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Hello my friends. I just wanted to say that I really love this board. Everything that I have experienced on this board has been amazing. I have a collection of screenshot from /tg/ and every time that I get down, I go to my folder. To remind me of good. To remember why I want to play games. To remember what I want to be. To just know that which I enjoy. The elegan/tg/entlemen have taught me a lot, and prevented me from becoming a much worse person than I am now. I'm rambling now, but I just want to say thank you. You. Each dm and player that taught me about the amazing world that is and will forever be traditional games. Feel good about yourself, and as always,
Stay classy /tg/.

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Does that person person really not know who Daria is?

That aside thanks I/we guess.

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Its daria and number one.

Goddamn kids not growing up in the 90's

Or not being manchildren in the 90's

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Is OP just going to leave us with that image? Now I'm curious what the hell is going on there.

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>number one

What is goin on in that picture, anyway?

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>Number one

That's Numbah One

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this image makes no sense, Numbah One would grow up to be a bumbling doofus like most parents are, that or a super villain like most other adults are

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Numbahmind. Seriously OP, don't leave us hanging.

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But if they're the illuminati, then he would be a supervillain of a kind. Just a more complicated one. And everyone knows that Ed is the real genius. Obfusticating Stupidity, just like with Pinky. Also, why no Dib? What's up with that?

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Competent, is what I meant. But complicated makes sense, too.

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dib was retarded

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At least he did shit, unle Edd.

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I was sure that the K.N.D. had some sort of SUPER DEVICE that allowed a kid to still stay amazing/competent even into adulthood. It would make sense that Numbah One pulled a Numbah Zero, maintaining his abilities into his teenage/early twenties.

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I also love /tg/. I love it so much I got it this.

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That better be an epic-level crossover there.


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So if they're the Illuminati, who are the plucky heroes trying to bring them down?

My vote: Finn the human.

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Why do both Dexter and Double D look like jawbreakers.

That was just Double D's thing.

Also yeah, Dib needs to be in there.

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>Also, why no Dib?
He was about uncovering conspiracies and trying to uncover plots.

He's probably working against the Illuminati.

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With DeeDee and Ed. Mandark and that fat rich kid from Johnny Test are a League of Evil, with Scrappy Doo at the head.

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just found the OP pic on deviantart.
not real.

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>4 girls
>4 guys
Who is paired with whom?

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A new Emprah picture for my collection!

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What's up with his hand? Did the artist forget how a fist is supposed to look?

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It's not a fist, his palm is facing up and his index finger is extended. It's a "come here" pose.

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What the fuck are Velma and Daria doing there, aside from being female?

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It's just slightly awkward posing. Red is real arms.

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>A commission I recently got, this was completely "out there." I mean, never in my life did I imagine I'd be drawing something like this: a collection of the greatest geniuses in the history of cartoons, all brought together to decide the fate of the world in secret! How fun is that?

Interesting to note that it was a commission...presumably the patron had a plan for this picture...

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Velma is conspiratorial as fuck, don't even act like it's not true. I don't even know who Daria even is.

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Daria Morgendorffer from MTV's Daria, a spin-off of Beavis and Butthead. I'd recommend checking it out, it is pretty funny.

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Daria was some emo bitch before being an emo bitch was hip. The show had its moments but was largely forgettable.

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The best question is, what the fuck are Johnny Test's sisters doing in that picture? That show is horrible, and it would be best if artists could refrain from drawing them in the future.

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I want porn of that velma (I want porn of almost any velma)

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There's also a festive version! I hope you aren't on the Heretic list . . .

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because they're still cartoon genius people of the type very similar to Dexter. That's why they're there.

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Not quite.

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Can we get that picture without the ms paint arrows please?

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Awesome, thanks.

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Really? All those awesome shows in one picture and... Johnny Test? Bleh.

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Numbah One is with Dariah. The Test sisters have boyfriends who aren't in the group. The rest are single.

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What is this "Illuminati" thing?

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Jimmy Neutron and Dexter are an item on the side, but no one really talks about it.

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Jimmy Neutron was also pretty bad.
Not as bad as Test, but still bad compared to the rest of the shows on the pic

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The "shadowy group" that "controls the workings of the world."

Something a couple of stoners thought up in the 60s as a ridiculous plot to sell books full of sex and drugs and the world ran with it and now somehow it's a thing.

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OP here, didnt know that my image would provoke such reaction. I believe the image came from an alt art thread, either here or on /b/. Heres my shittily updated vs.

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Shittily indeed.

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So let's see.

Daria: The head of the group. Her inquisitive and cynical nature, along with her manipulative personality, would allow her to keep the crazy nutjobs in check. Not a field operative - instead, she manipulates the media, and uses the crazy technology the others create to do it.

Numbah One: The field leader and "heart" of the team, he can manage the crazy personalities and powers of the others when Daria can't.

Velma: Expert on mysteries - if you rule the world, there's bound to be a lot of them. Also, the paranormal. After all, some versions of Scooby Doo had real ghosts on them.

The Test Sisters, Jimmy Neutron and Dexter are in charge of Crazy technology. One of the main jobs of the others is keeping them productive in making useful things and keeping them from blowing it all up.

Double D: Runs the world financial system.

Together: Secretly rules the world.

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even when there was canon paranormal stuff Velma knew almost nothing about it. Her analytical skills would be used to identify and follow any organizations working against their own.

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Wanna know what's weird?

All of the other people are olde then what they were when they were in their respective cartoons.

Velma looks like she just finished shooting her last Scooby Doo. Which was in like 1985.

That was almost 30 years ago.

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Only Jimmy Neutron and Numbah One differ in ways that can't be ascribed to art style.

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Long ago, in her travels, Velma discovered the terrible secret of eternal life. Ever since she has circled the world, investigating the mysterious and searching, always searching for the answers of her mysterious transformation.

One day she will have all the answers.
And one day, she will find a way to finally die.

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I never understood that. You're immortal. That's cause for celebration, not regret.

And she's not even older than a normal human being, even if she were naturally a teen in the 60's!

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>her last scooby doo

You know there's still a scooby doo series going on right now right?

In which she's totally and openly achin' for shaggy's bacon.

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I'm with you on that. I don't get how becoming immortal seems to invariably make people suicidal. I think it's just peoples' way of rationalizing away their massive desire for immortality. "Oh, uh, I don't want this PERFECT THING because, um, eventually immortals get tired of living? Yeah, that's it! They get bored of life and become suicidal."

Bull fucking shit.

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Oh sure, except for seeing everyone you ever knew, loved, and cared for die, being forced to move every couple of years so people don't realize you're not normal, and a distinct alienation because you know you're not like everyone else.


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Numbah One and Daria.
Edd and Velma.
Dexter and the Twins.

FUCK Jimmy Neutron.

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That's a reason to make sure everyone ELSE is immortal too. Not to commit suicide.

The tragedy is that everyone else is short-lived, not that you are long lived.

Also, I made a mistake. I'm not OP in these two posts:

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>using TvTropes to make a philosophical point

>> No.18261450

>Not using tvtropes to make a philosophical point

I bet you also expect to use "scholarly sources" here, too.

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I want to live forever. Yeah, all your friends will die off - but guess what! You can make new friends. Did you know that some, and possibly all, of your friends will die over the course of your natural lifetime as well?

Why would I want to suffer all the emotional pains of life AND get old at the same time? Sign me the fuck up for clinical immortality!

>> No.18261468

Generally speaking, people use pretty good sources here. Not always peer-reviewed, perhaps, but a hell of a lot better than TVtropes.

>> No.18261476

AND you get to live through the heat death of the Universe if you play your cards right! Fuck yea!

>> No.18261480

>defending TvTropes

>> No.18261483

Yeah, because elderly people invariably become depressed and suicidal, failing to keep a lively spirit and a love of life once their friends and family start dying. I would relish immortality. I would live so fucking hard.

>> No.18261486

>being forced to move every couple of years so people don't realize you're not normal
I've lived in the place I live now for five years without so much as meeting even one of my neighbors, and I'm not even trying to keep a low profile.

I think the whole, "must keep moving" thing some people think attends immortality is greatly exaggerated.

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Death is a part of the human condition. On top of that, living forever would tear your sanity to shreds after the second hundred years.

>> No.18261510

Way to dash our hopes and dreams.

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load up a GTA game
put in the infinite health cheat
now play the game however you want. do missions. wander the city. make money.
continue for hours. and hours. never stop playing the game
finish all the missions. get all the weapons. get the best everything, the most money. and keep playing. hours and hours and hours. driving around in your cars, staring at lifeless npcs. occasionally killing them and running from the cops. or not running, it doesn't matter.
do you see where I'm going yet? eternity is a long time. the usual metaphor is a bird moving a beach from Florida to Spain a single grain at a time, that is the first day of eternity

>> No.18261526

>five years
oh man, that's almost like eternity!

>> No.18261527

Just because you don't converse with your neighbors doesn't mean that they aren't going to notice that someone who lives nearby literally hasn't aged in a decade.

>> No.18261530

>living forever would tear your sanity to shreds after the second hundred years.
That's a pretty subjective statement. The general mental decline most old people suffer is mostly the result of physical degradation of the brain caused by aging, not a psychological state.

Without that degradation, it's unclear if there would be any loss in sanity over time.

>> No.18261531

There's nothing wrong with using TVTropes so long as you use it for its intended purpose: to identify the tropes most commonly used in modern television and literature. A tvtropes article might not be viable in a doctoral thesis, but when someone asks "what's up with all the movie and tv portrayals of immortals as suicidal?" it's a legit response.

>> No.18261536

Sure it does. Show me a person who's 200 years. Then I'll believe assertions about it.

>> No.18261540

Says you. No one has ever lived that long. We don't know.

If you're young, fit, and capable for two hundred years - chances are, you'll like living for 200 years.

People get depressed when they get OLD, and their body gets old. They don't like their friends dying and the world changing. But because they're old, they don't adapt as readily to change. Their mind starts going. They wet themselves and have to wear diapers.

But if you're in a 20 year old body for 200 years, the big issue is that the world will change and people around you will die.

The solution to both is giving everyone ELSE immortality. You'll have peers who think like you do to hang out with forever, so it won't be a concern.

In reality, immortals would probably hang out most with other immortals. And they'd desperately want their loved ones to share their gift.

>> No.18261542

The real issue isn't being known by people, it's being known by the system.

You'd have to periodically talk to some government people with a new official birth date, tell them that apparently such and such a thing lists you as over 100 years of age which can't be right as you're only 20. You'll need to forge a birth certificate, probably.

Or just go off the grid.

>> No.18261559

>Just because you don't converse with your neighbors doesn't mean that they aren't going to notice that someone who lives nearby literally hasn't aged in a decade.
Assuming he's an adult, they probably wouldn't notice for a few decades, and then they'd just think he has good genes for a few more.

>> No.18261569

Or just be totally up-front with them about not aging. Get labeled a medical marvel - some sort of bizarre not-aging condition. Why the fuck would I try to keep up a masquerade?

>> No.18261571


You were putatively talking to the person talking about how, in real life, immortality would be a bad thing here:


in which case linking to TvTropes is really, really stupid. "Here's a bunch of shittily written blurbs of times when immortality was bad in fiction! That's why immortality is bad!"

>> No.18261572

i was kinda sorta hoping to imply some kind of horrible eldritch connection.

>> No.18261582

People would start wanting to study you pretty quick. Also an advantage is a lot harder to leverage when everyone knows you have it.

>> No.18261607

Sure. Except that's a videogame and a stupid analogy.

The real world actually changes. The top moves up higher. Fashions change. Priorities change.

Videogames are not like that. Of COURSE they get boring after a while; they're not dynamic.

And think, we haven't even left this planet, and there's TONS of places we haven't explored, colonized, or seen.

You have every nation on the planet to visit, you can explore the deep oceans, dark jungle and Antarctica and much more before you'll ever get tired of life here - and it keeps changing over time.

And imagine the sea of stars! The endless planets, strange sights! Colonize new worlds! Explore strange places. Climb the mountains of the world made out of diamond. Hang-glide on the pitch-black gas giant. Explore the strange worlds in the void between the stars.

There's SO MUCH to see and do! Not in a billion years could I experience a TENTH of the content in real life.

And you want to compare that to a tiny, changeless, shitty game?


>> No.18261610


"Hey medical science, literally nothing you do to me can kill me!"

>> No.18261622

I just want to experience things forever. If I get paid huge amounts of money for biopsies and blood samples and shit? Even better. It wouldn't be some super-miraculous world-changing thing. It would be, "Huh, how odd, this one person seems not to age at all. We'll take samples and try to figure out what the condition is and whether or not we can replicate it. We'll compensate him fairly for his time."

It's not, "Let's strap him down, cut him open, and see what makes him tick."

I wouldn't advertise recovery from any damage, just that I don't age. It would be researched the same as the hyper-aging disease. No more and no less, save for one or two longevity research groups probably wanting a monthly blood sample, which I would be happy to sell to them.

>> No.18261628

I wasn't putatively talking to anybody about anything. I'm just an observer. TVTropes is a bunch of people observing pop culture trends, which tend to reflect, at least somewhat, trends of human thought in general. So linking it isn't entirely baseless.

>> No.18261635

Good. LET them. Maybe everyone will get to be immortal.

And if they mistreat you? So what. You'll outlive them. You'll outlive the prison. You'll outlive their CIVILIZATION.

Meanwhile, the public finds out, and you're a grand celebrity. A demigod.

The thing to do if you're immortal is not hide it, but SHOUT it from the rooftops.

And study politics. Study them hard.

In a few generations, you'll be better at leading than anyone else on the planet. After all, the best they can do is practice for a lifetime.

You've had several.

All hail the immortal Emperor of all mankind! A sign of eternal stability in a chaotic universe!

>> No.18261640

>"I'm not talking to people I directly quote"

>> No.18261649

Exactly. Besides, how many people really spend their whole lives living in one place anymore? You might have a neighbor for ten or twenty years, but rarely longer than that. Within that time frame, nobody's going to notice that you don't age.

And as for the issue of "the system" it would be pretty easy to get around that by putting your assets in a paper company and then faking your own death. As far as government records go "you" no longer exist, and all legal issues relating to taxes and deeds and so forth go through the company. There's nothing at all suspicious about a company existing for centuries, as long as you occasionally change the name of the alleged CEO (you, of course, operating under a pseudonym).

>> No.18261663

I wasn't the poster you referenced, idiot. I didn't post anything in this thread before >>18261531 this post. So no, I wasn't quoting anyone.

Go be fat somewhere else.

>> No.18261665

Or don't even hide the fact. "I haven't really been aging since my mid 20's - not physically anyway. I'm not going to look this gift horse in the mouth. I am totally me, though. Here's my driver's licenses in sequence - I am the same dude. My prints are logged from a century ago too." You would be a medical oddity, sure, and probably mildly famous, but beyond that, it's not as if your life as you know it would end if people knew that you kept not-dying and not-aging.

>> No.18261671

I'd be happy with genetically modified to have permanently high levels of telomerase. Ageless and healthy. Still plenty killable though, so I won't be too full of myself.

>> No.18261673

Suddenly surgeries without anesthesia. Autopsies without being dead. Prodding around your organs, they can't kill you, they won't be concerned.

YOu can't age, but you can still hurt. And being cut open fucking hurts. And even if it didn't, I'd imagine being poked and prodded around inside would be awfully uncomfortable, much less if they get the idea to pick my brain up and stick it in a jar to see if it still works or whatever.

>> No.18261692


It's like the Iluminati from Marvel, whose members were Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Namor, Black Bolt, Mister Fantastic, and Professor X.

>> No.18261705

Numbah One looks so much like Spider Jerusalem in that pic it's uncanny.

>> No.18261707


Why is Daria in that group?

>> No.18261710


Alright then, so you're still defending using TvTropes in a debate on why being immortal would be bad. So you're still stupid, just not the particular kind of stupid I thought I was talking to.

>> No.18261713

Hey, even Spider was a kid at some point.

>> No.18261730

Everyone always assumes that the government will do this if you're immortal, because they're assholes.

They might, but the key to preventing that is to be rich and famous.

They'll do that if you're poor and a nobody. But if you're popular with the general public, and if you can hire lobbyists to control the government, then they won't risk kidnapping you to do crazy weird shit to you.

And you're IMMORTAL. Getting power before you decide to out yourself is just common sense, and for you, easy.

Work a normal job. Invest in bonds. Wait. You've got a ton of cash.

Work a corporate job or start a corporation. Climb your way up the ladder. Learn the ropes. You now know step two. Live off the investments and a large quantity of cash.

Do things to make yourself famous and loved. You've got time - do it right.

You're a rich, famous person who the public loves. And you've got security.

Kidnapping you? Forget it.

And this assumes the government is mindlessly evil and full of douchebags in the first place. While not off base, real doctors take an oath to do no harm. They'd refuse to do it.

>> No.18261740

It's not as if TVTropes is the only argument that exists. Aside from "herp derp i'm cool watch me hate what's popular" I have yet to hear a compelling reason not to include it in the discussion.

>> No.18261743

>Work a normal job. Invest in bonds. Wait. You've got a ton of cash.

Cause all those non-immortal people who do that all wound up as millionaires right?

>> No.18261750

Because you're using fiction to prove a point in real life. Now justify why that's not retarded instead of making the non-point of "Well *I* like it, so there! Nyah."

>> No.18261768

> implying fiction has no place in discussions of real life

Found your problem. You're retarded. Fiction is full of insights and observations about humanity and the human condition. Excluding it from the discussion is like excluding art from a conversation about beauty.

>> No.18261776

>using fiction
>in a discussion about fictional situations

Not seeing a downside to his logic, bro.

>> No.18261792

Some do. The primary issue is that they are NOT immortal, and they grow old and have numerous health costs and spend money on things like kids, and helping family.

A single person working solely for themselves over a long period of time, making guaranteed investments such as bonds, even if low interest, will eventually become insanely rich.

That's just simple math and logic.

And if you're eternally young, you can do a lot of jobs that other people would get fired from as they age.

>> No.18261793


OP: Man, I'd love to be immortal. Think of all the cool stuff you could do

You: No, dude, remember when that fictional character couldn't die and he was sad?

Using fiction to discuss real life is like using porno to discuss sex. Only mental children would think it was pertinent.

>> No.18261797

>a collection of the greatest geniuses in the history of cartoons

>> No.18261798

>hypothetical != fictional

>> No.18261821

Except it's not just "remember this one guy who couldn't die."

It's "But if you were immortal, you might get bored, like ____. Or you might get incredibly depressed as you grow to love generation after generation of friends, only to see them die, like ____. Or you could fall into a 50-year coma like Rip Van Winkle and wake up in a whole new world."

It's not just "this character was sad." Fiction is full of hypothetical reasons WHY an immortal man would be sad. And you would dismiss them because, what? Because they're hypothetical? Kind of like... the idea of becoming immortal?

>> No.18261837

Hypothetical != "real life." I fail to see your point, since your argument was >>18261750 "in real life."

>> No.18261852

And we've already addressed those.

If those make you sad, you need to push humanity further. Try to make them immortal. Explore the planet. Fly on spaceships and explore the stars!

The universe is FULL of things to do.

And if you run out of new things to do?

Find work you love and just keep on doing it.

I'd like to be a cook for two or three hundred years. Perhaps an artist or a sculptor for two or three hundred after that. Maybe I'd become a manager of a new colony on an alien world for a while; a thousand years perhaps.

And after long enough, you can go back and do it all again.

There's SO MUCH to live for.

The mortality of other people is the real problem, and if it makes you sad, you've got an eternal goal - help humanity and make them live forever.

It's a noble quest.

>> No.18261867

Except that the whole point of hypothetical games is that it's accepted that it's happening "for real." You would never bring up fiction when having a discussion after hypothetically losing a loved one, because that would be stupid because this is real life and fiction is fiction.

And also it's TvTropes, and instead of presenting any kind of decent writing it's all written by sub-deviantart fans who deuce "egregious" every third word and cite the same five properties for virtually every article. Literally any other place would be better.

>> No.18261874

I do, that's who! Seriously, yes it would suck to have your friends and loved ones die on you, but normal healthy people learn to cope. They may not be walking around anymore but they can be right there in your heart. They live on as a part of you. So stop bitching and do some good with your long life. Maybe figure out a way to make Game$ Work$hop stop price gouging us.

>> No.18261880

200 years? 1000 years? If you are healthy and can deal with outliving everyone you'll do fine. It's when we get the the point of the planet dying, the galaxy becoming unlivable, the heat death of the universe, THAT'S when immortality starts to suck. That's a damn potent sort of it though, and even then at worst an eternal rest is just a black hole away.

>> No.18261907

Considering the heat death of the universe is a completely unproven theory that is just the latest in a long line of theories about how the universe works, I wouldn't be too worried about that.

As for the planet, I suspect that after a thousand years, any immortal would have become sufficiently wealthy and powerful to steer humanity towards space travel if we don't go that way on our own.

>> No.18261910

And if you're a misanthrope? Or if you despise the pursuit of science? Or what if you're just plain not smart enough?

What if you believe that immortality is blasphemous, or that it violates some philosophical principle?

What if you're disgusted by the direction culture has taken and you don't believe humanity DESERVES immortality?

How about in Zardoz where, without the urgency of death, life loses its savor? With an infinite time before you to do everything, how do you summon the fire to do anything?

>> No.18261917

By then, if it's at all possible, you should have found a way to escape to another universe or, better, CREATE another universe by that point.

I have a dream, gentlemen.

It is a dream of eternity, when every man, woman, and child is older than any of the stars.

When every rock, planet, gas-giant, or place that could potentially hold life does - human life.

Mankind is on every place that can hold human life, on every world, around every star, in every galaxy in the ENTIRE universe.

And when it is old, and cold, and dark, they open up the path to the infinite multiverse.

And they venture out to fill them as fully as they filled their own.

All the stars that shine are OURS to take! Live forever, and claim it all in the name of mankind!

>> No.18261938

> You would never bring up fiction when having a discussion after hypothetically losing a loved one



You would NEVER use fiction to compare to someone's real life? REALLY? The number of ways you're wrong... it physically hurts my brain. People compare their lives to fiction ALL THE FUCKING TIME. People make hypotheticals involving fiction ALL THE FUCKING TIME. People have taken fiction and MADE THE THINGS IN FICTION REAL.

Seriously, you're retarded.

>> No.18261949

> misusing literally
I hate you. I hate you so many times.

I wish I could literally hate you out of existence. The world would be better without you in it.

>> No.18261955

Then you're an utter tool and would have been miserable without immortality.

Advanced technology can MAKE you smarter. Culture will change yet again, and you'll eventually find something you enjoy. You just need to learn to take the bad times with the good, and roll with the punches.

As for life losing its savor - that's crazy. Life is all about living. A chef is not depressed because he cannot die when creating a great dish. A carpenter is not depressed because he cannot die when making a new house.

Life is in creation, preservation, growth, and experience. And even after you've seen it all, you can always hit rewind and watch all your favorite parts all over again.

There's nothing at all wrong with being a farmer forever, if you're happy and content with that. There's nothing wrong with being a mechanic, or businessman, or artist.

And if that profession gets boring to you, just take a break. Do something else. Over time, you may come to enjoy it again, just for the sake of doing.

Even in the face of a dark and uncaring universe, I am not a nihilist. Nothing I do may matter, but that doesn't matter to me. I'm an anti-nihilist. I love life and living, and I don't care if the universe is cold and uncaring. I'm not. And that matters.

>> No.18261958


If you've ever seriously thought of fiction during a major real life event like the birth of your child or the death of your parent, you've either never really experienced the event in question or are borderline autistic.

>> No.18261971

Except I'm not. Because I'm being hyperbolic by saying that any other place in existence would be better than TvTropes. I know you're wringing your English major hands in righteous indignation, but all of the regular people clearly understand what was being attempted. There there, little fella.

>> No.18261992

I can't talk to you, because you've clearly never actually READ anything fictional, ever. Because if you'd read even one thing, in first fucking grade, you'd have some real life experience which compares to something you've read. So either you're being deliberately obtuse, or you've never read anything in your entire life. They seem equally likely at this point.

>> No.18262004

If you're being hyperbolic, you DON'T USE THE WORD LITERALLY. That word exists solely to clarify that you're NOT being hyperbolic or ironic or sarcastic.

>> No.18262009


"Hey, if your mom died, would you be sad?"
"I don't know, the guy in The Stranger wasn't very sad when his mom died, so probably not"

>> No.18262020

Cause it's not like people very use "seriously" when not being serious or "honestly" when not being honest!


>> No.18262022

So your argument is basically "if your opinions differ from mine you're a massive tool?"

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. It's /tg/.

>> No.18262030

*very much

>> No.18262039

This thread was a lot more interesting when it was about that picture and not arguing about something from a TvTropes article...

>> No.18262051

> Yeah, but I remembered what a champ Luke Skywalker was about his dad dying. It made me feel better about it.

Nothing wrong with either of those, as long as you can empathize with that character. It's not an arbitrary decision. You don't throw a dart at a fucking dartboard full of book titles and say "well, this book had some characters, so I agree with those."

>> No.18262059

That's because they're lying. They are erroneously using the word. It's equally wrong. That's not a justification for you using it wrong.

>> No.18262067

You fellas were doing it all wrong.

>> No.18262071

It's almost like exaggerating something for comedic effect doesn't obey conventional rhetorical standards.

>> No.18262075

No. If you are a loser who refuses to grow, change, or get over the emotional trauma of losing people so you can improve, be a better person, and continue living, you are a massive tool.

Are you a massive tool? The post wasn't about you. It was about whiny immortal nihilists.

>> No.18262081


>> No.18262086

Again, if you've ever earnestly thought of fiction during a real life event as it was happening, you're pretty childish. Thinking about Luke Skywalker when your parent dies? Really?

>> No.18262092

Derped on Nigel.

>> No.18262100

Huh, when did we learn Dexter's last name?

>> No.18262109

Immortality isn't an event. It's a state of being. You don't think of Luke Skywalker at your dad's deathbed, the second he dies. You think about him later, when you're struggling with the sorrow of your loss. You use fiction to help you reflect on the events in your own reality.

>> No.18262112

It would appear to be a humourous reference to the TV series Dexter.

>> No.18262119

Isn't morgan the last name of the Dexter from that TV show about the faggot who murders people with his terrible pale lips and five o'clock shadow?

>> No.18262125

Yeah, bothered to Google it after asking. Cute.

>> No.18262126

A state of being is all the more inappropriate to link to fiction. I doubt diabetes patients look through fiction for other diabetics to get through their ordeal.

>> No.18262135

I think you misunderstand the purpose of fiction. When properly crafted, fiction relates to us and gives us a perspective for the human condition. In fact, the degradation of story can be related to the decline of civilization. I will grant you a lack of sources but Story by Robert McKee is a start.

>> No.18262141

That's because diabetes doesn't raise serious philosophical inquiries, faggot. But I bet you there are plenty of cancer patients who read stories about cancer survivors, or watch tv shows about people living with cancer, and derive some strength from that.

>> No.18262213

If not heat death there's still a bunch of other conditions for extremely long duration periods of "this fucking sucks". Galaxies do die eventually, and it'll be a long trip to anywhere else.

>> No.18262232

Stay classy, /tg/.

>> No.18262259


If someone uses a work to get themselves through something, that's by the agency of the person, not the fiction. They just as easily could have picked a biography on a cancer survivor or a cancer survivor in their own family. People have empathy, not fiction.

>> No.18262779

i really did not mean to kill your thread, op. Sorry for that whole immortality thing.

>> No.18265841

>> No.18266538

Aren't you mistaking these two Dexter ?

>Dexterses ?
>Dexters ?

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