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What do the chaos gods look like, do they have palaces on worlds in the eye of terror, or do they just exist as warp energy without physical manifestations?

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Slaanesh looks different to everyone who views him/her/it, and Tzeentch can change his form at will, usually looks like a bird. I think Nurgle looks like an even bigger greater clean one but less sinister, and im not sure about Khorne.

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Fluff in the Daemon Codex gives you a half decent idea.

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>greater clean one
Baths for the bath god?

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Soap for the soap throne.

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>>literally dozens of books telling you exactly these things from GW over the years
>>posts thread on /tg/

Go ask your parents to spend some time with you, you sad lonely aspie fuck.

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Bathshower 40k?

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>So Isha what do you think about this?
>Huh, seems like I bet on the wrong horse all this time. KU'GATH GET THE BRUSHES! WE GOT A LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO!

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never change /tg/

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He's only worth the points if you give him Magic Eraser.

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Chaos Gods do not have a physical form. But they do have physical forms.

Chaos Gods are both the map AND the territory. Khorne exists both as a great warrior in blood drenched armour atop a pile of skulls. He is also a snarling wolf-faced daemon with 6 arms. And a twin-faced greco-roman figure armed with spear and shield. And a thousand other forms.
These forms are all Khorne in his entirity, but Khorne exists beyond them. He is the very emotion of rage, the desire for vengence, to separate friend from foe, living from dead, mine from yours.
As long as two sentient beings exist, rage will, and so Khorne is eternal, even though his forms may be destroyed, and rent asunder, and scattered to the winds of chaos.
Khorne is an emotion, a spiritual direction. He is the choleric feeling in your blood.

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>What do the chaos gods look like
Depends, they are beings of Chaos and thus are not consistent.

>do they have palaces on worlds in the eye of terror
Yes they do.

>or do they just exist as warp energy without physical manifestations?
They're this as well, at the same time.

The Chaos Gods simply are. How they look like depends on which lens you are looking through. To an auger's sensor, they're dangerously high concentrations of warp energy in the Immaterium. To a Third Eye, they are a stream of allegory. To a psyker's sixth sense, they're horrid monstrosities come to consume them. To a physical eye they are strange, large creatures within their own bizarre realm (pic related is the Maze of Tzeentch, one such realm), although very few people actually walk into them.

It isn't really right to call the Gods of Chaos four single beings, they have many aspects reflecting sub-categories of emotion and belief. Rather, you might think of them as four nations.

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Does annihalation occur if a Great Unclean One and a Great Clean One come into contact?

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Great Clean One and a Great Unclean One can never meet eye-to-eye - they will only attempt to destroy or corrupt what the other has touched.

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Here you go.

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That Tzeentch doesn't look anything like a bird.

And aren't these from Warhammer Fantasy?

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You better be fucking trolling you stupid cunt.

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I never noticed how phallic Nurgle's symbol is in that picture until today.

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He looks pretty sticky too.

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he's Tzeentch, he has many, many forms even compared to the other gots. This is how he's was portrayed in the first chaos rule book and it I think it was meant to be his favourite guise.

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Tzeentch isn't a bird. Any more than he's a pink horror.

Nurgle is the only one who's functionally just a larger version of his greater daemon (which in itself a greater version of nurglings... wheels within wheels).

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I've always assumed that's it's meant to represent him as a god of stagnation. Using the same design over and over rather than creating something new.

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As a not-very-informed/new fan to Warhammer: I thought there were actually a few other Chaos Gods too- just none nearly as powerful or important as the main four.

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Tzeentch's appearance, as described in Black Crusade:

Images purported to depict Tzeentch are rare, and normally conflicting in their nature. Some show him as having the characteristics of birds or fish but most depict the Master of Magic as a long-armed, manlike fi gure with its face sunk low down between his shoulder blades. Huge, asymmetrically curving horns appear to spring from the fi gure’s shoulders. Those that claim to have witnessed the Changer of the Ways in their dreams say that his skin crawls with constantly changing faces leering and mocking the onlooker. As Tzeentch speaks, these faces sometimes echo what he says with subtle but important differences, or provide a commentary that throws doubt on the words spoken. They say that the fi rmament about the Architect of Fate is heavy with brooding magic. Languid coils of essence weave like thick smoke around its head, forming subtle patterns. The vagrant forms of people and places appear in the vapours as Tzeentch’s mercurial mind contemplates their fate.

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yep, same description as pictured in these posts >>18205362 >>18205270 and now this one too.

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Yep. There are a few that pop up from time to time, like Necoho, the god of atheism, who becomes stronger the fewer people worship other gods. The most widely-known one is Malal, the god of destruction, who was caught in a copyright snarl several years back, and is sort-of still canon under the name Malice. He may or may not be in the Chaos Legions 'dex coming later this year.

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Yeah, many are described as being "mixtures" of two other gods. Hashut being the SW to Khorne's South, and Tzeentch's West.

Gods we know of:
Kweethul (May be the Horned Rat)
The Horned Rat (May be Kweethul)

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Everyone (ironicaly enough) remembers Necoho, nobody remembers Zuvassin. I even had to go look up his name.

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Now you've lost me. Who are the last 3?

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Minor deities that Chaos Marines honour by putting spiky bits on their armour.

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You mean, like primarchs?

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The gods of spikey bits.

No seriously, the old fluff had them as the gods the Chaos Marines stuck spikes on their armour to honour. The names are the names of fantasy artists and authors.

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Guess things aren't going to plan for Necoho...

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With the amount of spikes around I have to suspect if these 3 aren't the real greatest chaos gods and they just let the other 4 play at being big boys because conquering the universe isn't enough of a chalenge.

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His fatal flaw was being too interesting.

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or if you like a little better looking slaneesh

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No, like daemons or gods.

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Ugh, that comic just shows they don't get chaos.

Especially Nurgle... that's probably the only place Nurgle is ever depicted as anything other than happy.
He was probably smiling when Gork and Mork ate him. Since it's all part of life and despair.

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I guess being a god and knowing your physical form isn't real anyway helps.

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Pretty much, except when you pull out your dick to fap, she turns around and does the same.

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(hail nurgle... at least he cares)

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The Sanitation Marines are a truly horrible threat to face, always preceded by the horrible, wafting odor of a fresh meadow breeze under a Springtime sun. Their armor, immaculate and polished to an impossible sheen, make it difficult to draw a bead on them.

The only signs they leave of their presence is a battelfield so clean, you could eat off of it. Many soldiers do, and fall prey to the Great Clean One's fresh lemon-scented corruption.

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>She turns around and does the same
But wouldn't she have a dick on her ass?

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clean this heretics!!

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Hygiene is purity!

Let the purgation begin!

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The truth is they were once Reasonable Marines who succumbed to severe OCD lurking in their geneseed.

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Why is she wearing a diaper?

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Khorne sits ontop of a throne of all the skulls of all the dead and a lake filled with all the blood ever shed. He spends his time forging bigger and meaner weapons for his Bloodthirsters

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>can't unsee

Oh you mother fucker... Fuck you.

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Because Technomancer's fetishes suck.

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a view from the sanitation marines hideous(ly shiny and safe to be in) daemon world

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"Only kills 99.9% of germs?! HERESY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!"

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To protect herself from the stain of corruption, I suppose.

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Do Gork and Mork has physical manifestations in the immaterium?
I'm guessing they'd just be giant Orks.

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i see what you did there

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the marines showing the ocd qualities are given a psych eval, and if needed a forced discharge because behavior like that is most unreasonable, they do however provide pension and free drinks at the reasonable marines vxw (veterans of xenos war) lodges, but by the time toe first check comes in its usually too late and the retiree will reject it as he can "feel the germs mocking screaming CORRUPTING! OH GOD THESE GERMS ARE KILLING THE EMPEROR! MUST PURGE ALL GERMS AND THEIR HOSTS!"

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Wait, are these marines loyalists or traitors in service to the great clean one?

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The Sanitation Marines are a truly horrible threat to face, always preceded by the horrible, wafting odor of a fresh meadow breeze under a Springtime sun. Their armor, immaculate and polished to an impossible sheen, make it difficult to draw a bead on them.

The only signs they leave of their presence is a battelfield so clean, you could eat off of it. Many soldiers do, and fall prey to the Great Clean One's fresh lemon-scented corruption."
quite clean traitors of the highest magnitude.

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Seems to me like they could be a chaotic offshoot of the adeptus orthodontus that went TOO FAR. Kind of like The Emperor's Children.

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Yes, they're called Gargants.

Seriously, the Gargants are made to represent them, and are filled with Gork and Mork's power. And then go all stompy.

Also the occasional wyrdboy summons their foot or eye to smash tanks and that kinda stuff.

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He's been sitting on the Golden Throne HOW LONG?! Oh no, that's way past the expiration date. Think of all the mold that must be growing in there! Must cleanse... must cleanse the... the Emperor... the dirty, unsanitary Emperor. FOR THE GREAT CLEAN ONE!


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they serve the great clean one, also known as the billy of mays or the prince of palmolive, with their desire to clean everything to a smooth shine they are the most diabolical force the gritty and dark 41 millenium has to face yet

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Deep in the darkest parts of the galaxy, some say even their souls have been cleaned so thoroughly that they no longer exist.

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And rather than relying on smoggy promethium-based fuels, their vehicles are powered by pure warp power (which has no carbon footprint). Their flamers, rather than shooting sooty flames, fire high-powered UV rays.

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Hmm... like the Flawless Host.
Obsessed with perfection.

So, their daemonworld is clear perfection, light airy, sterile.
Mutation, corruption, possession, all those are scorned by these Marines.
Their skin is scrubbed raw by monowire-scourers, every blemmish is a mark of imperfection which must be cleansed.

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oh gods, tell me this is getting put in 1d4chan

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this thread is already a candidate for the archives i can tell

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they use lasweapons mostly (no discharge or bolt casings or soot) also they will use a huge orbital lascannon mounted in their battle barge to sanitize a dropsite from orbit
>problem solved... almost STILL CORRUPTED! CLEANSE!!! CLEAAAAAANSE

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Don't touch me, you filthmongers! I bet you scum haven't manicured your nails in months, have you?


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In a twisted mirror of slaaneshi marines with permanent drug injectors, they carry dialysis machines to keep their blood clean of any pollutants.

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Impacts from las weapons would still be scorched but I can see your point. I think a healthy variety of converted flamers spewing lye and other industrial cleaners would be in order.

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Use of biological agents against these marines is a double-edged sword. On one hand: it will cause them great distraction, on the other: they may frenzy and inflict great destruction.

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A varient of the melta as well, which reduces its victim to nothing but a cloud of atomised steam.
And of course, the blinding white flash of purity.

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smells like lemon
(or bacon for the unsure)

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Actually, they do abuse drugs, constantly. It's just these drugs are antibiotics, antihystimines... it's theorised one of their geneseed mutations involves losing their amazing healing factor, which exacerbates their already obssessive cleaning.

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they have bio weapons of their own, agent lye soll and the dreaded scrubbing bubbles foaming cleanser. formally used to clean the bases of the angry marines they were stolen from the mechanicus and are now used as weapons of germ destruction

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Right but that doesn't have to be injected, so why not do both?

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Khorn is a massive armoured figure, covered in blood and burning with hatred. He sits upon a throne of skulls, which is Khorne as well, all in the middle of an ocean of blood, and that realm is Khorne also. Just trying to get across that Chaos Gods don't really do the single form thing. In fact, I'm not sure if they can even really physically incarnate. They're more...well, they're massive flows in the Warp wtih wills of their own.

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a rare image of the sun glinting off one of these foul heretics making planetfall

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Stuck between fact and fiction, a story floats about depicting just how dangerous a daemon of the Great Clean One can be. It accounts how one of the creatures managed to splash a Commissar with the terrible chemical its kind is known to carry about in strange chalices decorated in their naitive tongue. The most steeled marines are chilled by the description of the Commissar being reduced to tears by how soft and downy his coat was made. They say the men under him were forced to save his soul by ending his life.

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Anyone here have Billy Mays as a Space Marine?

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Im glad I mispelled unclean now.

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I've heard stories of their daemon world. They say the entire realm is beset by the soft tones of lounge jazz. It lulls even the most wary into dropping their guard.

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The typo which launched a thousand lols.

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And we thank you, sir.

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one produced a strange container and all the heretics began to chant in a strange song "sc johnson, a family company" again and again. and then from the infernal device came a deluge of cleansing chemicals that purified our men and out vehicles. even our weapons. nothing was safe. my... my friends from cadia were the first ones hit. i knew them back in my hiver days, and suddenly... suddenly poof!! *sobs* oh god... the horror. the horror!

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forgive my friend there. he has been through a rough patch. we all have. we are the only survivors of our unit after the sudden attack. we thought we had them on the run at one point, but they opened up a warp portal and summoned one of their twisted daemon machines. as the clean-cultists sang "stanley steamer makes your home cleaner" the machine awoke, snorting steam and noxious foam everywhere. those where werent immediately consumed were liquidated and absorbed by the machines inexorable and slow advance and retreat, advance and retreat.the only thing that saved us was the sudden appearance of the world eaters. while the sanitary scum tried to wipe the blood off of kharn and his ilk, the world eaters lost sight of their initial targets and we got the chance to slip into our vehicles and make a tactical retreat. never thought id be happy to see a chaos force come in ya kn-*blam*

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This is a lot more awesome than his bird look.

>> No.18207235

The marine stopped on a small rise, and looked about him.

The battlefield was spotless. The surviving vegetation had been carefully scrubbed, down to the last leaf. Te dirt had been washed away by sanitizer agent. All of the enemy guardsmen, one subdued, had been decontaminated and piled off to one side of the clearing. Cleanliness.

The marine allowed himself one moment of relaxation.

Suddenly, he tensed. Something was wrong. It a moment the source of this feeling manifested itself with a revolting squish as a plague marine emerged from around a boulder.

The marine's hands quaked. The pure blood rushing through his veins suffered a burst of equally clean adrenaline. One of his eyes twitched.

The marine gave into the frenzy, throwing himself at his foul counterpart with a bellow of rage, scrubber sword revving and oxyclean bolter coming up to fire.

The two opposites met.

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is this, an image of the container in question?! we must know. answer us!

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what transpired next?
notation that the computer code for input is henceforth for this posting "zamore thy"

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The plague marine looked about, startled by the sudden scream. He was met by a barrage of soap rounds to the face, which then detonated and released the secondary stage of filtered water. As the plague marine staggered back, stumbling, the cleanliness marine brought down his scrubber sword upon the disgusting marine's neck seal. Careful to minimize the residue that fell on him, the cleanliness marine began to chant his chapter's somewhat catchy battle cries.

Soon, the plague marine lay incapacitated at the clean one's feet. The victorious marine looked with disgust at his grime- splattered sword and gauntlet.

He would have them both burned later. No heresy of the germs must survive.

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Question. Would the color scheme be pure, sparkling white, blue and white, or what?

>> No.18207605

id say a bright dazzling white with some grey where they scrubbed the first layer of ceramite off. that or bright dazzling white and brighter even more dazzling white

>> No.18207621

I hear they wear plaid with quilted quicker-picker-upper armor

>> No.18207647

hard to tell, in the dark they look like this, all sudzy and such, in the light they look like this >>18206249

>> No.18207698

He's covered in the heretical demons of the great clean one

>> No.18207736

the antithesis of the nurgling, the scrublet!!!!!

>> No.18207737


where do i get the full comic??

>> No.18207785

naver change!? thats so unsanitary! imagine the filth that your body puts out daily! and you want it to remain on the same clothes and then put them back on so they can get MORE FILTHY!? CLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE

>> No.18207811

mr. culexus on deviant art. he is the creator of much awesome, now back to clean marines

>> No.18207860

oh fine, heres a link. you are looking for drannon the professional, although admittedly his other comics are also great. the only one that isnt 40k in some way is box the neutral, that being said, i think we may need to petition him to draw a clean marine. because why not?

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this mean that they hate tzeench and khorne AND nurgle? their great clean one sure is a closeted little bugger

>> No.18207892

The Ork world of Mukamuk was filthy. Blind to the Emperor's Purity. Chapter-Master Mundus gazed down on it in barely-controlled revulsion, his shining pate glinting in the harsh white lights of the bridge of the Battle-Barge 'Guilliame Maius'.

"Gunnery Control, commence Purificatus", he ordered, smashing the immaculate red firing control. The battle-barge's brilliantly clean hull trembled as thousands of macro cannons opened fire, their shells bringing soapy death.

Within three hours, Mukamuk was awash in a caustic mix of bleach and superheated soapy water, its turbid surface roiling from internal tremors as Scrubber shells polished its crust and mantle clean. After three days, the planet was a perfect sphere of compacted, polished stone, its uniform surface glinting in the sun.

Mundus smiled to himself as the Battle-Barge pulled out of orbit. Another xenos world, cleaned to perfection. Such was the holy work of the Marines Immaculate.

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>Dranon the Professional
I think I am in love with this man.

>> No.18207919

So, uh, what's this bird-form look like? Never seen it.

>> No.18207934

Followers of the Great Clean One also constantly butt heads with Slaanesh worshippers. The Great Clean One advocates the use of extra thick condoms and highly potent spermicides while in a contained, disinfected area when engaging in carnality.

Slaanesh thinks the mess is half of the fun.

>> No.18207946

show him, he appreciates all the love
>also, smile, your love is archived
>as is my misspelling of the work i linked you to
>must cleanse self in sacred soap

>> No.18207969

1. Marines Immaculate? Sweet name.
2. "The Emperor's purity"? I thought these guys were chaos-aligned.

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yeah, chaos corrupted reasonable marines or adeptus orthodontus. at least that seems to be the consensus, but ill let it slide because that story was pretty cool.

>> No.18208072

The Marines Immaculate/Sanitation Marines were started by fallen Reasonable Marines who gave into OCD, that much has been established

How did the Great Clean One come into creation though? Was he spawned by the univere's very revulsion of Nurgle?

>> No.18208076


Some people seem to have misunderstood. The Great Clean One is, in fact, a chaos deity and his followers are all heretics to the end. They view the Imperium and its moldy corpse of an emperor, the polluted and disorganized hives, and smoke belching weapons of war with contempt. If the pre-existing chaos gods represent violence, pleasure, change, and pestilence - the Great Clean One represents obsession with purity to the point of stagnation (if the universe entropies, everything stops, nothing gets dirty, and everything is forever more held in exactly the right place) and that in-itself is a form of chaos.

>> No.18208153

no, by mixing ammonia, citric acid, comet, bleach and a type of naturally occurring acid (naturally occurring on worlds other than holy terra), to swab the decks of a ship during a warp storm, the fumes forming a mighty cloud of clean that peeled the very flesh from the bones of any caught in its way he gained sentience very quickly by virtue of the revolting nature of nurgle (and the detritus left behind by other chaos followers no less)

>> No.18208284

>mfw somebody makes a fairly decent analysis out of a warband based on a typo

>> No.18208411

Are you really surprised?

>> No.18208446

honestly no. this IS /tg/ after all.
and i love all of you
most of you
some... some of you

>> No.18208518

i just never get to use that reaction face ya know. and also it was a thinly veiled bump on the thread
>implying it needed a bump
>implying implications

>> No.18208696

>MFW this thread

>> No.18208780

If you guys will forgive my autism, I drew up an (I think) interesting matrix to represent the relationships between the Chaos gods that can give us some interesting options.

It works like a 3-dimensional diagram with the "y" plane representing what each god is doing, "x" is how they do it, and "z" is in which extreme they do it.

For "x", Khorne and Slaanesh oppose because it is inward versus outward expression from the followers. Every act for Khorne is war in Khorne's glory, while Slaanesh passively feeds off people feeding their own vices. Tzeentch and Nurgle oppose because of the Change-versus-Order dichotomy.

"y" is how they do it. Khorne is action versus Tzeentch's thought; likewise, Slaanesh is avarice and Nurgle is complacency.

"z" is our new ballpark - the intensity thereof. Our first contribution is an opponent to order-by-decay: order-by-purification. Now we have a whole new plane to play with.

>> No.18208810

I was paid by a furfag to draw an Androgenous Slaanesh.

So this is what I have so far.

>> No.18208815

it is a gift from the dark gods. rejoice and join in the dance of blessed purification!

>> No.18208841

After many weeks of travel, the Arcadian 118th infantry and 356th armored regiments emerged from the warp to descend upon the Imperium world of Freyr VIII. Not more than a month ago, they had received an Astropathic distress call from the planet's capital claiming that its PDF was being utterly decimated by blindingly illuminated figures who claimed to be serving "the Great Clean One". As the naval force carrying the regiments emerged from the warp however, it immediately became apparent that something was amiss. Where Freyr VIII was supposedly located upon the star map, there was only a bright rock, devoid of all life or any other outstanding features. Even the atmosphere had been blown away from the planet. A small detachment from the 118th was sent planetside to scout out the capital and see if there were any survivors. Upon landing, the soldiers came out to a horrific site. A sea of chrome appeared before them. The land in its entirety was scrubbed clean of any life or personality even though it had a fresh lemon scent. Everything that had once lived now lie dead, never to decay. Never to fall prey to the multitudes of bacteria once present on this world.

>> No.18208843

i love everything you said, did and can i have your babies? (note, has no uterus, will let fetus gestate in box tho)

>> No.18208874

>Slaanesh is The Joeyberry

>> No.18208880

As the detachment moved into the city, they came upon an even more horrific site. Much like the plant life all over the rest of the planet, its citizens lay in a similar state. They had become chrome statues, forever a testament to their former lives lost in this great conflict. It became apparent that nothing could be done for this world after the first few hours of scouting and the detachment returned to their ship, not bloodied and bruised like normal, but disheartened all the same. Before the final private boarded the vessel, he took one last look over the expansive landscape before him and mutter to himself "Not even the Emperor's light can pierce this shell of cleanliness. May he help us all."

This is the destruction that the Sanitation Marines seek to bring upon the entire world and if they are not stopped, many more worlds of the Imperium will fall in the same way. Remember friends, the Emperor protects.

>> No.18208885

>"z" is our new ballpark - the intensity thereof.
Dear god

We can create three more new Chaos Gods

>> No.18208887

Slaanesh is excess, not just pleasure. And wouldent the heat death of the universe result in the ultimate stagnation? As in, nurgle wins?

>> No.18209064


oh gosh~ our children shall be the Chaos gods of Armchair generals, freaky prudes, and the serendipitously-blessed -- by my estimation

>> No.18209217

I would think more the gods of diplomacy, freaky prudes, truth and unearned knowledge

>> No.18209355

If Nurgle is stagnation through decay and the Great Clean One is stagnation through purification, then would Khorne's opposite exemplify suffering through continued existence? Its followers undying, but vulnerable beings who could be disemboweled and live on wracked with hunger that could never again be satiated? Its demons stitched together out of tortured souls commanding bodies cobbled together out of the detritus and cast off bits of the living?

>> No.18209397

So, the Marker from Dead Space?

>> No.18209412


There are many possibilities, and we roamers of the Great Teej shall find them together.

>> No.18209481


I saw Khorne as caring about conflict over suffering. Slaanesh cares if it hurts, Khorne just likes killing. I saw Khorne as physical conflict; is his opposition conflict of ideas? The belief you must always have an ideological villain to devote your life to fighting -- leaving behind the nihlism of Khornate devotion?

>> No.18209563

The origin of these marines are clouded in febreeze and myth, it is said that there was a secret 21st primarch “Billy of Mays” that the mighty Emperor tried to hide due to massive corruption in the gene-seed but it was far too late.
During the Great Crusade while the rest of the marines were reunited with their great primarchs there was one legion that was not, the Great Clean Ones travelled and travelled looking for their primarch whom they assumed would be just like them. The OCD, extreme germ phobic marines cleansed the filth that was the universe one planet at a time. With their modified boltguns that now shoot a huge blast of foam that they called “scrubbing bubbles” and their massive maces that look oddly similar to ancient mouth cleaning devices now dubbed “ Oral-B’s” they go about their duties of cleanliness.

Then one day while their fleet was looking for filth to purge they stumbled across a planet, to the IoM it was called ly-sol 3, but the Sanitation marines knew this was their home, upon planet fall they are greeted by the cleanest people they have ever met, not an inpurity in sight nor a smear of dirt on the entire planet.

The clean peoples of ly-sol 3 brought them to their king a great bearded man of impeccable health and cleanliness. The marines knew immediately who this was, THE GREAT CLEAN ONE HIMSELF!!!! Billy of Mays! Throughout the entire legion their warcry was bellowed at the top of their lungs! SCRUBBING BUBBLES FOR THE EMPOROR! CLEANLINESS FOR THE CLEAN THRONE!

>> No.18210300


>> No.18210891


Sometimes I love you /tg/

>> No.18212565

When you see figures that have only been primed white - know that they are actually of the Marines Immaculate

>> No.18212573

>> No.18212627


>Billy of Mays!


>> No.18212654

I love you /tg/. Stay classy

>> No.18212716

the... chaos god of moderation? That'd have to be like, straw man moderation/balance.

>> No.18212734


>> No.18212737

no, khrone's intensity opposite is a chaos god of concession, of ALWAYS backing down. On their own, they would never fight, but it's rare to see a chaos warband that doesn't include a few of them presses into service. It's a god of the enslaved, a god who looks upon the downtrodden and whispers in their ear...

"know your place."

>> No.18212792

Which suggests Malice.
He opposes everything, so is the perfect balance of moderation to all the other gods.

Necoho would be the opposition of Tzeentch. No plans, no scheming... he gets power from those not beliving him, and so plots for no cults, tries not to gain prominance, as that would make him less powerful.

>> No.18212871

and yet they both Mirror the intent-opposite basically as much as they are opposite. It's surprisingly elegant

>> No.18212962

That'd be Malal. Except while as a god he's powerful, he has literally no influence outside the immaterium due to his creed. Since he hates chaos, his followers just kill each other then hunt other heretics.

I'd imagine one gibbering cultist running at a khornate warband alone screaming something in malal's name, with pieces of his fellow cultists on him.

>> No.18212984

Malal is basicly the 5th Beetle. He was kicked out of the band before they made it big.

>> No.18213081

Actually Malal/Malice does have his champions, his daemons, his warbands.

They know they must eventually destroy one another, but for now, they must purge the universe of other forms of chaos.

It's like Khorne, as a god of bloodshed, his followers should logically kill each other, and they will sometimes, but often they focus their rage outwards, to further the Blood God's aims.

>> No.18213167

The reasonable marine looked at his dwelling. It was spotless, pure. In the days since his discharge he finally had the time to get some cleaning done, cleaning that was desperately needed. He let out a sigh of relaxation and went to get some mordian iron brew from the fridge. As he crossed the room to the kitchen he noticed an open window, a window that had a single dust molecule floating through it and into his house. He stood, paralyzed in fear as the hell spawned mite hung aloft over his spotless abode, and then it landed gently on his drinking glass. he stood in silence gaping at the thing, wondering why he was afraid of a pathetic dust mite when he had fought against the FILTHY orks and the vomitious tyranids. A voice sounded, interrupting his reverie "ARE YOU TIRED OF GERMS WORMS DIRT AND FILTH!? WELL PLEDGE YOUR SOUL TO ME AND SAY GOODBYE TO DECAY FOREVER! BUT WAIT THERES MORE! PLEDGE IN THE NEXT TEN MINUTES AND YOULL GET GIFTS OF THE CLEAN ONE ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! PLEDGE NOW" as the ringing echo of the voice died out, the marine looked to his armor and devotional image of the emperor. He knew what he had to do. after he cleaned his armor and straightened the picture that it. He leaned back and let out a loud war cry "BLEACH FOR THE BLEACH GOD! SUDS FOR THE SUD THRONE"

>> No.18213186

I love the image of the Great Clean One recruiting his thralls/worshippers/minions with advertising slogans.

>> No.18213210


>> No.18213230

he prefers to call them "mades" im told. nobody knows quite what he means, but emperor help you if you find a cleanon prince!

>> No.18213559


>> No.18213694

>They hide in sticky rollers, We shall take away their sticky rollers.

>> No.18214295

the cleandex immaculatus calls this scent spring rain

>> No.18214863

The crackling of the vox woke up the heretic lord. Rolling out of his perfectly tailored bedsheets he gestured to his polished servitors and they began to completely clean the entire chamber. He grabbed his orthodontal cleansing rod and ocular liquidrops and began the morning ritual. ten times on all sides. His face, once normal but now raw and red from years of consistent scrubbing gazed back at him from the mirror. He would have the apothicleanery attach more pure skin soon. He simply could not have a face that was as tore apart as that of a nurglite. With his gloves on (as ever) he began to inspect his armor for blemishes, marks that would single him out as unclean. satisfied that the armor was sufficiently pure he slowly donned it, preparing it in bleach and incantations of cleanliness the entire time. he then made his way to the bridge of the shining ship. he arrived on the immaculate bridge as the men were beginning one of their hourly scouring rituals. he breathed in good pure air and turned to his aide. the aide, wordlessly pointed at a viewscreen showing the forge world bubos IX. "forge worlds" the bright lord growled "a stain on the galaxy and an abomination to the clean one. their pollutants and sooty factorums must be cleansed lest they push forth their filth onto the entire galaxy. how soon till arrival?" the navbot replied with "eta of exactly 10 minutes sir" the lord again took a deep breath of fresh scented air and said "good. prepare the instruments of purification"

>> No.18214872

the men scrambled to the lower bays. all around the ship soft jazz sounded, the soothing tones of the cleanest. The vessel emerged from the warp in a jolt of dazzling energy above the forge world. from belowdecks the cry came over the vox "the weapon is ready my lord... FOR THE BLEACH GOD" "for the bleach god" came the reply. the lord moved his vessel into position. it had to be perfect. just the right alignment. just the perfect order. no mistakes could be made. nary a single blemish could escape. from the commscanners came an alarm, the forge world PDF had seen the glittering vessel and had launched interceptor frigates. the lord laughed a crisp clean laugh and ordered the gunners "fire lye cannons. let us clean these scum" the cannons blasted forth in a blaze of light and the frigates shuddered at the impact. the report from the cannons came again, and a third time. at the third blast the PDF cruisers broke apart, their hulls unable to stand the consistent barrage of purity washing over them. the cannons fired twice more. satisfied that the ship was now in prime position he calmly strode over to the command chair and sat down in its squeaky clean cushion. he got on the vox and said "IMMACULATE MARINES! once, we were servants to a disgusting dying emperor and his putrescent filth of an empire, now we serve one greater. one who will not let the rank disease continue. this day we show our devotion! this day we rain clean death upon the servants of the maggot king! this day we cleanse!" and at that he pressed the button.

>> No.18214875

the ship power dimmed as a concentrated UV beam struck the forge world, purging it of all life, germs, filth and atmosphere. the planet, now evaporated into chunks of pure rock and chrome flung itself apart as the servants of the great clean one sang in exultation of their service to the bright god. the lord ordered the astro techs to find another target and make all haste to getting there. one world cleansed, millions left

>> No.18214971

I love you fa/tg/uys. so much
>pic related
>its me smiling
>the mask is for added purity

>> No.18215632


>> No.18215840

Goddamn, /tg/ this is why you are my favorite board.

>> No.18216347

archive this ploz

>> No.18216637


>> No.18216927

motherfucking archived in 2 emperordamned spots!
bitches all we need to do is get the best parts on 1d4chan and we will have won the internet

>> No.18216956

>In a twisted mirror of slaaneshi marines with permanent drug injectors, they carry dialysis machines to keep their blood clean of any pollutants.

Take it a step further. Their dialysis machines clean the pollutants from their blood so efficiently, that they're left with a highly caustic disinfectant running through their veins.

Thus comes about the birth of the Fresh Breath Platoon.

A favored modification of former Adeptus Orthodontus, the blood-cleaning devices utilized by most Marines Immaculate can be rigged with their armor in such a way as to allow them to expel their inner purity in spray form.

Like walking aersol cans, the Fresh Breath Platoon roam the battlefield releasing jets of minty death through the breathing receptacles of their helmets. Victims are left peeled to the bone and protected against the gum disease known as gingivitis.

A recent upgrade has given them a fluoride additive for extra tartar control and cavity prevention.

>> No.18216980

Those are the specialists in the blood cleaning thing, but I'd make every single of their marines' blood eat away all the dust and filth where it hits a surface.

>> No.18217102

Drawfags! We need drawfags to give these cleansing crusaders of chaos form!

>> No.18217142


>> No.18217245

>must clean

>> No.18217257

i like. its almost like a special attack from a psyker. only those with the special genes of cleanliness can be given this extraordinary gift.

>> No.18217738


>> No.18217998

bump for drawfags

>> No.18218036

this thread's still alive? How it it not on 1d4chan?

>> No.18218060


>> No.18218075

You could make a page yourself you know.

>> No.18218083


>> No.18218087

go on...

>> No.18218102

enlighten me

>> No.18218311


>> No.18218440

Make account
Search for Sanitation Marines
Click create page
Write article

>> No.18218454



Although it don't got much at this point.

>> No.18218514

its a start. added supplications to the moderator spirits that lurk the site to aid us. also. this counts as a request for help on /tg/ right? damn right

>> No.18218621

I've added the stories in this thread.

>> No.18218657

you missed a bit from the duel, but i got it.

>> No.18218668

ok, we have a frame. now time to get to brass tacks and make it worthy, weapons, all that stuff. we cant miss any badassery

>> No.18218727

so far so good.
we have victored over the internet this day and forevermore

>> No.18218769


>> No.18218797


>> No.18218843

This anon here. Making it up to you guys for screwing up the alignment earlier. Also,
>That feel when people adopted your name idea.

Deep within his chrome shell, Mundus the Untarnishable stirred. Ancient systems whirring to life, the dreadnought stood, sunlight glinting menacingly off the pristine corrupt symbols adorning his armour. He remembered a drop- shuddering in disgust at the thought of what reentry would do to the perfect shell of his drop pod- and then blackness. He gazed about, seeing only filth and the carnage of war. Had his brothers betrayed him? Abandoned the Untarnished to strike out on their own path? Impossible.

Then he saw the bodies, a mechanical roar of fury tearing through him. The servants of the False Emperor had broken the gloriy of the Great Clean One, leaving the bodies of his pure brothers dirtied and torn. He knew the culprit. Another dreadnought. And it bore the regalia of... Inductor. The so-called 'Reasonable Marines', who dirited themselves, daubing their armour in filth and abasing themselves before the Corpse on the Filthy Throne.

He screamed his hatred to the heavens, the chain-scrubber on his left fist singing with his anger. The other dreadnought lumbered towards him, its assault cannon spitting unclean shells that left unforgiveable scorch marks on his hull. He charged, with a roar.


>> No.18218849

The Purity Injector on his left side spat and hissed, spraying a caustic curtain of cleansers and abrasive dust. The scrubbing cloud tore into the Loyalist dreadnought, wiping away its foul insignia and reducing its assault cannon to a shining lump of ultraclean metal. Then he was upon his enemy, chain-scrubber grappling with powerfist as the two war engines crashed together. Over the roar of machinery, the Inductor spoke in reasonable tones from vox-casters laden with filth.

"Surely we can negotiate a peaceful ceasefire?"


He surged forwards, driving the chain-scrubber directly into the center of the enemy Dreadnought's sarcophagus. There was a crunch as its deep-cleaning power-bristles tore through adamantium, then a squelch as they reached the body within. The Inductor collapsed, soap and lye leaking from every joint in its broken hull.

By the time the Knights Inductor arrived on the scene, the drop zone was a perfect circle of shining, polished rock. The remains of Ancient Marius were nothing more than a lump of well-scoured chrome.

The traitorous Marines Immaculate had struck again.

>> No.18218858

This thread survives?

/tg/ is best board.

>> No.18218894

MORE EDITING DONE! I daresay we may have an actual page cropping up old bean(s)

>> No.18218903

anon. i love you. *single tear* i... love... you

>> No.18218921

added to the stories.

>> No.18218927

Bless you, wikianon.

>> No.18218964

no. bless you writefaggot. bless you.

>> No.18219001

Mechanicus report on the Hydrojet Chimera incoming.

>> No.18219013

It seems that the more marines there are, the more zealous they get (the duel vs. Freyr VIII).

Or perhaps it's just me.

>> No.18219072

the nastier the mess the more people they need to clean, the more people they need to clean, the more the need to clean themselves and others grows, the more the desire to clean themselves and others grows the more revolted they get, the more revolted they get the more zealous they get
>thats why

>> No.18219086

Ave Omnissiah.

Magos, I am sending you this report without the usual formalities because I have just borne witness to the terrible tech-heresies of the so-called Marines Immaculate. These traitorous Chaos-worshippers have been cutting a swatch through most of the Segmentum, althought they have been kept away from most major Imperial worlds. Until now. Bubos IX has fallen. I was assigned to Bubos IX.I, a minor moon which the worshippers of the 'Great Clean One' apparently decided to take via conventional means. While we were able to repel the invaders with the help of the Knights Inductor, we nonetheless saw heavy combat with an Immaculate armoured spearhead.

Magos, they have gone far beyond the corruptions of usual Chaos marines. They have taken from us one of the greatest of the Omnissiah's holy designs- the Chimera. I was fortunate to be able to inspect the ruins of one of these corrupted vehicles after it was destroyed by our Skitarii, and what I found concenrs me greatly. The outer shell of the machine is mostly untainted- it is normally scrubbed to a blinding polish, apparently fitted with dirt-dissolving powerfield technology as we use for maintaining Titans. All holy symbols have been replaced with the foul iconography of the Great Clean One. The exhaust ports have been brutally removed.

>> No.18219091

It is the inside... Omnissiah protect me from the horrors I have seen. They gutted it, replacing the engine with some sort of clean-burning Chaos engine. Thankfully, the Skitarii prudently annihilated this first. The rest of the vehicle is simply one gigantic tank of boiling water and caustic cleaning products, in which the Marine pilot sits, floating in his own corruption. All the external weapons ports have been replaced by high-pressure pumps, which spray this heretically pure liquid over prodigious distances. The vehicle proved capable of scrubbing away even the most stalwart of the Inductors. I have given this technological abortion the tentative name of 'Hydrojet Chimera', although the one I discovered bore the legend "Fist of Ly-S.ol"

Magos, I have also heard rumors that the Marines Immaculate have been seen using Dreadnoughts and Terminator armour. I fear for us all.

>> No.18219125 [DELETED] 

"Cleanliness is not next to godliness. It is above it."

- Oxiclenus, Sergeant of the Unclean Ones

>> No.18219135 [DELETED] 

"Cleanliness is not next to godliness. It is above it."

- Oxiclenus, Sergeant of the Unclean Ones

>> No.18219141

added as well

>> No.18219157

"Cleanliness is not next to godliness. It is above it."

- Oxiclenus, Sergeant of the Clean Ones

>> No.18219170

This thread is still alive?

SWEET JESUS, /tg/ is now the best image board hands down

>> No.18219172

That is an excellent quote and you should feel good for having made it. I will be sorely disappointed if that isn't one of the main quotes associated with this Legion.

>> No.18219182

well done. saved

>> No.18219205

I moved that particular quote to the top of the page, if you don't mind. Seems better there.

>> No.18219211

ikr?! triple archived and over a day old AND still alive
>mfw i was there for the beginning of it all

>> No.18219223

mind?! not at all! I agree with you greatly good sir.

>> No.18219312


Well we should probably change it to "Oxiclenus, Sergeant of Marines Immaculate", but I'm bored right now and can't bother it.

>> No.18219326


>> No.18219363

What category do the Marines Immaculate fall under on 1d4chan? /tg/ made space marines?

>> No.18219422

>That feel when you mispell something and it becomes a new daemon and inspires a chapter.

>> No.18219439

I don't think the page has been categorized, and I don't know how to do so.

Welcome to the best board on 4chan, friend.

>> No.18219463

Your spelling error was the birth cry of a new, moderately powerful Chaos God.

>> No.18219512

the typo that burned a thousand worlds
the misspelling that opened the floodgates of the warp
the error that created the best thread in 2 millenium
welcome to /tg/ welcome to heaven

>> No.18219604

"and for generations, millions of fa/tg/uys would claim they were the misspeller, all seeking to curry some favor and glory in this brave new world, a cleaner, more sanitary world. there there never has been and may never will be consensus on the true persona of the misspeller, i like to think he is silently lurking, watching over us with a smile and edging all of our shit threads somewhere awesome. bless you misspeller. bless you"
>captcha: officers wisdom
>indeed it is

>> No.18219747

any other writefaggotry? anything?

>> No.18219794

Sorry, I'm busy with other things. If there's a second thread, though...

>> No.18219831

hey no problems. your contributions to the cause have earned you a medal. shiny and new. take a well deserved break my friend. i shall await to see if any others wish to fill the void. drawfags also welcome

>> No.18219890

This is literally the 2 best days in my whole life.

>> No.18219980

YEAH fuck my wedding and the birth of my son! THESE TWO FUCKING DAYS!!!

>> No.18220030

This is great but what's the name of the Great Clean One? Hygeus, perhaps?

Also, it seems like they would be kind of bro-ish with Slaanesh what with the shared obsession with perfection. I'm so proud of you, /tg/.

>> No.18220076


Love hate maybe. Sure they get along when it comes to the pursuit of perfection, but if you'd only seen some of the unsanitary things they get up to at Slaanesh's pleasure palace...

>> No.18220098

"Followers of the Great Clean One also constantly butt heads with Slaanesh worshippers. The Great Clean One advocates the use of extra thick condoms and highly potent spermicides while in a contained, disinfected area when engaging in carnality.

Slaanesh thinks the mess is half of the fun.

>> No.18220168

>implying sex should take place
>implying reproduction shouldn't be handled by pure, thrice-disinfected machines
And don't even get me started on just how FILTHY FILTHY DISGUSTING live birth is.

>> No.18220355

implying implications

>> No.18220662

i love that the thread creating a concept has lasted long enough to see the first argument of "youre wrong and this way is the more correct way... pro skub" argument. im almost proud.
>little thread is all growsed up

>> No.18220900

hygeus. good but too high gothic. think... think... sláinteachas or gigiyena or iġjene (gaelic, azerbajani and maltese)

>> No.18221216

Iġjene (pronounced Ig-jeh-ne for the same reason that it's Korn and not *throat clearing*orne) sounds like a suitably Chaos-y name.

>> No.18221250

>mfw this god is actually worshipped 300 years from now

>> No.18221292

wiki'd up is this name

>> No.18221654

>> No.18225468


>> No.18225604

We need more of this stuff

>> No.18225615


>> No.18225623

40k rawx

>> No.18225629

>> No.18225642

>> No.18225655

>> No.18225778

Nurgle's symbol is an erect penis and balls.

This isn't getting enough attention.

>> No.18226156


>> No.18226184

So Nurgle already won in Warhammer 40k.

>> No.18227209

I looked for the Latin for clean

>> No.18227273

This is as good a place as any, I suppose.
I've been wondering about something /tg/;
Are there official adjectives for each god? Like, Khornite, Slaaneshi, things like that?
I hear Khornite everywhere, so I figure that's official, but what do you call something belonging to Tzeentch or Nurgle? Tzeentchian? Nurglic?

>> No.18227353

Khornate, Slaaneshi, Tzeentchian, Nurglite.

>> No.18227365

Iġjenite as well. for the great clean one!

>> No.18227373

very high gothic of you

>> No.18227391

not yet.

>> No.18228207

>A misspelling creates a new chaos God

>> No.18229212

This thread will live on forever

>> No.18230636

And ever

>> No.18230796

Can we have more chaos pics here? Especially from these series.

>> No.18231620

>> No.18232575

This thread shall not die this day.

>> No.18232613

For the greater clean one.

>> No.18232702

Pure white armor is the armor of the paranoid marines, just saying.

Oh, hold on someone's knockinaoisbghwIUGHVJIUKbCVVIHKJWVfqUOIHYQwfvO9HFW.-ÑvBF

>> No.18232709

Nothing happened here, understood?

absolutely nothing.

fucking traitors everywhere.

>> No.18234522


But we saw that took brother Anon away

>> No.18235205

If they don't have a Venerable Dreadnought named Barrius Scottarion who fires dirty pennies at of his enemies coated in a special solution that activates upon contact with bacteria to create a huge explosion that not only cleans the penny to an almost unnatural shrine and lustre but also leaves the delightful smell of summer breeze then I just don't want to live on this planet anymore.

>> No.18235257

>just got out of the shower
>find this thread

also what does Isha look like?

>> No.18235433

they do now.
>mfw this thread is over 48 hours old and still living

>> No.18235458

hey. anybody feel like editing the 1d4chan page on it? i simply. obsessively cant be bothered

>> No.18235499


cillitus pattern dreadnaught

>> No.18235618

Barrius Scottarion, Marines Immaculate Cillitus pattern dreadnought. One of the original marines to fall to the worship of the great clean one, he is a tterly devoid of pity or mercy for those who do not strive for cleanliness in all things. Inscribed upon his sarcophagus are his final words before being interred "Clean as a whistle, sharp as a chainsword". Some say he has endured and kept his sanity for so long simply because he will not allow his mind to slip until he has personally scrubbed down the false emperor in lemon pledge until he can see his own battered form in the now immaculate golden throne.

>> No.18235668

meester Scottarion, we no have lemon pledge

>> No.18235746

Then he shall make pennies from your bones!

>> No.18235790

seems unsanitary. why not a good old fashioned caustic bleach bath.
>cleans the nasty flesh right off
>leaves you with a nice pure smell

>> No.18235918

I love the thought of a dreadnought bathing someone. And of course the bones would be thrice blessed and cleansed in the name of the great clean one before being crafted in to pennies loaded in to the shrapnel cannon to purge the unclean.

>> No.18236005

pledge fist and underslung oxybolter with autopenny arm and purity injectors shoulder mounted

>> No.18236017

all thrice blessed of course

>> No.18236226

The Marines Immaculate don't wear pure white armor, but armor so polished, it looks like >>18206249 in even the dimmest of light

Rumors say that the weak-willed are driven mad when they gaze upon a Marine Immaculate's spotless armor, forced to confront the full brunt of their own filth in the armor's reflective sheen. Others say that the shine alone will reduce a man to ash if he's not properly protected.

>> No.18236358

you mustnt forget
they are not tomb sealed after all. (that would allow all the dead skin to build up. very unclean indeed)

>> No.18239440

do not go gently into that good night

>> No.18239455

Make a new chaos thread. Let your thread die OP.

>> No.18239537

agreed. it led a good life. but now its time to let go. there is nothing else to contriboot, otherwise it would have been done. like all epic threads it finishes its life not with a bang but a whimper, this is the way the world ends op.

>> No.18239632


But we need more drawfaggotry.

>> No.18239653

Then bump one or both drawthreads that are still alive.

>> No.18239687

or draw your own.

>> No.18241208

Hey guardsman dave? what was awesome while it lasted and now is slowly rotting whilst its feeble followers try to resurrect and otherwise venerate it?
>mmm i dont know. the emperor?
good guess dave! but youre wrong! its this thread!!
*peals of laughter*

>> No.18241286

For the love of the chaos gods has this thread been screen capped?

>> No.18241296

archived here here and here



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