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/tg/ I have a dream!

I want to make a parody tabletop RPG in which the players take on the role of cartoonishly awesome bimbos. I have no plans other than that the attributes spell SLUT (prelimanary idea: Strong, Limber, Uhmmm, and Titties) when put together and a slight inkling that it will play rather like KAMB with a high mortality rate.

Any suggestions?

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Sounds Car Lesbians tier! If I may make a suggestion, I would have the SLUT associated with a mental, physical, social, and mystical stat. Like, say, having S be Savvy and having that be the mental stat. Know what I mean?

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Thats the INT stat, but it works backwards. The lower your Uhmmm, the smarter you are.

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"Uhmmmm" was going to be the mental stat. Whenever a player has a good idea or makes a plan they have to get their character to fail an Uhmmmm roll to get their bimbo to come up with it. Bimbos don't have Int, the higher their stats the dumber they should be.

Again, rather like how in Kobold's Ate my Baby good ideas call for a roll on the Kobold Sudden Death table as it is so inconceivable that they have one.

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Just gonna leave this here...

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I approve of this idea. Titties should be the 'social' stat, measuring how easy it for them to convince others to do stuff for them. Using their tits.

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>Maybe Savvy?
>Know what I mean?

You are sincerely clever. I mean that, Anon. This isn't sarcasm...

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I fucking love Ke$ha. She reminds me of a girl I used to do meth with then fuck in the 90's. Ah good times.

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I vote that tittes get to be improvised weapons too.

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They're bimbos, why would tits be improvised. I would have thought them to have "Weapon Expertise (Titties)"

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S - Strength
L - Limberness
U - Understanding
T - Titties

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I'm about 45% certain this is a cousin of mine.

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I think titties should be a generally expression of horny bimbo sex power. Or maybe it should be renamed T&A. Some girls have curves other places y'know.

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Keep Uhmmm as the mental stat. It's brilliant. I'm not sure about Strong though.

Also, make character splats horribly stereotypical.

Nurse, Cheerleader, Secretary, Stripper.

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Macho Women With Guns is probably the best choice for bimbarians (barbimbos?)

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Would those sorts of things affect your stats? Or instead give you special powers?

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Sounds like car lesbians with less cars and more chain mail bikinis. I full heartily approve. In that Vienna let's keep rolls simple: all rolls are 2d6+trait(when applicable) vs a GM's roll. Only two stats being Bimbo! and Blam! Bimbo! for seduction and other such rolls and Blam! for everything physical. GM's (maybe BH: Bitch Herder) should be able to attach these stats to every roll. Rule of thumb would be "anything that can't be rolled with either stat shouldn't be rolled."

Oh, and every new character gets 2 traits selected by rolling a d100 twice and referencing a table. Maybe even a second table for the second roll depending on how many people contribute.

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>Archduke athreec
The duke demands it!

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Probably special powers.

Like cheerleader giving you the ability to spell words.

Secretary letting you write.

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Came here to say this.

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I would think Cheerleaders would be better at distracting crowds and maybe acrobatics, while Secretaries would be the 'smart' ones.

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Well yes, but everyone knows Cheerleaders can do the whole "Give me an A!" thing.

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Sounds like FATAL with less rape and more "humor."

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Now just hang on a minute. That is totally uncalled for. There can be just as much rape.

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Thank you for reminding me that, despite appearances, /tg/ really isn't any better than any other part of 4chan.

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How could you ever forget that?

On topic: So are we going for a kind of post apocolyptic scifi gangbang? Or is this swords and sluttery?

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Dice must be kissed before rolling...

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Multiple settings:
Dinosaurs and Damsels.
Barbarians and Babes.
Scavengers and Seducers.
Aliens and Airheads.

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Tits & Tentacles
Castles & Cameltoes
Boobs & Barrows

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What would they fight?

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Smart girls. Lesbians. Dinosaurs.

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My origional idea was just pretty much as stated. It would be D&D, but the party would be made up of chainmail bikini wearing bimbos. The idea was inspired by some of the awful fantasy book cover art.

What about Luck for the L? I have never known how to feel about luck stats.

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I'd say pimps too, but a good bimbo doesn't go against a man's will...

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Maybe in a game of White Wolf's "Bimbo: The uhh like...fuck it want to make out?" where we deal with the dark and brooding undercurrents of being busty and bouncy. But I prefer my Bimbos fighting robots and maaaaaybe Nazis.

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So, what should the other two stats be? We've got Uhmmm and Titties, but the other two are kind of undefined. Uhmmm is intellect (or the lack thereof), Titties is charisma, so we need a combat stat and filler to help spell slut.

Instead of Limber, maybe Legs?

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Leg's being like an agility analogue? That could work.

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Sass as a willpower-type stat.

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We've kind of already got that with Uhmmm, and that would leave us without a combat score. Besides, I don't think you'll find many sassy bimbos.

Yeah, that's exactly what I meant.

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Remove the apostrophe. Now.

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>S teroids
>L egs
>U hmmm
>T &A

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>leave us without a combat score
Except for titties...

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S is for sinew?

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S for S&M.

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S for Sadism could work with the right tone...

Also savagery.

Slap if you want to keep things tongue in cheek.

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Slap is definitely the best choice.

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Slap is perfect.

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Slap is perfect. So, now we've got-


Perfect. Now what kind of system are we using? d20, d6's, etc. Personally, I would prefer to keep it relatively simple (insert dumb blonde joke here), so maybe a 3d6 + stat modifier system.

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Keep it to one die. 3d6+modifier is, like, reading THREE NUMBERS, and adding FOUR NUMBERS TOGETHER. Like, at the same time!

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What about a roll-under your stat system with higher DC meaning more dice. Y'know more dice = more difficult cause math is all like...hard.

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and "Talent".

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and big numbers are so hard, better keep to few small dice.
also, this way a small difference in attributes has a big effect.

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Go back into rehab, Rush, the Oxy's rotting your brain.

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Have you heard of the Dvati? They're a race of twins played as a single character. They were in Dragon 271 and the Dragon Compendium.

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haha that works.

(oh god what am I reading)

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B oobs
I ntelligence
M uscles
B ounce
O ral

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Math is all like for boys...right? Mmm...boys...what was I saying?

Oral feels out of place.

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How about Oratoray or OMG

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I kind of like both of these. 1d6 + stat is definitely simpler though. On that topic, how should stats be generated? Point buy, random generation, or what?

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For something this stupid, random generation is nice, but for balance reasons, I'd say a system where you get a certain number of points and hand out your last stat based on what's left. So, let's say you roll d6s. You get a 1 for S, a 5 for L, and a 4 for U, and start with 12 stat points. Your total attribute score is 10. Therefore, your T is a 2.

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I would say 10pt point buy or just assign numbers 4-1 to each stat.

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So, setting. Setting? I think that's something we have to figure out.

I also personally enjoy grid based fighty systems. There's an idea in my head, not fully formed, about making combat a sort of internal conflict where it's in the player's interest to have the character accidentally fuck up the other characters. IE, attacks are more effective if they fuck up an ally in some way (controlled by the player, but the character would be too incompetent to figure out how badly she had ruined everything). The only thing coming to mind is the old standby of friendly fire aoes. I'm going to make sense of this.

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I actually really like that this sets up an inverse relationship between your actually capable for things other than sex stats vs. "Yay, Titties!"

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This seems really complicated.

And for setting I totally vote Sluts & Sorcery (or some kind of Princess of Mars/Gor thing if you want to get kind of sci-fi)

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I second sluts and sorcery. And it is complicated. It's a half finished idea that I crapped into a comment to see if that would help me make sense of it.

Since I haven't yet, sluts and sorcery. Are we going to have NPCs built under the same rules as PCs? I vote no.

Adversaries that are present in sluts and sorcery:
-Evil Queens
-Evil Queen named underlings with unique abilities
-Evil Queen faceless guards
-Barbarian Bimbos (bad)
-Regular Bimbos

We need to add to/agree on this list.

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I second not making NPCs like PCs.

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Ok, expanding on the teamkilling thing. Instead of having 4e style maneuvers, I propose giving everyone a simple attack vs def, X damage attack based on equipment or stats or whatever. Then, they get to/are required to attach one positive and one negative modifier to it (characters start out with a few positive and negative modifiers, basically feats).

For example: Zenobia is armed with a two-handed axe. She is in a fight against three cavegirls. She declares an attack, and attaches the positive modifier CLEAVE and the negative modifier FRIENDLY FIRE (bonus damage for every ally hit). Zenobia hits her ally Shayna and does additional damage to the cavegirls.

In another scenario, she might attach the positive modifier POWER ATTACK and the negative modifier TARGET MUST ATTACK SOMEONE ELSE, despite the fact that she higher defenses and HP than Shayna, who is already badly hurt.

It's possible, of course, to not be an asshole, it just makes you less individually effective.

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Especially not the dinosaurs <_<

>> No.18222064

Enemies get Muscles, Agility, Limberness, Eroticism?

>> No.18222084

Oh! For L, "Largeness". So Dinosaurs would be good muscles, maximum largeness, average agility, no eroticism.

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It might be the old old old school D&Der in me, but I feel: why give enemies attributes? The only real reason to do it is opposed roles and sometimes it is just easier, especially in a beer & pretzels game to say: "It's a HARD task to sneak by a Tit-witch of Angmor, but an EASY one to seduce and distract a buxom lesbian gladiator." as opposed to making two rolls and doing the math.

>> No.18222273

Because every now and then, the tit-witch might be called upon to seduce the lesbian gladiator...

>> No.18222294


While I respect your point in principle, sir...math is hard...and for boys *pout*

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I need to go, but I think I know what this thread needs: greentext chaptermaster thread style examples of play.

I will write some when I get back.

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>Roll 3 1's in a row and wind up with 7 Titties
>Become the party 'controller'/'chest' (cause let's face it, no one will be our 'face' it's not like anyone looks at those)
>Right out of the gate get into a fight with blind mole-strippers.

Fuck my DM (Ditzy Mistress)...

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>this thread
>that feel when you have a bimbo fetish...
I have the most normal boner right now, /tg/.

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>captured forced to fight in the blind mole stripper queen's arena
>oh, against some other humans, guess i'll get to be usef
>party member uses upstage, reduces my titties stat in exchange for defense
>use kill steal
>everything went better than expected

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I wonder what bimbos use for HP?

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>roll a dedicated slapper, dump my U and T for big bonuses.
>DM tells us this will be a 'roleplaying' session.
>Titty-monster proceeds to dominate and mock my character for her small breasts.

Seriously, why do I even bother to roll up anything but a chest?

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This world had better have a whole lot of mind control magic as well...

Actually, what does magic work off of? Bimbo's certainly can't be smart enough to learn spells the old fashioned way.

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This is what tableflip mode is for. Just like a chest can influence combat, a slapper can wreck a social situation by drinking all of the booze and lifting the table that the serving wench is dancing on. Yeah, it's asking for trouble, but trouble is what you want, you hit things.

Plus there's that one feat that lets you bump a stat if you wreck a party member's social roll just saiyan.

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I think magic is reserved for NPCs. Bad sorceress/quest giving priestess, that kind of thing.

Magic ITEMS are probably fine, though.

>> No.18223161


Nipple Rings of three Wishes

>> No.18223163

I bet one of the biggest villains in a given setting will be the hideous witch using her totally lame illusion magic to look hot instead of ugly.

>> No.18223180

>high ummm
>paired with friendly fire loving berserker
>temple of snakebitches
>barely helping
>snakebitches everywhere
>"lol i supercleave and hit u"
>roll 6, roll 6
>stop hitting yourself
>win anyway because snakebitch asswitch rolls a 1 and triggers her own bondage trap

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Seriously, this shit is so stupid. Interesting in principle, but gamer groups have gangmurders over less. Mechanics to make your friends hate you? I'll pass.

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OP said "like KAMB with a high mortality rate."

I figured it would just be one of those "make four characters, use all of them in one night" kind of things.

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Nothing. Save or die. All save or die.

>> No.18223751

I was never a big fan of those, mainly because having to continually roll up new characters is rather boring. The game should focus on simplicity, something that having to roll multiple characters flies in the face of.

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Yeah, if we're moving away from high death, it's a terrible idea, but in that case it should probably be replaced with some kind of fate points for fucking up mechanic that isn't just "fate points for fucking up."

>> No.18226130

High death is a great idea. Bonus points for fucking up is also a great idea . Or penalties for doing the right thing: I am still in favor of the bimbo sudden death roll. But I don't think having powers dedicated to prompting player to player interference works.

Maybe something more freeform so that screwing up gains you an "Ooopsie!" point. And Ooopsie points can be spent for bonuses or minor editorial control, etc. That way a group or individual player can decide if they want to gain Ooopsie by screwing over other players or not, yet combat is more than a clusterfuck (though nothing should prohibit it from being an orgy :P)

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So, movement rates... are stiletto heels and miniskirts assumed?

>> No.18226319

Like, duh. They make my ass look incredible.

>> No.18227323

With Slingback Platform Shoes as an option! Totally.

>> No.18227370

>GM runs a "dead hookers" halloween ep.
>Maxed T&A, I only have 1 Uhmmm.
>We run into a dark & brooding soul...
>He starts blah blah blah ing GM calls for Uhmmm roll.
>pic. Related.

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Just a point: "Best Friends" has mechanics to make your friends hate you at character generation: "I hate Bambi because she's Smarter than me.", "I hate Trixie because she's richer than me." etc.

>> No.18227733

And Panty Explosion (far too underrated) had the Best Friend and Rival System.

When you succeeded your friend described how well you did, and when you failed your rival described how badly you did.

Also, popularity determined how good you were at things.

>> No.18230851

Safety bump because I'm going to put some content here in a bit and this is a high potential thread.

>> No.18231531

>> No.18231839

Some things that might make the friendly fire debuff thing more enjoyable.

1: The drawbacks are minor in comparison to the benefits, meaning the game isn't rendered unplayable for anyone, and anyone who ends up on the receiving end can more than cancel it out by fucking up a different teammate. As an addendum to this, drawbacks have to go away at a speed equal to or faster than they can accumulate.

2: The drawbacks are really fucking funny.

3: The enemy NPCs get a similar friendly fire debuffs-for-bonuses system that encourages the DM to have their turns be as much of a shitfest as the players', in the name of maximizing the NPCs effectiveness.

Has OP gone forever?

>> No.18232472


I'm voting to make stats be 1-6 (2-6?) and make pretty much every test d6, roll under stat. Magic items/buffs/debuffs can be handled through rerolls or something.

>> No.18232828

Thinking about various issues that are going to come up with this system.

Because flat pass/fail roll under system doesn't allow for enemies of different defenses, we might need to allow saves vs everything. Example: Bambi (slap 5) attempts to stab Trixie (legs 3). Bambi rolls a 4. Trixie rolls a 4 to dodge, fails her save, and gets stabbed.

If we want to make things extra varied/retarded, we could do a save until you pass system. In the same example, Bambi's sword does two damage. However, Trixie hasn't passed yet. Trixie's next saving throws are a 5 and a 2, so she takes 4 damage. If this is too stupid, we could cap it, or just make a rule that forbids dying to anything but the first failed save (in the example, if Trixie had 3 HP, the second hit would just not happen).

Naturally this would handle as many different skills as possible. If Bambi was trying to seduce Trixie, had Tits 4 to Trixie's Uhm 3, and rolled a 3 to Trixie's 5, 4, and 1, Trixie would get seduced twice, whatever that would mean.

Rolling a 6 in any situation obviously needs to be a gigantic, catastrophic failure, possibly involving rolling on charts.

>> No.18233354

I think a flat opposed roll +modifiers would be much simpler and easier to deal with. So, a bimbo with a Slap of 5 would get 1d6 + 5 vs the other bimbos 1d6 + Legs modifier.

Funny, I was about to propose that instead of a roll, you could have armor provide a flat bonus to your legs, but then I remembered that bimbos don't wear armor.

>> No.18233402

Adding is math! See: >>18222294

Of course, then I went on to propose a bunch of fucking modifiers, so... point.

>> No.18233920


OP just tends to work 10 hours a day in a lab. No wonder I want to play bimbo on game nights...

I like the idea of encouraging fuckups, but not the idea of over-complicating combat with an elaborate system. Maybe we could think of a universal rule?

I also am very much for the early bD&D oD&D style players vs. the world. Players have stats, world provides target numbers, and opposed rolls only come up if there is a conflict between two players.

Though really, I hardly see why OPinion should matter. I am just happy to see what we can come up with and get shit done.

If I have one design principle I would love to see kept to it would be that the game should be easy enough for your average bimbo but fun enough for your average geek. And random tables kick ass.

>> No.18233975

Characters should automatically fail any action that the player cannot describe using only words of three syllables or less.

>> No.18234035

That's actually kind of fucking hilarious, but should probably be an optional rule.

>> No.18234142

Roll under your stat [DIFFICULTY] times in a row? d6+mod vs target? The first involves no math from the players, but the second makes determining critical success/failure pretty easy.

>> No.18234511


Rather than difficulty times in a row what about bumping stats up a little higher (or using d4s *shrug*) and adding dice as it adds difficulty. Has the advantage that it keeps with the: if it requires math it's hard theme.

>Barbi wants to seduce her way into the fortress at the edge of eternity to steal the PANTIES OF POWER.
>Gate is guarded by a horny orc. Barbie needs to roll 1d6 under her Titties.
>Gate is guarded by a bi-curious amazon girl. Barbie needs to roll 2d6 under her Titties.
>Gate is guarded by a flaming male bard. Barbie needs to roll 3d6 under her Titties.

>> No.18234566

It's still adding, but it's probably the best one so far.

To do: figure out what constitutes a crit success/fail, figure out the acceptable range of base stats/buffed stats.

>> No.18234705

It's not adding if the rules document has a picture of three dice and says "roll THIS MANY when your bimbo is trying something hard!"

>> No.18234755

No, but you need to add the total of the roll to compare it to your titties. Or am I missing something?

>> No.18234760

So, bimbos in skimpy outfits with a high mortality rate? Are you really making a game of Angel-Corps?

>> No.18234791

I was under the impression it was "roll Xd6, and all dice must be under your stat", not "roll Xd6, and the total must be under your stat".

Defeat can mean more than being slaughtered. A more likely Bad End would be ending up part of the harem of something unpleasant.

>> No.18234869


OP fully supports Angel-Corps endings!

And while I was originally thinking that the sum of Xd6 had to be under your stat (cause that way 1 was easy, but with more dice you had to like...add...) but I could also see rolling XD6 and having them alll be under your stat. I wonder if anyone has done the statistics on that.

>> No.18235043


Dibs on strawberry.

>> No.18235080

KAMB, there needs to be a soliloquy rule when your bimbo bites the dust, something to recount the sluts many deeds in order to be allowed to continue playing.

>> No.18235165

>"roll Xd6, and all dice must be under your stat"
Oh, that's what I meant by "in a row." Yeah. Base mechanic confirmed?

>I wonder if anyone has done the statistics on that.
Let's see.
1d6: chance of success=(skill)/6.
2d6: chance of success=(skill^2)/36.
3d6: chance of success=(skill^3)/216

That means with a skill of 5, you have 125/216 chance of success at doing something hard, compared to 25/36 for doing something normal or 5/6 for doing something easy.

It's also possible I am bad at math.

>> No.18235195

"I want to bargain."
"Okay, make a Titties check."
It has a nice ring to it.

>> No.18235224

Don't they all, y'know, die horribly?

Then again, judging from their body armor, or lack thereof, it's not much surprise they have a worse fatality rate than fucking X-COM.

>> No.18235295

If we're doing operation throw ideas around, here's mine: Critical failure tables that reference the target. So, Melody attempts to headbutt Chastity and critically fails. Melody rolls on her critfail table, and rather than headbutting herself or falling over or whatever, she gets "see opponent." So Chastity rolls on her critfail reaction table and, I dunno, laughs her ass off and gains HP, or something.


>> No.18235309

D: You guys are aware of the shit that artist draws, right? Guro necrophilia, etc?

>> No.18235314

Die horribly then turned into sex toys. In the order.

>> No.18235320


That's the point!

>> No.18235345

It amuses me to no end that everyone recognizes the source of those pics.

This board is more /d/ than /d/ is.

>> No.18235379

>Do not post the following outside of /b/: ...("guro")
>/d/ is outside of /b/

Yeah... no.

>> No.18235386

Well, yeah. Because half of /d/ would be whining over the fact that it's Western art and reporting it in hopes of getting folks banned.

>> No.18235415

>So, like, my girlfriends and I went down to the haunted tombs of this totally yicky lichy-thing.
>It was so hard getting there. Chastity even broke a heel.
>And once we were there there were these like...statue things, yeah? And Bobbi, the dumb slut, reached into the statue's mouth and went all poof and stuff. I totally had to reapply my makeup after brushing her remains off me.

>> No.18235434


>> No.18235461

I think I'm missing a reference here...

>> No.18235468

>thing in a statue's mouth that makes you die instantly
Come on.

>> No.18235474

Tomb of Horrors, you half-wit.

>> No.18235507

I suppose it's heresy to say I haven't played it.

>> No.18235510


Most of us haven't. But we know the details.

>> No.18235512


I am probably the best (and by that I mean only, not going to claim mediocrity) drawfag that will pay attention to this thread (prove me wrong, mediocre or better drawfags).

In order to spur discussion, I'll take thread related requests, PG-13 or lower, from anyone who discusses mechanics or fluff in their request posts. I'll probably start later tonight and finish tomorrow, so you are unlikely to win the honor of being the one request that gets done, but, um, you might.

>> No.18235527



>> No.18235559


I would adore to see a mocked up cover. We could use it for the 1d4 chan page.

Okay, so people out there: Xd6 summed under the stat? Or Xd6 each individually under the stat?

Votes and analysis welcome!

>> No.18235642

I have already argued for [difficulty]d6 individually under stat, so don't count me twice.

>> No.18235833


With stats generated by 1d6? With a set max so that everything left over goes to Titties?

>> No.18235891

This is fine with me. I'd prefer to have it be "remainder goes in one stat of your choice" rather than "remainder goes in titties," since I think the remainder stat is going to lean either high or low.

>> No.18236015


I'm a fan of the idea that Slap; Legs; and Uhmm (depending on how you interpret it) are all the sorts of things that would be kind of useful and practical for things not sex related. Wheras Tits is just the bottom line Bimbo-est stat. So your capability in 'practical' stats inversely correlates with your pretty/sex stat.

>> No.18236353

>Cindi does needs to get the attention of a particular nobleman who often attends the arena.
>Cindi does so by volunteering to fight a tentacle beast for the pleasure of the spectators. But she has to make sure she makes an impression.
>This is a normal difficulty task. However, before she goes into the arena, Barbi loans Cindy her BIKINI OF BUSTYNESS

Does it:
A) Increase Cindi's Tits stat?
B) Decrease the difficulty of the task?
C) Give a bonus to each dice rolled?

>> No.18236501

Oh, this is a good point. That said, examples that emphasize what I'm saying.

Rolls: 6,6,6. In order to have a 1 in titties, we've got a total of 19. Ok. 19 stat points total.

Rolls: 1,1,1. 19-3=16 in titties. Near guaranteed success in titties rolls, near guaranteed failure in every other th...

You know, this is actually fine, never mind. Your way is good.

I would say that a bikini of bustiness increases the titties stat. I have an aversion to difficulty increases/decreases playerside that I can't put into words. Bonus to each dice rolled is (more) math. Math is hard.

Related: I think all but the legendaries magical items should cause a net stat loss. Platforms subtract 1 from legs and movement speed, and add 1 to titties. That sort of thing.

>> No.18236511

Equipment should buff the stat.
But if the nobleman has a thing for bikini's (Y'know, like, beyond a simple appreciation of all the exposed titlflesh.) Then it should also lower the difficulty to TITTIES! him.

>> No.18236754

I was actually going to do a cover image upon first seeing the thread. My basic design was pic related, with the conan font. It has certain things going for it.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the physics right, and decided to do a tangentially related nameless chick instead. I may retry this later and make a good version.

>> No.18239051

How would you go about statting a bimboy character? Well, physically the stats would be largely the same, but...should we diferentiante between trap-bimbo and a common slutboy?

>> No.18239695


We'd need to tinker with the number of stat points to make sure chances are reasonable, but I think you get the idea...

And I second the notion that most items should cause net loss from somewhere:

>Heels reduce legs but increase Tits

>Weapons increase Slap but reduce Uhmm

>Glasses increase Uhmm but reduce Tits

Plus it lets you easily make a list based on item quality: Low = net loss; Medium = breaking even; High = pure bonus


That feels more like a question for a splatbook. Let's just get the basic bimbo babe down first.


>> No.18239890

>So, like, I was out with my girlfriends last night.
>We went to clear out this nest of lesbian vampires that had like been stealing all the girls from this town and giving the guys a major case of blueballs.
>Of course Candi (temple prostitute of the fertility goddess) used that to reduce the difficulty of her Tits roll to 'negotiate' a better reward for us.
>So there we are, and Nicky (our thief, she has nowhere near as good a body as the rest of us but can like, count and stuff) totally gets all paranoid that there are these traps or um things.
>And we're all like what-evarrrr and I head on down the hallway anyway cause I mean, with my Legs I'm all like thinking I can dodge anything...
>Long story short I don't suck on -men- anymore.

>> No.18241783

>So me and Missy, we were like, going to smack those ugly goblins, but then I totallly broke the heel on my +3Tit fuck-me...had to fight like, barefoot! It hurted!
>So, like, does any of you know where I can add heels to goblin slippers?

Pic related, Holy Hotpants of Latexia, the godess of war-sluts.

>> No.18242501

Wait, what's a good height/width for a title page? Gonna fuck around with vaguely related drawings in the meantime.

>> No.18242545

Is that some Starboy?

>> No.18242563

>tit fuck-me
This fucking thread.

>> No.18242564

I think it is. You know what's going to happen to him right?

>> No.18242572

Isn't this basically Trollbabe?

>> No.18242587

I mean, like, seriously.

>> No.18242599

It's "shoes of the following characteristics: +3 to tit stat, fuck me," not +3 to titfuck me. This is an important distinction.

>> No.18242631

I understand that.

>> No.18242763

Indeed he is. but he's not that relevant, the only fantasy-related tarp I had in the folder.

>> No.18242845

>High death is a great idea. Bonus points for fucking up is also a great idea . Or penalties for doing the right thing: I am still in favor of the bimbo sudden death roll.
Because you're into guro, right?

>> No.18244215

>It's "shoes of the following characteristics: +3 to tit stat, fuck me,"

For fuck's sake, people, those shoes are called fuck-me-shoes. It's not exactly an uncommon term!

>> No.18245672


Mainly cause I want a comical way to penalize smart and effective bimbos with universal justice. But yeah, this is a game about busty girls trying to be adventurers. Can't make a story without breaking a few bimbos.

>> No.18245737

Post regarding my recent thoughts on mechanics and stuff.

4e style maneuvers don't really fit with how I imagine this working, but 4e's skill powers are actually worth abstractly ripping off, in my opinion.

BBB style examples:
Flex - When you would make a Titties check, make a Slap check instead. On a failure, lose 1HP.
Cleave - When you kill someone in melee combat, you may attack again.
Bounce - When someone physically forces you to move successfully, you may make a medium Titties check. On a success, you stay put and the attacker is pushed equally in the opposite direction.

Both of these meta-options play nicely with anything the players or DM makes up on the spot ("Roll to seduce the ooze," "Go go flex,") ("You successfully chop the ghost in half with her own sword," "Go go cleave,") but they're also meta enough to give the powergamers something to dick around with (without bypassing everything interesting).

Actually, in retrospect I think Flex is the best example of what I'm talking about. Cleave is pretty narrow in scope, and Bounce intrudes on improvised actions a bit (unless there are no active defenses/saves in the game, in which case it becomes narrow but relevant).

>> No.18245747

"Ah, finally all those sluts who snubbed me in highschool will meet their comeuppance in my horrible rape dungeon!"

>> No.18245869

all this talk about bimbos make me carve for sammiches

>> No.18246142


I really like Flex and Cleave. Bounce works if you want to go to a grid-based combat, but I think that is pushing the cup size of the depth that needs to be involved in this game.

I don't think there are inherent active defenses, but there could be defensive powers...

-Flash (immediate interrupt): trigger when you would be hit by an attack from an appropriately oriented enemy. Force a re-roll (I would normally add...'must be wearing light armor', but will there really be any other kind?

>> No.18246198

I legitimately like grids because they make it really easy for me to figure out what kind of retarded hijinks I can get up to without asking the same fifty relative distance based questions to the DM every turn.

Also, if Braindead Bimbo Barbarians becomes the game that seamlessly integrates rewarding, tacticsy combat for spergs and freeform improv shit for theater faggots in a way that is amenable to all involved, I will laugh and laugh forever.

That said, if everyone hates grids, I'll shut up.

> Flash
Yeah, stuff like this. Maybe make it cause the flashing bimbo to lose any penalties/bonuses her top gives her for a turn, or something.

>> No.18246366

Corollary to the four attributes, may i suggest four archetypes?

Red Sonya/tomboy/Adventurer/Antagonist getting a extra 1d6 in Slap
Cheerleader/Harlequin/ Thief getting 1d6 extra in Limber
Bar Wench/Secretary/Nurse getting 1d6 in Uhmmm
Harlot / Stripper / Actress getting 1d6 in Titties

or a 1d6 added to the one doing the opposed test if lower numbers are better.

A simple way for defining characters and specializing. also a classification of profession into the SLUT chart.

>> No.18246368


I'm not set against grids, I am just not sure how tactical combat needs to be. At this stage though all ideas are good ideas.

>> No.18246474

While we're on the subject of building upon the SLUT engine...what if we come up with a series of derived values for saves?

Like the horny save modifier is the difference between Tits and Uhmm

>> No.18246951


You know that is a mechanic I have always liked, the ability to sacrifice a piece of equipment for a bonus. There's something going around the oldschool D&D community called Shields Will be Splintered which basically just introduces the option to let your shield be destroyed to avoid all damage from an attack. I am sure we could do something similar with outfits.

>> No.18247388

I'd say my goals in order of importance are Fucking Finishing A God Damn Homebrew For Once, Guys, Seriously>>>>>>>>>>>Fluff Accuracy>>Supporting Any Applicable Improvised Action>Easy>>Decent, Not Particularly Unbalanced Metagame That Doesn't Punish Players For Just Picking Shit At Random>Tactical Combats/Grids. That's what I think about when I decide whether a feature is a good idea or not, and I'm willing to sacrifice goals in that order. I think they're all doable, but stuff happens.

Yeah. The fuckyouness of the game and the low attachment to the characters means my usual spergings over equipment and stat damage are totally suspended.

>> No.18248884

Yeah, screw you. Honestly I have no problem with a jokey game exaggerating the chainmail bikini aspect, but the whole 'and they they die, brutally!' shit just tips this over into horribly uncomfortable territory.

>> No.18248915


OP here. In that spirit I move that we get shit done. I am completely fucked over by work till this weekend, but there is no way I am letting this idea die. In my view what we need for a quick and dirty edition, in order of importance:

-Solid core mechanic, which I think we have in rolling Xd6 separately under your stat. It involves little math and I think it is fairly unique.
-A good character generation system. I personally favor the generate the three 'practical' stats and the rest goes to your Titties. But we need a well characterized generation method and a way to keep the scores in a feasible range since we will be rolling d6s under them (so I am guessing they should max at 7?)
-Health, fast dirty combat, saves (again my personal fancy is to have everything relate back to the character and avoid opposed rolls).
-Powers/Feats/Backgrounds & Equipment (screw class/race/level/skills. We can do everything through backgrounds and equipment. Bimbos love shopping and shiny new stuff should be key in character advancement, not like learning and shit).
-Drawfags & wikilove

Everything else is bonus. Will do the best I can over the next few days and will res the idea this weekend if this thread dies.

>> No.18248962


Okay, here is the thing about this whole stupid guro shit. I suggested the high mortality rate because A) these are all pretty much going to be throwaway one off games; B) I like KAMB and the old school gaming tropes it spoofs and those are lethal; C) I find it funny when PCs die, c.f. point B.

If you like guro you can play Tomb of Horrors and have creepy sex feelings; if you don't like guro you can play Tomb of Horrors and enjoy a crazy ass sadistic module. Guess what though: THE GAME SYSTEM IS THE FUCKING SAME. And it is the game that we are here to discuss.

So man up and talk rules and play examples. Want to discuss ethics do it elsewhere. This thread is for ditzy dice based fun.

>> No.18249009

>OP fully supports Angel-Corps endings!

>> No.18249071

I'm against the whole 'spare points go to titties' thing, since that kind of creates a system where only the ugly are competent, but otherwise I like it.

>> No.18249142


That is a downside, though I guess it depends on how you view the "Titties" stat. I mean its obviously a stand in for more than just tits and it could even mean more than just -having- tits.

E.g. identical twins, one with 2 Titties and one with 7 Titties (that does sound wrong...) could be just as hot but the one with 7 knows how to use herself sexually. She knows how to move, look, and pleasure people. The one with 2 is awkward, shy, easily embarrassed about her sexuality, etc.

It's like how just cause a girl has a stripper body it doesn't mean that she can actually just go out and be a stripper, there is a difference between the physical appearance and the ability to just oooze sex in the way you talk, move, and touch. That's what I see the Titties stat as.

But that is obviously just one interpretation.

>> No.18249372

This has reached the point where fucking with it doesn't actually improve it, so I'm posting.

>> No.18249378

Just to recap this up for you guys to proof:
The SLUT Engine

Characters have 4 stats. These stats have a minimum or 2 and a maximum of 7 (though items and temporary mods can change this).

Slap: is a Bimbo's physical strings and capability to bring the hurt. It's the key component of melee combat and athletics.
Legs: is limberness and physical reflexes. It's key in shooting, throwing, acrobatics, stealth, etc.
Uhm: is the closest thing Bimbos have to Int. It's used for dealing with traps, using tech if things get sci-fi-ish, counting, and possibly some magic.
Tits: is charisma, sexuality, and lust. These are inseparable to a Bimbo. It's used for manipulation, feats of sexual pleasure, and possibly some magic.

To check against a stat you roll 1, 2, or 3 dice based on easy, medium, or hard difficulty and try to get them all under that stat. Partial successes may be possible at DM discretion. Items tend to change your stats, circumstantial modifiers tend to change the difficulty of the roll.

>> No.18249387

(I think we agree on the above, this part is still just an idea but is my recommendation:)
BBB focuses on the Bimbo PCs and as such there are no opposed rolls unless the party goes after one another. If a Bimbo wants to decieve someone she will use her Tits against a difficulty based on the circumstances. If she wants to tell if an NPC is lying, she will use her Uhmm vs. a difficulty based on the circumstances. This keeps things clean and with as little icky math as possible. NPCs do not share the same stats as Bimbos instead they have one stat that ranges from 2-7 based on what they are. E.g. A dragon has a "dragoning" stat (2 Wyrmling, 3 Juvenile, 4 Adult, 5 Old, 6 Ancient, 7 Great Wyrm). Whenever the dragon does something dragon (breath fire, eat peasants, etc.) it uses its dragoning stat. If it tries to do something outside its expertese it has a target number of 2.

>> No.18249392



>> No.18249423

>clothes get torn away every other fight
I fully support this mechanic

>> No.18249474

What's a simple way to cap things at seven while still using the remainder for Titties? Keep in mind your system has to account for rolls of 1,1,1 and 6,6,6.

I can't decide if I like this or not and why or why not.

Dumb, simple question: HP? If not HP, what?

Figuring out whether to have HP is going to make a lot of other things fall into place, for me at least.

>> No.18249835

Put 7 in Titties. Distribute remainder equally/randomly/player's choice/dunnolol.

>> No.18251530

Seconded! If they survive and not end up Fuckpuppets of the DemonGod, they'll blow the loot away on new clothes and accessories. In fact, there might be penalty mechanics for not spending all the cash before next quest. Like, the cons..conc..the smart bit of the girl that tells her to not hurt puppies, constantly nags her that she could've bought that ultra-cool thong with cute heart made out of dragon teeth on it..which gives her +1 Uhhhh

>> No.18251633

They should have to roll against Uhmmm to reduce how badly they're screwed over for not being able to count their money. With some merchants, total failure may mean they only get the item if they also pass a Titties check to pay with sex.

>> No.18252198


>Dumb, simple question: HP? If not HP, what?
>Figuring out whether to have HP is going to make a lot of other things fall into place, for me at least.

My answer is a resounding...kindof. Okay, this is off the top of my head so bear with me. I suggest that, if we use the above system, NPCs require a number of hits to kill equal to the value of their one stat. Thus that one stat provides a simple and elegant CR. Also keeps monster blocks small:
>Eunuch(3); immune to seduction
>Lesbian Vampire(4); Once per combat can use hypnotic gaze to dominate a female opponent; on a successful hit against a female regains one HP
>Goblin(2); has the 'goose' special attack. If it succeeds does no damage but stuns the Bimbo for one turn in embarrassed outrage.

Bimbos on the other hand will have a combined hit point/power point system (potentially called Lust, cause come on, what else keeps a Bimbo going?). When a Bimbo is hit she loses a point of Lust. She can also spend lust to get re-rolls, activated magic items, and maybe even case spells. Once lust hits zero the Bimbo just can't fight anymore and falls into her enemies hands to do with what they will. Lust is gained back by doing Bimbo-ish things. If the character has a dumb blonde moment, she gains lust. If the characters have sex they recover lust. Shopping, masturbation, flirting, etc.

>> No.18252306

What stops the player from using the "bag of dildos" tactic to gain continual lust for spells?

>> No.18252409


Nothing outside of combat aside from time management. I figure that Bimbo's should be able to regain all their lust if they have a leisurely hour or so to make camp and fool around. Of course this won't be the case in many dungeons or combat, and certain powers gained from backgrounds, equipement, and magic items will be usable only once a day. Also the more powerful magic will likely be in the form of scrolls and such, I imagine Bimbos as only capable of learning simple sex based sorcery & combat spells.

In combat you could try to spend a round gaining lust bit it would leave you vulnerable. It is feasible though that the melee Bimbos will guard a masturbating mage as she builds up the lust for a huge attack spell.

Also the idea of committing lust to items, rather like one commits essence in Exalted:
>Buttplug of Rage: -1 Legs; when you commit 1 point of lust to this item +2 to Slap

>> No.18253394

How about a Mini Vibrator of Recovery? Has an active effect during batlle of recovering one HP per turn but any roll you do will need to be done twice and you must go with the lower (higher I guess with this system right?) of the two. Then again how distracting can stimulation be to a bimbo?
Another question will orgasms be used in play? I guess for male enemies would be an instant k.o. of sorts but what will it in turn mean for the PCs?

>> No.18253457

>instead they have one stat that ranges from 2-7 based on what they are.
I think this is pretty good, but it might be a little bit too simple to represent some required cliches. An octopus monstergirl should be passable at swimming, thinking, and titties, but get a big grapple bonus, for example. I guess that could go under specials, but standardizing things a bit helps keep statblocks small. There's also the issue of the AC equivalent. I think that most bimbo attack rolls should be easy difficulty against her attack stat, but some enemies should be dodgier than others, too.

Also, OP wants the world to be mostly represented by target numbers (or difficulties, I guess). This comes with its own pile of problems, though, so I kind of suspect we're going to end up only half accomplishing it, at best.

>NPCs require a number of hits to kill equal to the value of their one stat
Yeah, ok.

>> No.18253461

(christ that was long, part 2)
>combined hit point/power point system
Yeah, this is good.


See, bimbo adventurers is funny on two levels for me. First, there's the whole taking tropes to their logical conclusions thing. What would happen if people dressed and behaved like they do in terrible ass fantasy art? They would be horrendously bad at adventuring... unless their enemies also behaved like they do in terrible ass fantasy art.

The second thing that I think is funny kind of contradicts the first. Bimbos aren't really obsessed with sex. They're gold diggers. Sex isn't a goal, it's a tool. In other words, bimbo adventurers, like their most generic D&D dungeon crawling counterparts, are in it for the loot. Bimbo adventurers are actually MORE true to the genre than, say, your hilarious necromancer with his skeleton butler. The joke is actually on you, because they're doing it right.

tl;dr bimbos probably think fucking is really tedious and just want to be popular and sit on a pile of diamonds laughing their asses off, if you have to make hp a sexytime joke call it "stamina"

>> No.18253506

>/tg/ takes a workable joke concept
>guro, explicit sexual mechanics and fetishes
There's a reason Car Lesbians doesn't have these.

>> No.18253526

Eh, I think you're attributing too much insight to the Bimbo. They want easy life surrounded by shiny, adventuring is just easier than trying to fight over rich men (in b4 10:1 fem to male ratio in Bimboworld)

>> No.18253801

This. Car Lesbians works because it's all terrible innuendo, not "AND THEN THEY FUCKED AND THEY WERE BOTH GIRLS."

>> No.18254627

I'd be okay with stamina, or ditz points, or quite a few things actually. Remember I just have OPinions. If I wanted to build this game by myself I wouldn't have started this thread. I'm not going to get butthurt if there is a better idea.

>> No.18254759

Either way sounds nice.
But you should note that the art on rPG books is not always ... bimboistic or sluttastic.

This seems to be the reverse of a Ale and Whores game.

Me i prefer Ale and Whores, but i am ready to give any input

Personally i would have been quite more interested in general sexual archetypes with various options like tempters, bimbo, innocent, predator, nymphoanics ... etc.

but a small subset is ok too.

>> No.18255419

rolled 6, 6, 5, 4 = 21

Throwing a combat system (and, hell, basically an NPC interaction system) up in the air because I guess that's the stage we're at.

1: There are three tiers of enemies. The low tier enemies have one HP, one stat (their type, "dragoning" as anon put it), an attack that bimbos avoid with an easy check, and nothing else. They're for the sort of enemy that is only threatening in big blobs. The middle tier of enemies have one stat ("dragoning," again), HP equal to that stat, an attack that bimbos avoid with a medium check, a defensive save on a 2-, and something unique. These enemies are equivalent to bimbos, roughly. The top tier of enemies are like the middle tier, but save on a 3-, and have multiple stats (HP based on the main one). The NPC stats are only for rolling against each other/the world.

There should probably also be a "uses bimbo friendly equipment tag, so that DMs can stick loot onto enemies."

This is complicated, but it's mostly DM/designer side complexity.

I'll roll a random bimbo to demonstrate. Final d6 is to determine where spillover points go, if there are any.

Oh, unrelated: randomly generated loot. No, not like a list of items and you get a random one. I mean "This is a chrome glasses (+1U, -2T). It menaces with spikes of cubic zirconia and decorated with hanging rings of aluminum," where type, material, and extras are all independently rolled.

>> No.18255491

rolled 5, 6 = 11

Ok, so my bimbo has 6 Slap, 6 Legs, 5 Uhm, and 2 Titties.

And she is up against:
Brain in a jar (4)
Mid tier
Floating (immune to trip/knockdown, can ignore z-level drops provided it ends its turn over solid ground)
Attack vs Uhm

Already I'm realizing some shit that needs to happen. How is bimbo HP derived? A standard number? Slap? Slap+Legs? Player's choice of non-uhm stat? I'm just going to give Bambi 6 HP and call it a day. Continuing with my trend of making up numbers, Bambi and Brain in a Jar hit for 2. Continuing with my trend of vomiting out ideas for discussion, I recommend basing bimbo damage on weapons, dividing weapons into light, medium, heavy, and ranged (ranged might need a subdivision), and getting flavor text from a set of random tables.

Oh, and initiative. No idea how to do that, so Bambi goes first. First d6 is Bambi's slap, second is Brain's save.

>> No.18255525

rolled 5, 6 = 11

Brain backs the fuck up and attempts to explode Bambi's head from a safe distance. Dice are Bambi's Uhm save vs this.

>> No.18255534

rolled 6, 6 = 12

Bambi has a headache and Brain's jar is cracked.

Why don't you AXE that brain a question, Bambi?

>> No.18255551

rolled 4, 3 = 7

Oh, unrelated thought: There need to be critical successes and failures. My vote is to make rolls containing more ones than sixes crit successes, and rolls containing more sixes than ones crit fails.

Brain backs up and shoots mind rays, having dodged an axe.

>> No.18255577

rolled 6, 6 = 12

I guess Bambi got distracted and didn't notice mind effecting abilities for a few seconds.

Brain: 2/4
Bambi: 4/6

Bambi charges (attack roll, brain save)!

>> No.18255588

rolled 1, 2 = 3

In her moment of distraction, Bambi also forgot which end of the axe is pointy.

Save vs mindbullets.

>> No.18255604

rolled 5, 5 = 10

Bambi concentrates on how axes work so hard that her head hurts, making the mind bullets irrelevant.

Having flashed back to a time that she used an axe properly, Bambi attacks again.

>> No.18255652

Success! Brain jar gets chopped in half, liquid falls out, brain sinks to the bottom, loses power to the floatation array, falls, and shatters.

Bambi gains... are we going to have XP? I do like the idea of having progression be mostly loot based.

Regardless, people who can simplify things and understand math should look at this and come to some conclusions. If you've got an idea, I recommend trying to actually run it, because it really forces you to think about the stuff you haven't covered.

>> No.18256621

Which is a better layout? This?

>> No.18256645

Or this?

Or elements of both? I think if I went with the second one I'd crop out everything above the start of the necks, and possibly add clothes. Nipples covered by a title card is pretty funny, but the costumes are a good 90% of the entertainment value in this game.

>> No.18257765


Actually...it almost looks like this cool optical illusion where you go...wait, is that one woman standing straight on, or two women with their tits pressed against each other.

>> No.18257794

It's two boobs attached to two women.

That's the other thing I'm thinking about... how obvious should that be? In my brain, it feels like people should think "hey what's going on in this cover AW SHIT" but I don't know if that's actually really feasible.

>> No.18259061

Let me see if we can't streamline combat a bit. Why roll an attack and a save each time? Why not just say it is a medium difficulty to hit your enemy in an average circumstance, hard in a hard one (cover, concealment, etc), and easy when you have advantage (flanking, enemy stunned, etc)?

Maybe you can 'raise' to deal extra damage by making a normal or hard roll in circumstances you wouldn't normally have to.

>> No.18260195

Gentlemen... just throwing in my two cents.
Confidence should be the HP stat. Think of it this way. if they do bad in combat and get hit in battle alot, they're eventually going to have a breakdown and go sob in the corner, making themselves utterly useless for the rest of the fight. Traditional hp could make sense, but how many of the threats they're facing would be out to actually kill them (as opposed to doing other terrible things to them.) Traps, on the other hand, should be hilariously lethal... along the lines of Grimtooths traps; Over the top, almost cartoonish engines of Rube Goldberg invention... that WILL kill you.

>> No.18260231

I didn't see the two women at first, I thought it was a stylized bimbo with no waist and sharp hips.

>> No.18260399

Yeah, as the guy who did that whole thing, I second all of this. I was going for a system where the PCs always roll and the NPCs never do, but this prevents PC vs PC and NPC vs NPC attacks.

>> No.18260780

Yeah, does having a dark background make it easier to tell what the fuck is going on?

>> No.18260836

It does but I rather like it being the vase/face scenario. Maybe you could make the white space between them into a stylized bimbo in addition?

>> No.18260869

Love it. Especially because by using confidence then you can extend the same system to all conflicts whether they be a fight, a game of wits, or a beauty contest.

Yeah, I will try to toss up a combat example over the weekend.

I think it looks much clearer this way. And my two cents is that the one on the right is better, though primarily for the way your words are written.

>> No.18265368

Thread saving bump, since I plan to post some thing later.

>> No.18265684

>artist makes somewhat good webcomic
>dumps it
>overjoyed when finding art of him again
>now draws sexy girls getting guro'd

>> No.18267908

So, combat damage is a series of superficial scratches that lowers attractiveness?

I guess that means that in combat healing is impossible, but out of combat healing is plentiful.

Does this mean that titties checks become more difficult the more damaged a bimbo is?

>> No.18267924


>Chugworth wasn't ass

>> No.18268913

To do: Write "barbarians," draw titties, draw titty coverings, probably draw a cheesy emboss effect on the letters.

>> No.18271217

It's a scale of comparatives. Chuggsworth wasn't as good as BobandGeorge, but it was far FAR better than most webcomics of that generation.

>> No.18271502



>> No.18272543


Very nice!

>> No.18272671

I updated the wiki with someone's descriptions of the four stats and the basic way of making checks.

Does anyone have a definitive version of how to create characters? As far as I know, it's 19(?) points total, d6 in each stat, put whatever remains in Titties up to 7, and put anything left over after that... somewhere, nebulously defined.

>> No.18276130

Thread saver so I can post things I'm doing later.

>> No.18277501


Please tell me that the stuff you are doing later is the rules for that summoning spell...

>> No.18277550

just play fatal

>> No.18277753

Fatal is mechanically unplayable, and not funny.

>> No.18278572

Anything stick out as fucked up/too goofy?

>> No.18278900

Looks good to me.

>> No.18279047

Ok, that's good to hear. Suppose that puts me back in Considering Thread Related Quests Made By Posters Who Help Finish The Game mode.

>> No.18279616

less pink stuff on the cover its good.

About the clothing being torn:
when the girl is being hit instead of losing HP she loses part of clothes... (or when making a saving roll for armor, her armor gets damaged and torn)
After each battle they need to go shopping again or walk seminude.

PS will we add mage/ranged charatcers?

>> No.18281092

good idea
lets bring it to live...
do you think girls should play it?

>> No.18282237

We did kind of talk about clothing loss and HP, but as an option. It's here:
I think losing equipment every time a bimbo takes damage would get annoying quickly, but letting the player choose to do it might be fine.

And I assume we're at least allowing bows, thrown daggers, and such.

>> No.18283300

dont let the thread die..
does someone working on the project?

>> No.18283846

I'm still here.

Since nobody's tackled this, I'm going to say that the remainder gets assigned randomly (1-2: Slap, 3-4: Legs, 5-6: Uhm). Also, I think that stats should go from 1-6 rather than 2-7, so they can be assigned by d6 instead of d6+1, and then change "roll below your stat" to "roll equal or below your stat." Just seems neater.

Next: Equipment? Feats/Abilities? Worldbuilding?

>> No.18284903


I would shy away from too much worldbuilding at the moment. People seem to take this idea and want to go in some disparate ways with it so I think we should leave that as open as possible to avoid alienating too many folks.


I'm thinking that the primary roll of armor will be to absorb damage in exchange for being sacrificed. So that it will just kind of naturally occur that Bimbos wind up naked after fights. As far as game mechanics go I definitely think this should be at player choice though. Maybe armor has some secondary characteristics as well so you have to choose about whether to let it absorb damage vs. keep getting the other bonuses.

>> No.18285363

muscle titties= increase attack
bounce titties=instead of attacking with weapons can attack with tits
She cant be that dumb= prerequisite having uhmm score lesser a certain value, if she speak her opponent are confused for some rounds...

>> No.18285449

>barbarian bimbo girls thread
>no acceptable pics of barbarian girls

what the hell /tg/

>> No.18285843

What's this about War Whores now?

>> No.18286667

>rereading chugworth to prove you wrong

>> No.18287615

Yeah, I'm pretty attached to the whole outfit building as a significant chunk of character creation. Glasses that increase your Uhm but reduce your Titties and shoes that decrease your Legs/movement speed but increase your Titties need to happen.

>> No.18288302

This is a pair of [shoe size] [base material] [base shoes]. They are [heel type] [decoration type].

Shoe Size
1: ankle high
2: mid calf
3: below the knee
4: knee high
5: above the knee
6: thigh high

Base Materials
1: iron
2: steel
3: chrome
4: brass
5: black leather
6: brown leather

Base Shoes
1-2:[shoe size] sandals 1-2
3-4:[shoe size] boots 3-4
5-6:pumps 5-6

Heel Type
1: flat
2: wedges
3: stilettos
4: platforms
5: ???
6: ???

Decoration Type
1: studded with [decoration material]
2: lined with [lining type]
3: encircled by bands of [base materials]
4: menacing with spikes of [decoration material]
5: decorated with an image of [image type] in [base material]
6: decorated by hanging rings of [base material]

Decoration Material
1: cubic zirconia
2: iron
3: steel
4: chrome
5: brass
6: glass

Lining Type
1: fur
2: tiger print fabric
3: leopard print fabric
4: zebra print fabric
5: wool
6: leather

Image Type
1: a skull
2: a heart
3: foreign calligraphy
4: the designer's mark
5: a diamond
6: an eye

I intend to add stats to the heel type section, but since I'm out of ideas/descriptions (like, how the shit do you describe a shoe with a heel and a platform on the toe, i do not get ladyshoe words) there I haven't yet.

>> No.18288337

rolled 1, 6, 5, 5, 2, 2, 4, 5 = 30

Not sure why I didn't roll this as part of the previous post.

>> No.18288371




>> No.18288373

This is a pair of ankle high brown leather pump (revision note: pluralize!). They are wedges (chart not finished, so I had to reroll) lined with zebra print fabric.

Also realizing that I need to fiddle around with decorations a bit, so it's possible to have multiple decorations, but you never end up with a decorationless shoe.

>> No.18288418

rolled 4, 4, 1, 1, 3, 1, 5, 6 = 25


>> No.18288446

rolled 6, 6, 3, 1, 4, 2, 3, 2 = 27

knee high flat sandals encircled with bands of brass, decorated with cubed zirconia, lined with wool and decorated with an eye motif.

I do believe I managed to get winter sandals. With brass armor plating and zirconia eyes. My bimbo must be a priestess of some sort.

>> No.18288543

This is a pair of [shoe size] [base material] [base shoes]. They are [heel type] [decoration type] [decoration number].

Shoe Size
1: ankle high
2: mid calf
3: below the knee
4: knee high
5: above the knee
6: thigh high

Base Materials
1: iron
2: steel
3: chrome
4: brass
5: black leather
6: brown leather

Base Shoes
1-2:[shoe size] sandals 1-2
3-4:[shoe size] boots 3-4
5-6:pumps 5-6

Heel Type
1: flats
2: short wedges
3: high wedges
4: stilettos
5: platforms
6: stilettos, with platformed toes,

Decoration Type
1: studded with [decoration material]
2: lined with [lining type]
3: encircled by bands of [base materials]
4: menacing with spikes of [decoration material]
5: decorated with an image of [image type] in [base material]
6: decorated by hanging rings of [base material]

Decoration Material
1: cubic zirconia
2: iron
3: steel
4: chrome
5: brass
6: glass

Lining Type
1: fur
2: tiger print fabric
3: leopard print fabric
4: zebra print fabric
5: wool
6: leather

Image Type
1: a skull
2: a heart
3: foreign calligraphy
4: the designer's mark
5: a diamond
6: an eye

Decoration number:
1-2: Add new decoration.
3-6: End.

By the new chart, you have thigh high brown leather flat boots, menacing with spikes of iron.

>> No.18288827

rolled 6, 6, 4, 3, 2, 6, 2, 5 = 34

roollan (yes, bored as fuck)

>> No.18288861

Hmm..I got tigh high brown leather high wedge boots, lined with tigerprint fabric and with diamond if I read it right. if it wasn't brown leather it'd be wonderfully tacky. Actually, it needs white leather for tackyness

>> No.18288878

That's kind of a good point. Brown leather needs to be in, I think, because I was trying to make a generator that churns out Xena type equipment, on occasion. But white leather is so fucking ridiculous.

Maybe white leather can be in for higher tier items. I did intend this to be the low tier chart.

>> No.18288931

I wanted ot say "but white leather is as low tier as it gets, it's right there with clear plastic stripper heels"...and then realized it's for bimbos, it's be like.+25 or sumthin.

>> No.18288948

Yeah, exactly. It says "look at me" more successfully than other items. Quality is relative.

>> No.18289744

rolled 3, 5, 1, 1, 2, 5, 2, 3, 2, 5, 1, 3, 4, 6, 3, 3, 4, 3, 6, 4 = 66

This is a [base material][base bottoms]. It is [decoration type][decoration number].

Base Material
1: iron
2: steel
3: chrome
4: brass
5: black leather
6: brown leather

Base Bottoms
1: thong
2: miniskirt (Slap-2, Legs+1)
3: loincloth (Titties -2, Slap +1)
4: pair of hotpants (Uhm-2, Legs+1)
5: skirt (Legs-2, Uhm+1)
6: pair of panties (Slap-2, Titties+1)

Decoration Type
1: studded with [decoration material]
2: lined with [lining type]
3: encircled by bands of [base materials]
4: menacing with spikes of [decoration material]
5: decorated with an image of [image type] in [base material]
6: decorated by hanging rings of [base material]

Decoration Material
1: cubic zirconia
2: iron
3: steel
4: chrome
5: brass
6: glass

Lining Type
1: fur
2: tiger print fabric
3: leopard print fabric
4: zebra print fabric
5: wool
6: leather

Image Type
1: a skull
2: a heart
3: foreign calligraphy
4: the designer's mark
5: a diamond
6: an eye

Decoration number:
1-3: Add new decoration and repeat, rolling for another decoration number when finished.
4-6: End.

>> No.18289789

This is a chrome skirt. It is studded with cubic zirconia, decorated with an image of a heart in steel, and decorated with an image of a skull in steel. (Legs-2, Uhm+1).

>> No.18290065

Heels now provide stats:
Heel Type
1: flats (-2 Titties, +1 Legs)
2: short wedges (-1 Titties, -1 Slap, +1 Uhm)
3: high wedges (-2 Slap, +1 Titties)
4: stilettos (-1 movement speed, -1 Legs, +2 damage to prone targets)
5: platforms (-1 movement speed, -1 Legs, +1 Slap)
6: stilettos, with platformed toes (-1 movement speed, -1 Legs, +1 Titties)

Also, replace all mentions of "glass" with "rhinestones."

>> No.18290694

This is a [base material][base tops]. [Pauldron Base] It is [decoration type][decoration number].

Base Material
1: iron
2: steel
3: chrome
4: brass
5: black leather
6: brown leather

Base Tops
1: bodice (-2 Slap, +1 Titties)
2: tube (-2 Legs, +1 Titties)
3: string bikini top (-1 Titties, -1 Legs, +1 Slap)
4: chestplate (-2 Uhm, 1 DR when not flanked)
5: bra (-2 Titties, +1 Legs)
6: halter top (-2 Titties, +1 Uhm)

Pauldron Base
1: Skip.
2: It has one small [Base Material] pauldrons attached.
3: It has two small [Base Material] pauldrons attached.
4: It has one large [Base Material] pauldrons attached.
5: It has two large [Base Material] pauldrons attached.
6: It has one large and one small [Base Material] pauldrons attached.

Decoration Type
1: studded with [decoration material]
2: lined with [lining type]
3: encircled by bands of [base materials]
4: menacing with spikes of [decoration material]
5: decorated with an image of [image type] in [base material]
6: decorated by hanging rings of [base material]

Decoration Material
1: cubic zirconia
2: iron
3: steel
4: chrome
5: brass
6: rhinestones

Lining Type
1: fur
2: tiger print fabric
3: leopard print fabric
4: zebra print fabric
5: wool
6: leather

Image Type
1: a skull
2: a heart
3: foreign calligraphy
4: the designer's mark
5: a diamond
6: an eye

Decoration number:
1-3: Add new decoration and repeat, rolling for another decoration number when finished.
4-6: End.

>> No.18290704

rolled 6, 2, 6, 4, 5, 4, 5, 1, 2, 1, 3, 3, 4, 4, 6, 4, 1, 1, 2, 4 = 68

Failed at dice, retrying.

>> No.18290745

This is a brown leather tube. It has one large and one small brass pauldrons attached. It is decorated with an image of the designer's mark in brass, lined with fur, and encircled by bands of chrome. (-2 Legs, +1 Titties)

Let's see. I kind of intend this to be 90% DM side, for generating a bunch of unique treasure at once, rather than a list of items that exist in the world, or something that the players will have to look at during gameplay.

Images still kind of suck, so I'm very much open to suggestions there.

>> No.18292111

This is a [base material][base accessory].

Base Material
1: iron
2: steel
3: chrome
4: brass
5: black leather
6: brown leather

Base Accessory
1: pair of glasses. (-2 Titties, +1 Uhm) It is [decoration type][decoration number].
2: bag. (-1 Titties, holds items when not in use) It is [decoration type][decoration number].
3: [Headwear Type]. It is [decoration type][decoration number].
4: ring. (-2 Uhm, +1 Slap) It is [decoration type][decoration number].
5: [Bracelet Type]. It is [decoration type][decoration number].
6: [Necklace Type]. It is [decoration type][decoration number].

Headwear Type
1: crown (-2 Slap, +1 Titties)
2: tiara (-2 Legs, +1 Titties)
3: headband (-2 Titties, +1 Legs)
4: skullcap (-2 Titties, +1 Uhm)
5: helmet (-2 Titties, +1 Slap)
6: hair tie (-2 Slap, +1 Legs)

Bracelet Type
1: [Glove length] glove (-2 Legs, +1 Uhm)
2: bracer (-2 Titties, +1 Slap)
3: wristband (-2 Titties, +1 Legs)
4: armguard (-2 Slap, +1 Legs)
5: armband (-2 Legs, +1 Slap)
6: elbow pad (-2 Titties, +1 Slap)

Glove Length:
1-2: wrist length
3-4: elbow length
5-6: shoulder length


>> No.18292144

rolled 3, 4, 2, 4, 6, 5, 1, 1, 3, 3, 5, 3, 6, 1, 2, 4, 3, 1, 5, 1 = 63

Necklace Type
1: collar (-2 Uhm, +1 Titties)
2: choker (-2 Legs, +1 Slap)
3: necklace (-2 Legs, +1 Titties)
4: neck guard (-2 Titties, +1 Slap)
5: ruffle (-2 Slap, +1 Titties)
6: tie (-2 Slap, +1 Uhm)

Decoration Type
1: studded with [decoration material]
2: lined with [lining type]
3: encircled by bands of [base materials]
4: menacing with spikes of [decoration material]
5: decorated with an image of [image type] in [base material]
6: decorated by hanging rings of [base material]

Decoration Material
1: cubic zirconia
2: iron
3: steel
4: chrome
5: brass
6: rhinestones

Lining Type
1: fur
2: tiger print fabric
3: leopard print fabric
4: zebra print fabric
5: wool
6: leather

Image Type
1: a skull
2: a heart
3: foreign calligraphy
4: the designer's mark
5: a diamond
6: an eye

Decoration number:
1-3: Add new decoration and repeat, rolling for another decoration number when finished.
4-6: End.

>> No.18292181

This is a chrome ring. (-2 Uhm, +1 Slap) It is lined with zebra print fabric.

Actually, in addition to images, I could really use some mechanics that aren't dull as fuck. The only ones that are the slightest bit interesting are:
>2: bag. (-1 Titties, holds items when not in use)
>4: chestplate (-2 Uhm, 1 DR when not flanked)

Anyway, weapons.

>> No.18293075

This is a [weapon material][base weapon][decoration type][decoration number]. The grip is made of [lining type].

Weapon material:
1-2: iron
3-4: steel
5-6: bronze

Base Weapon:
1: [sword type] sword (2 damage)
2: [axe type] axe (3 damage, Titties -1)
3: [hammer type] hammer (3 damage, Titties -1)
4: [flail type] flail (3 damage, Titties -1)
5: [mace type] mace (3 damage, Titties -1)
6: [spear type] spear (2 damage, Titties -1, reach)

Sword Type:
1: straight bladed, single edged
2: straight bladed, double edged
3: curved bladed, single edged
4: curved bladed, double edged
5: wave bladed
6: serrated

Axe type:
1: single bladed
2: single bladed, bearded
3: double bladed
4: double bladed, bearded
5: single bladed, spiked
6: single bladed, bearded, spiked

Hammer Type
1: single headed, round
2: single headed, square
3: single headed, round, spiked
4: single headed, square, spiked
5: double headed, round
6: double headed, square

Flail Type
1: single headed
2: spiked
3: flanged
4: triple headed
5: triple headed, spiked
6: triple headed, flanged

Mace Type
1: round
2: flanged
3: studded
4: spiked
5: headless, spiked
5: banded

Spear Type
1: broad headed
2: narrow headed
3: flanged
4: barred
5: serrated
6: barbed

>> No.18293093

rolled 2, 3, 6, 1, 4, 4, 5, 1, 5, 3, 1, 4, 4, 6, 6, 1, 4, 6, 4, 4 = 74

Decoration Type
1: studded with [decoration material]
2: lined with [lining type]
3: encircled by bands of [base materials]
4: menacing with spikes of [decoration material]
5: decorated with an image of [image type] in [base material]
6: decorated by hanging rings of [base material]

Base Material
1: iron
2: steel
3: chrome
4: brass
5: black leather
6: brown leather

Decoration Material
1: cubic zirconia
2: iron
3: steel
4: chrome
5: brass
6: rhinestones

Lining Type
1: fur
2: tiger print fabric
3: leopard print fabric
4: zebra print fabric
5: wool
6: leather

Image Type
1: a skull
2: a heart
3: foreign calligraphy
4: the designer's mark
5: a diamond
6: an eye

Decoration number:
1-3: Add new decoration and repeat, rolling for another decoration number when finished.
4-6: End.

>> No.18293100

Holy fuck, this thread is still going?

>> No.18293150

This is an iron, double headed, square hammer (3 damage, -1 Titties). It is studded with chrome. The grip is made of wool.

Heavy weapons use slap. Light weapons, which are coming up when I get to it, use Legs.

Suggestions to vary weapon effects more are welcome, but we can always do that through feats.

>> No.18293160

I swear to fuck I will make this shit happen even if OP is gone forever and dead.

>> No.18293936

This is a [base weapon], [decoration type][decoration number].

Base Weapon
1-2: [Dagger Type] dagger (1 damage, 2 when flanking, can be thrown without penalty)
3-4: [Whip Type] whip (1 damage, reach, can trip, grab, and disarm without penalty)
5-6: [Bow Type] bow (1 damage, ranged)

Dagger Type
1: long bladed
2: short bladed
3: wave bladed
4: serrated
5: tapered
6: broad bladed

Whip Type
1: weighted
2: black leather
3: brown leather
4: multi-tailed
5: barbed
6: woven

Bow Type
1: flat
2: short
3: long
4: decurve
5: recurve
6: composite

Decoration Type
1: studded with [decoration material]
2: lined with [lining type]
3: encircled by bands of [base materials]
4: menacing with spikes of [decoration material]
5: decorated with an image of [image type] in [base material]
6: decorated by hanging rings of [base material]

>> No.18293940

rolled 4, 6, 2, 4, 6, 4, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 3, 5, 4, 2, 1, 6, 5, 5, 6 = 71

Base Material
1: iron
2: steel
3: chrome
4: brass
5: black leather
6: brown leather

Decoration Material
1: cubic zirconia
2: iron
3: steel
4: chrome
5: brass
6: rhinestones

Lining Type
1: fur
2: tiger print fabric
3: leopard print fabric
4: zebra print fabric
5: wool
6: leather

Image Type
1: a skull
2: a heart
3: foreign calligraphy
4: the designer's mark
5: a diamond
6: an eye

Decoration number:
1-3: Add new decoration and repeat, rolling for another decoration number when finished.
4-6: End.

As usual, rollan.

>> No.18293989

This is a multi-tailed whip. It is lined with zebra print fabric.

Some of this shit could be more interesting, but hopefully those charts will help in some form or another.

>> No.18294476

Ok... feats/abilities/etc. I propose that bimbos get two on character creation.

If an allied bimbo is in melee combat, you may move into her square on a successful medium difficulty titties check (causing the bimbo to leave her square as directed by her player). For this turn, the difficulty of attacking the allied bimbo's former target in melee is reduced by one. For her, it is increased by one.

If an adjacent allied bimbo misses an attack, you may make a medium Slap check. On a success, both you and the allied bimbo lose 1 HP, and she may reroll the attack against a different target at difficulty reduced by 1.

Hopefully the narrative tropes I'm statting are clear.

Out of ideas for now, but... this is basically playable at low "levels," if you put everything in the thread together. I guess there should be crits, but that's about it.

>> No.18297712

bumpety bump bump

>> No.18298731

>> No.18299859

Inspired by other people's comments.

When hit by an enemy, you may sacrifice a piece of your equipment to negate the effects of the attack.

When hit by an enemy, you may sacrifice a piece of your equipment. Gain +2 damage against that enemy permanently.

>> No.18301361

When you grab an enemy, you cannot let go or be forced to let go while that enemy is capable of fighting back. Neither you nor this enemy may attack or be attacked by other characters.

I think the basic idea of (voluntarily) isolating two characters in a narrative bubble in the middle of a group fight to have a grapplefest is good, but I don't know if this is the way to go about it. Maybe this is a better ability for an enemy bimbo-equivalent character.

>> No.18302181

I put everything in this thread into the wiki to the best of my ability, for anyone who has been following and wants to check my accuracy, or hasn't been following and doesn't want to read hundreds of posts.


>> No.18302191

for umm science and stuff?

>> No.18303613

Game needs more tables and random generators.

>> No.18304048

now we should add enemies...
macho homosexual guys?
xenomorph raping aliens....
ponies of despair
kittens of doom
strange stuff with white fur and big manga-style eyes?

>> No.18304250

My concept of the fluff is basically pic related, so sure, maybe, no, no, no, maybe.

>> No.18305749

Ok, crit rules. I'm skipping monster stats because that's mostly fluff/DM side stuff.

More ones than sixes is a critical success. More sixes than ones is a critical failure. This works, regardless of stats and check difficulty, and it's fairly simple.

If nobody gets mad about this, I'll throw together some combat crit tables sometime soon.

>> No.18306666

good but better make in inverse:
more 6 then ones= success

>> No.18307934

But in the SLUT engine, rolling lower is better. If you roll below your stat, you succeed.


I made a table, but I realized that certain options (thrown weapon) aren't going to be universal. This is going to take multiple tables, probably organized for roller for critical misses, and by target for critical hits.

Are there any good crit tables lying around that I can borrow things from?

>> No.18309510

omg this is terrible how did that guy go from drawing chugworth to porn guro

>> No.18312025

ok so what other random generated stuff is needed?

>> No.18312124

If you want you can fill this out a bit.

Bimbo Critical Hit Table
1: No additional effect
2: Pass a medium Slap check or be stunned (all attacks on next turn default to difficult instead of medium difficulty).
3: Pass a medium Legs check or be knocked prone (for the next turn, incoming attacks require only an easy check, cannot move).
4: Pass a medium Uhm check or [A BAD THING]
5: Pass a medium Titties check or become intimidated (all attacks against attacker default to difficult instead of medium difficulty for the duration of the fight)
6: Roll on Bimbo Major Critical Hit Table

Bimbo Major Critical Hit Table
1: +1 damage
6: Roll on Bimbo Catastrophic Critical Hit Table

Bimbo Catastrophic Critical Hit Table
1: +2 damage
2: Long Term Injury (-1 Slap)
3: Nerve Damage (-1 Legs)
4: Head Injury (-1 Uhm)
5: Scar (-1 Titties)
6: Reduce HP to 1

This is for critical hits AGAINST bimbos, by the way. There should probably be a generic one for all NPCs, as well as possibly a "human shaped NPCs" table.

>> No.18314193

Revised the second and third tables.

Bimbo Major Critical Hit Table
1: +1 damage
2: Enemy grabs
3: Enemy pushes one square
4: Enemy disarms
5: Roll twice on Bimbo Critical Hit Table, rerolling 1s and 6s
6: Roll on Bimbo Catastrophic Critical Hit Table

Bimbo Catastrophic Critical Hit Table
1: +2 damage
2: Roll twice on Bimbo Major Critical Hit Table, rerolling 1s and 6s
3:Long Term Injury (-1 Slap)
4: Nerve Damage (-1 Legs)
5: Head Injury (-1 Uhm)
6: Scar (-1 Titties)

And for critical misses by bimbos, use the following.

Bimbo Critical Miss Table
1: No additional effect
2: Dropped weapon
3: Drop random non-weapon equipment
4: Weapon caught in hair (can disentangle by either passing a medium Legs check or taking one damage, can attempt once per turn)
5: Weapon caught in clothes (can disentangle by either passing a medium Legs check or dropping a piece of equipment, can attempt once per turn)
6: Roll on Bimbo Major Critical Miss Table

Bimbo Major Critical Miss Table
1: Throw weapon d6 squares in a random direction
2: Move 1 square in random direction (collide with wall = 1 damage, collide with character=both prone)
3: Weapon stuck in ground/wall (medium Slap check to remove)
4: Off balance until the end of next turn (require an easy check to hit)
5: Trip self (cannot move until end of next turn, and require an easy check to hit)
6: Roll on Bimbo Catastrophic Critical Miss Table

Bimbo Catastrophic Critical Miss Table
1: Roll an attack against a piece of equipment. On a hit, it is destroyed.
2: Weapon destroyed.
3: Target may immediately roll a counter attack.
4: Roll an attack against yourself.
5: Roll an attack against the nearest ally to the target, or yourself if none are in range.
6: Roll twice on the Bimbo Major Critical Miss Table

NPC critical hit/miss tables coming up.

>> No.18316550

>> No.18316701

Funny you should be posting right now, because I just made some tables!

NPC Critical Hit Table
1: +1 damage
2: +2 damage
3: Attacker may immediately roll to trip
4: Attacker may immediately roll to grab
5: Attacker may immediately roll to push (colliding with an obstacle causes 1 damage, colliding with another character causes both to fall prone)
6: Attacker may immediately roll a second attack

NPC Critical Miss Table
1: Save or fall prone
2: Save or move into a random adjacent square and fall prone (colliding with an obstacle causes 1 damage, colliding with another character causes both to fall prone)
3: For the next turn, all attacks are hard difficulty checks
4: For the next turn, only requires an easy check to be hit
5: Attack an ally in range, or self if none are available
6: Attack self

>> No.18321205

This thread is 8 days old, the oldest I've ever seen on /tg/.

>> No.18322527

then let it not die

>> No.18322981

>This thread is 8 days old, the oldest I've ever seen on /tg/.



>seriously it will begin autosaging in 11 more posts.

>> No.18325051

This hit autosage yet?

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