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This guy's picture keeps getting posted in Guardsmen related threads.

Does he have an issue with the Emperor's finest?

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He hates guardsmen because of what happened to his bros during some of the original dawn of war campaigns, IIRC dark crusade and soulstorm.

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Something about not trusting Guardsmen. I think he slept through Space Marine History class, though...

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I never thought I'd get so old that DoW2 would receive questions like this...

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Welcome to the club.

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when do you guy meet?

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During Dark Crusade he was involved in the Purging of Victory Bay where the guardsmen regiment there were ordered to secure the area contrary to Blood Raven demands for them to be removed so that the Chapter could secure holy relics significant to the Chapter's history.

Neither side could back down and a battle was inevitable. They fought but during the fight half the Guardsmen regiment rebelled and either turned tail or started attacking their brothers. In the mass confusion Avitus lost the rest of his squad to the rebels and has never forgiven the weakness and ineptitude of a large majority of the Guard.

and just FYI "Emperor's finest" applies to Space Marines, not the guard.

It may just sound like bias on my part but it's true.

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Go to bed, Avitus.

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Every second Saturday of each month.

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He speaks the truth, Victory Bay was a tragedy.

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Fuck remember when everyone thought Tarkus was going to be the canon traitor?

As much as I couldn't believe it could be so there was something incredibly tragic to it that almost made me want it.

Compared to all the other choices either Tarkus or Thaddeus becoming the canon traitor was from a story point of view fucking awesome.

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Remember the time I was voiced by Steve Blum?

My, that was a dark day, and now people read this text in his voice.

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>His "friends" got killed by guardsmen
>Doesn't care that he killed ten times as many guardsmen

Avitus, I am dissapoint

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He was set up to be the traitor in the Chaos rising (He has a full Chaos gear set dedicated for him!).

I was surprised when it turned out to be Avitus. It came out of no where.

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I even kitted up my Ancient to be Avitus, in the hopes that it included a similar system to Chaos Rising and the traitor . . . so dissapoint

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Personally I like to believe that Thaddeus was the Cannon Traitor.
I will use the skills learned in my sage old years to find the location of the meetsings. Emperor's speed fellow fa/tg/uy emperor's speed

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wtf ? I thought the canon traitor was Martellus?

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And to you.
Also a hint, We meet in a dark, dank hole called the Cross Keys.

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Remember when people thought Boreale would pull an Eliphas and come back as the Ancient?

>inb4 implying Boreale didn't come back as KAPTUN DIUMEDEEZ

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I never understood that . . . why couldn't they do something similar to the first two, where you 'start' from a previous CR save that determines your traitor? I know they had 5 other campaigns to write for this time, but it was a pretty important plot point, and potentially unique to each player.

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rolled 1 = 1

Yeah, it really pissed me off when Relic didn't milk this opportunity.
Especially as the only good point of the Retribution campaign was humour.

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Because money.
The whole campaign was a piece of shit.

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Oh...he'll be back. But in a different form.

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How much damage can be done by multiple Monoliths simultaneously hurtling down through the atmosphere towards a planet's surface after being launched from orbiting tomb ships? I don't know, but we're going to FUCKING FIND OUT.

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deep striking monoliths? ouch.

Btw, I always thought avitus would be the canon traitor, his constant negativity didn't really leave much room for interpretation tbh.
I still hoped it would have been thaddeus, I disliked him, and never actually used him.

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Why no love for Thaddeus?

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Holy hell you guys, I just got back from /v/ for the first time. I love you, /tg/, you are so very very awesome by comparison.


Also, read that as Emperor's fines.

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Oh, Shit!

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>Thaddeus: This slither-slasher will pay for the men it has killed.
>Tarkus: We are facing an endless swarm, Thaddeus. This is about more than a few lost Guardsmen.

>"WE CANNOT ALLOW MERIDIAN TO FALL, COMMANDER. I have no love for the planetary nobility, but the billions below them MUST. BE. SAVED."

>Avitus: Your pathetic sentimentality for the faceless masses is getting tiring, Thaddeus.
>Thaddeus: Those masses are the Empra's people. You had best remember that!

>"How can you be so blind? We are weapons, but we fight for all those whom the Emperor protects! Here, today, we are their only hope."

Honestly, you'd think /tg/ would be all over him. He even bothered to refer to poor old Indrick by his rank, unlike that disrespectful faggot Cyrus.

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Yeah, I actually liked all of the characters.

I thought it was funny how Avitus turning to chaos pretty much meant him growing tired of endless killing. Wasn't he Khorne aligned?

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So in other words, the Guardsmen were in the way when he wanted to steal shit. Sounds legit to me.

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>bloody magpies ftw

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Deathskulls beat you to it. And they rewired it to work. AND they'll continue to beat you at it.

Blood Ravens are 2nd class thieves. Deathskulls fucking invented that shit, setup the thieves guild, napster, bittorrent, and US Politics!

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Remember guys, Angelos died for your sins. Do not forget his sacrifice!

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"The Codex Astartes doesn't actually make reference to this tactic, but I like to call it LIVING METAL REHN!"

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I like Thaddeus...

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Then you are a weak fool like him.

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Not as weak as you, you worthless traitor.

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