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chaos orks?

could this even happen?

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I think so, but it would be pretty rare

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nope. Just like space wolves can't fall because of the WOLF OF THEIR SOUL, orks can't fall because of the ORKS OF THEIR SOUL. Gork and Mork are too powerful in their minds for anything else.

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Nope. Because orks believe their own gods are stronger than chaos gods. And since there are no chaos orks as of yet, it looks like they cant be convinced.

So, no chaos orks. Ever.

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except space wolves have fallen

Skyrar ring a bell?

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well, some old fluff says it do (there's even khorne stormboyz in 40K) but they generally get crumped by the other orcs when they mutate. there's also genstealer hybrid orcs.. so..

in old WHFantasy anything could pretty much mutate (except ogres and haflings), but mutant orcs never come up much (maybe the metal orcs of bretonnian fame are such ones) at all now a days.

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Yes, it's canon.

Orks seem most likely to fall to Khorne (although I'd say Nurgle, who is the biggest and greenest). Also, there's official artwork of Nurgle Orks.

Next question?

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They do fall, actually. In fluff that hasn't been retconned most Orks that go through their Stormboy phase also go through a Khornate phase because to Orks Khorne is a god of martial honor and respect. It's pretty much the Ork equivalent to going Goth to piss off your parents.

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Allo there.

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All that proves is that wolves < orks

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Chaos is seen as un-Orky. Engaging in the worship of a god just takes too much thought and energy, considering they glorify Gork and Mork just by being Orks.
It has happened, of course.
When Stormboyz were introduced (back when they wore SS uniforms) they ALL worshiped Khorne in his aspect of martial discipline and prowess. Yes, the Orks became less chaotic by worshiping a Chaos God.

Usually, if an Ork runs into another Ork that is all warpy and mutating, he'll probably just smash him (or try, at least), if only 'cause 'e wus actin' funny.

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except nulls
and thus, our only hope is with the Ultramarines and Captain Titus

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The Goff and Snakebite clan would have something to say about Chaos Orks.

Blood Axe and Bad Moon however are not nearly as puritan and you got all the Ork Freebootaz and mercs.

Some Orks are religious. Some Orks just want a good laugh. Some Orks want both. But Orks are not a hive mind.

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I'd imagine nurgle and Khorne Ork's not standing out (StinkBoyz&RedBoyz), the true explanation is though that Chaos can't encroach on Gorm&Mork's turf the power of the Waagh stops Chaos and Demonic influence in it's tracks as it's own litle gellarfield, just as prayer usually stops Demonic presence near Sisters.

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It does happen, it's canon.

Some Orks fall to chaos, some Orks are infected by genestealers too. But it's a lot harder to convince other Orks to go along with it, so they tend to be stamped out before they can spread the corruption.

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If it alows you to use those kickass conversions, Yes.

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Slaanesh Bad Moons could be interesting.
Slaanesh would be all like: "hay... hay big boy... you like loud guns and lots of bling right?"
Ork would be all: "uh hu"
Slaanesh: "check out MY gun....."
Ork: "!!!!!"
Slaanesh: "you know how to handle a boom stick like this?"
Ork: "UH HU!"
Slaanesh: "well take her for a spin why doncha"
Ork: "what da zog! DAHAHAHAHAHA!"

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"It'z all yours boss."
"We got it. Can we shoot stuff now?"
"We got da best shootas there is."
"I love da sound of me shoota, don't you?"
"Gyehahaha! This is what we like best!"

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The early rules/fluff for Orks (circa 1e/2e) stated in no uncertain terms that the average Ork sees Chaos as un-Okry and that they will usually just attack them on sight.
However, a big part of this is just that Orks love to fight, and find the idea of fighting Orks that don't fight like Orks to be a delightful novelty.

says, Khorne worship is the most common; and for the reasons he says as well.

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oops, meant to post the full picture.

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>except nulls

Spear would like a word.

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Man I really want those models for my chaos army.

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On a similar vein, what of chaos influenced Tyranids? you'd think slaanesh would be all over those horse cock guns of there's

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I think in general the only way 'nids fall to chaos is being possessed.

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All you need is green paint, mi amigo.

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I must damit I always hated the old school horrors, but somehow they made the old "head with arms and legs" look work. I kind of like the fact that the daemonets and horrors have gone back to the second/first release look.

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oh hahaha silly me. I never see pink horrors at my local store so I had NO idea that is what they were.

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>In M36 the then-Cardinal of Thracian Primaris, Miriamulus the Elder, recorded a history of the 'Legion of Ouroboris' that plagued the Helican sector at an earlier age. The legion was described as being of "winged entities aflame with infernal ague" that descended from the heavens and ravaged the countryside, stripping it of life. Though easily mistaken for a Chaos incursion at first glance, a deeper reading reveals details of attacks by monsters "vomited from the bellies of great beasts which clouded the stars with their numbers".

>An analysis of the Warlord Titan 'Mechanica Cranus', a cited veteran of the Ouroboris Wars, reveals distinctive bio-plasma scarring and pyro-acid burns consistent with Tyranid weapons. It is believed the Space Wolves also have trophies of Tyranid-like bio-forms dating from this epoch, including the so-called Kraken's Egg. The Cardinal attributes the Emperor himself with leading a crusade that caused the Beasts of Ouroboris to fall upon themselves, culminating in a mighty twelve day battle over a warp rift dangerously close to the Eye of Terror. However, augur-dating techniques place Cranus' battle damage as occurring post-Heresy, making the Emperor's embodied presence extremely unlikely.

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>It is theorised that some Tyranids were drawn ahead of the other fleets by treacherous Warp currents and deposited at the Eye of Terror. This could explain the presence of Tyranid splinter fleets in Segmentums other than Tempestus. Such creatures must have undergone extreme temporal distortion, mutation and cannibalism en route. The postulation that they deliberately navigated warp rifts for this purpose is currently given no credence.

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I'm not sure how canon it is, but in the second (?) Space Wolves novel they run into some Nurglitte Tyranids on a space hulk.

Evidently, the hulk was filled to brim with lesser 'nids, mostly gaunts and the like, with few (if any) synapse critters. Unfortunately for them, a very powerful Nurgle artifact was on board, and the 'nids accidentally made their nest in the same area.
After a couple decades, the hive mind was overwritten with the influence of Nurgle.

It made the bugs a bit tougher, but much slower.

There also used to be Genestealer cults of Khorne.

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Well, Genestealers, Lictors, and all Synaps creatures are sentient, most other nids have an animal like inteligence, if the hive mind were blocked some how, they might instinctivly turn out of desparation.

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Genestealer cults worshiped Chaos, back in the day.

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Yeah, trouble is, the second the Hive mind notices them it's going to treats them like an infection that needs to be burned it out, lest it make your arm drop off. Kind of like Orks really.

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I guess the cool thing about Genestealer cults is that they mostly don't care what religion they have to worship, or deeds they have to commit, as long as the brood does well. If they can find a way to win over local populations and induce them into their brood without violence they snap it up.

Would be interesting to see Genestealer cults running brothels and prostituation really. The Genestealer cults will do anything to pass on the Genestealer kiss... like that perversion they made of the Tau bonding rite.

Genestealer cults were always fun in that way. They are that creepy cult down that road that helps out with community projects. Nobody seems to know much about their inner works but even the most bad ass hard case scumbags who have joined the cult seem to be rehabilitated into friendly hard working citizens.

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I've seen pictures of Nurgle Infested orks/orcs in I think Realm of Chaos.

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I have been TRYING to start a fucking cult but I can't figure out how to goddamn do it


now I need to figure out how to make biovonneumanns

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so, its the same minimal freaquency as chaos orks, not just because they don't happen often, but also because they tend to be short lived

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yeah, basically.

For those creatures, being "of chaos" doesn't actually confer any advantage at all, so they naturally get stomped out by inter-species competition.

Really, I fail to see how HUMAN chaos factions manage. and then I realize they don't, they inevitably fail, only for new factions to emerge elsewhere.

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>Genestealer cults running brothels and prostitution
They do that all the time, actually. Just read the Ciaphas Cain books.

It's an extremely easy way to propagate the brood.

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To be fair Chaos cults tend to spring up on the back of "down and out who want easy money, reward whores and edgy teenagers who don't like going to temple. It's kind of like all the "santanists" and "vampires" you get in college.
Chaos cultists are the higher grade of gothkid who has infact read the lesser keys of soloman and isn't just spouting the crap they saw on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The difference is that Genestealer broods are the booted and suited, squeeky clean yet somehow slimey, Evangelicals or Scientologist who come to your door telling you about how their group can lead to a better frame of mind and more success.

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It's wierd learning, that at least some geanstealer cults actualy fear the hive fleets, knowing that it will bring their demise as well, its a shame there isn't more info on stuff like that, perhaps a cult that learned how to turn the tides some how?

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yes, I want to do that more-success better frame of mind style crap.

I want to create a legitimately functioning community that also views me as a messiahgod. it seems, really, the optimal outcome of anyone's life.

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You just need to find a Genestealer to give you a hickey.

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This reminded me of the story where my DH group was invited to a dinner party at the planetary governors' palace and he was found murdered. We ended up doing an old style Sherlock Holmes investigation of everyone at the party.

Ended with 1 dead shapeshiter Xeno, 12 dead genestealers, 30 dead cultists, and 50 dead imperial guardsmen.

Was quite a fun run.

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We don't have any of those!

I think!

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Purestrain genestealers in a cult inherently fear the coming of the Hive Fleet because they know it will devour them, as well. This fear was intentionally bred into them so that they will do everything in their power to scatter and flee offworld when the Fleet gets close.
That way, they can start new cults on new worlds after finishing the job on the one currently getting eaten.

The hybrids and converts are 'programmed' to welcome and long for the Fleet, so that they will joyfully march into the spawning pools when they finally arrive. Saves time and resources.

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>Genestealer hickey
This needs art, the image of some cut yet chitinos four armed girl giving some poor/lucky bastard an infectios hickey had me on the floor.

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Genestealer cultist.

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It-its not like I like you or anything.
Gu-god told me to do it....

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Jeanstealer cultist.

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sorry bro, but it's only the purestrains that give the love-bites

and yes, he uses his penis-tongue to do it

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Penis-toungs, horse cock guns, difficult or not, How are there no Slaaneshi nids!?!

>> No.18188159

If Thri-keens can look deliciously sexy than so can star spawned penis tongue vampire monsters from outerspace.

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Some evidence supports the idea that some hybrids have the ability, as well.
Usually the hooker versions just tire/knock their customers out so the purestrains can diddle their beanies while they sleep, though.

Amen to that, brother.

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fuck that, why don't they look like this
tyranids must be awful at biomachinery. I know, since 40K canon is canonically infinite, there is at least ONE swarm that makes those. Problem solved.

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There used to be Chaos Orks in Rogue Trader and 2end edition...the "Ere' We Go" ork lore book/rule book had Khrone Strom Boyz...later in the Black crusade some ork corpses were brought back to life as zombies via nurgle, but that technically does not count.

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Because that wasn't actually drawn to be an anything, except some drawfag's avatar as a tyranid.

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well, it's sexier than a purestrain, and more likely to get me to let it give me a dickhickie so I can be an alium.

I prefer it.

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because there's no emotion attached to it. These are just biological processes performed by (basically) unthinking animals

well, the whole point is that once you get your deepthroat of ovipositor you start worshipping the purestrains as some kind of god.

so.. yes, they'll probably be seen as some kind of "ideal form" by newly turned cultists

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All that one would do is get you to go around taking peoples' pants off and running away. Not sexytimes or anything, just being a jean stealer.

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keep in mind I take a lazefair approch to 40k canon

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no, you see, you have zero chance of getting a "dick hickey" from the not-purestrain because.. it's not a purestrain

and you don't really have a choice if the purestrain is trying to infect you. They use hypnotic powers and shit. Or they get other cultists to hold you down or capture you

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> come back here
what? I never left.

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yes I gathered that

I put out the "objective" view on things just to get the information out there. Even if you prefer something different it might help to keep others informed

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I shall inform the inquisition...and fetch a rug,sir.

>> No.18188289

But it'd have a higher chance of doing that if the purestrain looked SEXY.

If the hypnotism fails and there are no cultists about, as with a freshly started cult, being sexy would pay off.

Really, with the muscular densities we are working with on tyranids, combat ability would hardly be lost with a few aesthetic modifications.

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In WHFB, weren't Black Orcs created by Chaos and used as slaves before they broke off?

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I appreciate it, thanks for the info.

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>If the hypnotism fails and there are no cultists about, as with a freshly started cult, being sexy would pay off.
What makes you think that you, random joe human, are going to break the hypnosis? What makes you think that they, the mighty ones who could resist it, would care either way? It's just pointless.

>> No.18188308

Raping would be more efficient.

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Chaos Dorfs.

>> No.18188333

I'm saying that due to how biology works, there's going to be a statistically significant portion of people who fail to just hypnotism. It's why the creature has to have physical abilities to overpower them, after all.

Also, they MUST altogether every so often, which means physical might failed and hypnotism failed, given that they don't own the galaxy yet.

Therefore, make them sexy.

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Now you've gone and put a 40k equivalent of the Monstergirl Encyclopedia in my head!

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>If the hypnotism fails and there are no cultists about, as with a freshly started cult, being sexy would pay off.
no, because if the hypnotism fails it's still a god damn GENESTEALER and you're some half-starved hiver

not only are these monsters faster than most living creatures, they're as strong as a space marine.

If a purestrain wants to infect you, you are getting infected.

>> No.18188343

insert the word "fail" between "must" and "altogether" there.

I missed a word.

>> No.18188349

this is untrue, as the purestrains aren't ALWAYS effective.

They fail in some situation, and those situations aren't always just "space marines" either.

>> No.18188354

Firstly, you're presuming a universal standard of 'sexy'. Poor form.

Secondly, what makes you think that in the game with space marines and drop pods and planet killer spaceships, biology wouldn't work in the favour of the group in question when not opposed by a group significantly greater in plot?

>> No.18188364

because I think there is more room in the product line for tits and ass, especially in the tyranid army.

And the ork/space marine army, but that is an argument for another day.

>> No.18188373

>having your victim struggle and attempt escape to inform your presence to the local authorities, rather than submitting willingly and possibly attracting other victims with your natural charm, is more efficient.

>> No.18188384

Oh, that explains it. you don't want the fluff to change as such, you just want models that pander to your idea of sexy.

Yeah, we're done here.

>> No.18188385

>rape biker
>calls gang
>beaten to death with chains and welding tools
>Sexy up biker
>calls gang
>eight new converts


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There's whole lot of Megusta on this thread right now.

>> No.18188394

On the other hand you get bit. You join the cult. The cults always promote big families as the bigger the cult the better. You are still going to be banging some four armed, strategically chitin, hybrid bitches!

Join the cult to day! get a hybrid harem! Wait around in secluded dark ally way in unit 396764 and an cult recruitment specialist will see to you shortly.

(Try not to be alarmed when you wake up in a puddle of petrified piss after being gang raped by a nightmare horror from beyond the void between universes..... a cult limo will arrive shortly to pick you up)

>> No.18188395

Chaos Dwarfs actually

>> No.18188399

oh no we're not, we have to hammer out exquisite fluffpieces explaining all the tits and ass we want to put into the game

>> No.18188407

hence, Hypnotism

it's more catch-all than "durrrr bewbies". Which is kinda important when you're creating a vanguard to infiltrate every possible life-form ever

>> No.18188417

it seems to me I'd add as many catchalls as possible.

Like making it sexy to as many creatures as possible, as well as lactating chocolate ice cream.

>> No.18188419


>Space Marines
Unless the Scouts now look like traps... unlikely... then also no.

Chaos Marines, however, you could probably have hermaphroditic tentacle marines if you wanted, but still.

>> No.18188427

Hey, I am certain we can fit tits and ass in there.

and even if we can't, who cares, we need more beefcake. so basically the same thing. What's with all the armor anyway, fuck that noise, we already removed helmets for stylistic purposes, why not shirts

>> No.18188479

no, because it's also a shock-assault combat creature

once it infects a single person, the inductee will start breeding like mad to produce hybrid cultists. The purestrain isn't running around getting everyone and anyone, they're more focused on staying hidden and letting the cult fester and grow in the underbelly of civilization.

hypnotism not only doesn't impede combat-effectiveness.. it can actually be used in a combat situation. Tyranids are about (biological) efficiency, if you want "sexy for the sake of sexy" you'll have to look elsewhere

>> No.18188493

>Subtitle: NO! You can not have fun!

>> No.18188500

That's what the Catachans are for.

>> No.18188502

actually, this discussion is dumb.

why not just make the hybrids able to spread the retrovirus? In fact, I am almost certain it is the case that CERTAIN SWARMS have it so the purestrains are the only infectors, but it makes no sense to keep it that way for all swarms. It would spread much faster if everyone could spread it, afterall.

>> No.18188514

>sexy for the sake of sexy" you'll have to look elsewhere

sexy for the sake of sexy" you'll have to look at the Hybrids who wan't to breed like crazy and are born with genestealer like qualities.

We get our stealer-chan and the fluff remains unmolested for a change.

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biological effeciency dictates they would do as MUCH AS POSSIBLE for "sexy" because it is biologically efficient in attracting mates, much moreso than "hypnotism"

>> No.18188595

you can have fun, just not with purestrains. They're like no-fun-allowed in a congealed form

as >>18188514 noticed, the infected cultists will be breeding like crazy to make actual hybrids... who will also breed like crazy to make more hybrids

they just don't use the dick-tongue

>> No.18188620

I bet you they still do the infection thing like the dick tongues will.

any report to the contrary indicates I'm a better designer of bioplagues than tyranids.

>> No.18188652

Ah, the old "can Orks turn to Chaos" argument. We have had this debate many times before, and have arrived at the same or similar conclusions each time. I will endeavor to summarize this conclusion now:

Yes, Orks can turn to Chaos, but that doesn't mean it's likely to happen or that it will be widespread when it does. Also, other Orks would likely murder them on site for muckin' about with humie gods.

>> No.18188676

no, I really doubt that. having an ovipositor stuck in your mouth means you can't talk very well

hybrids still need to communicate with one another to better infiltrate the planet. If they see a target that needs infecting (someone important to the security of the planet, for example), they'll work together with the purestrains to get the job done (or drag the unfortunate back to the patriarch)

>> No.18188710

see, now the thing requires a secondary ovisporator, and it's not hidden in the torso and extruded via one of our lower orifices.

You could put that on every single stealth model without anyone noticing. tyranids are terrible designers.

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