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Thread for awesome and badass characters from dawn of war game series and fluff.

Why they are awesome? Character depth? Great voice acting? Well written background? Good personality?


(Someone teach me how to greentext.)

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>Single arrow to greentext
>There are times when /tg/ can be helpful. Be glad I am in such a mood tonight, where most people would likely tell you to GTFO

Also nominating Eliphas for chaos lord of the milennium

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Eliphas is the only competent one, and is dark crusade voice is better than his chaos rising voice

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greentext = place a > before setence

>like this

Libyan rebels = honorary orkz

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Eliphas kind of got hit with the derpstick in Retribution. And it's a major shame he's no longer a Word Bearer.

Anyway, Shas'O Kais for the win. He gives rejected surrender opportunities to Space Marines and doesn't afraid of anything.

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I liked 'Ead'Unter, because that seemed like a good motivation for an Ork

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beat me to it.

this whole game just had superb voice acting, even some of the spess mahreens

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Define "competent".

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They reintroduced Angelos original VA in chaos rising....unfortunately, eliphas original VA was also Angelos original VA.....
And you know, when you have steve blum already voicing so many people, you may as well throw another character onto his rap sheet

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This discussion again.

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Oh god, i heard that in the colonel's voice.
>Metal Gear Sindri

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Most sexy sounding

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Thank you guys. I am gratefull for your help.


HOLY SHIT! Is that Papa-N?


I will never understand what relic has against the compotent and clever chaos marines...

I mean out of three 4 chaos lords only Eliphas was badass and he is kinda ruined at DOW 2.


Yes Lord Bale?

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What discussion again? I haven't heard this one.

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>Not being manipulated by your sorcerer
>not being a slavering, bloodthirsty lunatic who has to make a temporary alliance with the goddamned orks
>Not referring to mechanized warfare as METAL BOXES

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Metal Gear Sindri, Tactical Heretical Action?

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Still, dark crusade Eliphas was actually a great example for a chaos lord unlike the other maniacs we know.

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It's a re-run from a past thread I've seen. The word "competent" was ascribed to Eliphas before, and that exact same reaction was posted afterward.

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What about Araghast?

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he was okay. less snappy dialogue and banter with everyone else though

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The noise marines reveal their music of choice!

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you forgot
>not going against anything his entire legion stands for *cough*Crull's sorcerer.

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As a character, he is wasted. He had great potential.

Like Eliphas who is turned into shit in DOW 2.

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Wait are you saying that isn't a competent plan for a Chaos Lord?

Personally I think it's rather genius. You can have Noise Marines and Khorne Bezerkers on the same planet fighting against the enemy so long as you keep their temples as far as fuck away from each other as possible.

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of course, then a noise marine walks into the local cafe, the only seat open is next to some khornate chucklefucks, and the camp becomes anarchy

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Mah Tau!

I always loved that for most factions he gave them this final chance to give up peacefully. Made it all the more sweet when I go "Ok fine, taste my Railguns and Crisis Suits then!"

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Well, that does sound like something the Black Legion would do. But I think the Word Bearers actively discourage their members from worshiping any one Chaos God, relying heavily on their singular Chaos Undivided religion.

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>"Curses! Once again my diabolical schemes have been thwarted by those pesky Blood Ravens! Not to worry though, for I shall return with an even more brilliant and dastardly plot, one that will see the Blood Ravens finished once and for all! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!"

Seriously, they should have left him dead in DC instead of turning him into... that.

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Blood ravens collecting gifts.

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Yeah, I really don't understand why the hell a dark apostle would go and work for the black legion. I mean, he's a fucking dark apostle! leaders of the word bearers, and then he gets demoted to the doublecrossing aid of the chaos lord?

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Pffffff. None of them are actualy Alpha Legionnaires.

They aren't Alpharius.

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The genius of Force Commander Boreale

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Agreed. Then there was Neroth, who was mostly just a pyromaniac, and Kain and Varius, the utterly silent lumps. Chaos' characterization in Retribution was kind of terrible, though some of the Eliphas/Kyras dialogues were decent.

Oh, speaking of Retribution, I also nominate Kayleth, Ronahn and Veldoran. The conversation at the beginning of the space hulk in the Eldar Retribution campaign is easily the best in the series.

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Well there is that fact that the Word Bearer Daemon Prince essentially banished him back into the Warp somewhere that apparently made a place named "The Basilica of Torment" a preferable option.

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Well, he was executed by a Word Bearer daemon prince, which I think is a fairly clear indication of losing one's job.

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I know bro. I miss old Eliphas too.

>Put down your arms unbelievers, and bow down before the forces of Chaos Undivided.

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Giving the necron lord lines in SS makes me smile.

... largely because having the main command be talking is better then having the shitty ... pariah talking.

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It also makes the Soulstorm Necrons a bit closer to the current fluff than the largely mindless-seeming Dark Crusade ones. Though it would have been better if the Necron Lord of All Kaurava didn't... wheeze.

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He has asthma you insensitive prick!

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Indeed. It's possible for some to gravitate more towards one of the gods, but it is actively discouraged to devote yourself to a single god. Hence, word bearer berserkers wouldn't exist like that. They still have some crazy chopping bastards, so I guess it's close enough to handwave.

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He's getting a bit long in the tooth.

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"Behold, my latest and most fiendish plan! It shall see the loyalist lapdogs dealt with for good! I swear it!"

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I guess that's true. I only played the chaos campaign, so I forgot for a second there that it wasn't the canon one.

Also, no love for Kaptin Bluddflagg and Mr. Nailbrain?

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And you know, it probably would too.

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Abaddon stole the spotlight with his presence in Ret. The way he bullied, threatened, and humiliated Eliphas was delicious.

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Well, they're fun, but if I play as them, I have to kill Kayleth and possibly doom Craftworld Ulthwe, as well as definitely doom Taldeer's soul. So that makes me sad.

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>less snappy dialogue


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I didn't think I would like the whole "Pirate Ork" thing but damn if he didn't grow on me immediately!

Also in his ending does he just knock out the Inquisitor and take her hat or does his punch kill her?

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>dat view

Still hiding the "arms" huh mr.don?

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That's a very basic tactic of the word bearers. Most of their brunt forces comes from the millions of cultists they recruit on the world they attack, and slaves are used as meatshields in front of them along with the cultists.

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Taldeer had it coming for what she has done to Sturnn and the Cadians on Lorn-5.

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Hey /tg/, /v/ here. How does it feel to know you're superior to us in every single way and that we're gay for you faggots.

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well, a warboss (even bigger an' tougher than a Nob) slamming a non-augmented humie like that is probably lethal, but we can't be sure of course

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Haven't played the Eldar campaign. I got tired of doing all the same missions over and over again halfway the tyranid campaign after doing Chaos and Ork.

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What, help destroy the Chaos and Necron forces that would have doomed them otherwise, and possibly leading to a Khornate maniac getting a Titan Dominatus? The Guard was just butthurt.

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The Plague Marine Varius frim Retribution

He turns his enemies into zombies and doesn't afraid of anything

(Shame there was no named Noise Marine, that would have been cool)

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The thing is though, I almost think she passed out before he even hit her. Tell me what you think from the video.


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Hey this is /v/. We ain't gay for /tg/ you pussy.

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Unless I'm completely misreading "instead of relying on a unified defense", it seems that Eliphas thought leaving his cults to disperse and do whatever without maintaining any sort of cohesion actually gave him an advantage. And how big is a single Word Bearer company anyway? 100 or 1000 strong? Because if the latter... well, losing to three companies of Blood Ravens while outnumbering them over 3 to 1 is a bit embarrassing.

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The IG do the same thing to the Eldar, but you know what at least General Sturnn fucking acknowledges their sacrifice. That bitch Taldeer takes the time to monologue about the Eldar's place in the universe all while Cadians are getting torn apart by fucking Beserkers and Orks.

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Apparently the novel of this game compromises by saying that the Imperial Guard got to the Psychic Shield first, but that Taldeer escapes the Eldar Massacre.

Personally I don't believe it. That's not a good reason for Lukas Alexander to be so pissed off at Taldeer. Now knowing that she got a whole lot of Guardsmen killed as well as killing General Sturnn, yeah I'd buy that.

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The Cadians survived after the gate but were blown up when Taldeer sabotaged the Titan.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

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you're right... I remembered the scene incorrectly, I thought he just smacked her dead at first, but she was clearly still alive after that. She probably survived that backhand throw too.

Depends, and I'm not entirely sure either. iirc from the word bearers trilogy the first book mentioned that their current company was somewhere around the 2k, but they were 2 companies merged together because another apostle died and hadn't been replaced yet.
The point was mostly that they send thousands and thousands of cultists to weaken the enemy, and then some more cultists as meatshields while they attack themselves.

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Yeah what is the canon ending to what happens to her soulstone? Seriously hope that bitch becomes anal lube for Slannesh...

>> No.18268204

Blood Ravens win, Angelos claims the stone as a trophy, all subsequent Eldar involvement in the series is focused on trying to retrieve it (and naturally, failing).

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The Blood Raven ending is properly the canon one meaning her soulstone is currently resting in the bottom of a tainted lava pool.

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>at least acknowledges their sacrifice

He says they proved useful in delaying the enemy. This is the exact same attitude Taldeer and Idranel have towards humans, really. There are no good guys in 40k.

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>In DoW2; if you find equipment that was owned by Lukas Alexander it has corrupting points too it
>You find out that the Victory Bay Titan weapon had a daemon to Nurgle living in it
>During a cut scene on the Imperial Guard Stronghold attack, when he activates the Titan weapon the cutscene shows him shooting his beam through only Imperial Guardsmen killing them all
>He also sends his men through the trench where the Titan shoots; killing them with a one shot kill

Lukas Alexander was a heretic of Nurgle who was secretly feeding the Daemon of the Titan!

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She's not human. The only reason Alexander needs is to be angry is that Taldeer might get any of the credit for winning Lorn V.

Retribution seems to be the end of the DoW series so far, so I don't think it's likely that any canon explanation will arise. Given that it's stated fairly plainly that Ulthwe would be doomed by the Necrons without Taldeer's soulstone, and because the plot never advances, I feel it's safe to say the Eldar got it back and Ulthwe can remain statically alive.

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Avitus was right!

>> No.18268244

You have that backwards. It's Angelos' corpse that's lying at the bottom of a tainted lava pool.

>> No.18268246


Or the prophecy proved wrong.

Eldar don't have as good a record with their farsight as Tigurius.

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>not on own computer now, no access to reaction images.

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The Blood Ravens never abandon their own.

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Traitors and weaklings...

>> No.18268270

Sorry, is this the same chapter that pretty much killed itself in civil war? The Blood Ravens are the last chapter I'd look for brotherly loyalty in.

>> No.18268276

Canonically, Thule won that campaign. Makes sense that the writers would add some corruption to the guardsmen after the fact. That said, wasn't there corrupted gear from both sides of the battle at Victory Bay?

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The Eldar are not really keen on sparing their brethren either.

Kayleth had no qualms in slaughtering droves of Biel-tan Eldar who stood n her way.

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That's because the Biel-Tan invited her people into their base, then instantly opened fire. And IIRC, Biel-Tan is the Craftworld of militant wierdos who have the worst relationships with other Craftworlds. Kayleth thought they'd allied with Kyras for some inscrutable purpose.

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Aww, no love for Gorgutz?

>> No.18268336


Eldar inter-craftworld relations are truly degraded if the they've begun to suspect each other of collaborating with Chaos worshippers.

>> No.18268339

So do they explain why Thaddeus has this extremely booming voice in DoW2?

>> No.18268340

THAT was not the image I meant to upload. Bah.

Still right orky, at least.

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Ahriman the exile.

>> No.18268349

Well, Kayleth and company didn't think that until the Biel-Tan attacked. I admit it's something of a far conclusion to jump to, as opposed to the truth (they screwed up a prophecy reading), but I can't blame her for being shocked. I mean, what would a Space Marine think if they were ambushed and attacked by other Marines?

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goregutz is pretty awesome too. If there's gonna be a DoW3, they gotta bring him back (and not make him suck like eliphas) so he's the most recurring character in all of DoW.


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>There are no good guys in 40k.

I disagree.

>awesome and badass characters from dawn of war game

''War against the Greater Good is never justified''

My favorite would be Aun'El Shi'Ores. His voice echoed with wisdom and authority in my mind.

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Ahriman isn't a DoW character. And I don't really know much about him yet. He's on my list of "to read up on on Lexicanum"

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Gorgutz is one of the best characters in Dawn of War. He survived 3 different campaigns (Thule technically does this too, but only as a Dreadnaught and his status as of Retribution isn't really known, unless you go with Chaos)

However, the Eldar in Retribution are really well done (except the Farseer, who is actually mute). It's too bad they haven't done what they did with Dawn of War 2's original campaign and fixed it up.

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It is a shame he didn't have more lines, though the ones he had were decent. And he had some nice moments in the after action reports.

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Hmmm... now I wonder what a full DoW2-esque game starring the Eldar would be like. While I might prefer Tau, I concede that they don't have much commander diversity.

>> No.18268451

Yes, because mass sterilisation and concentration camps isn't evil at all. And wasn't there something about possibly being manipulated by a daemon or some other malevolent entity?

The Tau are basically just as bad as the imperium, minus the xenophobia.

>> No.18268467

Why do Tau have a massive cunt plastered over their face?

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Farseer : ............

>> No.18268486


Let's not fucking start this again in this thread...

>> No.18268543

How long does it take for a chapter to rebuild?

>> No.18268556

So, just as bad except minus a huge bad thing?

In any case, the sterilization is only propaganda and the "camps" are what they use instead of prisons, as they prefer rehabilitation to retribution.

>> No.18268568


How long does it take for a Craftworld to rebuild?

Oh, right...

>> No.18268591

Pretty much. The Orks are fun, but the rest...
Marines: SMs have one-note personalities at the best of times, and in Retribution, there's even less room to do anything of interest. Diomedes' personal issues are sort of interesting, but it's subpar compared to the other two games (DoW1's Marines were just awful).
IG: Castor is an unlikeable jackass and Adrastia is little better. Merrick has some value, but he's not enough of a redeeming factor to save the whole thing.
Chaos: Covered earlier, their characterization in this game is crap.
Tyranids: Self-explanatory.

Yes, the Eldar pretty much are the best of what we have for actual character development, though the Orks might be more entertaining for some people.

>> No.18268605

Iyanden is rebuilding nicely after being mauled by the Tyranids.

>> No.18268645

Tau have cunts on their face because it reflects the type of people who buy their shit.

>> No.18268647

>mfw gazing on our cousins assets

Archon Tahril and his gang were a fun bunch and the bloody Dais was godly!

>> No.18268649

Boreale launched multiple, simultaneous, and devastating deep strikes... into my heart.

>> No.18268698


Not a bad rifle for that level.

But that brings up something I've wondered:
What the fuck happened in SS canon? I know the SM campaign isn't the canon one (I think the IG was?), and that it's something nobody wants to talk about, but what really happened? Did the Dawn of War novels go into it?

>> No.18268710

As you wish.

I'll deal with you later!

To make silly Gue'las uncomfortable.


His speech during the Tau stronghold assault was the high note of the Dark Crusade Campaign. It really made me fall in love with the character.

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Relic ignores Soulstorm and refuses to reveal the canon ending.

>> No.18268780

Relic will probably never say. They still haven't even given a definite answer for Winter Assault, though most people have assumed the Eldar won - which is something that can actually be backed up, unlike all the claims that IG won SS. Personally, I want the Chaos ending to be canon, cementing Firaeveus Carron's status as the most successful Chaos Lord in DoW (hey, he destroyed two Guard regiments, while Eliphas wanted to destroy one but got beaten to it).

>> No.18268794

Pretty sure that Sisters won.

>> No.18268818


You sure about that?

Carron victory would be in line with what usually happens to Sisters in GW's own fluff.

>> No.18268833

>hey, he destroyed two Guard regiments

The Psyker Guardsman! He should get all the credit.

He contacted the Gods, he enacted the unholy rituals, he broke the walls of reality with his mind, he summoned the Legion and daemons, and he brought forth the SOULSTORM!

>> No.18268860

Lets try the Eldar Scrolls method when dealing with canon :

All endings are canon expect the Blood Raven one!

>> No.18268861

When you think of it... I bet he woke up just KNOWING he was going to have a shitty week.

>> No.18268885

Why no Shas'La Kais?

The guy took out a Lord of Change and a shit ton of Imperial Guardsmen on his first day.

>> No.18268896

If they did, Canoness Agna would no doubt report the Blood Ravens to the Inquisition for fighting her. There'd be no choice but to mention something like that in DoW2, even if just in passing, but we got nothing.

Carron still led the initial assault to victory, which goes against the image most people have of him being incapable of anything other than standing around frothing at the mouth and screaming incoherently about Rhinos. Plus giant eight-pointed star/hydra made from fused-together Sororitas corpses floating around in spess. You know you want it.

>> No.18268909


>All endings are canon expect the Blood Raven one!


>> No.18268926

And also he took down dozens of Ultramarines and CSMs, a couple of dreadnoughts, a chaos spawn, two daemon princes, and a Titan.

He is basically the Tau Doomguy.

>> No.18269014

Too bad he's not cannon.

>> No.18269019

>took out a Lord of Change

Why, of course. And didn't you hear? The Tau killed Slaanesh. Tell the Eldar their troubles are over!

>> No.18269036

>The Ar'Ka cannon
>The impenetrable Nan-Yanoi moon base
>implying the Tau can lose Kaurava while they have these technological marvels at their disposal

>> No.18269037


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>> No.18269074

It wasn't explicitly a Lord of Change, but the novel did make it fairly clear that the daemon had gotten its ass kicked and was unhappy about it. Of course, Kais didn't kill it singlehandedly either, but the Tau did bring it down.

>> No.18269132

Almost impenetrable. Though I guess they could have completed it while the other factions were warring amongst themselves. In which case, Or'es'Ka could just let everyone else come to him and watch as they beat themselves bloody against his walls. Unless the Necrons got their own base fully up and running, leading to an "endless stream of Monoliths and Necron soldiers". Or Carron and Agna managed to extend the range of their invincibility fields. Or Vect decided to send the Tau a "peace offering" in the form of a small, violently shaking box...

>> No.18269190

In my personal canon, Kais wins Dark Crusade and Or'Es'Ka wins Soulstorm. However, because the Blood Raven losses take place on Kronus, they don't show up in Kaurava at all; as such, Indrick Boreale and some other Marines are still alive and make up the cast of DoW2. Additionally, Taldeer was taken prisoner by the Tau and then released later; as she survived, the Alaitoc Eldar didn't misinterpret the prophecy and so never showed up in Retribution.

>> No.18269212


Why wouldn't the Blood Ravens be in Kaurava if they lost Kronus?

>> No.18269283

Depleted manpower.

>> No.18269298


One company?

Far as I know, only Soulstorm had the Blood Ravens fielding more than that.

>> No.18269300

Who gives a shit about your personal canon?

>> No.18269336

IIRC, the Blood Ravens had three in Dark Crusade. It was the Word Bearers who had just one, albeit heavily bolstered by cultists.

This is just a guess, but the person asking me about it?

>> No.18269346

Nobody did.

>> No.18269364

General Sturnn was a magnificent bastard.
He will be missed.

>> No.18271948

>Implying you couldn't fucking write an entire BL book on the IG victory over the blood ravens.

That would be the best fucking underdog story ever written

>> No.18271968

Rule 34 on necron/eldar sex?

>> No.18274004


You have it backwards...

Kronus was a victory for Davian Thule and he successfully purges the planet.

Kauarava however was a complete failure, Boreale dies and Cyrus survives after having lost all his scouts.


>> No.18274500

>Scout: Sergeant, there appear to be several vast, floating black pyramidal constructs converging on our position, accompanied by phalanxes of heavily armed skeletal machines. Should we inform the commander?
>Cyrus: It's probably nothing, I wouldn't bother.

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