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So, I've noticed in my pathfinder games, Paladins are almost always two-handed greatsword dudes, or sword-and-board. What are some other, less obvious builds for paladins?

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Hand crossbows. Be the 70's ganster cop flick.

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A polearm such as a halberd or Poleaxe is awesome. Flails work good too, especially for the mounted warrior schtick

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Hammers are good. Or axes. Something you can use to build things with, rather than just kill.
Or a heavy crossbow/musket depending on setting, to surgically eliminate evil from afar

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I don't know why people are going sword and board, seeing as it's pretty worthless besides a few fringe benefits and one poorly worded feat

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I use a great axe with my paladin.

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A paladin wielding a flail made out of a halfling thief tied to a rod. As punishment for his crimes, the paladin uses the criminal scum as an improvised weapon.

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Ranged Paladin, pick up divine might, If you want, be a fey and pick up charming the arrow.

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But you cannot into paladin without pool noodle.

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big cast metal version of his religious symbol with a handle.

functions as an axe/mace/sword/what the symbol looks most like.

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Oh-ho-ho, buddy, do I have a story for you. It's a story about the only non-level-gated Resurrection ability in Pathfinder.

Play a human paladin, with at a minimum 18 Charisma. Use the +2 bonus from any one stat from being human on Charisma, to get an even 20.

A Human paladin gets an extra feat at first level. If your DM gives level 1 characters two feats at character creation, that gives you three total at this point. Take Extra Lay On Hands twice, for four extra uses total, and Greater Mercy. This will gimp you slightly at first level.

At second level, you will already have ten uses of lay-on-hands every day. Take this time to become your party healer and tank, as using Lay On Hands on yourself is a swift action for a Paladin, healing you for 1d6 hp.

At third level, take Ultimate Mercy.

Prerequisites: Cha 19, Greater Mercy, lay on hands, mercy class feature.

Benefit: You can expend 10 uses of lay on hands to bring a single dead creature you touch back to life as a raise dead spell with a caster level equal to your paladin level. You must provide the material component for raise dead or choose to accept 1 temporary negative level; this level automatically goes away after 24 hours, never becomes a permanent negative level, and cannot be overcome in any way except by waiting for the duration to expire.

Your Paladin is now a beacon of light in a cruel world, the beckoning gateway between Life and Death. In your hands rests the fate of your party and all those who met their ends violently. Hundreds will flock to you should you let your ability be known, and not all with peaceful goals on their minds. It's a dark, lonely path that you'll walk. Walk it well, and your God will reward you.

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If your DM thinks this is bullshit, then Radiant Charge is the one for you. Take Extra Lay on Hands twice at first level, then Radiant Charge: If you hit on a charge attack, you can choose to expend all your uses of Lay on Hands to add THAT MANY D6 PLUS YOUR CHA MODIFIER extra damage to the attack.

You only choose this when you have actually hit with a charge attack, so there's no worry about wasting all that power on a missed attack. Weapon doesn't matter either: you could be disarmed, lying alone in a prison cell, and if you've got ten feet to wind up, you can grab a rock and Radiant Charge an iron door and punch it clear off it's hinges.

But don't forget, you've only got one shot a day.

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pic related

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Archery paladins and twf paladins are super-awesome in Pathfinder. In Pathfinder, the paladin builds who get the most number of attacks per round are boss.

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We had an archery paladin who used a potion of dead-walking on a chest. He had stuck spider legs on.

I cried when the DM's boss killed that little guy.

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Challenge: play a paladin who doesn't fight at all, but instead is a leader, a planner, a master strategist, a high-charisma speech-giver who rouses a population to put down Evil, and brings out the best in people.

Make him old. Make him a "her" instead, like a Joan of Arc, but wears the sword and armor just to be one with the troops. Make him a child, and the best of a new generation; one with a vision for his people, a paragon.

Make her a beautiful survivor of a great disaster, one who has woken up from a coma, and has visions, even while laying-on-hands healing the locals, she insists "I've been elsewhere, to a beautiful land. I saw our dead forefathers there. They told me we must rise up to defeat this tyrant for the good of all."

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What's a potion of dead-walking?

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>A leader who does nothing but inspire

This works out well.

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Come now, Kamina and Simon both pulled their weight more than that.

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Righteous Shot/Gun Paladin.

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All Kamina did was shout words of encouragement. He even admits this himself at one point. It was Simon that did all the work.

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I'm fond of two-handed warhammers, but that's partially because of warcraft. Interestingly, 4th edition allows axes as well as hammers and heavy blades to serve as holy avengers. I'd love to see an orc in ornately decorated armor that shines in the daylight brandishing an axe burning with holy light.

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He did solo viral outside of the mechs and hold his own, as well as invent the lagann impact, discover combining, and do a fair bit of the piloting, and if memory serves the plan for stealing Dai-Gunzon was pretty much all him. He stole one ganmen and solo'd two others in the second episode. Kamina did a lot more than just be the heart.

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Too bad he died like a bitch.

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Be a 4e Avenger.
Sith Assassin my way through the campaign.

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