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Jeremy Irons really was the only good thing about that D&D movie, right?

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>Jeremy Irons
>character's name : Profion
My excuses, but this is really retarded. Plus, in my native language (French FYI) it sounds exactly like a combination of the words "deep/ass".

And Jeremy Irons' staff was a better actor than him in this movie.

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His hammyness saved the movie, as in, made it actually watchable.

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So he's a deep-ass character?
Give the man an award, already!

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Poor Snails

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There was absolutely nothing "good" about this movie, however everything is bad in just the right way that is is entertaining as hell.

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At least he got paid!

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jeremy irons... oh gods

I hope he had fun doing it. I really do - because he was so hammy

I mean, fuck brian blessed - this guy takes the cake

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I think we should rephrase it as:
"Jeremy Irons was the BEST thing about this movie"

Which still isn't saying much.
I'm probably biased, but this might be the worst movie I've ever seen, even worse than Uwe Boll's turds. It's just so wrong on so many levels, I'm not even sure where to begin.

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I... I happened to enjoy this character. Also, D&D: Wrath of the Dragon God is pretty damn good.

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the characters in the second movie are..well...CHARACTERS!

gotta love the budding friendship between the rogue and the barbarian

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Here's a better D&D movie.
Also, you now have that James Horner music stuck in your head.

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I think he's one of those 'if you cast him, he will come' actors. Kinda like John Malkovich, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Liam Neeson.

They don't care what the role is. They just wanna have fun with it and get paid. Plus I think Irons likes to, as you say, take any role where he can ham it up as much as possible.

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aw shit man

is that some Krull?

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>bad job at casting Marlon Wayans and Justin Whalin... and anybody else we don't remember the names
>bad comprehension of the DnD universe (seriously, beholder pets...)
>many scenes during the dragon battle at the end are just not textured because "nobody would notice"
>jeremy irons' acting at his best (pic related)

To be honest, the 2-seconds sequence where Damodar opens a portal to get the fuck out of there was the only moment i found cool in this movie.

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I am happy to report that I haven't seen teh D&D movie.

Now this one here everyone needs to see: Krull!

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I actually liked him as Tiberias.

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>that picture

I gigglesnorted

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motherfuckin' krull all up in this bitch

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Whilst JI, JM and BK were always like that, Liam Neeson only really started taking any role offered after his wife died.
I think he just wants to take his mind off it.

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Jeremy Irons was also the best thing about Lolita.

But that... doesn't belong on /tg/.

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Totally ok with this. Krull had a great setting, a whole coherent universe, and SFX were pretty good for a 1983 movie.
Some bad acting here and there, but, hey.

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Liam Neesom has said before, when asked why he's done some really shitty movies, that he's looking for the money so he can pay for living expenses.

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Fuck yeah Krull
just listen to the opening theme

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Yes, yes it is. And it was supposed to be a D&D movie if I recall correctly.

I really need to use this theme for a game sometime.

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Damn shame. I like Liam Neeson.
Ony of my favorite roles for him must have been Rob Roy.

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>related videos: Masters of the Universe with Dolph Lundgren


Question /tg/, maybe you know it cause I can't figure it out:

You know John Carter of Mars and He-man right? Those had Sci-Fi settings but they somehow used technology for their sword&sorcery technology. I mean He-Man even had magic.

What do you call this type of setting? I find it intersting as fuck.

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You know who also played a role in Krull?
Liam Neeson! That's him next to the one-eyed guy.

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He pretty much realised the movie was shit and just had fun chewing the scenery. getting paid while acting incrdibly hammy and having a blast, lucky him.

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best scene in the movie was when the barbarian very obviously used Rage.

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Fun fact: One of Liam Neeson's first movie roles was as one of the bandits in Krull. He and Robbie Coltrane were pretty much gangsta ass rangers with broad axes. Fucking Love Krull.

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>that master of the thieves guild
>elf chick hating humans
>goblins hanging out in the tavern
>magic glow dust required to cast spells
>a fucking wayans brother
Even as a kid i was like wat

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Hey /tg/,

what do you think of animes inspired by D&D?
Pic related.

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great sagan that was sexy...

also, gotta love the scene where the familiar dies and the rogue just laughs

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I think Irons knew what a bad movie it was and just overacted the fuck out of it to have a good time.

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Shit. Beat me to it. But seriously...Qui-Gon Jinn and Hagrid were bad ass rogues on a far away planet taking on an alien balor in his super rock fortress. The world was once a better place.

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Yeah, and he's one of the few that survive the black fortress, too.

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Plus, he was Shindler in Shindler's List. And Taken was FUCKING AWESOME.

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I loved him as Qui-Gon.

His death sucked though. He was a prime of example of grace and swiftness in lightsaber combat, and then get hit by a lame ass attack that even a Padawan would have seen coming.

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I still need to figure out why Damodar has blue lips.

I'm not that much into D&D so i don't now if it's part of the character or some shit, but seriously that's the thing that bothered me the most about that movie. Go figure.

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there is a drug in BoVD that gives you blue lips

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He was cold.

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Not very original, but it is what it is.
This kind of setting was very popular around the 70's and 80's. So your best bet is to find books and films from that time period. But it's still very much alive today too.
Basically any realism is thrown to the wind and we just have simple adventure stories with lots of crazy stuff happening.
Some related comics from the top of my head:
Storm, The Trigan Empire, and The Metabarons.

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He eats smurfs.

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Thank you, I'll check these recommendations out.

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