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Hey /tg/. I've seen many threads about this and I thought I'd ask.

How do you feel about female PCs, on a personal level? What I've seen on /tg/ so far is:


-Female PCs are usually deeper and more developed.
-Add more roleplay scenes.
-Usually have motivations beyond "KILL AND LOOT", and their sexuality is not as simple as ale and whores.


-Female PCs are usually fap fantasies or waifus
-It destroys realism and adds stuff like chainmail bikinis and armor dresses.
-It is creepy to play with a guy who pretends to be a girl.

So, how you feel /tg/? I've saw many replies saying "I play her like she was a guy", but if that's the case, why play a female in first place? Why not just play a guy from the start?

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every point you just made made me rage, pro and con

10/10 would froth at the mouth again

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We don't need this thread again

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>-Female PCs are usually deeper and more developed.
Are these anatomical jokes? Otherwise you make no sense.

>-Add more roleplay scenes.
Did you misspell "rape scenes"?

>-Usually have motivations beyond "KILL AND LOOT", and their sexuality is not as simple as ale and whores.
It is when they're being played by an "ale and whores" player.

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What I mean is that often female PCs have a desire to prove themselves on an usually masculine enviroment.

While for a guy it may be "I'm going to the kobold cave to see what I can loot" for a girl it can be "I am going to the kobold cave to prove my fate is not to be just a housewife"

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Every point is an argument I've seen used over and over again. The last one was the armor dress and how it was just as unrealistic as a chainmail bikini.

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>Armor dress

There some perfectly fine stuff out there, nothing wrong with displaying a bit of feminity with armor.

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I play her like she was a woman, even though I'm a guy (although I'm very pretty and slender for a man, dunno if it has anything to do with this). I'm not insecure about my masculine side, so it's not too hard to imagine myself as a woman. When I RP a girl, I assume I am more sensitive (in a not-annoying way), fearful, artistic and diplomatic. My girl characters are not my sexual obsessions, and I wouldn't desire them in any way.

I take sexual content very mildly with my characters. It is part of the game to sometimes experience sexism when playing the role of a girl. On the other hand, I frequently exploit the charisma and charms of the particular girl I play as.

Hey. Didn't ancient greek actors play the parts of women sometimes since actual females were not allowed as part of the act? I think it takes a lot of balls to play the part of a woman if you're a man.

Then again, I've never experienced first hand a guy roleplaying his sexual fantasies. I can imagine it, and would probably give him his pleasure. I don't care much either way.

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All trolling aside, do people seriously have problems with female PCs? Seriously? wtf...

Or perhaps I just mysteriously stumbled from one sensible group to another by sheer luck.

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For lots of people here closest thing to /tg/-experience are badly made up horror stories, so they base their views on them. Also trolls, trolls everywhere.

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I have no problems with female characters played by men, my brother usually plays women and we have never had:
- Rape
- Fapfic/Wafisu
- Any problems with it benig creepy, as we are there to only have fun

In conclusion, /tg/ is just being butthurt by something that most lilely never happened.

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I have a hard time imagining this too. No one in our group has ever even questioned this, though particular players always seem to play males. I really dont see the problem someone else's preference of character might impose.

It seems incredibly childish and immature to denounce someone over this, while you're in a world where you may play with half-dragons and goblins and vampires.

If the character is very bad and does stupid things, then it's a whole different matter, but this kind of behauvior is not gender-specific.

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Glad it's not just me then. My groups have always had at least one or two female PCs and it's never caused a single issue.

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This is the penalty for blatant trolling.

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it is just as bad if girls play male characters?

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rolled 16 = 16



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Boku no Battle Angel Alita.

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>-Usually have motivations beyond "KILL AND LOOT",
but i'm playing a barbarian! i'm supposed to be killy and looty! that's what expected of me!
>and their sexuality is not as simple as ale and whores.
and if they are lesbians what? uh? check mate fag.

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I assume you mean guys playing female PC's based on some of the pros and cons and not just female PC's in general.

This thread is WAY too common and the absolute truth is that if you have to ask, if this really makes any difference at all and requires the slightest hint of consideration, then don't do it. Its not for you... for one reason or another.

That's not an insult. Its just a fact. Some folks know its not for them or their group and they're not lesser for it. Some people handle it seamlessly and they're not better for it. Its just how it is.

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I have played two female characters. I am a guy.

The first was a sister of battle that had taken a vow to only communicate with gestures, written word or song until she finished her training and became a full sister of battle.

It was really fun even though the GM was kinda of a tool and our inquisitor kept giving us undercover espionage or puzzle type of missions to a group with a guardsman, sister of battle and a cleric whose only motivation was to hit people with a giant hammer and get followers. This lead to some awkward moments as my character was intelligent, shy, withdrawn and possess a burning fury toward all heretics.

I didn't play her as a guy, in fact a few times I had use what little feminine wiles I had while undercover. I think that game was one of my best experiences role playing. We never crossed the borders that would make things fetishy. There was always a job that needed to be done and we would just go and do it. Gender really just never mattered much in 40k.

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Battle Angel Alita.

Go read it. Nice story, nice setting. It's pretty long, though (original story is continued in "Last Order", which is something like 20 volumes by now, in addition to the original 5).

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The next time I made a female character was for a game based of the show misfits. The GM didn't want us to watch the show first and wound up ruining the GM's plans to get the group together by proving our innocence as opposed covering things up with the corrections officer guy. He also didn't tell use what our super powers and they would only activate on specific triggers so it went from gritty superhero game to boring as fuck slice of life with a bunch of poor delinquents.

I was playing a kind of reformed party girl with a heart of gold type and wasn't adverse to sleeping with people. So after killing a guy is self defense and then thinking my mom got taking into hostage and having no money I kind of break down, have a cry, then decide to go out partying and sleep have a one night stand. It was just fade to black but, it was all once boring as hell to play a 19 year old girl as well as so drama filled to be irritating. All that game did was make me glad to have been born a man.

So, I think that really its a matter of what people enjoy playing and can realistically depict. In both cases, based off the archetypes I was going for, the other players though I did a pretty good job of playing a believable woman, and that they were more human than most of the male characters I've played.

That what I think about what I've done.

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Actually the original is 9 volumes and Last Order is currently at 15 or 16.

But Last Order got really shitty in my opinion after volume 11, and the series was my favourite mango before that.

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>but i'm playing a barbarian! i'm supposed to be killy and looty! that's what expected of me!

No. Maybe you are the daughter of a barbarian chieftain who wants to prove she can be a worthy heir, and the despair it brings.

>and if they are lesbians what? uh? check mate fag.

Most lesbians don't care about whores. In fact lesbians are the group who cares less about sex and more about non sexual interaction. If you play a female PC as a lesbian who just wants pussy you are the very definition of a creepy THATGUY whose only idea of females comes from porn.

Either way, I am glad to know people like you will never have a real game-

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I've played an even mix of male and female PC's. I play them both pretty much the same way, and I've never been in an ERP. The only difference I've noticed is that one other play basically glare at me for the entire first session when I first played a female PC with him in the party. He stopped after he realized it wasn't a big deal.

Actually, the most sexual thing that ever happened in roleplaying with me was when I was playing a guy. Through a long series of convoluted events, he wound up having something like 30 charisma at level 12. I rolled a nat 20 on a maxed out diplomacy check to get a guard to let the party into the city. Said guard jizzed in his pants because the youtube video of the same name was at the peak of its popularity at the time and the DM thought it would be funny. Everyone had a good laugh at it.

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When I make a character, I flip a coin for gender.

Then I play the character.

It doesn't make any difference whatsoever.

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What if I played a homosexual male?

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That character sounds cute. Ever thought about having him genderswapped?

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>Usually have motivations beyond "KILL AND LOOT", and their sexuality is not as simple as ale and whores.

Clara Andersson, CN female human barbarian, aspires to nothing greater than killing goblins and taking everything they own from uncut precious stones to filthy weevil-infested rations, and her sexuality is as simple as saving gold for a dowry when she's ready to retire from adventuring.

Also, as far as how she dresses goes, she hasn't bothered upgrading from the peasant's outfit she wore to work when she was still level 0. Now she just wears cheap-ass chainmail over a blouse and ankle-length skirt.

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"ale and whores"

i once played as a viking who's father forced him to rape a woman when he was a child. he was so traumatized that when he received a slave girl as a gift in Katapesh he apologized to her and freed her, trained her to use a sword and then gave her his sword. the rest of the party thought i was insane for role playing a male character with such a deficient sexuality and guilt ridden disposition towards useless NPCs, but i was adamant that my character would make the story better. maybe i could have done better in that respect by playing a smarter character, but i still had fun trolling everyone involved.

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Whenever I see these threads

I see you trying to be reasonable

It doesn't make any difference whatsoever.

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actually, the most use he got out of the drugs and whores was when he captured an enemy npc, drugged him and left him in a gay whore house, then watched from the shadows while he woke up and promptly freaked the fuck out. good times.

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I don't think there's anyone I game with who hasn't played the opposite gender at least on occasion. It's never been an issue.

The OP's pros and cons seem to be based on some pretty blatantly sexist assumptions. Mostly anti-male oddly enough.

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I have never played a female character in my life.

And this is coming from a guy who is rather feminine looking and enjoys crossdressing.

I have just noticed this and am surprised.

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I've personally never played a female character. Had one I wanted to play once, though.

I was rolling up Dark Heresy characters for shits and managed to randomly roll a 40 BS Cleric named Merica.

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What if you just suck at playing male characters convicingly since you're a female or a feminine guy or transgendered or whatever? Obviously the former would bug no-one, but the others?

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I actually wish more people played female PC's.

>It destroys realism and adds stuff like chainmail bikinis and armor dresses.

Only if players are fucking retards. Or you play shit like D&D.

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>how do I feel about Female PCs
Coin flip during character creation. I'll work out the specifics of their temperament after I roll up everything, but strictly speaking I don't particularly care whether someone plays male or female characters. What I DO care about is when someone acts like a retard consistently.

this thread is bad and you should feel bad OP

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>>-Usually have motivations beyond "KILL AND LOOT"

I play mostly RT and DW, so most people's motivation is either kill or kill and loot.

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is THIS what you wanted to see? I hoe you are fucking happy now!

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I never played a female caracter as i strongly identify myself to the different PC i m playing. But i played with some female PC and generaly, i was not displeased. It wasn't really good but my mates did not use any cliché. Strangely, it was when a girl played a female pc that it was a bit more cliché.

In the end, i just dislike the manga type girl. If it is well played with realism, i can enjoy it. For exemple, playing with an adepta sororitas should be really fun but i guess we must never sexualised this caracter!

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WTF am I looking at

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... I have prided myself on finding the worst the internet has to offer and fapping to it on a daily basis for the past 8 years.

This is the worst thing I have ever seen. I'm not saving it, and will now try to forget it exists.

captcha: 1526, itsmad

yes captcha, I very mad.

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Internet's over. Everyone go home.

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>those misleading first couple of panels

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Fuck you, I had managed to forget about that.

Fuck you and your mother and I hope you have to support the resulting baby.

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I'm a winner. I'm a survivor. I remember the original /g/.

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I glanced at that and read "Brown Out"

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Maybe I'm just dense. But, I have no idea what the fuck is actually going on in that comic.

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>every fucking time

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I have two female players in my group one is my girl freind and the other is our Gm's girl freind. They caught on quickly never haveing played any sort of paper and pencil before. They still have trouble here and there but they role play well. We are all really good freinds so no rape scenes and I guess a bit of Waifu is going on with my girl freinds character for me Female Dwarven cleric of gaia Dem hips Dat ass.

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it's a comics about samus soiling herself

it's, like, five pages long, but it's not finished yet

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I am sending a boxing spider to kill you.

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That is the most terrible thing.

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That's it? That's what I thought except I dismissed it because I thought you guys wouldn't be freaking the hell out over something that simple.

>> No.18187192

I think that they're freaking out because they can't wrap their minds around the possibility of a skilled illustrator having fetishes, much less fetishes that aren't theirs.

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Is that it? In that case, /d/ called. They're saying you guys are pussies.

>> No.18187238


This is /tg/, we completly freak out and nerdrage when characters are having their personalities and motivations butchered.

This is like... the opposite of who Samus is.

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other M

Also, it's the appeal.

>> No.18187278

Most of us only go to /d/ for monstergirl and musclegirl threads, sorry. Watersports and daipers just aren't our thing.

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Why do think fans raged at Other M from the moment it was announced? We knew damn well it was the start of Samus getting turned into just another oversexed female vidya character.

>> No.18187294

the start?

what about the endings where we could see her in a bikini?

what about the zero suit?

tst tst tst

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A still image at the end of the game is not the same as in-game characterization.

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>dat plot

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What you see is a thousand opinions from a thousand different people. It doesn't matter what /tg/ thinks - it depends on your group and your GM. Nothign else is really relevant.

>> No.18187738


>Other M
>M Other

god damn it nitendo

>> No.18187831

That's not all someone even wrote an essay about everything that is wrong with the plot of that game.

>> No.18187865

I'm waiting for the drug-inspired sequel.

>> No.18187914


Oh fuck. THAT.

>mfw I need to re-download an emulator and the rom now

>> No.18187941


I remember when the teaser clips came out, I thought it was a prequel.

It takes place after Super Metroid and is the second to last, chronologically, in the Metroid series so far.

That tells me all I need to know about how wrong Other M is.

Not that I won't read that out of masochism and/or for laughs.

>> No.18187971

"Samus stumbles backwards, cowed. Then she turns into a whimpering little girl and gets mauled by Ridley until a big strong man steps in to save her — which is not hyperbole, but a literal description of what happens onscreen."

"Samus, upon confronting her old archenemy Ridley, suffers a crippling nervous breakdown, apparently costing a comrade his life before she finally recovers the will to fight — and then loses the nerve to finish Ridley off."

>> No.18188046

"In Metroid: Other M, as in Metroid Fusion, Samus tells the player that she looks up to Adam for support and advice. Other M goes even further in having Samus admit that, as an orphan, she even saw Adam as a surrogate father figure. Quite a lot of Samus’ narration in this game is devoted to Adam; it might not be inaccurate to say that she talks more about him than anything else. She describes him as her “father figure”, her “best friend”, her “closest confidant”."

Remember this is the same guy who shoots Samus from the back, with real potentially lethal ammo, while she does not have her armor on, and enemies are present in the area. His reasons? He had to stop Samus because the next rooms were to dangerous and he has to go and become the hero instead of Her.

>> No.18188080

I'm fighting the urge to play Earthbound again right now.

>> No.18188190


>reading the wikipedia summary
>mfw the nips pre-empted my use of holidays as names for cities by a decade

>> No.18188258

Suddenly it all makes sense.

>> No.18188379

Didn't Mr.T teach you anything?
there is no other.

>> No.18188383


And because in Japan everyone has weird fetishes, it's all about wanting to fuck your mother, who is represented by Samus.

Who is in the first and most recent Horus Heresy novels.

>> No.18188482

It's okay, because in the end Vivio was a bush.

Also I want Giorgi'O Ts'ou'ka'los to be canon. As a Tau who sees conspiracies everywhere perpetrated by ancient aliens. Most Tau think he's completely nuts.

He's 100% correct. Never been wrong yet.

>> No.18188499

and he refuses to shave his head

>> No.18188516

>male playing a female
>female playing a female

>> No.18188527

Nice troll.

>> No.18188563

Takes place on the BOTTLE ship

the BABY metroid has been CLONED again

and MOTHER brain has been CLONED again except now she's a kawaii girl who's just misunderstood and has MOTHER issues

oh and they CLONED ridley because that can't go wrong

and they CLONED all the metroids BUT ALSO FIXED THEIR IMMUNITY TO COLD. They did not fix their immunity to concussive missiles, but Samus clearly can't survive in such a dangerous place, and everyone knows the Metroids are only weak against Adam's HEROIC SACRIFICE (SAMUS IS CRYING YOU SHOULD BE CRYING THIS IS A SAD PART OF THE GAME)


>the concept art was actually kinda good though. The re-imagined 3D versions of classic enemies were a good touch, but not nearly enough to redeem a pile of trash
>why the fuck did she forget about her ACTUAL foster family (the fucking CHOZO) fuck that rustled my jimmies
>also Adam because the shittiest military commander in the break between the origin manga and MOM. It would have been nice to see some actual competence to make up for the rest of the awful story

>> No.18188565

I play females on about a 40/60 basis, with the 40 being the females. The first Dark Heresy character I wrote was a young, kind-hearted Techpriestess, and she seemed fairly popular among the others.

She got her arm shot to shreds in the first session, and spent her income on just having it amputated and buying a bionic replacement. Techpriests being Techpriests, she's actually happy about it in the end.

The second one I made was a feral-world Guardswoman, who was very big and tall, but very shy and quiet, as she wasn't used to customs off-world and was deathly afraid of socially embarrassing herself. Apparently the fact that she wore full body armor decorated by feral runes and beads and carried a shotgun didn't cross her mind.

She had to set her weapons aside to enter a bar, during which she was attacked by an NPC thug who the GM had boasted he had tailored to kill PCs in one shot. She ended up killing him with a broken bottle to the eye.

>> No.18191523

But that is how people, men and women, see it.

Women can play men without fuss too.

>> No.18191655

>>and MOTHER brain has been CLONED again except now she's a kawaii girl who's just misunderstood and has MOTHER issues
What is this I don't even? How does that even work?

>> No.18191773

>anti-male sexist assumptions
You mean misandry, it's the logical opposite of misogyny.

.... Apparently misogyny is in my computer's internet dictionary, by default no less, but misandry isn't, good to know the dictionary is just as sexist as the rest of the fucking world is.

>> No.18191823

That's one of the many problems with Other M.

>> No.18191839

I'm still convinced the Samus Aran in Other M was a bad clone, given false memories to make her loyal to something aside from money, as it makes sense to have a weapon just in case the walking Exterminatus decides she's had enough of your bullshit.

>> No.18191880

It's not automatically creepy if a male player has a female PC, but... what if that male player has as his PC a female orc who worships Rovagug, The Rough Beast, and aspires to personally free him from his interdimensional prison and become his bride?

>> No.18191938

>and armor dresses
I seriously don't really get /tg/'s widespread problem with "armor dresses".
Armour is armour, to have cloth interpreted in your armour doesn't automatically make it shit, and it does in fact have some of its own advantages even, hence why cloaks were commonly used even if other gettups weren't. It protects the armour from environmental conditions (and armours are expensive) and can shield you from heat (which can be a matter of life or death).

Just because you wear a dress together with your armour, doesn't change the fact that you have armour on you, and if it is good armour, your dress shouldn't kill you.

>> No.18191949

I play both my female and male characters exactly the same way: as people. some happen to have a Y chromosome. some don't. it's as simple as that.

>> No.18191958

At the very least it isn't worlds apart from armour pants or tunics. Picture very related.
I sort of wonder why modern fantasy suddenly decided that people didn't wear other stuff together with their armour.

>> No.18192081

D&D and Pathfinder have suits of armor you can wear under clothes, but they are at minimum 22k gold. The celestial armor and celestial full plate.

>> No.18192186

So what is stopping you from buying a regular suit of armor in D&D, and buying clothes that are sized to fit over/around it?

>> No.18192202

Nothing, but the other suits of armor aren't very small, so they would look positively retarded, MC Hammer would be impressed by just how fuckhueg your pants are.

>> No.18192233


>> No.18192343

You know, originally knowing little about the game other than the fact that Samus apparently breaks down for no good reason and that Adam is an asshat when it comes to authorising equipment use, I thought I could ignore that shit and just play it.

Now I've read that, I don't think I could ignore that shit.

>> No.18192382


This conjures images of a full gothic plate suit with a giant tailored tuxedo fit around the frame.

>> No.18192451

Isn't the two side plates on Saber's armor practically the only thing one would have a decent reason to argue anything about? What's wrong with her armor?

>> No.18192467


Pretty much. The rest of it is a bit silly in design but quite tame by fantasy/animu standards.

>> No.18192478


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