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I think the writers made the Tyranids a little too numerous.

Is there any possibility to beat the Tyranid?

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Mentlegen, we must eat all of the Tyranid.

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One word and an acronym:

Space AIDS

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The fact that 40k fluff has never been less than 100% pants-on-head idiotified might just save us all.

Also, the fact that it's a static setting rather than an ongoing history, so whatever apocalypse is about to unfold will never actually... unfold.

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Glorious Tyranid master race here.

Ya'll fucked

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Is a super virus the only way?

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>bottom right
>a whole fucking galaxy worth of tyranids

Thats it I'm out of here

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rolled 90 = 90


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They're both perfect bio-weapons.

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>Is there any possibility to beat the Tyranid?

The Necrons can possibly do it. Gauss technology destroys organic matter, meaning the Tyranids cannot reclaim biomass from their own dead. Necrons don't surrender any biomass when they die, and many Necron tombs are situated on worlds without much in the way of life. As such, for the Tyranids, fighting against Necrons results in a lot of wasted biomass for next to no gain.

The Imperium's pretty fucked, though.

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Maybe if the tyranids were like orks. As it is, they pack up and flee when they find necrons, if my memory serves correctly.

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You know what they should give the Tyranids, a goal other than just consume. Like when a living thing is consumed its soul is brought into the Hivemind, the Hivemind is like a paradise for the souls. With each new Tyranid a soul is plucked from the paradise of the non material Hivemind and is forced into the body of a Tyranid. Thus allowing any of the Tyranids to not care about themselves and want the sole goal of dieing and bringing more with them to paradise. The entire goal of the Tyranid race is to create the ultimate paradise for all.

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They don't pack up and flee, so much as they try to divert around Necron worlds/phenomena if possible. But if the Necrons take the initiative and attack them, from what we see in the fluff, they seem to stand and fight. It's one disadvantage to not being able to warp travel - an imperiled Hive Fleet can't just perform an emergency warp jump to get the hell out of dodge.

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Tyranids are the ultimate stupidity of the setting. There is no real parody factor - at least no more.
Also chaos "gods" existing in but a one galaxy, while tyranids ate at least dozen of them.

So there is a way. There always is a bigger fish.
Maybe a god of harmony and progress worshipped in at least thousand of galaxies.

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How ironic it is that as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair. Only united can we hope to stand against them.

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I have always found the "they ate a thousand galaxies ooooOOOO" factor about the nids to be, even by the black hole like density of 40K over the top grimdark, to be over the top grim dark. One galaxy is enough. Honestly, the whole question of other galaxies should remain mysterious. I preferred it when the main thrust of the background was that the nids were fleeing something far worse in their own galaxy.
I also wouldn't mind it if they were coming from extra galactic "empty" space, the void between galaxies is underutilised as a spooky place.

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the hilarious part about that statement is that Tyranid swarms affect a significantly larger portion of the galaxy. To the point that the Tau have only really seen pale shadows of the "real" swarms, left over from cataclysmic battles with the other races

it really underlines how naive the Tau are in comparison to everyone else.

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>I preferred it when the main thrust of the background was that the nids were fleeing something far worse in their own galaxy.
that was never a thing

that is fan-fluff

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Orks are the biggest and the strongest! Gonna wipe 'em bugz from octavius fo' good!

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It's still kinda awesome fan-fluff. There's something bigger and badder out there coming to eat us.

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Could well be, I haven't read a nid dex in fucking aaages. Still, at least the possibility of that is cool, as, I suppose, is the idea that the nids passed through this galaxy possibly pre old one times and ate everything and, while they may have eaten a thousand galaxies, they do this one at a time and are more like a natural disaster that travels the verse rather than just the IJUSTATEYOULOL locusts they are occasionally depicted as.

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What if each tendril represents just a few dozens of bioships and how far they made it?

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It's presented as a theory in the most recent codex (and possibly the one before). Though I'm not sure whether it was ever the "main thrust of the background".

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On second thought, don't quote me on that. I don't have my copy of the book on hand at the moment to check, though I swear it was suggested in an official source somewhere.

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I suppose what I mean is that is was never anything more than "an Inquisitor made some conjecture without any evidence"

it was never put out as "THIS is why they do what they do", just some guy musing about their motivations. Fans blew it way out of proportion and took it as absolute fact

kinda get what I mean?

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The big thing is that the Tyranids are all over the place outside of the galaxy it isn't every nid ever, all converging on the 40K galaxy at once, it's just a few small tentacles of the horrific omnipus that is the Hivemind. If they beat back every last 'nid aimed at the galaxy, chances are they'll be ignore for the next hundred thousand years.

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Yes: orks
And maybe Deathwatch kill teams. But meeeh...

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might have been a white dwarf, or one of the other codices post 2nd edition

but I believe it's only been in one book

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>40k fluff
Good guys win. Thee End.
All hail dick butt Mary Sue Spesh Morines.

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Soon, brothers! All-Father from the stars will come to Terra and unify us all in His Mind! Soon, my brothers, He'll come, called by our six-limbed Father and liberate us all!

>mfw there's a genestealer cult on Terra

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>implying orks are good guys

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I thought the main thrust was that they were being drawn towards the astronomican.

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Yep, it's briefly touched upon as a theory in the latest codex.

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rolled 11 = 11

they're running from squats`

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Really? I think it's that Tyranids are just consuming the entire Universe, and the Milky Way is just one of the billions of Galaxies in the process of being Eaten.

Their FTL travel seems incredibly slow though, so it's rather a slow consumption.

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God, I can only imagine what it'd be like
if orks were the protagonists.

Make it happen Games Workshop.

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Pic related; it's what the tyranids are running from

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rolled 8 = 8

something like retribution, pretty cool campaign

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>not protagonist

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Ah, found the quote from the current codex.

>The Tyranids are not native to our galaxy. They have travelled through the bleak intergalactic space between galaxies for countless millennia. Whether the Tyranids made this perilous journey because they had already consumed everything of worth in their home galaxy or in flight of another, even more fearsome race, is unknown.

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>the Emperor's light grows dim and his domain dwindles, planet by planet and system by system. The enemies of Mankind gather like carrion and a time of endless night presses in. There is no peace, no respite, no hope of victory.


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But Orks already won 40k.

What is the ultimate goal of the Orks?

Eternal war, the ability to be fightin and winnin forever.

What is the current state of the milky way?

"in the 41st millenium there is only war"

Orks won 40k when 40k started. Ironically, if they ever completely eliminate the other factions, they lose.

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T͘h͢͞is͢͏ ̸i̸̧͢s̸ ̴́͠ţ͏h͢e͢ ҉̕s҉t͜͡ŕ͜͞ik̶͢e͠ ҉͟͏c͜ui͞͞s͏er̶҉ Bli͘n͘d́i҉n̵g͟ Pu̶r͝g͏i͜tat͠ion̷.́ ͝I ͡re͠peat̴:̵ ͘T̡hi̹̘s̬͈̱ͅ ͚̝̻̥i̬̹͎̳s ̟͙t̖̦̣̪̰h͏e stri͢k͏e̡ ̧cr̢u҉işeͨ̓rͤͪͫ̄ͧ,͆ͮͧ̆ͣ t͌heͧ͊͊ͩ́ͮ́ Blinding Purgitation.
We have been engaged by a massive battle-station of Orkish design. Though the weapons are weak, the sheer amount of them, the sheer mass of the ship-'
"Psyker?" The thin man lost his concentration for a moment, looking back at his commanding officer. "Silence!" he hushed him. He reached out with his mind once more.
'-ing. We cannot hold out for long! We've sustained heavy damage and our escape is cut off. Our location is- "Captain!" "Oh shit." "Sweet Emperor!"' It's...alive?'
The transmission of thoughts halted suddenly. The psyker tried vainly to touch minds with his comrade, but it was too late. He felt a hand on his shoulder. "What was it? What did you hear?" The psyker began to answer as a stray thought in the Warp caught his attention. He reached for it through the void, daring to hope it was someone still ali- 'EY! YOU! DEFFBOSS DOESN'T LIKE YOU WIERD-'UMIES LIST'NIN' IN ON ME!
The psyker dropped dead instantly, a trickle of blood coming from his nose.

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I thought that psykers who look outside the galaxy go insane from the noise of Orks?

Maybe the 'nids are fleeing from the Orks.

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it was only cool because you got Gabriel MANgelos narrating it

you'd see a lot more of the GrimDark, for one.

Orks aren't nice. Even if people go "haw haw dey talk like 'ooligans" those same orks are still eating babies and enslaving billions to build their war materials (and they have been doing so since RT, which is conveniently ignored by most)

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Orks are the least grimdark race in 40k. They're the freaking comedic relief.

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Well, I don't think that's very fair. By the nature of the Franchise the good guys have to "Win" in order to preserve the status quo and stop the story advancing, if the Galaxy got eaten by bio-monstrosities there'd be no more fluff or models at all - infact it'd be rather boring for everybody.

They do try and counteract that by saying in almost every Tyranid related story "We stopped this invasion at the cost of a thousand planets and billions of lives, though more are inevitable", along with putting in other races getting buttfucked by them too (Iyanden)

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cool story, bro.

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>Benjamin, something terrible has happened. Your mother - my Julia -
>We got caught in an Ork ambush.
>They cornered your sister - she was screaming - and your mother threw herself at them.
>They laughed, Benjamin - the worst sound I have ever heard - and I grabbed Hannah.
>But your mother - they took her and they broke her and I couldn’t -
>We made it to Epsilon Centre.
>Find us, Benjamin. Please, find us.

>- radio says the Orks are two streets away.
>Help me with this, Dominus.
>What are you injecting him with - stop!
>This is a fatal dose!
>Yes, it is.
>I have enough for every patient.
>You're murdering them?
>I'm showing them mercy.
>In ten minutes, the Orks will break through those doors and slaughter them all in their beds.
>Better to die in peace before that.
>It's the last thing I can do for them -

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Well, I sniggered.

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>mfw, by this logic Orks are the protagonists and GW makes both terrible rules and models to cater to Orkkind
>but then, why are space marines favored...
>oh shite, space marines are orks

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don't forget that one point with Sidonus and Leandros

>L: "hey there are loads of dead civilians, why'd the Orks do this?"
>S: "Terror tactics, probably"
>T: "No, Orks do this for sport"

haw haw haw, dat's roight 'ilarious dat is

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where's pics of the Deffwotch when you need them?

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Doesn't matter how much grimdark you dig up, Orks are still the only army that can serve as comic relief. Obviously I'm discounting fan-made stuff here...

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Yes, they can be beaten. Though the Tyranid threat grows ever larger with each passing day it is still possible to defeat the swarms.

With steadfast courage, unity, and dedication to true doctrine, no threat is too great.

>least Grimdark

You can't be serious, Gue'la.
With steadfast courage and

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The Orkz aren't NOT Favored.

"Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!"

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No, they don't loose.

Read Deff Skwadron. What is it about? War, being orky, fighting and war.

Have you seen anything other then an Ork in there? No.

Orks fight among themselves more then they fight other races.

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Yes, they can be beaten. Though the Tyranid threat grows ever larger with each passing day it is still possible to defeat the swarms.

With steadfast courage, unity, and dedication to true doctrine, no threat is too great.

>least Grimdark

You can't be serious, Gue'la.

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I'm not disagreeing on that, but if they became the "protagonists" of the setting (that is; the race with the largest amount of fluff devoted to them) you had better believe they'd showcase in full how utterly grimdark the orks are, just like they do with the Imperium now

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Lol, infiltration?

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Dark Eldar are the most terrifying IMO.

They torture and rape you for a long time, maybe longer than your natural life span.

2nd is the Slaneesh Chaos Forces, also rapes and tortures.

3rd is the other Chaos forces (who indulges in some torture)

4th is the Tyranids, being torn in half and maybe eaten alive is probably not fun. Or being flung into the acidic pools that break your body down.

5th is the Orcs who might beat you and kick you around like a football

6th are Humans of various factions, they can also torture rape and beat.

7th are the Necrons, a death by them however is fairly quick and painless as you get vaporized.

8th are the Tau. You might spend the rest of your life as a slave and you might be sterilized.

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Ok, ok, ok, woah.
I get (and love) the fact that the orks are in(almost) everyones hearts and seen as the good guys of the 40k universe.
But here's what troubles me:
Why the hell aren't they portrayed in that way. I mean, you guys are saying it yourselves (as it makes perfect sense) about constant war in universe, ork goal, etc., etc., but why aren't they getting that respect in the gw fluff and mainstream codex 101 that should be there?
Every battle seems to turn out the same way for them (not to mention every other space marine opposer):
1. overwhelming ork (xenos) forces
2. many casualties on planet for good guys
3. heroic intervention=kill war boss or some shit like that
4. battle ends, no permanent damage done to good guys or anything that can't be rebuilt compared to loss of great war boss/autarch/chaos lord/tau leader and end of campaign or reign of terror.

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>a death by them however is fairly quick and painless as you get vaporized.

Uh, or you'll get a fucking mental necron who'll skin you alive and wear you as a suit.

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You haven't got it nearly as bad as Eldar, who literally cannot win any single battle in the fluff.

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9th=Eldar, who will just ignore your ass

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Because the Orkz don't actually give a fuck.

They aren't trying to actually destroy/take over any worlds. They're just there to fight and loot. If they die it doesn't count, so they're good.

>> No.18185445

That's some mary sue bullshit.

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1. The Imperium is GWs pet faction, as well as the actual protags of 40k, the story is about the imperium and struggles against xenos, chaos and traitors.
2. Orks gives zero fucks, if they die, they give zero fucks because they got to have a nice fight, if they win they give zero fucks because they get to have another nice fight.
3. Mate Waaaard

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What about the one time one Eldar dude wiped out an entire nid swarm with just his lonesome? You Eldar fags are such liars and whiners, you know that?

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Wel, Ivf we won allz the time then we wouldn't have anybody elz ta fight, ya git

Tiz the dootee of a Warboss to win, an win, an win some mor'
befor he goez down ta a 'ummie

I meen, deyz so poony, ya gotta letta buncha grotz liek dat haf a few winz

bezidz we wouldn't a be makin any profitz on diz wurld ifn we made orkz top dog like we normaly do

>> No.18185470

Proud, cocky, independent, un dead, high tech, isolationist space elves who are on the brink of destruction and handle it just fine as they plan out their each attack with surgical precision.
They sound pretty boss like to me.

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I think thats part of the grim dark, The tyranids are such a big unstoppable threat all the major races would have to team up to have a hope, but they never well. They'll be to busy fighting each other while the nids slowly grind everyone into oblivion. Like a pair of drunks who keep fighting each other even though he bar is burning down around them.

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Absolutely. Eldar are the bossest faction.

>> No.18185497

>GW is run by Orks

well, now that explains a whole lot

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>Proud, cocky, independent, undead, high tech, isolationist space Egyptians who are on the brink of destruction and handle it just fine as they plan out their each attack with surgical precision.
>They sound pretty boss like to me


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Then what the fuck is post >>18185429 complaining about?

>> No.18185521

I'd like to see Blanche's take on the Newcrons.

>> No.18185527

Aren't the Orks just as, if not more numerous?

>> No.18185529

I think anon cares about who wins battles in the fluff. Which is a very stupid thing to care about, because the best measure of a faction's worth is how much they style on people... and the Eldar style hard.

>> No.18185560

lately they've been in a bit of a slump though. "muahahaha foooolish hyooomans, the prophecy fortells your dooom!" style

but.. well, it's no worse than the Orks and their habit of playing second-fiddle to the TRUE enemy

and the Eldar are swag enough that some derp can be overlooked. Hopefully the next book boosts their psychic powers though. Eldritch Storm (and all the warlock abilities) could use a bit of a rethink

>> No.18185567

There may be only two winrars: orks for obvious reasons or necrons. Probably the second, because they hate all life (tyrannids' included), they are very numerous (only little of them were awaken to this day), they have the most sophisticated technology in whole galaxy and, least but not last - tyrannids get NO BIOMASS after a battle against them. And necrons don't give a fuck if tyrannids consume all life on tombworld, because they don't need water and air (disadvantage for orks).

>> No.18185578


In the latest codex it says:
¨...unless every race in the galaxy unites in opposition, it will destroy all life, all civilisation [sic]", first paragraph, fifth page.
Whether the Tyranids made this perilous journey because the had already consumed everything of worth in their home galaxy or in flight of another, even more fearsome race, is unknown. It is possible that the Tyranids have been preying on galaxies since time immemorial and ours is but that latest to feel its predation. Third and fourth sentence, second paragraph, sixth page.

You're welcome. Also, if you ask me then the whole "they have devoured several galaxies before coming to ours" is an ok level of grimdark, it makes sense.

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hmmmm... the Dark Eldar could defeat the Tyranids IMO. I mean residing in the webway means they have nothing to fear about them.

>> No.18185587

I'm guilty of that too than.
Abbadon the failer and almost every other chaos-god dedicated chapter can't put up a fight agaisnt the imperium.
In almost everything, they're built up to be this hate driven juggernauts and even "the greatest threat to the imperium", yet lose practically every battle. Almost seems misleading in a way.
Only credit given to them is through renegades, and they, in all honesty, aren't viewed as "true" chaos (worshipping) space marines.
So heart breaking...

>> No.18185617

Except Abaddon semi-won the Thirteenth Black Crusade claiming most of Cadia and the space around it. People end up forgetting that.

>> No.18185627

man, Araghast should have had a bigger part to play. I'd have preferred a no-name lieutenant in place of Eliphas who, instead of successfully betraying him.. tries, and miserably fails (getting Araghast's power sword shoved down his throat, or something).

Chaos Lords don't become Chaos Lords without knowing how to protect themselves from backstabbers, damnit!

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I think the writers made the Orks a little too numerous.

Is there any possibility to beat the Orks?

I think the writers made the Forces of Chaos a little too numerous.

Is there any possibility to beat Chaos?

think the writers made the Necrons a little too numerous.

Is there any possibility to beat the Necrons?

Aside from the Eldar and the Blue Man Group, all of mankind's enemies are vast in number, and impossible to defeat. It's only a matter of time before any one of them destroys humanity.


>> No.18185632

You expect codex fluff to be entirely accurate and not bias to that specific species?

>> No.18185679

Also, in keeping with the grim darkness, they could be saving the galaxy so they can keep raping its inhabitants.

>> No.18185686

Chaos is overrated. There are only a few chaos space marines and Imperium is vast. Yeah, sure, there are some renegades but still they are nothing compared to imperial armies.

Chaos cannot summon daemons freely nor daemon princes can enter the materium without causing a warp storm. In other words, chaos space marines are a pain in the ass, but nothing serious. yeah, sure, they can summon deamons through some rituals but for only for short period of time.

Possesed marines die very quickly. So are spawns. Only an open rebellion on numerous worlds could make chaos winners of the day, but thanks to Imperial policy about heresy, witchcraft and psykers it's very unlikely to happen.

>> No.18185693

Not fully destroy. No, the ones in the Tau Empire would survive. And for all we know, there could be some unclaimed worlds out there that can hold their shit.

>> No.18185708

Guardsmen = almost as numerous as they get.
Chaos = actual chaos space marines are VERY limited and dwindling due to gene-seed shortage/constant rivalry and warfare between chapters.
Tau = alot of them, but not as numerous as you'd think.

Mainly leaves you with Tyranids, Necrons, and Orks. Of the 3, 2 are not even fully developed in terms of army strength and the last is, well, just kind of there for the hell of it.

>> No.18185715

>Not fully destroy
Yes, fully destroy.
>Tau Traitors
If the Imperium of man falls to any one of those enemies, do you really think the Tau would be any match...? Also, unconfirmed sterilisation.
>A Single World
The same, but, like, WTF!? All of the Imperium destroyed/enslaved, and you're saying a single planet could hold out where the Imperium didn't...?

The whole point of the setting is that it's only a matter of time before humanity is long dead.

>> No.18185719

>implying you know what being a "mary sue" means


>> No.18185729

I'm not this guy >>18185693 but this is the precise reason why I dont play 40k anymore. All I want is a slither of hope. A tiny light at the end of the tunnel. Nut NOPE. EVERYONE IS FUCKED.

This thread just reinforces my beliefs

>> No.18185732

>> No.18185745

>Guardsmen = almost as numerous as they get.
Conservative estimates of the Primary Tyranid fleet's numbers - if it ever arrived in the Galaxy - state that Humanity, that's every last member of the species from filing clerks to space marines, would be outnumbered in the hundreds to one.
>Chaos = actual chaos space marines are VERY limited and dwindling due to gene-seed shortage/constant rivalry and warfare between chapters.
But let's not forget that A) This is bullshit and the Chaos marines are recruiting constantly and B) The entire reality of demonic beings that support them. A Universe, a hypothetically infinite number of malevolent beings that humanity actually empowers with every thought of conflict, change, despair or lust.
>Tau = alot of them, but not as numerous as you'd think.
I know. They barely even control their own Segmentum, in Imperial terms they're a few star systems.

>> No.18185747

Well... I can't remember where I read this but I remember reading this fluff where it pretty much states that we'll get our shit kicked in but then return, bigger, badder and stronger than before.

>> No.18185749


God damn it, /tv/, you shut your whore mouth. Star Wars has way lower tech than 40k. God fucking pisshitwoolymammoth.

>> No.18185759

If you're lucky, when the Emperor is allowed to die he may come back as a warp entity powerful enough to destroy the chaos gods in one fell swoop.

There's your hope, it's been in setting for a long time. But has probably been retconned by the Horus Heresy Novels by now.

>> No.18185760

Hilarious. None of the events in 40k's background actually happened, yet neckbeards get sissy-slapping mad arguing about "hurr durr y u play choas thay luzerz like 13x lol." The Nids aren't too numerous to be eliminated, you poor, dumb mooncalves. If sales slumped, the whole lot'd disappear in the span of a fiscal quarter. Hell, even something as lame as deciding it was "too hard" to write a new codex for them, and they'd be oop, in a heartbeat; you have my guarantee. Look at the squa

>> No.18185770

Horus Heresy Novels.

By Horus winning, the Galaxy as a whole only has 10-20 thousand years before all life, not just humanity, is consumed by Chaos.

I don't know where you pulled out that idea from, but considering it's futile debating how the canon would progress - sure, why not?

>> No.18185776


3E rulebook.

>> No.18185787

The reason they got rid of the squats is because they were a concept they couldn't sell.

An army of space locusts can always have itself remodelled in theme because it's a vague enough concept to always keep it somewhat fresh.

Squats were Dwarfs in Space. There was nothing they could do to make them fit, sales were shitty, and let's not forget - the squats were fucking stupid. So they killed them off.

>> No.18185788


>has probably been retconned by the Horus Heresy Novels by now.

sort of.

the Sensei, or something like them, are back in the form of "Perpetuals". they aren't related to the Emperor, but they apparently can reincarnate. only two of them have been seen, and one of them wasn't a real one, he was made into one by the Cabal from Legion.

The other one is Ollanius Pius. And he was one of three in Ultramar at the time the Word Bearers hit Calth. Then he cut a hole in reality and stepped out of the book.

Where are they going with this? I have no fucking idea.

>> No.18185794

Why have an enemy that's not even a real threat (as the fluff points to).
That's like watching the Olympics and seeing only one country competing. It's boring and defeats the purpose.
I'm not even worried about those little planet rebellions of guardsmen and stuff, but 'cmon, at least a head to head battle between an even number of good space marines vs. bad space marines and seeing the bad guys pull out a victory is all I'm asking for.
Nothing galaxy changing, but just a W that they can right a story about in the codex or something.

>> No.18185797


>Squats were Dwarfs in Space.

Eldar are Elves in Space. Should they all get nommed by Slaanesh and kicked out of the game?

>> No.18185798

Not to my recollection, sir.

The 3e Rulebook referenced the Sensei/Illuminati/Star Child theory. It even had references to the "Butlerian Jihad" of the Golden/Dark Age of Technology.

But nowhere did it say "mankind will win" in any definitive sense. IT may well have said "we will probably lose, but there's a chance we might not" in that traditional 40K way of just being vague enough to provoke debate but still being mired in hopelessness.

>> No.18185823

And the Eldar have been proeperly integrated into the fluff. They were a strong and malleable enough archetype to stick. "Ancient Dying Elder Race" is all they really are, with a little bit of Vulcan thrown in.

They geled and made sense in the setting, and still do.

The Eldar make sense in 40K, and are distinct enough from their roots to remain so.

A Squat was a Dwarf In Space. No aspect of their themes tried to be integrated, they just took the idea of dwarfs, clans, beards, drunk scottish guys and all and put it in 40K with only the idea of them being "High Gravity Humans" to justify it.

They weren't a strong enough concept to properly integrate, they had no shtick that defined them as anything more than Dwarf in Space.

>> No.18185828


Chaos already won. All of the Chaos Gods are getting what they want every day in the 40k universe, and have been for 10,000 years.

Khorne gets endless war and bloodshed. Tzeentch gets endless manipulating and scheming from all of the planetary governers and rogue traders and the high lords of Terrra dicking each other around. Nurgle gets to spread diseases and rot in all of the corpses and wounded left over after every battle. Slaanesh gets his/her jollies off whenever some rich kids get in way over their heads in a pleasure cult or an Elfdar drops their soulstone.

None of them care how an individual warband actually does in battle, just that they do it.

>> No.18185842


And then some sculpting companies make their living only selling space dwarfs

>> No.18185851

I'm not saying it said mankind will win. It said that we will get our teeth kicked in but we will come out stronger and better because of it.

>> No.18185859


>with a little bit of Vulcan thrown in.

well, yeah. a lot of Vulcan if you read the Gavinthrope's "Path of the Eldar" series.

but that's how 40k rolls. take a stereotypical fantasy thing, combine it with a pop culture reference, maybe a little twist (like how the Space Marines are basically just knights + the Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers, but the different chapters/legions add more variety and flavor) and launch it into space.

Squats could probably be done, but they weren't done well in the first two editions. The name didn't help, either.

>> No.18185862

Elves tend to work more easily than dwarves

it lends itself back to the old Fae of myth, the wise and unknowable, yet vaguely human, and they exist in similar forms across many cultures; the Eldar Aspects pay homage to that

dwarves are just some nordic bullshit that tolkein fluffed out, they don't go 'universal' like Elves do

>> No.18185864

What does that prove?

That there is demand for the models?


It doesn't prove that Squats were successfully inserted into 40K, nor that the concept was strong enough to continue to function.

Show me this magic company that only makes space dwarves and nothing else, and is still profitable enough to be considered a "company" and not "a dude in his shed"

>> No.18185871

Sounds like "victory" to me.

But whatever, if you dreamed it up, it will always be there for you. Thank you plastic canon.

>> No.18185884

IMHO they should stick with ogryns. Maybe Squats were a stupid idea, but, oh boy, ratlings are even more ridiculous

>> No.18185892


Hence why the rumours of "The Demiurg are Space Dwarves" are knocking around.

It's interesting though that even in those rumours, the Demiurg still aren't seen as strong enough to be a whole army - they have to be a Tau Slave Race, sorry, a valued member of the Empire.

>> No.18185896

I always viewed the Imperium as the primary antagonist in 40k. They are ruining any progress and diplomacy there can be for humanity. It's the cancer killing humanity.

At this point mankinds best bet would be to give in to Chaos and gain unlimited power that grows stronger with every soul that joins the cause.

>> No.18185904

Ratlings didn't try to be their own army. It was at most 6 models in the last 25 years that they put in the Imperial Guard as a joke. Hobbits in Space are silly, but at least thy didn't try to be an army.

>> No.18185906

The way you explained it is way better than the way "fluff" tries to portray them.
I viewed them as so hell bent on revenge, but they are really like girls in the sense that they only want to have fun.
So check this out.
What if gw got rid of Abbadon.
Problem solved, right?
Then Chaos would be those crazy inmates that are just happy and content in their little daemon filled asylum where they war with each other and don't even bother trying to bust out on a grand scale and get their hands dirty with the imperium.
Instead, they just "push the envelope" here and there just to dick with authority of the Emporer by sending little fleets through cracks in eye of terror and start little rebellions on no name planets. No more sense of ultimate failure and human chaos servants take their rightful place as the nonchalant, misguided, idiotic trolls of the 40k universe.

>> No.18185916

>Implying "Chaos" is just the renegade marines and that Abaddon is their highest authority.

An entire dimension of daemons ruled by four literal GODS would like a word with you.

>> No.18185930

So. Lord of the Rings. Their wiki tells me, about Elves:

>Later, the name Eldar was used only for those who were part of the Great Journey to Aman.

Okay. What are Dorfs called?

>Naugrim, Khazâd, and Gonnhirrim


Find a better name from Tolkien, change it a little bit, or don't, and you have your new name for Squats. "Squats" would be a racial slur, since the Imperium is racist as fuck.

Instead of abhumans, make them another ancient race of humanoids who are good at crafting shit and fucking stubborn. Have their relationship with the Imperium be similar to the Eldar - sure, they're Xenos, but there are other Xenos that are higher priorities on the extermination list.

Put them on the galactic fringe, perhaps. Make them resilient against Chaos, prone to mining activity, and occasionally doing business with Rogue Traders. Maybe secretly tolerated by the Imperium because they're like more reliable Jokaero, in that you can tell them what to make. It's just that they'd be as hard to bargain with as Jokaero are random. Throw in some references to the War in Heaven where they were amongst the Old Ones' creations.

Then give them their pop culture hat.

>> No.18185951

See "The Demiurg"

Even with this post, the concept doesn't seem strong enought to be it's own faction. The Eldar just sort of found a niche in the fluff, they naturally fell into it. Even these Hypothetical Not-Squats feel like you're going "how do I justify Dwarfy behaviour in Space...?"

>> No.18185970

Hmm not bad. Maybe make them hate the Eldar, give them lots of sentient mechs (golems) and possibly very industrious.

>> No.18185974

Nah, no more dwarves in galaxy. We need GW to re-run other armies, like genestealer cults, than failing with Squats again.

>> No.18185995

We don't need Genestealer Cults as a Separate army either. We never did. They're just a Tyranid vanguard. And a pretty pointless one at that.

"Oh, sup Hivefleet, we made a tiny portion of the planet drive around in purple limos!"
"...that's....nice? I'm going to devour all their biomass now though..."
"But, some of them might be a full Genestealer soon!"
"Don't care, Hungry."

>> No.18186009


Those limos were AWESOME.

>> No.18186028

If anything, I would think we could use a whole new race to appear. That or just leave it as it is.

>> No.18186029

Those are conversions. And yes, conversions done well do tend to be awesome.

The point stands that aesthetics aside, there is very little purpose in turning a few random humans into Genestealers when the Hive Fleet is just going to show up and eat the planet's biomass. Yes, they could "sow discord" or whatever, but so would a tide of ripper swarms vomited from a hive fleet.

They Genestealer cults are functionally redundant.

>> No.18186041

They could just release a codex with rules for several armies like the used to do with summer campaigns.

>> No.18186049

The difference between GC and Squats is that GS are still very important part of Wh40k fluff, like Ichtar IV or Deathwing, while Squats were banned from Wh40k universe.

And you say it's a simple vanguard. So what? Let's see... Imperium: Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Black Templars, Space Marines, Grey Knights - 5 very similiar armies, yet all of them has it's own codex. Not to mention Sisters of Battle or Imperial Guards that are part of imperial faction.

In other word, GC should have at least it's own legal army list (most of us make hybrids ourselves, anyway), even in form of pdf file.

>> No.18186052




>> No.18186054


>The Eldar just sort of found a niche in the fluff, they naturally fell into it.

If you can call a bunch of nerdy British guys writing up stuff in the mid 80s "naturally falling into the fluff".

the Eldar got Slaanesh to be their reason for being a dwindling race, although I don't think they had that initially. Realms of Chaos added that in. the Vulcan side of the Eldar seemed to come in later, especially once the Dark Eldar came out - they're basically the Romulans to the Eldar being Vulcans. Not psychic, more emotional. Usually evil. (And if you want to take it to modern-day Star Trek, I guess the slaves they capture are the Reman equivalents.) But their Vulcan vibe is basically their "how do I avoid Slaanesh?" method.

I'm not sure where the Aspect Warriors came from. Seems kind of Asian. And they did wear yin-yangs back in the day, although Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau did too.

>> No.18186057

I think "leave it as it is" makes the most sense. The last new race on the block were the Tau. And we're still dealing with that "lol, no they's are/aren't good guise, LOL they's are/aren't 40k!!" shitstorm.

Personally I just want their plastic battlesuits to look less Heavy Gear Lego and more Gundam meets a Devilfish.

>> No.18186059

Abbadon wasn't highest authority, but in fluff he tries to be which is not helping the cause as well as it should have, thus being a flat tire.

-The God's goal: Spread their tainted ways throught galaxy to gain power: horus heresy, modern 40k human society, lust, change, blood, and disease. >>18185828

-Servants of chaos do their masters will within the place where their masters daemon minions are actaully capable of being summoned: eye of terror.
-Servants fight other servants of their masters to weaken them.
-No going out of the way for needless battles between enemies that are not going to have as much effect for their masters as would be fighting rival god's servants.
-If need be, warband sneaks out, attacks weak sector/ insights rebellion, takes home couple million slaves and continues in fight between other worshippers.

And then back to this >>18185828

>> No.18186067

Defeat them in Space.
I have no idea why the hell the Imperium doesn't do this more often.

>> No.18186071

Ah, so "shed" then.

>> No.18186074

My cult's sentinels. The unpainted one I made yesterday.

>> No.18186082

Hey guys....guys...
Now what Chaos faggots? He's gonna rape all your assholes one day and you can't stop him.

>> No.18186086

>If you can call a bunch of nerdy British guys writing up stuff in the mid 80s "naturally falling into the fluff".

Obviously I do, or I wouldn't have said it.

They came up with the Eldar concept, and it worked.

Same dudes came up with the Squats, and it didn't.

So the Eldar found a niche in the fluff, fell into it, stayed there, and were a good enough idea to be expanded upon into something unique.

The Squats Didn't. Mostly because - if you actually stopped to think about it - A Dwarf is fucking stupid. A Dwarf in Space is Stupid Squared.

>> No.18186090

tyranids suck though.

>> No.18186107


I'd like to see the various aliens get more fleshed out. FFG has stuff like the Rak'gol - sort of Chaos Tyranids with technology.

Perhaps a "Codex: Xenos" or a Planetstrike expansion could create options for playing games where it's not "Big Faction A fights Big Faction B", but something like "Aliens are eating mine workers on Ice Planet 13! Are you a bad enough Space Marine to stop them?"

Or just a big book of auxiliary stuff. Like Chaos Cultists and Plague Zombies to make your CSM or Daemons list fluffier. (Or, in the case of Daemons, more playable. Something like having a horde of rabblerousers on the table at the beginning of the game, with a squad upgrade or HQ choice of a priest to act as a beacon so Daemons don't have to worry about scatter)

Or you could add some Enslaver HQ choices to make your IG army all fucked up and crazy. Change it to a Genestealer Patriarch and now they got limos and shit.

>> No.18186126

The thing is, you can do all those things without a billion little PDFs/Magazines for every last variant. It's easier and cheaper not to make the billion little PDFs/Magazines, so they don't.

If we want to go blue sky, let's blue sky that they adopt a model that's proven successful elsewhere. Drop the codex model entirely, go with the Privateer Press release model. All armies get new rules/models in a single book. No one is left behind, no one gets new codex syndrome, everyone has new models at a steady pace.

>> No.18186143


Eh. If they can make it work in Fantasy, they can make it work in 40k. It's not exactly hard sci-fi.

But then again, you could say that most of the Dwarven traits, except being short, have been inherited by the Salamanders, Space Wolves and to some extent the White Scars (man, those Space Mongols can hold a grudge).

Now where the vampires at? (Blood Angels don't count, Team Edward)

>> No.18186153

>If they can make it work in Fantasy, they can make it work in 40k. It's not exactly hard sci-fi.

If they can make dwarves work in Fantasy, they can do it in space...?
Wow, yeah you've got no fucking clue what you're talking about.

You don't NEED to MAKE A Dwarf work in Fantasy. They're a trope of the genre. They work by default.

The problem is that they're such an iconic fantasy archetype that making them work in space, isn't as easy as you seem to think.

>> No.18186156


>The thing is, you can do all those things without a billion little PDFs/Magazines for every last variant. It's easier and cheaper not to make the billion little PDFs/Magazines, so they don't.

You don't need a billion supplements, though. All you need is an excuse to charge $25 for a Finecast Genestealer Patriarch. This is Games Workshop. The shit literally pays for itself.

>> No.18186159

Why not an Imperial spin off codex for the adeptus mechanicus?
Lots of robots/cyborgs, crazy guns and whatnot. Make them good against necrons because we all know the "machine god" is actually a necron.

>> No.18186166


>implying 40k isn't space fantasy

>> No.18186168

>Now where the vampires at?
The C'tan. The Vampire Counts of Space who ruled their Undead in Space. Who are now the Tomb Kings in Space with Vampire Auxiliaries.

>> No.18186181

Dark Eldar are the vampires.

>> No.18186182

They know people will buy it without a PDF because LOL Nostalgia.
Cause we really need ANOTHER Imperial Dex.
Al Sci Fi can be boiled down to space fantasy, all fantasy can be boiled down to science fiction. Welcome to the world of meaningless labels.

>> No.18186187

Also works.

>> No.18186190


because the AdMech are too awesome.

(also people would bitch about yet another Imperial army, even though the AdMech are more justifiable than most Space Marine codices. also instead of trying to get you to buy a Stompa, they could try to get you to buy a Knight or a Warhound. and they'd probably succeed at it more often.)

>> No.18186200


>They know people will buy it without a PDF because LOL Nostalgia.



>> No.18186205

Exactly. Dwarves in space just sounds silly; they have very strong bond with Earth itself as miners and such.

Genestealer Cult's concept, on the other hand, resembles Alien Movie (abduction of humans implanting its victims and so on - remember Space Hulk game?) so they fit as hell in Wh40k universe.

Oh, and their role isn't as some of you see, to sow confusion or overthrow local government (well, that too, but it isn't the most important role). It's a way to: a) breed genestealers, b) call home with a message: "yo, fags, we just found a full plate, come and eat!".

>> No.18186206

>Cause we really need ANOTHER Imperial Dex.
Hey the AM is really more an empire within an empire as portrayed in the fluff. They could definitely become really unique and stay pretty far enough away from other Imperial shit to be their own thing.

>> No.18186215

The Hive Fleets are drawn to psychic beacons. If a plaent has enough life on it, it will be a psychic beacon of biomass.

They Hive fleets are Galactus, the Cults are the Herald. Except, the Hive Fleets don't need the herald at all.

>> No.18186224

Or, if you want to do a Skitarrii Army, you just use the Imperial Guard codex.

They aren't as unique and interesting as you think. And they aren't marines, so, they won't get their own codex.

>> No.18186240

>They aren't as unique and interesting as you think
What do I think bro? Tell me, you seem to know.
>Legio Cybernetica
For one.
for another.
They have heaps of unique units and fluff and could have some cool as fuck HQ/special character units.

>> No.18186248

Oh, ok, so two things.
One of which would be a BIG MODEL reserved for armies that justify it on sales. See Orks, Marines, Guard.

I'm really sold on this not at all ill-conceived idea.

I totally see GW doing it. No, really. Cause it makes so much sense.

>> No.18186267

I simply suggested two things you asshat.
Legio Cybernetica would also have about 20 different fucking unit types in and of itself.
Can you think outside whats in front of your eyes at all?
Also the codex could delve deeper under what independence the AM has and what exactly is under fucking Mars.
The more you fight this, the more I'm getting ideas as to how this would be one of the better new armies to do.

>> No.18186276


I ain't the only one into this idea either.

>> No.18186299

Or, GW won't do it cause it's a gamble.

The only reason they did the Tau was the anime fad.

I just do realistically see it ever happening. No matter how furious you seem to get about it.

>> No.18186302

Fuck, do NOT see it.

>> No.18186315

I'm not furious.
I don't think its ever happening either, but no more than any other retarded ideas in this thread. They sure as hell won't bring back dwarves, and they can't really have a new race just pop up out of nowhere again.
So yeah, if they're gonna add anything why not this?

>These rules are experimental, written by Tim Huckleberry at Games Workshop.
>GW dude even wrote experimental minidex for them

Stay mad faggot

>> No.18186322

They not always are heralds - after first intrusion of Tyrannids (Hive Fleet Behemot) into Imperial Space, they left genestealers as an afterparty suprise - rebellions caused by genestealers attracted Hive Fleet Kraken, right? So, they are useful.

>> No.18186324

Coupled with the fact they're CLEARLY been building the public perception of the AM in recent years.
You know what, fuck it dude.
this IS happening, mark my words. In the next 4 years they'll announce it, stay tuned.

>> No.18186325

Because the AdMech isn't Marines and everything in their armies can be converted but run with the Imperial Guard rules.

There simply isn't enough scope or guarantee of returns for them to be a separate faction with a separate list.

Remember, they tried it with the Inquisition? Remember how that went down...?

>> No.18186333

Huckelberry also wrote genestealer cult 'dex BTW.

>> No.18186336

I would make adeptus mechanicus of the following units:

(Troops)Ad-Mech compatible Inquisitor units from Grey Knight Codex without the emperor religious theme.
(HQ)Tech Servitor Units from C:SM with a IG Tech Priest attached that removes the dumb rule.
(Elites)Thunderfire Cannons used by IG stat Tech Priests.
(HS)0-6 Sentinel Squads of every kind from IG to Imperial Armor types.
(FA)Drop Pod versions of each unit (2 sentinels, etc)

For every HQ add one tank unit that consists of 1-3 tanks from any loyalist codex. Any Imperial-codex transport can be taken aside from drop pods already listed in FA as long as the unit can fit inside.

Sounds fair enough guys? All stats remain unchanged.

>> No.18186338


oh yes: totally a pair of "sheds"
Please good sir, go suck a big bag of dicks

>> No.18186340

Through the divine will and fury of the Emperor. Please submit to execution, heretic.

>> No.18186341

No, how did that go down?
And there is plenty of scope, why do you keep saying there isn't? Just because you know fuck all about the mechanicus doesn't mean they don't have plenty of shit.
Like I said, they're damn near portrayed as their own faction in the fluff any way, seems logical for GW to take the next step. (logical as in, logical when compared to bringing back god damn dwarfs and genestealer cults as armies)

>> No.18186343

I could see Forge World doing an AdMech list. They already have Titans for the Apocalypse part. Plus the Titan crew and techpriest models.

So then they just need to pick a time when Orks/Chaos/Tyranids invaded a Forge World, and boom, there you go. Imperial Armour vol 23: The Imperium Loses Again, This Time A Planet-Sized Factory, Goddamn.

>> No.18186346

I'm curious, how it went down?

>> No.18186347

Maybe. But still not a big enough thing to justify their own army/codex. But sure, I could see them re-releasing some of the old cult models in finecast if only as web exclusives for Nostalgia.
We'll be lucky to even have new Sisters in the Next Four Years. They won't have an army of Mechanicus in that time. If they did, we'd already have leaks of the models because they'd be working on them right now. The next four years will be New/Reprinted Marine Codexes, Maybe Orks, Maybe New Tau as they'll be the four years after Sixth Ed. Stay Furious/Deluded.

>> No.18186348


Many people who create admech armies are happy just using the rules in the imperial guard codex or the grey knight codex, yes I am sure if GW could magically create a model line and a new codex for the admech no one would say no to it but GW can't if GW were to release a new army it would mean an already existing army will suffer for it, due to this many converters are contempt with actually having usable rules to represent their army.

>> No.18186350

No, you guys are totally missing the point.
I'm talking the AM own private robot/cyborg army.
Secret weapons only they really have. Tank types that are unique to them.
Think outside the square, jesus people.

>> No.18186359

We used to have Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters.

Now we have the Grey Wardex and a placeholder in White Dwarf.
Thou Furious.

>> No.18186361

As long as there is life, there will be chaos.

Necrons pop in and out of bloody nowhere.

Tyranids are just. too. many.

Everything else is doomed.

>> No.18186362

Lol I havent fucking touched 40K in about 5 years, I dont really give a shit. I'm just arguing with nerdson /tg/ for funzies.
I still think its the best new army idea presented so far though, i seriously do.
>pic related
Sif you wouldnt want this in your army

>> No.18186364

I am thinking custom-accepted. Not a full codex on par with the makeover of necrons.

Being able to take from multiple codexii alone is worthwhile. But how about this.

A turbo laser leman russ tank destroyer, D rules and everything.
Master of the Forge's Light Mass weaponry being common.
Having TechMarines available. And everything that implies.
Basilisk and Griffon Mortar dual artillery both can fire, slightly larger than chimera chassis.

Shit like that?

>> No.18186365

>the AM own private robot/cyborg army.
Skitarii. They're just guardsmen.
>Secret weapons only they really have.
Which they'd never field, Heresy and such.
>Tank types that are unique to them.
No such thing.
>Think outside the square, jesus people.
Box. Think outside the Box.

>> No.18186368

What the fuck is a wardex?
So what if they failed on their ass. They'll need a new army to attract new retards like you guys to a new army and make money.
Mechanicus will be that army, deal with it.

>> No.18186370

It really won't. If it were so, we'd already have early stage leaks. It's not happening. Certainly not any time soon.

And a "wardex" is a Codex by Ward.

Lurk Moar.

>> No.18186371

I wouldn't call your minds able to think outside a box, so I went with something more simple.
>heresy and such
Its meant to be a fucking private AM army doing private AM things. This is what I mean by thinking with your brains bro.
>No such thing.
So they make some genius.
And about new 20 other things

>> No.18186375

Who cares about the Admech anyways? Bloody hipsters all of you.

>> No.18186378

Well yeah you're kinda getting it now.
But even more retarded.
Like fucking black hole pistols.
And laser codpiece attachments.

>> No.18186379

Wow, you're really mad, it's sad.

Face it. There is neither demand nor scope for this. If there was - it would have been tried by now.

They haven't even done Chapter Approved or Citadel Journal armies of AdMech. They don't even have a single UNIT of metal/resin skitarii. Even FW haven't done it.

That seems to imply something.

>> No.18186381

Ad mech run the Imperium. They have all the nukes.

>> No.18186382

hay guise wats going on in this threa-

>Secret weapons only they really have.
>Which they'd never field, Heresy and such.

Uh. The AdMech are the guys who says what's Heresy and what's not when it comes to technology.

They could easily have, say, a Plasma Assault Cannon that doesn't Gets Hot!, and not hand it over to the Adeptus Munitorium because "This weapon's Machine Spirit requires extensive supplications which can only be given by those who have studied the mysteries of the Omnissiah for CENTURIES." or something.

They wouldn't even have to believe that, just say it so they can keep power for themselves.

>> No.18186389

So then it'll be completely fresh
And still keep with fluff properly

How about we meet back here in 4 years if you havent eaten yourself to a heart attack by then and we see?

>> No.18186391

Do I have a believer in the house?

>> No.18186396

More uncommon but still occasionally seen Mechanicus cybernetic augmentations include the:
Mind Impulse Unit (MIU) - The MIU is a direct neural link between a human brain and a larger piece of external machinery allowing control by thought alone as if the machinery was a part of the human's body. These are most commonly found in massive pieces of technology such as Titans, Knights and starships, and very rarely in a normal Tech-priest. Some rare Tech-priests may use an MIU to control a shoulder-mounted weapon or similar device.

Fucking suck on that big black cock faggot.

>> No.18186399

Except, they didn't.

And they were sold and created on the basis of the kids who liked 40K also liked anime now. So they did an anime army.

There is no similar parallel for cybernetic religious dudes.

In four years, we'll have had marine codexes regurgitated for sixth edition, 1-2 xenos at best.

Stay furious, it's amusing.

>> No.18186404

Binary Cortex - The Binary Cortex is created during an operation in which the brains of two Tech-priests are joined in one body. Usually used only when two Tech-priests study the same subject and otherwise align very well in their thinking.


>> No.18186412

Rite of Pure Thought - The Rite of Pure Thought is an operation which replaces the human brain's creative, emotional right half with a digital Cogitator (computer). This frees the Tech-priest of any remaining human emotion, basically turning him into a work-obsessed sociopath. However, this procedure is considered somewhat extreme even among the usually unsentimental Tech-priests.

Can reroll fucking everything for his whole army at least 3 time.

Stay fucking fat, its amusing

>> No.18186416

The MIU is sued by countless other groups within the Imperium. The Inquisition use it a lot. See =][=nquisitor - one of the very first models for it had an MIU linked self firing shoulder mounted psycannon. The MIU is not AdMech only. Far far from it.

>> No.18186421


Beat them? They're what the Emperor has been waiting for, and they've arrived just in time too.

>> No.18186424

They're they'd have a lot of it genius.
You could even have an army list of one fucking guy with two brains connected to fucking turrets
Like 30 fucking plasma turrets.
This is 40K as fuck.

>> No.18186428

Sound like great units which could be sold in boxes of plastic men.

Oh wait, no, it sounds like fluff that A) I already knew about and B) Doesn't support your stance of making them an army.

At best, maybe, a special character.

Oh wait, enginseers exist already.

>> No.18186430


>> No.18186440

They'd have like.
Floating fucking gun turrets controlled by fucking two brained fucking engineers with laser beams where their fucking COCKS used to be.
And tanks that shoot fucking super heated SHIT at people.

>> No.18186441


>They haven't even done Chapter Approved or Citadel Journal armies of AdMech. They don't even have a single UNIT of metal/resin skitarii. Even FW haven't done it.

>That seems to imply something.

They had AdMech stuff in 1e and 2e when they could just make shit up and if you wanted to play with it you had to build it yourself.

Then GW got all corporate and during 2nd edition switched over to the codex + line of miniatures model. Since they weren't, like, Hasbro, they had a pretty limited selection of armies for late 2e and 3e when 40k finally started to really come into its own.

And then, when they had the chance to introduce new armies, they added Tau, Dark Eldar and Necrons, because the Imperium already had the Guard and a buttload of Space Marines. Now, everything is established and resistant to change.

TL;DR GW probably won't make AdMech an actual army, but they probably won't introduce any new armies either. Forge World, on the other hand, has the freedom to do so, and at least some of their designers are interested in doing some more AdMech stuff than just Titans, eventually.

>> No.18186444

Someone needs a nap.

>> No.18186447

You have to remember that "winning" is no longer an option in 40k or fantasy. Both settings are set at, what is in effect, the end times. 40k and fantasy are about the last stands of what were once glorious and/or terrible empires.

In effect you don't "beat" the "big bads" in 40k and fantasy. You hold them back for as long as possible, so that a few more generations can live and die. The Imperial Guard hold the line. They can't hold the line forever, but they will force the enemys of man to pay a heavy toll in blood for every step, that they themselves are forced to take, towards oblivion.

In 40k and in fantasy the wolves are picking away at the edges as the Imperium/Empire of man slowly withers from old age and cancer.

>> No.18186450

Go fucking exercise shit cunt

This cunt just fucking stands there on the field throwing skulls at people he births in his fucking SKULL BIRTHING TANK.

>> No.18186452

Fuck you CAPTChA

>> No.18186454

He...doesn't agree with you...

You really need to calm down before you have an aneurysm or something.

>> No.18186464

Holy FUCK my asshole is so fucking puckered right now.

This guy has fucking extending pipes that fucking go into the ANUSES of enemies and pump them full of fucking OIL.


>> No.18186474





>> No.18186475

Tau continue to advance at their current rate.

They eventually develop sentient AIs, but don't screw it up like humans did. These AIs can themselves build better AIs, so they advance at an exponential rate.

The Tau are forced off their planets by the Tyranids, but simply begin living in large space-stations and spaceships, each controlled by one of their most powerful AIs.

The Ethereals step down, the caste system is recognised as out-of-date and gets broken up. Under the oversight of their machine-gods, technology surpasses that of the Necrons, and a surfeit of resources leads to a genuinely egalitarian, utopian society, in which all sentient life is welcome.

The Tyranids are incapable of keeping up with the extreme speed at which the Tau are now capable of constructing robotic weapons of war, and the hive fleets collapse. The orks are soon exterminated too. Humanity and the Eldar are convinced to join up peacefully. Finally, even the Necrons are destroyed. With the galaxy finally in a state of peace, the Chaos gods lose their power and fade away into nothing.

Tau: 1
Galaxy: 0

>> No.18186476


>calm down

how can you be calm at a time like this? this time.....is THE WOLF TIME


>> No.18186478



>> No.18186493

I'd find a progressive AdMech Magos doing this much more likely than the tau - the ethereals seem to have some sort of control over the lesser castes and would probably not let that go in any case.

>> No.18186496




>> No.18186509



>> No.18186511


>>They eventually develop sentient AIs, but don't screw it up like humans did.

This is where you fucked up. AIs always go rogue.
What the Tau really need to do is team up with the Eldar. The Tau act as the meatshields of the Eldar and get access to the Webway in exchange.

>> No.18186525




>> No.18186539




>> No.18186540

okay who let honey badger on /tg/

>> No.18186552


>> No.18186560



>> No.18186570

>Admech would basically be exactly like the imperial guard.

Fuck you, more Xenos shit, fuck humans theyare the most boring shit in the entire setting.

>> No.18186580


Use the fucking necrons book, it gives you everything you want.

>> No.18186593




>> No.18186598

They even talk like AdMech, what with all their going on about efficiency and parameters.

>> No.18186602

yelling doesn't make your delusions any more true.

(I know you don't care and are happy in your little world, I'm just giving you something to respond to as you post)

>> No.18186612





>> No.18186614

>more Xeno shit

Why? They're stupid and boring.

>> No.18186638

The Chapter comes first.

>> No.18186645



>> No.18186659




>> No.18186665


>> No.18186669

The AdMech are the most deserving current faction for a codex. But I think there's enough codexes already, maybe if they squat the sisters.

>> No.18186681



If that was true someone might care, but you can't, so they don't.


But you don't know how they work, you just think if you chant, burn incense and press the right glowy bits in the order you think is right it might destroy your enemies.

Face it, you guys are just cargo cult science writ large. The Tau went from sharp sticks to superior firearms in less time than it took you guys too...uh...well you guys haven't actually done anything in that time. Must suck being worse than those blue faggots.

>> No.18186686


>> No.18186689

yeah okay, except you're wrong.

I mean, that guy's a twat, which is worse, but you're still wrong.

>> No.18186690

>another imperial codex
>oh wow

>> No.18186700



>> No.18186715



>> No.18186724



>> No.18186735

Man, you toaster lovers are all the same.



>> No.18186736



>> No.18186740



>> No.18186748

Wow, that line work is . . . terrible.

>> No.18186754


>Use the fucking necrons book, it gives you everything you want.

>Initiative 2 on EVERYTHING

>> No.18186764

Motherfucking tentacles give the admech an initiative of 8.

>> No.18186785


>Sector 51
>Portis Cthulhus

>> No.18186826


If I may rebut, Sir.

The first example states "..devised by analysis of ancient, possibly alien, vessels..."
So...copying shit that works.

The second example deals mostly with ship designs, which is something new granted but still hardly an accomplishment. I would need to see more about "superfired plasma" before conceding the point.

The third example: The Ragnarok's "development" seems to be taking a highly advanced tank and making it less advanced..which is very AdMech, however it doesn't say the AdMech had anything to do with it's creation.

Fourth example: A magos made a baneblade without out all the cool baneblade features. Otherwise known as a really big Leman Russ.

Conclusion: While I perhaps overstated it by saying NONE of the AdMech ever innovate, I still feel the spirit of the message stands true

>> No.18186878

There was also that one brand new ship class that AdMech designed, but the plans for it were stolen by chaos in transport and now DarkMech uses them.

The despoiler class(also a chaos vessel) was also invented in the 36th millenium
there are probably more

>> No.18186887

Mechanically the Tyrant's plasma batteries are more energy-hungry versions of Murder's plasma batteries, which are considered lost technology - Tyrants need salvaged weaponry from Chaos ships to make their long-range punch more threatening to anything larger than an escort. Murders which were the mainline cruiser during the Imperium's early days accomplished that straight off the dock.

Acheron, the testbed ship, turned out to be Chaos and that definitely put an end to that particular program.

>> No.18186910


I can second this, some members within the adeptus mechanicus will have some key understanding of how technology works but GW have stated that many old pieces of technology are irreplaceable, so their understanding does have its limits.

>> No.18186930

Thats what the Adeptus mechanicus want you to think, fucknuts.

>> No.18186934


Those seem like examples of the AdMech using existing technologies in new ways and not the development of new (to the AdMech at least) technologies. Perhaps I should say that the AdMech does not invent but do show infrequent signs of creativity.

>> No.18186971


Y'all niggaz be fucked.

Especially Tau.

>Imagine if genestealers managed to infect ethereals.

>> No.18186982

AdMech does invent stuff every once in a while, but progress is slow, and for good reason. Entire ship classes were scrapped because something about their geometry made them succeptible to chaos. Now, imagine making a tank like that and them mass producing it on a galactic scale
Yeah, you're fucked, so you better spend 400 years testing, blessing, poking and prodding every innovation you ever come up with.
AdMech may be a bunch of religious nuts that have no idea what they are doing, but they are a product of a world where everything and it's dead grandmother is trying to kill you, rape you, burn you and then rape the ashes. A more progressive approach would just get them all eaten.
The only 2 reasons why the tau get away with it are their weak souls and their minuscule size - nobody gives a fuck about the tau and they are going to get fucked in the skin when a major chaos warband takers note of them.

>> No.18187082


But they already killed a chaos god! Didn't you hear that they killed Slaanesh?

>> No.18187089

It all goes back to 40k's origins, where Eldar were glam rockers, and Squats were bikers. But Chaos took the direction Squats should've gone (full metalhead), and merged it with Eeevil for extra coolness points. That left Squats with nowhere to go but dorf dorf dorf.

>> No.18187151


>The Tau went from sharp sticks to superior firearms in less time than it took you guys too...uh...well you guys haven't actually done anything in that time.

Partially because the IoM and AdMech are already so fucking far ahead of the Tau that it's not even funny. Humanity has LOST more knowledge than the Tau has entirely. They have more as it is. Not to mention during the DAoT where they'd make the Tau look like fucking cavemen (even with current Tau tech, DAoT humanity was superior in every way).

>> No.18187155


Does anyone have the source for tau having small/weak souls?

>> No.18187181


They have little to no presence in the warp. So, that kinda says it all. You can find it in their codexes and even Lexicanum and other wiki articles on them. That's even why they have to "skip" on top of the warp and can't travel very far or fast.

>> No.18187186

>Given their limited exposure to the Warp, the Tau found it difficult to comprehend the hallucinogenic effects it had on other races and the terrible threat it could represent to psykers. Such talents were a mystery to the Tau as they had no psychic abilities whatsoever, their minds barely even registering in the Warp at all.
- Codex: Tau Empire

>> No.18187402

Huh? their soul presence is not related to their warp drives(well, not directly, anyway)
Their method ow warp travel is sorta like playing in the coastal shallows of a sea - they "skip" of the warp, but do not actually immerse their ships into it fully. If they did, the demons would eat them because I'm pretty sure that they don't have gellar fields or their equivalent.

I read somwhere that they tried to reverse engineer IoM full warp immersion drives, but the said "nah, fuck this, too many tentacles" and scrapped the whole project.

>> No.18187429

found it

"Achieving transition to the Warp required more than technology, it required psychically attuned minds and the Tau race boasted no psykers. Without them to guide the transition no amount of power could breach the dimensional barriers. The best the Tau could do was make a partial transition, forcing themselves into the void that separated Warp space and real space before they were hurled out again like a ball held under water then released."

>> No.18187559

What a crappy inefficient way of doing things.

>> No.18187943

Just enslave some human psykers. Here. Problem solved.

>> No.18187958

Blue Skined Weaboos can't even travell through the warp on their own.

Also, AdMech > Everything else but the Imperium which they are totally loayal to and don'T plan on overthrowing

>> No.18187977

You still need navigators and the navigator houses would go ballistic if the tau menaged out to pull off that one.

You could go for short calculated jumps, but that is incredibly complex technology that concerns the warp(that they don't know squat about) and even then, they would only get a minor speed boost and increase the risk by several orders of magnitude because they would have to go through hell without a guide and without gellar fields.
So, yeah, fuck that, too many tentacles.

>> No.18187986

not only do the Tau have absolutely no idea what the Warp is about.. they have no defences, no contingencies to protect themselves like the Imperium or other races do

>jumping into the warp without a navigator or a gellar field while having an unsanctioned psyker strapped in the bridge
this is the best plan ever

>> No.18187987

I'm just saying that if Tau get their filthy hands on warp engine, they can hire and/or enslave human psykers to guide them through the warp.

>> No.18188002

I really don't get why everyone is so sure this puts them in the cosmic shitter. It's been stated that they go 1/6th of the speed of Imperial ships... It's like comparing a bicycle to a car. Sure, they've goofy slow. But the Imperium is running out of gas (specifically, the Astronomicon), and when they do, suddenly the bike goes a whole lot faster than walking.

Besides, they can still hitchhike with those pale skinny guys when they really REALLY need to get there on time, that always works out just fine... Right?

>> No.18188004


But, most psykers undergo "soulbinding" and extensive indoctrination, so one joining the Tau seems rather unlikely, more so considering that they are kept under constant guard.

And an unsanctioned psyker...yeah

>> No.18188042

if the astronomican dies, the emp is dead too

if the emp is dead, chaos eats everything, tau included

>> No.18188051

> But the Imperium is running out of gas (specifically, the Astronomicon), and when they do, suddenly the bike goes a whole lot faster than walking.
actually, the Imperium is plenty capable of doing the same method of "warp hops" the tau do. It's how Solar Macharius managed to get so far out into the rim

the reason why they DON'T do that? They have to move fast, and hops are far too slow. There's a million worlds to save and only so many hours in the day. They don't have the luxury of taking the safer, more stable route

>> No.18188122


>>Partially because the IoM and AdMech are already so fucking far ahead of the Tau that it's not even funny.

and it's not even true. The IoM/AdMech tech does not out perform Tau on average and trends to being inferior.

>>Humanity has LOST more knowledge than the Tau has entirely. They have more as it is. Not to mention during the DAoT where they'd make the Tau look like fucking cavemen (even with current Tau tech, DAoT humanity was superior in every way).

Okay lets look at a piece of DAoT Tech: Land Raider, a vehicle that could easily be destroyed by the Tau's Main Battle Tank.

>> No.18188174

>a piece of DAoT Tech: Land Raider
it actually isn't. It's based on an incomplete STC

and even then; the Land-Raider is about a thousand times more versatile than the Hammerhead

>> No.18188206

Humans find a blueprint for tractors, they turn it into one of the best Main Battle Tanks in the galaxy

Tau find an almost complete warp enging, they can't even build something with half the effectiveniss of the original

>> No.18188228


>The IoM/AdMech tech does not out perform Tau on average and trends to being inferior.

How do you figure that?

>Okay lets look at a piece of DAoT Tech: Land Raider, a vehicle that could easily be destroyed by the Tau's Main Battle Tank.

And that's based on incomplete STC texts, and based on farming equipment. The mere fact that what amounts to a futuristic tractor could be modified enough to give the Tau a hard time. They're cheap, easily replaceable, and built to last and be able to endure a ton of different terrains/conditions.

Plus, it can be used for much more than just war, seeing as it's a tractor with guns on it. The Land Raider can be replaced easily and be used for a variety of things under a wide variety of circumstances due to the varied worlds the Imperium holds. Tau tech? Far more expensive, less versatile, and is less likely to work under half of the conditions your typical Land Raider does.

>> No.18188301

>and based on farming equipment
whoah, buddy. You're mistaking the Land Raider for the Russ

the Raider IS based on incomplete STC texts, but it's specifically based on the designs of a -battle tank-

>> No.18188323

Not a taufag but :
> based on incomplete STC texts
> based on farming equipment
NO !
> They're cheap, easily replaceable
Oh, excuse me, I didn't see you were talking about rhino.

>> No.18188352

did someone just compare tau technology to dark age of mankind human technology?

That's fucking hilarious.

One ark mechanucus + support fleet could level the entire tau communist empire in a couple of years, and humanity actually MOVED THE SOLAR SYSTEM during the dark age of technology

And, don't forget, if the tau, by some stroke of plot/luck(for that is how they have survived so far) actually drive mankind into desperate tactics, AdMech will just reactivate the iron men out of spite and let them kill everyone - EVERYONE in the galaxy. eldar, orks, nids, humans, tau, kroot, fuck, everyone except maybe chaos, and that's because they have hax.

>> No.18188410

Where do all these /tg/ fanfictions concerning DAoT come from?

Moved the solar system?

Ark Mechanicus (somewhat better than a standard Imperial battleship) could match a fleet of xenos?

Dat be horseshit, nowhere in rulebooks or black library can that be found, and Black Library has some serious shit like Spore Mines that capture Space Marines and drag them off stage.

>> No.18188418

Stop that, this is getting ridiculous.

>> No.18188531

The only one I see is the re-activation of the Iron Men. This however, would probably also end up destroying all organic life in the galaxy any way.

>> No.18188545

I thought the STC for the Iron Men were destroyed when it was found that they were tainted by chaos?

>> No.18188577


>>How do you figure that?

Standard Battle Rifle: Pulse Rifle vs. Lasgun - Tau > IoM
Standard Armor: Fire Warrior armor vs. Flak Jackets - Tau > IoM
Elite Armor: Battlesuit vs. Power Armor - Tau > IoM
Standard Troop Transport: Devilfish vs. Rhino/Chimera - Tau > IoM

>> No.18188581


Admech has no real AI's or iron men. Gaunt found one chaos-corrupted constructor, but a chaos iron man is basically just a Chaos Android similar to those routinely created by Chaos Squats in the Eye of Terror.

Iron Men haven't made any large-scale appearences, presumably they are mostly gone. 5th edition Necron codex suggests Necron total numbers might be enough to face Tyranids though, as there apparently are millions of tomb worlds and enough crons to overthrow all other powers in the galaxy should they wake up and unite.

>> No.18188614


You're both overestimating the Iron Men. Yes, they were enough to plunge the Imperium into an age of darkness, but we need to keep in mind that the Imperium is just one (albeit powerful) faction in the 40K universe. The reality is that even if they were somehow to all be activated simultaneously right now, their numbers have dwindled greatly and their weapons tech has likely been made largely obsolete in the years since their imprisonment.

At best, their activation would result in the creation of a new minor faction in the universe. But then, we already have all the endless machine legion we'll need from the Necrons, so it would be totally pointless.

>> No.18188623

logistics, buddy

Tau outfit a couple dozen worlds

the Imperium outfits thousands upon thousands of worlds

There are likely more Stormtroopers in the Imperium than there are living Tau in the galaxy

>> No.18188627

samefag here
that line about moving the solar system turned out to be unconfirmed rumors i ran across on the interwebs a few times, sorry about that.

I stand by the ark+suppfleet against the tau, however.
those support fleets are kinda big

And, yes, i know that the iron men would kill the guys who release them, and they know it too, it's one last fuck you to the galaxy if they lose.

>> No.18188649

>if the emp is dead, chaos eats everything, tau included

>> No.18188673


Oh, absolutely, but having a billion lasguns doesn't make the lasgun superior tech to the Pulse Rifle

>> No.18188680

the iron men are the only faction capable of von noumanning that I know of, but I'm not sure about the necrons.

The nids are also arguably von neuman machines if you look at it from a certain angle, but they need biomass, while the iron men can make more of themselves out of almost anything.

If the iron men are seed AI, then nothing can stop them.

>> No.18188696

the Imperium has more Plasma Guns than the Tau Empire has pulse rifles

bringing averages into play when you're comparing two wildly different sized empires is retarded.

>> No.18188703


Iron Men capabilities haven't been listed, and we know they had only effect on humanity, not to the other significant races of the time like Eldar or Orks. Even against humans they failed.

Von neumanning and other fan speculations of what Iron Men did are also entirely noncanonical.

>> No.18188721

How do we know iron man are lolevil ? (beside being 40k)
How do we know they haven't perfectly right reasons to rise against mankind ?
Not saying they should but we just know some legend about them being mass murder machine, right ?.
How do we know they were all about "suffer not the living to ... live" ?
The whole terminator kill bot thing look kind of boring to me. Did I miss a source ?

>> No.18188780


>>the Imperium has more Plasma Guns than the Tau Empire has pulse rifles


>>bringing averages into play when you're comparing two wildly different sized empires is retarded.

...I'm not comparing empires. I'm comparing the relative technological levels of two pieces of equipment with the same purpose. The actual number of these devices is irrelevant for this comparison.

>> No.18188804

>How do we know iron man are lolevil ? (beside being 40k)

Because 40k.

>How do we know they haven't perfectly right reasons to rise against mankind ?

Because they are evil robots.

>Not saying they should but we just know some legend about them being mass murder machine, right ?.

Legend and reality.

>How do we know they were all about "suffer not the living to ... live" ?

That's more of a Dark Crusade Necron.

>The whole terminator kill bot thing look kind of boring to me. Did I miss a source ?

This is what they look like.

>> No.18189046

A pulse carabine is a weak, but stable plasma gun.

Now, compare one of those to a standard issue plasma gun or a master crafted plasma gun, or a best quality plasma gun. Even a standard issue plasma gun is stable unless you set the power to max and shoot too quickly.

What I'm trying to say is, the AdMech has better, more versatile and stronger technology, but their knowledge of it is not quite complete, so some of it is unreliable.

The high level magos, however, can and do make best quality plasma guns regularly.

now, the second thing you need to understand is that the lasgun is the standard weapon of the imperium not only because it's more stable and cheaper to build, but also because the imperial guard uses lots and lots of ammunition, and lasgun powerpacks recharge for free.

You have a strange definition of relative technological skill.
Admech has a gun that is more reliable, cheaper to build, cheaper to maintain, lasts longer(lasguns last for a VEEEERY long time), easier to modify and you can overcharge it.
The only tradeoff is that it doesn't hit as hard.
As far as I'm concerned, a lasgun is more advanced then the pulse carabine.

the same can be said about armor - AdMech's armor is more cost effective then tau armor, and, as far as I'm concerned, that means it's more technologicaly advanced.

If you want to compare the brute power of individual pieces of equipment, just take a look at a terminator suit and all the gadgets inside it.

>> No.18189095

i feel like 'm getting trolled. dwarves in space makes PERFECT sense. much more so than ogryns... (a giant, lumbering body would be more sensible for resource rich, low gravity worlds).

space provides the freedom as well as the necessity to explore, create and be protective of one's harvest and family. the harshness of space and high gravity worlds favors bio modification; for smaller, stronger, more hardy and more agile bodies, and a more discerning, stubborn, creative and clannish intellect.

in fact, i would say that the dwarves are the MOST sensible faction in all of 40k -and all the better that they're scots; to pay homage to the first modern western philosophers who preach the values of freedom and liberty from tyrrany; hume, hutcheson, locke, smith...

aye, the great ancestor spirits from tens of millenia ago still lead the squats today, as they now traverse the endless void...

>> No.18189115

>> No.18189119

>> No.18189134

what are the demiurg? a bunch of tough, insular, esoteric, space dwelling engineer dwarfs, ekeing out an existance in the void between planets, shipping precious cargo and heretek -as unique as they are effective-, in the blackest market between stars and civilizations; all to survive another millenium ON THEIR OWN and by their own merirs and reckoning, to pursue fortune or a blood grudge against the nids and orks...

they are MEN; who live by HONOR, courage, intellect and tactical skill.

the tyranids didn't destroy the squats, they FREED them from the stranging grasp of the imperium. now as free men, the demiurg can pursue wealth, discovery and creation, far from the judgemental and greedy eyes of terra and mars ...

>> No.18189138

>> No.18189146

>> No.18189160

heretek? where be ye learnt such gobshite-blatherskite? och, ancestor knows, the bigger they is, the dumber they be...

what... be this notion of heretek? a false and cowardly idea to enslave and control us; we inheritors of purpose, reason, creativity and exploration! nae, there is only need, intellect and the will to create -and the reckoning or our ancestor spirits, of course- to forge a productive and useful path forward...

daemon engines? chaos spirits? renegade ai? BAH! just mysticism and sophistry... they be only stories from fearful children whose large bodies belie tiny, little noggins, housing blithering stupid minds. if it glimmers in the imagintion, then so it must be made; mars be damned! cor blimey, what are sense and reason if not tools to apply our will? the techpriests of mars faff about, hackin' off their own willies to solder on some new drill mount or work surface -much more like a chopping block for the abbatoir of ideas that is the bureaucracy of the mechanicus... nae, the techpriests of mars cannae guide us to prosperity; only the ancestor spirits and our own free minds can be an agency for the demiurg...

what is the imperium but conscription and taxation? they do not care about purpose and reason or creation and discovery; freedom and exploration are their anathema; they spit in the eyes of our forefathers! they are enslavement!

the shadow in the warp has freed us! no longer must we pay servitude to giants whose hands and feet are bigger than their heads!

we are free!

>> No.18189165

>> No.18189175

>> No.18189183

>> No.18189193

what is the true measure of a man? is it his physical height? NO! rather, it is the power of his intellect, the scope of his vision, the clutch of his will and the breadth of his imagination! no imperial citizen -save for the emperor himself, who sadly lay undead upon the golden throne- could have a vision so capable as to lead us, the demiurg... nae, not even the tech magos of mars have the vision to lead us; we explorers, we innovators, we...

...GET YE GRUBBY GIANT PAWS OFF ME MODULES, YE CLUMSY OAF! touch me tech again and i'll claim ye fingers for staining me ancestor's work with ye foul pig-mud grease... och, landlubbers; nae respect...

>> No.18189202

d'ye doubt me tactical sense, lad? ... these eyes have seen the chemical bonding between molecules. these hands have claimed treasures hoarded from civilizations long forgotten... this nose has smelt scents ye have never even dreamt of. these ears have heard the cacophonous symphony roarin' and chimin' from the very stars... this beard i've been growin' since afore ye were even a thought, and this mind has driven me and me kin and the remains of me forefathers aboard this wrecking ship, since repurposed and redesigned as me 'Per Desiderata,' through the eyes of a wormhole naught but a mere 600 meters across! nae, don't doubt me scoutin' skill, lad. now rest ye giant tree trunk legs up on on that deactivated adjunct console and relax ye feeble mind. ol' grognax thunderbreather will guide us through the storm...

>> No.18189211

for strength, for life, for wealth and for FREEDOM, we will forge a path across the stars, and do what we will to be done! forward, HO!

>> No.18189228

So "new squat dex" thread ?

>> No.18189600

Actually fairly efficient, but not very effective.
You're not needing an astropathic chorus, navigator, navigator quarters, gellar fields, aetheric augurs, nor need you deal with all the horrors of warp travel, from cabin-fever to greater daemonic incursions.

You will get there. You will get there safely, you will get there in a smaller ship, with a less equipment that's of no use in realspace, with a smaller crew, fewer contingency systems to deal with potential weeks or months caught within the warp.

But, its less effective, not just more efficient. You'll get there far, far slower. Without as huge a vessel backing you.

>> No.18189748

And, by the time you safely get there, the guys who put out the distress call are dead and the world is being converted to chaos.

Their method of travel and communication is simply far too slow to maintain an interstellar empire.

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