HFY story?

>> No.18279330

The humans have almost destroyed their planet through nukes three times before they ended their tense standoff period. Three times! And this wasn't just a few too, no. One of their countries decided to hoard a bunch, to make sure that they could kill everyone extra good. And the other saw that as more reason to build the same amount. They rest so far on the right end of the aggressiveness side that it is a wonder they can be negotiated with at all. They are the ones who rest on the edge, balancing between destroying themselves and being destroyed by others.

>> No.18279332

>Where others surrender, give up and die, or pull through with brilliant strategy, humanity spits a gigantic FUCK YOU into the eye of adversity. Where others realize that they are beaten and try to negotiate to preserve their lives, humanity hatefully bashes in the brains of its enemies or subjugates them with everything at its disposal. Where others might logically conclude that it would be better on resources to cease fire, humanity launches everything it has to ensure total devastation.

See, this is one of the really silly things about HFY. We're all human, right? And this is a human language we are using to communicate? Pretty sure that's correct. So where do they think these terms like "surrender", "give up", "negotiate" and "cease fire" come from? Those terms exist because humans do them all the time. In fact, most wars (fought, remember, by humans) end with one side or the other surrendering. The number of wars which end with total destruction are fairly rare.

>> No.18279338

Glad to read your writings Winter

>> No.18279347

What's circled in that picture?

>> No.18279351

99% of HFY is based on 40K.

>> No.18279362

>One among them called "Neanderthal". Do you know what the humans did to all of their species brothers? They utterly exterminated them down to the last one until they were the only kind of human left.

That's... not how that happened.

>> No.18279366

Humanity losing I'm fine with, believe it or not.
Humanity being pigeonholed into acting like utter xenophobic retards for some asshole to lecture me with the subtlety of a brick about environmentalism I'm not fine with. Note, I'm a fucking lefty and I find the patronising message fucking offensive.
ANY film or book that can only progress due to someone, or in this case everyone, being like lobotomy patients gone wrong I can't deal with.
Had this been a role reversal say with the tau vs the humans, i'd be pissed off that the Tau hadn't wone.

>> No.18279368

I fucking wish these were mine. There some old copypasta I'm re-posting.

>> No.18279373

>I never understand why this, or any other ambiguous concept, is considered what humanity is "best" at.
That's pretty easily explained.
Practically all common fantasy races are based on humans.
Whatever makes up a "normal" human, or whether or not there even is such a thing to begin with, is up for debate. So rather than "normal", people just try to make a general assumption of the "average", whatever that would be.

The patterns of systems that makes up our minds are all kinds of stuff. And everyone have a little bit of something, and is generally measured in terms of spectra.
It's not whether or not you have "ADHD" or not, but how high or how low you are on the scale related to the "ADHD" spectrum. Same with all "disorders" or divergences.

Dwarfs without doubt different high-functioning autists on average.
How Orcs have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Pixies/Fairies/Leprichauns have kleptomania.
Ents/Stonefolk have Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder (OCD).
Ogres have Borderline personality disorder (BPD).
Trolls are bipolar.
Elfs seems to have Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)
etc etc

And just like a human can be born further off from the human average on the autism spectrum, a dwarf can be born closer to the human average and be more like a human.
So while there are humans in all of these categories like that of the fantastical races as well, humans tend to imagine humans as the "middle", as perceived by a human, in all these categories. In short, that means no real strengths but no real weaknesses either.

>> No.18279378


>> No.18279379

No fucking clue

>> No.18279383

Because... humans being xenophobic and dumb has no basis in reality? What humanity have you been living in? I want a piece.

>> No.18279386

I know, its just some copypasta.

>> No.18279387

>idiot company isn't going to get smacked down by the law as soon as your few survivors limp back to Earth.

You mean idiot company isn't going to be decimated and have their high command publicly executed for incompetence in the face of degenerate alien savages who dared spit in the face of mankind.

>> No.18279409

an error that gets identified, yes.
The tactical retardation shown in that film goes beyond the grounds of stupidity and nobody calls them out on it.
It's a violation of common sense.

>> No.18279416

It's the astoundingly Batman-like shape that's about to clock Quaritch, or would be if the motivational text were to make any sense.

>> No.18279420
File: 61 KB, 1213x807, 1246227760365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18279431

You should see how stupidly some real engagements have gone, especially if the soldiers are being arrogant (probably made worse if they're just corporate mercenaries like the people here).

>> No.18279447

>(probably made worse if they're just corporate mercenaries like the people here).

While they were mercenaries, they were all ex-military (much like the real world). Where else do people with military training come from?

>> No.18279455

“Humans are insane. You see, Humans have this concept called “Vengeance”. Once, a Vuux warship blew away one of their early colony ships. Fifty Terran geo-helio-cycles later, without a word, they glassed the entirety of the Vuux homeworld and called it even. Not one senator in the Union even dared bring it up with their ambassador. They have no compunction to follow the Concord of Equal Force!”

“The Human muscle-to-mass ratio is incomprehensible. Their world must have been at least half-again as large as ours. Their biology defies reason, they breathe oxygen and yet can swim in liquids without trouble. They can kill with their manipulator extremities, and more. One prisoner slammed his brain case into a guard, and then beat them to death with his bare hands.”

>> No.18279465

Doesn't look all that Batman like to me. Some guy in sleek power armor is more like it.

>> No.18279471

>Implying you weren't left in the woods as a child to fend for yourself, hunted by wolves until you learned to make them your prey.

>> No.18279475

true, but these guys were buffed up to us as veterans, and Quadrich was the guy that said to never trust the planet, and never give in to complacency.
a fuck up down the chain of command that got exploited into a victory I could have dealt with, but the Quadrich we were shown, and the Quadrich the script told us we should see were two fucking different people.
and also, this was supposed to be a vital mission. They may have been fine with a corporate douchebag being there (the rampant business strawmen are a different matter entirely) but to imply that such a vital mission would be handled by someone this dim is to insult my intelligence.

>> No.18279476

As I said, a fair few real engagements have gone very stupidly indeed. For instance, number 3 here: http://www.cracked.com/article_17123_the-5-most-retarded-wars-ever-fought.html

>> No.18279481

>You mean idiot company isn't going to be decimated and have their high command publicly

Yeah, isn't. Because Avatar's setting isn't a retarded WH40k GRIMDARK TERRA wankfest.

Seriously, what kind of moron would think that's a plausible outcome.

>> No.18279483

That's one of the ones that bugs me. How could a species evolve with no concept of self-defense?

>> No.18279487

Glad to see an oldfag still sticking around.

>> No.18279491

Because bad writing and grasping at straws to make humanity seem speshul.

>> No.18279502

Quaritch was an egotistical blowhard who liked to sound intelligent while not being nearly such. Also an enthusiastic committer of genocide, but many don't seem to care.

>> No.18279542

>willing to kill a village if its inhabitants try to use themselves as human shields


>> No.18279547

no he was an asshole, but sold as a competent asshole to make him seem like a threat, that's what the act 1 tough guy talk was about. Otherwise we'd be like "who the fuck is this guy and why should I care or be at all threatened?"

trouble is, the script was so bad that the fact that he'd been built up to be competent bit them in the ass once we saw how stupid his actions were and how fucked the Na'vi were, leading to a dumbass ex machina.

>> No.18279548

How is vengeance a concept of self-defence?
If anything, the concept of staying the fuck away and ignore is a concept of self-defence.

In comparison to that, vengeance is practically the opposite. Hunting down and exposing yourself to a threat for nothing.

>> No.18279550

If you want to be on the safe side, mass murderer.

>> No.18279585
File: 26 KB, 400x594, Fuck yeah Canada.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While I do enjoy some HFY stories myself, I admit its getting a bit out of hand.

I figured the original idea was that people were tired of humanity being portrayed as inferior to some other race to teach us some cheesy lesson about friendship, which is rather condescending and shallow way of looking at it.

HFY turned the tables and allows us to extoll virtues that don't seem terribly nice on the outside, but are good when applied correctly. Ambition, suspicion, industry, initiative...

*THAT* should be the point of HFY, not hurr we are awesome because we drink alcohol and breathe oxygen. The strength of our spirit, rather than that of our arm. Perhaps also willingness to do a small evil to preserve the greater good.

>> No.18279587


A boring-as-fuck planet for one.

>> No.18279597

ton continue, he SHOULD have been sold as you said, an egotist with nothing to back it up. I.E no scar, no pragmatism, no sound advice about the planet and how to survive it, just jingoism.

That way he could have been a threat in a sense of "holy shit, he's a retard, but a retard with a shitton of firepower. he might damage something in his flailing about"

at the very least have what is told the same as what is shown. Have the Na'vi win by their own tactics if you want him to be a good general, or let them win by exploiting his stupidity if he's a blundering rampaging moron.
Don't try and mix the two is all i'm saying.

>> No.18279610


Vengeance has some place in our psyche, it didn't evolve into being for no reason. Taking risks to exterminate a danger for good, rather than let it stay and threaten you forever.'

Not saying it is always a *good* thing in modern society, but it has purpose.

>> No.18279617

I always thought the point of HFY threads was to prove that humans are unpredictable assholes who will do anything to get what they want.

>> No.18279633

I disagree. I believe that the qualities humanity currently possesses should never be exulted as good in and of themselves, because they're grossly inadequate. I believe that we should move beyond the necessity to do any evil, and in that, I can't say I dislike the concept of teaching lessons about unselfishness and the like.

>> No.18279635

What would humanity do?

>Driven to the edge of extinction by xenos
>Offered us life if we became their slaves
>Broken, bloody, and with our guts hanging out, we stood up and walked over
>They seemed amused and laughed at our feeble efforts
>We grabbed those fuckers and pushed them off the cliff with us
>Even as they clawed and beat at us, rending our flesh and crushing our bones, our hands never let go of their throats

>> No.18279638

>We're always the adaptable race or some shit. There's never an alien or whatever who is more versatile and adaptive than we are
Well I think Tau fill that role in 40k. They're basically what humans normally are.

>> No.18279655

>What would humanity do?

Probably becomes slaves?

Like all the millions of humans in history who already chose to be slaves rather than making suicidal attempts to kill their captors?

>> No.18279665

Um, plenty of things evolve for no reason. Humans are full of useless, vestigial physical crap that we haven't gotten rid of. I'm certain plenty of mental things are like that as well.

>> No.18279675

This. HFY always ignores human behavior in favour of some imaginary detail that few humans actually match, let alone the neckbeards who write this shit.

>> No.18279677


>move beyond the necessity to do any evil

Please, for the love of all that is holy, tell me you don't actually think this way.

>> No.18279679

Really? Full of it, you say?

What, praytell, are some of these useless vestigial structures we possess?

You may want to research the subject first, so you don't come off as completely ignorant.

>> No.18279690

No no, vengeance is next to pointless. It's one of those things people do when they fail to cope with something.

Motivation to with care exterminating a threat from plausible and or reoccurring attacks upon you or your kin, is a separate from vengeance.

>> No.18279692

How would you define "evil" in the post I was responding to?

>> No.18279698


>I believe that the qualities humanity currently possesses should never be exulted as good in and of themselves
And kindness and compassion somehow aren't? What are they if not innate, gifts from God?

Praise should be given to those who use their natural inclinations prudently. Using one's ambition to progress industry or science rather than for selfish gains, for example.

>I believe that we should move beyond the necessity to do any evil, and in that, I can't say I dislike the concept of teaching lessons about unselfishness and the like.
Never said that lessons about unselfishness are bad, I said that the way some stories bring these morals across are ham handed. Also, what I meant about the lesser evil to preserve a greater good was just using your head rather than your heart when making a difficult choice. Leaving a few people behind to save the lives of many more.

I think we actually have very similar viewpoints, just I made some errors in communication.

>> No.18279716

not the guy you responded to, but the human genome project found hundreds of micro structures and genes that just don't activate and have no practical purpose today.
However, that's not to say they never had any purpose and weren't just weaned out via evolution.

>> No.18279720

Male nipples

>> No.18279739


Appendices and tonsils, as well as wisdom teeth, are vestigial, I believe.

>> No.18279745


Vengeance is the just emotional part of that motivation. Like any emotion, letting it rule you is bad because you make stupid decisions.

But like how a simple warm feeling can develop into a loving relationship, a bit of vengeance can spark activism to bring down evil.

>> No.18279748

> there is this hole subconscious

Freudian slip?

>> No.18279758


The Appendix still has uses, I know.

>> No.18279760

Kindness and compassion are good, but human brains aren't well-enough wired to use them to their fullest effect yet.

As for the other thing, yes, the greater good must always be kept in mind. To be honest, I feel the HFY people ignore that to a far greater extent than we.

>> No.18279772

What's wrong with wisdom teeth? You... eat with them just like with any teeth, no?
Sure, they grow far too back for many, and digs into the jaws or the flesh or some other messed up crap.

But then there are those that have no problem whatsoever, and instead gains a set of teeth that stretches all the way back.
/tg/ - Teeth & Dental Care

>> No.18279775

Which are?

>> No.18279785

We have retard endurance. Why this never comes up silly.

>> No.18279786
File: 1.76 MB, 1920x1080, 00.21.19_Quaritch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For /tg/

>> No.18279800

>to bring down evil.
Or something entirely pointless.
The point is that vengeance has little to nothing to do with judgement of threats. In fact, it has little to nothing to do with judgement at all.

Rather than threats, it has to do with past angst not coped with.

>> No.18279817

Do you mean "retarded endurance", like the amount of endurance we have compared to other animals is downright retarded, or did you mean we endure retards to a greater extent than most species?

>> No.18279820


I recall reading an article in Scientific American that the appendix is useful as a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria for the body, to aid in replacing bacteria killed by antibiotics.

In addition, I recall hearing that the appendix also plays some part in immune system function, something about those that still have appendices have a heightened resistance towards some disease. I can't really remember too much.

>> No.18279826

I will have to disagree with the notion that our intelligence is our only superior/distinguishable feature. Comparing ourselves to other highly intelligent life on Earth immediately reveals a fairly wide assortment of unique adaptations. Most notable is our superior body heat regulation, making humans the champion of long-distance running here on Earth. Our trichromatic vision is also quite rare in the animal kingdom. Out of all the mammals only humans and howler monkeys have trichromatic vision as a common trait in both genders. Bipedalism is also rare to intelligent life on Earth. Not counting the primates, only the parrots and crows are bipedal, and neither of the two enjoys the benefits of having two free appendages. Not to mention that mammary glands and live birth are considered fairly rare types of adaptations, and ones not likely to repeat on every single planet (So our fantasies of big alien boobies are unlikely to be proven true). As for our brains, they are heavily geared towards social interaction. Most of the areas that are comparatively larger to a chimp's brain are the ones that are in some way linked to social interaction. Intelligent life that evolved from solitary hunters would think very differently then we do.

tl;dr: humans have amazing stamina, excellent vision, bipedalism and all the benefits that implies, largest social networks in the animal kingdom, and the potential to grow boobs.

>> No.18279832

>we endure retards to a greater extent than most species

that sounds about right.

>> No.18279837

I meant the whole head-butt/bare fists thing. I can see vengeance being wiped out in an over-cultured society.

>> No.18279838

I've read/heard similar things.

>> No.18279847

Elder Scrolls has NEVER had dorfs. This FAR predates Toddy-Boy.

>> No.18279853

my new background.
No joke. Thanks bro

>> No.18279865


I understand and agree with what you are saying. But what I was saying is that it is an emotion, and thus isn't really evil.

Our emotions and feelings guide us at our most basic level, but how we actually get things done is up to our reason.

Even things like angst isn't bad. Is it wrong to feel like shit when something doesn't go your way? Hell no. It IS bad if you decide that moping is the best course of action, rather than using your head and fixing it

>> No.18279870

However, birds and insects on the whole have quadchromatic vision. IIRC, mammals lost color vision because we're evolved from something that gave up color for night vision.

>> No.18279884


What have all your discoveries wrought? A dying world, a desperate need to consume more. What have all your epics come to? Barbarism upon histories of barbarism. Where does your technology lead to? That yawning hunger within your breasts, the endless, mad desire to consume and to destroy and to conquer, more and more and more until the rage and greed consume you, leaving you, like the world that spawned you, a desiccated husk.

So kill us, if you will. Kill us as you killed your own kind, kill us as you will kill more of your own, kill us as you'll kill your own race and breathe your last against a universe that could never love such a wayward monstrosity.

Your defeat is sealed. Our victory is already complete.

>> No.18279938

I never really said anything about "good" or "evil".
Just that vengeance isn't exactly a concept of self-defence. Then the conversation just sort off took off from there.

>> No.18279952

you haven't mastered the difference between exaggerating the downsides/downplaying the benefits of what's actually there and making shit up based on what little you know have you?
Kinda reduces the impact.

>> No.18279969


>> No.18279970


My bad. I get worked up when I make interesting conversations (this also means I'm easy to troll)

>> No.18279980
File: 817 KB, 1000x707, orks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18279996

>I will have to disagree with the notion that our intelligence is our only superior/distinguishable feature

I didn't say it was the only thing that distinguishes us, but I do think it is the only truly important thing (on top of our social aptitude, which is just another facet of our mental abilities). Being able to run long-distances is good for hunting and all, but it doesn't really lend itself to world conquest. It's also fairly irrelevant when we consider ourselves in comparison to aliens, who have all probably invented automobiles like we have and aren't likely to be too impressed by our ability to run lots or the fact we stand on two legs.

>> No.18280002
File: 86 KB, 500x400, nuke the site from orbit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually the elves loose when the spess dwofs point their reaction engine at the planet.

>> No.18280007

Come on. They had explored their own planet left and right, and it's larger than Earth. Sure they hadn't travelled into space, but oh well.
They did have epics, stories told and recorded.
And they have built a bunch of sites. Raised fuckhuge stones and planted and cared for a bunch of green-life.

>> No.18280048

I just don't get how AVATAD 2 is going to crawl out from its giant plot hole and have the navi win. The way I see it, the surviving human ships come home, and tell everyone about THOSE ASSHOLE ALIENS THAT WOULDN'T LISTEN TO REASON AND TOTALLY ATTACKED US UNPROVOKED AND WRECKED OUR SHIT. When has this ever, in history, gone unanswered? Look at Pearl Harbor, at 9/11, at what happened to all the indians ever. If you have a nation that firmly differentiates between "us" and "them," and you have that nation be full of jingoistic motherfuckers assured in their own rightness, and you have that nation be SNEAK ATTACKED by the "them," they are going to fuckin' war. And just like it took like 10 goddamn years for the US to get out of 'Nam, one could assume that an even stupider and more xenophobic nation would stay in even longer.
This isn't even counting the fucking unobtanium that humans supposedly need to space. Honestly, I think that the only logical reaction to this would be to take samples of the native plants and animals, and glass the whole planet. Slag doesn't fight back.

>> No.18280066

I don't give a half a crap about HFY to be honest.

I just think the Na'vi are poop-tier aliens, protagonist or not.

>> No.18280090

It is you who have failed. You have sealed the wrath of humanity upon your world. We tried to be as diplomatic as possible with you. We tried to understand you. We learned your language, your customs, and created bodies in your image.
And how did you repay our interest, or desire for peace?
You destroyed our outdated war machines, and dealt a blow to our pride.
We may have attacked first, but we will also attack last.
You are not worthy of the time we spend destroying your primitive race.
You are not worthy of the attention that you recieve from your "God".
We will fight each other, and bleed and die over food, water and a scrap of cloth.
You want for nothing.
You are nothing. And soon, that's all that will remain of your "God". Of your world. Of your memories.
Pray to your "God", it will do no good while the forest burns around you.

>> No.18280105
File: 1.14 MB, 1000x1289, 1248423316922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They were a company, who wasted their fucking money, on building a fucking alien sex toy so a literal basket case soldier could tell them how great it was being human, without even having a reason to believe it himself? How the hell did they land this fucking contract?

Where were the post-military cyborgs in Avatar? Those who should be able to just walk around as a human, with no face mask, a taser in each palm and a punch like a tank shell? Where were the synthetic growth tanks, a simply precusor to their pitiably 'Avatar Project' in which one could just pump out a few hundred remote control cyber-warriors from growth vats while sitting in orbit for a few months and biding your time? Where were the primitive gundrones we could build TODAY in a community collage robotics lab armed with simple Autoshotgguns, flamers, and electrolasers set to motion sensors?

>> No.18280119


Avatar was a shit-tier movie, so that's understandable.

>> No.18280159
File: 100 KB, 640x558, it was humans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell you something. I like xenomorphs, I hate the Navi and all the "enlightened" aliens that are supposed to exist. Navi honestly are alien for all their bullshit blue boobies. Because no humans ever acted that way, native Americans sure as hell didn't. They are the wet dream of self deprecating faggots that spit upon everything that makes humanity strong.

The Xenomorphs are more human, antithetical to us but cut from the same cloth. We are like two sides of the same coin. We infect, consume, and destroy everything around us. And you know what? That is why we are great, and why no alien species will ever be like the Navi or the Culture. Species like that just don't survive.

>> No.18280190

We've achieved a place among the stars, while you sit on the ground and have your whims given to you by your "God".
Our monuments will endure for tens of millenia, if not tens of eons. You have none.
We have built machines to fight our hostile world. You run around in savagery, never innovating beyond a bow, never even using a lever.
We have destroyed our planet, yes, but she can heal. She can grow, and see our glory expand beyond her bosom. Yours will not survive another century.
We will burn your world, as we have ours, many times before. We will hunt you down and slaughter you, as we do with one another. You will see distruction rain from the heavens, and cry for your "God" to save you. But she will not answer, for she will be the first to die.

>> No.18280198
File: 263 KB, 800x1055, 1256801975889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See here's the thing... by the time we ever realistically meet another alien race, NEITHER of us are likely to resemble our origin sapient species except possibly in a remote, general fashion... I mean... maybe this is a holdover from Star Trek or something. I know Roddenberry was predominantly anti transhumanist if I remember. Which is why he handed the Augumented (Kahn and his kin) the 'Evil Idiot Ball' in Eugenics wars... becasue improving yourself is apparently evil.

Do you know why? Becasue to us, us products of 20th century culture, it simply doesn't seem fair, that this theoretical augmented could jump over a building, breath with 50% extra efficiency, not suffer from aging or various degeneration of the flesh... that weather it be genetic, or cybernetic, humanity is going to be radically changed in it's physical capabilities as technology advances... men will truly be 'self-made' each one a work of art of his own desires... of his own mind.

But out minds, our cultures, our desires are also a function, a result of our bodies. What will happen when those change? What face will be the first to greet that first contact? The Navi are post-singularity... primitive, but still. What new breeds will man have become to make the journeys through the stars? How could a tribal hunter-gatherer even hope to drive off something that was beyond 'being held accountable'? It would be like a god negotiating with ants... only done so out of pity for them.

>> No.18280220
File: 241 KB, 1294x736, aliengirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They had explored their own planet left and right, and it's larger than Earth.

What? It's a moon with less than half our gravity. It's barely bigger than Mars. Also they don't have any empires. They live in temperate plains, forest, and a sea coast. They don't live in deserts, tundra, and mountains. They don't dominate their environment and wipe out all the mega-fauna. They're weak.

I'd hit it.

>> No.18280235

The Culture is a de facto machine civilization, and the aliens that happen to live in it regularly change their species as a matter of fashion, so trying to apply the rules of natural selection to them doesn't really work. It works for the Na'vi, because they are close-to-nature types, but the Culture is so far from nature they don't even live on planets anymore.

>> No.18280237


Where's the second mouth? I see no second mouth in that picture.

>obligatory "I heard you like blowjobs so"

>> No.18280275

Hell, if I remember, the 'Culture' are just the various organic pets of the AI superships... The only 'species' able to compete with thing are similarly fuckpowerful post-evolutionaries of simply differing philosophies and political organization.

>> No.18280291

You see us as a wayward monstrosity. We see that only "monstrosities" can survive in the stars. You only see your planet, your people, your views. We have many. And all of them pissed at you.
Napalm will burn you. Nerve Gas will leave you convulsing as your hearts kill themselves. Our Rods from God will pummel you, being falling stars of death.
We almost pity you. We almost do, until we realize we don't care. We have already done this among our selves for over 100 years. You are small time. Welcome to the galaxy, Na'vi. Welcome to hell.

>> No.18280295

now you're just all kinds of awesome.

I can't stand the faggotry this movie tries to evoke, the old fashioned white guilt of our ancestors treatment to other races.
Well whenever someone tries pulling that shit, I say Fuck you. I will not apologize for the actions of my ancestors. I will never feel guilt about something I had no hand in.
Anyone, or any religion for that matter, that tries to make me feel guilty about something I had no hand in will get a resounding fuck you. and anyone that tries to halt the progress of humanity with some naive self depreciating bullshit will get a resounding fuck off and a fuck you to boot.

>> No.18280334

The joy of the Mary Sue faggots getting their just desserts is only offest by the fact that it will never happen on screen.

>> No.18280337

It isn't your fault, don't worry about. Just don't brag about it, or talk about how your ancestors brought civilization or all that nonsense and you won't have trouble.

White guilt? That's an aspect of the White Man's Burden, and is equally unwelcome.

We can fucking save & help ourselves, we don't need white knights to save our savage innocent asses.

>> No.18280343

Well that arument only applies because in Banks setting meanies just disappear as a rule.

I've seen the guys arguments for anarchism in space(specifically that space colonies even in an age dominated by relativistic travel will be anarchists) and frankly if he knew anything about reaction engines he'd understand why his arguments are such shit.

My problem is more that bad guys just up and disappear and all the Von-neumann races have plot induced retardation. As in they just make copies instead of constantly redesigning themselves and acting like actual organisms, which is how you'd want to do it. Protip for Banks: everything is subject to selective pressure eventually.

IRL if the universe worked by the rules of that setting some robot swarm would have consumed every gram of hydrogen already.

>> No.18280401

You don't need to feel guilt about what your ancestors did. But you should remember, and do what you can to ensure it doesn't happen again.

>> No.18280421

In theory, eventually all intelligent races can adapt to anything through amazing technology. But if you look a the history of warfare on Earth you'll see just how much seemingly minor features like good eyesight and the ability to sweat mean. Long marches, the ability to carry heavy military gear, charging through a battlefield while carrying said gear are all impossible unless you have incredible body heat regulation. Ranged combat plays a significant part in our wars, can you imagine the difficulties that would be imposed if we were incapable of seeing a whole channel of color? I would imagine that a species that used something like sonar in place of vision would be ages behind in technology when it came to ranged combat.
What I'm trying to say is that while technology can be liberating, it's ultimately tied to a species morphology. Just the fact that we are a bipedal hairless ape changes what we invent and how we adapt to our surroundings. The same is true for any other intelligent life, meaning that humanity is a lot more unique and specialized than we give ourselves credit for.

>> No.18280429

>Just don't brag about it, or talk about how your ancestors brought civilization or all that nonsense and you won't have trouble.
don't worry, I don't intend to. That shit pisses me off almost as much.

>> No.18280449

Nope, we should learn from them, and apply those lessons to future situations. If we ever come into contact with an alien race, we should spread small pox like it's candy and we're a horny pedophile.

>> No.18280473

It's a shame there aren't many peace-loving assassins. We probably would need a lot of them if we ever encountered aliens.

>> No.18280487

I'm not sure who you are talking about when you refer to "the meanies". Any civilization that threatens the stability of the galaxy gets fucking killed by the other civilizations that have a vested interest in the stability of the galaxy, as in all of them.

And self-replicating ships in the Cultureverse (or whatever you'd call it) DO constantly redesign themselves. I don't know why you think that would make them invincible.

>> No.18280496

?If we can't have it, no one can?
That's funny human logic to you.

>> No.18280530

>implying any collection of intelligent, space-faring races wouldn't be locked in near constant war.

Personally, I am of the opinion that there are aliens out in the galaxy, but there are very, very few and they are so far apart that for them to ever come into contact with one another is completely impractical.

>> No.18280534

Its basic human logic, when if we can't have it, it will kill us, and they'll profit from it. Its called scorched earth policy.

>> No.18280560
File: 128 KB, 619x750, 1251349243414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh man, I've thought about that a few times, one thing I like to do with some people's fantasy races is determine % likelyhood that they could ever develop into spacefaring race.

Sonar races basicly get a REALLLLY low chance right off the bad becasue they can't even prove the fucking SUN or Moon exists, much less stars, orbits, ect... so even if they were sapient, they may end up stuck on their world for a rediculously long time before anyone even considers that there is anything above the highest trees.

Something like Mass Effect's high grav-world Eclor arn't going to be developing ranged combat or aeronautics, they have enough troubles TRIPPING without lethal injury.

To say nothing of the poor aquatic sapient... stuck without the ability to forge metals.
Space Cuttlefish: "I have no fire, yet I must smelt..."

>> No.18280564
File: 76 KB, 806x632, saya no uta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd actually like to see a piece of scifi where the humans are some old empire invading another galaxy. More powerful than anybody else they meet, but not overpoweringly so. All these races living in the scifi cliche egalitarian societies on planets and space colonies. While the humans are assholes that consume everything around them and live in constant strife just because their are so many of them with so many little empires fighting each other.

And finally after millions of years of dealing with "enlightened" aliens sometimes treating with them, sometimes exterminating them they find a species that is like them. Some organic-techno version of humanity. The Xenomorphs/Zerg/Nids what have you. And these things are a young race that is either losing a war with the other races or has already lost. And humanity throws in with them. Actually fighting for someone else for maybe the first time.

Because they are just like us, and after meeting countless intelligent we finally know that we are not alone.

>> No.18280589

>But out minds, our cultures, our desires are also a function, a result of our bodies.
That what Liberal folks refuse to accept. They hear this and stick their fingers in their ears while they think of happy thoughts.
These sort of people have no interest in arguing the topic, they just believe that ignoring it will make it go away, and they want i to go away not because they might be wrong, but because this idea makes them feel bad.

>> No.18280599


Can't they use some other kind of materials on their strange alien worlds?

>> No.18280624


I've never read/played that VN, but from what I've heard and the pics I've seen it is like 35 different kinds of fucked up.


Sage for my unrelated chatter

>> No.18280642

What are you even talking about? How does that have any relevance to liberals?

>> No.18280654


Really, though, it's silly to ignore either side of the equation.

It is a self-sustaining loop.

However, I'm quite opposed to transhumanism myself, because if we change our bodies we will eventually change our minds, and if we change our minds, we will no longer be human.

From the perspective of the HUMAN species, that's suicide, and yet, most visions of transhumanism would make it pretty much the only viable option.

It has some interesting ideas, don't get me wrong, even if none of them are appealing to me personally. But it's not worth the risk of extinction.

>> No.18280656

Very Yes.

>> No.18280668

There's already one Warhammer 40k, we dn't need another.

Its pretty touching. And awesome.

>> No.18280679

Most liberal schools of thought on behavioural psychology believes that behaviour is entirely socially constructed with no biological influence.
Personally I believe social construction holds weight, but most academics fail to mention that biology is only disregarded since we don't fully understand how it would affect behaviour and I feel that's just a "X of the gaps" fallacy

>> No.18280689

Theoretically, they could use deep sea vents.

>> No.18280698

>kill us as you'll kill your own race and breathe your last against a universe that could never love such a wayward monstrosity.
>a universe that could never love such a wayward monstrosity.
I don't know if I should feel angry or depressed.
Is this what they call Pity?
It must be,
I pity them, because I know that for all that they believe what they believe and say what they say, they'll just have their naive litlle hearts smashed to pieces and burned into cinders, assuming they even survive this discovery.

How horrifying it must have been for the first Na'Vi when they left the planet's atmosphere, to find that there is no love and no life in space.

>> No.18280721

>if we change our minds, we will no longer be human.
You could easily argue that those with disorders are already 'inhuman' then.

>> No.18280737

Humanity is subjective, so they're still human.

>> No.18280745

>However, I'm quite opposed to transhumanism myself, because if we change our bodies we will eventually change our minds, and if we change our minds, we will no longer be human.

You could go back in time and you would never be able to find the very first "human". In the same manner, you will never find the very last "human". It's like the question of how many grains of sand do you need to remove from a pile of sand before it becomes no longer a pile of sand but simply some sand.

My point? The concept of a "human" is a construct. There's no magical essence that seperates humans from the animals that came before, nor anything that binds every "human" on the planet together. We're all genetically different. The other animals are more genetically different from me than other humans, but that's a quantative difference, not a qualitative one.

So when you talk about human extinction, all you are actually talking about is the death of a concept. And I don't think I mind that much.

>> No.18280746

It's more that I just really dislike the cliche of elder races. Even with the technology we have today human could theoretically take over then entire galaxy in less them a million years using Orion drives and such shit. My point is that sometime in the past a species should have just eaten everything. Very likely one of the first species. Then he introduces the possibility of older universes and races that travel between them. And it just gets absurd to me. The more individuals you have the more diversity you have in total even if their is some standardization among certain lines of decent. The more individuals you have the more science you can do. And the more individuals you have the more resources you can accumulate to make more. The Culture and the other races waste huge percentages of their mass creating useless and wasteful habitats.

In the Cultureverse as you call it even the most numerous species don't out-mass a single star, even with all their space habitats and citizens combined. And in that setting you could easily just disassemble a hypergaint or a bunch of white dwarfs and tada you now out mass all the rest of the galaxies species combined. All without the need for any apparent threat or territorial expansion. I just seems to me that if you did this kind of stuff methodically over millennia and struck you could probably zerg rush everybody. And the thing is if you have an initial advantage in numbers and an even playing field technology wise you'll outstrip their ability to replenish their reserves.

I guess this is the fundemental difference between a setting where intelligent species prioritize self-fulfillment as in the Culture setting, and one where they just want to survive.

>> No.18280801

What about those born with biological disorders in the brain's function, i.e. retards?

>> No.18280830

It's not that a heavy-gravity race will never develop aeronautics or ranged combat, it just wont be a priority. In strategy game terms, the build order of their tech trees will be shuffled in comparison to our own. Humans have no natural cutting tools or means of staying warm results in fire, stone "axes" and clothing being the first set of inventions. Something like electricity or the theory of gravity were developed way later because they played no role in our early lives but became increasingly important as we became more aware of the greater world. Yet it's not hard to imagine an aquatic race that harnesses electricity early due to an abundance of predators that use it as a hunting mechanism, or a race that evolves in an asteroid field and figures out the effects of gravity very early on.

>> No.18280867

A heavy gravity species would have an easier time of flying, as a heavy gravity implies a denser surface atmosphere, which would provide much more lift for pioneer alititudists.

>> No.18280896

Still human. If it can claim it's human, or is human geneticly, it's human.

>> No.18280907

to answer op's post elfs only ever win because of some form of induced plot protection. (be it magic, alliances, catastrophes.)

though i guess you could say the Japanese were protected from the Mongols because of plot protection using my definition of the term. (even though it was just a natural disaster that happened in real life.)

>> No.18280956


I was the one panicking about transhumanism earlier, and yeah, that's true, or at least it's ambiguous enough for any attempts to define the difference between humans and "inhumans" to be subjective.

It's a matter of where we draw the line, it's just that some changes probably would go too far. Changing someone to be more in line with mainstream humanity strikes me as a little problematic for different reasons, but it isn't going to make them inhuman by my subjective and arbitrary standards.

>> No.18280970

all this HFY and no this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeNBJ5o-b7s woulda thought it would have a few fans on /tg/?

>> No.18280971

Well there is the other option. We use the technology transhumanism to more strictly define "humaness" and human behaviors. So you end up with a million year old living starship that has an innate desire to crack open a beer and watch Married with Children.

"Peg, Peg!"
"What is it Al?"
"There are aliens on this planet, I can't mine it with them there."
"Well just kill them Al."
"Why am I the one that always has to kill the aliens?"
"It's the Man's job honey."
"Dammit Peg, we're 400,000 light years from Earth if I miss the game I'm never going to catch a rerun."
"Well you could just record it."
"How am I gonna record it with nuclear bombs going off? The resection out here isn't any good as is.

"Al. You wanna manufacture some offspring?"
"You know it baby! C'mere."

Isn't that like the opposite of 40k? Humans are a wall of dicks that fucks all the species that belong in Star Trek/Culture media, then one day they meet a race that is also a bunch of assholes and they actually like them allot. Do you believe love can bloom between psychotic cyborgs and rapist space bugs?

>> No.18280996

OP here
I didn't forsee this

>> No.18281027

Shouldn't have used that image, brah.

>> No.18281133

Motherfucker, /tg/ fucking loves Babylon 5!
That quote is fucking memorized by everyone here, so no one feels the need to bring it up.

>> No.18281468 [DELETED] 
File: 52 KB, 500x435, Leave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related to seeing this continued.

>> No.18281482
File: 214 KB, 400x358, Kinda Want.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related to seeing this continued.

If anyone saw the previous version of this post, grabbed the wrong pic.

>> No.18281485

What comic is this from again?!

>> No.18281957


Was reading "Fleet of Worlds" and one of the races was an aquatic squid with rapidly developing tech.

Basically, the organism itself was able to network with others to think in tandem, so they simulated fire/electricity/etc. with aquatic physics.

Cool book if you like sci fi.

>> No.18281993


>> No.18282028

>wipe out all the mega-fauna.

Their megafauna all have USB ports on the backs of their heads that Na'vi control them at will.

Presumably some of them are dangerous (theoretically, even though no Na'vi are ever killed by them) just because thousands of years ago, the previous civilization decided it would be more interesting to have an illusion of danger on their garden world.

>> No.18282773
File: 26 KB, 430x304, Supreme Dwarf Fortress Commander.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dwarves are Supreme!

>> No.18283223

Source is The Meek.

>> No.18283389

But the azure catfolk are brutal and warlike. The clans wouldn't unite until their god returned riding the red dragon.

Fucking catfolk just didn't have technology.

>> No.18286267


>> No.18286406

>previous civilization

it's pretty obvious the na'vi are the previous civilization.

>> No.18286644

It's probably because that endurance is only maintained by a vanishingly small number of people. Yes, members of some African savanna tribes can chase an antelope to death, but practically no-one else can. In developed countries it's doubtful if anyone but the best endurance athletes could last that long. Hell, members of different African tribes don't have that endurance.

>> No.18286750

>throw this speech into the movie
>have the humans leave the planet to the Navi in the end, get their resources from somewhere else
There, now the movie has a story about the need to temper expansion and do it correctly rather than hurr, lets go back to tribal civilizations.
99% of the plot is unchanged and the movie is at least 50% better

>> No.18286764

You place undue importance on biology, and on being 'Human.'

Humanity is simply a collection of nucleic acids arranged in a certain fashion. There is nothing special about that particular pattern, except that it produces a being which is conscious. The important part about being human is that humans are sapient. So long as whatever humanity becomes still knows itself and the universe, it has preserved the only thing about humanity which has any importance anyway.

>> No.18286806


It's not that difficult to imagine. The G'woth network their nervous systems together to improve their intelligence while submerging their individuality into the collective. In this way they become intelligent enough to simulate environments inside their minds. They theorized about the existence of things like fire based on their experiences with deep-sea vents, and by the time they started building primitive reverse-bathispheres they had the theory in place for working spaceships.

One G'wo'tesht (The collective units) discovered that FTL travel was possible and some of it's properties by riding around in a human/Puppeteer ship for a while. It built it's own FTL drive in it's cargo bay. With a box of scraps. Underwater.

Much of the conflict of the books is that the G'woth are so fucking smart that it's scary.

They're also pack-hunting, vicious predatory squid/starfish. And they're smarter than humans even when not networked.

Literally their only disadvantage is their aquatic nature. And the fact that they're about eight inches tall and as weak as kittens.

>> No.18286862
File: 79 KB, 1500x1147, 1285680588751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, but they did win OP.
Be it lava, orbital bombardment or plain old slaughter, murder will always happen.

>> No.18287532

Maybe we are wayward children, alien. Maybe we are monsters, imperfect and impure. Then let us play that role.
We will burn worlds and enslave civilisations, we will tear the resources from you're grip and send them back as bombs and bullets. We will build machines to shape the very stars in our image! And when the universe is a smoking wreck, we will either turn on each other and let the cycle be complete, or will seek out other universes to rape and plunder.

We will either be the name you fear to speak, or the architects of your destruction.

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