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So, are there scans anywhere?

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If there are, I've yet to meet them.

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Holy shit, that cover is sweet.

Psyker fight!

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>The Chaos Commandmant
HOLY SHIT I WONDER WHAT COOL STUFF IS IN TH- oh it's a campaign book. Never mind.

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You must have never picked up a Dark Heresy module.

I mean, you don't have to. And this is 4chan. I probably won't be able to convince you otherwise.

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I'm awaaare that there is cool stuff in them usually, but they're often enough tied to the campaign itself rather than being available generally.

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Well, aren't you a picky little bitch.

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It's been long since it hit the shelves, why noone has liberated it yet?

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what happened to those brave scanons? have they all been lost to the warp?

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im looking for these do we have any idea if they are even scanned yet?

Black Crusade: The Game Masters Kit
Black Crusade: Hand of Corruption

Deathwatch: The Jericho Reach

and of course the OPs intial request i have swaps if anyone is intrested


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rolled 99 = 99

Oh hey, that's my folder. Thanks for dumping it here, everyone should be spreading it around. Certainly saved me the trouble of doing it again.

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you sir are a a lord i am but a humble adept

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rolled 37 = 37

Fret not acolyte, you do god'(s') work in your actions.

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may the emperor stand between us and harm in all the dark places that we must walk

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Damn I wish this was on /rs/

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rolled 82 = 82

The big dump folder actually is if you were wondering. As for the book OP is looking for, give it about a month. That's the usual timeframe for new releases.

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