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let's play a game /tg/, you must make a character in your next campaign based on the picture posted after yours.

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Makes more sense to be the pic BEFORE yours.

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that's true we can switch it to that. So I have to make a chubby peasant trying to win the heart of a fair maiden by going on a quest of fame and glory.

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Can't attack anything. Deal with it.

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rolled 76 = 76

Bring it, bi-atch!

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"why the hell did i save this picture?" you might ask. "I dont know" would be my reply.

so i'll make a insane librarian that's beginning to see hallucinations due to her extreme loneliness. that's what i get out of the picture anyway.

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nevermind i guess ill make a magical unicorn that talks

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Chestfaces. Figure that one out.

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Bryan Ansell does not look like a guy who makes RPGs.

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or i guess ill make a talking magical midget unicorn.

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You will be the most bad ass Rogue Trader ever.

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Actually the first one could be a decent description for Twilight Sparkle as well...

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Washed up. Drug Addict.

Have fun.

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But, I'm already playing one!

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I shall call my mage Ms. Sparkles
her favorite shall be purple

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whoever is above me is one lucky son of a bitch

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You're welcome

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Uhh.... We're playing Pathfinder?

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There you go.

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Unexpected, eh?

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Dark Heresy. You've seen them, so you join in as tools or die.

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Wait, character... well any from that setting then. It's all the same for the poor bastards in 40k. Do or die, you don't have the right to ask why.

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That's one funky bard

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I dare you /tg/

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>Makes more sense to be the pic BEFORE yours.

No it doesn't. It wouldn't be random that way.

This is a variant of that game /d/ plays, "the pic after the one you posted happens to you", where you get to screw over posters but leave yourself at the mercy of whoever comes next.

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I'll play

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Ah, the mysteries of Asia...

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rolled 28 = 28


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Darius the Antipaladin. Behind his dark and spiky exterior he just wants to find a nice lady to settle down with. Too bad that his job as a bringer of death and decay scares away all the nice ladies.

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Do it. You know you want to.

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Hardly play anymore, but this seems like fun.

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Lawful Evil anti-paladin?

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Ha, maybe I will play this character! Got a Dungeons the Dragoning game up soon, and she'd fit right in.

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HARD MODE : I'll make him the BBEG

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>Lawful Evil
>oh shit what are you doing?

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Where is my flamethrower

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I dare you.

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Hmm...the more I think about it, the more I'm warming up to the idea.
Also, more pulp Sci-fi characters for you, /tg/.

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>posting picture after picture without ever contributing a character concept

I think you guys are missing the point

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/tg/ really is /d/'s little brother, isn't it?

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actually, /d/ is kind of /tg/'s playground

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So... was it post before you or after? Whatever.

Well, the evil psi-mutant that shows up from time to time already has a young girl with him as one of his henchmen, I guess I could turn her into a more corrupting character rather than the corruptee.


A particularly well equipped zone traveller armed with a laser gun and a vaccuum suit that works just perfectly as armour and protection against the zone rot.

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I just love the expression of that animu character in that pic. It's like the designers of that pillow went, "Our consumers demand realism, I want those pillows looking as uncomfortable and disgusted as if they were real women exposed to a pathetic lunatic.

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But... I'm already playing it.
But male.
With magic.

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Well what would you put him as then?

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