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Old one hit the image limit

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Also, why don't more people use thread subjects? I realize I derped and used the name box but my point stands.

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YESS been looking for that one forever.

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it always makes me inexplicably happy when a screencap i put together bubbles up to the surface in someones thread.

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Does anyone have a screencap of Alphonse Kapown?

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Does anyone have the Ranger's Lullaby? I used to have a screencap, but that was about 4 HD crashes ago.

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I've a few for a /tg/ related dream thread.

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Sorry, got distracted.

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And I'm out.

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Does anyone have the one about the town guard who mollywhomped two PC's, then came back later on as the PC'S were doing sneaky-type shenanigans?

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Does anybody have the one about the Black Jester?

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What the hell, Waffle, you promised us Henderson!

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Oh god yes.

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Does anyone have the one about a paladin going "not how i play your game" or something?

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Sounds vaguely familiar, moar details?

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Paladin played with a fall-happy dm but took a third option every time there was a moral quandry.

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I think I have the one you are looking for.

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Yes! That's it, thanks.

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I shall tell of the tale of Donovan Grahm, Paladin Theif extraordinaire!

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I may play my entire gaming career without ever reaching this level of awesome. Was this writefaggotry or RP storyteim?

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I was in that thread. It was likely 1-3 posts below the screencap. That was fun.

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Was there some more beyond that? No offense but that seems fairly baseline, what makes it stand proud as a true piece of /tg/ lore?

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I'm getting old and suffer form chronic insomnia, so I can't remember too much about the thread besides the fact that it quickly became a discussion of NSFW topics. The only vaguely funny thing about the situation was that a round 2 or three people recognized the character in the image or had head/read the hentai manga "My Balls," which is a fascinating piece of literature.

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Hmmm... WHat I meant was that the OP did not think that anyone would recognize the image, let alone 1 anon and 2 namefags (i think it was 3, but it may have been more. I definitely remember that more posters had heard or read "My Balls" than initially spoke up. I believe we discussed pornography in that thread.

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Old thread 404'd, can now post this again.

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Always makes me feel awesome when I see someone post that.

Speaking as the player, it was a pinch of one and a pound of the other. The dialog was dramatized because I couldn't remember all the lines exactly, but the events all played out as written.

The whole campaign had been truly epic though. Seven years running, with a finale that involved every PC ever being brought back to fight the big evil that had been hinted at since almost the first game.

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It is something I often take a few moments to read through and enjoy, when searching through images.

Out of sheer curiosity, I don't suppose you have any other stories you might be willing to share with us do you?

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If I could, I'd probably tell the story of the whole game from start to finish. The DM had a great concept of having us play a campaign with one set of characters, then skip ahead several generations in the same setting to see the results of those characters actions and choices.

The problem with that makes for telling a lot of the stories though is that it's hard to tell the tale from one generation without needing to sideline into details about the last one. Explaining what the hell was going on in the Heartsblood War and how powerful the dwarf Cor Coalburn's choice was means having to explain all about the First Breath and the fate of the Dragon and so on.

The campaign Donovan came from had connections to the other games and a lot of impact further on, but at the time it was deliberately reference-low because we were bringing a new player in and didn't want to terrify them.

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This thread is beautiful. Lemme see what I've got saved.

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And of course, the classic.

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Is this where SPIDERS started or does /tg/'s love of the eight-legged bros go deeper?

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Well, if at any time you should choose to tell us a few stories, I know I personally will be quite eager to read them.

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I think this was the first major thread, but spiders have been a staple of fantasy games from the outset.

There's a crazy spider monster in LotR, for fuck's sake.

I seem to recall there being another thread (probably in the archive somewhere) where a person was making weapons entirely out of scorpions, because spiders got old.

Who knows.

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Wow she wrote pretty legibly on her own back.

>> No.18263308

Then again, the arrows aren't actually pointing toward a hole, so I'm still going to have to give her an D-. Misleading illustration is unacceptable.

Either make it accurate, or don't have diagrams at all.

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I would have loved to be there for the thread.

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An this is why we never let anyone stop us from wanting to be an adventurer.

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The first time i literally laughed out loud at /tg/

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>284 posts and 57 image replies omitted

There's absolutely no way this isn't on suptg.

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I've been lookin and to no avail. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough but I'll be damned if I haven't be able to find it.

You'd think just typing "Rape Factory" in the search bar would take you right to it.

Also, this thread lacks Boxcar Joe, the Magic Hobo.

>> No.18263419

The thread really wasn't all that good. It started out amusing, but by the half-way point it really wasn't worth the read.

>> No.18263456

The most amusing thing about it really was the thread some time after revealing that they had found and closed down a "rape factory" in Syria iirc.

>> No.18263458

Speaking of, Waffle promised storyteim.

>> No.18263461

oh but it isn't. It was but the admins deleted it because RAPE IS BAD!

however we have proper archives not just suptg

>> No.18263464

Yikes. I found it on the graveyard list from the last purge.

For what it's worth, it had a score of +31 when it died.

>> No.18263495

Just looked it up, it was Jordan, not Syria.

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>This is the worst thread since the discussion of how many spiders you could fit inside a drow's uterus

Man, even /tg/'s archived threads reference archived threads.

>> No.18263524

They would hardly reference future threads, would they?

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Last one I got for the night, then I'm off. Here's hoping this thread is still here when I get back.

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We should damn well start.

The next time you have an idea for a ridiculous thread like that, you need to reference it offhand two or three weeks beforehand, as if you expect the other people to get the reference.

Like that thread three days from now, where That guy from /m/ started a thread about being a paladin of Coyote...

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Right, and some guy started posting pictures of chicks with guns.

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It says spunk in me, you can spunk right where the arrows are pointing.

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Does anyone have that one where people are talking about if a werewolf has sex with a wolf, is it bestiality?

>> No.18265613



Why the fuck would you ask something like that?
Better yet, why the fuck would /tg/ answer that?

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Anyone else have any more WoD ones? They're hard to come by, I know, but I laughed my ass off at the Crimson Bat.

>themselves undedPr
Yes, they are unded.

>> No.18265709

Honestly that sounds a lot like something /tg/ would discuss over 260 replies in a thread.

>> No.18265749

The thread began by asking about a specific rules point in GURPS.

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Huh, I would have guessed FATAL.

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It was.

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>thread began by asking about a specific rules point in GURPS.

Do you normally pretend you were around for things, or does it just come naturally?

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Knowing /tg/ it could have happened...

>> No.18265924

>missed out 'probably'
>now look like arse
> my apologies to >>18265903

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Mister Bombardini. There's two threads - the initial one where the player describes creating an obese, gentlemanly vampire to troll a terrible group, and a second thread where Bombardini was revived for a non-serious game of Vampire.

Highlights include luchador vampires, Orlock Ray Charles, and a villain so stupid it could only be in the World of Darkness.

>> No.18266023

>that feel when you're the one who screen capped that

>> No.18266068

>>18265950 , >>18265693 here. I read the first Bombardini one but don't recall the second - though I do remember one where the DM from Bombardini's game came to /tg/ to pitch an unrighteous bitch. The Luchador/Orlock Ray Charles one is in the archives? Or just a screenshot?

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Any more?

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Aw, old thread died, oh well, I have a bunch. First of all, I didn't screencap it, but you should check out the Tale of Reginald "Ragin Reggie" Dempsey here:


That shit be awesome and an inspiration for facepunchers everywhere.

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They're mostly reposts from the previous thread, but still nice to put them up in case someone missed them.

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The second thread of it's going on right now, too.


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Hell yeah more Reggie. I just noticed the article's been updated as well.

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This one is over 4 years old.

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And that's it, I have no more to share. The rest I have are from this thread right here.

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Somebody screencapped my post. I am pleased with this.

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