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>worship Tzeentch
>you get awesome wizard powers and shit
>worship Khorn
>the easiest path to daemonhood, you only need to sterilize a few planets
>worship Slaanesh
>all the pussy you could ever ask for
>worship Nurgle
>your face becomes pic related

It's no wonder Papa N is the least respected of the Chaos Gods.

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you also become immune to all other diseases and feel the love of nurgle. he really does love you

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True that.

Nurgle loves all his children. Even the ones who don't embrace him. He's the Chaos God of Peace and Love. He even happily saved the Eldar goddess of health and healing from the clutches of Slaanesh!

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Nurgle is olev

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>worship Nurgle
>Become immortal and loved by a god of chaos.
Sure, nothing good here at all.

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"Immortal" You'll end up as a puddle of pus eventually.

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It's implied that Nurgle-worshippers feel no pain from their afflictions.
Many who turn to the Plaguefather do so to escape their suffering.

Also, picture of diseases make me itchy, but this one is especially bad, as it's both nauseating and sad. Couldn't you have gotten your point across w/o the pic, OP?

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Also, unlike those other ones, fail Nurgle and he won't think less of you. He still loves you and he is glad that you tried.

If you fail Khorne, your a worthless Coward. If you fail Tzeetch, there are other ambitious people who deserve their time to shine. Fail Slaanesh and you are now facing space Demon PMS.

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A puddle of very alive and walking pus that doesn't feel pain and can survive just about anything. While feeling an emotion that only worshippers of nurgle seem to feel in the whole 40k universe: happiness.

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>Also, picture of diseases make me itchy, but this one is especially bad, as it's both nauseating and sad. Couldn't you have gotten your point across w/o the pic, OP?

You're going to offend Papa Nurgle saying stuff like this about his blessings.

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>worship nurgle
>eventually turn into a puddle of goo
>Your immortal soul, instead of being devoured by demons, is carted to Nurgle
>He smiles and puts you in a tree
>Eventually the tree pops open and you become a bitching immortal cyclops demon
>Nurgle gives you a steady job with decent pay and great health benefits as a plague accountant
>Nurgle introduces you to a girl with most of her face left
>Nurgle gives you a shitload of money and a new warpcar as a wedding gift
>You live happily for all eternally
>Meanwhile Dipshit Khornefag is being pissed on by bloodletters for not being insane enough, Slaaneshfag killed himself 6000 years ago out of boredom once he became numb to everything, and Tzeentchfag is a chaos spawn that shits into it's own mouth every time it tries to walk

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Nurgle offers the best thing of all.


Sure, Tzeentch may offer genius and sorcery, and Khorne great martial skills and physical might...but will any of that make you happy?

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>worship Tzeentch
>you get turned into a hideous mutant and used as cannon fodder before your soul is devoured

>worship Khorne
>you get turned into a hideous mutant and used as cannon fodder before your soul is devoured

>worship Slaanesh
>you get turned into a hideous mutant and used as cannon fodder before your soul is devoured

>worship Nurgle
>you get turned into a hideous mutant and used as cannon fodder before your soul is devoured

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I would choose happiness, it's form doesn't matter

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>Get backstabbed by everyone, including my god, twice. Fear everyone.
>Opponents will seek to kill me constantly as I am a stepping stone to their ascension
>I get all the pussy I can get... in fact, I get it in excess. And I get it in so many ways it is no longer pussy at all and it is assfucking me.
>Feel no pain or fear, only happiness and love.

Yeah, sure, Nurgle is shit tier...

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It's an involuntary reaction. Bein' Papa Nurgle, I'm sure he won't take it personally.

(it's weird to say it about a Chaos deity, but all this is making Nurgle sound quite the bro)

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why not go chaos undivided?

If you please all four you get khorne's might, the skill of slaanesh, and cunning and magic of tzeentch and the resilience and endurance of nurgle.

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If anything Nurgle is Sadness and Despair.

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How generic is the magic Tzeench offers?

It's very important

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Don't the souls of Undivided wander though? Drifting in the Warp, unclaimed by any only to be torn apart by Chaos Furies?

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Wouldn't pleasing Tzeench anger Khorne?

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I'm pretty sure pleasing Khorne would anger Khorne.

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Or you could join the Imperium and live forever as legend.

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Nah, Furies are the souls of people who continually chopped and changed between worshipping one god then the other. Those who worship Chaos Undivided have made a deliberate choice to worship Chaos as a single entity or idea. If you worship one god for a few years, then abandon him and worship another, then get bored and switch to undivided, and so on, then when you die you end up a Fury.

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technically yes. Nurgle is both the embodiment of all life's rejection of death to the stubborn end and it's utter despair and acceptance of it.

You will be utterly broken and nurgle will make you happy by making whatever ails seem okay. he will take your despair and alter your perception of it. That's why his followers love him.

Now understand this all gods in this setting are neither good or evil. They are however massively malevolent.

Even the Emperor. He really wants what's best for you. He really does. He wants to do nothing more then help you all.

He just wants you to give up any semblance of freewill and independence. The Emperor is the warp god of slavery basically. He will give you meaning and purpose but will take away any free will.

Think about it.

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Exactly what I based my >>18257014 comment on.
Probably not lore accurate (as Nurgle is the said to be despair) but the Nurgle worshiper makes giggle.

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Er, sorry, misread your post.

If a soul is unclaimed, unless it has a very strong will or psychic essence, then it naturally just dissolves into the currents and eddies of the warp.

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Not totally correct.
The Emperor practically praised free will and ingenuity however without his leadership the high lords of terra have had to rule with an iron fist to replace his charisma and aura.

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Can I be a commissar?

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I'm going to need help understanding here, 'cause I thought malevolent was merely a synonym for "evil" or "evil intentions".

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>all gods malevolent
>gork and mork

wot da zog

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pleasing Tzeench will please Slaanesh. If you know what I mean

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>worship Nurgle
> gain health benefits
seems legit

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Most who try to worship Nurgle just die in agony. You need to be tough or lucky to start with in order to get any benefit.

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Do you have natural leadership qualities that are obvious from age 6?

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well so long as both served his will. remember that during the great crusade he was all too happy to sic his army on anyone who wouldn't join his empire.

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Nope, I'm a super beta faggot NEET

I just want one of those hats

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Yes but in the long run his uniting of everyone even if by force has worked out. imagine what would of happened if humanity had remained divided.

Munitorium drone for you

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Papa loves me and I love him!

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What's a Munitorium drone?

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Oh boy, AIDS!

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Basically your going to be an incredibly boring office drone for the rest of your life.

I hope you like spreadsheets!

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This game sucks, I'm gonna go play WoD

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I never knew the job market in the Imperium was so two sided.

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>Now understand this all gods in this setting are neither good or evil.
>They are however massively malevolent.

You know that malevolent literally means wanting bad things, ie being evil.

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Oh believe me. for every bit of action there are a 1000 office workers who did all the boring shit


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If I start out as a Tzeentch worshipper, for example, but realize that the benefits of Chaos Undivided get me better chances at achieving my goals, switch over and roll with it until I die, will I still become a fury?

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The chaos gods are actually pretty badly labled. Nurgle is not a god of "disease" or "despair", but of acedia. The disease imagery is just used to represent how hard Nurgle's fallowers don't give a fuck about anything. Of course not giving a fuck about personal hygiene also tends to promote disease too.

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I choose Malaal

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Looks like we got a hipster in here.

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They won't bless you nearly as much as one who commits fully to one of the Gods.

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Nurgle image thread?
Nurgle image thread.

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Probably one of my favorite Nurgle-Themed images.

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Hey, sorry for the horribly off-topic thing, but I've heard you guys here in /tg/ would be able to advise as you apparently know a lot.

Headphones, are these worth £95?

They're Audio-Technica ATH AD700s

And also if this really isn't the place to ask, just at all, just let me know and I'll delete the post, sage because my comment is useless

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You can find pretty comprehensive audiophile level reviews on head-fi. Just google them.

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try /g/ or /mu/ if you haven't already.

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Ha, awesome, thanks kindly.

I did try /g/ beforehand, didn't go well, didn't actually think of /mu/

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Which disease IS in OP picture?

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I'm not sure if /mu/ would be a good idea. But you can try if you want to risk a ban.

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Looks like Smallpox

I'm just gonna check out this Head-fi

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nurgle is disgusting but goddamn if those Plague Marines can't hold an objective.

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Malal is the best god ever....
Can there be warbands that are dedicated to two gods that don't have a beef with one another? Like Khorne and Nurgle or something?

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Art by GreenMarine.

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Oh thank you, dumpfag, I've been looking for some good nurgle pics!

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>go to Chaos God thread with Nurgle focus to ask about headphones




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Sure, if you worship Nurgle you look like a sack of shit covered in boils, but so does everyone else that worships him, and that's the price of being loved by the only god that loves his followers in the 41 century

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>Can there be warbands that are dedicated to two gods that don't have a beef with one another? Like Khorne and Nurgle or something?

Probably. They sure work well together on the tabletop - 'Zerkers to clear objectives, Plague Marines to hold 'em.

>yes I know it's pretty much the only viable CSM list right now, plus Obliterators and Lash Princes to be a complete dick about it

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Ha my bad, I just clicked at random. Honestly I'm surprised at how chilled you guys seem, had I tried this on /v/, /g/ or /mu/ I'd just get assaulted for daring to ask a question.

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You did good to post in an already existing thread, otherwise you might have been harassed a little, maybe banned.

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it's a Nurgle thread. in the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium, there is only War and Nurgle-themed chillout lounges.

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Wishing evil and being evil are different. The emperor is malevolent toward chaos. It doesn't necessarily make him evil.

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I posted in pre-existing threads on those boards too, didn't see much reason in just pissing people off from the get-go.

See, awesome.

I just wish I had friends who were interested in traditional games, I've always wanted to give them a shot, seem so interesting, like my fascination with text adventures, except much less limited

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Malal is who you go with when you realize the entire universe is a fucking joke and just want to see it all ripped apart into oblivion.

Suicidal cosmic temper tantrum.

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I don't play any traditional games at all, I'm just here for the community.

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Well, since this seems to be an active 40k thread, and the modelling one is some page over the rainbow, I'll ask here.
Quick conundrum:

Finally scrounged up enough cash to add a bit more points to my IG army. Namely, some FW stuff.

But I'm torn with the following choice: A full squad of Krieg Grenadiers, or half a squad of Elysian Veterans with shotguns (Or maybe a six-man set of Elysians with Missile Launchers or Sniper Rifles).
Price is about the same, and for a few pounds more I could toss in those Cadian torsos with shotguns to the Elysian half-squad (I have enough legs and heads to complete it).

Now, my conundrum is that Kriegers, while awesome and at full strength, don't fit in with my army's theme (Jungle Paratroopers with Catachans, Elysians, and Cadians for flavor). 'Though they might fit in my GK side-project.
The downside for the Elysians is that I'd be getting half a squad or slightly more if I go for the Weapon Teams.

Any suggestions? I'll have to go for sticker price since that bootleg site has none of these and neither does ebay.

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dude your whole theory is retarded anyhow, since chaos are gods of emotions..and i'm pretty sure "slavery" isn't an emotion.

mabye like, loyalty, dedication, something like that, but even then thats pretty retarded since the emperor stands for more than that.

basically the emperor stands for, well, i dont think he's a chaos but but he stands for everything good in humanity, which i guess are "chaotic" emotions but they aren't focused on too extremes or to the detriment of others.

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I can see why, but I don't know shit about any of them, or SPESS MAREENS either, more a /v/-/co/ thing, except /v/ is horrible.

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nurgle is a bro to all his followers.

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Is Hope an emotion?

>> No.18257641

speaking of headphones and chaos gods, is it Slaanesh's fault we have Skrillex?

(and that I kind of like some of his wubwubs)

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Change isn't an emotion.
Blood isn't an emotion.

>> No.18257680


Ambition. Hunger for knowledge.
Anger. Bloodlust.

>> No.18257689


they're awesome cool and there aren't nearly enough of them in the world

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Tzeentch = Hope (In all its forms)
Nurgle = Despair (the Biblical definition)
Khorne = Hatred/Anger/Envy
Slaanesh = Greed/Lust/Vanity

>> No.18257716

>Tzeentch = Hope (In all its forms)
I knew Obama was secretly awesome.

>> No.18257730

If you can simplify the Chaos Gods to this level, then why can't we simplify the Emperor to the same level by saying that he is Sense-of-unity? (there's certainly a proper English word for that, but whatever)

>> No.18257741

>Worship Nurgle for a century
>No reward

>Worship Khorne for a decade
>Daemonhood + Warmaster

Sorry, But Nurgle isn't the best choice if you're the career type.

>> No.18257747

If Tzeentch just represents hope, why he is so evil? I mean, people can hope for bad things. But I think most people hope for themselves to be in a better place tomorrow than they are today. So why doesn't Tzeentch fly around the galaxy like spreading hope wherever he goes?

>> No.18257749


The thing is, though, is that Tzeentch isn't the God of "Change". That people think he is (and more to the point, foolishly presume that 'change' = 'progress') helps to further emphasise his real identity, the God of Conspiracy. Tzeentch's milk is dishonesty, deceit, and machination.

>> No.18257750


Wow, you're a real dumbass if you thought that's what the gods are about. I mean, there are literally HUNDREDS of sources you could go to that will explain that change, blood, perfection, and disease aren't the actual source of the Ruinous Powers, rather their methods and product. You might want to kill yourself now, before you breed and pass your idiot-genes on to the wider populace.

>> No.18257767

The chaos gods certainly weren't designed to be manifestations of emotions. They are violence, decay/death, change/manipulation, and excess.

>> No.18257782


...khorne isn't the god of "blood", at least its not the emotion he represents, which is anger, but also, honor, duty, competitiveness, i guess.

change isn't an emotion either, but the feelings that are associated with it are, hope, ambition, etc.

>> No.18257784


>why doesn't Tzeentch fly around the galaxy like spreading hope wherever he goes?

because it's funnier to dick people over.

>> No.18257788

See, for as much as raving fans may justify Nurgle worship, the truth of the matter is that Nurgle wasn't very well thought out when Warhammer was originally written up. The only thing that came to the writer's mind was "DISEASE AND PLAGUES! HELL YEAH! THAT'S BAD ARSE AND WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT FROM HEAVY METAL EVIL GODS OF CHAOS!" And it's not really the original writer's fault because he had no idea how popular Warhammer or 40k was going to be, to the point where nerds would pour over each facet of the background and fiction. Later writers would do backflips trying to justify Nurgle worship by shoe-horning in shit like "Oh, but Papa Nurgle really is a happy jolly daddy who encourages dancing and glee!" But that shit just doesn't mesh well with DEATH DISEASE PLAGUES AND GRIMDARK!!!!

>> No.18257796


oh but he does...

> obama
> hope and change.

>> No.18257798

>God of Conspiracy. Mephet'ran's milk is dishonesty, deceit, and machination


>> No.18257801

>If Tzeentch just represents hope, why he is so evil?

You misunderstand the nature of Hope. Hope is the primary source of Ambition. Ambition leads to Scheming. Scheming leads to Betrayal. Betrayal... leads to suffering.

It is a man's Hopes and Ambitions that drive them to oppress others and exalt themselves. It is a man's Hopes and Ambitions that lead to war and to upheaval. It is a man's Hopes and Ambitions that lead them to do crimes far greater than their Lust, their Hate, and their Despair could ever draw them to.

>> No.18257809

I *do* need to fill out the Valkyrie. I already got a half-squad of Elysians with shotguns. I'm just wondering if, against such enemies like CSM and DE, it's better to just go with the five guys with shotguns (and one with a meltagun), or go for three Sniper Rifle or Missile Launcher weapon teams (The Sniper Rifle one would be three guys with lasguns and three with rifles).

>> No.18257816

>The chaos gods certainly weren't designed to be manifestations of emotions. They are violence, decay/death, change/manipulation, and excess.

>The Chaos Gods, also called the Dark Gods or the Ruinous Powers, are powerful beings of the psychic universe known as the Warp, created and sustained by the emotions and souls of every living being of the material universe.

Yeah, that's a swing and a miss. Chaos = emotions of the sentient beings, the good parts of it, and the bad ones.

>> No.18257834

If the Gods of the Warp are so great, then why can't they stop Draigo's rampage in their realms?

>> No.18257844


anyway, my theory on the emprah is that he's like, some combonation of all these qualities, taht the chaos gods have. Except he's good, or meant to be a good guy. I guess its pretty easy to feel a postive emotion, most people do, about change, hope, honor, righteous anger, loving acceptance, and so on, but difficutl to prevent it from becoming morally negative. the chaos gods are just things summoned by similar emotions, wheras, I guess, the emperor, despite being similar, due to his orginal "human" nature represents the best in humanity though our choices between these things. Hope for change, without scheming ambition, the unconditional love of nurgle, without it developing into an excuse for indulgence or lack of care. I guess thats the struggle all humans have, or so gw thinks, and what the emperor represents.

>> No.18257851

No, no, you misunderstand. Tzeentch is the god of hope. He's not the god of fufilment. He's not the god of meeting desires. He's the god of HAVING them. Crushing hope is entertaining, because it means he can build it back up again.

>> No.18257858

Slaanesh was born from the decadence of the Eldar right?

Man I can just imagine this half-sentient burning mass of lust growing ever stronger.

And then, one day, an Eldar wanted to try his new dragon dildo. And the very moment the tip touched his anus, it had become the final drop... PLOP





Man that Eldar guy must have felt bad

>> No.18257864

because that would take a lot of work

and to be honest they'd rather keep him in the warp where their evil is law (and thus; he can't do any lasting damage), instead of back in the materium where he seeks to undo the evil that is chaos (with that silly deus ex machina box the grey knight super grandmaster gets)

>> No.18257865

Good emotions don't mean good gods. Tzeentch is his own dude you know and good parents doesn't mean a good guy.

>> No.18257881

OK...where do i read that?

>> No.18257890

Draigo is a student of Doom guy, there are very few who could stop him.

>> No.18257907

>Hope is the primary source of Ambition. Ambition leads to Scheming. Scheming leads to Betrayal. Betrayal... leads to suffering.

Yeah, but it leads to a lot of other things as well. It's not like there's a one-way railroad track from hope to everything going to shit. I mean, I hope I'm going to have a job next year, but I don't see that screwing anyone else over. It COULD screw someone else over, but it will probably just mean a better situation for me.

I can see why he might have bad elements, but it seems like he should be neutral at worst overall.

Part of having hope is being able to believe that things will get better. And in the grim grimness of the grim century, that must be pretty rare. If you destroy someone's hopes, chances are they'll just get depressed and stop hoping for anything. If you fly around the galaxy doing acts of kindness that are good on a small scale but don't change anything on the larger scale, then people will hold out hope that you might come and help THEM next.

>> No.18257908

I'd guess Liber Chaotica.

>> No.18257909

I always thought it was 1 too many elfdar played Monstergirl Quest specifically for the bad ends was what made Slannesh.

>> No.18257927

Why not just snuff him out? Or corrupt him?

He is right there in their seat of power slaying their minions in droves and obliterating their strongholds and yet they do nothing.

Even If the damage is not permanent, the insult alone should drive them mad. I bet they are afraid of Draigo.

>> No.18257964

Remember, he Quantum Leaps all the time.

>> No.18257965

>Yeah, but it leads to a lot of other things as well.
yes it does, but remember that the warp has (hurr) warped that conglomerated base emotion into something sentient and malevolous

Emps foreknowledge of this, by the way is the reason why he doesn't want people worshipping him. If and when he DOES bite it, the imperium's massive amount of devotion to (their idea) of him will warp his (absolutely massive) presence in the warp to create something.. well.. something not very good for humanity (like "not very good" on the level of a second Eye of Terror smack dab in the heart of man's power)

>> No.18257967

Only one man can stop the menace of Draigo and the save the realm of Chaos.

The Champion shall step forth and set things right. The hero Chaos deserves, Lord Abaddon the Despoiler!

>> No.18257994

>worship Tzeentch
>you get used in some kind of weird ritual
>worship Khorn
>you're skull helps form the foundations of a big chair
>worship Slaanesh
>you get butt fucked
>worship Nurgle
>your face becomes pic related

so yeah, he chaos gods are pretty good

>> No.18258017

>Filename: Nurgle Mutant
>He has a Mark of Khorne on his forehead

>> No.18258032

>I can see why he might have bad elements, but it seems like he should be neutral at worst overall.
Hope and ambition might not screw over anyone in your case, but once hope and ambition include things like battleship fleets, global/stellar domination or virus bombings it can get nasty fast.
Also, hope and ambition are ridiculously easy to exploit, see the concept of religion that kept humanity under the leash of churches for centuries just by telling us we are doomed and just MIGHT have a chance at salvation if we do as they say. Or capitalism, which is built from the very ground, in all its good and bad facets, from personal ambition.

Now imagine religion and capitalism in a context with aforementioned battleship fleets and you see how bad it is.

>> No.18258034

Also he has the mark of Nurgle on his arm.

He must be one of those undivided fellas.

>> No.18258037

None of this matters. The galaxy will eventually be eaten by tyranids and the chaos gods will have nothing left to corrupt. No, there will not be chaos nids.

>> No.18258049

>> No.18258054

>The galaxy will eventually be eaten by tyranid

Haha oh look how naive he is.

You know who's gonna overrun the galaxy?
Either Necrons or Orks. Or both.

>> No.18258073

You know who's gonna overrun the galaxy? The Squats. They're just building up a massive galactic army so they ca

>> No.18258082

''This is our galaxy. Ours to corrupt. Ours to enslave. The gods will not be denied their prize''

--Xereth, Sorcerer of the Black Legion, commenting on the Tyranid threat.

>> No.18258083

They can't corrupt him any more than Khorne could corrupt Magnus.

Daemon Princes are fixed in their devotion, as daemons they are now part of their patron, and so Draigo is also part of the Star Child.

>> No.18258089

... wanna bet on that? Every other race was corrupted at one point...

>> No.18258095

>and the mark of nurgle on his right arm.

>> No.18258113

I'm pretty sure the Tau are going to inherit the galaxy, and they're immune to the warp.

>> No.18258128

not immune to bolt shells though.

>> No.18258131

Yes. Every other race.

>> No.18258138

Really, 40k is stuck in a Red Queen situation. All of the bad guys are so unstoppable that when they meet each other, they cancel each other out.

>> No.18258142


>Man that Eldar guy must have felt bad

or really, really, REALLY good

>> No.18258145

The "star child" theory is retarded, and you should feel bad for maintaining it


>> No.18258154

>and they're immune to the warp.

They're not.

>> No.18258160

If the orks were able to coordinate on a massive scale, maybe. The galaxy taken over by the C'tan i think is what your getting at with necrons, but no. Chaos>C'tan.

>> No.18258176

I agree with the first part, but sadly the Tau are not immune to the energies or strange effects of the Warp.

This was shown when a chaotic warlord named Corflich Loatheheart kidnapped three hundred Fire Warriors and threw them into the warp.

>> No.18258178

So are all those Eldar prophecies about Tau wrong? Serious question.

>> No.18258186

>this thread makes me want a hardcopy of Liber Chaotica
>my local GW didn't have one when I picked up Visions of Heresy
>check eBay
>the original separate books are like $95 each.
>and only the Nurgle and Tzeentch books are available

goddamn it

>> No.18258194

Hypothetically if someone got a ridiculously massive WAAAGH together, then convinced them all the Emperor was alive, what would happen?

>> No.18258201

You cannot corrupt the tyranids. The hive mind is a gestalt entity.

>> No.18258202

yea no shit he felt bad, he had a dragon dildo in his ass, those things are huge

>> No.18258216

>Ever right about anything

I'm also pretty sure there aren't many prophecies on the Tau or any saying they are immune to the warp.

>> No.18258226

>endless bickering about "hurrr my chaos god is better than yours"

See this is why I'm with Malal.

Because fuck you all.

>> No.18258228

It wasn't a prophecy. Honorable Eldrad traced the threads of Tau destiny and saw a possible future where the Tau will surpass the Eldar in greatness. He said that this bright future can only be achieved if the Tau can conquer the darkness within themselves.

>> No.18258231

Well I dunno where I read it but apparently they made a prophecy that the Tau would conquer the galaxy.

>> No.18258234

They would stare at you dumbly as ask "whoz da emprah?"

>> No.18258254

They can be corrupted. It's happened before.

>Because I'm a hipster


>> No.18258255

What if you showed them a picture?

>> No.18258256

>all those
it was ONE

and it wasn't even a prophecy, just conjecture on the part of one dude

>> No.18258272

The same Eldar seer who had the foresight to walk straight into the mouth of slaanesh and get his soul obliterated predicted that the Tau might someday rise to heights that the Eldar had never dreamed of.

His theories are suspect.

>> No.18258273

Tell them he's a really big, toughguy who says he can krump all their boyz

>> No.18258280

Da biggest hoomie of all, as big as a warboss, with the strengh of a gargant!

>> No.18258282

I think the weird "think it and it happens" only works on orky stuff. like if an ork beleives HIS gun will shoot then it will, or if a bunch of boys riding in a trukk believe that it's a hunk o shit and will break down anymoment then it will.

but they wouldn't even care about some 'umie leader. so they wouldn't really have an effect over him. basically you'd have to instil it as common knowledge to all orks that the emperor is alive and that he is exactly the way he was before he died.

it'd have to be as basic as shootas shoot, choppas chop, stompa's stomp and, red makes it go faster

>> No.18258286

So then, when and how did this happen?

>> No.18258289

Prophesies should never be taken as literal.

Tau have small signature, their society is built around controlling emotions, and the Ethereals have a strong calming effect on them. Ethereals themselves are noted for being very hard to corrupt, up there with grey knights and harlequins, I suppose. In Fire Warrior a Chaos dude notes that he couldn't get a single emotion to grab a hold on when probing the Ethereal's mind, it was like a calm sea.

But a bolt of change or daemonic possession never fails, no matter how pure and cool you are. The flesh is weak, even if the mind and spirit are strong.

Rank and file Tau are in danger of Chaos. In Fire Warrior Kais was picked by the BBEG the moment he set his hoof on the planet, and he was guided along his adventures by a voice and an invisible force pushing him on. In the end he even lost his mind. In some other bit a battlesuit pilot notes strange sensations while fighting Chaos troops, even inside his sealed armour.

Rank and file Tau are the same dudes who just under 3000 years ago were about to kill each other off. And before the 3rd sphere expansion the fire caste was ready to rally to Farsight, if it wasn't for Shadowsun and a massive propaganda campaign.

Farsight would be far more true to the Tau psychology (at least fire caste one) than the society run by the Ethereals.

>> No.18258297

So it's just COINCIDENCE that Draigo has the same stats an abilities as a Daemon Prince?

>> No.18258307

Maybe, but it's NOT a coincidence that he has all the stats as a Sensei.

>> No.18258312

What if a bunch of Orks believed they were humans?

>> No.18258318

Storm of Iron.
Iron Warriors use a captured, corrupted, and cybernetically enhanced hive ship to transport Titans down to planet surface.

One Marine (SW, I think) novel had a nurgle corrupted hive fleet which was basically rotting away in space.

Old fluff had Khorne genestealer cults.

>> No.18258324


>> No.18258327

Space Wolves novels, second or first one. Bunch of Nids build a nest on a Nurgle artefact and get all Nurgled up.

>> No.18258328

They're called lootas. No big deal.

>> No.18258330

They're called the Blood Axes.

>> No.18258337

The same Eldar who fought Abaddon and sent him running to his Gods.

Eldrad saw his death but he did not flee from it. He battled the Chaos filth for the sake of his Craftworld and all Eldar regardless of the danger.

It took the hand of a God to remove him from the playing field. Even now his ultimate fate is unknown.

The Great Farseer may yet live, somehow.

>> No.18258338

Nurgle is also pro his children devouring one another.

Your mouth is nowhere near as big as a greater unclean one's.

Just saying.

Also why does everyone only worship the big four? Y'all know there is a chaos god of everything right?

>> No.18258340

According to the fluff, the Orks do know of the Emperor. And belive in him, he's the Oomie war god, and keeps trying to duff up the Orks in his mechanical titan bodies.
The Orks got the idea to build bodies for Gork and Mork from this, and so Gargants were created.

>> No.18258347

I didn't know daemon princes were Strength/Toughness 4.

>> No.18258350

>Prophesies should never be taken as literal.

Reminds me of Ultima 7: The Serpent Isles.

The Monks of Xenka knew that one day the great Chaos Serpents would be unleashed, and that the Avatar would come to vanquish them.

They had to make sure he would do as written in the prophecies.
Here's the hook:

The prophecies were originally written by the founder of the monk order, Xenka. In absolutely clear language. So clear that anyone would get them, and that there were no confusion about their meaning.

Later monks thought the prophecies were not mysterious enough and rewrote them into metaphors and whatnot. And the original scriptures are lost today.

I found that hilarious.

>> No.18258354

>base ten system
>using those numbers as an indicator of anything
also, I've yet to see any daemon princes with abilities that STRICTLY target daemons

or daemon princes with storm shields and grenades

>> No.18258365

Draigo is S/T 5.

>> No.18258367

>Also why does everyone only worship the big four? Y'all know there is a chaos god of everything right?
Is anything ever said about alternative chaos gods, besides for Malal?

>> No.18258371


>implying Draigo has space marine stats


>> No.18258385

Sure, the creatures were nurglified, but that's only surface level corruption. You could never make a tyranid do anything other than what the hive mind wants it to.

>> No.18258386

The ork mind field thing is a big of an on-off thing. For one, Ork Hunters and Diggas, both humans, have no problems using ork weapons.

My theory is that the stuff merely makes up for the lack of proper maintenance and care equipment should be subject to, not turn a box of nuts and bolts into a gun or a firecracker into a missile. It's not like orks are known for attention to detail and care when it comes to their devices.

>> No.18258398

Nope, the Daemons codex gives it as 5/5, same as Draigo.

In fact, his stats are all identical to a Daemon Prince, except in 2 respects. Armour save. He's wearing termie armour, since he's yet to shed his mortal body. (Much like Doomrider).
And his BS is increased by 1. Suggesting this is what the Mark of the Emperor would do. (Much like how the Mark of Khorne increases attack by 1)

>> No.18258403

Malal isn't canon.


Is just a reference for oldfags.

Other gods include Necoho and and Zuvassin, but they haven't been mentioned outside of Fantasy.

>> No.18258410

I don't see why someone would worship Tzeentch.
This shit is unreliable as fuck

>> No.18258421

One time a psyker mindslaved a bunch of Nids.

>> No.18258433

Don't forget the minor Chaos Gods the CSM honor by adding spikes to their armor.

Ans'l, Mo'rcck and Phraz-Etar

>> No.18258434

Delicious knowledge.

>> No.18258440

any one play nurgle worshipers in the table top? what kind of personality? any female nurgle worshipers?

we are moving from a rogue trader game slowly into heresy and black crusade. Im a female psyker who's falling to nurgle, my eventual concept is a crazy woman who sees the "blessings" of nurgle as true beauty, and the more of his blessings she receives the more beautiful she is. In this way by spreading his blessings, she brings beauty and life to the galaxy, which ever way she can, even if it's one man at a time.

>> No.18258459

I'd go Malal because WILD CARD MOTHERFUCKER.

>> No.18258460

>Malal isn't canon.

That's not how 40k canon works you silly, silly man.

>the topic as a "big question" doesn't matter. It's all as true as everything else, and all just as false/half-remembered/sort-of-true. The answer you are seeking is "Yes and no" or perhaps "Sometimes". And for me, that's the end of it.

>Now, ask us some specifics, eg can Black Templars spit acid and we can answer that one, and many others. But again note thet answer may well be "sometimes" or "it varies" or "depends".

>But is it all true? Yes and no. Even though some of it is plainly contradictory? Yes and no. Do we deliberately contradict, retell with differences? Yes we do. Is the newer the stuff the truer it is? Yes and no. In some cases is it true that the older stuff is the truest? Yes and no. Maybe and sometimes. Depends and it varies.

>It's a decaying universe without GPS and galaxy-wide communication, where precious facts are clung to long after they have been changed out of all recognition. Read A Canticle for Liebowitz by Walter M Miller, about monks toiling to hold onto facts in the aftermath of a nuclear war; that nails it for me.

>To attempt answer the initial question: What is GW's definition of canon? Perhaps we don't have one. Sometimes and maybe. Or perhaps we do and I'm not telling you.

>Here's our standard line: Yes it's all official, but remember that we're reporting back from a time where stories aren't always true, or at least 100% accurate. if it has the 40K logo on it, it exists in the 40k universe. Or it was a legend that may well have happened. Or a rumour that may or may not have any truth behind it.

>Let's put it another way: anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex... and at least as crammed full of rumours, distorted legends and half-truths.

>> No.18258466

You get screwed over from worshipping most of the gods anyway. The best options look like Gork and Mork, or Cegorach

Any instances of interspecies worship? Like humans worshipping the above mentioned gods and legtitimately receiving benefits from them?

>> No.18258468

It's not a galaxy wide wifi. Each organism is seperate, and a hive mind is just that, a hive of minds. Like each cell in your body, they're all individual, but together they work to keep you alive. Or an ant colony, which can function with mathematical precision.

Hive fleets can and do fight each other, so they don't really answer to some übermind out there somewhere. Each fleet is like a seperate body and those bodies will fight for food, and the more fit shall survive.

Deep down tyranids are no more than dumb beasts. Individuals can be disconnected, but if enough is infected, their desires become the norm, and soon you have a sick and corrupt hive fleet doing what it wants, responding to twisted impulses over the regular ones it should usually have.

It's not like it knows what it is doing anymore than a plagued beast on a nurgle world knows what it is doing, but it's far from your normal beast, that's for sure.

>> No.18258470

> any female nurgle worshipers
Why would this matter?

>> No.18258473


tl;dr: Everything is Canon and We Don't Really Give a Fuck

>> No.18258480

Sure, I can see that. But the original argument was that the hive mind could not be shackled to the will of any of the chaos gods. The idea is ridiculous.

>> No.18258489

Are there deamon's who don't fit into the big 4? Or unique ones that serve the big four, how are they made?

>> No.18258496

1. Malal never appeared in 40k
2. GW doesn't own him

He's as canon as Spider-man, Dick Tracy and Naruto.

>> No.18258499

>And his BS is increased by 1. Suggesting this is what the Mark of the Emperor would do.

Worst. Mark. Ever.

>> No.18258501

Nurgle for life and unlife over here. Gonna be playing a bloated pusbag for my next Black Crusade game, And I'm maxing out toughness and wounds.

Thus far the concept is a woman obsessed with her own immortality, and is convinced that the best way to achieve it is to spread the glory of Nurgle in glorious combat and...through subtler means.

>> No.18258503

>insert pic of Naruto-marines here

>> No.18258516

>Are there deamon's who don't fit into the big 4?

Of course. There are, for example, plenty of Daemons of Chaos Undivided. Also daemons of the Horned Rat and daemons of Hashut and, technically, daemons of Ulric and Myrmidia and etcetera etcetera.

>> No.18258517

The Emperor's warp powers have always been anti-daemon. His gifts of true faith are anathema to them.

Also, back in the old chaos codex daemon princes could pick up grenades, bikes, terminator armour and similar. So only the fact that the traitor legions do not use storm shields would prevent their daemon princes from wielding them.

>> No.18258521

Well, I can explain that one:
>"The Background exists as a context for the games that people play. Despite the occasional event, the background was never intended as an ongoing narrative that would be constantly updated. The back story presents questions, enigmas, problems, and conflicts. Gamers explore and solve these issues by playing games and developing armies. In short, the background provides the beginning, but the players provide the end."

>"What is Cypher up to? Well, he's up to whatever you need him to be up to for your games and campaigns. What does the cult mechanicus have to do with the dragon? Whatever you want that relationship to be."

>"The background should be like Schrödinger's Cat - Nothing is defined until the players look into the box by playing games and determining the outcome for themselves. Backgrounds should be full of possibilities to be exploited and expanded by players, not answers that limit the potential of the game and its setting."

>> No.18258525

As opposed to +1 initiative?

>> No.18258526

here's the kicker buddy;


so the wonderful shroedinger's canon of 40k doesn't actually include him. Sure, he's in Fantasy, but he's never been in 40k

>> No.18258540

Malal might not have appeared in 40k, but his daemon weapon did. The Dreadaxe, deliberately designed to be anti-daemon.

>> No.18258545


>And his BS is increased by 1. Suggesting this is what the Mark of the Emperor would do.

>Worst. Mark. Ever.

Tau Cults of the Emperor would disagree.

>> No.18258550

Initiative means you are more likely to go first, and it's a good deterrent for units who might otherwise assault you if they know you'll hit first. Also, there's been a lot of "Initiative test or instantly die" shenanigans, and this helps to mitigate that.

>> No.18258553

Of course. Every demon, every idea, every emotion is a god waiting to happen. This is why the gods always have been, they simply await birth. Every emotion that the sentients of the universe make becomes a demon, and the more feel it and the stronger they feel it, the stronger that demon gets and the more likely they are to reach sentience and later godhood.

It's how the gods are born despite always having existed.

>> No.18258561

>The Emperor's warp powers have always been anti-daemon.
that's because of his immense willpower rather than any particular "special power"

>His gifts of true faith are anathema to them.
which are a portion of his psychic might

The Emperor isn't a warp-power. He's a dude with absolutely broken psychic abilities. Even in his half-dead state he can exert his power across the galaxy

but he is NOT a Chaos God. He's not a denizen of the warp, nor is he fed by the emotions of others

>> No.18258562

Just a reference, Malal never did and will never appear in 40k.

>> No.18258563

In the 40k canon, some believe it is the way you describe it. Some believe that it is a star sized brain floating in space somewhere. Some believe that the hive mind is one of the "old ones". Some even believe the hive mind could be the C'tan known as the outsider

>> No.18258574

Then again, Chaos is the same for both worlds, they come in their own boxes, not WHFB nor 40K ones, and Liber Chaotica is about WHFB with only slight hints at 40K, but people still accepth things said about the gods in that equally as good for 40K too.

But yeah, I know what you mean and would love to troll people with that bit in the future.

Then again, 40K might not have Malal, but at least he have The Doctor.

>> No.18258576

I thought the Emperor was fed by the sheer blind faith of the Imperium

>> No.18258578


mostly because there is little artwork and it seems even less charachters in the stories who are this, most nurgle followers seem like BigMchugelarge life reaping plague monster.

>> No.18258632

>Outside = Hive Mind.

That is based one one thing, and one thing alone: The Dyson's sphere at the edge of the galaxy, where the Outsider is said to be trapped, and from which the Hive Fleets are turning away from.

Gee, a big ball of metal in space with no life on it, wonder why the Tyranids would ever want to not go there...

But yeah, there's theories, I just think that if it truly was a big old brain, why would it pit hive fleet against hive fleet?

>> No.18258636

he isn't

if he'd get a power up from worship he wouldn't have cracked down so hard on Lorgar that he fell to chaos

Even the thousand psykers sacrificed daily are to feed the psychic beacon of the astronomican. What keeps him "alive" (but not very) is the SCIENCE of the golden throne

>> No.18258650

To practically decide which genes are superior.

>> No.18258652

>Oh you.

I will now make a CSM that worships Phraz-Etar

>> No.18258662

Except he didn't want the power from worship.

It's just, trapped as a barely living near-corpse he can't stop people worshipping.

I mean, if he could affect things, why would he grant Sisters of Battle their faith abilities. That's contrary to his entire nature.

>> No.18258663

I remember a Tyranid eating Eldar Souls and that seems pretty cool.

So I think that it would be cool to see some sort of Chaos-y type nids; only question is how would they look and work and be all cool?

>> No.18258687

>nor is he fed by the emotions of others

Just a few thousand unlucky sods every day.

But you don't have to be Chaos god to have an affect on people around you. Sisters get their faith powers from the Empero (right?) and when the Eldar are on a warpath, the Avatar of Khaine stirs and it stirs the Eldar.

Didn't the Emperor even guide some dude through the Imperial Palace to his Throne room for a quick chat at some point?

>> No.18258688

That's actually true.
Phraz-Etar actually recently got a mention along with Necoho and Zuvassin in 'The Red Duke.'

>> No.18258715

Having faith and being religious aren't always the same thing.

Sisters are more like psychicly tuned to him and he gives them power to do his will.

I think.

I admit my knowledge of Sister lore is a bit slim at the moment.

>> No.18258716

To consume assimilated genetic material from one another. Every nid eaten is a nid created. To keep things balanced or to prepare one fleet for a certain type of confrontation. Plenty of reasons.

>> No.18258723

And this line made me pick up my copy of The Red Duke and drop A Dance With Dragons like hot shit.

>> No.18258724

Who are these three gods and what are they about?

>> No.18258751

>see picture
I have it better then I deserve.

>> No.18258754


Necoho is the god of atheism. The fewer followers he has the more powerful he is.

Zuvassin is the god of NOT AS PLANNED, in that fucking up other people's carefully-constructed plans pleases him.

Have no clue who the third one is though.

>> No.18258758

Yes, they get their power from the Emperor. Their power is his.

In much the same way that the gifts of Khorne are from Khorne.

The Emperor is half a warp entity, he is just tethered to the Materium, stopping him from being released. The philosophy of Inquisititors called Thorians are investigating the possibility of Incarnating the Emperor's godhood into another vessel.

>> No.18258765


Necoho is the God of Doubt. Essentially, he's the god of atheism. Zuvassin is the Undoer, constantly striving to undo the works of everybody else. Phraz-Etar is the chaos god of unknown providence for whom additional spikes are added to armour.

>> No.18258769

Well that showed me to open my big mouth...

I guess it's possible, but I think the idea of a central command sort of makes the Tyranids blander. We already got Zerg, Bugs, etc. with Big Brain Evil Guy.

The idea, that the only way to stop the Tyranids is to destroy every single last one of them, makes them much more grimdark. There's no one strike to end it all or anything like that. It's not some alien intelligence you can reason to barter with. It's a gazillion hungry maws gazing up to the stars and seeing nothing but food to be consumed.

>> No.18258776


Be glad that smallpox has been completely eradicated from the face of the earth. There hasn't been a case of it since the 1970s.

Polio is soon to join it as well. (fuck you, Nurgle)

>> No.18258777

>Except he didn't want the power from worship.
no, this guy SAW the end of the Eldar Empire. He KNEW what blind worship would create

>It's just, trapped as a barely living near-corpse he can't stop people worshipping.
well, yes.

>I mean, if he could affect things, why would he grant Sisters of Battle their faith abilities.
it's not "only" sisters of battle (the most famous would be Sebastian Thor), and those "faith powers" are a hell of a lot more rare than the tabletop game makes it seem. And those "Faith" powers are either the Emperor giving a bit of psychic help or a facsimile of his pernatural willpower.

>That's contrary to his entire nature.
what, the benefit of mankind? Even when he was still alive he'd help people out with his psychic powers from a thousand stars away

>> No.18258779

He's one of the three gods of Chaos Spikybits.

And also really bitchin' fantasy art with babes in chainmail bikinis, and guys on horses with lightning all around.

>> No.18258780


The named minor chaos gods:

Malal - infighting, chaos' tendency to turn on itself.

Ans'l, Mo'rcck and Phraz-Etar - Nobody knows what they represent, but the spikes on chaos armour are there to honour them.

Zuvassin - God of doubt.

Necoho - God of Atheisim. No really. Instead of gaining power from worship he gains power from people not believing in the other gods or even being aware of his own existence.

>> No.18258789

Basically, when the right to Malal were lost Necoho and Zuvassin were created to takr his place in a WHFRP module.

Necoho is god of atheism. Zuvassin is god of not-as-planned.

Phraz-Etar is a god that Chaos Marines honour by sticking spiky bits on thier armour. The name is a reference to Frank Franzetta.

>> No.18258805

I can see tyranid creatures being physically altered by tzeentch and nurgle, but it is a conscious decision to turn to chaos. This is something the hive mind would never do as it would only slow the galactic feasting.

>> No.18258810


I derped on Zuvassin. everyone else is right.

>> No.18258818

>Phraz-Etar is a god that Chaos Marines honour by sticking spiky bits on thier armour
Then truly he is the greatest chaos god of all.

>> No.18258820

The Emperor would not regard the creation of fanatics worshipping him as a god as "the betterment of mankind".

Heck, the Story "The Last Church", the Emperor goes out of his way to destroy the faith of a man who worship's him unknowingly.

And yeah the Faith powers are just psychic powers. But anything from the warp is. They're simply his gifts (not chaos gifts, just gifts) shaped by the faith of the Sisters into burning light to heal and smite.

>> No.18258832


I've stated on /tg/ before that I believe the spikey gods are the real big boys and that they're so powerful that undoing the physical world is too easy, so they let the four "great gods" have a go at it instead.

>> No.18258836

>Phraz-Etar is a god that Chaos Marines honour by sticking spiky bits on thier armour. The name is a reference to Frank Franzetta.

My god. No literally I am converting.

>> No.18258839

Yes. At this point, they pretty much represent the impending doom of the entire galaxy. This is news to people?

>> No.18258845


Phraz'etar is the Chaos God of fantasy artwork involving the scantily clad and extremely muscled. One worships him by creating oil paintings of Tarzan, Conan and John Carter of Mars, among other things.

>> No.18258857

>Just a few thousand unlucky sods every day.
they're fed to power the Astronomican. Bit different.

>But you don't have to be Chaos god to have an affect on people around you.
right, you just need to be psychic

>Sisters get their faith powers from the Empero (right?)
not just sisters. The "faith powers" are something to differentiate them in game, but in the fluff they're (by and large) just extremely pious and fanatical soldiers

>and when the Eldar are on a warpath, the Avatar of Khaine stirs and it stirs the Eldar.
and the Eldar are a massively psychic race who feel emotions on a heightened level. Khaine was (once) a Warp God, and the Avatars are shards of his power.

>Didn't the Emperor even guide some dude through the Imperial Palace to his Throne room for a quick chat at some point?
yes he did, and he made it abundantly clear that he was still "alive" as a flesh and blood human, and also capable of using his psychic powers to aid countless trillions every moment (and also that, despite his immense powers he had absolutely NO WAY of being able to stop every threat directed at him or his imperium)

>> No.18258860

Something's up with this image, there's some transparent pixels or something and I can see "through" them into a video that's playing in a different window.

It's really weird.

>> No.18258866

An'sl - Brian Ansell, formerly head of Citadel Miniatures, the head of GW when Rogue Trader was relased and when they originally floated as a Limited company (but was removed/bought out/left when they became a PLC, and now heads up Foundry IIRC), and primarily responsible for the "Chaos, Death and Spikey bits" miniatures style - Citadel's never really recovered.

Mo'rcck - Michael Morcock, writer of the Stormbringer novels, which GW borrowed extensively from (or ripped off if you prefer) for the Chaos powers. Citadel also did an Eternal Champions figure range at one point, based on Stormbringer.

Phraz-Etar - Frank Frazetta, fantasy artist. Most famous work's probably Conan, although another of his works, The Sea Witch, is the cover for Wolfmother's debut album.

>> No.18258880


In my mind the Chaos wastes will always look like and bee inhabited by people from old fantasy art... But with more leering faces and strange runes on the scenery.

>> No.18258883


BRB, lexicanum...

Jesus, I thought Thorians were the Lawful Stupid Inquisitors, but now I see it they're completely mad. Seeing that according to Inquisitor, one story for the formation of the Inquisition was to see to it that no Resurrectionist gets his hands on the Emperor, and here the mighty Thorians are trying to do just that.

>> No.18258886


You've never experienced this before?

>> No.18258899


Guys, I have some bad news....

>> No.18258907


I wish I were better (read: good) at freehand with a fine detail brush. All of my Chaos vehicles would have badass murals on the sides and doors and anywhere else I could put some Manowar album covers.

>> No.18258908

Thorian/Istvaanian Sister of Battle Canonness is in this book

she's fucking nuts. And a very good reason why the sisters of battle are no better than anyone else

>> No.18258915



>> No.18258927

>Seeing that according to Inquisitor, one story for the formation of the Inquisition was to see to it that no Resurrectionist gets his hands on the Emperor, and here the mighty Thorians are trying to do just that.

This isn't particularly surprising for the Inquisition, which has factions that regularly use daemonhosts (the Ordo Malleus's purpose is to destroy Chaos so much that everybody forgets it exist), battle-psykers (outlawed by the Emperor himself at the Council of Nikaea), and has a number of different factions that believe various things, many of which would be considered heresy by the wider Imperium.

>> No.18258937

>Never recovered
You say it like it's a bad thing.

>> No.18258940


To me it seems the inquisition exists to fight itself while sometimes dealing with other threats to the imperium if they have time to spare.

>> No.18258943

To do with the codec of the video, or something. I've noticed similar things, they react to some colours in pictures when put in front of the video.

>> No.18258953

the council of Nikea was originally where he outlawed SORCERY and instituted the sanctioned-psyker (and librarian) practice

It made considerably more sense

>> No.18258981

>the council of Nikea was originally where he outlawed SORCERY and instituted the sanctioned-psyker (and librarian) practice

No. That's literally what it never was. On the Council of Nikaea, from all three sources that describe it, the Emperor outlawed all use of psychic powers except that by the Astropaths and the Navigators.

>> No.18258984

Yeah, no, I know the Imperium is fucked up and that the Inquisition likes to flog as much its own members as heretics, but I always pictured Thorians as the Ultramarines/Cadians of the Inquisition. Now it seems they've always been pretty fricken radical indeed, by Inquisition standards.

I just don't know what to think anymore...

>> No.18259009

Index Astartes: Thousand Sons

the council ends when a conclave of Librarians comes to the stand and does a speech about how psychic power is great and all, but it needs limits otherwise everyone will get fucked. The Emperor immediately says "yeah these guys have the right idea" and rules for the institution of Librarians and the banning of all sorcery

up until the HH books, that was the most recent bit of fluff. It was explicit in it's detail.

>> No.18259043

People may be getting confused since the Psykers originally were sacrificed to sustain the Emperor in 1st and 2nd editions. As far as I can tell, that has faded into the background since then. So I can understand people not being aware it's changed.

>> No.18259045

Yeah, pretty much so.

Which reminds me, he did make a grand warning about disobeying him, has the Emperor ever given his "gifts" to psykers? Sisters sure ain't psykers, and I don't think Jericho was either. Are there any psykers, outside of astropaths and navigators, who He has touched or aided since he was placed on the Throne?

>> No.18259084

Look, I know the purpose, I was just using the old meme about Emperor eating psykers. Like the meme about Admech being a bunch of fucked up losers who can't do shit without detailed STC instructions.

>> No.18259098

The version I've read, allowed Librarians until the council, where the Emperor addressed the problem with all the psykers and ended up making them all illegal apart from astropaths and navigators.

>> No.18259144

Well yeah, I was just saying that that used to be the case.

>> No.18259150

here's the IA article verbatim;


>The other Librarians united around him, and proposed that the education of human psykers to best serve Mankind be made an Imperial priority. The conduct of sorcery would be outlawed forevermore as an unforgivable heresy against Mankind.
>The compromise presented by the Librarians offered both factions something, and appeared to be what the Emperor himself had been waiting for.
>The Emperor ruled it law without allowing any rebuttal, and the Edicts of Nikaea stand to this millennium as Imperial policy regarding human psychic mutation.
>But it was not the decision favoured by Magnus.

As I said, this was the most recent bit of fluff on the Nikean Council. It was a direct retcon of the older fluff

The HH books have the same events happen, except the Emperor decides to just say "fuck you all I hate all psychics despite being one myself" instead

>> No.18259176

oh, I should also mention; this is a result of the HH books largely trying to make the Primarchs more.. tragic?

As in, it wasn't hubris that made them go to chaos, it was all because of them eeevil daemons

>> No.18259202

>All the pussy you could ever ask for

I think you got it wrong, OP.

>> No.18259968

you can have all the slanesshi pussy you could plumb, but it wont satisfy you.

you could spill an ocean of blood for khorne, but your thirst would not be satisfied.

you could spend enternity searching for answers to tzeentch, but given only more questions.

only nurgle offers true peace and happiness.

>> No.18260202

I just wannt a strong for my god 'tzeetnch. I lie to people adn get them to do nunny things (Like last week hooked up two of my druggy friends, he past her stateline--she has genital warts. HHa has tzeetnch planned--he doesn't know and bragsabout 'tearing her funny shit up' Yeah funny I bet.

>> No.18260469

It's a tight, warm, moist hole.
It's close enough.

>> No.18260561

rolled 6, 5 = 11

so whatcha talkin about here?

>> No.18260754

What if the astronomicon is really just a psychic hotspot because of all of the psykers killed their on a daily basis?

>> No.18260877

>>Looks at OP's picture
Hmm, it doesn't seem that bad.
>>Click full-size image

>> No.18263030

It's more like, the psykers are constantly screaming psychicly. The Emperor weaves the screams together into a pillar of light, visible in the warp.

>> No.18263512

Yeah. The psykers are the light, the Emperor is merely a focusing lense.

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