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I was just reading the other thread about the chaos gods, and I got confused as to where Mork and Gork fit in.

How powerful are they really? The chaos gods, being immortal manifestations of emotion twisted into existence seem like they would be infinitely more powerful.

But hey, dez be da orkz and dey be da best.

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Gork and Mork are like if God and Satan wanted to troll the living fuck out of every other religion's god on a daily basis.

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So then they're exactly like God and Satan.

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No they actually exist in universe.

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not OP but after reading the first heretic i was confused when they refer to the four prophets/pilgrims that had names resembling the chaos gods that went on pilgrimages into the eye. Is there anymore lore out there for them (havnt read Arulian so im guessing there might be some in there)

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Aren't they also immortal manifestations of emotion twisted into existence? Just Ork emotions.

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not OP here but out of interest are Orks spawned with an inherent belief in Gork/Mork or are those names just the blanket term for all cunnin' and smashin' the Orks believe in?

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Gork and Mork do not exist on their own. They are the divine manifestation of the Waaagh Field. When the universe ends and the last Ork dies, the Gork and Mork die with him. And at that point they would be about as powerful as your childhood imaginary friend.

As such, they grow in power the more Orks there are. And there is A FUCKING MASSIVE AMOUNT of Orks in existence. Their only driving desire is to fight, just like Orks want only to fight, and seeing as they are currently infinitely more powerful than any other divine entity in 40K, the only one they have to fight with is each other. Were they less powerful, they would be in war with the Chaos gods and other deities.

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They fight the 4 gods all the time.

They beat up Khorne for shits and giggles.

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Both. The Orks don't have to actively believe in Gork and Mork for them to exist, but every Ork believes in them because they actually exist and every Ork knows and feels that. Even if every single Ork stopped believing in them for the second or so it takes to realize they exist, they wouldn't disappear.

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Hearing that they kick ass like this makes me VERY happy.

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Gork and Mork are titans among the Gods in the Warp. The Chaos Gods generally just try to stay out of their way, as the two Ork gods laugh off attacks against them and cause too much destruction to be a worthwhile fight against.

The Ork Gods do exist in the Warp, and they're arguably the two strongest deities in existence. That tends to happen to any gods that are unanimously believed to be "Da Biggest and Da Strongest" by a very prolific race, with a population well beyond that of the Mankind itself.

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Mork and Gork are the physical embodiment of the WAAAGH!

The WAAAGH is the psychic battlemeld that links all Orks together.

So, GOrk and MOrk are simultaneously symbols of Orkyness AND gods in the Warp.

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Correct, but they do it just for fun, not out of necessity. The Chaos Gods have nothing on Gork and Mork. Even all of them combined could do nothing.

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So why haven't Gork and Mork just krumped the rest by now?

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With that amount of power, they were probably the ones who actually fucked up the Primarch project.

They've probably got both of the unknown Primarchs with them and have been raising them as Orks.

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If they did, who would they have to foight?

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Probably because they can't die.

Which is hilarious.

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thanks guys.
>ask a question
>actually receive an answer
i've been away too long.

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they have.
Perpetual war, new enemeys for da boyz ta fight, the orks have already won, the universe is their playground and we their toys.
would be no fun if there was nothing left to krump

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Gods can die in 40k

Just not by mortal means.

Remember that the Eldar gods all died but 2.

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>The Eldar Gods fought against the C'tan and Necrons in the War in Heaven
>No mention of Ork Deities fighting in the War in Heaven


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Because the Chaos Gods know how to put up a good fight, they can't afford to lose that.

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Holy shit.

Orks: The secret master fucking race of the universe

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Eldar used to keep the orks in check.

Remember that Orks were the last option of the Old Ones except for maybe humans.

They were made to fight Necron.

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They actually rule most of the galaxy. The only real push against them that did anything worthwhile was the Ullanor campaign waged by the Emperor himself.

Other than that they basically rule huge chunks of the galaxy, at least as much as the IoM, and they aren't the ones losing ground at this point.

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You also forgot the Nids.

Nids are beating them back quite well.

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The ork gods likely had nothing to do with the primarch project.

On a side note, the amount of power Gork and Mork posses is truly staggering. A Warphead/Wyrdboy, with a large enough Waaagh behind him (around) him, can actually gain their attention... at which point Gork (or Mork) can actually bust through the Immaterium and crush whole swathes of the opposing army. You see this in Epic, and it's the chief reason to field Wyrdboy towers. This is one of the reasons that the Orks are so devoted to their gods... No other gods display their power anywhere close to what the Ork gods routinely do.

And on an unrelated note... the bitter truth about the '2 missing primarchs', is that the 2 missing primarch and their legions are a nod to the Roman Empire, by GW's design team. During the Roman Empire, on 2 separate occasions when they lost an entire legion in war, rather than admit defeat they just struck those legions out of their records... Effectively meaning 'they never existed, thus we never lost a war we were not part of'. That is the real truth behind the 'lost primarchs and legions'. In effect, they were 2 Astartes Legions pre-heresy that were destroyed (for whatever reason), and the Imperium (likely at the Emperor or Horus' command) decreed to just remove them from the records.

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orks are the only species that do not fear death
that's because of the nightbringer who went from one race to the other and implanted fear into them
when he came to the orks, gork and mork beat the shit out of him and threw him out
orks are also the only race that can still naturally and regularly reincarnate as far as i know.
will that give you a good idea of how powerful gorm and mork are?

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The Romans were dicks. Fight and die for your empire, and they officially denounce your very existence.

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Or you know it is for the players to make their own legion of space marines.

Since 10 vs 10.

1 going to Loyalists and 1 going to chaos.

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They have already done that somewhere in ancient history of the galaxy, only to find it disappointing. What would be the fun in that? Gork and Mork are all about fun and beating a Chaos God would be just about as fun as you challenging a toddler to a paintball match. Fun once, not fun the 500th time.

You cannot kill the Chaos Gods unless you kill every thing able to feel emotions in the UNIVERSE. The Eldar gods died because they existed by themselves, they were not a manifestation of anything. If all life ever died, the Chaos Gods would die, but the Eldar gods would live on their own.

They thought it was ants fighting and kicked each other's asses the whole time.

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This is correct.

Orks are nothing more than a biological weapon gone rogue, who have taken over the majority of the universe and in doing so created the two most powerful gods.

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Oh wow, thats amazing.

So thats where spells like the foot of gork come from in the DOW games, its actually him crushing the enemy fucking army.

God I love the orks.

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That was mostly a retcon of the Octavian war. Prior to recent Nid codex, little was known of the battle beyond that both sides were gaining from this, and whatever comes out on top is going to royally fuck up the Imperium. It's been retconned to the Nids have the advantage.. but only by winning the first couple of planets. It is stilly widely implied in 40k lore that when Orks and Nids meet, it is a brutal fucking stalemate that could easily go either way. It normally takes the Tyranids 100 days to invade and finish harvesting a world. When they hit an Ork world... it takes them years at least.

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Meh, I'm still going with that as my personal theory and let no pesky facts get in my way. I'll be the 40k universes own Kent Hovind.
on the subject of confirmation bias, The Orks fucking with their geneseed would explain the bloody magpies.
Extra Psykers are just the Waaagh affecting them somehow. with science.

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Yeah... they were. they also crucified you for petty reasons.

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No Eldar Gods are just like any Warp gods.


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If you think it's interesting in DoW... you should check out Epic. Mega Gargants have an entire shoulder-weapon that is nothing more than the biggest Warphead tower they can build, purely to call down the gods upon their enemies. In Epic:A, it's pretty destructive still... But in previous versions of Epic (and Titan Legions), it was known for completely obliterating opposing Titans if you rolled well enough.

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Or more, depending on the ferocity of the Orks. The Tyranids would ultimately win a stalemate, but only because the Ork spores have used all the nutrients from the soil and cannot grow more Orks. And that would take thousands of years.

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Nope. The Eldar gods existed BEFORE the Eldar. The Eldar race was made by Isha.

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Why are there no good books about them?!

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No it is pretty much canon that Orks turn their worlds into polluted hunks of rock that not even the Tyranids can gain much nutrients from. In Gothic campaigns, Ork-held worlds deteriorate into 'worthless' status for everyone but Orks. This includes Nids. For all that, Ork-held worlds are protected by a clusterfuck of gun-riddled Asteroids, and all infighting between tribes/warbands immediately stops as soon as a 'non-ork' touches down on the soil. In short... the entire fucking populace turns on it's invaders in a heartbeat. This is why the Imperium does not try to reclaim worlds that the Orks gain control of. And the Nids don't exactly gain a lot of valuable biomass from them, either. What they get, is a horribly over-polluted mess of toxic fumes that only Orks can truly appreciate.

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Because there are no good writers working for Black Library.

Your best bet, is Deff Skwadrun.

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Sweet god that would be the perfect job for me! And not a single fuck was given about proper grammar or spelling.

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So... what would happen if the Orks actually get their shit together?

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Blow out soon, Stalker.

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As long as you kept it fairly consistent.

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>retty much canon that Orks turn their worlds into polluted hunks of rock that not even the Tyranids can gain much nutrients from. In Gothic campaigns, Ork-held worlds deteriorate into 'worthless' status for everyone but Orks.

Fanon, you mean.

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If all the Orks in the galaxy united under one Waaagh, literally there would be no force, gods included, that could stop them.

EVERYTHING would die.

Thank the emperor that would never happen though.

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>if Orks get their shit together

They HAVE their shit together. They don't want to take over the galaxy. They want to FIGHT. And they do, all the time, mostly each other.

One of the reasons Orks are so resistant to chaos is that they're all HAPPY. They don't need to get high, they don't despair, they don't want to change anything. They just want to be Orks, and they do, as hard as they can, all the time.

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>Battlefleet Gothic
>created by Games Workshop

Explain yourself, please.

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The Galaxy is doomed....

If The Chaos legion unite
If the Necron fully wake up
If the Nids finally arrive in full force

The Orks aren't the only dudes playing the ''IF'' game.

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Ork biosphere needs air, water and nutrients from the soil. If they have those, they are self-sufficient. The Tyranids only need biomass to consume (available from Orks), they can even survive in void, something which kills Orks. Tyranids are radiation-proof (at least after an adaptation cycle) and poison-proof (again a cycle). The Orks' physiology remains the same. So the levels of radiation, pollution and toxins required to kill Tyranids would have killed the Orks already.

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>If The Chaos legion unite

Didn't work the first time.

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Or the 12 next tries.

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But honestly, if all the orks united under one WAAAAGH, they could beat any single one of those events.

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It would have worked if Horus didn't screw it up.

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Abbadon has the same mentality as team rocket.

>> No.18219113


Or the second.

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They lost to a bunch of soldiers with flashlights......

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seriously how do space marines go up stairs

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Against the reborn Necron Empire and their fully operational weapons of DOOM or the entire Tyranid swarm and their galaxies worth of resources?

I doubt it.

>> No.18219171

Very carefully.

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The Orks were developed to specifically kick the shit out of the Necrons back when they were even stronger than they could possibly be now. Shows how much their weapons of Doof did for them back then.

Unless that got retconned with the rest of the 'Crons.

>> No.18219260

no outright retcon, but the backgound fluff put more emphasis on the eldar

>> No.18219296


They use the elevatus.

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>The Orks were developed to specifically kick the shit out of the Necrons back when they were still alive
That's a BIG difference.

>> No.18219323

The Necrons weapons of DOOM (Powered by cosmic hate and bitterness) blew up the gods of reality. They still packing these guns after all that time and all they need is a proper target to test fire them again.

>Unless that got retconned with the rest of the 'Crons.

Korks didn't play a big part in current version of the War in Heaven. The Eldar stole all the spotlight and glory.

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In the 41st millenium, all stairs are made of metal, concrete or stone. Seriously, haven't you played Space Marine? Are there any wooden stairs? Are there any wooden stairs in the books or in the art?

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Can we have a super end game ''Win Button'' too?

Seems unfair that we do not have one...

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>beating orks

The nids literally can't take one planet from orks.

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Fnah fnah fnah fnah fnah. Aha. Ha. Heh.

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3E mentions (K)Orks being created in haste to stop the already robotified Necrons.

5E barely says anything at all.

>> No.18219382


Because it would be boring as fuck.

Waaarrrrggghhhh, weez da Best.

Orks are unbeatable have the best tech and the best psychers and the best gods and the best blah blah best blah.

Orcs used to be good, a bit of a joke, but still....

Now, the constant 'orcs are da best' just makes me feel like, 'Well ok, might as well just take em out of the game if they're so op that nothing else counts'.

Rant over.

Anyway, orcs are too one dimensional to make a decent story about. A funny paragraph or two, sure. A book? No.

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No, they can now... Since Robin retconned the Octavian war. Still though, out of an entire region with vast amounts of habited planets, the Nids have managed to take only a couple... And it's taken then far longer to do that, then it would normally take them to do so.

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Yes yes they did. In fact they took a couple of planets from the Orks in their current major conflict.

And guess who is spawning to finish the job?

Yeah, It's the the bloody SWARMLORD! The Overfiend and his boyz days are numbered.

>> No.18219405

Maybe after you'll have forces located at least in a quarter of the galaxy

>> No.18219411

The Orks survived the Necrons without breaking a sweat. The Necrons FINISHED SCIENCE.

A bunch of faggot bugs ain't no thang.

I'm partial to the theory that the nids are fleeing their galaxy from a bigger threat, and that threat is orks.

>> No.18219421

>obviously hasn't read Deff Skawdrun

You know what else is too dimensional to have books written about them? Space Marines. But Dan Abnett managed to do it, and somehow make it compelling. Prior to him, the marine novels were all shit.

Now... for Deff Skwadrun links:

Enjoy this masterpiece... the only piece of Ork related content ever released by Black Library, that was actually worth a damn!

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If he dies, he dies. Strife makes the orks stronger, not weaker.

>> No.18219456

>Implying the swarmlord would make a difference.

Aww... how cute. We're talking about an Ork world t that churns out Mega Gargants. You know what an Imperator Titan is, right? And how there isn't a Bio-Titan capable of meeting one head on? Guess what the Ork equivalent is. It has 5 Dick-Cannons. And all of them are FUCK HUGE.

>> No.18219458

Da boys love to fight. They go so far as warp travel to reach a place with a good fight. As soon as word about the nids spread through orkdom, their days are numbered. A race that adapts to how you kill them? And are all ded killy? WAAAGH, LET'S KRUMP SUM BUG BOYZ! Really, the 'full might' of the tyrandis will only attract the full might of the orks.

>> No.18219474

I always wonder would the second coming of the Emprah be a huge change because with all the shit that's going on I can't imagine the he could be humanity's big IF game changer like the orcs tyranids and crons have

>> No.18219490

I'm finding that everytime I read a thread explaining 40k lore, I can never be quite sure how much of what's said is explicitly canon, how much is popular fanon, how much is fanon-repeated-as-canon by ignorants, how much is tongue-in-cheek roleplay, and how much is straight-up bullshitting.

Although I suspect largely it doesn't matter.

>> No.18219506

Personally, I've always viewed that "Hurr randomly travel through warp space" as a farce written by a fialure of a developer. My favorite (fan-made) idea, was that Orks build fuck-huge ships several kilometers long, that are little more than a colossal Shock Attack Gun. And it's only purpose is to create holes in reality to distant star systems where the Orks are aiming to go (i.e. Armageddon).

Certainly beats the fuck out of "hurr hitch a ride on a hulk'"

>> No.18219510

Humans, tau, fagdar, and chaos pussies get scared and start crying once the 'nids pile in.

Orks get super-excited and start calling all of their friends. A nid invasion is the closest thing to a cocaine-fueled orgy with nyphomaniac bolter bitches that orks have.

>> No.18219525


Not likely simply because they'd be some ploy made up to divide them all again.

>> No.18219526


>No it is pretty much canon that Orks turn their worlds into polluted hunks of rock that not even the Tyranids can gain much nutrients from. In Gothic campaigns, Ork-held worlds deteriorate into 'worthless' status for everyone but Orks. This includes Nids.

Nope. It's widely documented that ANY biomass is beneficial for 'Nids. They'll eat chaos-tained biomass, poisoned biomass, drink the oceans of a planet, and even break down the rocks on the planet.

ANY biological matter is beneficial for tyranids. Literally any.

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I just imagine that everyone is making subtle sexual innuendos.

Makes things a lot easier.

A lot harder too.

>> No.18219546


Go play Gothic's campaign system please.

He is correct. Ork Worlds are valueless to non-Ork fleets.

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Step up your game boyz or else you'll be losing it all pretty soon!

>> No.18219558

You know, squigs were what nids did with ork biomass. Then orks found the squigs, and brought them with them. Next thing you know, squigs are popping out of ork spores. So, the orks might be able to out assimilate the flesh borg... err nids.

>> No.18219567


which is why in their millenia of drifting though space they're still shit at fighting them?

>> No.18219588


imo gw seem to of written themselves into a hole really. If not for something cheesy like emprah coming back, how can they get out of the zillion looming threats?

>> No.18219594

Not when it's such a fucking polluted wasteland that there literally is no plant-life left. We're talking seas of sulfuric acid, and total collapse of planetary eco-system, replaced with only the very simplistic Ork eco-system of: Snotlings>Squigs>Gretchin>Orks>Squiggoth

>> No.18219599

I hope no one believed any of this fanwank about Gork and Mork

>> No.18219606


They would still consume it. They consume daemon worlds and death worlds like they were nothing. Again:


>> No.18219612

Or rather, the robust Ork physiology assimilated the Squigs.

In actuality (per canon), Biovores are what the Nids did with the Ork DNA. Squigs are just part of the Ork species.

>> No.18219617


i thought the point was they LEFT worlds looking like dead worlds?

>> No.18219622

Can you really consider anything daemonic as "biomass"?

>> No.18219623

Well, the emprah is basically a chaos god in the materium. He's as impossible to kill as the other gods, except he exists in both realspace and the immaterium. So there you go.

>> No.18219629



>> No.18219630


DEATH world, not dead world. Death Worlds are extremely uninhabitable worlds, like Fenris or Catachan.

>> No.18219633

I wouldn't since they fucking dissolve into the Warp.

>> No.18219641

don't forget the various mushrooms

>> No.18219647

Is Fenris really a death world, though?

>> No.18219656
File: 724 KB, 1036x736, ChaosvsNids.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18219684

Death Worlds are filled with biomass. The only thing more rich in biomass is an agri-world.

Daemon-worlds... meh. Up for debate based upon what's left. Any chaos-corrupted world is technically a 'daemon world'. Whether it's the industrial metal workings of the Iron Warrior home, or a mutated flesh-world.

And before you continue your stupid "HURR ALL BIOMASS IS FOODS", keep in mind I am not disagreeing with you. Ork worlds do have Biomass. But not much, and all of it is a polluted mess, so bad, that only the Orks can thrive there. This is represented (and canon) in Battlefleet Gothic where an Ork held world has the same value as a barren world to everything other than Orks.

Oh sure, there's biomass to be had on an Ork world... poisoned, pollution-rich biomass. Which makes it marginally better than a barren 'already-been-stripped' world, and considerably less valuable than any other planet the nids could harvest. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being "Agricultural/Death World", 7 being "Earth", and 1 being "Barren, Stripped Rock". An Ork World is about 1.5 or possibly a 2.

>> No.18219685


It's a world of eternal blizzards and wolves the size of houses. So yes.

>> No.18219689

No. It's an Ice World.

Catachan is a Death World.

>> No.18219712


nigga if he's a choas god, what is he the god of?

the gork and mork being more powerful is retarded, and doesn't fit in with the idea that humanity is "special" for their ability to influence the warp. If the warp was calm before humanity, how powerful can gork or mork be. I doubt they're even proper warp enetities like the chaos god, they're just inhuman shit.

Also can da hive mind deal wit the chaos gods? Cause, despite being foreign and alien ti would seem to have emotions, no?

>> No.18219732

Good god that writing.

>> No.18219734

Which is only a problem because the Space Wolves make sure it never develops beyond LOL VIKINGS. An ordinary Imperial colonization would make it a perfectly livable place pretty quickly.

A death world has to be the kind of place that's so freaking dangerous that even the best attempts almost fail, leaving only the hardiest and luckiest of badasses to survive.

Fuck Fenris.


>> No.18219735

Like most death worlds, it's still rich in biomass and valuable resources integral for life... i.e. Water. And lots of it, in the form of ice and snow.

>> No.18219756

Grammar, bitch. Do you spaek it!?

Dear god man... please stop raping the english language!

>If the warp was calm before humanity
It wasn't. See reference: old one and Eldar.

>> No.18219777

Is it me or are these nids not putting up a proper fight?

They are getting steamrolled.

>> No.18219804


Yes, you! Why the hell are you not reading Deff Skwadrun!? It was posted by: >>18219421

Read it, here! And be more awesome!

>> No.18219819

Go back to the very early tyranid stuff. You won't see these 'ripper swarm' things, you'll see squigs. The nids assimilated the orks and made squigs. Then the orks saw the squigs and though 'DA LOOKZ ROIT ORKY, LEZZ KEEP WUN! IZ PROMIZ TA FEED ET!' Then orks had squigs. This is pure canon btw.

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>nigga if he's a choas god, what is he the god of?

If the Emperor was a Warp Entity of any grand form, it would probably be something akin to a combination of his already there mega psyker soul and the vision of him that the untold masses of people worshiping him over the course of thousands of years have formulated. I figure that this Warp spawned vision of the Emperor would go so far as to have consumed his soul. That's just speculation though. He wouldn't have to literally be "the god of angry" or "the god of X" (assuming he becomes a "god").

> If the warp was calm before humanity, how powerful can gork or mork be.

It wasn't. It went to Hell (literally) after The War in Heaven. Now, you do have the Chaos Gods showing up after humanity but that's just poor writing.

>Also can da hive mind deal wit the chaos gods? Cause, despite being foreign and alien ti would seem to have emotions, no?

Well, for one, it wouldn't have to actually ever deal with the Chaos Gods. As for two, beyond ETERNAL HUNGER, I've never seen anything that claims it has any sort of emotions since it's not literally a "real thing".

>> No.18219872

Just like Marines having fecal-obsessions, and being no bigger than a standard human being is canon?

Shit gets retconned. Deal with it. Squigs are now intrinsically part of the Ork biology, and are no longer related at all to Nids. Even Squiggots no longer have any Nid influence in them.

Need proof? Headplates... All Nid-related creatures have 5 headplates. No exceptions anymore.

>> No.18219942


To this day, I find that the best part of Deff Skwadron is the diagram of the average Ork Fighta-Bomma.

>> No.18219963

Here's the thing, something has to be mentioned as being different to be retconned. Orks just get ignored 99% of the time, so we live in this convinient bubble of ambuguity where everything is right. Only thing related is ripper swarms showing up to replace squigs in the swarm because you can't have 2 armies using the same unit. Besides, with their make shit we believe real power, it is entirely possible.

>> No.18219989
File: 22 KB, 187x186, 1330204422208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I read a bit of it, I think im gonna go out and buy the actual book.

I like having a physical copy of something, call me weird.

Its freakin' awesome though, thanks.

>> No.18220779

i'm normally more of an IGfag, but holy shit, i love this thing.

>> No.18220981

That actually sounds a lot like what the orks might do.
"wif almost 'nuff dakka, youze gets youze WAAAGH all da way to dat nekst gud foight"

>> No.18221105
File: 408 KB, 1585x2878, orkz won.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't believe none of you posted this yet.

>> No.18221208

Humans aren't the only race which is able to influence the Warp though. The Eldar and the Orks were also created by the Old Ones with this ability, so that they could fight the Necrons. That's why the Eldar and Orks both have their own gods, just with the Chaos gods getting shared between humanity and the Dark Eldar.

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