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Players, how do you come up with names for your PCs?

GMs, how do you come up with names for your NPCs? How do you keep them consistent within cultures?

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Random. Name. Generator.

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I used to randomgen. Now I either take something from a dead language or culture, or take something fairly generic that sounds good that's an actual name.

No need to have something crazy and unpronouncable when his name can just be Ed or Tom or Harvey.

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Every time it fits I name my character after my maternal grandfather.

Joseph Hunter Flame. He was, I kid you not, a lumberjack.

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Anagram or translate something with meaning, then take a realistic-sounding excerpt.

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Honestly I just try and keep things consistent with the character some of my reoccurring npcs are...

Gorgon ze Grizzily a german half-orc barb/monk
Elise Elise a over sexualized gnome bartender
Killgore the cold a minotaur black smith
Pierre Ame-noire an evil halfling begulier/wizard

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I'm good at coming up with names on the fly mostly.

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Think about the character for a few seconds/minutes and the name pops into my head.

It's a hit and miss.

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Captcha. No lie.

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I just try to make the name fit the character. Like a Batman villain.

my personal favorite was my monk, named Chesterfield Snapdragon McFisticuffs

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First of all, there's the general assumption that most cultures made-up for tabletop games are based on real world cultures. It can be as simple as "the Dwarves are Scotsmen that live underground" to "the aliens on this planet live in a society based on the teachings of (philosophical movement)." In those cases, I think it's best to find old-fashioned names in appropriate languages, or even just take a word with an appropriate meaning and try to turn it into a name.

There are lots of websites with names sorted by gender and regional background, which are useful.

In broader fantasy styles, dwarfs get Dwarf Fortres/Terry Pratchett names, like Urist Stronginthearm or Snori Helmcleaver, and elves get names cribbed from Tolkien: http://www.realelvish.net/namelists.php

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I draw from Shakespeare, the Bible, weird last names from irl, and recommended PC names from the setting (if there are any). Never used a random name generator, I think its a bit of a cop-out.

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I pull them from song titles mostly, or if I'm basing the character off of a character from a movie I mash up the characters name with the actors name.

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Sometimes I pull the more obscure names out of J.R.R. Tolkein's stuff. As long as you don't choose Gimli or some shit, probably no one will know.

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>Players, how do you come up with names for your PCs?


>GMs, how do you come up with names for your NPCs?

Even more terribly.

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>"Who are you"
>"Pierre Ame-noire an evil halfling begulier/wizard."
>*Detect alignment*
>*Chaotic Good*

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Name everything everywhere "Oren"

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I just use http://rinkworks.com/namegen/ (even using it several times, refreshing the generated names page) until I get a first name I like. Repeat for the last names. They don't end up pronounceable, they always fit, and it makes my characters never "blackleaf" or something else shitty.

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find a historical analogue to the setting and then some minor historical figure; usually one that creates some minor in-joke about my character.

for instance; my last game of PF was in a steam-punk/high Victorian setting; so i named my character Isambard Kingdom Brunell; which my sources tell me was some railroad engineer or something similar. the character was a rogue of noble birth who was all about his daddy issues; but his secret passion was tinkering with the clockwork around him; hoping to one day build some great airship to travel to distant lands. game got scrapped; i got sad.

as for futuristic games without said analogue: mostly guesswork. i honestly can't even remember the name of my last dark heresy character; but that's more because the party leader didn't treat anyone else like a person. it was pretty neat.

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Wikipedia -> Random page until I end up on something usable. Past characters have included a Genasi who's entire family was named after a Mesopotamian pantheon, a crowd of nobles named after various geological eras of the Earth, and others I'm forgetting.

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string together sounds I like
look up obscure synonyms
take word, misspell it
obscure tv show/vidya/movie reference that the average nerd wouldn't get. (so Dohvakin doesn't work)

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Oh I used famous ancient Egyptians who weren't royalty once.

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For me it's typically:
- Does it sound interesting?
- Does it fit the setting?
- Is it something the other players can remember?

And typically I try to avoid needless dashes and apostrophes.

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