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opinions on this 2k blood angels list.

Captain Tycho 175pts
Death Company 25 strong 500pts
Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost 150pts
Death Company Dreadnought 125pts
Death Company Dreadnought 125pts
Death Company Dreadnought 125pts
Death Company Dreadnought 125pts
Death Company Dreadnought 125pts
Furioso Dreadnought 125pts
Furioso Dreadnought 125pts
Furioso Dreadnought 125pts
Dreadnought 105pts
Dreadnought 105pts
Dreadnought 105pts

opinions how well do you think it will fair against average armys.

pic not related but sexy

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Nigga you serious?

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all legit and i love dreadnoughts.
win / win
just wondering opinions on it before i consider spending the cash to collect it

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not sure of the viability in the tabletop game as i've never played it, but as lorenerd i squirted just imagining this force on the battlefield...

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thats the sort of reply i was hopeing for lmao, im not a good painter but i would spend hours making sure they looked the part.

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Needs more dreadnaughts. I'm not even joking.
What load outs you giving them?

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more dreadnoughts

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I love dreadnaughts. Ran a formation in an apocalypse game and it was fun as hell. Can only imagine what an army of 11 would do. I thought being able to do 6 with a forgemaster was sweet.

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