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Your party finds, in a small farming village, a trial taking place. An Orc has been caught rutting with a farmgirl in one of her vegetable patches, and is accused of rape. The girl claims it was consensual, but other villagers claim that she's simply too terrified to testify against the creature, despite the threat of decapitation if it's proven guilty. What do you do?

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Defend Orc as lawyers for free.

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>Cleric, zone of truth

Problem solved.

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rape the orc

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attack the guards, our orc paladin isn't going to free himself.

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And then the group was Pheonix Wright

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Demand to see the judge.
Transform him into an orc.
Proceed to defend the Orc at the trial.

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Salt the Girl
Raze the Orc
Rape the farm
Kidnap the Villagers

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The Paladin or Bard starts dressing like this guy.

Greatness ensues.

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Smite Evil on the orc.

Paladin proceeds to give a speech to the assembling crowd on the virtues of justice and tolerance, until our rogue turns us into pariahs by 'accidentally' stealing from half the village.

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>not kidnapping the farm

On a more serious note, inform the villagers that if neither the girl nor the orc say it's rape, it's not rape. So they're pretty much guilty of kidnapping and detainment against his will. They are also guilty of misuse of the law, a serious offense. I'd be willing to forget all about it, if they just stopped wasting every bodies time.

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Use some spell to detect lies on the orc - as again

easy peasy

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Offer to help the girl help the Orc escape, in private, with no witnesses.
If it was rape, she'll say no because she doesn't want him free.
If she still says Yes, then it wasn't rape, defend the Orcs right to live; probably ending up with invoking the Old Trial by combat laws.
Lets see some racist smart ass argue with an Orc, seonded by a Wizard in the ring of combat.

Then counter by putting the entire townsfolk on trial for attempted murder; trail by combat by summoning Ogres to punch them all in the dick one at a time.
Then ride off into the sunset having not really solved the underlying racial tensions and possibly made everything worse because now everyone in town hates Wizards as well as Orcs.

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I am a wizard.
Therefore I cast hellball.
The problem has now been resolved as none of the parties are actually alive, rendering any trial moot!

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I report the copypasta.

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Quickly, let us cast! *Bartholomew's Spectral Brofist*

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Fucking Wizards, man

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First thing is, smiting is still an attack, and the difference in effect may not be obvious to others. Secondly, it could well be that the orc is aligned evil but still innocent.

Moreover, the issue here isn't necessarily the orcs guilt. The villagers may feel like offing the orc just because he put the moves on the girl, and they really don't like orcs. If they actually care for each other, tescuing him and "kidnapping" the girl while not hurting anyone else may be necessary for a happy end to the scenario. Good luck with that, though.

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Kill both the orc and the race mixing slut.

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How is this not everybody's response?

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I cast Bigby's Broriffic Brofist.

The village couldn't handle our awesome bro wizard powers and became willing thra- servants.
Yes, servants.

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The bard and paladin attempt to reason with the accusers.
Meanwhile, the alchemist slips the Orc a mutagen in a wine bottle.
After the orc is done picking the villagers' bones out of his teeth, proceed to recruit him into the party as he is now a fugitive.


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>An Orc has been caught rutting with a farmgirl in one of her vegetable patches
>in one of her vegetable patches
>her vegetable patches
>vegetable patches

That's a pretty weird way of referring to a sexual organ.

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Let's see, assuming this is a typical fantasy world, not only did the farmgirl have sex with a stranger in a time where no contraceptives exist, but she did it with an orc, a race which have probably raided the village she lives many times in the past.
I'd say we suggest to exile the whore and execute the orc on principle.

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Maybe if all that is the case. Depends on what the local setting is like, really.

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Forgot to say, even if it's "typical" doesn't mean it goes along quite those lines. And if it did the scenario would be unlikely to begin with, as the orc would have gotten himself offed already.

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OP here, for the person who casted zone of truth, the orc did actually rape her.

For the people who defend him as lawyers, he tells you as much, because he is in love and can't express his feelings any other way.

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The fact that they're giving the Orc a trial implies that they're not on war-like terms with the Orcs, as if they were they would just execute the thing and be done with it, and going along with that, the fact that they're not killing her for being an enemy-fraternizing whore implies that not all orcs in this setting are horrible.

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...What? Well uh... fucking hell. Did the girl end up being ok with it or something? Fucking gray area on the orcs part but that isn't going to save his green ass.

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I kill the Orc for attempting to breed with a human, and force the girl to watch.

If she shows sympathy, kill her two for being a interbreeding whore.

The gods made us humans perfect, and we shall not give ourselves to others nor attempt to harm their creation by making halfbreeds.

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My orc cleric would defend him, and help get him off. Either by making the villages accept the orc as friendly, or have him never return (and possible help the girl sneak off to meet with him later).
Afterwards he'd find the other orc and fight him to show him who is the toughest.

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Too many questions.
-What's the history of orcs in the area, are they raiders/bandits or just tribals keeping to themselves or their own developed civilization?
-Is the girl of legal age?
-Is she under some kind of spell?
-Why weren't they doing it in a more private location instead of right where everyone could see them?
-If the orc was on a rape fest, why did he let himself get captured by villagers armed with farm tools?
-Just how long has this been going on between the two?

Without any answers, I'm going to go with the longshot and say that the girl is a wizard who used a hypnosex spell on a passing orc, then claimed it was consensual in order to spur on racism in the town that ends in it's inevitable destruction when the orc army destroys it for senselessly murdering one if it's own in what was clearly a mock trial powerd by fanatical racism. Just as the wizard planned it.

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>help get him off

Doesn't sound like he need help getting off.

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That is vital information. If he raped her then we need to know why she's defending him.

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Well then why is she still not testifying? IS she in love with him or not, because even if she is, we shouldn't execute him, but maybe some lesser, but still severe punishment is in order

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I was very disappointed to see that someone beat me to it already.

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Sage for your insipid idea.
Erotica in games is a bad idea.
Xiombarg would be pleased, but only her.

I'd like to point out that this thread is the usual a/moral faggotry..
Not really worth replying to.

Get your head out of your ass.
All you're doing is following in shitspammer footsteps.
Maybe you could read the other thirty thousand threads?
Everybody already answered the question in them.

Why don't you people ever bother to look in the archive?
How many times a day do we need this thread?
All you get is the same old answers after all.
This sort of thing has become babby's first troll.

Do you have no ability to think for yourself?
Or does the pointless debate of the same question get you off?

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Oh you.

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This is the kind of small, traditional, and bigoted community where conservative ignorance and racism runs the place. If you defend the orc, you will most likely be standing against the many years of foundation that supported this village. You will be opposed by the elders and founding men of this village, and even in the best case scenario, you will crumble years of foundation and values constructed in this village.

And all this for what? Justice? You would steer dozens of families towards chaos and rebellion just because the workings of this world isn't fit in the way that you would like it to be?

Some hero you are.

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OP here

Somebody roll diplomacy to see if you can get her to fess up to why she is defending him.

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I will force them to see the problems with the system as I tear it down with my own hands.

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rolled 19 = 19



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Bard here with 18 cha, max ranks in diplomacy, and a backstory which included years as a counselor at a rape crisis/battered womens shelter which should give a situational modifier.
What's the DC? I need to roll 2 or better, right?

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rolled 20 = 20

I am a stupid fuckwit.

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OP here

She says she liked it when happened, but doesn't want a relationship with him. It was a one time thing, in her opinion, but she doesn't want the orc to get in trouble for it.

It was still wasn't consensual however.

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Then I guess the orc is guilty.
Hang him.

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I politely ask that they postpone the trial until I can gather sufficient evidence so as to help reach an unbiased and clear resolution.

Then I piss off whatever nearby huge monsters there are. Ideally a dragon or three. Lead them to the village.

After the chaos has ended and I add another three dragon skulls to my inventory, people will begin searching for the girl and the Orc, whom I helped to escape during the creature's attack. I tell the girl that the Orc will be waiting for her at a certain spot in the woods, and she may join him if there is truly some love between them. I then tell the Orc to wait in the woods for her, as it may take longer to see her out safely than himself.

Problem solved. The village probably got razed, but that serves those racists right.

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rolled 3 = 3

Diplo roll. Lets have him sentenced to ten years as her personal manservant, extended to life if she conceives.

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Tell her she is a slut then inform the elders. After sleeping with the whore of course.

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Cast Sense Motive/Detect Evil.

Either way I find out if the orc raped the girl or not, then we work from there.


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>implying it wasn't actually the orc, but me after using poly-morph self then tricked the orc into think he did it with a suggestion spell

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Well it's in dire need of plowing.

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Kill the Orc scum. Diluting human blood with savage orc blood is a crime against mankind. If she conceives, slay her as well if she doesn't agree to some form of abortion. Humanity First, no exceptions. Except for tsundere elves. They can stay.

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If she liked it and doesn't want him to get in trouble for it, then isn't that like, giving consent after the act?

Well, whatever. If the orc can only express his love by raping her then he'll just do it again. He may as well pay for his crime, but considering the circumstances, the judge might be lenient.

That's what this is about, right? You're trying to make a bunch of anonymous fa/tg/uys play judge in a case where right and wrong are as muddled as possible? It's a bit ham-handed. This is a task for professionals in this field.

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I'm sure they have some sort of contraceptives available.

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According to the Constable's reports the Orc band Walfrugg has been active in the area as of late. The markings upon his neck indicate that he is among their number.

The degenerates have open warrants for assault, robbery, kidnapping, and murder. It stands to reason that the Victim in this case would fear for her life even with the capital punishment the defendant faces. Since his comrades will exact retribution and her farm stead is on the less protected fringes of town.

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While the Walfrugg clan is in the area. They are still in the progress of moving towards the western mountains. The only members of the clans that have left their camp where to hunt for food. They have made no aggressive actions yet.

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Thusly we cannot allow possible violence to halt the coming of Justice. It is our laws and ideals which elevate us above the brutes so we must forgo our fears and do what is right.

The evidence all points to....


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Op or not? YOU DECIDE!

Tell them to put the trial on hold for a few days, then confirm the warrants before you go kill or capture every other member of that orc band and bring back the captives and heads of those you killed.
Dump the heads in a pile in the courtroom and throw the others in jail, then ask the girl how she would like to testify.

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The markings here are clearly being viewed improperly, as to remove the clothes covering it reveal that it is not the markings of said band of bandits, but the group of Druids that lives in the area. This orc clearly means no harm to the girl and punishing him to any extent will bring the wrath of the druid's group upon the land, dooming this clan.

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Who is this that interrupts these proceedings! I demand you state your claim and creditably to defend this Orc for the court!


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We disregard the victim's testimony under "she's too terrified"?

Your court is flawed.

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Leave. Dwarfs care not for the simple issues that haunt humans and orcs.

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Did someone say Sense Motive?

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>for the love of God someone save the Ork!

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Kinda, I wanted to muddle it as much as possible.

I wanted to see if /tg/ would defend the orc just because its an orc.

Consider this scenario except its human on human rape. How many would jump to the defense of a potential human rapist? AND assume he is innocent based on what the raped girl said?

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It is none other than I, PHOENIX WRIGHT!

And the pressing matter is, that as >>18178212 has stated, you are confusing the two clan's markings, and will result in a dispute.

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Okay this is getting nowhere. There is only one way to settle this matter: A duel. With shields. Medieval jumpsuits is optional.
I will get the shields.

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Furthermore, I can discover the truth, WITH THIS!

No matter where it hides, the truth will always be revealed!

Show me your secrets hidden within! PSYCHE LOCKS!

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If the victim is afraid of retribution then her entire testimony is inadmissible, and without her testimony there is no case!

In order to get admissible testimony we must secure the victim's safety! We must go to the orc tribe and DESTROY IT IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR!
Then we can return and give this Orc the fair trial he deserves.

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If he is a human then he swords are an option too

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This thread is getting silly. And needs to get sillier.

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Druids and Orcs under the same Banner?

Laughable. Utterly hilarious. Surely you do not expect us to believe that the secluded mystics and the thugish marauders have ANY relation to each other? Orcs are not exactly reknown for their sense of originality and creative ability. The similarities between the two markings are more then likely the result of Orc plagiarism.

Not to mention as stated before!


Not let us get back to the facts. The Victim and the Defendant were found within the vegetable batch of her farm stead. Her clothing was torn asunder and ripped with some force. There is trace evidence of the violated within her and the Orc resisted arrest. All of the evidence points to a very simple fact...

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The Orc is guilty of rape!


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Not so fast!
I call to the stand Gork and Mork.
They will know the truth.

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That she was attacked by the recent incursion of Dire Rabbits that moved in! If you had searched the site more thouroughly, you would have found that the ordinary rabbit hole was laced with hair from said variant! In addition there are tracks that rush off with minor traces of blood!

Clearly the orc came to the defense of the poor woman, then in an act of gratefulness, she began to copulate with him!

Furthermore, your evidence about the druid guild is misinformed! They are KNOWN for primarily consisting of ORCS.

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Your honor, I'd like to call my surprise witnesses to the stand.

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Rape is defined as sex without consent, and how rough or sudden it may have been changes nothing!

She is the only person who can say if it was rape or not, and she has said it was not! The evidence we have directly contradicts the charges!
With only this, guilt is impossible to prove! You must gather more evidence!

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Knock out the girl and I'll channel her!

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A well woven theory I'm sure except one thing...


No one here can claim to know the full mystery of the Druids but one thing is for sure. No Orc, no matter what his affiliation, does not turn on his kin. Their punishment for fratricide is a fate worse then any death. You contradict your own foundings!

To further shed light on the situation I call forth the Constable charged with the protection of this District.

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I kill my party, the girl and the orc. And then I raise their corpses

Cause thats how I roll

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Kill the orc for being an orc, the girl for fucking an orc, and then the judge for suggesting that orcs deserve trials.

Infidels do not get trials. I know the humans are new to this, so they're getting a pass here, but the judge really ought to know better.

All glory be to the Wedded Gods.

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>Please state to the court your name and occupation.

"Oh hey! I'm the one in charge."

>....Of *what* exactly?

"Our protection force of course! I mean someone has to be in charge."



>What is your name!

"You already know my name! We've been working together for years, don't tell me you're forgotten already?"

>Until my bones settle into the cold mud I will never be able to rinse you from my memories Mr.Waxloafer.... for the court please state your name.

"Oh! Why didn't you say so? I am the Lead Constable Mr.Waxloafer. At your service."

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>> No.18178542

Using an orc and given the circumstances, you're clearly going for the post Civil War era where blacks got killed for "raping" women, when it was consensual sex.

You're injecting racism into this, and essentially saying that we're bleeding hear liberals who defend dirty niggers who rape just because they're niggers.

That's what you're doing, whether intentional or not.

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Shouldn't you be off killing Nords?

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>Was doing my daily rounds when I heard a shrill cry from the outskirts of the town.

>Upon arriving to the vegetable rows I saw a green hulking figure huddled over the Victim

>I called out for him to halt and the Defendant ran away!

>I sent my boys to round him up while I attended the miss on the ground

>She was.... err in indecent shape and there was clear signs of a struggle!

"So it is pretty clear what happened. She cried out and he ran away. Why would he run if he was innocent?"

>> No.18178605


>I called out for him to halt and the Defendant ran away!


Just how did you call for him to halt?

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This thread is amazing.

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Damning evidence Mr.Waxloafer thank you for your expertise. From this witness I think it is plain and clear what happened here. I see no reason to drag this out since a guilty verdict is the only plausible answer.

But I allow you your piece Mr.Wrong

>> No.18178624

It wasn't consensual.

My point still stands, people defended the orc just because it was an orc, just like people defend blacks just because they are black, regardless if they actually did it or not.

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>> No.18178633

After the bard has the full attention of the entire town during the trial, we throw our orc friend an axe proceed to face roll these pathetic backwater townsies.

Our half-Orc Warlord is pleased.

>> No.18178645

The best way to ensure that justice is done is to provide a defense. This was looking an awful lot like a lynching getting ready to happen, and a lynching is never acceptable, even when it happens to kill someone guilty.

>> No.18178653


>Implying you didn't give enough Information

Honestly, you clearly left out that she ACTUALLY WAS TERRIFIED. The way you have it written makes it sound like the villagers are trying to fake the story to lynch the orc.

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"Just like that, pretty loud right? Anyways as soon as I opened my mouth the green figure bolted away."

>> No.18178682


Other than shouting HALT, did you do anything else? Did you make yourself out to be obviously aggressive against him?

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>implying I shouldn't defend the Orc unitl hes proven guilty.

Trollin hard in this thread

>> No.18178702

How would you suggest I change it?

>> No.18178723


Make it that it says she's too terrified to testify, and that all signs point to the the orc having actually raped the woman.

>> No.18178726

People defended the ork because no-one else would, smart guy.

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"..Are you saying I'm scary or something? That isn't a very nice thing to say you know! Although I guess I could try smiling more... But no I didn't do anything but command him to halt. The moment I ordered him to stay still the green figure ran the opposite direction out of the corn patch. My boys almost lost him in that tall grass but it takes more then some greens to stop the Constables!"

>> No.18178747

>Give the orc a proper trial
>He wins and walks
>The paladin falls, the orc was guilty

>Don't give the orc a trial
>The paladin falls, the orc deserved a fair trial

>> No.18178772

give him a trial, find out the truth and sentence him. paladin is fine.

>> No.18178788

>Paladin to his god: "WTF?"
>God responds "I never much liked you anyway."

>> No.18178789

I still vote for the shield duel.

>> No.18178792


You made it sound like this town was gonna lynch this orc just because hes an orc. You never mentioned that she was too terrified to testify. You made it seem like the town had made that shit up.

>> No.18178795


>I sent my boys to round him up while I attended the miss on the ground

Hold it! You say you sent other officers after him... were you alone when you confronted him?

>> No.18178812

>I sent my boys to round him up while I attended the miss on the ground

Perhaps YOU raped the girl and are trying to pin it on the orc!

>> No.18178834
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Mr. Wrong need I remind you he just said he sent his Deputies after the Orc once it flee'd. Obviously they were with him at the time. Stop trying to confuse the issue and get to the point.

>> No.18178858

Let the orc and the girl come with us to another village.

If the town intervenes, kill a strong young man who aggrieves against us as example in a way that shows I'm not fucking around.

>> No.18178863

People defend blacks because you're innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, at least in my country, just like how the Kobe Bryant rape case went silent after a couple months because it wasn't actually rape. Also, the traditional outcome for the majority of the history of the US has been blacks being considered guilty even without trial, so a spirited defense "because they're black" doesn't occur in a vacuum devoid of historical context.

>> No.18178871


"Woah woah WOAH! I'd never even think about touching a Miss like that! In fact buster what's your name! Accusing people of crimes like that is a serious.. um.. crime!"

>> No.18178874

>Trial in village.
>Party enters town.
>Townspeople and orc unite together against the party, due to our reputation.
>Then later more undead for the horde.
What the hell adventuring group is still deluded into thinking they're the GOOD guys?

>> No.18178892


Ah, Edgeworth, You've just shown my point!

When he confronted the orc, he was in a group, and shouted directly at the defendant! In this area, where speciesm against orcs is rampant, it's quite easy for it to be that the orc was simply running from what would appear to be a lynch mob out for his head!

>> No.18178895


>> No.18178901


Then he needs to make it clear for the court record that he was accompanied by his men!

>> No.18178903

I'd have gone with signs of struggle, but Wright never ceases to disappoint me.

>> No.18178910

To amaze me! Damn double negative sentences.

>> No.18178925
File: 13 KB, 176x160, 3653621542462353236.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


"Hey what kind of Protection force do you think we're running here! Everyone is safe within the confines of the town when I'm on watch. I told the green figure to halt and he ran away. I sent my men to collect him and they came back with the Defendant. While I helped the poor girl. She was...she was you know... sweaty and her clothes ripped. Not to mention she screamed so loud we could hear it from across town! Even if he ran because he thought we were angry we have a pretty good reason to be!"

>> No.18178935

Agazin proving pheonix's point of speciesm.

>> No.18178937

> Sex in your tabletop games

And people wonder why everyone thinks the hobby is full of perverse grognards... Meanwhile when you mention this, you're accused of being incapable of appreciating "mature" games and storytelling, all while they chortle on like a bunch of 90's comic book fans.

>> No.18178947


>Not to mention she screamed so loud we could hear it from across town!

Now wait just a moment. I'm sure a lovely man like yourself has a lover of his own. And I'm sure you've done the deed several times before. And from that you'd know that it is possible to have a lot of moaning and... screaming during intercourse.

>> No.18178951

Pay close attention to this witnesses' testimony. Can you spot a contradiction? That is the key to discovering the truth.


>> No.18178961


>Implying this is about the act of sex.
>Not implying this whole thing has been about social justice.

>> No.18178993
File: 20 KB, 256x192, detentionorc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.18179010

Depending on which character I'm playing.

>Lawful Evil Orge Cleric of Death
"Take some comfort in that your death will make my mission of restoring the balance between life and death a little easier. I could have easily set you free, but I don't see any use of you."

>Neutral Orc Thief
"Not my problem...Hey, isn't that Elminster?"*when everybody turns around he quickly runs to free the orc*

>Lawful Neutral Half-Orc Ranger
"..."*Puts a knife next to vilage's leader's throat*"Every being deserves just trail."

>Chaotic Neutral Human Barbarian
"If he was so weak to get caught, he doesn' deserve to be freed. Unless of course he would swear an undying loyalty to me. So, how about it?"

>Elf Paladin
>long speech about duties everybody has towards law and value of life, forces elders to send for a judge from the city and defends place in which Orc is keept until his arrival from lynching-hungry mob

>Lawful Evil Half-Giant Monk
>long speech about value of strength i nthe world and how orc may still be useful
*Frees the Orc*
"Swear your loyalty to me. Have you raped the woman, swear to not do this ever again. I will hold you by these wows. Will you break any, I shall kill you. Now stand up. From now on, you belong to me."

>Lawful Good Half-Orc Cleric
>Long speech about evils of racism and why humans and orcs should leave in peace, featuring a lot of "I had a dream" and other Martil Luther King quotes with orcs swapped for black

>Neutral Evil Gnome Bard
"Don't worry, I will potray you as a tragic hero in my epic song, your name will be praised for millenia as symbol of tragic interracial love. So will be mine as creaor's."

>> No.18179022

You're implication is foolish and all your responders are just as foolish.

Black has nothing to do with it. Jurisprudence and due process are the only factors at play. If no testimony can be provided towards his guilt, then the orc is suffering a mistrial. Speculations on the state of the witness are invalid unless provided by a mental health professional. Even then, said professional cannot testify on behalf of the witness for this would be hearsay and speculation. If the witness cannot be brought to testify, we can hold her in contempt, but if that fails you cannot hold the orc in custody forever, in which case you will be forced to drop the charges and you cannot arrest him again for double jeopardy later. If the witness testifies in favor of the orc, then the DA has no case. Your implication that this even made it past a grand jury level indicts the court of corruption.

In other words, OP, as district court may very well have sufficient evidence to actually convict your court of corruption, specifically racially motivated violations of justice. The DA and the Judge are both likely to be disbarred following a review of the court record. EVEN IF they were exactly right, the girl is terrified, the orc is villianous scum, etc,etc they will lose their jobs for bringing a case to trial when they have no case.

And that's just the judicial process. If the orc gets a good lawyer, he can file civil charges for harassment, suing the court officials and owning most of the town- likely forcing them into exile. As well he should. This harassment and lack of professionalism is unacceptable from officers of the law.

>> No.18179028


You say everyone is safe WITHIN THE CONFINES OF TOWN while you are on watch, meaning your patrol conists only of the town, while the vegetable patches are in the OUTSKIRTS!

Because of this, the defendant had NO WAY of knowing that you were a patrolling officer for the town!

>> No.18179041

Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but I though outskirts mean the very edge of town, not just outside it?

>> No.18179042


Such.... unprofessional Mr. Wrong. Mr.Waxloafer's failed marriages and lacking sense of fashion aside his love life is not on trail. The Defendant is. Even if the girl did cry out in throes of Ecstasy there is evidence to the contrary. The clothing was shredded, not cut, pulled apart at the seams. Not to mention this Orc ran away from the scene of a crime. If it were innocent he could have stood his ground and allow the woman to explain the situation. Unless you have anything further to add I think we can wrap this up now.

>> No.18179046

Well, the Paladin of Abadar, who's LN would likely want to oversee the trial, making sure it's legit, he wouldn't care a shit for the results though. Our Wizard and Monk are likely to try to help him without breaking the law.

My Bard, a greedy, poisonous con-man who keeps his true alignment hidden at all times would likely try to convince the party to move on, then see the chance to make a ton of money as a lawyer, and proceed to drain every penny from whatever party that hires him.

>> No.18179055

I don't know what kind of sex you have but I've never heard of sex involving a cutting implement that wasn't rape. Lack of a cutting tool would be a point towards his innocence, not guilt.

>> No.18179060

> Wizards: no sense of right and wrong!

>> No.18179068
File: 4 KB, 96x160, 2-14ani-miahami-grr.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pheonix... listen to me. Every case is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. You'll never prove your client's innocence unless you dig deeper. Find a contradiction in the witnesses' testimony and make him give you the exact facts, not his assumptions. Examine what he said and figure out where he drew conclusions then pull them apart!


>> No.18179082


The ripping of clothing is common in sex, as is an appearence of a struggle (sex is rough, after all, Edgeworth). Further, even if the woman were to explain for him, the average lynch mob would ignore such claims and simply execute him anyways, making staying a foolish endeavor.

There has yet to be any actual evidence presented that is any more than circumstantial that shows the orc to be guilty.

>> No.18179104


Sounds like a bunch of boring bullshit to me, I'd hate playing with you.

>> No.18179106

(I've already given you all you need to root out the truth from Waxloafer. Think about what has been said and play this out like Phoenix Wright would.)

>> No.18179108

Let's not forget that the woman HAS explained! And you've ignored her!

>> No.18179109

>Chaotic Racist
Torch the village for the crime of consorting with evil, for they are considering a trial.

>Lawful Racist
Kill the Orc and only the people involved in the "rutting" and "trial".

>Natural Racist
Kill the Orc and move on.

>> No.18179127


Mr. Waxloafer, neither you nor your constables got a good enough look at the figure raping the defendant, did you?

>> No.18179140
File: 22 KB, 336x400, 1296422034765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 5 = 5

"I'd like to get deeper into you."

>Bard with 18 charisma up this motherfucker.

>> No.18179143

So, where's the judge?

>> No.18179162

>A grounting sound his heard from barn and out comes the Judge hastily dressed.
>An equally hastily dressed orc-lady is seen sneaking away from the barn.

>> No.18179181
File: 4 KB, 156x160, 635465245235.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Well... not exactly. I didn't get a good look at his face but the person raping the woman was big and green!

>My boys chased right after him into the tall grass

>A few minutes later they returned with the Defendant...

>So... that means he has to be the one who committed the rape!

>> No.18179191

Sir, with your jacket, YOU appear to be big and green.

>> No.18179196

>>Well... not exactly. I didn't get a good look at his face but the person raping the woman was big and green!

But from behind, you're rather large and green!

>> No.18179215


So you caught no other identifying features other than him being large and green, features common to all orcs, and your constables found our defendant a while after 'almost' losing him in an area it was hard to see in.

How exactly do we know that is orc is the RAPIST and not another random ORC?

>> No.18179221


"Dammit I already told ya I don't do that to Misses I find! Or Misses that find me! I ain't even got a girlfriend. I can't afford to even get her some mead and goat cheese on my salary..."

>> No.18179225


>> No.18179227

there was a comics about goblins that did something similiar. A goblin was trying to be nice to creatures and shit keept happening to him. Like, he tries to pet a little rabbit, it's bearrabbit mother beats the shit out hof him.
He raises his hands in the sky and yells
He gets struck by lightning

i think this comics was called Goblins, but it wasn't "I'M SAD! I'M SAD!" Goblins, the art was much better.

>> No.18179232

Or a really big guy with some sort of skin rash

>> No.18179235

>two people logically defend the orc
>phoenix pales in comparison
Sounds about right.

>> No.18179286


>Implying I need real logic to win cases
>not implying I win with troll logic

Be jealous. [spoilerson/tg]though I'm kind of shorting out from a bit of exhaustion from earlier today[/spoilerson/tg]

>> No.18179295
File: 8 KB, 256x192, mad stan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It doesn't make sense, I blow it all up.

>> No.18179322

(You're on the right track but I can't Edgeworth GM this anymore. Hopefully someone picks up the story.)

>> No.18179329

Somebody tell me this thread is archived already.

>> No.18179350

>"So it is pretty clear what happened. She cried out and he ran away. Why would he run if he was innocent?"
what did she cried out exactly? was it a random cry or a cry like "RUN!"

>> No.18179356


(I'm assuming the thing is some relatively large guy was actually the rapist (maybe the constible, but that seems a bit silly) then ran off to where he knew an orc would be and used the confusion of running through the grass to head off while getting the orc caught.)

>> No.18179369

I still say it's gumshoe

>> No.18179370

Okay, OP. Stop dicking around. It's "To Kill A Mockingbird" with an Orc. Tom Robinson was innocent, but you keep changing the scenario in order to muddy the waters and try to win. You are a stupid fuck. Stop trying to make us look dumb. We're not.

>> No.18179382

Who cares about OP? More Phoenix Wright!

>> No.18179471

Sense motive like a boss.

Defend the orc with my life if the story checks out. A cavalier's code of chivalry demands it.

>> No.18179527


Actually he did rape her in this case...

>> No.18179538

Hence "Changing the scenario"

>> No.18179582


You kill the fucking Orc of course. I mean shit normally villagers want you to cross the countryside and bust down the fortress gates and kill ALL the orcs.

You fuckers seriously gonna whine about someone finally giving you an easy quest? Kill orc obtain gold/bitches/exp.

>> No.18179583

As a High Justicar, I order the Judge to step down. I will then demand all testimony be repeated - and that the penalty for perjury will be a public execution.

>> No.18179637

Tis the fist of justice!

>> No.18179651

Why would you gain anything out of killing the orc? The villagers would do it themselves.

>> No.18179708
File: 16 KB, 327x196, 1325047722058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw I'm playing an orc paladin

>> No.18180508
File: 193 KB, 1003x796, 40K Characters 465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rolled 98 = 98

>mfw this thread

>> No.18180613

The orc is in custody, and threatened with decapitation if it is found guilty, and she is afraid? I offer to defend the orc, either as a lawyer, or in trial by combat if such a thing is allowed. If he is found guilty, I will aid in his escape, as he never received a fair shot to begin with.

>> No.18180678

The local headmen can either swear their fealty to the Overlord or will be conveniently executed after a show-trial for their unlawful vigilantism.

Of course, being a convict transferred to the custody of the State, the Orc will have to complete a term of prison labor in the Outlands before he can be released back into society.

The farmgirl will be remanded into the custody of the state and her parents taxed - I mean fined - heavily for their negligence in providing the proper indoctrination, er, upbringing.

To compensate the State for the cost of all of these procedures, a heavy portion of the town's harvest will be confiscated.

And thus justice is done.

Hail the Overlord!

>> No.18181231

This thread is glorious.
Never change /tg/

>> No.18181270

Have someone cast know alignment on the orc. Case closed. Much like everything in D&D. No such thing as political intrigue as you just cast know alignment, and get rid of all the neutral and lower people. End of story.

>> No.18181333
File: 2.56 MB, 260x195, That Face.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thread is amazing. Somebody get this archived.

>> No.18183834


On the contrary, I have had plenty of sex where sharp objects were involved.

I'm really into bloodplay, you see, and my girl likes handling knives, so...

>> No.18184162
File: 122 KB, 500x642, Took Off Face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dammit /tg/, this is why I love this fucking board!

>> No.18188689

Assigning guilt based on alignment is a chaotic evil act.

>> No.18191175

Nothing. I'm neither a witness nor member of the jury, am I a judge from this area.

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