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Welp, I'm bored how about a bit of a model/painting thread

I'm going to post some of my stuff then I'll start into some of the cool stuff I've come across in my trips in the inter-tubes

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That's a pretty good silver. How'd you do it?

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which one?

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Out of curiosity, is the spring and bolt(No fucking idea as to what they really are)connected to the model? Also I'm amused at the idea of a crotch fuel tank... Hotdogs anyone?

Anyways 10/10 Painting, OP.

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The Grey Knight terminators

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The bolt and spring are threaded into the back pouch of the AoBR warboss model. It was the first model I ever converted and those parts are from a old record player.

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Old record player huh? That's pretty awesome. Keep up the good work.

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funny enough thats something like 6 layers of paint.

white base paint, then airbrush light craft paint silver, then necron abyss wash, heavy drybrush of boltgun, then lighter drybrush of chainmail, and finally really light drybrush of mithril. Hit it all up with PP armor wash.

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here's my fist try at casting some models. some pretty bad bubble on the marine but since I've made the setting table all of my castings have gotten alot bette.r

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then here's some servo skull tokens I made today at work. I've got something like 8 more to make

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i've run out of my shite

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Work in progress Grand Master.
Needs a lot more GS fixes and trinkets before i can call him properly done.

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something someone made at my lgs

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ahhh fabricator, good to see you sir.
And who is that great model set to be?

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posted this the other night, looking to get some more feedback on it.

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I'm loving that, I've been wanting to make some mega/meka dreads and that right there fits the bill.

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needs more layers also thin your paints and wash/highlight more

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you sir are much better at skin then I am, only thing I could say about the model is that everything looks so clean. I personally would hit it with a really light wash, but all in all the hilights are great and I like what you did to the end of the scope

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Somewhat on-topic , what paints would you say I'd need for doing a colour scheme like the book on the left . In Vallejo colours if possible as I'm moving away from Citadel.

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I think I see a ork attached to a crysis suit on treads?

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Just a generic GM for my knights. I'm tooling the army up to be a harder opponent for my sister's Orks than my Blood Ravens.

Mostly I'm just toying with different army compositions right now, thinking up cool models I want to include.
So far it looks like two Strike Squads, 15 to 20-ish Terminators/Paladins, one or two Dreads, possibly a Dreadknight and a Stormraven, and an Inquisitor + Warband.
I've posted the ('armless) Inquisitor before too.

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what's the deal with layers? I can't see how they work and no one

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derp forgot picture

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>and then I forget to link the post

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Yea I saw the inquisitor a while back. I've been kicking around GK since the new codex, I had the old one and some regular SM from AoBR that I was proxying but then the new codex I've kinda gone over board. 45 power armor guys, 30 termies, draigo, mordrak, coteze, librarian, techmarine, 6 chimera, 20 assassins, 28 crusaders, 4 banishers, 6 jokeros, 2 dreads, a storm raven and a dread knight. All in all I love the death cult assassins, all converted from DE wyches and kick soo much ass.

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>and no one has explained them well enough to me

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see the one on top

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>20 assassins, 28 crusaders
Holy shit man
And here I thought my 17 metal GKTermines were pushing it a little.

I still have my old 10 plastic Stormtrooper conversions around, as well as 2 extra Inquisitors and a Land Raider, but I doubt any of them will ever really find a place in the army.
Also because I'm kinda stupid like that I intend to use the Stormraven as a gunship as much as a transport. I'm just a sucker for anything that can shoot an insane amount of times per turn.

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I'm not sure about Vallejo colors

just using some web colors form them:
Amarantha Red
Pale Blue-Grey
Sunset Red
Flat Red
Green Grey

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I dont have any of the real models for those, all of the assasins are DE whiches converted and the crusaders are all easterlings form the LotR game. Hell even half of the jokeros are resin copies that I've made. I cut corners where I can.

I love the storm raven but hate the point sink. What I usually end up doing if putting a scary group in there like a crusader/assassin combo or pallys. then just get it up in the front line. I know it will die as a gun ship but then my opponent has to deal with what is in side.

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Ah, is that yours? I've liked it ever since I saw it.
Along with pic related it's one of my favourite Dreadknight conversions.

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oh wow, how'd you do the center ork/orc?

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I love both of those, I'm getting the parts to do something like the first one, going to use a ironclad torso as part of the front. Trying to make it seem more robotic then exosuit.

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nope sorry not one of mine. just looking at it I can tell it's mostly sculpted.

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I'm going to try and think of something similar to the one I posted up there for mine. Had a pretty good test run with Perturabo, so I know what I'm doing now for the most part.

My main problem with the Dreadknight is how stiff the pose is. A bad pose can ruin a great model. The babby harness doesn't help either, but it is no worse an offender than the pose.

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The hands supporting the gun barrels are a nice touch.

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The pose is hindered with the model but thankfully the knees of the damn thing can be cut and re posed pretty well. The hips are what were really killing me on my fist one as well as the stupid cranes for the arms, keeping the arms from any real poses. I left the cranes off and plan on using them on a tech marine or mekboy
random shot of my bitz boxes, missing a large cardboard box of partially compleaded stuff

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My bitz... area, slightly old photo. Swapped the chair later.

I just ignored the cranes with pert, gonna need to see how I deal with them on the next one.
Also I need to come up with some kind of clever solution for using the Nemesis Greatsword.

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Wow. How did you manage to acquire all of that? I'm assuming it was within a short period due to the large number of unused sprues.

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Yea I think your bitz out rank me. I left the cranes off of mine as well and I've been ignoring the gapign holes it left in the damn thing's shoulders. I've been wanting to whip up some giant shoulder pads to cover it all.

What do you mean by "clever solution " for the great sword? What are you trying to get around.

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Over about 10 years total.
I tend to leave shit on sprues and they gather up around the place. I really need to take a day off and just clip all the bits off. It would save shotloads of space.

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The pose of the wrist is, again, really stiff and static. I'd prefer something more dynamic. Overall I'd like something like a pose where the Dreadknight is about to strike, or sweeping the blade through some enemies. I'd want it to look more fluid than the Dreads, which are more stompy and mechanical.
>BT Dread unrelated to GKs, GKdreads will be Riflemen.

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this thread made me want to pull out the GK and take a army shot. too lazy to unpack the henchman tray so here's the GK's themselves.

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Oh, fair enough. That's a reasonable time. Jealous of your dedicated desk though. I have to go through a whole process of moving my mouse/keyboard and pulling out all of my painting supplies each time I want to do some.

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The desk eats up half my bedroom, so there are at least some downsides.
Then again since I occasionaly do commissions, I kinda need to have it on the ready at a moment's notice.

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Do just pretty much just buy anything that catches your eye?

You ever done any tau?

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I also know of the annoyance of the desk also being the work area but I've gotten lucky of late.
1. I'm allowed to do what I want to do at my desk at work as long as there's no noise, smells, or electronic devices. so I'm allowed to paint and build models at work
2. I moved about 5 months back and there was an small extra room that I got to claim to be my craft room. nice long work bench, lots of shelves and the walls are covered in peg board.

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It also looks very crowded, unless you have done some cleaning up since then. Would you mind showing something you have painted?

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I used to, but I've cut down recently. Now I only buy things that catch my eye and give me good ideas at the same time.
I did Tau back when the first codex was released, or so, but not after that.
I keep a small "build area" free of mess, while the rest of the table is scrapped projects and parts I need to keep an eye on, most recently parts I need for the Primarchs.

Here's the most recent thing I've painted, from my last christmas thread.

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as for the issue of the wrist of the DK, I've been thinking that by adding a half ball joint to the hand/arm socket you could get a bit more pose-ability out of it all.

>> No.18251367

Hm, that could actually work really well!
I should give it a shot too. Thanks for the tip.

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I know, i know!
WRONG! Well, right, everything is sculpted at one point or another, but that middle model is an Orc from the defunct company Rackhams line of Confrontation.
They had quality models, but real idiots as managers, and they decided to switch from Metal to Prepainted plastics.
They went bankrupt, and that model is now OOP.

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Did anything ever become of your Valentines thread & the Logan Grimnar/Marneus Calgar idea?

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hey could you post the shot of the chaos Santa in his sled pulled by gargoyles, I told the chaos player in my LGS and he's been begging to see it since then.
Pic of power fists holding nemis force weapons, because too many AoBR temies and too little arms from the GK temie sets.

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Cheers bro, that looks really nice and quite interesting, what with the tree and all. I just paint boring old Leviathan.

>> No.18251406

Yep. I should paint it some day.
It was the winning idea from /tg/ - "Trazyn steals the Blood Ravens' stolen presents"
Here's the whole thread if you want to read it.

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man this shit wont even compare, but i would like some tips on it

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Well I learn something new every day. So Rackham you say.... There's a Chinese knockoff sight, Minatures Hobby, that happens to sell their models still.

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>> No.18251430

Yeah, i know, but i heard the quality of their metal recasts are nowhere near as good as their resin.
And by that, i've heard it's shit.

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>> No.18251441

In fact, here's the model you're searching for.

>> No.18251445

Tip: add a bit of handle to the bottom of the fist. It helped make the drip look more natural with my Black Templars.

>> No.18251464

That is quite possibly the best pose I have ever seen.

>> No.18251465

the lighting is fucking glorious. i would love to see some daemon flyers in their place however

>> No.18251476

How would the fabricator-general go about making a wicked sweet guitar for my chaos sonic contemptor?

I've been patiently building a demonic amp for him to have one foot up on, and a base of cracked stone and stage-lights, but before I can even put the sexy fuck together I need to work out what to make his axe with. I'm fairly confident with modelling, but making a part from scratch is totally new.

The guitar is a warlock, of course. What else?


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I dunno about that, I've got some grot tanks and GK bits ordered from them so I'll see.

I've through about doing that but there's not much of a reason to do that to the sillyness of the model specially since the damn fists don't have much to attach to at the bottom there.

I may have to order that up for my orks.

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The model requested was "Doomrider bringing gifts to Guardsmen, riding a sleigh pulled by tyranids"

Those xmas threads get kinda insane.
In 2010 the winner was a 40k nativity scene.

>> No.18251499

How'd you do your Nemesis weapons btw?

>> No.18251507

not sure if heresy, hilarious non-the-less

>> No.18251516

the colors are wet blended, using some privateer paints. I did all of my testing on the greatsword as a bigger test subject. I ended up needing five brushes all prepped to get to work right.

>> No.18251520

It took quite some trickery to pull off though.
My suggestion? Get some bigass axe blades. Minotaur ones maybe. Make the neck out of a Daemon Prince's sword. Toss in some strings. Boom, daemonic, weapony, metal as fuck, ready to melt faces as well as chop faces.

>> No.18251528

Plasticard is your friend. I personally would probably start with using the blades from some fantasy orks, they have the curve and pointy bits while giving you a pre aged edge and making it look like a melee weap at the same time. then I saw part off of a preditor's sponsin for the flamer tank that would make a great bridge

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Not trying to derail the thread or anything, but its better than starting a whole new thread.
I want to make a squad of Mandalorians, but I can't think of a good way to make the helmets without sculpting. Cos I'm shit at sculpting. I think the Kasrkin will make great bodies but I can't think of a helmet.
Can anyone think of anything? Even if theres another miniature you think would be suitable for the body.

>> No.18251545

Cut of the horns, bam, there you've got boba.

>> No.18251552

Chaos Warriors are probably the closest without sculpting. You could also check some third party sites for similar lookign helmets.
This works too, but keep in mind that CSM helmets are larger than IG heads.

>> No.18251553

Might be a bit big for Kasrkin bodies though, Warriors of Chaos have easily convertable boba helmets too.

>> No.18251560

have you considered buying starwars minis?

>> No.18251569


I thank thee, sir. Any suggestions on what to use for strings? The sturdier the better, as he is for frequent use (the rockin' murder of galactic legolas and his merry troubadours)

>> No.18251589

all depends how big you want em'

I could see some artificial brush stands from a 3 inch paintbrush. Or one of the child toys that have the fiber optic strands could work well too.

>> No.18251592

Metal wire should be good, or thin-ass metal/plastic rods.
Alternatively, GS.
Or if you want to go CRAZY, chop off the faces of some daemons (Horrors work well), GS them onto the guitar, sculpt extra long tongues on them and tie the tongues together for daemonic french kissing guitar strings.

>> No.18251598

The only Star Wars minis I can find are those damn Wizards of the Coast shit. Don't get me wrong, I've bought a few. But still, that shit is >>18251553
nowhere near the quality I want.
Yeah I've already seen the stuff online about the Chaos heads, but they're too big. Plus every time I try cutting those horns off I end up ruining the head. Ugh.
Maybe I should just try some sculpting, I'm not really sure where to look online for the heads but. Yeah.
What's a good way to start sculpting? Cause I just don't get that shit.

>> No.18251618

ive been going through that archived thread, what kind of glue do you use? do you use the kicker from citadel??

>> No.18251634

I use revell right now, since the new Citadel stuff seems to be crap.
You can see the glue in >>18251002

>> No.18251668

30mm boba


converted boba

The chaos head doe end up making a good looking head just need to be careful cutting it.

>> No.18251707

I find it amusing that someone just requed another painting thread from page 12 while ours was on the first page.

>> No.18251717

That model reminds me - I have two Baneblades (and a third that is halfway built into a Warhound) sitting around wasting space.
I should probably convert them into something. But what?

>> No.18251764

sheesh I wish I just had baneblades sitting around.

I have one idea to using a baneblade tracks to make a ork skull hammer battle fortress that is really just a rolling stage and have some goff rockers set up on it. I've been planning on getting some of the old noise marines to have them up there as a battle of the bands.

>> No.18251767

I have two Baneblades (and a third that is halfway built into a Warhound)
>(and a third that is halfway built into a Warhound)
do a carnifex baneblade mutation

>> No.18251797

well dammit it's after 4 here and I have to be at work in 9 hours.... so might be time to hit the hay sack.

ice table shot to be my last in the thread.

>> No.18251798

I've been working on my Alpha Warrior, making it look WYSIWYG.
Which looks better, with the rending claws on the upper shoulders, or on the lower set?

>> No.18251801

it's beautiful
This guy has done a great conversion.

>> No.18251805

Lower one looks more tyranidy to me.

>> No.18251813

Rending lower looks classy
Also I'd do something about that paint job.

>> No.18251820

rending claws low it is then.

And yeah I'm in the process of repainting the whole army.

>> No.18251856

While this is bordering on a crunch questino rather than a modeling one, can someone suggest some good setups for Inquisitor Warbands?
My army will pretty much inevitably include one, and I'd like to have a rough idea what is worth taking before I plan the models.

>> No.18251914

just gonna post this and hope for any criticism/tips by the time I get back from my run. after dragging my ass for a month, i intend on getting back to painting the other 61 dudes in my army...

>> No.18252008

What paint brands do you guys use? Any good, cheap brands that you can order online?

>> No.18252020

I just get the GW stuff at my FLGS.

>> No.18252906

Hey, /tg/, what do you think of the pink Tyranid dude whose army is on the GW site blog today? I kind of love it because it's so out of place... he's got an awesome cartoony look going on with those black lines and crazy bright colours (well, colour). Because of that look, though, his army doesn't even look like it's from the same game as any other I've seen. Has anyone else done this? I could see it looking pretty sweet with Eldar...

>> No.18252940

I'm pretty sure he's actually from here. I know I've seen these models for ages.

>> No.18252968

hey, it's that dude off dakka,

amazing painter, looks almost animated

>> No.18252973


>> No.18252994


The Citadel/GW stuff is actually pretty decent. And their foundation paints and washes are seriously some of the best on the market.

>> No.18253166

I want to get away from citadel, but the only other option in my town is Testors and frankly, that paint is shit.
Also, iphones are pretty shitty for taking pictures of minis, I'm not even going to bother posting them

>> No.18253233

Hey script, I have a question for you.

You being the main modelling man around here, and armed with the knowledge that a while ago you did work on a bit of bloodraven stuff, I was wondering.
What would you recommend to use to model some of the other characters up from DoW2?
So far I've already got a Tarkus (Got a plasma veteran model from the command squad and went at its eye a bit to give it the scar) and a Thaddeus model (ThunderHammer terminator Sgt with some liquid greenstuffed hair), as well as a venerable dreadnought that i've picked out all the most cathedral-like bits to make a venerable Thule.
But I quite fancy making a Cyrus, and if I can find the necessary bits for it, Angelos as well.
Any ideas?

>> No.18253259

Or if I've just missed him, any other modellers got recommendations?

>> No.18253264

Well my Angelos was one of the Masters of the Chapter guys with Calgar's head and a custom hammer. This look being based off what he looked like as Chapter Master

>> No.18253276

And my Cyrus was just a headsapped Scout. The head came from some WFB Empire kit.

>> No.18253288

Now that is pretty fancy.
I DID have an idea for Angelos before, but it never really worked out very well.
I managed to wrangle a greyknight daemonhammer and a nemesis wardstaff from a friendly GK player, and i endeavoured to transplant the 1 handed WS haft to the hammer head, then go about transforming it from the GW thunderhammer head style to the videogames' version of it....it proved a bit too difficult and i've since gone through 3 or 4 hammers the same way.
Stupid GodSplitter

>> No.18253298

.... I don't suppose you could give me a parts list for your Doomrider from that Christmas piece? I'm having trouble spotting from the photos.

>> No.18253305

As for cyrus, i never thought to look into the fantasy models for bitz
at one point i planned to liquid greenstuff model the eyepiece onto an eldar guardian head (minus the ears)

>> No.18253325

Possessed torso
CSM legs, arms and pack
Empire Wizard hand and skull
Chaos Knight sword
Bloodletter horns

>> No.18253335

The eldar heads look a bit derpy in my opinion

>> No.18255332

wow this thread pitter off pretty quick there at the end.

Well if she's still alive by the time I get home from work I'll be posting my Ork tanks

>> No.18255387

What's the best way to dissolve super glue? I have a model I got off someone and he used so much god damn glue it almost made me sick. Also I need to get it off the base so I can put it on a scenic base.

>> No.18255619

Postan my Truescale marines.

Here's the Sergeant. Marine on right is for size comparison.

>> No.18255635


And here's a Veteran guy. He still needs a collar thingy.

>> No.18255950

Hey guys, I just got done taking some pics of my latest work. Hope you enjoy.

The first set is the albino anachnarok.

>> No.18255956


>> No.18255963


>> No.18256004


This is the swamp base w/ flash, I got the effect buy mixing some of the pale green swamp mix (meant to go straight on the base with no water effects, looks terrible that way) and after 1 layer of that on plain glue put a player of water effects on top and mixed some more into that. along with a bit of grinded pinecone.

>> No.18256025


>> No.18256049


>> No.18256065

and on to the big yellow one!

>> No.18256075


>> No.18256087


I kinda want to have somthing running away from this spider, but I don't know of any creatures in the "run away" pose from fantasy.

>> No.18256094


>> No.18256106

Now the last spider, the blue one!

>> No.18256126

only took me an hour to do these, ill post the rest later

>> No.18256133

Just been doing some more on Mannfred today


I really like the army, the lining effect is really clean.

>> No.18256134

copy pasta

>> No.18256143


>> No.18256173

don't you like them? i chose ultramarines as they are the chapter that other space marines are based on, a foundation if you will.

>> No.18256196


most people have seen the pic before brah, no need to continue with the weak copy pasta.

>> No.18256204


I seriously doubt you would be bragging about it if you were the one who originally painted those guys. They have been an example of bad painting on /tg/ for ages. You are trolling. Quit it.

>> No.18256210


See, this is a large part of why I don't play 40K. People post this around and joke about how God-Awful it is, but, if we're being honest? The quality of this motherfucker's work is at least seven times better than mine would be.

>40K is the Hobby from my personal Hell

>> No.18256211

k. it was weak to begin with, in all fairness your arachnarok spider just stamped it out. Nice spider btw, i like the blue

>> No.18256215

now for works in progress.

My redeemer, who I intend to run with Efeora

>> No.18256232

you want a tip? thin your paints. dont slop it on, and only have a small amount of paint on the brush. dont paint in the eyes, leave them as shadows, they look alot better and alot less unnatural.

>> No.18256237

Thanks, I appreciate that you liked my spider enough to say so.

Second W.I.P., Slaanesh furies. Basing them now, 6 done only 24 more to go.


>> No.18256247


>> No.18256254

the one on the left looks awesome, really well posed. do you have true scale marines? i fucking love true scale marines

>> No.18256274

I do not have any TS marines, never really wanted to make any.

>> No.18256284

wait what? your name is slaaneshi whore lord?
fair play.

>> No.18256294


yup only 24 more to go....

so I got my converted Slaanesh heralds on here too if you guys want to see those, but I'm not too proud of them, the paint job really isn't captured well on camera.

>> No.18256301

tell me everything you have (in general, not individually) and ill ask you something specific about that army, if you have it then post it

>> No.18256364

Besides Reaper, what other sites are there for miscellaneous/unique figures?

>> No.18256373

haha I legitimately laughed at this comment.
well I'll answer what questions you have but most of my stuff is packed up because I move back stateside in like...2 months.
CSM-2500 pts, all slaaneshi flavored.
Chaos daemons-2k-2500, all slaanesh
Traitor guard- almost 2k
Tribal spider goblin army: 3k
Troll warband: 500pts
Host of sigvald (slaanesh flavored warriors of chaos): 3-4k
menoth-almost 35 pts
Skorne- around 40-50pts
The dreamer- one of everything that will work for him.

ask away

>> No.18256394

hasslefree, warlord, wargames factory, freebooter, mantic

>> No.18256398

>> No.18256402

Gracias, not looking to do a specific project, but I just enjoy browsing

>> No.18256412

>> No.18256419

I see, I recommend Hasslefree they have a lot of good stuff that comes from movies and vidja games.

>> No.18256428

>> No.18256448

>> No.18256480

Painting Dark Eldar atm, how do you paint pale skin effectively?

>> No.18256505

depends, normally I paint the skin white, then go over it with a fleshwash, and then blend white with basic skintone until I get the shade I want.

>> No.18256560

His models remind me of Area 51. I can just hear them go "URRR!" when shot.

>> No.18258158

Theres a running human that comes in the giant kit. you can probably get it off a bits store.

pic related

>> No.18258185


What pic?

>> No.18258229

damn captcha ate the pic

>> No.18259137

Doing an ork trukk/wagon/whatever for my friend
Though I either need to get some plasticard or loot a friend's bitz box to get some pieces to make the roof
Also I need more pauldrons for the pauldron bumper

>> No.18259231

Going to buy some straight pins this weekend and work on studing the left shoulder and maybe find a bit to work as a medal to help cover up that damn cowl section where the injection happened.

>> No.18259279

There's just something about bare bases that makes me wanna cry.

>> No.18259293

I feel the opposite, as long as the base is clean, I like the idea of a blank base more for infantry. But I'm just weird I guess

>> No.18260112

one of the guys at my gaming club has replaced all his bases with transparent plastic discs of the appropriate size, i'm thinking of copying him.

>> No.18260119

every time someone reposts that picture i regret stripping the little blue bastards.

>> No.18260224


I've posted this before (currently working on my librarian who would have thought blue was hard, also finecast is still fucking shit, first and last finecast model i'll be buying)

You need greater contrast between your lowlights, base colour and highlights with yellow

the problem with yellow is that shifts in colour are very subtle a lot of the time and its easy to paint over shading because you want it nice and bright.

>> No.18260394

Thats a really cool idea, if part of my army wasn't already based I'd do it. I don't mind blank bases, but armies that aren't uniform in design choices like that rustle my jimmies

>> No.18261257

bump with something I've posted a couple times. Still working on my Kraken Hive Tyrant, should have crappy phone pictures for the sunday/monday thread (since we have these types of threads every day even though /tg/ can't paint (myself included))

>> No.18261335

as with the above terminator

this is a group shot of the command squad as a WIP

all the white arms are magnetised
probably didn't need to magnetise the cyclone launcher guys bolter arm (since the launcher is glued on) but what the heck, i'm still waiting for my FW shoulder pads to arrive

finecast is still shit, the librarian was a massive pain to clean up and painting him has been a chore too :(

Wasn't a pleasure like the metal lysander

>> No.18261348

I think I posted this in a recent thread, but what the fuck ever, I'll post it again. I love how it turned out.

>> No.18261371


nothing wrong with a bare base as long as its uniform across the army

the bases pictured were ugly though, if you are going with bare bases make them smooth (ie no slotta base tabs showing) with a single colour.

Base colour is all about complementing the miniatures and making them pop.

>> No.18261408

Why do oil washes take so long to dry? Dear god what have I gotten myself into?

>> No.18261744

oh hey its the grey knight tripguy from the last paint thread? What up bro? how's dem Grey knights goin'.

Been working on my Kommandos a bit lately.

>> No.18261879

holy crap the thread is still alive. as I promised here's some of the ork tanks I've been making

This are of two fighta bombas I've been making, oth missing their wings, the one of the right is going to have normal Valerye wings and the one of the left is going to have little stubby ones with propellers.

>> No.18261901

any oil based product is going to take a while to dry. hell oil paints can take weeks to fully dry.


I've been bogged down at work so I haven't been able to do too much to the GK. I did happen ot get the cultex assassin today and put that little bastard together, now I have all 4 and plan on painting them up. I'm thinking that each will be black and another color. they will be my power ranger assassins.

>> No.18261932

I post some of the same same i have done, here is what i have finished.

>> No.18261933

Orks don't need any roofs over their heads.

>> No.18261946

damn space wolves, I hate them due to my orks yet love the viking aspect of them... still kinda want to get some and lop them off at the knees to make some space viking dwarves.

>> No.18261950

wtf, my posting had a title of livememe.com?

eh, more monis

>> No.18261957

>> No.18261967

>> No.18261981

all ofthe 10 packs of sisters were removed from GW's website a month or two ago. It almost makes me think that they may be releasing plastic version soon.
my vehicle carring case, need to cut a few more holes out.

>> No.18261996


>> No.18261998

well I'm off for some dinner, when I get back I'll toss ome pics of the thunder hawk I've been working on and my tau ork convert

>> No.18262024

We captoored eet fhor Cha-oss!

>> No.18262040

Get 'em BOIZE!

>> No.18262062

A project I'm working on. I've made a dead salamander to put on his base, I'm going to cover this prince in occult items like wands, flasks and such, give him a baroque and mad looking jump pack, and paint him pale blue with golden armour.

I'm calling him the alchemist. Thoughts/idears?

>> No.18262088

>blurry as fuck
Yeah, learn to take good pics.

>> No.18262091


I'm a derp, wrong picture. Have one that's in focus.

>> No.18262095

You're a mean, mean person.

>> No.18262118

Holy shit I need to go to sleep.

>> No.18262529

fuck old metal thunderhawk. Thing has been a bitch to put together.

>> No.18262531

>> No.18262546

>> No.18262554

what I haul my dwarves around in.

>> No.18262563

my gargantuan squiggoth. the dino is a eltronic bank that when you squeeze the right leg it roars and mouth opens

>> No.18262576


That's majestic, where/when is that model from

>> No.18262582

some shit I cast yesterday

the back of a ghost ark to help a buddy make some of the fast skimmer things for his necrons

and one of the landing gears of the old metal thunderhawk. I plan on making a full resin copy and possibly more in the future for other friends.

>> No.18262605

In 1997, they offered a huge, all metal, version of the Thunderhawk Gunship in a wooden presentation case. The case is awesome, it has a ton of cool paperwork and only like 1000 of them are made. A buddy at my lgs bought it on ebay and didn't trust himself in building it so there's several of us making it. Nothing fits together, everything has to been green stuffed to the extreme, and the fucking thing has no chance of holding together on the table under it's own voliton so we are going to have to have a support pipe running the full length of the model.

>> No.18262610

Do you do commissions at all? Just out of curiosity since I love some of the terrain I have seen you post pictures of...

>> No.18262616

then in fairness to the general here's a shot of my craft room.

>> No.18262633

I have and can again. I have a ton of people asking me to make copies of special bits right now but the way I've been doing everything its who gets me monies that really get their stuff worked on. Like one of my buddies is getting me his chaos shoulder pads and the dark angel special sprue to copy to make some awesome chaos.

oh and here's a shot of the damn necron I was making for their release but got stuck with no way to make his hips for quit working on.

>> No.18262648

Cool may have to get in contact later on down the line, when I actually have some money. Would love a set piece to display my army on....

>> No.18262683

I can do that, at my lgs I have a chaos landscape whipped up in the window that my GK are fighting several other people's daemons and CSM on. I tossed one of my emails in for this post. I try to check it about once a week.

Here's a something I loved making, my battle wagon built out of a hammerhead.

>> No.18262710

my stick bomb chucka

>> No.18262719

4am what is sleep.

May as well post this conceptual dryrun of my Malal lord. Meant to kinda be truescale or at least just huge.
I lack most the parts I'd like to properly assemble it.

>> No.18262727

thats some of the biggest shoulder pads I've ever seen on a marine.

>> No.18262730

The blueprint stage of the lord.

Want more blank parts so I can better customize it myself with greenstuff.

I need to get more terminator parts sometime.(among other things)

>> No.18262744

My favorite conversion so far.....

Bike captain who has been put together with what ever I could find....

>> No.18262759


but year is that for chaos, thinking due to shoulder pad with spiky design.... as for the base I have something like 9 ork bikes that don't even have bases.

>> No.18262760

At this point we are fairly certain the chest plate is a from Macragge. The arm handling the chain-sword is from a chaos box, and the helmet is from some random set no clue where.... And the bike is your standard bike kit

>> No.18262763

missed the picture

>> No.18262789

That they are indeed. Even my biggest stuff hardly matches up.

>> No.18262801

ello again general.

>> No.18262803

But Ferrus still comes pretty close.

>> No.18262815

dear god I think that man has the largest hands I've ever seen in comparison.....

powerfist without the glove.

>> No.18262831

"Oi, rokkit me closer, I wanna hit that wit me axe.!"

>> No.18262842

Man I fucking love these conversions... Man I just want some money so I can start getting my tanks

>> No.18262857


>> No.18262858

I got lucky, most of my ork tanks are built out of about $300 of IG stuff that I won in a painting competition. Though I did buy my first Razor back a week ago I'm waiting till I have the GK doors for it, then I'll be putting parts of it together, copying it 5+ times, and magnitizing it all so it can be a razorback or a rino for my GK.

>> No.18262870

Legs, where we're going we don't need legs.

Yea I've had my complaints about the tank commanders just stopping at the hatch. I may fix the poor bastard and just use a set of boy legs for him.

>> No.18262871

Nice I am working slowly on a conversion series of tanks based on the Russians WWII models... And surprisingly there are a few Panzers that look like the Leman Russ

>> No.18262882

Any advice for casting vehicles? I have a feeling I'm gonna need to do that for my admech project.

>> No.18262889

Your continuing the admech army? Sweet can't wait to see them keep us posted man

>> No.18262890

Aye, he does look all kinds of retarded at the moment. The rebuild should fix those problems though. It did wonders for many of the others.

>> No.18262893

the russ is one of the few IG tanks that look almost right... a bit tiny for the body but the general shape.

>> No.18262907

Yeah trying to finish off some mordheim/ironhands stuff. Got some various bits coming in and then its admech time.

>> No.18262909

from what I've done thus far of it. it really helps to have it broken into nice shell parts. when I do the rino I'm planning on the bottom floor and inner track walls to be one part and the treads and outer track and top for the other part. not sure but I think it will end up working.

>> No.18262910


The potato heads count as dreadnoughts?

>> No.18262923

they are my stompas, the black one is mostly done the other not even started.

>> No.18262927

Gotcha, was wondering if you casted it in individual pieces or assembled it/chopped it up somehow to make it easier to cast. That answers that.

>> No.18262934

Oh nice looks bad ass

>> No.18262939

I could do everything on the sprue but I see it as a waste of resin, And I'm currently using the oramashu/instamold stuff so I make one copy and if that doesn't work right I try recasting.

>> No.18262949

I do have 3 tiny totts(smaller mr potato heads) that I plan on making into mega dreads some time.

>> No.18262958

Speaking of recasting - I've been mostly dicking around with normal GS (since most of my recasts are just details I want to stick on other models) but I was wondering if that Liquid GS stuff would work too.
I mostly just want to duplicate a fuckload of capes and tabards so I can stick them on my GKs.

>> No.18262965

The bit of the liquid GS I've used worked well but all I was doing was filling some small gaps. It should work great for the capes just make the small mold and then bursh in the LGS...

>> No.18262970

I got stuff to make silicon molds, have just never worked with resin. I have experience with slip casting and ceramics, hopefully they share enough similarities and I don't fuse a giant mess together.

Also...you get your resin locally or is there a good place to order online?

>> No.18262972

I am sculpting currently this.

Care to give me more information about molding and casting?

>> No.18262974

Goodie. I remeber it came in rather small jars though. Any chance you might know where to gets loads of for cheap like normal GS?

>> No.18262989

You look like you're doing great sculpting that man.

>> No.18262993

sor far I've been going into the local Micheals on Saturday to buy the $7 activator, then Sunday with he 40% off coupon to pick a thing of resin.

But I've got 3 other guys throwing in for this
ends up being half the price per ounce when compared to what I've been doing.

>> No.18263013


off grand of GS. is alot cheaper.


this is what I'm using for molds right now, you boil it for a min then push onto the model to make one part of the mold, then allow it to cool then repeat to the other side. as for casting you can do several things, some plasters are good ideas for larger models, less detail but cheaper, you can use GS and push it in, the LGS should work almost to pour in. resin works really well, but is toxic, makes a mess and is pricy to get.

>> No.18263021

Thanks dude.There is an ongoing project from a /tg/ request.A guy requested a dwarf militia (pic) and I m sculpting it into a mini.

>> No.18263028

Thanks for the info, elusive and the rest of you gents as well. Good thread.

Seconding milliput, been using that for years. Only trouble is finding a place that carries it, some online stores murder you for shipping it.

>> No.18263032


here is the /tg/-dwarf so far.
I ll post the progress in my blog (thebrushes.blogspot.com) if you are interested

>> No.18263036

talk to your local LGS, mine managed to get it in through his distributers and you can get the normal b&w 4oz for like 7 bucks.

>> No.18263039

They make Milliput in liquid form too?

>> No.18263041

*forgot pic*

>> No.18263044

Not to my knowledge.

>> No.18263052

no, as far as I know only GW has the liquid form so far. I know you can mix miliput to have it be softer then normal.

>> No.18263066

Welp, looks like GW it is then.

>> No.18263103

Well its that time again for me. I'm off to bed.

I may have a crafty time thread tomorrow evening, if I do I'll set myself up in my craft room and be answering any questions I can about terrain/crafting/painting/modeling and posting pictures as I work on some stuff.

Last pic is of my storm raven and my dreadnought being magnetized so it hangs there while in transit.

>> No.18263127

Lord Paul Dron scoffs at your inadequate livery.

Also, what does the chaos combimelta on the vehicle command sprue go to? I've noticed it has a flat side but can't figure out what it fits onto.

I'm considering mounting it onto my Lord's left arm not unlike a greyknight does with its stormbolter.

Also, from what I've researched Scripty the liquid greenstuff doesn't work too well with molds, as apparently it's a bit too brittle. Mainly used for gap filling, really.

>> No.18263146

I was going to layer it a few times, but if it indeed is to brittle then I guess that plan is fucked.

Now behold the lord of pauldrons

>> No.18263170

Oh come on, that's not fair; it's not even Warhammer!

Hmm, I wonder how large Khador Man-O-War pauldrons are on a space marine...

>> No.18263185

Why not just go for the whole hog and use Vlad's?

>> No.18263313

Know the twin linked bolter on chaos tanks replace half of it that is where it goes.

Only Issue with that is the base part should be under the cupola so you don't see the lack of legs.

>> No.18263328

X Reasons why I won't paint my conversions these days.

>> No.18264194

alrighty I'll look around for one of them, might fill that void of space on the yellow one rather nicely.

Yeah I know, hope all my opponents enjoy their missles filled with greek fire.

>> No.18264940

Weaved a Mycetic Spore from wire and twine, added a Carnifex backplate.

>> No.18265223

Paintfriend uses Super Dungeon Explore pic!

It hits grimdark sameness!

It's super effective!

>> No.18265230


Grimdark has fainted!

>> No.18265241

Glimmerdusk Ranger has learned SPARKLEBURST!

>> No.18265348

Super Dungeon Explore does look fantastic.

>> No.18265586

I really don't have any decent photographs of stuff I've been working on right now. This will have to do. Lighting turned out very bluish for whatever reason.
Most recently finished Minis. Were run at a convention less than a month ago.

>> No.18265609

seeing as I'm buying that game and such soon, do want.
but I am currently too shit tier as far as mini painting comes.
Recently finished Ogre for my friends skaven army.

>> No.18265637

SDE is back on shelves again in April along with the first expansion.

You might still be able to get it directly from Soda Pop or Cool Mini Or Not, they had copies a few weeks back, although all the distributors are out. Also check game shop's online stores. DO NOT PAY OVER $90 though or you are being ripped off, they are on eBay and Amazong for $150+ pretty regularly. No need for that shit, it's only temporarily OOP due to unexpected demand.

The LE Candy and Cola mini is also being recast and put back into circulation so don't get gouged for her either.

>> No.18265647

>> No.18265698

hey, can somebody post a guide or otherwise tell me how to paint faces? i've tried twice and it's just...not very good. thanks

>> No.18265710

yeah sure, here you go

>> No.18265714


Same as you paint anything else. Paint face a face color. Paint eyes and teeth an off-white (not pure white). Like a light cream. Touch up with the flesh color where you mess up the eye whites (and you will mess up, its inevitable).

Shade face, put dots in eyes for irises. make sure they touch the top and bottom of the eye or they will look like they are freakishly staring.

>> No.18265725

1) cover face with flesh paint
3) done

>> No.18265743

see, i can get the colors of the flesh and the shading of it all done right and proper, but the details of the mouth and eyes are what kill me.

>> No.18266523


You can always go in and touch up. Working with very thinned paint can be forgiving but it also takes some patience.

I haven't painted in a -long- while. I think the last thing I did were some Infinity figs. I'm probably going to start up again soon though. I have a couple of Warmachine figs to do. I also need to start ramping up to sculpt and cast some custom heads for my IG army...

>> No.18266599


To add to the touching up:
Don't load the brush too much with paint. That way you don't get it spilling all over the figure. Just a little bit at a time, and push it around some.

You can dress up the edges if necessary with very slightly thicker paint (from the thinned stuff you used to put in the details) -if you're uncertain, just stick with the very thinned stuff and layer it on.

For the eyes, I tend to lay down a slight off white first, put in the eyes, then define the shape using either the hair color, or flesh tone. If you define it with the hair color, you'll need to go over the edge again with a flesh to create a fine line, the intention being to create/suggest eye lashes.

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